OMF - Brady and Gronk won’t bite on Jags CB Jalen Ramsey’s trash talk 9-12-18

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Wednesday, September 12th
Hour #3 - Fresh audio from Foxboro as Brady and Gronkowski take the high road when it comes to the Jags trashing talking Jalen Ramsey.   Brady hopes he “doesn’t suck” and Gronk wants to say he’s motivated by Ramsey, but can only muster “it does… and it doesn’t”. Then Tedy Bruschi joins us to give the most in-depth analysis on the Patriots anywhere in Boston radio.

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Hillary you know this there's score and accurately. He's that you don't saw. Outside. I never once thought so. You know it. Home. Thousands. So apparently have brought Paul spoke and Tom Brady spoke what else they've got you. It was. Number I. I mean that's how it feels and so fields and. It that's it that's how it feels how it feels to sit. None none of this summit area club. You to name the get money much amount none of that and I thought that was it right and into right there. Optimism is preparing like us prepared. I got to just do my job I'm feeling just worry about that that will open. Mean. Sure I mean there's always motivation you're looking for him. It doesn't doesn't. Mind. You're hearing there. If it doesn't give you an answer to that. That's sort trick question it's arrogance they sent there. Yeah it does it doesn't you know I mean. Yeah. As I'm in local entity and that. You know obviously there's there's something out there that he saw on film stuff that probably it better. Hopefully we'll in some offices categories mean. And one of its view bestsellers. That you know on the field so. That's the. I'm like it was definitely beauty queen pageant girls and I couldn't it be Iraq and it and I hope or a but he Osama Democrats. Can we translate that in that groan is well aware of what he said he's gonna kick his ass on Sunday but he doesn't wanna say is on fire exactly. Does what he's. It doesn't doesn't know you don't usually. Wore. A tried doing. I collect it a lot of value of that. Similar authorities says he's you don't buy that he reluctantly Ilya yeah but he can't you he's always like you know. He's younger he knows they're good to travel. The principal goal is to go so but he sure. Questions nobody wants the year. You know especially if you're similar Rob Gronkowski Somoza you know act in nobody nobody I shall do so that is sort of motivates you a little bit. But expect expect it be schema in anyway. Don't you admit. Yes I did this thing really criticism often he can't say that he knows he can't say it. Yeah it is well not the response to stop while he stumbles through that question you know and Auburn it was it was funny because you know I don't realize that if they. Finally realize that is a Tea Party are that sure. So now I have to cover that he's been sensible thing. But sometimes you don't look about them and you know you always need. Motivation you're looking for a game. It doesn't doesn't. A lot of it he wants to you know he just wants democracy is something in the that he can't throw mug club and gamble he got knocked out of the club he did last year I actually. I think that's. That's motivation form that the last time you play against these guys got a concussion and he was questionable for awhile for that sort rebels. I think able ability to stick it near Jacksonville right and you look and then you get these two corners who EA and Ramsey. You sit there and say article one of you want Hogan and one of viewing dorsett. And there live but the rest of the team on drunk with the what do you do. What do you do I don't run of run well there's woody and what would you do. And you put the two best course shut down I mean Hogan you going to put who gate which you're now. Yeah out Newton nickel corner on him I don't know but I'm gonna take my chances with James slight lined up with linebackers as fast this is their linebackers are. I've taken my chance right there I'm doing some of that is. You know. And so like she has the last McCain was. Play sports when he. Right now so that is is is close that could be I was a home game and you have them you with the patriots went into double digit win on points Reuters yes ma. But it seed double digit win doesn't necessarily mean blow out I don't know what. Blowouts amused when he when he points yes seventeen points leader in England or you've heard should check the polls have real difficulty score in this case I don't think I don't think they. Or our honorees ten points this point it out when he 102010 does when it mattered you. Afford it doesn't matter to me even ability to yell and do it and of these nearly as good as format of the articles of calorie. So let's just say porn does please god would have collar slight slightly strained hamstring. With that look like you for you know for anybody really to get lightly it is at an earlier attack and Arizona Lindsey prediction yeah it's actually it's Angela and Tony when he seventeen and that last test comes on like maybe that last drive to kind of four minute drive just to close it out. The national defense is just physically abused him and because her office that humanity. Then they start talking crap but when he seventeen Jackson what do you think of what do Ramsey about late portals. He was breaking all the quarterback of his guys that I thought it would heat against the Fed you know instantly portal does Blake bull awful things. But he just he does does his thing. Right usually security I saw a good thing. It's his own team doesn't it doesn't go Chris low lying there it was a he doesn't he doesn't like pavlik a grunt quote like disease that will he doesn't need those guys to put your question. Six the he keepers don't. They all of the people players all know. That he is the reason why they had the most and Al off basically what's more and of them but now. It would be and out and Levine and island that the beat that comes from. Look at it without the big double but now it's so he's it's so predictable it's it's easier and it went easy mental week of practice. But the but the players have Tedy Bruschi will join us here in about ten minutes. Talking about predictable it was quite predictable. That they were out there the the green tea gamers were all over blue one in particular. With now who you know we don't down the cumulative now because work. On and on the bad idea of bad move by what you brought a bad move by Wednesday him he's kinda like five that's a nice wife Laurie. He's just not doing it long forgotten if we're doing a short little segment of the it entered it deserves when you wanna do I agree I heard about it plus plus 615 to go to tiger's admitted there he wants he wants the kinda. You know just slowly breaking two minute I think I'll look at our system that you what is it blew all irritated in this third straight and let slip and why you look at me like I want to do you know I familiar and I know your alleged write your so called allegedly at least that you call yourself let's say this will be the purpose. I felt this. We all make mistakes as okay you're driving drunk right now I don't tell you it. I wouldn't want it relatively dry up they Atlantis found soon a certain level of art is John Lennon's crowd rather well. Analysts are you wonder what would settled you Ramsey Downey says that Blake do what you gotta do. It based. Evidently it only got what he didn't do a press time moments that last display of game basically we didn't trust of so Blake do what you gotta do Clayton do what he got to the hotels I mean what do woody I don't know there's no real well. Playoff Blake is good. You can say whatever they want a playoff lake is good now. Eighth as we can get complacent and conservative and I think. That's why we lost yet exactly it would have been just me and we're talking about the shift the article on we started running it on first and second down religious first down off. Dorian on third down into a single time we are out there the patriots conduct. Of course they did it was so easy easier obvious they have. To do it because they're fearful that Blake portals to cough. All of that into the first half and they gave me in easy passes simple looks got rid of the ball quick he made accurate throws and if there was ever a moment. In glee portals like we actually had a little bit of confidence it was in that game and obviously it's certainly what the game before if you remember right we are shredding and let down on his contract rights of that game there and at first that he's doing everything you need to do. And and after watching that for half and you shut it down it'll Justin than you do never will it. Sept I would say this that I think Bill Belichick and at the time that it's your shoes can't stand in Detroit. I'll probably figure some of that stuff out and you knew that in the second half portals was going around. Revert to Blake morals and that's the problem they have no but they signed him. Hey listen they went with a and I've had great respect our company's got a terrific job in turning that thing around. Down there and nobody all of their tips right now in boy. Bulls so you're looking at that and your your thinking about it and so Nathaniel Hackett there opposite corner again this what's gonna look like what Saturday nightly. When he unveils let the top that the first fifteen plate tightened at the mall charted. It's cryptic and use most coaches and just like great great school leap of unveiled the first the first play personals with the other ones are. It'll it'll be every single time it's going to be a pass on first down the guys we got to be aggressive. We got to be aggressive saw that with Billy you got you don't have those last time can we got to be aggressive we go to break are hated you they are not and oh we are doing. First down play there because of past click play action pass though we are on we all least you guys that is what he's gonna try and. Do they think they were conservative there's no question but it's a little bit too much heat for that when you have a defense that they had. You know what that what are we gonna with the year before we went shredding the ankle in the Atlanta Falcons. But the waiting you know that twenty to three in the right dropping back strip sacks. And hearing his name C title game so it you know. So so we're ripping them for running a football. Were ripping Quinn the past in the football repair and Pete Carroll for throwing the football so it's. Basically just wanted to get the patriots and it went up against a great defense and you still couldn't stop on the second half that's what happened you know great defense you could stop I'd. We're gonna talk to Teddy Bruschi then we'll open up the up the phone lines and then we'll tell you about the little troubling job that they did a great team did on on the would do that later on six point 630 like that. 617777937. You know I heard him right here my boyfriend we didn't. For our guy Ted Bruschi it's being brought to you by shell and it's our market today. Now what are. Ready but I accidentally spot but no way away for a guy that lectured everybody's they have too and you toward an awful lot. It took me a decade in the media here that children who try to get out. Handle on it but you know once in awhile I'll tweet something out there yeah. Should pretty good to know on the guy and I still really know how to use the re tweet with comment or quote you know at mentioned this guy do this unit and put it easy to. Are you don't his hair is photographed giving a shout out to be shut out oh yeah WiMax I thought the dad and your friend does he apparently it's nice yeah. I saw last week Mattel. Last week we talked about the aggressiveness. Of that patriot defense and some of the the young guys over there Washington. Yeah I just he couldn't had a more positive. Day for the patriot defense in terms of what they did well I will say this. Sometimes when quarterbacks. Haven't had an entire off season to hear us saying Ed. Think about who they want to be who they want to emulate sometimes fickle are they are looked confused. And that's the forward Shawn Watson and that really don't want who he was in terms of how we had success last last year did know him sort of sitting in the pocket and then settling. In the pocket thinking he could just settle there could be. Tom Brady Eli core pocket passer Nike ads have been approved that was strange to me. And it was good to see the patriots I mean patriots Russia is just take advantage of it because. A quarterback that's not used to. Skated back parent and have its first three taken away like they were doing. I said he take away DR Dre Hawkins gave him off that read and then you have to be quarterback. That was the plan that's what they did it very is very different ways. Illiterates slow but out to a underneath over the top double team however. But when the target ratio was so skewed in terms of what it who quarterback likes to throw to. That's what you do and try to make can be a quarterback dating hold the ball and here comes to rush. Yet another guy that kind of stood out a lot of people are falling in love with quickly is to want Bentley would you think about half. Yeah I think it's rare really I mean and Jerod came in Jerod Mayo came minutes attempt overall pick and for me to Iraq was. One of those linebackers that was rare in terms of as soon as he came did. What ever they threw it Gerard he was able to pick it up and process it intellectually very Smart player. A rookie linebacker in this system like this that. You know as the year goes I'd like to see if you still has these same amount of success because game plans can change. From a down about basis let's. Like bill would say it would seem that he's earned at least now that he's gotten he's performing well sort of see a young player like this. Is rare for me and I saw with Gerard but to see it again with this guy is nothing but positive because. Any kind of insurance you can have you want hightower around all the time. Are you want him every down as much can happen for all sixteen. But it has to happen every year's so those may be hopefully it's just maybe two and three games that I may be missing because of a soft tissue injury or sort of like that you can have faith. In your debt because it would be at least doing. You know Taylor I mean for me person I love the pass rush right tall quarterback hits three Saxony the if the blitzer guy but I'm just curious you. For years we've always talked with a bend but don't break of the patriot fans like he needed. Go after the quarterback at time threatens that pocket for a while you was a player. I'm sure you knew why you do in the bend but don't break was every time this will get this guy. Are you throw immune. You water pressure at that time you ought to be turned loose at times which he never really are as a rusher. In four man front for the New England Patriots system because you'll when you called against a guy like additional watches or played portal this week. The ability to scramble and late portals is 6465. But 236 I don't dislike you gotta tie them back there that's thrown the football so he's gonna have to be another one that's gonna have to they're gonna have to. Chorale and think about rushing lanes. To Sharon Watson the same way you'll never. You'll never be free to just do what you wanna do because Bill Belichick believes just the worst position this football and football is three yards behind a quarterback because basically. You're out of the planes like you weren't even lined up so. They coached very hard to defend those 1236. Gaps that you have this is for guys with erection for guys in terms of escape routes for quarterbacks so. It's easy to say just turned Eagles coach in the uh oh it's that you're talking about all of that and discipline to fashion some tomatoes. I know you've been talking about Matt Patricia in his debut of the worst I think ever seen on TV. But the the reaction is unbelievable. It's one game and he seems to be trying to change the culture of the organization. It is it possible when you have so many people would seem to be going in the opposite direction Teddy in this debate. Some media people who are getting some little birdies and out locker room that are talking about. Yeah especially if you have any. A belief or in person that's. In contrast to the person that was there before you cold well I mean that type of attitudes are you going from you know very similar to that it is easier to go from. I mean it's I mean you went from our medical Pete Carroll to Bill Belichick and you know things that type of dynamic and what really helps you is getting back. Getting that first win as a head coach and that's gonna get Chia that's what it took you a lot let's see here if there are players. You know sort of talk and behind your back about it being too hard about them that they're not liking the way it is. And he got to find those players are you got to sell that quickly as a head coach because that's what you don't want because with every loss is only gonna get worse and Detroit's. Not really a city that's used to winning. People who think if those things that loser mentality comes out in the media that loser mentality comes out of the fans. It comes out with the players and all of a sudden. Different reporters they're not compliments that's all they do this point who is it would it will get a new guy it's your reason why so. That's what losing franchises do losing cities do and say they need a guy like Matt Patricia that can turn it around because I think he can't. So yeah and to me it seems to be that he'd love it is like the players don't. They don't have respect for him he has an indictment Matt Patricia hasn't earned the respect and I don't know how that's gonna come Bob May be winning is it. What what what what are the coach after do what do you to see you say that for six months since that coach was hired in the first through weeks of season. To let you know okay out of respect this guy and at least give him a chance. Yet and first of all those players there that are maybe have that shot their mind what have they done for him to respect them. In terms of any type of consistent winning or playoff victories or anything like that there's that there's not much of that over there either. A there's been individual success with players but that's about also. But in terms of what head coach needs to do is. In times like this when there is a law a right when there is say there is a lot of people. You know. Jumping off the bandwagon if you will whether applied pressure to the head coach how are you gonna act now. How we use today in the Wednesday's team meeting you know we still just pushing on moving forward to our next opponent. That's important for a player to see that that it doesn't affect you it doesn't change you I think you get respect that we without getting the win. But getting a win is the first time the actual you'll probably. Don't force those players to see. What I'm doing works. Respect what I'm doing and you know maybe they'll take a win for some of those players because this is a team that hasn't been very successful. Here we are talking about made in bringing guys in right now we're talking Anthony pleasant to build broaden it to have that Al pepper Johnson to. Does that credibility and feel the same guy sealed by in this will work I've seen it before and he doesn't seem to have those guys that are. Well those buying in moments were with anybody to kind of leave that to. In the last I heard zealous listener to say that I thought felt a great point. Because I remember happened with Johnson. Not as a player as a coach you either that the coast and a linebacker room and when we if we were going to prove. Sometimes where there was a little bit strikes within a team. Kept had architect at that time with us in the linebacker room where you'd say hey this. This is what bills try to do this is what he means and this is where this is why. This is just happened like this and so to have that coach you did that could. Translate. Or talked to looked at a different level was was really important for us to start to understand at all what you have that ally. As a coach and also played for him that you knew that the guy was talking about would know what you're talking about you respect them as a player it helped me personally. Have pepper Johnson that I liked to Johnson there the early years of Bill Belichick. Are what you taken his game four years got it is a blow a lot of guys showed up at eight. Out at the blowout so I eat at random isn't bad publicity the show he knows your ally your city it's amazing he's picked the patriots eleven and five this year will be just gonna pick in the winning every single web camera for good now. The well goes governor hook yelled at. I really marketable so bad. Blake Bordeaux I've seen already games where he dropped back to pass he looks at its first week of any ticks off. And I think that would be that was referenced in earlier in this week where. You know it is sort of Shawn Watson like Cam Newton like liquid legal trouble speaks scrambling quarterbacks. But when he knows. He's had a game I've seen him to where that's not there and I'm just going to run because I'm big and fast and really. Sometimes he's a better runner that he is a thrower in my opinion so to move the chains that way to get catalytic yards I think if they prevent that. They're gonna be fine because afford it has better hamstring injury and he's not there. Their play action gave it an effective for that is you know if he can plays this week to that effect Aaron Rodgers. Injury and double header for an extra twinge of the hamstring. And one little burst in one quick little burst that you get duct tape one more time now cycle K three weeks. Four weeks and you don't want that to happen. He goes so. Jacksonville. Mean they do well last week so I don't know what their ticket would be that Islam is the patriots out of the gronkowski thing's huge offensively but. I mean I still think. Like you said that they put those corners on those wide receivers outside and then they put everybody else some gronkowski event. Brady's sort of political specs like is that so. Jacksonville Jaguars have a solid team don't get me wrong but I think the patriots would have to wait. Yeah you know so the one thing I'm looking out that this is what stands out more than anything is just. How predictable the AC champs of game last year. Every first down play was Iran if it wasn't Iran it was a play action pass that was still get this the defense still get the same look. And then by the time in the patrons they believe that it's an obvious passing situation. So I I think if if Thomas Daniel Hackett on the offensive coordinator. I had to somehow breached by Tennessee and I have to be consistent and be willing to stay with that team plant until the yen. Otherwise there's gonna TR. And I kid you not eagle and I agree with you and you know what I see also. I think the Baltimore Ravens. Well news. Back in the days when they had those defenders that. That talked all the time and when things went bad they were throwing flags are they're blaming officials and it was never their fault. Because their offense was struggling or would that whatever it may be so watch the offense struggle because there is little format. With Jack for Jacksonville and then all of a sudden the patriots get a call. I mean they that it Jacksonville Jaguars are very aggressive over just like last year in the championship game I believe a couple pass interference penalties and all the sudden. They get them themselves that it worked out together. The officials the patriot if you they get caught up in that when you run a defense like this that has. Volatile personalities I see that little that little bit in them so while. I mean the lack of self control of this thing really gets out of hand in terms of penalties for the Jacksonville Jaguars too because what they really have to do is. Even when the patriots have their success. That offense really for a jaguar team it's gonna have to political weight because. Oh go back and juniors were around free out there even though agility ramseys on them I mean. Steelers last year the pages every state were teams that have. Have their way with this Jacksonville defense late in the season they've got great. Individual players and usually bill wouldn't go up against great individual players imagine they six pro bowlers on one side that really means nothing to have. Actually so let's see how they can to begin play once you know he get if things are getting. Bad for them and they have to keep it together in terms of score points. Yeah you'd this'll last one so the pats and the jaguars Kelly Houston the teachers have old Houston and the patriots are 111 all time vs jags. You remember the last time. The hatred losses network. What's so quarterback. Probably that's now probably lie that I was probably live five minutes that PAT know or you just taking a step figure and had to be so lack. Because I think they'll have a playoff game against Al wild card yeah when Bledsoe was hurt. And that's saying was if we survive that game I think it would just told Todd my vote it would survive that game. True would've been back in X stable we lost. In Jacksonville. That's I mean if if if bombing correct to be the. That's 99 that's a Zoellick like you guys down. They usually don't use the all right bill making jokes are moderate. Did this. You keep you keep loading not to beat a team and you beat him in you'd lose in the AFC championship game that you play him again in and week to whatever may be used are quite exceed. In that that team that just can't be done. And watch that seat continue to grow and grow because I've seen it many times when there are teams that just start playing and so what would play less so they're playing in the New England Patriots and the first thing that goes wrong. All of a sudden. You know the wheels fall off if you get that way that to Jack it. That the jaguars lose this game I mean they'll start to think that man as anyway we can beat the patriots seem to get to the super ball. I just we'll talk again as we get a good on the back that twenty. Think that. 6177797937. That is FO never quick break we're right back at you love that and one. These does that mean occasionally corner. You're catch persons goes down 7%. At 56%. As some good percentages. I mean that's. I don't really going to statistics like that and football has this. Among my vote. Brooks got a lot commonly fewer of them you know you know this five. A by the way Rex Burkhead did not practice today and corruption units and good. Particularly acute concussion. How quickly you clear protocol. You know how quickly can you did tested and evaluated and as they OK you're fine and when did he can trust. If you remember him no and being discussed why does it mean. That's definitely an obvious John Daly feel that or you could just Segovia you know normal hit that you see all the time. I had they've been trying to the other league that he sees that they used to throw flags for you bet they don't do it anymore. Nothing bigger limit participation for guys came in. Abner. Actually see Sony Michelle play and would that would be nice but I would wreck every hit now the question maybe he's not available would be down. We say four that's not gonna play. If he does that Teddy hit on a little bit. Because if he's not a 100%. Do you run the risk of throwing him out there in a week two game knowing that you'd you'd you can possibly lose him how hot is going to be in Jacksonville. Hot ninety. Tony you know. I dehydrated. And mean humid district attorney now you've talked about like the weather does here just like you know big chug your community into it and in that that's you whether. And sun. We anyone if they sit there and say listen there's no reason men with the patriots the big game who wanted to know. But as you point we we talk what hamstring before. I mean those things if you saw unpredictable yeah I mean did you keep it right where it is and make sure it's not a problem because now they are talking about a month month and a half. With those things especially were running back. Are we got to get to get it that this does Bryant we getting into the Dez Bryant just transitioning you guys and his long pause the snore. Well. I think that agenda let's realize the important with Hamas is over at this is just Bryant just making all of this crap up with the body yesterday. They bring in. A couple of wide receivers. Dez Bryant is not one of them and we're all looking at its and he must be demanding too much money in the patriots are gonna Dutch and because every time somebody is asked one of these analysts on TV arrest question. Did you bring in Cory pulmonary branded as right out bright. As bright as bright sobriety is in Dallas last night. At AT&T stadium at the beyoncé Jay-Z concert. By the way with Jerry Jones and so people coming up to immediately go together religious teacher no I think these are each other that the country. At some people think this box office yet so so they are so they were asking the question won't be back with the cowboys. And guess Bryant is telling people there. That no he's more he's more likely to go to the New England Patriots and affect his line was I'm probably going to knowing. Can we just be dumb of systems and may he has yeah he is accusing knows it's he knows how he knows how. Far that is from reality that he just played it up. He's just having fun with it yeah I'll you know I'll be and I'll be in New England imagine that single cover Romney got to doubly sad and he got yard Julie they'll put over here you got Tom Brady great corporate world. I mean come on that nobody knows he's not I don't you go play in the league. Which is as yet somebody in New England. That might like to stay afloat things out there Soviet Union must be at the process you can find a job in question. That's insane but you know just on its own doing well what are they waiting for money the money to jump for the living up to pick a little we talked about this yesterday is his agent. Wants guaranteed money and Belichick and the patriots as sitting up here known recommend it you don't rochlin what I mean our roster bonus all the right things and he may have nowhere else how else to three weeks from now he may have nowhere else to go on the back and when they want. Yet I think about the team that he's. So a team that's odd because the next maybe four to five weeks you're you're gonna automatically which teams are in contention what teams based okay. We're on whatever Rome five grown six or wanna fix we're not gonna make the playoffs he'll bring it does prior to that team. You know you don't bring it does prime not TV star developing play you're younger players are you quarterbacks in and out forget about that so the pool the the options are diminished. So you said they're OK who's the playoff hunt who has an injury situation who need who desperately needs a wider Steve. Sits there every he says it last Sunday hoping I get some of these teams right what a at Minnesota they're looking hopefully digs a theme and goes down. Right ball or as watching Green Bay again Rogers being that maybe device data from go down one of their guys Allison are probably down to one of these teams that are good. He's actually probably sit nearly Witten for one of these guys to get hurt that he calls him up on his Iraq and in 06 and eighteen. I mean every does Bryant and a bad team with WA AF during and make also sold his options are there are diminishing as we speak. Every single week somebody goes through doesn't get hurt. Your options are getting fewer and far between. As that he get let Ian bell who's holding out for two weeks and then that he's gonna play do you see the whole story with him at 8 o'clock Monday night yes I didn't on Miami yes obviously what we'll do these party. The whole New York Giants receiver corps went down yeah that turned out right right and at worst left it and they were making a lot of fun listening to Pittsburgh radio today because I was busy logging on a joint venture out is not a good defense right. But you can imagine it took twelve hours and if you can add to what the Pittsburgh people with the best of watching others he was a mess right now and stuff but this that that team is a mess. From Antonio Brown have you guys seen yet like recently calling out of basically threatening. Another. A reporter on Twitter and Mike Tomlin is having to address. These tweets these two what these Twitter threats from a Tony Iran why he's doing his press. That's the that's that's what an aperture Snee that don't need to call the FEMA announcing this guy this is why don't wanna do it but see they took William bell completely off new depth charts are. It's just a petty thing right with joblessness and yet you you know he's an afterthought. And not a that UT I dot com. And you'll only ever got as it is it was a well a big part of what goes on Pittsburgh though is that it might topple. I mean it's usually the the team reacts. As far as culture or whatever based on how the coach deals with a public Mattel on his his players to stop all the time nobody listens wash if say. Antonio Brown doesn't listen. I guess a lot my pound feet with an on the other guys don't listen. That is an odd dates. Because you would think Tom is kind of hard ass you know it's me. You get this all the time we sit there players not respecting you know Matt Patricia if signal locked in in a meeting room in Mike Tomlin thought a big time populist test them talk like that. I would live it would be so hard for me not to laugh. Series right out you realize I'm not in high school that is not our because this is not a Thanksgiving game Roethlisberger to the Hubble now right yes so horrible. Let things go well this is they that you probably didn't have the Steelers doing anything to hear noise at the ravens went and yet the crazies are there are serious. You thought you and winning you see. People at the windy in the division the you have going very very few I. I have Ernie you're willing to take that type of race I've been acknowledged often their chest after one when he gets off no. Liberty you say so but it's the only one point it becomes the Baltimore truly. Now I got it to a letter by the when he visible if it winning every game that you got by the editorial and I've winning every game. We're talking about sixteen and no. Other aspects of focus of stevens' son hello Steve. I know Steve hello Steve. And just call him a conspiracy theories that. We don't hired it's. Cabinet has no states. General he colluding against him also. Yeah. He people who would be double collusion with I don't seeker collusion that won't eliminate conclusion on the yeah that would prove it caused a problem. Derek. From pocket a little bit as it was an accident is definitely isn't all analysts feel like Paul. Paula West Coast of the things working again only user. The Democrats indelibly as tools. But it meant to see you gentlemen are just starting to bug after that last yes right. It's not. I had to vote to pick with you prepare and appreciate your zest in Asia and enthusiasm about two minutes. Sort has met a lot of hallucinations where you were trapped in a sense of bills that I'm really loose. Sixty and they're quite yet they're a lot less than ever want to know what are you. I was shocked when you say how much ladders and almost all of which isn't bad million. My rent. To grab the wrong I don't negotiate in good value and understand my two lead the value. Complain about it are the what Amanda. And I tell you Lou. What he's talking about just ideal ideal you don't you merging two sports he's he played more do we want another. Are you should have just been just OK real simple. Yeah you have written on Bloomberg's. Sixteen quarterback how much we saw a lot less than other players that you do. Object to that I regret it at bat in the crap negotiated at a good bad you are supposed to. Yeah do that when we're with a dynamic that they can pitch I don't remember that. I was really connected to Jack have been better bet. About Kraft updates number idiot of money that he never been to craft. And if so what what was the comparison you make. And Eddie and Jody Martinez who literally just for you would ever god and he's produced the most important. That's what. And one of announces that he was a free agent bill that was the market what the market would dare he try to go elsewhere if you. Boston's old the first mile. And he sat around for months waiting for nobody else was gonna get many more money that was Marty in the old open market. If Tom Brady gun in the open market might be different story right. Although honestly. I don't feel I would love to see what that would look like we're talking Reggie White all over again a free agent cornerback in free agency for started met Tom Brady. On the open market. Oh you have to be you know after this season we still you know he's got at least two years and the third year of throw away some. Like warm owner or if you Eagles the way if his career. Is patter after Joseph Montana you would have two years at another team that is a quarterback away like Kansas City Chiefs. Who ended up going to the AEC championship game and losing. That would be basically you know worlds colliding everything coming for us. Full orbital tag on never happen that's right. There will about it when it's gonna be nice thing about what what you might get curious what you like right oh yeah thirty million a year you like that that would attest he'll get. That would attack. One don't yet because of the top eight I think yeah yeah that it Audrey would probably sign a two year sixty full guarantee. Yes sure you heard that they had originated is agent if I don't keep up with the patriots knew them when they can do what you just said they employ one more year after this. At that they can go the ridiculous like the third was conceived with the sellers of these quarterbacks what is that going to be thirty it's going to be about times to finish around 3540. So why would you give the two year deal he's going to be a W eight the high school that's I think he had a car that is crazy he thought 888 and today there is a lot of fruits and some idiots gonna make forty incidences. And then relentlessly to get his wish to do McGraw blow will be be the next four about their days. Oh yeah I don't want you know people laughing at that I heard and a third Rima was laughing at first though Roemer actually thinks that NFL players. For Phil all of the years of their country he doesn't realize somehow works in the NFL so the get a five or six year deal. They don't there's argument the city it was gonna she's got a five years Reid did go to was gonna he thought he was gonna be treated. By San Francisco and saturated I should 34 years from now he's not going to be worth that type of money. And doing little taken back he's got to beat one of the top quarterbacks. To to maintain that type salary correct. If you should protest a European and that type of money he's got to be one of the better quarterback if he's middle of the wrong or lower than that. You don't them. He's available knowing you'll pick him up that was the point that make your phenom Alex rare I think it was an outrageous you know. And it was hilarious some people you know overreacted but this whole idea that he's got a five year deal that I can allow them now. Didn't know what it's going to be like 23 years from now he may be. Actually overpay 6177797937. Another hour to go Alex Cora will join us as well over your return.