OMF - Is Brady preparing to take TB12 worldwide? 1-12-17

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Friday, January 12th

HOUR 3 - With Brady's inevitable retirement coming at some point, is he starting to think about taking his TB12 brand global? His trip to China last year with Under Armour might be a hint at something. Michael Lombardi joins the show to discuss Jimmy Garoppolo and the rumors of Belichick going to the Giants. 


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You wish. He's Fort Wayne and moaning and 48 was about to get a fourth pick. I never heard out on the table for the on the ground made an offer to draft was percent Carner there are so I don't really behind IM ET is I was offered this well he had the chance off. That you did a lot of people around Cleveland now the saying was it for me. Really well I don't know what they're reporting but I know what to trade off was. And it was for a second and third with glee and Lou and Christian if I were representing the team I think what I would do is entered the room and I would bring a large. Jar of factually and I would say and do the agent on the other side I'm an Irish guy I really wanted to do the right thing please be gentle now. On Sports Radio WEEI. It was either a former porn director or it was a a major force. In the national football YouTube you pick the ones like I wanna we got Michael Lombardo come on he was you know he's been in those meetings before I wonder if there's an agent has ever. You know come to him with like a scenario like that our he actually went to the agent against them is correct we look at it. Did you listen be easy on me that there are some KY here's some you know here's use the good stuff. On it just I don't wanna feel anything that maybe now on up a little bit. More life. Until that happens. But that's what's gonna happen to all this is I wanna swipe right yeah. It is a contact sport. Oh please oh yeah I'll we're going to give away this autographed football at 130 would be given you all sorts of a subject it's allowed to call in it's they who they think it is. Is that is that legal because we're not saying it was we in my call against. For that not all alternate it's against it's a great piece of memorabilia I mean it's the end you're gonna have. Something that. Some people have but it it's it's an autographed football by may be the greatest person who's ever played. In his sport before we tell people we hit for legal reasons why would be extremely angry that if they do the greatest of all time when I was there was a weighty concede that just go go go. Goats yet how to be goat. She farm animals remember the farm animal in all we are greatest golf. While that is Redford while I was an honor if I would want to football I would I mean I guess so nobody calling it they they think it is and is below its. He's now we do not belong to and that the guys talking about yes he is that is that they are there and rod Arnold into another and people take your number. Yes okay moment might number your number yup. Minus 76. O'clock on Honolulu is number one. Right here the wind up with a decimal point to that Lazare commodity were you working on right now. My whose summertime blues music might work. I don't and proposal haven't. What I. As a Providence College coach let's look at this. This is what we're working on concern. Showed me that this person who autograph this football that will be giving away at 130 just happened to be the featured guy in New York Times story yes but I don't defend the wall. To me it's not Brady's midlife crisis given the way. With a book a website and I didn't I just I'm going onto the story and this. With a book website and in new documentary series and all business all pros seems to be pivoting toward a post football life we. And here we go used to due to an accused us of doing this yesterday Christian witchy due blamed yourself as well. We're gonna play the defending Tom pre media thing that we do because I don't. Understand this the people were critical of them. And I think is he's wide open for criticism here because this thing looks a little cult like real warriors are wrong. It's a little bit strange because. It's probably not our cup of tea were probably not into the Anthony Robbins dolphin but your feet you walk on the hunt and I know yes. Because you're you're somebody who experiments and everybody's announced that probably Communist Albania I grilled tipped over the Arabic. Yeah. Now so you know we don't necessarily go along with them but I find it hit critical that it. These people were writing about my C and others who a Sydney because they think it's goofy they think it's rude ridiculous. And I'd probably feel the same way it's not my cup team is I sent. But if Tomas you these other people or writing about it light something else and they're supposedly very progressive people they're very open minded. And if other people have different stranger habits when they won't think differently we're supposed to not be judged at all. We're just supposed to accept that everybody is different. So why can't top rated. The more I read the more I can I think the World Cup then on this a little craziness is a little if you want Tom Cruise and but why so judgmental Desi the Fed does he not have the opportunity. To be out there for so. A cynic Tom Brady's midlife crisis is that. Taken as a shot at Tom Brady. You know yes this is its shows that want to saying most athlete's career ends if you're lucky enough to play in your mid thirties late 30s40. That's a midlife crisis or your career from what you know is over now do. So me by definition he actually is that I don't take this as a negative towards him there's no question. He he he will be eventually sure right now Peyton Manning's in midlife crisis is what the hell he's doing the right is that what do I do next. As is the candidate Tom Brady I think for patriots fan on just speak for myself it's. The last couple of years you've looked under the hood a little bit elect I didn't see this come. You know I didn't realize Tom Brady was this who would be out there pushing this that are. Tony Robbins and it's sort of like I would rather just have that grind it out sixth round pick that it is parking spot is you work hard name but he also is determined to win his laser focused. And that's yet and we retires you can do all you crazy stuff polite quarterback and his team that's all I want well he's given you also more the last few years. And I think people fans myself I look at tuned and this is can walk. Yet there you know it's weird it's like when it went Nam when. You get a lot of eye rolling way in one people one of these when I want people seed. The new documentary when they see the business in that. It's almost like off one what is gonna stop trying to sell me stuff is trying to stop Micah you know pushing its products some like it is folks on football. Our come. To mean it's I don't know I don't get eye roll I mean I don't. I don't do it myself because it's just the natural progression that he was done five years ago. Will already be doing. Five years if it is it is pure and five years ago. Then it won't hold it all that could maybe what could be as good as it enlightenment. You know is they this these these these need to try to find only the true meaning in life. Well you have TB twelve frighten me to sit at birth of TB twelve has been his last this last three or four years it's played at a high level it's based on. Yeah longevity that's what it's been a prodigy thing TV twelve is though when he leaves. And it is an army lieutenant product is it. I mean it is the global productivity is it regional I think that's I think it I don't know you know he's portion of its national ID it is beautiful national. Oh absolutely this attention as well it. With China last year. This question shyness that's plant seeds his intention is not to have grown and tomorrow. That was an on armor for. It could be tool part as the law only Abbott everybody's pushing his Brown's version if you don't zone firstly get let's focus on America. But do you think he's gonna open at a time keeping it open TB twelve at Indianapolis. I thought I think the goal is to hash mark almost like the hard rock cafe. Can gain all the major cities. Yet big red carpet stars about what's T shirts. Have some really terrible Manuel had a bunch of old school memorable single vote go through the fan base is go through with Tina. Go to afraid they sign Tom Brady opened up different that some of those he's a cheater now you're right it's difficulty he goes to all the NASA and shares of auto market is yet to actually go Indianapolis. Under the element deadly habit but remember or go to your remembers clientele though this is cheap you can't use a credit car insurance doesn't pay for its all cash they're straight cash on me. So you're drawing from the elite the people by the beauty rest mattresses. The guys that had Aston Martin's. Those are who people who wanna pay. You know it's a tip I think the Democrats out there and bullies that have money. A decision matter reloaded yet loaded your Indianapolis open at the TB twelve you would go to that. And but here's a here's another angle you wanna give it credibility loyalty and its opening here is they give credibility and go to Tom Brady will go to the universities you go start at Michigan and you go to southwest Missouri State you go to Arizona Hague rock the ambassador pay he was looking at Texas Tech. And it's going down. And whether a tax accused the north in Texas it's a Texas. Texas Tech land. But no I think it's nationally. That's the way you start could be one in downtown. Austin I felt just like he would have to he would have defined specific market because of the clues right if you China mass market this to America. All right you could go to the peoples of the world and maybe let the boy people ultimately hate like eight but is if you try to if you had a of those crap if tackled him four or Indianapolis in your gonna open up a little mom and pop TB twelve on the streets of Indianapolis. They're gonna look at. Obama do anything that Tom brings don't. Because the brand. Has not been sick is open is it that you announced that penetrated their step. Florida that I go to the TV so I go to the dot Tim Tebow one thing you don't need to go to the gym down the street that's or Abdullah. And I tried he's got to go to a specific market and colleagues may be way the difference between what he's doing what Brock does. If it is of the same things. We're gonna Starks out of Boston has always got drunk fitness fitness I mean he's silent he's got a website he's got a drop football. Themselves let's see I don't like resells drunk witness though they sell equipment to Jim's. Yes OK says a biz and it's meat boy he sells bands. Maybe he will have to crawl to it ought to look like. But I'm cool down probably go to if you are a local gym only look at it either dangerously artwork or buy from a wal equipment I want I brought him up. That would ever feel walking into a GM insists there's there is on the Brady did under oral out and you look up he's got it wrong whatever. Latin machinists on the units that I ain't doing it as opposed to actually walking into a building that says TB twelve come on in and be like Tom Brady. You buicks are markets and an extra. Shoot a one issue I have you done what issue I have the almost as I don't know if it bringing up good points here I don't know if it's going to be successful business knocked it seems could be you know narrow. I'm leaning narrowly to to an audience out there and doesn't seem the wide scope that you did other businesses would have. But just the thing that drives me crazy and again I'm gonna get accused of doing what you did yesterday and that is were all sitting here defending Brady defense so we easier to. This is him. We presented may be. A eight the wrong image of Tom Brady Tom Brady was not always thought he once or maybe he was in his early days maybe was just beer drinking guys would you know drop this hang around with the wood Donald tropical enough. Some of those trips with the with to a trumpet and play golf for whatever you crazy stuff. Now he's into different things he married a model she has different you know interest they're they've gone in a different direction. It's all you can roll your eyes all you want but how different is that from the people who are being critical of him. That have their own little interest that date they have a seed that would there's any difference here. And I'm gonna be progressive and we're going to be open minded but what what. You more as far grown to know that you know via planet fitness socialism you relate to there's no law to lurk a little alert. The guy comes in like you have to play emotionally to LA angels general. Are doing my cats at all whereas spaghetti strap like top. You don't want to withstand attacks attributed gallon of water is up and now we're like warrants. That's the way on the other hand back so we put you read her walls. Oh yeah the race is on these things up and put the stuff on it and I have to be on. The probably go to Brian and Agilent quickly Brian go ahead. I think that Iran and I think that. The longer I'm Greek plays the more viable to keep it all becomes. And I don't think it's just let it leak it's gonna go there I think eventually you're gonna see these commercials this guy left the so. Everybody's gonna want to you know. Indoor and I think that I can insurance companies you know pain or I keep getting you to edit it all over the country. Insurance companies pay for that and shed some guys that seed that's why he can't reach. The blue collar market because it's too dad being expensive yes but all their like or want appointment is like 200 some the box it's so expensive. To get treated here purple heart from a range of stuff like chiropractors. Sometimes they don't take insurance depending on what you get them but it you can accept insurance. But just think they want to. I don't think they want. You know tool bag of donuts and bash with his you know it's chocolate as news this Annie said and I think it is but that's my biggest struggles that's the biggest problem that yellow apple having right now. People rolling their eyes because it evils it it's coupled. I actually it's not reaching no but I I don't know who he's given people more credit I think that there's a fan base out there that this despises number he doesn't like. In at the TV twelve competitors did not hear doubt crossroads in here. That said before. Do not let Bill Belichick walked out the door and let this be a bad break up. Because if that happens Ellis grows go to shut down shop and move his ass out of New England because they're not gonna blame bill. They're not gonna blame on the go the not to look at Robert Kraft who's the owner of the patriots take a look at you out Guerrero and TB twelve will be Dirk. The date that if if if he breaks this thing up whether it's this year or next year and it if that's how it plays out. Everyone's gonna blame doubts Guerrero TB twelve that'll keep hoping he's got a patriots place of the shut down. Nobody will go that'll be in more socially unanimous content. I went up. Mike Lombardi joining us next let's get you back to more order wavered loading and 48. On Sports Radio telling you we. Detective Michael party just a couple seconds to hook up for them right now I would say this. Clues correct in the offense spotters this weekend as a little bit of difficulty against this Tennessee team in the going to be more questions. About. Brady next week so anything he's doing right now the documentary. Or. Anything is going to be magnified if he doesn't play well if he goes out and as for touchdown passes this week and he looks like you'll Tom Brady. Nevermind. He's going to be in a bit nobody's gonna complain nobody's gonna. If you know the critical of Tom Brady show it really comes down to if you play great play well play like Tom Brady. Nobody's gonna bring any of this other stuff up and if you don't. Well of an attitude splintering internally Tom's doing too much other stuff and it's becoming a a real problem. We don't know Michael Marty let's go to Michael barker. Our conversation with Mike is being sponsored by town fair tire and by complaints ski insurance and like. Our tour record straight I promised you last week that we would actually ask a football question I can't promise you would be multiple football questions. But we'll start which I figure this when I titans are ruffled defending tight ends. Titans are awful defending running backs are coming out of the backfield in the passing game which had a break all the stand we can't find a way. In which the titans can win this game we off I'll kill. Here with. What look after the titans and went and looked -- got to play the perfect game you know a touchdown altered it's because you can you can play anyway we haven't quite taco milk a clock they've got to convert a lot of third downs. They can keep the ball away from Tom Brady you'd make him only have a twenty minutes. They've got to be able to. Execute our offense within the short sure they've got a memorial was going to be pleased with the speak to them all out of the equation is on because. They're not good enough for the skill positions to vehicle on the outside constantly so are a maker got a that would they're opportunities offensively they're going to be at their votes or whether it's Iraq gold glove on to the overall on days. Chase Field to the and then whoever they make it squabble broke right tackle. It got to be able pressure with those three of four guys double locker forced a ball outside can it do for sixty electorate are you gonna do exported. Probably the I think what happens in these audiences the wall patrician takes over and that's why the patriots were. Hey I was Michael's wondering if you had a chance to hear would Carmen policy said. About these are races that all of play for your article archer RA Iowa this and this has take a ridiculous and this is a critic yeah. If I were representing the team I think what I would do is entered the room and I would bring a large. Jar of factually and I would say to the agent on the other side. I'm a nice guy I really wanted to do the right thing please be gentle. So negotiate a new durazo is who does a lot of talking to rob a lot about drop below you if if if you've ever. Candidate who wears like that before my. No I've never done that on the so this policy that they've been in the prison incarnation and Ohio voters to have that lurk you know. Based. Jimmy brought him. A lot of neighbors. Eric karma karma will cooperate can look you know the agent controlled controlled and that's where. You know. 'cause if he's become created so because. Exports in I have to play from behind because they know subpar. A tractor. Create a number that prohibit them probably than is the number that's gonna have to start negotiations so Arctic. He's got a lever he needs. Feel like we lot of discussion about the market for Jimmy grapple when he was traded we heard reports out of Cleveland know what they are offering first Dixon fourth pick overall. We have Ian Rapoport and radio earlier today and said he knows that at the draft. The most Cleve was will offer was a second and a third which I think changed the dynamic of it all as far as the market for Jimmy. Have you heard anything like that is that it did seem a little bit like. Yeah Arctic I think not so to steal the show before and I think that oftentimes. People viewed Jimmy as you know all is more Matt Cassel would operate via you know and so there are a little hedge there American you know look. Mr. Laughlin the reality is some actually actually at all in the Cleveland was the king peacock anybody natural for all week that look fourteen. You know Cleveland was always offering things in an hour later they would change in the anchor it is players looked like some guys to sign back there shall. You know our outlook picketing would accept as true. Other markets for Jimmy is that nobody will WW. That I would say people. Ultra Colbern was trying to help guard your guy. No I watched them practice to prepare. That's interesting you talk about the Cleveland thing and we have heard that Belichick did not wanna deal with Cleveland. Because he was afraid they would messed the thing happened when you look back it right now. They were willing to give up that second and third for AJ McCarron and they screwed up the paperwork if you remember much they get the thrust up. It will only what we'll be back after they lost our corporate who you know that and so who knows what they would have done had they not I mean look I think anything that you Europe clean out with a lot actually. Are we doing math again here and to show all right you you said this the other day saw what should you use your own words. Chances a Bill Belichick coaching the New York Giants next year. But the fact that it was critical landing at them all on bombers on the court short come. I mean the daily news new Yorker has been really don't try Arab ethnic shape and don't matter Belichick or there. I mean look the other knows there's enough. Click people understand the rule and a trial like this contract you just can't believe all I want to coat the you know. You know it's like a pig sometimes there are rumors. It if you are running a football team and we just talk about this Patricia mcdaniels dynamic right the rumors and eighty Patricia is the the league guy with him with the choose Patricia all the mcdaniels. Always McCain does not interested in the job to fuel or GM now given what you saw from Peterson McVeigh and she and him with a young quarterbacks wouldn't just be the guy the offensive guy horse because started tried failed that maybe he wouldn't be heartless. Arctic Ocean route of the Arctic I think you know Josh is gonna. So what options that involve the Indianapolis and then they got involved in it at your credit your account seek out Latin column on the quietly trying to come on them for that. You know boat sector we want to head coach it would work toward you really wanna go to our environment the order to basically talk or work. Content at all. It'll work out pretty good goes for the featured speaker the picture program on work so I think this giant. I don't marked secret because I know Kirk. Great history and our military grade fuel in the New York area however there's a lot of things that happened in York field they'll welcome contract since problem because you like contract. In the future the lot of the problem. A lot of Hyde Park guys are the problem you exit out of Kabul and oh by the way you'll have a quarterback next here circuit huge. Well okay well that's why they're in the position that there were and a general manager already had placed the US to deal with that somebody's got to look a little bit earlier might when it comes to what Tennessee yes to do time while limiting the recessions of course in a third down ball Beaulieu all that yelled the normal things. But how did they should do yes he should they'd do the methodical. Bleed the clocks lol offensively to a bit the play clock says five. Do you think this below the more aggressive and challenge the deep and towns that featured steepen to make them plan their use to keep them guests. I think they should I that it should keep markets Mario understand other markets burial there hasn't been a shotgun quarterback. He's grown in well over twenty yards thirteen of commodities are he's thrown seven touchdown pass is working for the U a percent. They're better under center could use dual threat from play action pass. That's what I would do and when the opportunity came to play past the director of the pictures I would use that I would people who understand where I would make him have to work. In the air where they after the third runner past. I know you're not always. Pakistan brought about that from the shotgun marriage shocked that are easy to figure out when they're loving it. Except well eagle quarterback Matt passed. They get away. Understand they don't typically that's what he's a much better quarterback under center in the Chaka. Gemma actual word about the Patriots offense in this whole Mike because it the other wide receivers with a press coverage haven't shown they get open. And it seems like it's Rob Gronkowski or boss because they do have a good rush defense. As well as far as the young Lewis goes but can this offense just sort of flipped the switch should be need to what we think it can be. Our other Gartner group a controllable outside the numbers we're gonna have the knicks completely cyclicals play comic book though politically correct little tick away crock. It's going to be hard. And so what they go to you look the Miami game plan. I'm no rocket quite an acting ability to obscure little black try to take away the first order forced all the the last certain numbers and whether they can do it now can he do for sixty minutes. I don't know I think that's executed game it's always about the first drive with the ability. Consistently and that this you know. Amid a kite can score in the twenties they can't get a low thirties. So they basically compete let them get the chance to me it's really about being able to control or little deal. Or all outside. So we know we were having this debate about ready cooks. So Brenda could I think we all kinda had you know high expectations form thinking that he could be elected Julian element type and he's not he's more outside deep threat. All being thrown down the field. Were we wrong to think that he could be that shifty slot receiver was that was always just an outside deep threat. I that you don't let an outside guy and they looked at the one pick up the sentences and sync system of this. There inside receivers don't have to be able to me Marcus Cole and could run out flat at all. You know what he could catch the ball down a little look feel and that's what they wanted to try to beat the Trout Celtic. And all they want a big guy inside the sort of on the outside saint big picture picture. And that should change direction dark cooks and that are on the outside where he can build speed and he. Get out coached better. Other expectant that are out there. I give us something startling. That will happen this weekend in one of our four game something that will hold my god I can't believe this just happened. Well you know I mean look at our I think if they're truly a Larry King. It actually could win because you know the last time for liquid collateral when outran him got courted her in almost looser or wherever they held Atlanta or eleven or else. They have a fourteen point eagles' defense could play. Good enough to carry thirteen to the next level Neitzel is telling us. That's the question I mean look. Carter went separatist nine point five yards per pass attempt a bird out nick polls are just 3.5. The difference. It because he's on third down I think is in the chant and I think that's what I would say that would be upset about her. I'd like we're talking and actually get a good or are still at a Mike Lombardi joining us. Right here on though he scripted ready and now and I don't I let. Arthur bar and aren't we don't know what would normal amounts that today but that math that he just gave us with Carson once we got to maple. Because I feel like Philadelphia to widen into instantly addictive playing at home yeah it's one of these where nobody thinks they can win this think about is there. They're going up against a six seed they're playing at home and nobody thinks they can win. To meet that said that's a game you gotta be careful and Mike what realizes might. Is that he's not he's not wanna play. I'll play around whatsoever he loves math. Arsenal where separatist nine point five yards per pass attempt on her out. Nick poll averages 3.5 and. Difference at this moment for 2000. Honestly you throw joke I was late Toronto multiple waves don't wanna get into Vasily to. Colin often donors reviewed and when I'm. I just held on it before ever eight. Apparently could be a president you can say whatever you good luck Paul I believe president the ball ball ball is that I would hate him you eight Paul isn't it let's let us they would you almost all talk a good example. I try to get like a profligate. Just think our policies now like and I told quote. Okay he's he's he's dead fish but wants nothing to do with no back and forth is no Bali totality at all it was a hard jumps in Ellis over the pol. I just think Davis I accept that gland I don't know what it is but has been really harm Paul lately. Really judgment of a tough really quake it's like tough love it's eroded is maybe you guys can hash it out later on I disagree and they all get out Paul is run running the a tremendous. Producer boost of today. Awesome that that first collar and a sense that looks at saint Lucie founders set it straight I think that is the show this kind of cuts and when you when Lucy when when people call up to ever hit on him. Yeah Erica and would you say. Ian and I awful place to be on touch said he got a sweetheart yeah LA times if and your sponsors like. Just what would you talk about it when they say yeah I hear him on it politically sweetie that's only the meeting that's as well. So they really get on you. Never more than that but in today's society and think. He's deal any of the position going right producer right all right. You're single acts if you are you heard about that app. The consent act. That I'm talking about it unseen which would you have a guy came view with that total square moments are as the guy came to you that they download this app broke quick. Before we get to per second or third base wanna make sure you were you're consenting to the actions or to the advancement of my affection. Would you would you be would that would turn you off. Oh. Yes now I really is you're gonna keep your phone with you at all times in other words so the guys that may have to default. Take us to put it in particular I just at the request due to evolve as. All blow that might not gonna turn me on geese aren't options aren't stock at a point today about how it's about the safety from both parties. That's what it's about it and it at its new way of making love and and in romance. Just that's the world we live in today OK to break a good thing to break 60777. 77. It's so let's get another hour and ten minutes and then the weekend starts next. Hearing it's too late in the 24/7. Follow him on Twitter right now. Short way now back to more we're way removing euphoria on Sports Radio WEEI. I have no idea what the patriots are gonna do. The question is do you believe that Dick LeBeau has any idea gronkowski 718. Yards nine touchdowns and seven games against. But if gronkowski is going to be terror bust tomorrow. Not that he doesn't terrify me I can every other aspect of life including football games and just nightclubs and in in dance maneuvers that I he terrifies me to. And the Tennessee radio and it hurts and hurts us. We we can't even find the opposition. Where they can come up with any way that their team can even be competitive in this game. It's almost like okay this this season's over we we get that one winning Kansas City wicca and where or good. And it kills us because it would be really nice of you get somebody down near the cheaters and also calling his name since what. A lot more fun if we. It for a little more cocky or. And all of them just they are just afraid nervous. Buffalo fans can come up with the not right at the buffalo fans have reserved the fact that it is this is their lot in life. Anderson they can do about it. But. I mean they're right. Hit it right now I would if you watch that if it they've watched Tennessee all you want every single play. And they know that that Dick global defense can not stopping them and try any at this guy with the generals Rex Raleigh road whom I'd. Program Maryland I'm rich and asking whatever was done those guys if they had an afternoon for the patriots agree sherbet the Ross confirmed cheaters. That he bet they have gone to if I didn't hear you said he backed down and a and he did it but you know still bitter and we didn't need to do to win but they did do it it's the whole thing he almost admitted and you just having fun when it just. He played offense no refined and genuine fight and that's what's so let's start Celtics for a couple of minutes in the NBA animal gonna get right back. Into a football in the last hour and the reason I bring it up his Celtics were down by 22 in the game against Philadelphia over in London yesterday. They were playing zero defense in the first half zero. I don't know if they were over there thinking this is a vacation for five days were gonna enjoy it joint fishing ships and you know. Because she decides the Big Ben and evident second half they came out and they just put points on the 76ers. And destroyed them. And they have done this time and time again when they drop but they get behind by 18222446. Point. And they come roaring back in games and talented to score the final score does not indicate they took a twenty point lead I believe. The last thing on politically it was on the believable how the thing term. This cavaliers to a last night after they get blue lol now trail by thirty against Minnesota two nights ago. Would Toronto last night you know a lot in a back problem. Some play in the game they lit and it. Heavily years screw it. You'll destroy us that each of the raptors destroyed that they were down by thirty enacted Isiah Thomas looked horrible last night. Looked like he was out condition. Look like he had no spring in his legs. It was a complete disaster and they played. Zero defense. And so the question now exists out there. Is this Cleveland just plain MO. Little game whether and a flip the switch on and it does get through the regular season because that's what Shaq. And candies man thing and partly shouted after the game and today. On first take they do poll are the cabs in law to win the east. 69%. Said yes. Just give me you know and this is all. Based on the history you know and and just you've seen it too often from this team now this why is it Tuesday. Because you do wanna wait and see what I say it looks like when he's finally healthy and how these two kind of worked together this week. The answers might come a little bit later but what they always do they always come in late there. Illinois into post season LeBron teams usually they can be a fourth seed you're still worried about no absolutely. I dispute as the prison it's the capital little bit like the patriots as far as when you look at them like you're late you know look that look at the stats have been numbers like they don't plea to even if they suck edit. Yet they'll find a way to figured out you'll win. But it just in just like the pages with MI figures. There's something more to that you just can't. The bronze frustrated. And outlets and look at the last two games as you get blown out once. Once one big time one time a year works like thirty points point five points a lot that wasn't us but back to back nights. Where you get blown out the way the cats have never had that never happened before LeBron through that that is a bigger picture silly if you get your ass kicked. The first night he sent in legal guys this is not us. LeBron James have a you know taken over the the huddle during timeouts trying to convince these guys that this is important it was a clean they're they're not. There's a there's a slights that they almost don't possess. That the project can't convince them to figure out. And Tyrone Lue can't do what you. Jessica is the regular season quit tractor with a you know when their plane the Celtics and are down. With a fifteen or so and these are their dollar and quarter. If so I think in the post season and I think come three minutes to go in the game that sixteen point leads down a possession you know I think they fight back but a regular season. And it now like yesterday's game for example the Celtics. Philly can't miss a shot you said he was bad defense and I agree but even when it was contested they hit everything they did everything based out of the second quarter and nine for nine. That is if that was Cleveland. It lost that game by 35 but it wasn't as Celtics. And they give an effort is a difference in test different regular season difference between those two teams in the south American went. If the cavs things aren't going well for them the other teams lights out you're not shoot the ball well that goes by point five. 'cause it's just like that can. Whenever kind of puts a generally go to the energy to kind of fight back in his own way it's the playoffs we we turn this league and we make it a game but right now to an extent. Kind of puts a damper on the regular season if we're sitting here saying OK none of these games mean any thing somethings you get the number one seed cavaliers could get the number four seed. We don't have to worry about it until. You get to the playoffs except that. It may be earlier then an Eastern Conference final. Arrow I am most IC eight NC pillar earlier as the Cleveland gets a lot of it because LeBron James is only does everything. It's what happens when you in league. Where more than half the teams make the post season. Mean really I mean you can't. Can't do that in football and you can't just that your coach for the first half of the season turning not be might not find yourself in the post season. Baseball UF five teams you know theory. They don't make the postal OK so it doesn't matter did the fifth seed sixty the second seed. First you know Bill McCollum obviously yeah but there I guess as far as. So the the Celtics. When they're down they fight back and they get back in the game sure bet that toast of the matter what you yes what's inside right that you would use all across Asia want. The the cavaliers they get down there to say screw it not worth it during the season OK but there's. I now see it sit down Oregon that's like that's different than other sports yes it's there's so long and they still go eat how many months for the plastic and start. They've had the all star game yet. So accomplished our lady. Middle April that's when I answer the writers got it because ultimately that plus they Alice Davis. You know I don't Suggs and Betty eight top first half the season as far as their road games when I exact secondly it's gonna be a lot easier time off they sleep walk like they did I yesterday. And that becomes a recurrent. Well I think they're gonna end up with a number one seed and all this I also think the Toronto is gonna figure ahead of Cleveland thought Miami before the injury yesterday but. I think even Washington cut but that the question that the problem. Her from makes a difference. Because it might be a totally different team when you get into the players I felt this like I said they're in trouble they're not playing any defense they go and they literally did not play any defense did not put an effort into it last night. And yet. I'm not gonna fall into the same trap I did last year by the way that deep PI which is a breaks down each one of the individual games. And the rest your schedule remaining wait. They give the cavaliers 85%. Chance of making it to the NBA finals. So is coming up what these facts and figures why it's gonna be nearly impossible. For the Cleveland. Cavaliers to go out there and do it yet we need to pull from anybody. When you hear from Kenny Smith and Jack and Barkley and the guys kept the game and Ernie Johnson throws it got that. Now there Clinton's gonna noises lacy clay or so many times rice Clemens and Clinton. Geologists and I'm not gonna fall for the weighted last year Lou ridiculed me and he was right and yet it seemed like by the letter written by not receive it would you buy or not. A lot to be sucked into the same trap. Does it mean that you give the Celtics less credit than they deserve no bigger themselves and we'll have a lot to say about the resignation doesn't matter butchered the Celtics are going to be really competitive against them I'm sorry but I'm not so they sort of like not if it's an NBA finals gets it there too far behind a. Sure they can win but I think they can get to the NBA finals if everything. The work simplest that we're gonna have to wait and see with Tatum looks like down toward the end of the season but they want dug quite young players. They got a pair of no 122 on 119. These two kids have got to be a tremendous future. You doing all of this without Gordon what's what's it would consent. Employees for the last month even if he can contribute and give you 151617. Minutes that's less of sugar laden or anybody else you got out of it right last year Lackey you. You know I don't know you got an 80% chance to go on the five and 0%. This year there's no question they got shot I don't think they'll be favored mean I think collect cavs they faceoff NEC conference finals the cast will be favored. Even if you have home court. But that doesn't mean you can't win I think they can but I also think people sleep on trial Washington. Went to sleep on them a guy and I'm with you little what that game a Christmas oh Washington that's good tee they match up well too that's a good in Toronto that's a good team to not. And Toronto's got a bench right now and that's a huge difference made that last night without Kyle Lowry I mean that's pretty impressive. You were outplayed 3334. Points. Against the Cleveland Cavaliers pretty damn impressive I would go back some football opensocial look for a ball in there because he's doing. More crazy stuff right now in Lithuania it's really does enough to world. And we're gonna get to some of that we have more football coming for you patriots had a big game tomorrow night 6177797. Any trees and it and oh yeah. We're giving away an autographed football. At 130. Whose autograph all say is go.