OMF - Bradfo and TC discuss thriving Sox; the passion for baseball in this city is still very real 4-20-18

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Friday, April 20th

HOUR 1 - The guys are off today so Rob Bradford is joined by Tom Caron as the two discuss the incredible start the Sox have gotten off to.


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These award winning ceremony and 4048. Yard field goal attempt that could go snapple. Picked up Pickens on. With gland Lou in Christian outside of. I. Getting stiff. Now on Sports Radio WEEI. I thought Jack was gonna go with a two abused duque is ended two game league. In this series but it went back to Boston a happy Jack. Is a happy bruins' season. Because they do win game four opt in Toronto last night. Freedom won the final game and that's a good save there when Toronto seemed to have all the momentum in that second period for awhile. Welcome any what does this video while official name of this. All the tests show that the oil that's showed they could put together was twelve guys said they couldn't do that thought Jarrett and rob Bradford waited for the next four hours there is a lot of adrenaline pumping through the seats right now yeah now there's all there's a buzz in the air their eyes there is a really there was some hard hitting radio it is just stared into the hallways. Lawyers guns and money assembled in the Obama is money yes but. But it was sort of like that seemed from airplane where they're all runs they all run into the phone Booth they were they sprinted out here looking for the knicks do the good match I didn't I didn't I saw what level. By the time we came in at whatever that is anchored by model Erica I was dog was dead he mosque was running he was he was Writely is keep it that's yeah airplane out of my head where the writers all the writers run to the pay for his wash your Buckley he's running it was buckling squash and he's he's a protest in prison if he's running the pay phone because you know all the good information happened that pay for. Yes that is the nearest pay phone that's the only reason pay phones existed then for moments like this island massacred polish but I thought they were just now in existence for British pomp and as a British pop as the red for tore CX. But all my goodness I mean if if you didn't listen to what was going on this morning and how they broke down. This whole thing in this news. This way is. People might not believe it but this was journalism is fine this this is the importance. This was very very important as I tweeted out this is very very important. Because I think that there's not enough checks and balances going on. Not the world that we we live then I think there's more of it was social media now and this was a perfect example of that. And and I do think there is something to this which if if Kirk doesn't go down this road of the curtain telling guys don't go down this road The Who does. It did I think that with why you would hope the newspapers there. About the well yeah well no I mean this is one of the most baffling things I can imagine where and we talked about all of Hawaii last night. What things here is a gift for the Boston Herald a different. An absolute gift the paper the is trying to bury you and doing a good job of it. Kirk gives you this gift and you'll take advantage of it there is no I don't think there's anything in that paper today about it. Re about anything in the paper is should be slashed across the front page and if you're worried about. About legal stuff like they have been in the past nests were why they went against away from the tabloid he stuff from what I heard. It doesn't matter you can aggregate this you said this was said on WEI. And we are just resurfaced and if like a tweaked this like I did between someone else created it. That's yet to go back to a today because there was no need to do yesterday. It was great stop and I expected to be. Everywhere last night everywhere this morning I was stunned by the sun yeah I was stunned by the lack of follow now today is a Drudge Report gas or has this threat report did your act together well on late late only to another as you have placed a source of this hearts doesn't agree kids getting. That the correctly. But it it would really was but my point is yeah now finally date to like they would have had to continue doing this every morning. Until somebody finally said we look at the and now what I don't know that's what I don't is that because let's be honest is it because it's the well to radio station. Because radio stations are built off opinion well we have we have evidence. Like when Kirk digs in the something else if I going back to you know what's is tortures from from the globe. Ron Borges known not run well Colin L Campbell talent tortures via. He plea he dug in he found evidence that this guy with this plucking your friends for sources often you know that it is bodies. Often because it looked in the face it took a little bit of investigative work to do that that's what when he digs in on something he digs in on and we heard this morning we heard yesterday. All the boxes were checked and boost the people in this is a source story. This isn't like sources say it's like these people say this including by the way and getting column on the phone. And and Collins saying that he wasn't there so the go back to your point TC. What's going on like why is it taking so long number one. Number two to Harold think this is I it as a guy who loves the Harold who worked the Helen loved my time there. I just don't know what they're doing I I don't know what they're doing this is this is ridiculous. I mean that's what I mean as I have two paper town. Bit that this is Texas how important it right back in the ballots that this this is why why I read out why this is important this is why it's important is it because this is supposed to be an all Sports Radio station and does that you know if you wanna wait if you wanted discount wanna go down that road. Then it's linked to the Boston Marathon I mean this is what. I said this before about this whole thing. I don't know what goes through someone's head. When this happens when they make stuff allegedly make stuff spot I talk about the right right the writer and we whether it whenever plagiarism happens. I never get that and never how understand how that someone processes and I. I think it was Jerry this morning were at a pretty good point like and and you've been around stories I've been around stories where. Where something happens. And you do feel. Like you wanna be part of it. You know well there's a World Series championship you wanna be part of the action part of the culvert spark right and but sometimes and sometimes it up there sometimes you are only able to cover it as a third party. Bystander absolutely buy it. You're supposed to know holed that you can't then change that you weren't there. And and if that's yeah I I totally as as a guy who's been doing this for. For thirty some years now. Okay and and have been in the middle of great dog in sports now you know I don't do hard news I started. In news originally. Out of college orchestra was a major if if you happen B of Plattsburgh New York your room so my heart and stuff early. But but the point being. You know when there's a big story you wanna be a part of it you do you wanna be again part of it as a journalist part of recovery OK you wanna be there and sometimes you are. And and you'd you'd do the car bridge and that's your association. There are other times. Yeah I bet networks where. You know. I did get to be part of the Stanley Cup in 2011 our coverage but like 2013. In the finals I wasn't part. Of that sort. You pretend I was a recurrence does he say that but I do you know my point is identification Jerry at a great point like that is the temptation I get it. You want to make it you wanna be at the finish line on a moment like that. But if you were you were a mile away. I was over Fenway Park reduce the bulls front we had just and I had just got another hour and here I think you could not I mean somebody called me finally after a few minutes that get back on stage get back on the air. Can something just happened and we're gonna cover it. But but. There's no Whitman and nine to Google that this morning nine tenths of a mild form form where I sat through where the finish line ones he couldn't hear anything you didn't know anything. I get that you Ciba. I can't imagine going to the next well that's read it right well that's the leak I mean that's where you can't kick yourself when it if you were in it now it. Beat him I'll say it again and again I don't understand the process is someone goes through that in and you have to what you have to immediately due if you're the globe. You have to go back to all these other stories you have to look you have to look at this with a weary I everything this guy is done. And it's my opinion. That something like this happens that you get this mindset. Where because there wasn't the checks and balances this guy who's been honored a lot this guy is. Is eaten supposedly reached the top of his his craft. And there was an empowerment to that. But why he was doing that there wasn't the checks and balances that we have seen the last two days. And that's the biggest thing that's the most disturbing thing. And that's the reason why this is so important because. Who knows who knows how much he's done hope that this leaked it we're talking about warning to be there. We heard the audio we heard the audio of him how disturbing is the crystal Campbell thing. It's unbelievable. And so that's why this is so important so for all these people saying quote it's sports talk radio station well okay. Number one even if wasn't relate to the marathon it's an important storage you have an important story you do the important story and number two and this link to the marathon which is. Eight a moment in this city which is how dare you do anything to disparage any of the people who were involved in this in and allegedly. Our opinion this is what this guy did. And it needs to be covered I didn't need this story needs to be exposed then and great for a firm for Kirk for digging in and finding it because it needed to clearly nobody else was gonna do it because. He did yesterday and nobody which is doing more damning that. Nobody did it previously. Or nobody did it. Up until Louis really up until this I think then nobody did it over the last one of ours to me is more game. Yeah I mean Kirk got the story right by digital storage for stories and and people don't get stories a lot of people didn't get the story but then once he did it yesterday. And again now. We're gonna talk sports here at some point in new and I've been on the island of watching late games on the West Coast so. Yeah I'd wake up literally. After the morning shows off the air yesterday yes and I'd you know I've so you're trying to play catch up on Twitter. And regardless of what Kevin Collin that's coming from the morning's show it in and Kirk and and Jerry's Twitter handles. And two wow and so what's the first thing you do. EU goal. You go on a computer on the Internet and I call the Harold and I call the globe column wait nothing but what was so what it. OK so I guess it's not a big story it's something they were just talking about. Because the only place I'd seen anything about this is all in their Twitter feeds. Right and then this morning publicity on the way and well yes I was. On hard yesterday we were on rural last night in we were in a lot of united both work today Harold so what you said I I love work and how we both love work and Harold. And I said why they were sort of floundering I could understand why they weren't tabloid union up more why were they trying to be a softer version. Of all of the globe. If you would have three stories of an ad on the front page where you remember this as well as one of the great things about the Harold. That these big splashes. This this and we're gonna go right out here is how we go but the globe. We go right at them with entertaining. Spins on big stories. And soliciting their last night at I mean we're here till nine. And there was nothing on the website I don't know if there is now but there was nothing on the website and then. They're having Joseph shocker to read out the front page of The Herald and it's there's nothing there's nothing about it. And really I'm just I'm just disappointed because I'm just looking at it as. This company this newspaper which is this. Fighting for its life right now and that's that's not an exaggeration. Fighting for its life is given this opportunity. In May blow. They blow it. And that stinks because The Herald is important and this is a perfect example you and I both think newspapers are important and when you miss opportunities like this you make yourself less important. And this is a different today this is why we've seen. Yeah the consuming public of journalism going. Internet sources to web sites to TV a morning radio shows. Yet as you're not what getting it from an and that's the good thing and maybe that's a good thing is that there is more of acceptance. Two and go by the wolf Florio thing the other day where he messed up and you know they were joking the reason he does that. Is because. There has been breaking stories on this radio station it's like is not like the old days where you had. When news breaks three breaks yeah I mean this was a senator tagline you really really. But this is. In Kirk's done this a few times other people done this a few times Glenn orderly broke the big broken jaws story sort of would Isiah Thomas right is that when oil and Italy through the press release so there you go. But liberal Loney broke the Al Horford saw it yesterday I refuted it's an average Alice not a finger is what it is Alice relieved of the name. But it's but there is it there it is expectations that this can happen and I don't that's what makes the last 24 hours baffling for me to your point why didn't people pick up on this light. Was patient if I don't I as yet beyond me I don't understand that and I assume now after a second day of pounding it. On the morning show that people finally bought drugs last Drudge Drudge picks it up now I've been an even before Drudge jump on at the local guys as David Wade I think one of the local TV guys was was tweeting out stuff about it so so the trains roll now but it's gonna take that long. Now now in May differ those guys to an undated image. You know how it is also when you get a story you know TC like the the adrenaline rush of okay. I'm uncovered something in down one on cover something else because. My opinion. You that there are the layers here and they know that new and up probably other people know this too and when it comes to the globe. It's you know I know that you don't. Those guys of the globe globe and across here's like I look at this more of the column thing the globe are gonna make my opinion on the globe I'll probably react yes I. Doc when you too I mean I was let's sort of like sort that to me that's the biggest thing because. I'm not giving them a free pass but still when a reporter write something along the lines of I was crying on my notebook. You know the speed distance beyond stunning bit editors not to know OK show me the tears shown the notebook. In it I just doesn't happen. But if they don't react not way though this. At least at this moment this is on Colin. Yes they will see if it ends up being on the glow and maybe it was that they've got fast and loose with Colin and he may be that that's just. The fact battle Mike Barnicle right now and columnists as you know. Then there there are a little tougher to you know fact check to you know so much of it is is pros sources reporting yeah but you can't play fast and loose with that now it and particularly when you have someone at. At the top of the heap. In their organization when it comes to their reporters and this is this guy. You go to them the Harvard thing to pull surprise thing all of it. That there that there are probably give this dialogue the benefit of the doubt for a long time for a long time and that's the dangerous thing about that and it. My opinion probably go fast and loose was that benefited. That's your opinion. You know. A that you therefore I conduct I mean yes I I as I as I said I've as they said on the excellent pregame message pregame show all the time yeah. My opinion. That the Red Sox seventh inning because it was. It was later for the deaths just wanna obviously your opinion that they will not continue to win sixteen of eighteen the rest of the way. They can win sixty is is for the rest of the way and creating games they're gonna go succeeded through. Yes I think did goodnight and and so you know like it's the beginning of the year it was on I think it was opening day. The lines that can't Guatemala's that you can you can and it is. And there's no law of nature that's as you can you won't. But but you can't win them ball. You go into everyday and it's which which you which you want me to give my opinion on the V how could this team is or how the perception of this team. Why I'll get in the perception I noticed that a lot of time today let me just let me just throw it how could this team could be for us and we're gonna get the for this team we can be no no I had eighteen small sample. But we're not talking about wow the openings are you look at the construct of the team overtaking move the best we can the best look we can after eighteen Unionists. For those who didn't stay up Chamberlain won't do they want again youthful all the little distressed that the that now the Roberts is going down by Iran each game. The scored ten on Tuesday nine on Wednesday that he yesterday and word that only to score seven tonight must it must gonna sock that light Europe I stayed up the whole way and I usually I suppose Ted Ted thank you if a white collar and after that I didn't. Dollar I don't know that's what kind of sucks is that you guys are on propose conflict to meet you honestly that's fine well I dove is really no need a full post game show grit and a clogged by UA all that time and I don't care that's the Red Sox want to see you later got a good five minutes of at a gallery today. Well yeah I could hit the data bellas more than capable of doing the five minutes and as you lives figures invited throw it to the ground I'd like to my drive just dropped the idea that the right idea here. I 10 o'clock start tonight again stay up late join us so before organs perception ladies and everything else you take what you can from this team. And you you have the 2011. The one that the headline coming out of spring training best team effort. That's when Harold was The Herald that pesky matter and they try to resurfacing of that and David had them a Bruins game was armed doll. Don't do our best team ever commit to them allotment yes that was pre chicken and there. Yes and and big role for awhile and they work seemingly adding up until August the best team perceived as the best team member well that was. Percy and Adrian Gonzales is red yeah there was corroborate you are outcropping at apple on Papelbon. Last. You you have to ask knowing what we know of this team right now is just a bit. Does this team has the potential to be the best Red Sox team member yes. I think they did you just because they have all there at the box is checked. If you look at this compare that the starting route you have to start with a starting rotation. And from what we've seen of Chris Sale let's start with Chris Sale and David Price and reports fellow who might have been the best of the bunch so far. And then what we saw Eduardo Rodriguez on my goodness he's learning to pitch. And he maybe does another version of Clay Buchholz I don't know. By he has the potential to be something that for a five and you have a guy coming back who have won seventeen games you start there. And then you have this offense which is I think even better than we thought it might be certainly hitting more home runs he thought it might or no doubt about it I mean. When you look at this year's team compared to last year's team what's the difference right give manager we can get in that moment. JD Martinez and nobody says it's the same exact team. Lost JD Martinez but that's not true because you didn't get up they'll devers Toby and last year. You didn't have a healthy Zander Bogart's. He didn't have a healthy earlier mayors so the biggest differences. We're bearers in Bogart's owes it to impact power bat who were not healthy for most of last year Moreland had the broken toe for about two months last year. Devers wasn't here until the end last year. To me it's a completely different line. Right what you had most of 2070. This is this is this is. Remember to see after 2016. The year strategy was everyone's gonna get better so will be okay granted Ortiz. That was the wrong way to go I think in large part because you didn't need that guy in the middle the order Retief finally found Judy Markey is I don't know how you feel that that has an effect on everybody. How about having that gap it makes everywhere its last night he's very quietly rake two doubles what. Five for eight in this there's no he had eight it's eight for twelve. In the series over three games brought a whole line three doubles. Three singles is exactly. He's exactly as he was advertised which is. Not what people expected he is that he's been active. And so able expected John Carlos that now have fifteen runs that the gap in what if what if that was. And it that different they did say earlier letters and being strategy of Saddam's so you know they should be blasts. Let's likes fish would be blasted today they got this guy. But. Across the board finally what they were banking on happening last year is happening. Everyone's better and and so how much is this JD Martina is how much is this the new approach the hunting pitches that whole thing how much launch angle. We got the launch angle and Craig. Great. Faiths. Ha yeah you can now everybody started launching their angle differently this year. Is that there late you eggs to a night it's on its way to Australia about the legislative downright try to hit the top of the flag ball with football for the automatic when the game and a bit there's that. Mark felt odd you know here's the thing though it's we know that Alex Cora has bought him brought in a a sort of relaxed atmosphere. We we that matters it really doesn't and you hear the guys saying it every night in the walk off interview. Somewhere you we've we've we've we should start a little thing at NASA and where you'd you know when you bring a belt when he finally says because everyone at some point in the interview with Karen Austin on the field at the end of the night. Says while it's just a really relaxed clubhouse everybody's really loose everybody's really having fought. Which they were saying it's spring training which means somewhere along the line what they're telling you between lines as we weren't this way what did you say. Exactly well. And I was when they started on the gays and it's fun fun fun I don't care I don't care about fund gives you winner you don't. But there is I think there is a byproduct if you listen to see you mean they win you win yet fun. You win your thoughts on yes I don't feel nervous you would you have fosse call waiting that's why does the the patriots thing is so dumb like they're not having enough fun it did having plenty of fund their winning it and have fun of the super ball. Note that the brawl that moment edwards' love so we're talking yes that's the last game and it was a very much fun OK coach Hugh Joseph to Washington you'll have fun having fun now these Cincinnati Reds are not having mother not yes think of John Ferrell goes there and they start winning they'll be a lose that azalea might have a kangaroo court had I don't know. But if you don't win doesn't match a different. OK so the Bruins win last night the Red Sox win late last night and we're sitting here today talking about two teams that I've heard all winter bird didn't matter. On the sports landscape boss and and I heard a lot of people this winner. On on this station on other stations imprint. Telling me how the Red Sox were falling to fourth. In the market nobody cared recently there's. Oh this offseason. Yeah biopsies and time again they were others are hot Red Sox have and they weren't alone nobody cares about the well it. TC Richard Reid did we get apart yes it would never aired. Because of the deny the did you have this Tampa Miami. West Coast I was. About the April ratings. Yeah I don't think you're alone right and only I was ready I was ready to defend why the ratings were so alone April and that's why. And through the roof right how we get a break we'll teased that will also is the nineties perception. Vs reality denials the Buick oddities that's about it as a deep tease okay this is the at least there's that in two headed that he's alt keys that these he has to come into his was fourth fixes the back in two user I don't know what this is held by. Along with the perception vs reality yes. My good friend my brother in arms year McGwire on whether through twelfth are now we're talks Monty. Maybe I don't know are you targeting me why he likes baseball I thought that I I I I feel free in the many games at Fenway Park Kevin Cullen with with -- McGraw I don't I don't I don't feel like I would like between the glass last night the candidates are there wasn't any kind of guy who knows get a state to define. Morgan talked about perception vs reality and then the reality of fear McGwire. As we get to eighty give us a call 6177797937. To textiles. At 37939. He is rob Bradford of the Brad folk show audience are parents the awaiting word is Brad Fo Sho T shirt. And will moment. Keep up with the show on Twitter back away and act on WEEI. Before during and after the show. Let's get you back him or afford way remotely and 48 right now so much Sports Radio WEEI. There are excellent popular. Homers. Use. I know that there have been some. Comments that I respect that we didn't have the most popular team that. When I looked at have been attendee and then we'll keep Benson. Raphael devers and Bogart's. And Bradley icy icy. Energized. Young exciting players. Hopefully now the beginning of spring training and we can have to focus on the Red Sox and I'm really really don't need to be popular. 'cause of spring training game February. Tom Warner and again. John Henry Red Sox ownership talking about. Their thoughts. Of the popularity of this team coming into 2008 seed in the team is suddenly very popular sixteen in two starts apparently will do that back on them additional time Karen along with. Rob Bradford everybody's often happen all three guys at the same jail. It's not this one by management believes about that really schools give an army if you don't you ask before you asked me Paul. Walt relics gone in the mosque he was busy today why like that this all right let's celebrate the lake always does a guy like really. You want it drill it become him and talked about himself. For four hours. You wanna talk to himself might as well that's what you would have gotten. On the day at the yeah Collins that would read listen to you talk about yet he'd admit he admitted he admitted that he didn't watch the Bruins team the day after the first Bruins game let's let's get back to a system reporting here Paul when did you ask. Rob the host the ship. Late. At the end of last week at least and I know I know at least last week yes no. Is it this week and that was that's where this don't trust me last week that's Rosetta Stone guys are still back they asked me what to Wear it where we asked me last. Horrors I remember I don't like eight and hearing that you're doing and that's a couple of days ago supposed to still be with Lou. Correct link and ask him until a couple days that policy I saw that yesterday that I was doing review it was kind of late into a whole lot of data point back do you know. Might be easier that it now that brought Buick to our day Brad folk show on day 154. Rob and all three guys around on Friday of Tom Karen and could you do Friday from ten material. My response yes in promise he's even if I was your fifteenth choice so I already I knew that because I knew at least one person who couldn't do that controller. Now on athletes on the hop. Yes so it's it's a mean. Listen it's their prerogative to be wrong TC I mean. But after all you do for the station and Ellis five different are you do dollars used to have were I that's all you do it to anybody else I would have been like now it's okay I I worked late last night it worked late tonight but when I heard it was you thank you I was getting on and gas. And you know what you showed that this is the art negotiation this is where you say yes but you have to play forty minutes of my most recent podcast. Yes her party you know get something out of it I actually actually get a good one last night and who -- and and I don't itemize for that I promised the public for this week. It was actually about four podcast as promised the public before yeah it would probably it was just kerosene can John Smoltz. With. Just in Kennedy. And then last night was actually played there before it over the last night yeah yeah John Smoltz yeah hole is the podcast. It was it was twenty minutes 90% John Smoltz now that's hard to get I mean. Hard to get him to be concise. It's great if you told me it was easily development Jack here but he's a wall a little bit of your most recent easily walk and asked. On the hill a little 10 this is your most recent wanted to put that delicious. Red Sox have finished off their first road trip. Five on five under is nobody I I don't know as episode 71 belongs he popped that's supposed to be an audio. No no this is the whole thing and it has turned her as I thought anyway so it was a war it was Ashley Kelly Y from Joseph Kelly which you say well what you have white for Joseph Kelly on why do you have wife of dog number one most importantly they're using the whole Joseph Kelly fight they fight thing as charitable endeavor. I'm which is great and it's in case Pete go to her Twitter account it's really funny because part of what they're doing it for the mission one away human trafficking thing. And they were part of what they do they want people have videos of simulating Jim Kelly's flight so it would decades. You know running out gathered rust and on the ground but more importantly I wanna know if Joseph Kelly ever got to fight defending her honor. Though I results aren't the united tell us now you know you have to go to apologized idiots she went into great detail like his fighting history yes the along and it's you're Christopher. So for fuel wiry guy idea. What it's like strawberry you I could see scrappy to fight in joked Carolina. Is going to fight club. You know we dug up with a break and you just heard Tom Warner and John Henry's perjury saying if we got to be popular we need to win it. And what he didn't say is when you win you become very popular because as you said before the break ground Bradford. We thought these were going to be. A scary. This is going to be a scary month to get traction for this team ten games against Tampa Bay Rays in April a West Coast trip that we're going through right now. Those are usually the West Coast trips down the numbers are there you get half the rating as you get. On a regular primetime game that Tampa Bay games you would think man a lot of gains at Tropicana Field where it's born the one thing we always say. With Tampa Bay Miami maybe this team gets off to a great start. Yeah B but he misses an exciting and that kind of glad there's an I mean I don't have official numbers in front of me I know you've done some reporting I have ratings are Dodgers this is what we do hear that that's a hole you guys that all you do is dig and dig in date. Jobs by the numbers are up dramatically. I mean 4050%. Over last year I head of two years ago. Yeah and in this day and age when virtually every sport loses ratings the NFL consistently. Losing numbers slightly over the last few years NBA numbers you know nobody is more options people watching Netflix people are watching games live like they used. To have a dramatic increase and talk about an increase from even two years ago tells me a couple of things. Eight teams winning and people like a team wins. And being. Mark Twain reports. That the demise phase of this city as a sport as a baseball town that that's exactly what he sat there at the big margin rates said the reports of Boston's demise as a baseball town have been greatly but you do Iraqis here. Sure and white there. But but you know let's that they're still a great passion for baseball in this. There's op people's bossy good. Ashley's point. People wanna see a team that fights. Yeah I wanna see a team that stands up for themselves. People want a sea of blue collar team that award on target we'll go to human or over 200 million dollar pay you are you read you are not a scrappy bunch of blue collar over achievers. Okay that's that's that's the definition of high payroll team to the highest payroll team in baseball. Well last year. The Manny Machado Dustin Pedroia I think absolutely lingered over this team maybe not in the clubhouse maybe not to the players but to the fans that eventually to the clubhouse and eventually the clubhouse but to the fans it did from that David Baltimore. For weeks if not months that became a defining moment. At least in the first half of the season. To the fans who watched this team is team didn't stand up for itself they didn't do it in the right way there was dissension inside from what we could see publicly. And it was hard to rally around a team that didn't want to rally round itself. Did you rush forward to this year. Not only do you stand up for your team have to do against the Yankees. You do it after beating a marked the first game you do it while taking two out of three in winning sixteen out of eighteen and all the sudden you lightning. Not only is this a good. Obtain this is entertaining this is the way baseball used to be around here and it's fun to see it come back to life. The number one last year your right you look at last your team in 193 games when division it was defined as you stated taught most memorable more. Most memorable moments top five most memorable moments. There were negative things. For a team that had a record year. Now in terms of he's saying well these have to win in there we're going to be popular I don't necessarily agree with that because. You go back to 2013. That team with a gritty guy the whatever guys and they get out to I think it was twelve in six starts on the like that I saw you guys have. You do I remember five years ago the five year anniversary exactly vote exit. That's what you do for a number of father Robert Dudley George guitars and a home run against on the clock on April 21 did remember that. Who who who don't miss Allred out of what it took for that even for that team the got off to a good start they won games there were scrappy blah blah blah. It took them until late August for people to really rally around oh absolutely the whole bearded Brothers thing and all of that I meant until I went up after Wesco August. And there wasn't a buzz and all of a sudden they came back from the West Coast and almost overnight. Everybody was jumping up and sold five fortune now I think that what had to happen wasn't just a simple as winning. You have to do this in such a dramatic fashion. Sixteen into. Com and then the fight that you mentioned that moment think about this TC. You've two losses. You'll that the first loss opening day which is based should've won that game or should end. The guy who blew the game Joseph Kelly now you think in normal in the normal world. He go the way it gets into Navarro and DF paid you know three weeks in the season. Now what happens that one game becomes a jumping off point and the. All other game you lose. Nobody remembers who lost it because the guy who won the first game instantly became a hero right. You won two out of three and you want our hearts on the other. So my point is that you how did you something to such an extreme. To get to this point and we are at this point we started this show after a West Coast trip the day after bruins' playoff win. The day Elvis celtics' playoff game. We start to show legitimately talking about. The reckless and wide. Because it is. A legitimate contrast which I never thought would happen at this point a year into you know and you warned me don't look at that that the texts. But. TC is like the Red Sox Kool Aid PR us opens the big one because. That take does not mirror reality. This isn't PR spin this is really don't know what that's the problem is expected to know that is the prop nobody has the problem radio stations in this out of the problem I what are you talking about all we we we are the best checks and tells me the best journalists via the most innocent we are the best of everything the best the boss that you are the best plus rob Bradford. I I I tweeted this out last night. And I talk to you about it this more. Than I was listening to a host who shall lobby. On a radio station hotel lobby remind that it doesn't rhyme with only adds a then you could do a better and as a friend as well known the birth letters. But. But it an end and there was an. Anger. In the discussion about how good this team has come out. This season and I got thinking about it wasn't meant activity is not only fun it's expected. Right I mean I mean our coverage. Our our fan dome. In Boston as Red Sox fans. Is steeped. In negativity yes I mean it's all changed since 04 I I did and that none yet we have a century before that. Where we were used to great teams that broke our hearts are peso that's for any of us of a certain age. That's in our DN. OK so there's still a little bit about while they are sat out sop for the big fall at the end and other is that there and I get it that's fine you wanna espouse that. I will not argue okay that's fine. What is new to me. Is you have sports broadcasters in this talk show hosts in this town. And this is the hot take world we live. Where you have to have your hot take early in the cities. And if you're hot take is that these Red Sox aren't going to be any good. Stay he's gonna make the Yankees better they're going to be phenomenal New York's the team to be massacred between now it ends up being 8003. I have decided it was every man likes that. That was that was Everyman aunt and so I'm truly not singling one person out here sure this might be like. No men and it is now what I've heard on on. More than one radio station mortal watch more than one house is. The first time that I can remember in these last few years is I'm listening to the radio in Boston. Listening to a Boston radio host. Openly rooting against the Boston tea. Because the Boston team winning goes against. That take that he has defended. And what has that ever happened in what other city would you ever drive around and hear the hosts. Upset that. Your team the team that we are cheering for here in Boston loss saying the whole let's were designated deputies. Have that. Didn't want to be negative about over the history nothing any of that. But at the end of the day. Should you really be rooting against. The Red Sox are Bruins or Celtics are patriots went over to resume its. You can't just as I root for time game. I played you can rooting budget but yeah Asian you can root against them by your motivations. For saying. As a sports thing do you listen to someone rooting against a team on the radio well. I'm an Italian leader your brain and tell you why why this is happening is very simple enemy why this is. Richard you're teasing us yes that's helpful on this weather brother who argue that tells a multiple layers yeah he's at wells which is it known that Maguire told us now is to there was this tour that your requires 1230. But there's two reasons why this is now okay and we will get to at least one of them. When we come back to. Fort Wayne where Loney and fortieth. Christians aren't Sports Radio guy. Glenn flew and Christian. Why not air balloon nod here Christian god here who in my most light. What's regular day part postal yet details of the day Christian. Why why wacky wild Stephane while. That's why a little fun I think rob well that what I love Iraq so now I know I'm worried now that leaves either. Or way or Malone which one month you'd have to be. Probably will. Okay based on that I think that across the no organs Glenn Fine. I am curious I am curious when you talk we usually when you say someone's wild wacky fun that leads to more than the fifty choice. To be here. You know. We'll get back on it it was dollar she hit my second choice rob sorry OK okay I haven't Paula first choice not everybody else and everybody else was that the well Tom was the one way as his sidekick. As Ed McMahon. That's what you are broadcast and found that plated and give me there welcome later with these radar are getting it might take real payoff and that's the way before you vote you can join the conversation ultimately it's the media. At 607779793. Sets of ignited resentment I apology to make. To whomever has the phone number that I gave up early career. I I apologize I gave a broad telephone numbers so please take a load whoever you all you have reached before. Tonight. He's 77. 79 degrees that is the real call numbers you can and Texas that 37937. Before the break we're talking about. You know the deal whole concept of of local hosts. Open les sort of rooting for teams to lose house on Red Sox specifically but I think that's in general right and a big. Yeah I got it goes against your journey you had. A thought as to why that. Happens now I had at least I wanna champion I thought sign these two thoughts by I can remember one phone by its. The thing I don't mind if I don't mind who you root for it that's not the point here but when you look at your motivation behind. What you're talking about listened of the person we're talking about is across the street what's their motivation is there motivation for the Red Sox doing poorly. Of of it's there is nothing to see I don't know maybe but I know what what that is born on of is borne out what we're talking about last year. Every single time the Red Sox. We talked about the Red Sox last year it was a story line usually negative story line. Usually and you had mentioned since 2004 things have changed now I think things have changed since 2011. I think the the the infant esteem ever. The best team ever than the chicken and beer since then the collapse I think day and that's why 2013 more because let's go from let's go from 2011. You have the collapse then you had the Bobby bell and which did everything was born often negativity Bobby Valentine. And even that two guys doing my thing about 2012. The ratings for games were wait yeah it was a bad team or ratings for pregame were up. Are as people wanted to see what bloody Valentine was gonna say or do. And then didn't want us and tell you why the ratings for the managers show and I am I the way all all the way up into the very last player to be growing its plunges viewers like you think you've been sabotaged right coaches and I do. That's been M Rhode collective Bogart you're I used that we used to do the Friday apparently you do that there was if we did a thing called Bobby Valentine show of that weird today that it would much like the rebels you don't want to yes. And I often I've often equated to if you were interviewing the pilot as the plane was going into the ground that there once you left thrusters were working in a couple of incidents do with a bike helmets mile and a place. Wrote a book and so. So you have a whole years are you coming off 2011 budget and thirteen abroad I love that but this is my point is that we talked about it took for ever for people will buy into that team. And there were other things going on TV or her and and this thing has dropped in there and and there are other things going on but it took until they came back from the West Coast and argues that people really latch on the team. They win. And then 2014 rolls around and I don't know about the ratings he would know better than I. I don't get the scent I don't remember that being all my goodness there's going to be a juggernaut heading into 2014. Now it with being the AJ Pierzynski error every remembers that. Jon Lester is contract that was a great thing. So I think that 2014 was really more about Jon Lester is contract. That it was about. Riding the wave 2013 and then you went from that. To the next few years of every single time you talked about the Red Sox. It was born from negativity in and that's why I like it but it was also because. We are dumb of the patriots point or so yes I mean. And as we sit here right now we statement. I don't know hasn't flipped the reds the patriots still number or watch. But when we talked about the Red Sox it's actual stuff that they're a team is doing well. Well because any time we did talk about the Red Sox as you said it was probably born out of a negative sometime and that narrative lines. Oh my god there's so dysfunctional over there this is what radio told you write why couldn't they have their house in order like happened in Foxborough where everything is perfect and everyone goes in the right direction and all they do was win. And that was on 2%. And then deflate a game and I get to two years' worth the talk shows where all you talked about us against the world today eight that's because the A announced. And now for the first time. There will be the dysfunction so fox yes and all the sudden the whole narrative is a turtle and internal. I they said this last night were talked about the patriots you know the out shaft retreat the other day. Yes and lines ago this is the media driven thing I'm Mike I'm show after does not put out stuff about the motivation behind it. That's a fact and people the patriots law you like it in patriots fans hated that take because. It was a negative toward we don't want it we don't want the we don't want the chaos where they're gonna win that's what they thought the point. If this doesn't make fun if this makes Tom Brady play one last year than it's a legitimate conversation but go back that the Red Sox and patriots. Now oh you have this year and I would have never ever thought that we could have a legitimate Red Sox conversation borne from. Them doing well at this point you're never ever. But we have in the we have been able to do that because it has been said he's such an extreme weather at the wins and losses. Whether it's Alex Cora actually being self deprecating. So let's stop there on the second Alex Cora admits to making a mistake yes right I die should put JD Mardy as I should take him out in the ninth and another call on Baghdad and and he laughs about it. And then gets asked in an interview that I heard any he says and nobody told me to apologize for just them I'm I'm a rookie manager I'm gonna make mistakes I did you know. Why would I hide that. Again. John Farrell what was Bullard is a great person he's a good I think to be a good manager again somewhere I think. Things had gone too far down the wrong road form year but he got the point where he couldn't just come out and say something like that. No matter well that's times it has since he would never have that can visual transparent conversation and to get from a new manager. That quickly. And you ego get the feeling right now listen scores gonna make mistakes. But it can admit to mistakes and he's gonna say mistakes happen and and it's hard to crucified a guy who is willing to admit. Those who do you view new Ferrell for a long time no for a for a long time and as they went on last year was probably the the pinnacle of it. Every word was says he agonized over every word and people hated that and by doing that. He got into he talked himself into some weird sentences and people jumped all over every. Yes talked himself into weird sense he did the right no that's a perfect way to I'd sit there watching like post game. Every night accident RS and from work there's no doubt about it is ability to impact the ball the yes he can hit. Is what you say he can end and that was asked about the Dalai switch and we all night long this week ago who didn't. Could be. That guy that guy I was not the guy who was the pitching coach who's Nadal and he wasn't the guy you we know we got to talk to a wave from the K enough away from the me and that killed and when you talk about teen perception and certainly perception of federal that killed them also and then I listen I was listening to Alex Cora on the miniature show on the pregame show for the red radio network with a friend your network via. And jaws and mark just our market and I'm listening to it I'm like oh my goodness. You really if you juxtaposed against last year he has hit Joseph is again whatever you know it is fitting he sitting back in just talking. And Harold and do and general why happen it happens in Boston animal corps will stop doing this. And out over the product of them doing so well but he's just talking in this is what people were starving for right absolutely. So I mean you you bring up the point that only stories that pointed towards dysfunction. Or dis harmony. Would make their way into the air. And you know what when I get Aggies that you don't care who they root for and I agree with that I'm not listening and listening to wait a talk show. For their hosts to be rooting right there will be on yet and when a bunch homer's line route through I'm listening yes we hope reports out of every dollar and four game. Especially at 10 o'clock start to slide the U. It is them. Well you upset that the Boston team why. Iced it. I TI I look at it why why well I would get more like this of like. You know that you can't say I only you can say like how dear that radio host root against the Red Sox it is maybe just like the right side for some reason. But when you're when you're. Cakes and your motive would your motivation is wrong make his motivation. Might be well on big and in because it's bad for business of the Red Sox win. I didn't want to go down the lord of the agenda is right about that ball doesn't Bieber does your I have. Appear on the TV station that is the competitor of the TV station tires whereas all right have a problem when shark when you're when you're when you're opinion or you're saying this is fact. The body's not backbeat is used your agenda right then and it becomes transparent so like this they're sixteen and is sixteen into it I proclaim them the best Red Sox team. Already I just did you do it this year on record. I am reading this summer to see who I'm reading this from. Are you there OK so they. And I would say every ball it's. Chris Gilligan. He's in the PR depart yet for the Red Sox look at it real as this is this week it was retreat by somebody else Lindsay was it. Red Sox are the seventeenth since 19100. To win at least sixteen of their first eighteen games last team to do with 1987 brewer's script we battled it last night the postage. The previous six. Finished those seasons with the average winning percentage of 600. As the equivalent of 97. Point two wins for all teams that have started sixteen into. Two of the 61 the world's there is no longer a case of you know yet either off to a good start I mean don't have to go ten games under 500 overstretched. To bring this back to earth you're getting to the point where you start to say. All they play 500. They're still going to be 7500. That is hugely disappointing. After what you had seen this team is Kate it's simple a simple house falls apart. You get bitten the pitchers turn the starting pitchers care shark that's it that's it but we've got Hector Velazquez and we've got yup that's the big you have some. Yeah and the way Alex Cora handles pitchers. You'll start going to be gay cap or school I need three innings out of vegetables and we'll think about how you talk about or think about how. He's managers were taking guys out early and also. Routinely sitting guys. After they do big things the night before it did this stuff if I sat guys after hitting home runs the previous night. On my goodness are you kidding me right but every single thing he's doing is right but. How can you not love not enough you have to love that and only forty cats we have people who are calling. Who want to talk about the reds all that you have to wait now for the brave enough that he's all right policies went 777979837. He's robber effort on dog care and it was near WEEI stay with us.