OMF - Brady declines to address his upcoming documentary; Lou thinks Pats-Titans will be close 1-12-17

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Friday, January 12th

HOUR 2 - Brady was asked at his press conference about the upcoming documentary about his life and declined to comment. Glenn thinks Brady wants it both ways when it comes to publicity and the media because his outside projects are promoted but then he refuses to talk to the media about it before games. 


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When he. Peace or winning and moaning and forty if I were representing the team I think what I would do is entered the room and I would bring a large. You are a factually and I would say. Deviation on the other side I'm an Irish guy I really wanted to do the right thing please be gentle with clay and Lou and Christian underground to get a quick fix. I never heard out on the table for when the ground made an offer the draft was. Was yours are here and there are so I don't really but hindsight ME DE this you know what offered this well you have to check off. And you get to a lot of people around Cleveland now the thing was it firms bay. Actor really well I don't know if they're reporting but I don't want to trade off was at it was first second and they're now on its. Fallacy there are predictions out on the table by the way in the 21 century. There have been seven. NFL postseason games with point spreads port of twelve points or more. How many do you think the New England Patriots are involved in all of also said that the all seven level. Yup it dating back to 2002 when they were the fourteen point underdog. The other six games patriots favored in every single one of them but they covered every single one of those it. So this little period drink wiggle. Wiggle room than maybe eat and it's not gonna duck I think it's going to be a blogger stuff would you Christian. Oh and you go first yeah we go this. We're patriots go this one. Arms polluters aren't looking heartless and follow of course the you don't have time I drag strip it hurt us now started to figure out what steps that we talk a credit cards but look at apple branded to spot I'll promise you possibly you would do something more importantly. I'd I would wanna go there I don't know about miles investing in the game were comic to what what's the question. But if it was gonna happen mourn what's gonna happen. Death destruction. There to score there here's what's gonna have multi buckets when the coin toss but deferred to the second half. You know put a solid veteran and yours start you out through another Travis Google's own resets three now he's got the ball back. Could be a good deal poses to get him oodles of your punt returner. Oddity while we direct our score is good polar they're gonna make extra point. Then. Judy the ball back. Stuff again now for every point up you want just a quick visit could not solved I went I. Heroin with short going to be. Obviously I along with no thirty like yes what do you considerable ought to be giving the score with an article 3413. Blow up. I thought. Molina satellite is fourth in the job I'm innocent and I think that 1013 that's thirteen and half. Barely you know actually 713. And I don't think it's a warm Fuzzy went pool. See that means so so to me when you say it's not a warm Fuzzy when no means it looks like Houston. Yeah you never really felt like Hughes who was ever gonna. Take control of the game but it was always they never are always a secretarial position because they just couldn't pull away from that yeah but it did. Does that affect I still think that there's I think there's a lot this offense has to show you guys guide this is not a well oiled machine. Well look and say Tennessee can't stop them. It did it's it's not internal injuries have played a role in and vote. No I think this is kind of a grind it out they think they still like he's its eggs in Houston but still covered big points right but it's not like a warm Fuzzy complete domination game. Yeah I don't what is this going to hold on this defense can't compare to what they brought in with Houston last year I don't think you can compare the two there are few things that this team can do Tennessee can do defensively but. Not to Houston if that's the case of lose right. Then Monday morning's going to be an interest in show because we're gonna sit here and say and it probably would if the offense is struggling it's going to be operating. Because there's no question he's got motivation. If you saw the press conference yesterday was very serious about this it's got like he's got his game face on so it'll peel back out. Not dropping off the cliff but then kind of hang on the cliff right you're right. Let me just fix don't. You guys that big just flip the switch offensive. I know I think the matchups to meet these games always come down to matchups and I look at this matchup and I'm trying to find a way that the titans win this game for example. The titans are number 31. In the league this season in defending tight ends in the passing game got tight ends absolutely destroyed by the way though. Bad tight ends destroy this tonight at 78 catches OK also going to announce got a shot at it this way and we. Fantastic he's doing a straight down actually he's. Thank you ignoring New England New England number two. In offense on their own with a tidy answer whiff of the best tight end in the league died of his the second one got the titans or even worse. At defending running backs in the passing game guys coming out of the backfield they are dead last 32 in the league. New England number two they rely on it. So if you look at and James White background healthy so you're talking about a pendant in burqa and passing game out of the backfield and and rob and Rob Gronkowski. And you get a couple scores up on this team it's notched a mushroom onion suddenly Derrick Henry is useless. All of the game is put a mark is Marietta not just likes to run the football he's got to throw the football team out of the total football forty plus times can't win a game against. We were doing a full forty minutes in Ottawa at I'm Malarkey I what I do it and it's risky because most of the teams. That their their playing at a disadvantage so they try to figure out how they can limit the New England Patriots offensive possessions. So they're trying to limited. They have to slow it down to recede teams do it in a lot of them do good job and make it to the heads on the only get three points rate or or they end up call just call along the law. What no other team the better off I every time I speculate and act like candidate most teams try to do that. That us open and it become away witness. A field goal or you know no points at all it kind of just Bruins it. What I would do is I would be the aggressor I would be the attacker I would attack that he'd throw the football I would not out not what I probably. And I would speeded up I would keep them on their heels would keep them guessing I would always keep them out always be a regressing a host Regis. I wouldn't be passive I'll be like OK let's wait for the clock goes down to five and it snappy now. Which put the game hallmark is married and he's got a winning only if you play two plates Victor dog got no chance whatsoever. OK so and I know what you think is probably right you did you notice your beta you can keep the game closer. If you slow it down if you run the football if you move in the change it and be keeping Tom Brady enough to put it out every day so that's the rest because like but it slowed down. Okay they get the ball and they scored equipment that's what's are very easily capable of doing. Then now you're stuck in this mega stuck at first you're now you're speeding it up now obviously to do not your night if you dictate tempo. And you dictate what don't let their defense tell you what you gonna do I would think most of that success. Is on the speed up and they keep them on their heels and Eagles and asylum enemy attack downhill because they don't have that they don't have the personnel. They don't I do not believe that this personnel of this that the patriots personal has what it takes to stop him. They get good situation to play Smart football when it matters the most. But it if you really wanna you sense that the message attacked them yet and any could be well first pass a complete box wrapped. Money spent on youth night at 32 and now you now you used up a minute and a half you give the ball back they go right down to score. Well we hate this is the plant were were all it. You do it again to three possessions as you've got again so there's a risk because you could you could fall behind so quickly. But I would say. All you're gonna lose anyways so why not take you shot an attack and not talking about the on site the crap like attacked them down the field. Attacked them with speed and tempo right don't get don't let don't let them substitute keep those slow. Undersized. Defensive tackles. An edge rushers on the field. As loud and again still a focus on that the patriots themselves. And he was the one thing is defense can do in Tennessee the pretty good rushed the they put pressure on the quarterback and they also stop the run. Right so you can't just eagle put pressure on the quarterback and stop the run but they can do that. And I would say the last three or 45 weeks you know like Dion Lewis been outstanding. Running the football so. Arts and maybe that's an area where they they try to dig deal Lewis out of touch that at the passing game. Pretty cooks and retired as we're talk but there and burials through homework lately you know in these guys can they beat man to man transmit. They kept it in adults is not worried about it. You sure about that. I mean is this offense like Randy Moss that stop Rob Gronkowski in the middle field and I don't know of Tennessee you're capable of doing that. Put in these guys get open. All there is no good Britney cooks his last four games. He had twelve catches on 29. Targets. 29 targets of the used against or 41 point four catch percentage of semi first out of 75 wide this year Internet spam. If you press this guy in your game in his face can go how many games has won four okay. So in one of those games there was no rockets he was suspended. It was another game in which he could not get the Baltic rocket he had what no targets are one target or whatever so they had to control the ball. In this game. OK you don't you don't you don't need right deduction is came up. Brake coach you when I say what you better get critical throughout this post season because you can't just rely on Robert and Donna I don't I don't I don't if Rob Gronkowski didn't take it away. In that final game because of double team so much attention to immigrant could still kick it open. You directly next you gently lit up the answer took me literally and I didn't mean that literally what I'm saying is you don't have to head out of great gains here by branding coach in this game against Tennessee. What you need to do is he needs to be out there so that somebody has got to defend him and therefore you've got Clark out they play a lot of zone. And eight you could see it with with the Kelsey last week he ate them you wonder what would have happened in that game. If Kelsey had been able to stay healthy. I will say this or when it comes to branding Kirk's so to step but I saw that I light. Which really to your appointment he's not he's not he's not your man beater he's not you're get off the line fight for position. A Danny Amendola Wes Welker type of guy he's a deep threat and if proof of that. So is being put up the stat and it goes on air yards per target. Takes all the wide receivers in the NFL and its that is basically the amount of yards the ball travels in the air per pass target for each player. DeSean Jackson is first fifty point eight yards per pass target Travis management and then it goes brandy cooks fifteen point one. Yards per target so. Everything that he does that's what has over a thousand arts everything's down the field he's got to run after the catch guys not like shifting the middle of the field. He's he catches it he's in stride Eagles out of balance. He's in the end zone. On aren't all. Down is that they would like to know he doesn't like contents of PI weight happens. Yeah I don't even better so again but. I distinctive lot of teams do look at this and maybe Tennessee can't do it we don't know but. I just don't think you can survive with just Rob Gronkowski throughout this playoffs to all the whole thing. All that I don't Obama won us the number one guy because to take rock out or you limit his possessions in limit his touches okay. You you you make sure branding coach does a B two over the top. Right so you're physically young man among you slow down so leased the timing is off for the quarterback and then it's up to your defense and the get their little bit quicker to do my job and yet. The guy that needs the win and I said it last week is Danny Amendola you or either one of the backs who were gonna be they're gonna be forced. To either stay zone rushed three guys. Again these weight because five guys block at three you wanna give up you want you'll lose we know that's not that doesn't work. Or what are these guys going to be man got so James White Rex Burkhead I mean beyond good and. I'm not talking about the entire. Tournament in the postseason term accuse you right you do against Pittsburgh certainly in a super boy you gonna need somebody like coach. The only I'm saying is that the real vulnerable areas of this Tennessee defense right now. Is tight ends and running backs they just their linebackers can't cover those running back coming out of the backfield. And they can't cover tight ends we start last week now that was a great tight end. Put all you want at tight ends are coming up with eight or nine catches on the they simply can't handle it and why would you go if it if you're Belichick what you go against in a game plan. Against something that they do poorly you go right that it and tried due to expose them as it comes to branding coach. We all a little this of pointed in branding could. I have and I know there are a 1000 yards I am and I still I still wonder at this year's. What's his salary this year senator Pigram and there's no listen if your kids at Manchester it's like a half million dollars she got just this you know in the way the papers due businesses and I want critical trade half million. U think. We'll see I think you're I think you're you're you're a budget for the wrong reasons though you don't like you're just pointed in the wrong valuable catches. Ball but I think I feet and I thought that's all I thought that he would be more of a possession receiver. A third now somebody's it's as Yahoo! is now Briere I think we've all seen as a vote is a vertical threat everything he does is on the outside. There's a vertical threat and he breaks off a fourteen yards in its own it's a timing route by Brady throws it before could skate out of his breaks the ball is low to the outside. Cook comes up with it so now. This guy is it just works out to in his favor. Because any round draws up OK if you wanna play octaves you're afraid I'm gonna run by a cable on the run fifty yard out OK now I Domenici on that fifty yard out well he negative press beat idol right eye view and then I it would be Democrat. Understand is that a fifteen yard out all know that that's two to two routes and I think he has or that the deep out which is which is. Which is not what I thought he could do I thought we'd be more shift here in the inside. And it's to go ports that deep angle crossing route where he runs. He he runs three different kind of route changes. And then he finds the open and it's a long developing play he's lot of protection it's plea action he throws it up to your point you get to play action pass. He overthrow some. Or that's. So we're talking earlier about win win in portraits when winning traits if you're no wants. And the reason they made the deals they felt really good about Michael Thomas right now they're better team with Michael Thomas than they were with Annika looks. Until and Thomas has been a big part of their offense right now right away and. Yeah out but a man I don't look at it. Because first round draft pick right yes they did it did get a round draft pick up tomorrow and Thomas gets playing time now he gets touches. You know like this I stand by that Thomas last year with a but I need to quit that wide receiver we added some other guys are greater Coleman the big dude and then you you others but it's really book Mark Ingram. We did vote in a weird no wants is gone right now he's running backs. Tomlin does witness Thomas does what Brennan coach did for the site he does what would he get so that was a definitely a win for them. I wanted to get to your two cents on know what you think in this game. So Lou's got a it is a close game. Right now they equally covered acres of cover to cover an impossible task uncovered but I'm Lola and he said we're not gonna be real happy isn't what 713 is about as tight as you that's like this but I think and in what I could feel great about now so we're going to be a lot of folks are you comfortable going into the next week against Pittsburgh. Or ever I would say. War may be Jacksonville I'll give you a number that would scare me a little bit inject elements were among. A month we'll get to that little bit later you and I like give the patriots and he blew out. On Saturday night took a phone calls at 6177797937. Mike Lombardi. In less than now oh and we return to more or way Merom owning and forty on Sports Radio. That is the picture to watch for James Harrison in this game because this is the type of game you bring him in four to set the edge in the waiting game right and then. Bull rushing Mario so what's right back that offensive tackle right back in his pocket those two things I know what's being stripped of that neighborhood and James Harrison can deliver those things on the could. If this makes sense. Doesn't diversity makes all the sense in the world you would think that having Alan Branch back I would take it that he's in good condition now for decent. I sure okay. Does stand up fall derided over a hundred people tackle this series if so is another guy that you need. If you're facing a team like Tennessee and and what they bring to the table I was did you phone calls at 6177797937. You're taken his game notice we did we get x.s and o.s. We we talked about again. About the yeah that and I here's curse of the car acres. Especially Michael. I read the daily trip and got traded to approach people and we really have often count. And we get in the first round pick occurred I can't run. Well and the saints went it didn't junior and even Britain acquired. It Tug at all Brett. I try to get your take on. Wait so so you're jealous of Ted Ginn junior what. To resume our. But then I think that we get of course I'll pick cookbook. And are we gonna want to try to got it or they couldn't really tell you what you called I. But had here's what he thinks only yes I think everybody's problem is with with cooks in the way it's there. There I'm. There unrealized expectations that day mistakenly set for him that based on what I saw they they do think they thought something they're not all right I'll let Osama well admit that but you know what I did you the settlement injury will need to tip Heston Heston a different. But the enrollment. Injury changed all of that it is and then what happened is suddenly people looked at cook since it okay. He's got to be the settlement suns game we had also canceled zone and teams get NFL people people covering his team. Who takes a Jew and out of mineral is breakups can. It was like the talking about weight off the cards let out of the dark hole and taken that role no you can't yet but I agree with yes I I had my expectations were higher and I do think atom and changed. Eight tonne does that through them what do complement each other perfectly. You were able crawled and I don't mean to mill the field in the molesting you sleep on cook he's gone you know anywhere about cooks get it only guard Camilla fields on me that would accompany each other. But I just octave below more possession at receptions. Drive starters from critical to and it's just nonexistent did you say it was Brady's fault don't. Aren't there to it than I yet it on the ball great. We catwalk here. OK but I think he has this year matte of fact I think if you look at the numbers. He's from the deep ball far more. That he has in the past with more six actually say two years ago he was good to get us and I think it's all the but it's not it's not that all hybrid to hear that old tired take the Tom Brady can't throw the deep ball he could throw the deep ball. But he's not gonna throw the deep ball in their offense if they can throw all the underneath stuff and just. David Duncan move the chains in this case he's forced to throw the deep ball to coax last year Qatar open a little bit but this year even more so because you don't have the weapons on his offices. Look I mean really when you think about. What we are talking early in the season and I recovered bodies of the really the only guy that's out now. It is a moment so we gonna say using the substance is gonna look good guy because it looks elusive and Pluto look yeah I think I don't. I don't see and let's easiest case so it's not Houston Oilers defense chiefs it was while. Houston Texas defense writing that it's not that deep threat with the linebackers attacking on the inside it's much of getting I don't think it I don't these muscles up the middle. I don't I don't have and that's while Houston got and that's how they attack and that's the most teams for it but the edge is gold medal. I think they're the weakness. So I think it's gonna look explosive takes less he's he's unless he's just miss firing. She's just balls are you know you know fading away rather there in the dirt there too high a ball gets tipped. I mean it's going to be raining and nasty outside and windy. Seeking out some problems there are guys just you know handling the football but. No I think this is every possession they score high priest high completion percentage on third down. I mean really you pick it. And don't say it and if you guys want to play an old school game or forget about who scored the first that's. Forget about does that usually by the government to enable that also. While ice to do is it so announced Nam take you know take almond amendment Mo yeah now look at some of a little excited out easily transfer money back and forth. Right tell me. What the first places. Tell me what the first place to attempt who touches the ball first other debris in this game. Not including in casualties. Knightley in that included senator the obvious choice. But it would be at a football movies on its own fuel and for the Internet radio madrassas that are you know OK so I didn't let the idea Lewis yeah most you start. I got the knowledge and power now within your not the politicians to tell us about the game he does see I don't think it is I think. The first play Turkey. Always count identified this I don't know was it weird that whatever they breed of the first to the plate everybody was so full hyper focus on that first play. It was that if we Flickr can you gets what are we are trying to ask as I can tell us. I know who it is the persecuting zealots. On all know. I cared so if you ask well I know we don't. What I what I think we must say we boats unload those analysts we centers scalable I'm who would you support that. I'm ominous say what you would run under bats no ride up the values we are established in the back we're throwing the football he's gonna go to Danny Amendola you know that's what's gonna go to. Danny Amador rapid back and here's what's going to be a little motion by Danny Amendola came out to the left you go the last specifically the left. Galen and cross going to be the right. So you'll ot use you odd is double team by brought you know exactly how they're gonna cover of play the entire game span they ago ten bucks for use ten bucks for you. And these patent box Paul does. It was all they treat and I hope will play that back here's Henry in Portland Maine hi Henry. At aren't good you know you can't get to a point. One quick one a lot of pressure critic of either I mean. They are all autonomy can catch it counts. Is he can't drop a lot I don't know. Well I think he is so deep balls you're a percentage of completions are gonna be far less than that underneath stuff they throw to Julian settlement but he's right yeah he's stuff. Well I think he I don't think he likes the physical last night against you keep running him and sliced can't run him cross routes stuff like that if you can think right above it he's welcome I already because you know it that that that did the drive starters the Brady cooks the debacle insistently. That it sometimes there's drop stimulate. The reason why is not a possession receiver to go deep beneath you to catching a pass an appearance. Which point. I got I got a conspiracy here in the huge. I don't think ballack actually been but it guys. Everything about Africa is that what happened over it I'd go to. I don't think Easley announced that the first part of that I don't think he's leaving so yeah I've been or we could have like good tool. That a Jewish state and started the fifty yard line of little physical him a job and it take you know a hundred steps or whatever and an eight whoever survives. Becomes a head coach you can do that collect. That notion I 6177797937. Michael board joining us 1230. We're giving what a great price for yeah. At 130 this afternoon a great prize this is a autographed football. By a that somebody that you don't really want him he's talking about a moloch Gemini you really want him. So he will definitely had his hands on the football. The first snap that first off it was snapped he will have his hands on the football that you sects who second behind the senate. But even though. As you said Emma knows I'm hearing could it will be a direct snap now and be at its gonna go straight to somebody who's really unbelievable always has autographed football that we're giving away. At 130 let's put this where they'd like to call him. He form animal. But Ugandan. Like that call CM. Eighth what sheep and I don't not shape now account a horse if not a horse in hello and welcome to be unit column on the yeah. It's it's it's a farm animal solitary 13 will move back to more affordably Merom owning it for me right now sportswear. I. Actually when Bill Belichick zone with the deal hauling people Monday the first thing he brought up and choosing it telltale sign when bill does this. What is it about the Tennessee Titans and the first thing started talking about is the punter yes there are considered this shows that the guy bring that the rams yeah death is definitely carried a whole transcript yeah it was generally right so I try to figure out what why he would bring out Brett. Kern. As the first guide to bring about Derek and he's not done in about general Casey's by the for Greg's up. Is Brett current and I guarantee it's because this is one aspect of the game that bill is legitimately concerned. Brad Curran has been deep bass family pinning teams down deep Indians are so he's got. Not only a a a strong leg but he's got and booty call and an accurate leg order so. Expected. You may be dealing with some bad field position. And so may put some pressure on your offense that you playing deep with your back up against the wall here. Because is the only reason I can think of why would you bring up upon her. Of you know appeased and the other thing is that in in Tennessee they claim their coverage is is is not great so his numbers are deceiving. He's that you re pins teams inside that you know the ten inside the twenty. Even though the the coverage is bad. That there have been some breaks from some return guys have gotten some breaks simply because of poor tackling on on on on punt but he is unbelievable yeah. So okay so. Out of that so your philosophies as I just ego what's what's what are the Tennessee ties philosophy going to be you know play fast how I think they should. So if you wanna play fast and you lose these group on those those opportunities. OK we compare him back I don't think so but Jonas I think it'll only play or you only play fast after you passed the fifty. He passed the fifty yard line you're not worried about. You know you can you compare to back maybe it's the forty. Maybe there's maybe there's a line that you drama say eyes sandy solicited were pinned back we're gonna slowed down were because we don't want to take any chances to me that's. That's thirty about how to weed make the best of our opportunities. It's a time limit their opportunities and then the opportunities that we do give them how to make it really really hard for them. Asserted the its okay we know they can with the football this and make him go 96 you jump. They're a city that's that's that's something that comes to play I think that you know if you're the patriots versed the Steelers. You get two teams that are good general field position flip and its special teams. But in this game. They anymore and a special teams effort. Near me an acute it's. I just such disparity between these two teams at the second NBA team to take a look at the better bench doesn't really matter my starting fires back much better than yours. But if the two equal teams the little things might matter and over well. And Arnold as I still together and firepower so and that feeling all the luck that they had to use it all out. The use of up last week views of the last gives you birdies and it's not gonna happen again aren't surprisingly. Isn't about late Tennessee disaster politically thirteen points and you guys put in a thirteen ten points it's the other side is the patriots offered sets up. What does she think you flip the switch. Today I'd advocate that the it's been kind of get a look bright for longtime analysts of injuries in and out. But the distance that doesn't look like of an offense that's clicking. That's capable footnote 35 to formal announcement got a European look back probably be against this defense and against the defense that really struggles where. The patriots are really strong in the passing game and that is the tide and I don't think there's any slippage there. Or running backs who were catching the football. So even though they I think they score a lot of points and our offense looks pretty good in this game I'm with Christian on this one Saturday night I don't think it necessarily. Means that I'm feeling that much better of about them going forward for next week against a Pittsburgh or a Jacksonville. Or going into a Super Bowl with one of those NFC teams by the way that it's for Jacksonville number I was gonna give you. This concern you a little bit. Of the last six games. That have lost a regular season game by twenty plus points then face that same opponent in the playoffs. None of them. One that playoff saga I doubt that to me that's a no brainer. To me that is such an easy sell for Mike Tomlin. It's it's es it it's just it's so easy if you get that team pissed off. You talk about the sloppy play he talked about the carelessness talking about the give a crap factory it was zero. And Ben Roethlisberger out in the get his head a man it's as you sort your thought you're the reason we also and up. While we wind up does is that I was bull crap yeah evident MacWorld. I don't buy into some of the Jacksonville stuff is addicted defense is really good and I think they will cause Roethlisberger in this offense some promised good as their offense is. So I Jacksonville's defense is legit big time. And I think they've got weapons offensively I think they can run the football we found out you can run against Pittsburgh but the problem might have his. How does Blake portals just even managed the game so that you can win the for the fight all my name. I think that that's the biggest spread or should be the biggest spread the weekend. I think Pittsburgh beats them and the way the patriots that wasn't very impressive the way they look of that you know I think going to be like I said it won't be a warm Fuzzy wind. And I think that discussion nationally on Monday's going to be Pittsburgh is going to be the Pat's based on the way it looked against Jacksonville and the way the pages of against Tennessee messianic Jackson about to pay Pittsburgh rolls. I did yeah. I'm I'm not a lot of countries you're you're hoping on but it did this whole Blake bore holes is that just eats it its quarterback its record of making OK there's no question. And as good as Jacksonville's defense and offensive line some running attack that would go to the the litany of stuff. The Jacksonville can bring to the table if you quarterback screws it all up for yeah. He screws it all and those things seriously public morals is a better hasn't has had a better year. Statistically. Then Marcus Mario Oda when he's playing better so we should resist it and it seems like one half football. Has it has enabled everyone to forget about market Mario does year. You just forget about which you know these wars they so wish we talk about how he's gonna struggle or is the Patriots defense worse. And the Steelers so therefore Blake morals as a better opportunities to Marriott has been more consistent during the course of the season none of that great and certainly not as good as what you saw last year. When you really started to become encouraged that he could be a big time quarterback. I think the problem portals is it's all in the kids and there's game he's put up for under twenty points against good defenses the next game he's put up 85 and he's got to run for easy to me that's personal life on every point Blake how Blake or. Bonds in this game first here today that first series right how does yours are the game. As did do they do they do they empower him. And they say the sort of thrown up or down he could burst out or play a game work and work that we got to get some confidence back and Blake morals that's that's it. We got to give them confidence review an easy throw. It is juices flowing and get him a nice little rhythm so he's not nervous about the royal ball on the outs so you talk about speeding up the game is slowing down again. If I'm Doug morale I am slowing down led game because I have no trust. That portals can can do that for me but I think you're right Lou effective board Ailes is psychologically damaged. It was a couple picks skin is not just beyond our control Don unconditional and if not as he has a really high. Look it's not an appendectomy Boston last game wasn't a panic it was just it was that are wounded section five running back wide open in the flat. Easy 1015 yards you'll throw. At that big of third down the very next play another guy wide open in the full wide open. Opened through everything from runs himself so that happens actual real people expect so he missed wide open passes for completions. And relies on a bicycle football anymore because I don't interception it's currently mean that it does say it was gonna be right and I do song. You don't have 10 yeah I mutilate he throws the ladies and made like motion and he let. Trying to bring him back and he loses the fight broke out roller. What we're what scares me about him because I think he is. He is fragile. Between the years because the rest of the big game we've seen urban games is there any planes the ball looks really good he's playing with great confidence. This the biggest thing that would scare me about him is. This is this a referendum going on down there in Jacksonville. This is the game. If he can get them over the hump that he probably states if not he's gone and they go search for new quarterback. Now for it if that guy is already a bit fragile to begin with and you're putting all of that on his plate like this is the game kid. If you perform and you don't want. You're our guy and if you don't we're moving on simulator we're gone somewhere out how do you think your reaction does he have the balls the Z of the guts the stamina can eat. Getting to lay out what does he have a Kareem hunt game in Edwards started his first carries a fumble like he had against the page and then manages to slow about. Develop that's that would be scared it popped date they got him he's in his head and pages is throwing darts down yielded. It's all over the place at one arming its heels the bottom line back. Here's the big dude she I think their defense is which and I think they're gonna cause of Roethlisberger some difficulty. I think they're gonna give him some problems in accorsi didn't keep it tonight just told her to any mistakes. But you know how that is that it's just moments or low weight training he had starts he quit saying he can't get out here to be made one turn over and Pittsburgh that's put on elves and their defense they to start to lose it the reality is that going home every cent to settle and set the loosen. That's a blow the perfect thing for the patriots to whom don't have to face Pittsburg he gave Jacksonville with tomato cans here Rick it it could be out their offense I flipped the switch I'm just naturally kind of getting into this Tom Brady pieces another piece written about Tom Brady everybody's talking about Tom Brady right now. So Tom Brady is asked yesterday about this documentary. And he is at his press conference I was I don't I don't. I want movies documentaries. Good question. Is about Tennessee we're two days and obviously years and this particular everything this morning no I wouldn't. And they can you repeat reduces. We'll see but we'll see it through Tennessee. See this word I can see where people would have a gripe with Tom Brady. He wants it both ways he's got his people working on TB twelve and the image and putting the documentary out wide now because it perfect timing. Thompson this every single day Tom and his big playoff games and then the other and he's not gonna address it because it affects him and they they're probably told them don't talk about it you know no distractions writes off limits. And so he's playing that game. Now it's time to rest to get people we get stuff. Good but I what do we expect. I mean we're two games these two days before any stock. He's not gonna know we should now we should ease the right thing went say it now but he also probably because he's the producer. Of this documentary you know I think he had something to do with timing of this of them from Albion really orchestrate. A dead. They're waiting question bye week. Associated noticeable first for because it'll at a good it was a critical if you don't get an early this season ends. And then I don't play until just saying now is the week you do it. Because if they lose to be looking for right you don't get no publicity out of it he's not out of mind sightings. He's in customer. There's there's the bleachers that it can be release and his enemy we did this waited for him of time it. The whole Aaron Hernandez's forty hours James Patterson book that's being released as of January 22 now. Dole CBS did this whole you know what documentary on him actually came here. How's it hospital out from over over to your partner recruitment and I want and resilient more confident he would apply to list. I marvel I tell you live to good use and now it's I was for the two bills I hope I have Kirk gets more publicity at all because you popular we need to get more yeah as do or die video another eruption now man and I don't make I don't know anything about that even though you play the game down and as evident by listening to the show you absentee. Dad okay so I don't even know what. Even though cricket needs to get more because he doesn't. Can be there's something and that that piece that I wanted to question and I'll pose to you guys later on and it's just pissing media help law to know that you're talking about the Hernandez yes -- this is an Israeli peace and next we'll talk more about that your phone calls and 61777. On 7937. Will get an more than Brady and Belichick stuck with Mike Lombardi he joins us. On the half hour and we're giving away an autographed football. That you need to have the all time greatest players of all tar.