OMF - Brady doesn’t owe explanation for missing workouts; Is Brady being a baby?, 4-19-18

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Thursday, April 19th
Hour 2 - Christian doesn’t think Brady owes an explanation for missing the beginning of offseason training, though Lou thought yesterday he should respond in an Instagram post. People are picking sides between Belichick and Brady and some think Brady is being a baby about the situation. 

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You've maybe. These forward Wayne remotely and forty yeah. And after it Grand Slam. A hitting in the news hitting with runners in scoring position Monday. Birdies Kristin best is dominated the mccombs is an old total rock chopper move on my part. But I tried with. Glenn UN Christian to be a different question what's his soured the. Is Tom Brady going to get a new contract from my understanding is yes that is something that you want before next season has now Tom Brady's team. He no longer fears valid check he sees bella Checketts vulnerable. He has the owner's ear there there's no backup quarterback and Tom Brady clearly has a better relationship with the media and chapter. The New England does now on Sports Radio WEEI. And I was a story Alley locally but nationally as the F patriots drama turns all NF no love Maloney bill or away. Forays here here for a couple more hours draw tomorrow the right as long we guess I'm gonna. You know up and the 1 place they hate morning anything on this planet who. But yet you got kids if you notice likely take computer and you are right on a plane. Wherever right. I had everything I hate these type of places more than anything. I'm gonna guess it is some sort of indoor or. Water park amusement park to Netflix perfect on the same girl all got it and yet I am going to go to six flights. Six plasma suck it up. Because the kids wanna go. I will not corny rides and cold for six lives you know when do we gonna do it's like you nice to live in Iceland in Seattle. And be used to steadily and you wait until summer ago and down on our don't know it's it's going like you wait till the weather's perfect you'll never go anywhere. As these things Seattle did you wait for an if you wait to see what does it rained like the you'll never do anything. He's got to second he wears Fletcher school vacation week you know put these so the blue lines will be crazy. All the snot -- agreed and kids will be there are you gonna get sick of the lot of germs of that at the park itself had little light up a little hands in Kaiser would be that dump that over there and Jimmy sitting on the bench will keep scrolling through your phone I'll be let's watch and you're listening to additional bar out of it. I guarantee what you'll be out later this year as a coach and my headphones. Listen to music you listen I watch and I don't do that I catalyst I think I just can't sit there and listen to music that it like. A deep thinking song comes on late just forget format like rather quietly now I have to ask what's a deep thinking over a number on the Amazon music Cristina Gloria could be whatever logistics need to be conscious on could be an old rap song. You know QB could via a musical you know some because I love my musicals ire might might do a show now phantom comes on of and I I I sat there and I'm lame and tired yard. To Lleyton is at the opera one Massa wrote yes hi yes you are the new gas line and Diana looked sick that's I've never I've. Seattle went and yard work is more of a music podcasting that maybe go to a musical soundtrack and I can to do and science. I'd love because like you basically go through the tire Planar had. The next thing you know you and so that's to be doing in my ambulance and it too was Tom Caron and rob Bradford waste situation we. When are so. I just told Tom Karen and robbed right you're doing why arts so what about the more you back to prime time. Music is bad boy yes you did not open are so yes I do it yourself what you told me out there and. Don't imagine. As well I'll just a minute is this I don't know how important he told well isn't. Good. No no. And then you'll get it out of ahead though if you don't give you little cookie in the relay okay ghosts in the corner glut at Oakland boy she dig Glenn tried and failed to be the third man that shall we wanted to be in the third guy that show. That men are at Arizona and there's thought bubbles late with the Atlanta hosting an affiliate everything every Grand Slam. If OK so there is there is what Glenn says and what he really thinks rates so. It's like OK I want like a thought bubble around him everywhere so I get to know what he's really saying what he really you need somebody out you know you work a long enough where you're I don't take answers I know whatever man it's like he's he's tall pale guy. Right he's the big fish guy. I'll fire one insisted and who's the loser either. Long. I'm a fraud. He loves to exact or talk on and off fear is exaggerated and they've every now program every you check on something called Mauna. And like he's right. It and in a rare so he's rare for much that we mock Glenn. He's very very very well sourced from well form yet as ever everybody talking AC Milan these two little guys. Yeah they say I can talk to him best unintentionally only he knows he he knows a lot of stuff yeah he just exaggerate don't need Andrea need to go back down though and I brought to this is a a great glad Arab dazzle you guys is much. But Glen in the aftermath of you'll meet leave the issue Oakland was to. He was he was green you call him a couple weeks. I checked there are being affected men and it was a it wasn't that what but he he was he's very nice to me and it was at the time it was it was we could talk. Any would tell me something. And forget he told me the next time we talked he'd say I am hearing this and like he use that what you. He repeat back at some point and my guess is no doubt. I think he got cell life it's like it's like orderly has no enemies. There's no enemies no one's got one bill ordinance and big bank charters and simmons' call the senator from yesterday yes that is out now like Ellison if there's one other person that that person that always. On what was the other candidate that eighth glad. There's one other international guy Portnoy already I don't do yeah proposals to which is just audio out up the bell was like him. The ghost of Johnny most on fan album not terrific. We'll we'll assess its can't Karen and Bradford tomorrow. I'll be listening drive and all of you lop. I guarantee I listen you're a picture with my ear buds you have an ailment had a lot of things. He sure did rob and my guess is tomorrow the guys are double the patriot because that's what everybody is talking about not only locally but nationally it's the biggest story no surprise. Based always hurt and I wild thoughts on what happened yesterday aren't we were off the air and other stuff broke. After 10 o'clock yesterday slice some thoughts on Brady Belichick craft and some other sponsors locally to these three guys. But of course Colin cupboard has its things we Allan coward yesterday talking about the demise of the patriot dynasty Paul incidental. A good side talked all over it sorry. This is now Tom Brady's team. He no longer fears ballot check. He sees bella check is vulnerable. He has the owners year affair that is built back up quarterback and Tom Brady clearly has a better relationship with the media and show after. That New England does. Is there because I feel it's around the clock error what is it doesn't act all I don't see this as a sole host that night occasionally on my own show. You gotta stretch out some of the things you are saying sometimes so normally I talk to you in the speed when you're by yourself and no phone calls. You drag here I would maybe he's got co host address I don't who's the girl keenly he's got he's got a gas by the way that's compressed that was stretched out a lot. That was all me taking a low but these pauses are much longevity is that this is how solo host a play played how it normally surrounds Paul can you do that without completing 12 now. It because I can just imagine right now late you know. No therapist Colin Cowherd right and isn't a fan. Just laying on the couch like you know have the heel I have this issue with the patriots and I'm not really sure what's gonna go on a very nervous and I just do I don't wanna leave my house to them so scared. And. He would say something like a guy think he will come back side that hit show after doesn't credit and doesn't tweet it. If it's not true. In here is what is absolutely remark a complete coming from a doctor for the last 1718. Years. Not a peep from New England. This story breaks this morning sole host also on now for the 23 straight day. We have a New England story and knowing when Romer. You night and tonight that you can't do it and he told whenever I walked off topic and you'll griping about a with a love the drama the patriots. Is great for business right now I'm I'm done listening. Who. Some West Coast analysts. Who thinks he has. You know straight crabgrass did not yes it is you that around the better. BCS record don't it doesn't I don't here and explain ourselves and of course a high temperature player wants the next miner. Super idol I. I don't assume and I athletes trust people play games but I really trust those people in the way you guys always tell the truth about what's worse and I asked Rob Ninkovich yesterday it was like a former patriots are gonna be honest about this takes a couple of years to be honest. They see can be yours I'll I'll filtered leaves are still hot if you'll be the most honest patriot four patriot is Danny Amendola. He's the only guy that's got all the reservation and dug in on what what they tell you know sometimes and hold no I mean on my debating what the team thinks about Malcolm Butler. Don't log on that roll right elbow hit saying that popular Christian heritage as a kind of. They say about it because you know I was out there. Put my blood sweat and tears out on the field that night and one of our best players wasn't on the field. He's got some balls the rest please listen to what else restaurant what are overwrought and a lot of players you walking like my irons I saw my favorite show you don't like my English is getting. It's not your favorite favorite so I don't every morning you are now lying to me and no more importantly you're lying to the audience Aussie someone. Authoring loyal all and that thought is asking to Columbia gas problem orbiters to jail because you know it's gonna fake laugh and you think I can see so so David what was honored today and this what is or Sony like XP it's in the media. Aaron your Bure bound here they always go only to Bruschi did Woody's of the world and so we asked him this morning that is. People on the other uploaded a Shelby you'll hear is still why why I would like Cisco would because he's Willy. Is that they talk about why the patriots be interested in so called quarterbacks this gets good Steen and placing. Keenan now the latest rumor is that the team would be interested in jobs frozen. They have fixed annuity is this something he that are. Mean you don't have a back up back up plan after Tom word so you have to consider an elegant how will say this if Bill Belichick. Pulls the trigger on this one. It is the end of the there. And it forced robberies. And you talk about it Ghana. Who openly talked about what's the point I'm forty fountain jobs ruled sportsline and the draft. And patriots package that was the packet pick would be would think really do. And moved up to go get a dollar bet. And that's what I that's what they think should happen to create. An open war in Foxboro I could say that right now. And sees it Xena is the problem as a stand I mean this is the whole Ray Lewis is it going to be like a warrant that type you know Ray Lewis of the background. So David what he is talking and and that Ali you here because you are wrong yeah you hear Jalen Rose which I guess like Ed. Him agreeing with them are I don't know a whistle not I got gluten that's inter elected to be that is negative and being very thoughtful. Controversial whistle me. I don't know particularly dirty and Italy C week and this was no center of he needs to be nominated ambassador and general gives them. Pulled the trigger on this one it is the end of their sports robberies so. Let's talk about gar. There's a whistle that wears them yet until we should and then we'll talk to go good Alec yeah. I earned it. I always felt iron. And politically seem likely that it every time we have a good common purchase like conflict you know. You know important that you deal with or often the gap and yeah go. It's a computer with them but I can I can about this and Damien Woody is. Wrong and it was called them. I do with Liu whistle. I think Damien Woody is wrong. I'm one of what he says wrong or or sort of honored all you sure you wanna go there and a couple. So armor plated key people people at the beginning of that again just the beginning of a cut for it to whistling in Jalen rose's sound effects don't make that show more interest and are just when he talks about it being the it if they draft a quarterback. Mean you don't have a backup backup plan after Tom weren't so you have to consider any Soledad how will say this if Bill Belichick pulls the trigger on this one. It is the end of the air force to robberies so. Who looked. Okay that's honestly that it that is that the topic captain obvious what is that that's I mean you want you want players your former patriots of these deep thoughts wait. If they draft a quarterback that guide may take over Brady's 341 years old. Hitting mountain of course Susan now you wanna say to bella check now he's only way to sort of fight back against what Brady is done here. Is to eastern trapped up forget Josh Rosen. On draft open that I guess top nine B Josh Rosen and get one of those guys and and remind come on still boss. That's what he'd be doing that we all know that the error is gonna be over here at some point. Well you're telling Brady the process might be sped up faster bites and not doling out bite I got the quarterback in the first round. He might play next this year ides of my or double this year he might play next year. So old that he that play that is a take not an end of an Arab county. He openly isn't it yeah that's like and I grief yup at that could that mean it is what it typically the most don't do this. Yes he's got two years up on his contract. They're not renegotiating. Crap Saudi come out and said nobody's in a hurry other non each side's happy with that in new you know I heard it saw another report that. Pretty does want an extension. I'll be there gonna get one they're not going to extend this out to three or four years they're not gonna be. The stock having to deal with an out of a worse situation. Exactly a cup of hot fifteenth. Well how can do this and have. I'd like manner out of the point is not of course. I easier if you are or maybe Woody's CD. Say that nobody doesn't believe. Other than this the resorts I don't solid therapist. He's not he's that he's either can't count on either count a coward on the bid the drama of it is still good in power drag out. I wonder at what he at this level if they spent a first round pick on a quarterback. It speeds up radio the dork. You'll thinks I don't vs a second round project or project it's still I think it's going to be the same either way. So. There's always more impetus to play first round traffic. You wanna see you were to get on that best guess yes I was older I take a frozen or. LaBarge accent nine point their theory up point two years Heidi Mac in and your scenario. Or in in the in what's ever. 125 pick in the in the first round or a 32 pick in the second. Controllable years just the idea of a neutral year yesterday however extra control year's first round yeah correct yup that option that fit your options. So mean to me to me it doesn't change a bit that the best in the patriots can do if they wanted to control of the situation again. Is to not sign and what you wanna pay more money go ahead doughnuts don't don't add a third year don't add a fourth year. If you do add a third you have to be your option to be your option but at that point you wanna be doubtless be at US. I feel like I know he's up for that attitude I think and. Well let's check is OK with that I know the only reason. This is the other part is the owner has a different standard probably want the quarterback treated than the coach wants to an event that got an obvious from what's your global trade and Guerrero revenue. Makes you what makes use to beat the patriots. I guess is look better so you avoid the Brett Favre situation I think if you look for a comp U don't want that to happen if you look at that would have with Peyton Manning. You don't want that and people look at Indianapolis it was a bit at the right thing you know like deal was gonna happen with him. Joseph Montana or you don't have a a stuck behind you that's just chomping at the bit. And it injured quarterback that is the pliable still good not to say your boy what happened with Green Bay Brett Favre shown up at the complex I say I still wanna play. Right and enforcing Afghan with the GM was at the time Ted Thompson when he was easier for a long time gala. You know senior happy to. You know deal with the situation tool. Right sticky daily I think the best situation for them is to play out this contract let it end and that and that. You have you have a bunch of different options like it may elect McCormick a draft isn't ready you got a break you do it nor is there with. With Drew Brees. Aside UT your contacts figures not to repeat what if I million dollar. Right but we can't commit he's going to be 44. So what's so you 125 million bucks he's going depending on what no way years old bags now assuming he's playing like crap. Look at and OK fine but after a year to as yet topic quarterback you've heard how yet yet. He's a top ten quarterback right now he's on the economy is hot he's. Hot water right now league he's worked at a reasonable that could be the best quarterback in the NFL right now take out all the dead and everybody young quarterbacks like the deck press top of the crowd that. AK that have better on their rookie deals crappy deals Nike paid anything look at the top ten quarterbacks. In the league. Their make it that type of money they're making two point typical low hasn't proven that they that they. He's getting paid okay we have and look at Drew Brees. I look at look at your brains. You are gonna sing 177797937. Iron right on this. So that the Brady stuff we had chapter on yesterday wicker sham an obvious became the biggest story of the day. The reaction to it. Was it to me an avalanche against spree. There's one guy is not getting enough criticism. Based on what I heard and listened to its audience on thought about back guy and get simple goals it is ONF no oh no am. That went home to you got it through letters owners forays still stuck Uga did calls coming outs portrait I don't know we don't feel Arnold and rich keep. The manager of the Boston Red Sox outscored what you guys were if on the of honey sweepstakes which you would have been willing to allow him to do both things. Yeah he was gonna do both things and there's a lot of things that went on through the process a lot of different scenarios. Like to have Betty well the way we we're gonna use them or try to you. You can then you know and that's come here to allay we don't have to speak to. Wednesday afternoons to his C plus Sports Radio nutty sweet voice yeah. EI FA have a special message. Bruschi hey it's Teddy Bruschi you're listening to my former teammate Christian Fauria. Two other guys let's get back to more of some dude or some other dude and pouring it on Sports Radio W we. Brady it is franchise now it's not bills heat is not vulnerable bill lists. He. When he leaves if he would. This team will be awful. Belichick could leave tomorrow. And com and Josh McDaniels would win that division is radio leaves and Tom knows this. It's over. It's over. Brian hall lawyers not when in eight games in the AFC next year. Sources say and it chapter Brady is considering retirement has not made an announcement. I got the power Richard and I backed our out of the odd million national guys talking about this double yesterday and today it's all math much and now for a hanging out 617779. 7937. That's for a lot of the response today is that you know the last couple of days the the the message that Brady is sending in the response to two Brady. Who was a big part of it but it is. Is is getting off workers and then somebody else in this case we'll get him a second the first and he won on the ground I did want to talk divisive. There's a big exclamation point plot I've I next on so be careful irate I'm as interested in how the conversation went between Albert and Ryland Lucy. As I am well how are gonna go on she's smiling she's like this was what it was they proposed date at some point I think Albert is too it is decent and holy yeah. Fun let's make love can Mexican because he's able bodies I think. Albert's married and job won't that the product there where I just talk soon for ten minutes I'm done talking him. Okay you so it was reality offensive to you would always he was the it was a polite was he cordial was the conversation like. You really wanted to get his opinion across a now's a little bit offensive. So I had to weed out what he was saying to get to the real crux of it. So when you talk to guys McKinley used as a leading defense if you don't act like a therapist and really like to but it really peeled out all the layers of find out what you know you'll be be be concise. Be direct we don't want all the slots and mold and my day right you you tell man especially without soccer books and why why half and you Albert that makes this guy. Now your doctor out where we nice to Lucy when you called in today. I unethical Iowa Lucy I didn't see what we're trying to like public idea what you are pretty might all. That night that I am making a delicate I talked to click on the Oprah like shrink. Every time I talked to you I think about why. You are this way I think about an avenue and kiss ass yet. Well how do you term we will work how would you categorize you explain what is that what this all out. Coke or why it might articulate like eight or whatever. Value. Likes. Everything psychotic you don't know much about on the fact that they despise. People on the lightly it's it's one that is what is. I noble job I I I'm married are you. I'd like actually. I worked at the state of Massachusetts where I'm at. I'm not so we're gonna work where I pulled out a job this year but. It's a full well. You know. Requires him. The I don't accept I don't know what needs to. Realize. I think she says you're you're you're like is staged fight cleaner slash stalker I think that's what she's politely trying to say like if you actually were. Capable of going on a date with our Eddie wood and pretty quickly. And that's just me that's may be in the doctor now. All what was your dark little trouble I think probably my notes and amenities and didn't you kind of don't we got from. I actually don't ticketing but it it would be it would Great Depression or other what's your point Albert commodity that can help or blame. My point is really accurate correctly also called collar. Could you on the west cold not a completely our go to player are we wanna give players they Christian. If this working in the polling this crap. I'd say crap of the proper terminology if he would only this crap that re all in all panicking hostage okay. How do that Powell would look crappy at doing what explain it all look crap is he doing it how is he holding these contracts two years left. Did go anywhere how's he holding them hostage. Let's okay let's go back at what a great opportunity. You'll agree with me coming back it's like every. I actually said it'll be getting a lesson that he was not coming back this is as last year. How. Out. Shelters yelling shows that as great as he orders slump he is noncommittal. You go ladies and on and so we it's understood either he pulled on her hold the honestly his head. In Cuba no I don't it's odd is that apparently the apparently. Christian apparently it's not Arista one of two things happened to be with thirty seconds Albert one or two things happen with that chapter report whole lot of second Albert. You either Brady's people leaked it says chapter that he's wishy washy about playing. Or the patriots. Leaked it to Belichick what did chapter to try to ferret out whether or not ballot birdies playing either way. Album on sale IQ let's say. Albert's right he's being noncommittal and he's trying to annoy the patriots are completely agree with Albert. As an entity as bad as it is on what bush and apple was to get the ball right we have we got what we had on the it would all night there's a on this whole thing you're protests I think I never touched pull on them just relax. I'm not your thing well. That's borne the calls grandma it's what's on your side of the funnier side of the desk. So sectors tweet right we are talking about this morning we had a on the air okay it was it was policies where. Sources say they think he's gonna play but they don't know he's gonna play. It was split hairs here held that the people around Brady are suggesting to him but Korea got it OK I don't know understand they see you think that's sick. That is it that is evidence of something either Brady's camp wants this to be noncommittal or the patriots is Tommy current suggested he might be on something are trying to smoke out. Well that operate he's gonna play or not they get a draft week from tonight. And have not talked to breed he's responded I'm robbery at the cloud and all this is everybody like they're getting their your dander up over this that's the clown bit that people get played. Is everybody try to dissect this stuff. He already said he was playing. Didn't do we just sailors on street with a Good Morning America or whatever yet did up with you don't know if not on what about Antonio Melvin about. Yeah things come back what Albert's beat Ghana finished out. Okay good loosely. FY what you'll look back and have a network striker in setting the pre screening all usually UniCredit and Christian back to you. Why do what she's all that you know Kabul on. Well I would probably outweighs I got news I'm not I'm not done I'm done with the little looser yet today. Case like this whole this whole mentality where like he's got us and I some you know some some extra Graham post right. No it doesn't he doesn't owe anyone anything so I guess I. I told him anywhere shifter and Tommy current. Where where are they getting their questions we you keep one at that bench after for being a non story about two days eagle on your show we have Tommy carnal. And Hulu Assam a pointed question couple times in your view why do you keep tiptoeing around the idea that Brady's not gonna play. And before Shasta reported nationally currents that basic the exact same thing. That he is not come forward yet and it's pretty rare for the player not to acknowledge the team yet and would those around him. What is going only place we visited that ran an effective and it's rare yes no reason to know if you're under caught he's right in the past it you your odds are in the team right ranked in your under yet he. One your logic which is under contract right and body image under contract retired does not have an option. He didn't have an option contract. And he is working out he's not in the Rodney which are we not doing anything ballooning up he still working out so to me it's like this. Because there's a little bit of doubts and skepticism based on everything that happened last year people all they want. Assurance based on all the players on the player's own actions and Tom vs timeout inside her comment you heard on personal time here's hurt you got the sound of him from converse is time. And and early after it was said and done. Their thinking about everything and listen everything you said. What happens does vary at the last episode episode says he says come to Asia about six last launch in the final and four putts that yes six. Here's what he said this offseason is going to be about my friend and a they deserve. There's more I think about the news. And I think that's which you commit to confidently. And they commit a lot to me through this. You know obviously goes both ways. That. Is Paul and you don't eat cookie season I don't zero stop it there without playing the last couple lines the lines you talking about the net and not just more not currently edit stuff would have a thorough. What he says if you lose that commitment and poke fun because art thing about doing something else nine dot dot dot to the end. That's how he leaves the produce shirt on time you're now you're acting with an a lot of guilt here. About at a site to keep you can't let her all I wanna hear all Canadian athlete. I handed it. Sooner land here three days after you're getting my iTunes worked on my. You don't quit doing this work. You know. What are we doing this for Hutus or are we doing this. You gotta have answers to those questions and have to be with a lot of conviction. You know when you lose your condition you question do something else. Via a walk off that's exactly the opposite of what you just sort of not have a walk off it's if you're not at all might I add the walk off NAFTA and that's Iraq. Okay so explain explain it to me give it to explain to me what flexing its user all the great stuff means a family man right means nothing decades. Right yes you guys did you tell them why you're torque asking questions you know I documents OK I don't know that we. Hopefully when we roll right now what you get to the point here if that's the orderly. That is an orderly rolls past it get to the point yes. When I monologue and you have to model it they countered back off okay to get media just give it to me again when I ask you for. For this offseason has have you not left. And a they deserve. There's more to think about the news. And I think that's which you commit to confidently. And they commit a lot to me obviously goes both ways. Okay nice to Zell also talked about it it's all about him. Giving something up. Right and show weighing in. The people multiple venerable support to his wife his kids that he's sacrificing. This time too well what he should be doses being at the stadium as it was you know I'm having to go to the stadium. On the golf ball namely me I'm to be about I'm DB armored create my own schedule. And do everything I should be doing because you guys sacrificed so much from I'm gonna show you that I sacrificing things at work that are important because you're more important. You guys have sacrificed so much over the last two years has been a really hard two years you know it. I need to go and I should but I am not because your more important to me. So so he he goes live TV twelve maybe at a house or maybe just maybe comes down to fog maybe who knows all I know is that. There's they're needed to be an outward sign. Of almost like eight. You know of Schultz thinks. For putting up with everything. And that's lassie get kids in your married I'd kids I'm married whatever the season is over. Ilie recommit myself to my family because in the article if he's not gone all the time. And my wife has to do everything. She does everything as you tell me about social he's all of us and it's all up family amuck and do this the marketed that I but I need to show you. That I am committed. Too you know making up for the lost time and that's when I heard that ugly you know it that's more than it is that anything other than men then then all of us made us about. I see that its isolation. I might be able been on that role with you wanna add in the end of the cup which you don't wanna play. When added to play again I played the entire Guerrero saga that played out this year when I played just sells comment about forget being at home. He wants death followed in these. And tears have been very thin arms and there's. So many ways. And I think just let you know if she tells me I love it so much I just want to go to work iron. So appreciative to have fun. That's IAS Palin and I thought you should Francis Broderick. Under the music that's underneath it's like music from the princess bride that was Gotham Chopra can musica. And who we found I found Alley I didn't from the I don't robbery occurred yesterday Gotham Chopra. Was in Qatar and a few unless they yeah they're like episodes and still there's still filming it's it's that somebody told you trust. And it does not know that I knew so you you suggest that none of this means anything. Does not Brady got I think this is pretty simple Brady doesn't have very many ways of pushing back towards jail. This is one of them stay out of the way don't talk to anybody and leave you at least at some level. Hang about what I planned you'll my feelings are. That is this is this is his way of pushing back you think I theaters I think there's no big deal families they thought they know we got out of ideology theaters that are there are real issues retreat to 100%. That's why I think this is about but also but I think it's it's not just that's just one thing. You know such as the size of its multiple things well I doubt that we agree on six so. Kawika I don't know the year you're different clock here away I don't think I don't know why are we behind her head at where we're fine we're fine sulphide to win. Vital that the Levy has an outlet because they slows down you got to have a good time that is good. And have a great time because he's wrong about this problem is he playing it Cingular flights yesterday was all of operating ET here's think it there is no I'm actually I'm actually clearing it for now not an easy. Your 46 I think most people grew at me 61777979837. The phone number yesterday it was about Brady pushing back at Bill Belichick act and what he has done to Brady these last let's say last six months Guerrero. And welcome Butler little bit a contract and there. All of all decided to what he's done that that means something that's why people are. We say getting their pennies and a bunch yes you should be is a patriots fan because for everybody zero nervous for seventeen years old this stuff existed. Behind that they. Now it's everyone is seeing it it's in Vienna Brady's career we now know crack Wall Street Brady differently than Belichick wants to sell key is Alan Ball the lead wicker sham. He's got the back steps to try to tell crap I wanna be your long term. That led did a garrote not being here. You should be a little freaked out on what has gone on here. I think it I think what you read you realize what went on it's not surprising to me that everybody wants some time away from the other one. That's. You spend you're OK so where are not helping out those so yet so not rarely show after story companies that you wanna call fake news in no big deal. Chapter events out of thin air who went inside releasing publicly released today I can pull honestly up again and it verbatim. Read it look read verbatim yet says if you don't have it I know I prepare for his support you can never call he yourself on Saturday. Much of that. Sputtering yankees during stand yet moved to bet suited violated my route conversation he what he basically said was. People looks of people around expect in a play they think like Zaragoza adult. They don't know Charlie want him to play they run out on now they don't know they think it's as if she noticed push up to shop from Kirk in Cali and yesterday. Pretty easy stop yelling at him with the C review. You're nice might everybody likes my good guy in my good guy you know if the guy perfect you know a purple buddy. Night yelling at Paul see what happens now you're yelling at him finale you get it to get our frustrations about in my arsenal of the better than I did. Why why he's fun to take these guys. Johnny allude to. It's only thought of affairs Johnnie Mansfield on Tom Brady today John. As tardy and yet it was so crock you're right mr. brown that the fact that it. It's April it starts its light at Heathrow and where it's about operating. Yes because they Johnny this year it's different when we ever seen this much talk between Guerrero and the contract and craft. This is completely different Jon your head in the sand on it. But at seventy years that Britney knock you create. It won't Alter it worked out yeah yeah they're work or. Eric S until three years using California building housed the only three years he hasn't gone to these days. Don't be. And now he is right stories eased in in Foxborough next door right now. Robert Kraft would you write it worked what they have a great relationship you'd get your plane everybody get beside enemy that you all everybody should. I Ariel go straight to the scene again and I will give out a lot out of this what the patriots haven't kudos to David what is their calls like Johnny who just say no big deal. Thing. At that deserve it their all is a pile of evidence from car and to wicker sham to go. It's all they are funny that there is an issue here. Now leading to this any out LB DO. Like that is putting your head saying Christian youth even. Senator there are issues with these guys not but I do understand I think. When you listen to the top vs time it's family is most important I get that point. Right especially as long as he's been doing it you need to just reestablish herself with the family in the routine that gold along with the formally a lot of. Our best buddies right bustle and the ride camels he brought fans with them but stops at a elements that go to other Campbell the guy that is not getting enough crap this is Bill Belichick onion and laughed off the hook in the last notes call 27 hours or so we will guy I I will give you. A bunch a reasons why for the people calling Tom Brady at the eighty police handling this. Bill Belichick is as big if not a bigger baby in Brady's been the last couple bad calls elevenths what do you make it to him. On air and online via FaceBook Twitter and he's just grab more of or wade we're loading in 48 bright house Sports Radio. You we EI. We will see you back in uniform playing football again next year yeah you're gonna see me. Where performers here. That's Brady was scratchy is guy Jim Greg. Where for the Super Bowl it's all that Sports Radio WEEI or wait and Maloney off for you still hear your stomach lower at 2 o'clock six what you're off tomorrow or future. 61777790. Threesome like I'm actually mocked going to be punished I really don't have an Arctic ice actually ought to disagree Philly you punish going to Six Flags yes. Which rather the so just tell your fans. These things I do this these unpopular views say that vacation a day and your kids. This would do if your kids might you don't wanna go stand in line pay I looked at the bus in and a damn place. I usually on off he lines with kids despise it doesn't get sizes. An awful as I unity. You have to Nazi I had this hookup. Years ago at Disney Disney World right where do you lose a hook up wall because it changed the rules where you originally now they have a bad aspects. So there used to be leaders to be this subculture. Of late this able guys. That would get this passed and they get this pass in the debates ago from the line. So what they started dual core disabled players I don't know it is there it is this you guys are like basically handicap actually there we get any get calls and by the way they shouldn't they should rise of the digital front reliable labor and they deserve but they you know rally like anybody's business so what they would do is they would they would outs they would like their higher up their services. Right and you can hire all that at shady characters that you Shea he would literally take you around the entire park in two hours you want an eagle on the right over and over again. Because you know you just say here's my card want to get your six people go right of front line aborted every single line. You shake your putting your Hannity Hadley the and if I'm not saying you're a bad person Webber did that league using a this added a disability tend to mixed couple extra buck c'mon. Until he met this guy this guy who want to surround is the world. And he was literally walking faster than us we couldn't keep them. And we go to any ride at Disney World I say is on the right I'm glad rod closed unable gladly debate that is as close basis. I'm glad I got it because it's also best that it was the best thing in the world all it was the best money ever spent my life. Like 500 bucks like opera box and I got up two days but both went to both parts. It was the past we're talking about. But yet it is a big it was like they've put his cloak and dagger situation let's get to know I guy I know they're totally out of it yet there's like a secret coded by. This ocean eighties today and he would meet you. Might he say I don't Wear describe McCain and you beat look this guy and it opening at Disney World right like where the train is as Iraqi. It is it was Iraq a big guy must've made at least 2000 bucks today. If you take three or four famines today. Nobody's taken advantage of the situation I south that he was a really needed didn't really need to handicap announced he did but he got one. That it that issue so you'll be there tomorrow the guys will not be back yet Karen and Bradford Mario Red Sox tickets. Yeah hour on the show that million brief phone calls I have to get we will get this out will gets reaction to the industry say contingent on and on and I'm not count on him there there's. That did what they hear my name you guys got and I listen to your show yesterday at the end efforts you've got Kirk you'd like to hear your name Christian I. Public listening album though only allegedly on the radio okay but we're to bum like today we go to called the gonna hear that named it the other. The other. Thousands of people listening that art those three names they don't care so wanted advice in your soul as well right now I don't write in my prank calls like the reason I stay on is because the host they hate it here we'll get hit a second. So I look at I know they're thinking about Missouri Zack hocker create great content for your show. You expand limited Neil and I Christian for Alec intervals. If it doesn't sound loud anymore. The Tom Brady is is. Tom Brady's baby he's soften his speed he's leaking this after. Usual and he said is they get all your pain you see the baby he obviously. He sees the bad guy right now. I think by majority patriot fans. Tom Brady is seen as the bad guy hold them hostage because they believe. He that there is forcing this sort of a fake retirement papers to agree with that you see a majority patriot fans if asked the pickle get some calls on this. They think Brady's the back. What year right now I think your I actually he's I think it's I think there is I think people are choosing sides. OK I do to you Bill Belichick is as big or a bigger baby than Brady Elvis and here's why and number one circle back to Alex Guerrero. Alex Guerrero because by Bill Belichick didn't like the weighted career was talking about its training staff. Kicked the quarterbacks business partner. Out of the building and made that time they made Guerrero worked with Los angles yours and you're not you're you're not sell your dirty he's out on Thursday you're like you're trying to force people to sign off I tell I'm proud of our I'm telling you exactly what happened here I'm telling you that. In the final episode of that episode commerce is time. Tom Brady's being the size quite aggressively by the way for Alice Guerrero in the Brady family sweet. And not down anywhere near the the organization here is off the stuff had to go out there and do that slapping oil that was. Aggressive massage. Popped up and AA Brady family sweet. And going even back further. Embarrassed Rob Gronkowski according to sources about wind to work with. Guerrero way back in training camp that is being a baby. Then I'll ask lord. You're told by the owner said this happened a little quicker champagne and out. You're taught by the owner were sticking with Brady long term you got to move on from ground ball great so your answer instead of trying to maximize the asset. You're answer is called the first team available Sanford Cisco and trade of for a second round pick to not shop around. That's being a baby Christian the fact that people are not being more critical Belichick in the aftermath of this. It speaks to how much Belichick is in people's brains in bill we trust and also show people have a short memory because bill is as guilty or as a baby inch terrible word. As Brady has been in all this yeah. So there's salary I stopped her feet got a second round pick for Jimmy cheek as you were maggert did you could trade of franchise quarterback Jimmy. OK so I do routine though there there there are there are people that there are inside the chooses sides. And there's a lot of things that the decisions bill makes and you senate though given the benefit of the doubt. Because his track record. Is so long and it impressed a lot of quarterbacks track record of playing a really really extremely high level same thing so you decide. Right OK the game's about to start picking team does is it's easy eagle embrace this is it. I hate the exact last six months he's the greatest coach of all time from drop below two Guerrero all the stuff I it's it's. Ole Ole Ole what cable more baby example from from from which side Shaq well wouldn't you want to play Malcolm in the Super Bowl because he was upset at the player for some reason. Seed here at bat to the pile that is raised the coaches beanie baby I had my way that is price tag Eugene Monroe that is. The that's that's that's the only one run like all right. I know put that self edit Butler knows what the hell happened the reason Malcolm Butler did something. To be reduced raw if we did you you disagree. So the idea plug it in a way out. I hate how he did not do something toward not playing in that game as someone I know how to present the playoffs and won one okay. Something did happen. And there resign at inadvertent. Summary different scenario launch is speaks all I mean I've heard the you know the ones everyone's heard right okay you know fight with a coach showed up lame answer sort of Democrat you know any maybe had a concussion and and it could trust me that's what made them off. Estimate and con you know not that they're not the only key to trust while it would go it would it would show up to. You had issues so he was like acting out stopping his speedy big I've heard it all I've heard everything. So something happened and then you have the majority tweet about okay talking to sources players say it wasn't without merit. That's all I need to know. So you're your own worst enemy you're you're the reason why you're not playing I'd never been and I've never been in the situation with the page and really any other team. Well I didn't know why wasn't playing it I was honest with myself. I could easily figure out. About delusional I could be like water all they hate me they don't trust me there's got to get me you play that hole roll. You you be honest person say you know what I aft up. They don't trust me now it's and mount crying gets to bowl because they'd they won't play unless somebody gets her. I let's let's hear Jerod Mayo on mr. rice try to sniff around again and answer right there only two people that whole what happens in the bill and Malcolm I got that conversation what multiple guys on the team past and present. And no way house now and that's true meg nobody knows everybody knows something. We just had only people that are Malcolm and know yet but every atlas I'd done the same thing you know. We were on the same circles you know ski drug male tees and now it's. Everybody has somebody that is connected to the situation. That's why. The where there's smoke there's fire that's what I can't say listen this is exactly what happened. Boy you're a urine in bill we trust guy. Because I'm the host Ryan made a mistake to put it on and go ahead of light not place certain player over winning the super model those when they went knowing he's his line. I detect Malcolm Butler while woody line. Because if he knew what happened. He wouldn't out of them he would I saw Mike Reese now an automobile he would talk around the question and says hey you know I don't know exactly when and at Villanova known god talk noted but I don't earn a decent IE and Majoli you ask for answers and didn't get it. Might I ask but nobody well there's been a situation. I'd want to find what the hell happened why some might it was a plane. I knew the who'd OK so that it is DAY. Like this you know lower light runners even more evidence that nothing passive nothing happened Christian. No I disagree that it had a little excrement up it's and nothing happens and hand it. Fish I don't know laws banning hand. I did ask I didn't get any answers. But I can't make decisions like that so. Here's a that he personally its receipt does that get your hitters when the mine is not no you're not receding they're considering a lot minds all the above look a no brainer not recently it's terrible bout of Obama got more hurricanes. Don't care LeBron actually it's like 617779793. At all. I'm on TV rating ball what do you're job to make picks on what team are you on. Phone calls right into it on the just picked us hi Curtis picked outsiders like bankers will come to decide okay Campbell lives her I heard and actually heard and missed. Pick so I literally have in the hallway. Because I don't think it's not right. Because they're both right shocker. I played with one and I. It's part of both hit. So we're. I will do a Christian want to get your phone calls coming up I give it a full line when we weren't jammed up we get your calls breaker and all of that. We sure are taking a break right now we have the we have veteran does not. A little bit of appreciate it Dick Paul came in and said don't worry about the clock. I thought we did. Already taken none already returning here and now while that's a good did you have a great leg place this guys does better than yesterday. Tyler are accurate that talk was of the bar was set pretty low and the day before that when I was he. Forays here we'll talk to you guys.