OMF - Brady may have physical limitations in camp, plus Gasper's big words confuse Fauria again

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Thursday, August 9th
Hour #2 on OMF and we discuss Tom Brady's work in camp and lighter throwing work load.  Plus Chris Gasper wrote a piece about the Patriots defense and some of the big words have Fauria scratching his head.

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Pete's or Wayne Loney and fortieth our final visited the season with a manager Alex Cora I'm becoming emotional week for compressed again I I would not imagine that being the case this week. Are struggling and now they're not doing their statement that but now we haven't. We're gonna blame bloom alone that's a great point you know how important that is other people are interviewed me and we start struggling and we have one of those guys and all and we. Wind blew in Christians this survey it is full all unfocused or. What is this. And you can pick Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady not now but any time during your career you would take Aaron Rodgers. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. Tom Brady as you know and had to dole is one of the lucky this. Actor explained that right now on Sports Radio WEEI. Why is lucky. Unlucky. That can't summon side of helmet would would you say that was unlucky for the team on both ways. I would say at this time they lost I mean it really hasn't been great faults now. It's been good defense that couldn't stop the other team from scoring but he fumbled. About lecturing his normal some moment so button on Nam not lucky unlucky doll yeah that that's treated fumble last of this possible and a fumble. Right after Burleigh for 500 some odd yards crazy like that and Julian element when I was pretty lucky just to the fact that Marshall now. I think what it's time don't count I have to just say you know I give up no. I did just that they aren't you don't mind right yet and haven't gotten an early but if you give up at Max gives up. Then McCain had this conversation more so statistically. Isn't isn't some material so they have these three women who are written a book right now where they're breaking on the science at the wrong with like eight Jeff Allen's oh. Three win the well let's tilts up and Islam strictly ahead so they paid they. They have a new book on the flight gate which is all broke out. What's clients where it's I had totally off and get it right it does not win another conflict people yet it surely. At this point it isn't there is another way Italy and other deflate other big issue germs yet. Okay and did it again let's three win crude reserves not something announced today or go away. Yeah as much out of me. Completes to jump on the right exactly. That's the exploited he showed us he's shown ethernet connection third book Hala that's how would it be fair I was told Obama login again but who played 800 candidates using form and they clearly this is more pages more peace give it time out. How. Did you might get your wish give it I think that's coming. He should give it to him but you read all of the spokespeople didn't even read the whales in the they might. But this is a scientific book want Albert comment yeah Bryant with an 8200. Point and his appease 101 out of China would be a that's part of it means that but does that that the -- people when did this thing to look at these documents remain. The three women and the Wiki documents were MIT irritable elementary deflated document yeah I think I wanna global I think Israeli he's not correct ego and I know Indy as it currently is always it'll Louis cardinals when one of us is wrong I expected the producers should be able to eighties I don't Ryan to Corretja and right now direct you visited as indicated very high numbers coming from the recently been straight honest frank approaching a solid documentary now to talk a undone -- of stuff I'd be gone for we can try to -- oases you showed little music thing. I did last week I am pleased. Russia is responsible for this were the Yankees don't you you here I thought that about what some weekend. I've never price won no prize got to win against I'm excited about it when it was there any pressure on him and then the next game real internal laws when internal nine mania is self imposed. I think at duplicate so I will release the book. We want nothing. This nickname. Look at hectic you. And yeah a technically this is her mom we gotta love that this team's pitching. Well it's vehemently that thirteen twelve MB thirteen I hit forty kids like it on Google why we do and that's why did your Little League World Series on until you know these tickets. It was huge to any idea that it is gigantic there curve ball if that braves have just had trouble percent and its auto in nineteen. So we just a cheerleader so we just our nickname for one of the kids and it's really put the bio appearing at the movies 5100. And while I'm gonna repeat that nickname I'm not repeating his thinking. The right candidate be fearful. I well right now I have like totally missed it on the way. For cunard luck should not be his nickname and will it be ready around fields agreement now Tom I hardly got. That's who do you see yet yeah. You know I don't know it's totally different hotel repeated. According I don't know repeated use of stupid I'd. Could seal off the air like well I don't think Kay started all this she worked and it's no word idiot all our government on the the cancers. And again. I idiotic tomorrow off. And I'll probably anyways so I vaguely the kayak. And I transient winners and you'll see this on Twitter ESPN just made a major mistake right now and we watched it lives. Is Ireland can I remind you constantly so that. We were gonna get it to the whole bill thing. Saw as I did all the sketch a breeding and obviously didn't realize the women had done documentaries and books because he should be on my head was into it but. But I didn't a lot of the stuff over the last few days it's everybody thinks the bill is gone soft. Yeah a lot of days off you don't travel and Justin and. Just remind people that this is the history of Bill Belichick did just when you think he's going to do something he does something different and I think it's for a fact. I don't think every one of these pre season camps. They've all Ben alike he does different and one under going bowling and its and they don't see a movie you'll motivation some speakers coming up. He takes them to some historical site. He does different. Things because I think he realizes. That he's gonna maintain. In their attention they are there. The order a video that we talked about because the big Bedard had a as far as workload for Tom Brady and he got like a veterans day off. It was a Thursday Friday. And I think it was Saturday was a half day work out. And it negate the team sentiment yeah he's forty Juan are nobody's that's for five days of our. But it's not about Tom Brady though it's isn't about giving David Ortiz five days off in camp. Because when you're giving Tom Brady for five days off for throwing a football. Hero also giving Kenny Britt. Eric Decker Cordero Paterson Philip door set it was July days off of catching footballs from Tom Brady. Correct so it's a little bit different than an individual sport. You know it's not eating given Rob Gronkowski five days off you see it he's Delaware bogey connected with Tom Brady's good but you gave the quarterback. For five days off basically a thorough and hasn't thrown all that much. You mentioned that sowed it with all that being said you know chill Belichick blah blah blah like yesterday we are talking about. Just you overall schedule because they had Sunday and Monday off okay and then came back to practice on Tuesday. Nazi Wednesday games today. Allison or break him down as a while that's a weird situation because Wednesday the game for the game always. Regardless of what's going on that is a children walks or it's like OK this we put a lot of work UK where we're just gonna make sure everybody and got to make sure you get those young guys some reps. There's certainly played a lot of games come on it's a bit there's a bank and is now hitting it I think he's doing it for our numbers and stuff up you know that's probably what's she's also point to your point. So I don't know I thought they are shelter that's always been so Luke tells me today that they were in pet gesture of source. You know got a warning system so in the tribal clothes right. Yeah and I had close here for the game so you're not supposed to know what's going on if there are pets that you wouldn't put pads on. Just to put pads on as you don't have enough padded practices are not allowed to bid pads so if you're going to be impact you actually have to do. You know benefited from a you have to use you you goal line. Show our house recently go full pads for the Redskins to. I don't remember ever seeing it happen ever CEO Joseph Belichick who you know and full pad work yes or game. Now because we eat and eat out are you like one new. Packed into the teens and practice practice in both teams are like war in practice so for some reason answer after this morning. Has reemerged when videos and edit it. I don't know if I would cardinals Colombo was it was it actually the show after with a blue checked margaritas at a different won the feature that if there was that if these breaks in that can check their villages I don't know rent that month he writes them anyway I don't know picky. With the in his opinion it gives his opinion why he thinks the Brady's been throwing that much. I'd get legally is is looked upon you mean Amelie it will. What other teams rest younger players. In injured late twenties early thirties again against the 41. How many rows in the norm and and to go back generally you get fit neatly kept do we. What the issue it is basically it just becomes intriguing. And so the patriots swore that regard. It calmly got it. Number grows it is all year you might as well preserved now and org and it is much less is how we get I don't think him being in right now they're typically need an age where within. Lard or just in Smart in the right age managing its leader managing the roads. Trying to preserve and were long he can't. That was the that was. Shepherded wanted to be on call since I didn't want it not. Flailing. Every area. Defensive they're elected along don't realize other we don't what does that tactic yet to placate. He thought he had an he had he wanted nothing to do it is indeed none now. And much was trying to you know thrown negotiate and I understand a physical pony city's 41 years once again it makes her but after I was the think about. They're all well how do you balance of that it's not like he's coming back. And it is listen if if of the court that he had coming back was grown up and Adam and M and dole and Holden and in cooks and join Allen you would sit there and state should take days off. With the same group ball yet last year and promising page committee work alongside a point now try to get more locked in this year whatever it is. But it is completely different group especially for the first four weeks of the drunken Hogan. But I would say this they can because I think you're bringing up legitimate point that. The Turkish changed the way he does stuff over the years from year to you when he says. It's a new year it is totally different so what could be happening here Lou is company that he feels a slight separation. With some of the players. With what went on in the offseason could be some of that. And so he's trying to mend that he's trying to you know kind of massage that back together to get the team back to get that could be part of it. The British thing to me is he's looking at the bigger picture. So we're sit here and people are gonna get all worked up in the first four weeks of the season is only the easiest prediction in the world. Patriots won't not look like the New England Patriots through the first four games in. Why didn't you don't want obvious because because it happens every year. And so he may be looking at it saying and that they didn't separated for four games after the suspension. He may be looking at all worried about it what we look like we 89101112. That's all I care about we're gonna win our division that's when I'm worried about. So what he's looking at say I need to preserve this guy. Even though you're right Lou it's gonna hurt. Kenny brats in the quarter oral Patterson's of these other players. I need to make sure that I Brady is that Brady a 100%. Down the stretch and into the postings. Where are. Currently I mean of course is going to be on the pitch count pitch count. Started nearly eight years ago I really started monitoring like how many times he broke his brain would never come out and out say. 99 point at the quarterback really values his job. Never want anyone to take the first team reps not know you'd take the scout team reps I'm taking every single Rhett. Normally. That back a Corvette may be ultimately the last two reps in the period may be. Because you don't even then make those reps to be taken away because what if you screwed up one place and it's the first play of that series of that of that period at practice. They're gonna replay that and negative removed that guy and you're gonna do another rat. So I'd like that you just don't get the reps. So I need captain obvious here yes of course you can try to preserve him eat even all the guys all the all the guys any guy with over five to six years. Is going to be on some sort of watch by it with asset. Why isn't even necessary now. They don't practice. They're not paddle the practices are short there's no two ways expert opinions is now the biggest issue of our prize more vocal with all out assured that there that they. They are but it that and that's what you're doing all these little lethal late load trips he's like you know you know little fun you know fellowship trips. Wells movies you know you're gonna let that get her back the clock they all these three time. The question I asked back in 201112. And a rat I confused about this like. What do you do in your you have all this debt time. Obviously you can only coach to not paying attention you're gonna happen for gonna watch game fit under your blossomed some some old tape and what do you do. They're not paid attention about a lot in third done so it bull why watch more bill because they're not pain to those. Get to put India and as far as playbook to go put things in say what I could do what we can't do much and on the fields he got to be ready to go. Installs takes. Thirty minutes maybe I have to say and so the biggest issue was okay when would he you have to occupy their time. You have to keep them busy so you you change the way that the situation changed it trading system you know you mess around with whatever. You know dinner lunch and so they're constantly doing something they're active. During HL wanted to ask you would wait you don't why. We're taught what this yesterday about what the joint practices I don't filly came out and said they don't wanna do it this year. The Washington have some sort of agreement with the could give up their play dare they're practicing is at West Virginia Richmond. All aware so aren't so it couldn't so they couldn't do correct they have a set agreement to make appearances. Wherever they're practicing so I. The selling you know I don't like we're talking about yesterday how much how great these things are these joint practices how life can be done how you can get ahead of it how much mar the page suffered doing each and every industry than doing. You know and and I don't obviously it's not a bill Belichick's choice it's because the Redskins and Eagles decided they don't wanna do what they can't do it a case of maybe Washington. But you know it's I don't I don't play bill for not doing what if he really wants to do what I believe is that you know it's it's alike Brady not show up for vaulter. It's awesome when they do what is the reason why they're great pony doesn't it's no big deal it's more like the fan media perception of its WTO said it is too. It practice he needed him did you guys get the feeling the beloved and I forgot you're still thinks it is a guy you be it is a big deal and but he won't he won't say never admitted he's not saying it now is an -- is no differences on that there's a huge difference and he knows it. And he just won't admit it because. We're not gonna do it this year so therefore I don't want the players to think that there were missing out on something which is moving ahead. That is the way he approaches everything. It we're gonna deal with the things that we can control over it and we can't control it. But I agree with you I think it and I remember bill talking about this the last few years because players. No the instinct of the players their playing your puts that took the offensive and defensive line they know exactly what the guys doing on every single play right. When you're playing a different day you don't know you're being caught off guard when you start playing these games for real. In September you don't know what I guys don't across from you so would Morse it's simulates a game. When you're in one of those injured team practices strike and you don't get that when you're practicing every single thing. I took the phone calls next plus we get into the gas for peace have no idea what do you preaching Belichick Izzy knocking Belichick. Is he trying to do both such wants 77797. And Teresa. Once again these Glynn blue and Christie for away murder moaning emporium on Sports Radio. Yeah. My back and pull him out. Beginning on Monday we will shift we're afternoon drive you can get just two to six every afternoon so we'll. Can join you afternoon drive on the way home. Some people are not happy with the move people that have a different schedule public but it's very simple now. All of this stuff. Is available on demand. So you can catch our show on demand later on in the day so you can listen if you can't listen for two to six right you can with some literal. They catch it on that I can do that right. Slightly down at the more people argue listen to its external I would think of the audience will be applicable at the film made is not an unhappy with this they felt. There's no doubt going to voted. Eddie. Yes so. Front porch now I like you guys are way era records show that shook up. Are you. At all politically and it just auditors Ella here sport talks. Well we'll just go to the six earning not going insane show. I noted that you're just going to explode. And the middle much real quick drive every day so it's more in our annual meeting a little so. JB and her selfish felon cannot get a team OS are. And we're a little concerned about you you need to be where you're from two to say thank you no longer commute. Oh yeah yeah I think I'll still be at the end of two albeit Malia all well and I do appreciate that you thought you guys. It's a year you know you. That's all right back today number. So it's important piece. I only wonder though I know. There for me. I I am concerned about the the individuals community looks cute show are out our clocks that ain't traffic I'll be sure. Some of these sometimes but that's not an orderly says it's Cattrall a major accident. Good or bad so concerned Zelaya edit fill a look at that this once he gets slowed on the traffic on the expressway or 95 north because maybe a couple people go off the road. With something I say they'll be more people will have to listen it was for a longer period. Can look at the patriots 8 o'clock game. You know not happy about it during the day and at what girl that's confident and excited to announce coming emulator and very good Phillies an alternative you know you can change jobs. You have to work the shift you're working changed jobs I would if you're dedicated to the shall I would change your lifestyle. Political ads to meet a guy in there. We watched that video or audio work and training. Yeah. Yeah strike the right deal. So. Are you all I'm still coach. We were done for the season summer summer is over. So hole and so how did you deal would initiate that they're just aren't. All you have. Throw off the team because. I don't what the team that went on his dad. You were you suspend that it's his attitude and a signs reading signs. Three elsewhere and outside in place we call you that it ducks for the worst etiquette outburst of Nicklaus on the speed to steal for speeches at all. He's well I mean we should do so since percent of the people desperately need the people and experts into the slipped we'd have these these are 2% of the people and I. Yes that's just par I think they're more understand unity there I don't know compassionate clause really think about it so in my little catch up last night of catching up on all the stuff I missed I don't read your body. Crist Chris Gasper yet academy favorite do you have the peace in front of him. Yes Kristi did you remain the first paragraph I don't know how many did work. Now we did this last Wednesday it would waves. Do they cannot read it and it's gonna at all because usually it is. You know Ryan proposed. Best assets to total support through. Picture experts are here at the part of bill Belichick's coaching genius is overcoming some of his moves as yet problem backhanded compliment. Looters and eternal gates. Who built the GM is fighting with bill the coach it's an incident wins a new debate I've never. Missile at. The mount Mitchell. Yeah. Defensive setup is very back that I created I've this paper cups and acted out. With a built. In bill we trust oh c'mon all preconceived. What is that I don't know read it in it from church in per per per private tour. This is an inflammatory premature to be here if any do you look at that when I read these stupid words and you look at London that means that I can't read it. It is an official licensed by the Roman Catholic Church to print and he uses the word that the script a classy asked the or religious again we know you're Smart do that you just can't quit trying to show. Stop it differently and we are made and are looking up and keep the result of the teams unpleasant and winning in the NFL salary cap era. Patriots. Bob Bill Belichick has earned the level of trust but just because they'll attack. Went every season that doesn't mean every move he makes its territory. And a possible. That's fueled. That beats the river a sustained success stopping you from wind you're candidates who dispute the you don't. He's completely isn't it we first and I honestly I like five. It. Off. And tributaries and rivers stream that flows to a larger reverently. We're. You re an arc and political asked about talk about her you're you're not used because language that's not from lands properties vacant. Yeah Robert your hunt you heard about him like you're appealing to sports fans Talladega you were answered yes I hung jury did a difference in our different generation and even changed up at that they're so conscious of first of all other Google we get that we get the in bill we trust and a and there are some people terrorist. There's some people that will in bill we trust and everything that Phil does they're going to go along aren't there are others that look at stuff and nobody's arguing the point. To deal doesn't make mistakes. Makes a lot of you gotta look at the bigger picture and the track record but this whole idea of bill is able to as a great coach. Is able to bail out this sect GM Bill Belichick. Is it bounces it's going to pitch. He's been a great roster built there over the years does he makes a bad traits yes he'd asked does he makes some bad of a draft picks. Yes he does. I won't. A puts us that this is obviously some some points in here that I would agree with but a big Eagles will be too far when it's a busy focuses on the channel Jones the Malcolm Mitchell released. There's no tailor Jones was Jonathan Cooper a second. Nature in that sector into Joan Tony and Malcolm it's correct they just released my commission front left jail Jones Joseph Torre for a day I think you look at a lot of trades it's used left and this what happened all so. The question of does he get enough for the Chandler Jones of the world the Jamie cones that Jimmy go rob Lowe's you know those given up as you shop enough. And get as many picks. Is he can't return that's a good debate. It is a good thing nobody if you look at Whitman Lou if you look at some of the other guys pass rushers and remember now Jim Jones was on the last year as did well that's the point the point why is it contract cannot find a player forever your final one year of the plight that's the point the point is that this is the is it longer article and and finally the last paragraph he brings up to jones' contract worth what you thought human being. Weytman but still. It is one pared their free talks about Malcolm Mitchell always have that you Tubal 51 moment where you go out there against the falcons. But he says however it's fair to speculate whether the pats would have needed such an effort comeback if Jones were still part of the defense that got torched for three quarters. There is no debate. That you know their boat trailer jones' future with the patriots there wasn't one. I wasn't gonna pay him now so we can't sit there and say they didn't make that your agent Jones would stuffed Atlanta. You want to bet on this team anyway so stick with they get enough in return. Correct if hundreds of the contract re 82 and a half million dollars via some guaranteed pickets are never a million years going to do that. So they moved on from these guys but the debate of is bill getting enough Izzy Izzy trading away in of these football players and replenishing them with good football players to move forward with that that's a good. So I did see somebody and I can't find it right over Somalia to to put it lists together. Of all these pass rushers who have been dealt in the last few years. And they were all third fourth fifth sixth round draft picks. In in in response okay Maradona was traded I believe for a third was that a third round so. In your forgetting people are forgetting the set of circumstances. They're taking Chandler Jones as a player. They're not taking the set of circumstances at the time that he was about to become a free agent. So therefore you or trading for one year that player. Who can go anywhere he wants the next year you're not giving up a first round draft pick for Chandler Jones. No team's gonna do that for one year player. That would be us training I was never going to get that from anybody but I think he's looking at. The more key value. Of the individual player. He's not looking at the set of circumstances. Because when you make a trade you trade for the contract you don't write for the apply your long term. Now we look back at that Jonathan Cooper trade. First tells me Johnson cook who was throwing you lose underlined that guy was skipped in in in error Dolly but you know it was he was. But I talked to was like OK this guy you could tell those guys just nobody walks off the plane did injuries he didn't fit. I thought he would be one of those one of those guys that they just conduct or exclamation I thought that would fix them then he would again. But it almost like it was flight deck all right well. There wasn't even like it hurt again this kind of material did get hurt again because they my point of that we labels story. And it was like ice right but you know you've you've you've played again by the vacuum and as you wanna remind them that I was there thank you and and you know that. That and you get those plays that you are those players that every single week they have a problem keeping up at me but the company last and he walks away what you really in the end this. And is walking around the room not seen any large pieces of paper off. Did you ever in the studio we take you all so I hope they want go to Lou are always go well you didn't tell that to me. You want to ask me for the charts Alou got this has its own indigo. These guys have been traded Robert when. I do it is a pretty good player right eaves Jennifer fourth in the sixth round. JP PRD blues handoff with fireworks we had a right he was traded for a third round. Michael good pretty good player traded for Marcus Johnson in the fifth round Jimmy on clear though I mean. Was let's keep OK more Jamie counts third round pick was he stray Jim Jones a topic that's the highest possible. Jared Allen pretty good player such rampant George Johnson fifth round. Let's say that's OK all those players other calls and Jones in an affront. Michael Bennet was traded in 2018 PG PP 2018 article in 2018. I don't have just finishing has a rookie and these guys and Jared Allen 2015. I Jared Allen was still pretty good okay it's a pretty good but not coming off rookie deals well three years in the league. Right as loudly cleared Brett Paul Elliott I'm starting your careers these guys are our veteran plug ins. Who will -- think there impact but veteran guys who badly along time. Getting older goalie good clubs try to fit I was analytic go to Minnesota went in on me so. It was the case a bit different industries YC Jamie calls Jim Jones second third round pick these guys with three years in the league for easily and an airedale. It except that if I take on Jim Jones and on the Arizona. I didn't I know that I have to. So I don't think the second round draft. Was was was that that big a deal I think it was a pretty good return. For Chandler Jones. Right but what we look at it we do with everything else is you know. I don't care when we trade Tyler Sagan on a kid you went straight Allison and do your thing when you get return. So we trade away tailor Jones and you get Jonathan Cooper never plays. Malcolm Mitchell gets released. And Joseph Tony who's. Just the guard. We too would Joseph Tony is a page starts for your team valuable piece ultra but I keep busy Arabs enough well maybe you could what you've seen the players that's one of getting what you're seeing the return. You start asking did they get enough at the time a second round pick for him. Probably does look about right but you could argue the point maybe bill shouldn't have traded away the 20162. Round pick and flipped it try to get two picks out of it. Maybe you could argue that point I don't know. I think at the time up until now in the with the release of Mitchell. People thought it was a pretty good deal. And I would guess for Stewart is jumping on the fact that Mitchell is is is off this team right now. But the whole piece the whole idea that the coaching genius has overcome the moves is a GM. I would say that the moves he's made his GM and the rosters that he's built over the last twenty years spent pretty incredible. Mistakes. Littered with mistakes we could find tons of them but couldn't do that within eighteen. Could I go through the last thirteen years the last forty years of any team and sit there and say oh my god look at that move only got to admit the move. Yes ya and confirm I give bill. Nico but we went through it recently to win and you know we've had stretches like this before where you know when you look at the young talent on this football team. And follows the tell you that you know the first pick you know bill doesn't just pick by need necessarily all the time and a draft we see just picked by the best player correct. Their first time first play they pick last year or two years ago Derek rivers great don't know I know Antonio Garcia don't know Cyrus Jones. Malcolm brown might loses job this year Dominique Easley was released. You know any Jamie Collins so I mean you're you're looking at. Recently some of their best players on the board you know Malcolm brown Jordan Richards you know Grissom. Goes your first three rounds. Yeah 2015 at and I could do that with Martin junior player there know what I could do that would most teams that are drafting in the second half of the first trying to. I could do that would most fit you're you're not gonna have a great success rate. In the bottom of the first round that's the point I'm making. So any bills without the stuff so yeah you can look at those years you're right Lou those are great drafting years. But did you pick up all the annoyed you pick up other guys that fit in and he's out there and said while that was a good move was saying is built the general manager. Corrects a lot of the mistakes to build the general manager makes as opposed to the soul like you're always such as a GM but he's a great coach so we can make up for. I'm not sure great coaches can make up for psyche rosters. I think that's impossible I don't think you can do. Ousted at bill is really excelled in late the guys off the street you know the trees to fill in some polls. Over the draft of an oil would do a better with the young healthy Donta hightower. You is maybe you'll see that picture. I'd take a break right back gadget 6177797. 937 or here and Owen Smart. Sports' top current multi lingual finger for the force of nature enough that apartment she wants the foundation a noted that no one. Why is this allows both parties have. Let's return with more Fort Wayne Loney and for EA Sports Radio. I'm back here. An apple and that's coming up here in this hour we're going to give away her tickets. Red Sox tickets for an upcoming game today coming up in this in this hour. Some in the senate tell me Karen stuff and as I set up on a vacation out of touch with some of this stuff. That is big brown to put together the big brown eyed nor I were Franklin old coach that surely that's all right that's ultimately what care metro west is that what he does what he somewhere where does he work. But knowing I have no right. We write so if you if you if you want like what Ryan doesn't know the answer he just he just ignore all look like we won't know it's like he's over here. He plays like he's a yeah I mean he's death but through. Through a lot of oh well but it was a but that's all it's better than it's been a solid religious yeah yeah. This out or eight guys registered and you mama Isaiah you are you know way in here and there when the hockey term when I try to piece you guys that called in called Concord Monitor isn't Concord OK okay. So the Concord Monitor. You read it all the time there which echo so he was the wanna put together the notable pass rushers traded from 20152018. Excuse me that we just Reggio and tell me Karen what right now who who fight right and a lot of free time Dave. Write something. Not something that trampoline is off of someone else's headache but that springs from the what does that. What does that worked with the gas John C mind of data is that Hispanic that's on like can you do that date jump seat. What does that were looking out jumpy. Jumping I don't know I've wouldn't be jumping my one so I don't know Dave. I know Tom and Dave brown one of these guys it doesn't ever write anything in just. Sits back in comments below their real special we actually don't have an opinion might be right place to comment and you know as a political ties in this a lot of data out a lot better come on where your own opinion and just rip opinions or thoughts that this guy I don't know. I've no idea. Well anyway Tommy Carroll and have some you know what that means no. I. Jumped the under the definition of jumps which is Johnson. Hold on. It doesn't it just says jealousy or twelve years. If you if you don't use an injustice that is now I mean honestly like you go to Webster's dictionary online. It doesn't didn't excel itself. Let Sam meaning baron. Yes. Does that I would say it sounds it's kind of personal between these two individuals. Tommy and and and Ron Amadon guy because having other article said there's things you can pick apart ideally wish the very end to start. Finally mentioning that there are some contract issues. You know so again there's. Only wanted a much known Jones yeah well there's also the whole running around naked. It's a happy news there is that they have pets I don't know also and I forgot Ed. Is a man right around. Borough I don't know much different. Usually it was their chance that matters trade that. Let this guy really is a guy that was naked from the app police officer called synthetic weekly yes and you want him. And I'll go them back to the police hands is he went back through the cardinals probably on three times if you really need help. Okay. Why they didn't want to tell our. I find it very differently that's secret -- you pick the cardinals probably investigated a little bit to go to the back door of the police stations that for us there were a bunch of of a bachelor's gorgeous you know medical matter guys they're back doors for listening to people on the front door right back to it it you know since Amber's back there yet you know what actually like the back door please we you know if they should really is that is that I guess I don't know the operas to open is that collected Dreifort. I got on us as that is right. I now. He got about real quick so get so Jesper misses some of the elements of the deal so that devalued. The apply here between the contract. And the off field stuff to valued the play he's not taking that into consideration. This at this. Again it's built it make mistakes is GM absolutely by the way it makes mistakes his coach as well. But don't to write a whole piece basically saying. The Bill Belichick to coach bails out Pia should Bill Belichick the general manager or young scapegoat the problem is to build so convoluted draft. You know you might look at and say well I got I got a settlement that is an issue what is this and it it is and here's what happened yesterday you miss this yet so yesterday's food being delivered to incidentally delivering food to -- goes right to port deal like the fact that any what do you first in the room that I am not his is that different age that's that is a different pizza place I don't know if it that this is. Can you please explain what's going on Ryan. Honestly Fauria obviously doesn't know the limits of his powers you know he's like I want donuts any adult that's yesterday's it was. Who sponsors. To be sent to the same guys same guy so the guy delivered pizza yesterday to you deputies doing the same thing you know. He wants you to do review report. On know when I asked if they're like we did meet you we have like an audition for food expert trying to you know certain section of the show the relate. If you food that you wanna be part of the show you once talked about chip well due to you know another leak of that later. I don't like the end yeah patties I thought that you re. Let me here we try to surprise and it's at. You. Want to. It's several. Should take more than one like that you can't really tell one unless both dvds and boom and I about it so yeah double stress test them art art Deco. Why did you find I get stressed nog I have a great very healthy heart and I'd put me on this treadmill keynote to ultrasound on the heart. To be vigilant even waste my official ultrasound of your heart what it's like actors working out now feel like crazy and like all right great everything is Aussie you're healthy strong hearts however. Yet high blood pressure. Like I've never 1000 how you look at me yeah well I eat pretty healthy. And it gets noticeably really I've noticed with you occasionally is that there are harder to also whatever it. He's like yeah I think that's gonna change and Sharon. And I'm like. I should you should have high blood pressure gosh you should have quietly planning light that you don't Luna doesn't like dole or now we're. I don't learn a little more when I work out a way you're accountable we work adult. Do you do the executive or I don't I don't you've road anywhere. As well I don't. I don't do you look at our but I guess I'll it has nothing to do with a black person. I guess my diet ports are editor. Lot of it is but I don't like crap. All of it but a lot of it sounds insensitive public and almost that time it's how you live but some I don't hear how the individual just an issues I don't speaking of which treatments and what you're gonna do with the old legs the hours that their efforts to hate her I think. You didn't do it so I think we should. We're in dollars so Canada holdings in the referred to have a week like hard boiled it now how will this week. You kept them in the referred to wire winner I kept me the democratic team I want to go eat them like yesterday opening of prejudice and live among lobster bodies. A very agreement Roman like I also what we're you gonna do little. They're really I don't feel like good little you know only Joseph ray movies scientific you don't settle don't play home really is and they're going with some of the other shows. And ride him with the idea that you know you should hide those curtains and office take the case aren't that it. Re he's a huge pipes on that idea Kobe Bryant vital who's right the lobster shells if you get the look the you put them. Hours later this thing I always it always few days. Lobster of hours we'll reach an egg it's harder to fine. Mashed up to him backwards or some like this are you going to be the cal you really just really Christian you're really just an a little kid who has high blood pressure. Honestly just figured that out now. You're just at the high blood pressure yeah like I'm somewhat of an all I have an adult issue yeah they'll have high blood pressure or stress. About what you stressed about something else like get real about that public what it is big move now I'd want to come back tomorrow or race coming back now. It's not like low tide pocket and I have a big game there's one we've put a heart monitor on you at 2 o'clock on Monday NC wicker. 617779737. Red Sox tickets in the next hour.