OMF - Brad Marchand not worried about outside noise, critics leading up to Game 7 4-24-18

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Tuesday, April 24th

Bruins forward Brad Marchand joins the guys to preview the pivotal Game 7 between the Bruins and Maple Leafs.


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I think the Boston Bruins now are really I think there on the rope I I think that's right now beliefs or their heads. Does your expressions buddies the industry not us from from the sale of our minority our audio I'll put me would oppose it so he's been learning everything I possibly can about the game of hockey from these three kids and do this stupid show try to convince involves a basement where 2000 their team won't happen again and I'll try to you know nothing about hockey. So Christian promised us we would have a big time real hockey guess these three steps that each is that you just heard. And lo and be able he has delivered red martian Boston Bruins joins us live on the line. Don't think with the and dug a if you ever of these the street clowns have enough about the Canada that of the commentary. Are aired a special well. That you guys don't know floor. I know by the way out of you solace or not but breasts are are. Bad Cox and Leo plumber of who's looks like he's eligible for game seven a mutual close nearly as good as close moments that must excite you know in the bedecked in Atlanta. Yeah I didn't get where we incredible. Let's travels. And you're that are not regardless there it is but it's. You know you don't Bruce Cassidy was talking about. You know Tuukka Rask in the you know and his struggles and it or mentioned that you know they you know he's that we can't expect him to pitch a shut out every single game. How much of the burden weighs on the rest of the team I expect this especially the first line as far as. Making up some of the production as far as you know shots on goal actually finishing those bulls place. Although it but it's a great job. You know again racism and lies to. Shut the door every night yet. Or are going to have better access. Oh we're going well. That the series has started to get quite physical over the last couple of food games and I'm wondering. How you approach it because you're a guy that gets into it from time to time but they also the league's slaps you with these suspensions and fines. Do you think this target on your back and do you have to be more careful in the playoffs to make sure you stay and yet. Olive it's Angela Merkel oil. Little slow play that little. Within the rules are outraged I figured elk earlier. Under way. Where a line it is Evian that are out. It actually. That over here. Is there a moment or furthermore it's in you know more of Bill Gates. You know Brett early on in the series first couple games your line looked unstoppable and I just go back on this last game here. For you guys you still had puck possession. But it did was there. Moments we felt like it was one too many passes did you feel like you almost going to be try to be too fighter too cute at times not just put the pucks on Freddie. There are times but. Notable as solid as sometimes you. Kind of motor problems or getting your pretty little lottery you'd say his last game. Our mayor to reared its reluctant direct our. Always got a lot of good luck. You know hopefully again culprit of all of us better tomorrow and Jews are. You can record of six. And it it it was those aren't very good at it more on. I hobble the power play you guys jobs have been explosive unit all year yes last night wasn't probably the best of three guys league and be better than that but is there something that they're doing or is it more on Uga. Or at future well. Or. Seven have auto. Is that a similar program. Did it there could be situations like. Are here it doesn't matter what it. It in the matter in Watergate. A little irritable. Sort of underrated or already at match that all this are where are still on. We're here into the matter or exactly old here longer if it is our. Where you've got some experienced guys where is game seven and the approach. In the first period. How important is it. Do and you guys have been great all season long when you scored the first goal by how much more important is it a game seven when you're playing at home. Fear the furcal. I have big. At the big amount of votes are due in court. I think you know Caspian. Here's a hole all the Cingular were ready in so I figured he ordered that's not so much spoke to get their first or our interest on that you're here where there. Did you make anything out of this whole momentum thing you know they owed them Toronto or talk about they got momentum there in your heads. I mean we here's something like that's. You know deserves a guy like Jiri what does that mean he's what do you think about when you hear that. I haven't heard currencies. Are. Org it's. So the matter it's all Floyd Norris out here who sang their acting and you are. Or culture where. If you ever coached or result in the media for our friend and not bouncing. Yeah there's sixty or law now are. Although out where the ball well look obviously the moral. Well. And an article or oil being accurate iron and it was very excited very ignorant as it. As yet and people expect you're in a little. Yeah you see guys out there and in Toronto and it seems that any time as a clean hitter one of their guys fall systems like these guys they're fans of it a botanist that the stand up and scream and not only Phil barker that referees and everything and and use some of those calls is that just expected. When you go on the road new NHL that you gotta go into the game knowing that. Maybe these guys won't be on your side it's on some of the calls. The rest it they do every normal. All the gear boxes of their ability. You eliminate estate and make it six is secure base. And the product side you see me wearing the murder of a bit but. Arnold it has too much and short or race. I don't think a lot of people thought at the beginning of the season that you guys would be in the position that you're in a high seed in the Eastern Conference. Did did you know or end was there are turning point during the course of the season in which you could see this thing coming together what would that have been. Gordon showed that the Lesotho although he. It's. Are you can't. Lol are you simply can go and restaurants and incident. Anything asleep and so frustrating or any and every team. And they're teaching. Has respect for questions sort of weird dude dude there's ultimately come together we're very. There are sort. Arm. Are all well we're well. Do you think got a ride and Otto is ready for game seven experience. The I don't know. Seven assists. When it. We'll have a much difficulties Euro write it and it's. Like that but the good player partisan. And execution searching weaker or four. Good numbers here. Our listeners and again and give Lille Kessler's. Best of luck. Notes on that just went on though don't I don't program pragmatically good talking the F. Best of luck tomorrow.