OMF - Boston Red Sox outfielders Mookie Betts, Andrew Benintendi, Jackie Bradley Jr. 8-15-17

The starting Boston Red Sox outfielders Mookie Betts, Andrew Benintendi, Jackie Bradley Jr. joins Glenn, Lou, and Christian on the first day of the 16th annual WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon. 


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Back over Fenway Park we are a lot of with the WUPI NASA and Jimmy Fund radio telethon and this is a great we've got the Red Sox outfield the improvement any. Jackie Bradley junior and we'll keep that. We get intimidated to view than they do dance and we move on to the next united and well or and I haven't dance off I went there are any of those children if they'll kill you want to do it so bad there's no. No. Hey guys. How did you first know about the Jimmy when you come to this organization this is a big charity. With the team I know all of you guys have spent a lot of time with the kids over there at the clinic and would all start with you McKee when you first one about. I think you. As you kind of come up through ranks you hear about it you don't know much about it that you hear about it you know Red Sox you know a partner at me and do things with them. That what she did here you know it's like full on here everything everything the body involved with the they mean these kind of learn to understand you know who had health and human happiness it brings the people. Who we talked to so many of them already some of the kids young teenagers of talk about this trip to spring training if you guys kind of news. Have been part of that they see guys have been absolutely outstanding from the U. Do you see the look in the because they talked about in rave about how important it is for them just dealing with what the deal. As their special that's actually want to learn about it but first Tom spring training. Beat him in Iraq my first Heatley can't. In any manner with it you know he's. Sometimes their parents as well. You can see the emotion and excitement. It's just an honor to be evident just hang out. And now what you were injured yeah that's files first exposed to it was a this spring training and they're good down there you go out there for politics as 1520 minutes for it. And go out there in cedar actions that of the kids in through special that you're amazed at your age and then new to all of this. That you go over to that clinic in their kids the kids light up makes their day kids that are going through real tough time you aware how important that is for those kids. On similar in that yeah I mean. No one else grown up. I've launching of some the reds play in palm I got to meet Griffey. He was there and just kind of my reaction I think is I think what I'd imagine their reaction be so. No they go as long way in you know you can take time out of our data to go over and yeah hopefully impacts and somebody in on the street mr. cool. Yeah so what is it uses whole lawn in the most hours over there at the hospital. Hold on ten years earlier yeah. Captive now knows he can't give an example recruit guys you know there I don't think you root for teams that recruit we we go there. It just got to go as well as we can't me. Anytime we can fix my semis. But I'll take part to do so and is offered perspective I'm sure hours. I got a little elbow here know me here I don't really you know to work and see with these kids are going through. It definitely is they're going through life like like changed illnesses and we go out and you know. Did its job. You know I kind of health systems understand it we're blessed you know. We have two understanding keep that perspective and note that. Yeah no matter who go 040 friction you know there's there's always. People that are that are that have it have a tough. You I was left the last night some of it means that you know its options as a fiery accident devers and Bennett and and I say is that milky. Jackie both you that role now let's say he says he's an arm these guys they don't know what you guys just old apparently right I've hated it it or whether they have a go to these the baby he's I think it was the young v.s the babies. It is what it is you know we got to get out at some point. What you are talking about the senate with the interview with rob Bradford last week about life without David Ortiz. You guys seem to be clicking right now was this difficult. Since he was such a leader in that club it's obviously it's important that it in the lineup if you could see that. But how difficult is this really been for you guys and do you believe that you've got now the internal leadership. To move on without David Ortiz. I think so for sure. We have a good group through a fence along with what young guys that kind of match mesh together well. And I think that we just had to learn Iraq are active. Once we once we did nothing to which took power in school but once we once we get it will be fine I think we're we have a better understanding that are active. Believe who we are and I think we're just. So you guys are here on the team anymore. You guys body and you you guys. Read the players reviews and see the article that girlfriend Pablo and all. Put out there dividend. To read passed off to hear about it. What we're basically just pair phrasing just felt like it was tougher here. I never felt like he belonged to. What was. Will majority Hillary ever played team that players are things just didn't feel it here for relief yet and what what was your experience subject to review was your experience with policy an apology was introverted was he just found out that planet earth army apple lucky he was itself misses since they want. Our our relate to a problem he was a special person. He was a great energy and he was someone that you can't talk to. He wasn't very introverted at all and I think I think we as a team into a problem as well. It's gone through what he's he was this how we felt milky candidate he didn't feel like he didn't release was about. I think it was just. You've from outside as far as fans and media that kind of they kind of made him feel now that collar on and I mean it definitely comes from a clever it's because I'm used we have fun about the problem so. They do it was more that it got heated at times how a whole lot of time nobody gave the chances to be himself in quad play. I think the uniform from day one he was scrutinized and whatnot and instead of embraced and I think that's the tough. NATO and ask you because you see McCain had Lagos three days maybe also a little breather and tears you to come back you up in the draft and everything around a ball mark. Was it more just kind of need that second breast or does it get that one or maybe year and all we're thinking things that maybe I'll pitch were attacking unique simplify it. Yeah it was two days and rain and rain outs. Yeah I think it's just those two days three days where it was time to cut his take a step back relax and you know put in some border with Chile and route and half of the yeah I mean just trying to keep things simple and more a mental break. Miles you know fresher for awhile and I'm seeing applying them my best baseball so I'm I think there's just two days really helped. This 2017. Reflects teams doing something I've never seen. A Red Sox team do over the years and you a lot of them. That's run constantly you guys constantly manufacturing runs I get a power outage for a good portion of the season hopefully that's over and better in the last couple weeks. But what is the strategy. In running good you're also getting thrown out an awful lot of third and at home and those are runs that are going off the board is that we're willing to take the risk because. There's enough opportunities that in the end it's going to be a plus for us what is. What they always treat me you know we say is means that in so. I feel like. You know being aggressive. Obviously you know forced teams to try to make plays. And that scene and since we are also forcing teams to make mistakes because they know how Chris that we are. And how we run the bases and you know we hope it works out for the best of us as long as we keep get those opportunities. We feel like. Where I've actually come. There you know all three guys are just really talented when it comes to you know just playing the ball in the year you know making those unbelievable catches. Especially use Jackie center field is there. Is there Evian town and I know you're not policy ought to wondering the law I don't wanna run of the wall but there needs to be some you know enough to know where things are like what when the ball is. He's he's up there is it. What are you looking at you just focus on the ball itself and just kind of it just kind of know where the wall is sisters don't Sony times. You I think it's just salute is it an eight Phelan this. Instincts. You you've done it for so long. Repetition so so those things where it. You east youth and you don't really pay attention. So you know how far from the wall. You have asked you left your right communicating with you so. Hosting Regis shut us to stay comfortable and you know it would make. Your book you just recently doubled down and Miller your order has been second third fourth at times it obscures it from last year. You don't give the damage that's did it gets most of which are seen some different you've seen them attacking you differently maybe note David Ortiz and below more carefully you. You know I don't I don't know I've still constantly it get pitched is and so. You know just sticking with the process knows that time. You know that's. We're we're still it and so I can't really be that it did you know anything that's gone on I'm trying to of the team anyway maybe it's. You know the answer are going for sisters in score around so you know I haven't. You know obvious that little little frustrated as long as we keep what is he medevac was just this week look at you write this guy's hot. You know devers is hot you know new news to jewelry it's hot. And they're gonna cool down it and you guys you right with handling the exit kind of meshes well together the kind of saw that last year to strike guys get hot as you called that's what happens team that's as little about. With a pick each other up. You know the job done we elected its first we'll have faith in these times one of. Image problem earlier with the fans and the media. And I guess we're we we scrutinize and it's an emotional. Game here playing in Boston is it more difficult do you think playing it down like this. After me or us I don't think we don't know. Yeah we don't know we don't know anything different you ever talk with other players and other teams and exchange stories back and forth about Boston vs where they play here today let's. Not a whole lot of media out of privacy I think we just gotta know we have more media. Just due to beam Boston you know we don't really talk about no luck until some guys that you know they come over satanism as a lot of gas at around a lot of people who travel with us and whatnot but. You know we wouldn't it exchange stories. You know there's we have this bill so a lot about you know how the sport of baseball Major League Baseball is marketed. How to market their stars and three of them right here in her own city especially when you compare to basketball or football. The faces a recognizable names are recognizable maybe not as much. In baseball is do you guys are you guys aware of that is estimates talked about at all. I think we're aware of it. Those those things squared. It's always been that way. Basketball I have limited amount of players. They're. They're easy to market. Tall. Here there. If faces are always shown we usually have helped it pass on that means there's multiple times there. We'll go out. Sometimes people when I recognize you. He looks so much different without a hat on so it is. You know or football players there I was wearing helmets obviously you know the the big names and that the big faces lit. Sometimes that that you would be able to pick up quarterback. Just because he's always has felt. You know Atlanta beat opportunities to play time McCain's media has been feels that long what anyone in baseball growth extreme games you've played before the length of him at times. Do you guys feel that way as well it do you feel. That it needs to be sped up I personally blame the pitchers I think it's all their fault pace of play get the ball throw it I'll be ready. But do you guys actually discuss it because it talk to an awful lot of boat outside of the locker. That's not too long we have sprouted up out they re really think about this the speed of the game. I think we make of the time in its not even that's in between meetings because. And we extended with two out it's no longer that's something that's worth. The games start to think what sales matched that you are correct on this happy we definitely a lot of extra inning games I think it's what's. Driven our. Game play. Time times you like that you're in the tenth inning throwing putting again scoring position. Like now know a little bit like us now now. Journey maturity or. No hit the owls that's an asset editor but it stuff that's full blessings forced to be a war changed that game. Games are what strikes oh we have that a lot to do you know almost like the little beeper Dexia part I think that the computer owners are feeling about human element I don't know would you like to see. Computers call balls and strikes sleeping generally I don't. No I don't think a robot opulent like the robot on occasion and yell at them I mean even if figured that strikes and some curve balls bounce that. In the case the box that is their vehicles. And of them that tonight though this vote that there was not a title might have a exe. And that at the guys we. Really appreciate you spending some time America down here helping the cause and more importantly we appreciate the fact that you go over to visit with the kids that's a great thing that I'd. Thanks a process really appreciated thank you. I'm looking that's Jackie Bradley junior and Andrew and intent.