OMF - Brady is addicted to Instagram; LaVar Ball’s five minutes of fame are up, 6-25-18

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Monday, June 25th
Hour 4 - Brady posted a video of himself throwing a pass to Julian Edelman on Instagram and also posted a video of his two sons racing in his yard. Glenn thinks this is Brady building his TB12 brand and Christian thinks Brady is addicted to Instagram. They also think LaVar Ball’s five minutes of fame are finally up before any of his other sons get drafted into the NBA.

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All of you read each. Beats Fort Wayne and bony and forty in the hard hit ball to the. The right field evasive. Jackie Bradley through the first Red Sox hit this afternoon and he. Is it OK. Okay. Received a patriot fighting allegations. Once they get caught T yeah elevated the more I heard of New England to tell them examples would definitely. Political and Lou in Christian process wasn't followed technically correctly it looks bad for them. Optics are bad if it's a question. Asked him what drugs he tested positive one it wasn't included and have banned substance list or whatever the case may be that it seems up and eat it anything that seems up and it when it comes to the NFL this challenging for me because did not a league that has a strong level of credibility. An upstart. On Sports Radio WEEI. Chris Carter Woodson on the drugs. Not that he had a fall guy with the drug samples. On they were deployed its throws nice peaceful he would do exactly so there's historian Julian Immelman. Apparently he's got a legitimate case. I did touch on what you hear the end game browsing on all of Has been writing about this he has these wars. Eight mole apparently within the NFL that not only do we begin with the unrecognized. Substance that he tested positive for. But apparently. They mishandled. The paperwork the league also made mistakes in the way that the test results. Worked handled I mean is this more like the Richard Sherman case. I don't mean when it mice might see this online while he's actually got shot. Because if you're claiming like. You know. The sample was you know tarnished. You know are contaminated rate would have hired the Revver whatever process they use is or isn't a specialized you know that's one month. The other one. I was like all right if they flagged him for something that isn't on the banned substance list. I don't know that matters because all it is identified there's another substance out there are new masking agent that people are using. That we haven't figured out yet which is ahead of us withdrawal or did you just or anyways because it's probable than not. You're not you can't our depth on our album I'll know and our goal however I want. Now again this weekend and at the weekend because what I don't he's its testing levels. And you've identified as many drugs as you possibly can identify that caused those levels to rise. And say these are illegal. In what you're doing here is he just found another one. That's all but it's on the list yet it will be so I don't think the bottom line is is levels drop and he's not causing her to be upon. Guy that's that he's not using advance Upton substance in its nonetheless now the next guy will get hit for the spam substance but I can you hit him for it. If you don't recognize what the substance use. Well they just did. In any imaging and this should make a deal I'll show you out of Atlanta got to gonna make up the rules on the fly argue that make up new allies and all of you make it a new drugs and all of the players out. I'm screaming. The NFL OK so it is happens all the time. So so I don't know if there's an app overtime on I don't know what the right a lot of one case of which there was an unrecognized substance. Are they got Ford I hope you'll know I'll say. I've known guys a couple of guys really. That there there's levels were abnormally high. Every time it would attest they got flagged aren't they were doing anything. And they when he went this guy with a whole song again over and over again Jack out of his mind it was strictly a genetics. Whatever reason. He got flack is another. Let's say if this is the case that element was done doing something he was probably doing something with a scientist to head new cutting edge technology to mass something else. But outcome the league. If they don't know what it was and it's not on that list of the 72 banned substances how can they suddenly say. It's a violent I think I I can city. Now you find out what it is you identify you say okay scientist has come up with something new let's put it on the list where the 73 on the list right now. Next guy gets caught. Never had a little bit like the NFL is that they don't care. It it they don't care what it does now. After the players so tells me that there didn't as the catalyst is about this they think where there's smoke there's fire so hair and it LP I don't care and I know your job. You're job is to protect and we get it but we know he's up to something dirty. It's sick with the football's all week we know something happened we're not quite sure why it but since these abnormal some got to be the blame for that he. He's he's got a little different dismantling of the sample is is what I think he's got the best case even know what to handle laws handling of laws now you mentioned Richard chairman. We look at that case. And I mean that the guy that was handled in the urine sample after Sherman either way it works is you Tina cop. I eat eat eat you close the cap and any grabs we'll stick and that's from you a sheet that identifies you with your code number on it any seals the cup. Richard Sherman apparently the cops aren't leaking. And and again that like Taylor herself was like up so reaches. And screwed it in port urine sample another topic that this is now rich Germans which you which you obviously you can't do. That you would think that maybe this guy would mess that but he could write so it's just that simple is gone auto but I think that's the only way he's got a shot here. Is that something capital the sample throughout the whole process but. Identifying a new drug a Big Easy to identify him all the time in your red flag new drugs constantly. So we have what we what we will possibly have here is a whole another okay start to start to start a start the season. Push through the appeal highlighted before you know one when his economic comeback and it does say he's good for the first four games which would be great. You don't always would you rather refer missed the first four games in the first four games you get nice to lead the younger receivers get to cut identify what. Their cable since joining us from a major injury I would say I would rather him this the first four games I've got to believe we are we're sure that's a lot of calls over the years it's okay. Did you did you think you're an extra four weeks and how well do you see these ripples throughout their run and I did yeah it's right on most other. Go Irish Grady Little prayer or why they could watch and why William Liza Adam O'Neill and invited. Intelligent Montana it's gonna be in his Cairo is why is it an element of what is girl have to go catch passes. On because I don't care if he gets it fast it was whose catch an amateur I only caught it and and he does relax some. Or any guys concerned. If there aren't any joint practices for the patriots this this year I think it's a good thing I think they they raised about how much knowledge they gained. And for their players it was great playing against somebody you don't recognize who's not doing things just military insulin they did know joint practice gonna turn into voluntary routier's. It's no big deal. Something that will resort to go to the Soviet via audio meanwhile foe they've been doing it adding once or even twice during camp. Since what 2012. While absolutely. Read about it we said it before it's an audit. Why don't other teams do this and take advantage of this it gives them more practices breaking get all his work in control and Arnold environment. They can put every situation up. Rather than going up against another team rather than any game with a situation might not come up unity need to play Brady can evaluate your roster with ninety guys. Easier because you put out its other teams whether it be to scrimmage during the week of the actual game on a Thursday or Friday night. So it has been a huge tool for them not just in recruiting because we always know when they. Joint practices against the certainty and into picking up a player off that roster eternity pretty good player they get a free look. Another issue an epic duel so that he told it's a big deal. Don't to answer the question. It it's not a good deal. Belichick has picked up a lot of players that he's learned a lot of out of those three days actions. On those other teams to get back better prepared and they've got to prepare for the season because of budget is obvious reason why this is not happening this year and it's not because Belichick doesn't wanna capital the patriots don't wanna go out. So Washington has me a partnership financial partnership with the city of rich. So they bring people practice every day that week in the city Richmond. They are practicing in Richmond the week of that game and then flying to New England for the day. It is and we went home game so Washington is not going to leave Richmond when they have the financial arrangement with the talent and it's making money it does make him so he's made money on. That is a that environment is not to get it's it's like a fair price for modest rise a big huge DA does it pack to understand food trucks you may unit and the other one is the Doug Peterson. Does not want to participate in any joint practice it this summer and a little Carolina he wants them. While it certainly that's later on that's sweet three now usually happens in the first couple weeks right now it's tough. Another three week war denied doing it by their choice all I'm saying is that I don't think it helps. On the helps this team and it goes to a practice as we rave about them all the time don't we great day I think we all agree on that. And you're right if patriots fans try to sail was no big deal if it might be at that and it's a little deal. Then you gain something out of those practices but I think the reason they're not happening right now. Because of the other two teams not because of the patriots and I think the patriots would love to have all those first two games are home games for the patriots so you'd have to practice up here for the weight pitchers to not getting in the plane. And traveling down the Richmond. For three today was a. For the it is like for her for what it did yes I don't know I know you're probably your basement earlier at bat but no we I I did a remote from a big from the Washington Redskins practice certainly. So they end up with a look at play Dallas we do no wrong blow pop during practice. They don't know they've done it before. It was a whole it was a circus scene and it was not Jim rebels burst yeah so we used to be good he proposes that we sex and ever you starts some reckless and I know he's sucked in practice plows and stories I heard an era he gave police primary Barack is right awful. He's active practice and it was obvious and the TV go to the game OK so Ali don't go there and him they don't wanna leave. And the other aspect of this is that you know. And it's easy east didn't let you get a look at how the other players may be Solomon. Sounded different environment you get there you don't could be up and close next on you don't put him in different situation test them with your own players and see what they're made out. Can they don't then of DD one of these guys from these practices. At some point on the gravel was never. Other players are patriots players saying that they what they loved as they were playing opposite. Somebody that they were unfamiliar with as opposed to the same guy every single day so you you you romo's. Have to. You know be a lot more focused you gotta pay attention. I had sort of a roster that's kind of it used to doing well. You know and all of a sudden week to week to week three after a wider electorate. You know this is is this is this stuff from years past we had that break up of a playing the saints are playing the Eagles are playing a team. You know early on a year Tampa Bay and that was a nice little change of pace. That's it monotonous. Possibility when somebody will come up and say breed and Martin goes to the joint practices. I was actually had about already we were running out of excuses like I wasn't playing in the pre season games. More came through you know came during that time yeah and at this point as the only have. Lisa gently in order bird by there was gonna play a lot more you can't avoid it now. You have to really what you do care Bryan org threats or not. Dan Ling did it leave me. Money that you wanted to I definitely solidly and don't care about Danny do you really know about any at least increase that is. I've got stuck here on a bet. It's a bad for the Q what was he seventh round draft pick the kid is actually elude you could be legitimate player Britney let's face was six try to make indicate it. But nobody's gonna buy him. Nobody. Believed that can. Down there you go to exit the game six snap counts and drives in series from for the starters that they. Video to play more to pre season games now isn't as opposed this controlled by him. You know laid out pretty will be 41 so I don't Malia Malia is he's really the only good is that before when you're a serious candidate known address 41 yards on alternative and August I heard. That it might be room. And was the one that put the video out there on his face and edit video. The other vivid video start it's actually my solid media I thought it was why I thought it was on Sunni based book my deal is there a visual though. Drink little or is it isn't going. The Poulter couldn't turn this thing hits the few good player who has the flu but when you're wrong. It is. So yeah. As a shortage of British think she's like a filmmaker now you know it doesn't doesn't documentary and it did well six part series and I'll suddenly thinks everything I do. Should be like it's so it's funny because I was thinking about him this week and it's like so it's he's accused largely he's active or socially he's active with its program and that's his mode of transportation social social media. And eight weeks out you know that though it while would you do the whole YouTube and we look completely stoned out in my shall everybody can't sing for crap. Like why the cops don't know what to pick into the concert. Joe's kids families call in it. The fact is that. That's a bigger sign that he's more like everybody else not kidding they are and I. I have acted like everybody else I can't hanging let me tell you the show you what I'm doing. Because if you are private person why would you ever. Ever 'cause it's like his account has blocked his big is it program account is opened to the public anyone can see. So why why would you care if it I want the public knowledge. Kids how to wrote I'm yeah I think he's totally cognizant. Of building that Brennan lead the team beats wall brand Tom Brady is TB twelve and he's an addict. Loves a reason mr. Graham threw just that he attention Steve downside he's did you pour if you got your attention and I've got. Yeah I. I like I say we're spiritual beings having human experiences I loved that quote. By the place I don't I don't I I. I made the mistake of apparently last week but I. The I was a cold souls Sunday or whatever yeah I guess the wrong button and I recorded the entire series so go to lay off a lot of my DVR last night. And I discovered that my DVR recorded the latest Seoul Sunday boys and Phil Jackson. And all very good notices sick. It was both the patient can now. He should. I'll go off he's got a bulls so we just took so you really help like Michael chew it and all these players together and you would spend a word just sitting there. And that taking it was yeah us yeah. Did you now move. Seeing him. At the moment and feed the site of its largest Verizon go I'll tell us how much you're trying to give it like one minute episodes go like five I would like little of it ten minutes and it was so reminiscent of what I saw last week. That's all we're anybody see that. Another we're indoors they weren't doers in this when they and it was but it was I think at our house and auditors aren't setting in or out. But I can't it was all stuff it was all mystic Alou. Hurtful with Elizabeth they were giving Iraq and at the end a drag it. Tim yes. It's shipments and I said. Get rid of the don't play so well it's only Altria. Northern California hassles on the easing is out there you're stuck and that's you know she thought that three years. Phil Jackson the rendered in the thing yeah they're they're they're successful. In their sport by an actress to their careers are over. Anderson if there the speaker you know because they've achieved everything in just like what's. Among the informant for the what it is with. We do on the scene who need rooms where our review and basically accomplished so much now has gotten this I had to be more I looked up and I'm like what else is new for me to do I never have those questions estimates never it's never have the question Biden wants an NBA free agency news. Columbia. Experience and twenty force. Follow him on Twitter right now. He now more. Important sports. I'm back here and a whole IMF. You know they did tonight it's the end NBA awards on video and beeping took you up tonight award night. And if no I'll tell you never know an area that's at the film added our marriage registration then decide who's going to be the the MVP I don't that we have their wares appalled to read or is that the the worst thing that's going to come out of this tonight is. You'll get the criticism. Tomorrow of why don't they just go back to do one of the old way where you reveal at the end of the regular season. Okay because the playoffs are totally different. And the results. Really looks skewed. Because it is a regular season award I get that but then you watched the postseason and you say pass they don't match up. I always felt that won't Michelle. In the playoffs start to get of the show of the players there and have this big since ignite plans and Santa Monica in its enemies how do you do that. I do love affected it was did you read that the trending now with LeBron James. He doesn't need to do any trips no he's not doing any church he's gonna make is decision quietly so that the friends since the Hokies and who's that sets so LeBron he it just low key and just casually you know decision he called Jim Gray has asked they would Brady yesterday. Joining us war and to sell him that's it it's so quiet so shall we used I would guess why are you I asked her mark Kessler of the Orange County Register. And he's getting at apparently from. And Eastern Conference guy manager quietly. He's calling players now. On other teams that he wants to play with in other words. He's doing some of that illegal wealth of Ronnie can do to us a big difference there or federal or download your free little girl sounded as though or are we do know that don't you think they argue that you wanted to honestly admit that the players to restock the players of all George A eagle Oilers of the wanna Cohen won a stickers Bob. Chris Paul would be one diplomat Carmelo Anthony because he is opted in and I don't blame the FB might it cut. Hot stuff Mr. President don't that it doesn't matter he'll be like him you know what you have a million dollars to go back home smokes cigars and it was an around mother's 47 million blacks. So he could be available cheap so he can be Italy. Still win. And veterans minimum for LeBron does LeBron likes it yeah everybody's so there's a guy that could if you were let go. And my guess is he will be right Oklahoma so solid to Singapore tees up so he's already count you don't in the minority candidates cited worries on. There's really only two teams are donors into strike thousands fate failure or LA. LeBron say Seattle think facility in almost a marked. It's the outside shot could be Cleveland. Yes Reese you mean really get to lose Sadat going anywhere but still that's the we're hauled accused comfortable here type of thing. I vote that would be the wise decision I think that played into you know they have homes there and they all have homes in Los Angeles ranked. The thing is strange to me when you think about it and I. Does any sense to you that if you look at the cast of characters they have there but Simmons is an interest imply. If they Simmons is not going to shoot. And he's got the ball most of the time the times he doesn't have the ball the bronze culpable. It's easy to defend against LeBron is that I can throw a zillion people at UN defend you. Because if you give up of all the events Simmons good let him shoot what good is it gonna do is Benson is is gonna wait for the opportunity of when he can get the ball back from abroad again and he said LeBron I don't think that's a good product 63 today. Things online ads like Bob build well you tell ya and you the ability to fix it for you sure that's a good. But to me that was I know we can and touched on this a little bit like the whole. Siegel of our ball Ingles pissed by the way you all might exist and we you know him yeah of his sons that lemon cello goes. Our that I am geek Chris Curtis I better shoot through not shoot it's it's amazing act. Well so bad weekends a lemon jello apparently is not gonna get picked up by any team. Indian via the separately and that is exactly and these lines don't tell he's not pro player he's done an MBA playoffs so everybody's passing on him. And then it turns out of rumors around there. And they're pretty strong. That if LeBron ends up going with the lakers the first guy shipped out of there is going to be his son. Long yes and it just weeks ago say all three of my kids are gonna play our editors don't support him speak out of two teams he kind of doing this is what he said that it. What a trading Friday billboards bootable. There was a year's work he lived there. But they are fighting so you don't wanna try to keep your legal analyst time. We're going to pretty do your small words all through the movement on the same team want to know what they're good enough obviously don't go for a workable model for. I don't care if somebody looks at Altamont what's Webber don't just what championships all day. And actually they're not playing in this country and since it's also world but he's also lost in his act is it Tunisia just. It's too tired would you say is five minutes or overnight and I think that three boys at the time they're playing togethers and laid out our backyard to backyard LA and my other buddy that they too want to Tennessee beats I think it's even worse Leslie Alonso quits the NBA go to Europe was rather silly ways conflict with his Brothers. Glad lots of complaint little but I think we all agree to that. But if you're another team. And they need to unload. Alonso because they've got to work the sold abroad thing and they've got to get some veterans and there. You give up an awful lot for lawns and knowing that your carrying this guy with a I don't think you are. I don't think it is going to be I don't any dog and a great value market but this person parties that they want nothing to do with because of legal man. But I think you're gonna really have difficulty. Getting anywhere close to equal value for one's own because the old man's comes and throw. One the other thing is that you would think like you know you would have some. You know you'd be getting some favors like a lemon cello you Tellme limit shall can't get one roster spot on any team during the summer. He can't be on one leg you'll have anybody out there is not at LSU it. I know my point is blessed us everything that's my that's like the favorite blogs you think the bar ball favored that long it's it's his agent at what point that he doesn't have that isn't all my point. Usually the south works at times. You know you you get this one big big name you do want to stop for him at some point on agent ask it GM for a favor to you get my diet your camp. Please this done so many deals together. He doesn't have that is Hillary's not getting anything. Yet there's no reason to do favors oh anymore I don't know if you've read some of the stuff but I. The he's way behind in deliveries of all the she used Better Business Bureau. As artists and I'm an outrage to me it's it's does that make any shoes now is he's a fraud. Both Donna and Donna and Donna and what's that's the last one last those De'Angelo. Our I don't know Angelo loan mellow melanoma Melo can do limo would be a junior or senior now go look fellows we'll be pretty good. So that that when you get the old man yes hi here's the thing you have no idea you know he dominated. Did any dominate is in high school it's no. Ability to translate into the pros after not playing and saw those games he's played in Lithuania where Elin was dilemma joke. We get more people we at a charity foundation like peeled some way here we all played we get more people we probably just as good. I beat him to. Clinton and the ball families who sent out earlier we're already well done legally here is Matt the spring film I think I agree with his point oh go ahead there. They actually expect Mike also. I am hoping that the LeBron status was Cleveland just so you know at the end of LeBron career the Celtics used a yen. When he played with the cavaliers Ecuador near perfect ending to run legacy Q if you let so the end. That you think it airs at his thing. Undersea think that's really what he's thinking the sound like you out of wanted to go to I call these are ones think he's accomplished because. The drama surrounding LeBron James if he's gone in a last. Pool who you are excited about as the Celtics Vivian who you know the Toronto. Yeah honest Milwaukee Philadelphia like you to build that arrive read this quick. I just think he's great rival. An air. So I'm I'm hoping that runs they cavaliers and I actually actually didn't think they they need to talk about it yesterday yeah. We think that he is gonna stay there. That's why are we ready to make it now inquiry as an error saying an account now each respondent. I think that gathers and try try to whatever it. Promised them 181. I wish you were right I I would love to see him stay in east I don't think you gonna be granted you that they have very little movement from that roster they have heated period of obviously but they have to do something cake is they have guys that nobody wants so you can't get rid of JR Smith with two more years left on this controversial probably gonna all of through years and expire and can get rid of these don't love right. He's the one you don't want eggs played the one that you don't is the guy that you could probably get rid of listen I would love to see it happened is and exactly who uses said Lou. It's gonna be born you know gonna do next few of the NBA season we're gonna sit around and you gotta get that carrier ring back and you gonna get that they would back. I'm gonna sit around and say okay let's wait till we get to the Eastern Conference finals. And then move would then we'll get interest and again. I think losing LeBron. Takes a lot of the the the excitement away. From the Eastern Conference as a as a supplement via a dual. I don't I've seen here. And and exodus of the ads that that you're building a team that's good enough to beat him. You know I mean it's not like he does give you wait no it's gonna make any it's gonna make more funds of the gonna eliminate that stepping stone we're gonna go right to the NBA finals that's what we're looking at right that affected you don't go to the NBA finals and here. It's going to be a complete disaster for. For the Celtics. Any occasion I then go make some some pressure on one segment to go. Once again these Glynn who and Christie for away merlot moment emporium on Sports Radio. I'm back here I know I'm half. What you think you see me on. The story about the football player here. Who is an actual doctor as Susan medical degree. Because a lot of things people are called doctors then you don't know what football players who would examine himself the football player maybe all the ranked. Devern ain't hardest is that his name. And he is a legitimate Indies already requested is cannot put in the in the back of my. Emily said no but it seems junior junior senior the third the fourth. Out the gates junior the New London figures it's just seniors and whom it accommodated because it's just been bragging it sets I have you. Act. Yeah I created something I can't Qaeda and its bread and a skip but again what doctor and you're hitting it ended up. Quick follow up on you get rid of the see yourself becoming nameplate and it's just kind of a brag if the player had Zach yeah. I'm not I don't dressed up. Asked. Most of these kids that definitely influences and you know ourselves like that finals and that is available for myself. Kristen did you with the that dale you'd put India on the back of your church and our plan and need something different though for me but that's a late guy get the unity grenadiers and I'd have been a staggering. Whatever. Rich keep is back. It is just to us today without hold table full of stuff to talk about like you guys in the limitless that you all day as well enough. There's some weird stuff going on that little it go a little bit strange. We know who I am gonna hit the OK you got pulled over who in this room who would you face time to get out of the ticket Lucy. Miller now losing don't tell. Because they're gonna show the topsy. Nice girl known known that you don't mean Ellsbury or the way I ever now know ray Bork. Yeah you are free throws. Yeah it does a lot of literature I don't. No. It's up and we'll plan. In all the guys plan to begin with notices they keep he hates Keith we I don't I don't know it's not tonight we are gonna unfortunately had to criticize them. Kirk and tell him look today alone who literally a lot of work real well you're legal or. I don't. You wave that these centers. The word some more information beautiful bestseller list isn't as good as the information is offering a couple weeks it was a different. With that something's makes everybody makes them I will do it again tomorrow morning it's an ambush us. You know.