OMF - Brady will be playing elsewhere in 2020? Tom E Curran thinks so.

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Friday, September 14th
Hour #1 on a Patriots Friday and it's all football, all Patriots.  We break down Tom E Curran's opinion that Brady will be gone in 2020, then Brady himself is doing a little pregame social media preview and the guys wonder what's the reason for this change?   And Shannon Sharpe is not impressed by Brady's new video, and has taken it upon himself to tear it down.

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This afternoon will go and ask triggered this kind of pure and everything's driven this team's situation. Stadium you know DOT into their and its first I'm gonna get them speakerphone. But our bridge loans as well I think it it looked competitive about this earth time if you get this thing. The human race you know offensive players quarterback differently that you don't stuff today. This argument can be say it just means wasn't good group fears of terrorism pulpit there and compete against you better do you want to give up your life. Ego laden. Now. On Sports Radio WEEI. Please please see what's good for this is C I'm a big game. TV number one unit out there at 445. And they won't might guys up for the show. For the week for the NFL network for inside the NFL please please 41 of those little microphones or on Taylor ransom put. What do you think what do you do they now might play without my consent not addressed darknets you'll you'll want to lose track hey Hogan Hogan David Duvall yeah. It yeah segment that is another. I do not know I didn't like you might yeah I don't know I don't. Let it he's retriever or best case scenario and indeed sit there on an island covering Kurds hold arts are what. What appears governor Holden and swap of the field the new let's let's go to you why you make me come with a sense for her that's a waste a lot of my round like that be funny hats and sound like you know it's arguably the best guy again. What else that is after I get a little. Want him that's a vote. I don't want him might come this ain't the real light job the real the real opportunity that you really want to hear is him covering ground. That is so substance. Now so that's gonna make it gives them make a difference in this game I'm gonna take permanently degraded unfamiliar at SpinRite a while you are going ally and I don't know I hate I told me just be me all I don't wanna all of you all learn and we can't hold you back. Which you can't biggest thing is talking about rates young girl we talked about it that maybe a couple of handful of times this should Michael Irvin. Yes don't just like I said I didn't hear that it ever that we Michael Irvin. Was what with the other key the other key and that the main thing he was talking about was dom. What was what was it he was basically saying that he's looking forward to the gentleman he met us with archaeologist he thinks they are going to be match there's just talking smack worry that motivates you is it really any good you know it's also Puerto. So much my thing was when I heard that. I was like this is the biggest fake tough guy matchup ever heard of in my life rule is it's because if it's not real it's uninhabited it is gonna happen Jim Ramsey is not. Covering Rob Gronkowski at all and Ramsey is a quarterback first one big. Physical Richard Sherman a key to lead tight like a key to leave. You could put him on an educated. From Seattle to big tall guy. Tied to refute him during Grammy and it went from Seattle he's received these actual though he is he's big physically he can brawn. But he's so off its. So he can put a physical corner on their brown are glad that Jimmy Graham your take on the game. Taylor Ramsey is not going to cover Robert counties would be great to talk about what some lights insurer. You don't necessarily need muscle out not good with growth you've got to watch again and so even in the last game considered trying to look at all these opportunities where Dylan Ramsey was gonna cover Rob Gronkowski. It didn't happen I think once it happened and he came over late. Otherwise it was a free safety it was a safety Gibson was covered the two times I Islam flexed out. Even in this case scenario we talked about yesterday where he is he long wide receiver. He was there but he's righty lefty like anemic blazers and I I like you break it down when I had no idea was at thirteen. DI I don't I don't do all thirty I do I do actually person personnel that all personnel don't wouldn't even know Paul personally I don't solid person I was the I go half I go regular idle Detroit so you think you're saying. You're not gonna see that I ever more I had a little look at gonna give it credit you've done your research you've got back into the video. And you didn't see last year course he was compelled by halftime so we've seen in the second half but you're saying it's not gonna happen because everybody out there. And it's because the people just want. Do they want social wanna hurt Michael Ervin say this would you would fewer Jacksonville would you put Ramsey on rock more often than not or to avoid that. What altered your finger. Both these there are just yet and all that would. So ignorant people in law so where we live with a Odeo. Now I gotta hurt the credibility you move them around. He EP also muttered oh. Bill Belichick spoke at your boat rental lot rove route you're. I outside so it kind of makes him so that makes a little bit more sent Els pulled off your best wide receiver. Against their best corner OK we're gonna we're gonna see you we're gonna isolate you two guys you guys have been out. Glock is so different it's not going to happen and I will set the under and over at how many times. Did the Ramsey covers dropped one on. Line cash and I want reluctant hero because that's not gonna happen to that they want the hero so you're no or America. Now I say I think absolutely no Michael are we dispute regular now I do I do it doesn't make any thing is deployment that's not hate. All and I've got a corner speeds through cedar username will get to that later babysitter calling is bought out but it it's not gonna happen in. The the game plan they had last year worked. It worked one time that that Dylan rams the not. Brought down it was up me a pass. That Gillibrand as it was come off because it was plain zone he's cornerback guys he's not a strong safety more importantly he's not even a big. Like hey let me get a boxing you know tackle guys like Patrick Chung and he's he's he's corner results I don't why were it was making this up like just because dealer Ramsey pops off. About. About Rob Gronkowski legalize same thing against you know one on the line. While it's even worse Fijian range Tia popping off about Rob Gronkowski union or even a guy it's government. You just based on making our random boring lazy evaluation on its I don't nothing that's like that's like Tom Brady coming out written Aaron Rodgers. You making somebody else's job and sadistic and heritage. You know court bench you know a defense might read this delegate motivated so he's got a cover your. A look he's not going to that is in Morse now if they acted as it is an eagle really. They want and it becomes like a better able they want that match up so badly it it doesn't make any sense. I hate to take guises but across the better athlete to do and Ramsey he's bigger he's stronger and the routes he runs. He's quicker and faster it it's. You would never put imagine there's no we should go to camp we'd watch the one on one situations. Imagine Jalen Ramsey trying to cover gras one on one. The well certainly it doesn't mean it doesn't mean you're gonna win OK so so you lose and not scared okay great -- circle it's a square you get a big giant awarding a big trophy case you weren't scared he got beat. Again it. When you make plays. If they're throwing the ball and Ramsey does all by the weight Glock is also blocking tight end. Saw ha and he'll he will line up in the slot but he's really flexed out wide. It's a big article about an hour or he yes also that's they have the they're okay. Let's try and beat that front drop some place where we can get our best player on their best player. Oh well that's the difference is job. Job as an opposite corners and I want the weakest slowest scariest night non scariest guy on their defense and on and abused him. That is what often recorded an album match up the hope. A volley Alfred I don't know of anybody especially in the minutes or good whatever fear anybody with an on field. It's a difficult game fearing anybody or anything else unless you really. Well I wasn't out I I was afraid of just losing the block. A red light and it's I guess I I was pretty I I went into my Santa knowing that I was not nearly I had an example yes you look. I quit your job be just got a chip on the times are don't wanna I wanna miss you like you're used or how he basically hit tossed me into the lap we'll without warrant that that's a that's that's up or execution they Atlantic terrible collision terrible thing. As you said it's disappears it's like you're not that bad a mostly out of rolled down the death you know I did not yet you always good but it Ramsey. All while would you these volatile and is negated. Yeah at any one on one situation isolated situation and and especially. When you see David try to isolate these wide receivers and you know defeat right route is coming. And it it's really who wants it more technique sometimes gets thrown out the window rest kind of let them hand tightened you know you don't struggle for the ball. It happens all the time. You're right on me the only time that might happen is is what you said before it on the two with three yards and a and drugs out there all by itself on the left and just talking about just throw up yeah they do all the time that that would probably be. Now that happens or ridge he's out there is gonna come back to align. You know then of course the majors you know whatever gestured cynical and right but that would be the one situation arrangement be on ground. Otherwise I just I don't I don't know what I guess against your point that people want to be any talking he's talking smack it's a corner. If a quarter don't cover tight ends. They don't there may be a hybrid H back Patrick tied and may be sometimes you were sort of merit now now I'm a mistake now. I would think of all teams this team would be delete shy about using their safeties and their linebackers. To cover athletic tight ends because they've got quickness back there. They can use some other guys right there and do it. So I think you're right I think we all want it we all wanna see it you went back you looked at it last year and you don't think it's gonna happen so yeah it was. Dinara and look at your pooch but what's the over under 000. Or on the line yes I do like the trash possibly oversee. But it has to be Europe one on one man demand cup that's it indeed the only way I think it happens if we're talking red zone goal lines of like that otherwise. There he's played man o'clock buying soaps where we always try. Ownership. About at the over under will not zero. Yeah eleven and five and zero did you go out in the went into their zone growth is there also know that's not that's the main coverage he has he has a certain area he's responsible for. And of goggles in that area he has to adjust at the plate it's that there's no coverages like to let a man. One on 13 down situation that's what I'll call third down situations obvious passing situation. OK where is due in Ramsey. Not govern growth not covered rocket that I'm Tom Brady. I'm sitting going OK he's gonna get leverage I note shall get as soon as he gets up the ball on and I'll have to do is is you know without hold late that rob. Got a big awesome out if they go man he's not grown technical man with with Reggie boo EA on hold it in Dorset. Did those two are done right that's just the Decourt begin do via donkey call. Things that I'm pretty matters a lot right as a unit and off the golf that it turns into a ground game and James like it. They played a lot of zone against the patriots last year so I would guess you're probably gonna see a lot more of that. That's what you were. Well the big television says you are not going to see that he is set the line at zero which is believed and why we. What would you would you go well it's owned all all zone against his team even. I Houston did that allot any of two questionable world wide receivers and just giving them space and quick look to Tom Brady. You press those two guys they're done. Kitrey. Intimate. You know it you're right Richard Nixon's own they used to play a lot of zone because blitzing Brady was just. A final. Deal if I don't know you had these in the you have the skills shifty quick guys that are still good negating OP in a hurry. That if you in the slightest mistake touchdown. Okay at best case scenario became united down you know but ultimately they end up catching it all down. So other teams would not plot when they were not blitz. That's that would that was the word that's still is the word philosophy and report if you blitz Brady he will kill him he's gonna kill you agent reads it and he'll ask if I got a lot of options but I would say it's not the easiest used to be because your your options are. Paterson an a hole again. White out of backfill may be out of a sly it's just what he's cool we've who we count on it it's funny I was watching last night they were talking about the possibility of this Jane Ramsey one on one. Where is withdrawn and they they said. Which I thought was hysterical they said they don't force Brady from throwing to go wrong. By putting this guy on them Brady's gonna throw elsewhere and cynical British the one guy that will not be intimidated he will throated rock. Here's two guys on him in the game against Houston went to go right off the bat right to ground he's running a seam route and and as drunk is running the route he's thinking okay I'm double covered there's no way he storing it. He turns his head he realizes holy crap he's actually throwing the ball. I was in last week's game. When knotted it debated and yet he had to guy on him hurry up may snapped and every guy that built riding call a timeout. Yeah no good the last guy that's gonna look at the oh my god I really can't throw in that direction because I've got the importance of always gonna get up Brady today. Responding with the ins to Graham a little bit with Gillibrand she's always got this and it's hard to describe but the one thing I can say is if you've seen Tom vs time. Burt is really put a lot of production this is Comverse is time on its degree and now this last. My Bluetooth. Because they're just kind of cure everything you travel the same situation stadium. You're not guilty to their and his first time you kind of get them to your own I guess the point where you go is okay. This thing game's going to be. She takes the field it's like kind of entered the arena that's when you get your retirement to a shoulder which you can. You're right there. This is like Tom vs time production and this is. You sound like I'm here Hernandez special she should such anomalies on the latency. They are real cool cats freeze it. Probably that I don't know he get away with. Good okayed you did we tried doing. Yeah yeah. That includes the new Tom Brady out of the kitchen island were adamant there in the government get in India right yeah yeah. So I guess that's the only company that is his pockets Mac yet the governor it is as you can do that though I don't know Austin what I don't know. That would be instant. All right. First headed gross did you know now you've got ready to use every day and I have to say it but the beat everybody use everything. I don't estimates note I don't know. You you know what is it left over footage from the numbers this time and after that I mean it sounds like Joseph predict this. Just put it together and there wasn't selling Johnson and you know the better yet this is not as I move you know yeah. I don't get how I want to include shorter too yeah. Thousands atlas like if we did we have found out now apparently from Tony current. That we may only have Tom Brady around forwards this season and next season so he's on this morning with a God's. Tom Brady continues playing past 2019. My suspicion is he's going to play elsewhere I think most people reflect who say ha who they gonna get the draft the draft is you know. Not that deep in quarterback they're gonna be guys who become free agency will be guys who can beat coat holders and I'm not saying this is deadlocked in. But my feeling is I don't think he plays for the patriots twenty point that's my despite his joy that I mean your your no I think it's mutual mutual between Belichick mutual. Between the patriots. Not craft is built and very. I find it's hard to believe on the other hand Tom has great credibility. He has contacts on both sides both really pretty camp. And with the patriots it seems farfetched to me. That at the end of next year and he doesn't have a contract beyond next year that suddenly Tom Brady is gonna go elsewhere and not gonna apply the franchise that all I can tell you gentlemen. If you thought we were getting unbelievable for our shows. With that holds affect the flight Kate what do you think it's gonna be like moral sit here and we're debating and arguing the point change. Larry's got to do a lot of fun what was I saying is that this will be mutual. No this won't be able to slap the tagline. And operating citizen on the assigned that India trade me. You know a century now this is a mutual that listen. I don't put the tag on Obama did is we want to in UB a free agent. Well I think it's mutual mutual between Belichick mutual between the patriots. Not craft is built and very. All of these feel good in 2000 in nineteen he's playing at a level that's close to what he's playing right now where that's what you want you got pissed off that they didn't get enough for Jimmy grapple. In in that deal what is it going to be like you led breaches war and it looks like Warren and at this point is that that's when you'd you'll want him. You don't mean. Just what you'd feel right around 30000030. Million adult one is the body you missed a three year deal for ninety million all of Gary Peterson when you walk away after you want your tip of a sudden you know I have that money you don't have that money. So it's been a steel is up initiatives fail franchise tag could be thirty million dollars is that the perfect scenario for the New England Patriots. But it's short it's to rappel right now Tobin and Visalia nearly one but still thirty million but if you drop below right now he was still on the team that he was two years away from his contract expire this admitted this would make an awful as if he doesn't make sense to me and you've got no party. To occupy that seat on talks about it. Play for the giants in 2000 don't he's playing the jets he's playing for dolphins Kansas City in 2001. What I should wise if Tom Brady continues playing past 2019. My suspicion is he's going to play elsewhere. Okay yeah because a I don't believe that that may be how you feel now. But I kind of feel like you've come out everybody's kind of went past that that that that's your past that point of no return. You Marty had that opportunity and you decide to stick it out right so anything else doesn't make any sense to me but you used the timing was right. To make that tough decision what you gonna stay or go with Tom Brady you choose you chose to stay with Tom Brady and ship drop below out. So now twenty at the end of money nineteen. Tom Brady's fastener Gloria let me go to Iowa Minnesota. And go to LA let's go to and make the raiders spurs really won you know. You take whatever they do you view. Unless. Unless they do some crazy trade for some quarterback that's already established. And but even then you're gonna pay that guy. Yeah so you might well stick it because the why why would you make any crap now. Now it makes some sense it is it so you've had nineteen great years. He's forever going to be the face of the New England Patriots history of the New England Patriots and you've got a lot of good Democrat or on the way out my god no grapple here anymore so that's not impediment. Josh McDaniels is here as he is offensive coordinator under contract for. It makes no sense I think the most likely scenario is that he just retires the whole 45 thing is bull crap. You you picture of twenty years or whatever it is and use your contract runs out and you're done. Like why can't that be an option my suspicion is he's going to play elsewhere yes yeah I don't think you well I think at that point time. You're just now you really are duck when you steal the wanna Italy's Google somewhere for another two years I don't buy Google Joseph Montana did enjoy it he that's his hero that is guy. This event different if I'm a key said like a drop below. It was here and it's is that you Daniel and it's good that got caught and it worked. You know with jog my job to be to rappel off the clock worked a fee of one year left of it you know they need to citizens our commitment to concede that. But I just don't see him. A year from now two years from now be what 43. And a sailor goes to Africa. More years. So if I just sees the world in over at your funeral secret and installation you'll there's a coordinator you walk planned job Seattle coach if you if you look at the Joseph Montana situation don't want I was 37 when he went to Kansas City. OK and so. The you know basically it's five years. Yeah I know but it in in this day and age it's 42 degree right I mean SL they 37 was eight you backed him based on the mileage that you put on your body into the practice so that was old as dirt he looked at would you agree. I mean this kid pads everywhere you have a Dan Marino yeah I was it was it was uncomfortable to watch. But the so he could do it obviously. I think at that point time. He's its two Montana basically got pushed out he e-book by another player that guy. Tom Brady's Ron Amadon was Jimmy Grupo. That guy's not there anymore only put those other guys get what's the other guy out so either you're drafted these kid. And god forbid you have no idea what's going on right or you find yourself a got to use this analogy before Akamai a Matt Hasselbeck type. Matt Hasselbeck was a look on and off he was drafted not but he was I was on the Green Bay Packers. In my congress and was its coach Mike Holmgren knew what he was capable of dual but he knew we never played with Brett Favre was there. So Mike homer goes a Seattle he brings to trade for Matt Hasselbeck and he becomes the starting quarterback. And that's it comes to career Matt Hasselbeck already known as good. All already know just knew he needed some playing time but he wasn't gonna get it in Green Bay so that type of situation. Could works severely gets me is that both sides. Would agree to all of this doesn't make an awful lot of sense to unless. It's a matter of that already addressed this Daniels get that feeling from tonic. And that they've already talked about a contract for Brady after 2019. And the patriots have already come back to Tom Brady or done he. And it said how about we go on franchise tag at that point and Brady has said Nan Annan amok and it on the franchise tag. Our craft doesn't wanna warn that some. So at that point crashes when that will. Would maybe we go our separate ways she only weighed on stretching it here to try to figure out how the hell both sides. Walked away without one side saying I. You know I'm sure always obvious nightmare it was it would be an advantage in any sense they would be I just imagine it's just. It's so easy here it's so nothing to sort of change of scenery and like you know of go to caves city. You know he Kestner you know it was going out eagle but to argue balls despite like a strict on vacation or it's like they're on vacation. I don't see it happening I think he'll retire. About it before he ends up playing for another team. And to me to it the it be different is talk about timing. It would be totally different as this past draft. If for some reason they drafted Lamar Jackson the first are currently and they like a bowl or they got dozens and ex quarterback Jake was in Mason Rudolph may be Indian Pittsburgh now. You know they all of that this could long letter that everybody was raving about going to the ground had a chance and if so if you drafted a kid just out in this past draft. In ill you can sit there say at two years behind Tom. And it he's got the next two or three years is retreat whatever might have been right but. Now all of a sudden there's there's nobody. Mean they're there isn't anybody. So they draft a QB because it did say that maybe maybe the patriots. Would then wanna move on. And sat living life with a quarterback that's making a million and a half dollars I don't know but. What you draft the guy next year's draft. I'm spent one year with Tom and handle or no way. I believe I don't there's a storm a kind of hard to believe I don't know what armored column hit it maybe maybe you can meet but it's aired together it is OK yes actually that's a loaded aboard a draft the kid next year high that we really like. And it would go out and and that maybe when Tom leaves it's now a second year but quarterback acts who's out there freeagent guy like nick falls what happened on just yeah that's okay. Some like that has arranged for a year and seeing this can progress in your two. It was that I don't know what you're dealing with the all of the unknown right now. Now that's which you deal with it's not like you have somebody who's the place holder for you please hold up. We can sit there we could talk about his feet and attracted to meet you that's the only way the only thing I could think of my heard Tommy Karen say the city's few days ago as well. Over and NBC sport Boston. The only other thing I can think. Is that they tried to work out a contract beyond 20093. At that point patriots came up and said we can always put the franchise tag on him. And Brady said you put the franchise tag on it a mighty hero when he got side. And and Kraft doesn't want one bad hours some now at that point because it's the go it's the greatest evil and we can't that's a problem he's forever going to be on our building and statues and everything else. We just need to go our separate ways that's the only good thing what do you think about it is anybody come up with some type of scenario. That makes some sense of all of this Tommy Karen this is not a guy who's just. Taken a while the shot in the dark here. He usually has pretty good information a pretty good sources we open up the phone to let you tackle it at 617779. 7937. Still to come we'll get into the game coming up on Sunday. And the reason why Joseph Kelly. Out of my mouth should never catch in the ever get would get all of. Don't they're tight. And that guaranteed lowest price encounter here offers more free services than any other tire dealer put. And tires nobody beats town fair tire nobody now back to Fort Wayne Loney and 48. Read my. Contract expires Brown's contract. And opens contract is up briefly when years flap together in the Belichick and Brady regardless of who the replacement will be. The patriots beat getting into when he fourteen Belichick it's need to contract that he had to try to replacement. Unbelievable cover and went on to say that it Brady and wrong pulled aside in 2000 in nineteen that they wanna continue playing. I would not be the least bit surprised if they went someplace. And yet. Together. Interest let's get to the phone call we'll get urea deal at 6177707. 937. I would think some of your team out there nearly which reduce your offseason signed breeding ground. Down at the you know think he shot this year no I don't think he shot Republican Johnson he's Boston he doesn't think it's gonna happen go ahead John give you reason. He going to gather at the start IP and be able but anyway this book he. Yeah below what he's talking about you're gonna have lost 43 year old quarterback. He had three offensive coordinators in the same basic fundamental offensive. Philosophy in his life is only keep doing your career age. He's got a kick out go to a new team which I'm gonna that it can be mediocre bat. You know he's gonna have a mediocre back coaching staff. And I. You've got to either feel a bit of bad team that would not objects and on no way. He's gonna go to weight he's gonna go to a great team with a great T fast. With today. Averaged offense but not because a pal because the quarterback they're couldn't get any out of it will win he'll make a difference whole Denver be like if he switched uniforms and went over and who's quarterback for the Broncos right now. It ever offensively right now has a I offensive line Aldridge to support really not all of a good. Nor he'd go you don't know exactly where popular he's he's yes he's a Jacksonville Jaguars and several Alley or rolling into that you don't the face of us pretty good accounting Jackson boats sit there and sign a 43 year old quarterback or a two year deal take a shot. And by the way the money draft and draft a quarterback who can hang out with two years watch Tom Brady while they compete for some bubbles with that defense. And some of those weapons that they do that you don't think that makes sense. So they're gonna leverage all of their building block Ciurciu your window on a forty you'll order. Although I'm not gonna give away multiple first round draft picks are made him get free agents it's going to be a play at that point. Guys are just talking about it. Their own development they're gonna basically. Get their own development got to get their own pro ball just try to do you won't you take a day just got water like who was Tom Brady who was who was a stunt. So are stumping their development and Blake portals within his job. I will lose it will definitely lose I would I I think there to help I think I can come up with a heater nineteen kids of course jump at the operative forget about the rocket edition. In putting him and it's a package. There'd be eight or nine teams it's appearances it's crappy teams by the way would would want to get him in there. Just because they'd think that he would he would give the of the franchise a lift. But there some teams in Jacksonville is a good one on a used Denver because I'm looking it would Denver is today I don't know what they're gonna be like two years from now. It be perfect you talk about the crappy offensive line Brady released apple so quickly you'll make that offense of. In a hell of a lot to Anaheim neutral boil all out of the Patriots offense has had over. All these years how many you with the headline read Neil no pro bowler. All over the place and doesn't happen now. Jackson press releases the ball is suitable defense and they will for the next few years and under the contracts range these guys come up again it. But they have the foundation for issuable team with a quarterback it's gonna keep on front correct perfect so what if this guy who. You can't give me the most is reasoning that he signed with a crappy team went back coordinate. They're maybe an average team as the edit it while if you get here and you're trying to fix this was like I try to way to try to sell tickets in Rolla I think now they wouldn't always gonna go to with the units are built at the NBA and by the international knows that he could and he and other objectionable here a year or two years after the line all they wanna do is be in the hall and when should you. Everybody wants the LA rams do this year they loaded up there are messed next year in the cap and even a bigger mess the year after that when they finally have to pay Jared golf and by the way. They would try to make a move to try to get I actually don't match as well in this last week. Why do you think they're doing they wanna win it. Right well to your Alley like I said now it comes to contracts. You know in a couple years Jacksonville what you want those teams and says such Seattle we got a window. Amid all these guys are going to be coming up here we can't pay everybody we got a two year window then who knows what's gonna happen so it Brady's out there available. Gulf war and his. Chosen Melrose next appear in no way the company EI woody got Joseph. They got paid our job. I don't quiet I mean Brady shared earlier hire Belichick jitters too early retired navy retires in years careers or years but. That makes no sense compared to talk a plan B I mean initially get a sense don't wind changed the rules a lot prepay Manning you can't win without quarterback. So you know the patient should not let him go aegis franchise even export 43 to think eat a light to stretch out and they carry your hair. In an integrated whole lot of Freddie doesn't wanna be here because he got a hair crosses asked for ballots shekel whatever the reality is he was waiting thought that. Josh McDaniels was going to be the coach. Tough you sit there and similar franchise here. Good friends tell me. But that I was when I was little ammunition in their chief Fred doesn't see it is that adamant that somebody won't do something stupid like eagle or give you cart once form that aren't. But it just isn't that what I'm not gonna happen. Lightly enriched they'll hold. They could franchise supplier. You are scenario would you change in coming back thirty years ago yeah he's gonna happen the only things are being. You can't like a quarterback too important to organization and if you switched to hold back to the way they work. Before Bill Polian wouldn't patient when the first reasonable. You don't need that you have a good quarterback and what a great team around. I get that but you're missing the point and a lot of people think he's got a five year contracts and he's gonna fill the five year contract suppose he doesn't play up to the level of what their pay. In the forty may move on May be they've got somebody else in the system maybe to make a deal and get somebody. That's the point that I'm I'm making. But the thing that could happen to the patriots coach how. Have to throw the franchise to its citizens this I don't I don't like what you want that he would want all of energized the point that it I don't wanna say it. I got I don't see happening OK because you just mentioned Tom Brady at 43 way think Tom Brady would want. If forty is indeed a 43 visitors that you gotta give me a three year deal. You know at at 43. We don't know how much do I wanted to do unto you would be a two year deal I keep using. Drew Brees as the example a two year deal with with with an option against Hewitt looks at a 430 yeah it's more this year but it did that if he is yeah. I can be a victory because let's do this then OK let's say you do franchise payment franchisee. And then you already have that now you've already drafted his so called replacement. And at the moment the moment Brady looks like he's struggling or he doesn't have it always the clip is merged. You're putting in that young quarterback because he needs to get the reps now. And usually in that coincides with a crappy season not make in the playoffs. But if that's the case and that's the situation. Now what is is ending look like at quarterback a franchise the best car wreck ever to play the game BM banks cliff cliff cliff or some some dude who like as is just a stronger arm than but has no idea what he's doing to make. That is part of it may be part of it is that they're looking at the patriots are looking at it. And they wanna wait to see at 43 and then they know they've always get the option of slapping the franchise tag on Brady doesn't want the stigma of having a franchise that. I like why don't I think there's why isn't a stigma it was a business are you able to tell if you're 2425. It's a Steagall because they're screwing you you want the long term deal but when you're 43 and they franchise tag you at the quarterback position. That is a blessing in disguise. The thirty million dollar drops always guaranteed more recently we found Tom once but it is why I know but that is the way I mean it was gonna have to compromise a little bit. Right okay you you are older and we're gonna make a decision one more one way or another usually that pretty good it kind of figure this stuff out. But being franchise tag at his age who would not take that tiger aren't aware. Schemes in Winchester urinal that's like Steve. You guys however. That there I don't get ridiculed talked about it being embarrassed to get the franchise tag but I really haven't. I heard had you explain to. That was only glad he said he would be embarrassed nobody else thinks it would be embarrassed. Wonder why you wouldn't want to be number one of the most money he's never made any US citizens. Is a major mod date you very much. Eighteen construction or directly to that legacy that he the most money Yemen based but I don't think Brady would play. If you are a decline in that regard it would just be quiet but I mean it's. It's also there's not a professional sport out etiquette guide forty we have all the contract on the red door wouldn't give poppy. So he's not a stupid guy and kick it if I checked it would be the best thing for. Obviously nobody gives a contract at 41 and yet this guy's coming off of an infant and Susan. He's much different than anything we've ever seen before and you have to you have to look at a that we can't look at it. Ed did that the chronological age of guys that if that that have been forced to retire so supposed Brady is playing at this level. At 43 what do you do if you don't lately 55 with a stick ridiculous. It that would talking about giving it to your delivery is going to be you know. What is that and everybody got a great defense to begin the kicker was that. I've no idea it's not that great advocate it's not that that isn't that outrageous though forty threes and 37. 45 and 38 team what's in disciplined long look back years it was all quarterback yours is so it's now since Brady I would say one reason Drupal Drew Brees is trending in that direction was I mean obviously that's the closest cop. It's a giant let 39 yes so and steel is up you before what was Sunnis don't ask you Lucy he's debt formal. And you know it's always not libel laws was different in a lot of fried food out there Norman Solomon who knows pretty well though. Download though he does he does bring up a good point and that Tuesday he put red and pink you during practice nobody could well especially now under. You lost even these games now every it is just. You if you put your body weight when you sacked the quarterback on the guy to FLAC and because Brady does not run outside the pocket. He does not get beaten up that badly and we won't because we make a big deal about it when he does when he has doubled at week's where's offensive line is not giving a production we citadel got pretty static kill. But overall if you look at his career and certainly in the last three or four years. The suns game. Last night with his game a vehicle penalty for some reason they went through career is still the guy. I've fox and went to a mix of it should be I was like what they call. In light company now it's opposite had to get a men and of course it sort of got a spot in the U wanna call it wasn't called but because the quarterback. And it was outside the pocket and the guy tackle in his body fall alone but it appoint the first out of the pocket. So that old rule of a body weight falling on the quarterback that just in the pocket rule. Just as it's probably the that a fourth or that you guys are good it's good point I I don't know you guys like it was only in the pocket that body weight and body when Bob. The boss wants that's next cornerback bought it falls on. Given Achilles going to be you know I units issued the call Aaron Rodgers rule then there's Iraq it's acting guy kind of doesn't necessarily drive into the ground but doesn't try to let up. Doesn't try to make a fall a little bit easier on of any dislocated shoulder Jackson's shoulder up and he's out capstar is not a game. Every rule is going to be tailor made to protect those guys every single rule or Aaron Rodgers is going to get every break in the world. It's from Iran all of you and Eric Wright guy or you know hate laid off Atlanta hey guys you know we've got day that's my airport here in go to guys who who that you wore removable. At dozens only snow on everybody eluded to the purpose yeah. Is there is there Soledad is that wasn't an abrasion as they endorsed candidate doing Hampshire can't. Oh but when he got canned. Canada lecture us our system. I hello what's up and the editor in ought to look at this news. Owner in the a lot of Mac impact it and then. It's about what you blow it seemed that thing. And it called the morning show a month but not at all. Excellent operating that in armor I'm one mostly global wearing an retire if we would it be Eagles. He would have retired great. Amateur. I think helped lead of more rain maybe that extra in he's done. Maybe in part might have had less of a battle with with Zell. She by the senate and said he got a ring honey you know ability that bugs me that that allowed people are saying about this game and I guess it's it's understandable. That this is not an AFC title rematch. When we're in it it is not the EC title game. It's not the EC title game is not an EC title rematch is rematch of the combat is not an elderly Italian as like this is this is they the second game of the season. Listen this is the NFL's one bites the greatest sport. Ever known to me okay hello. Because well it's like a heavyweight fight ever only what he could double points like it's like hey it's like a heavyweight fight all the pomp and circumstance and others honoring girls and everything like actual base every week they start the machine over the stark emotional and you know over smack talk it over a year big rematch over here like me everything that we were completely with what I. Well I'd just like we're. Running is likely to say that because of the big urban did say that the agent that time of the revenge came out recently they beat the bills like 557 that at all and in the next few weeks to awful you still talk you get rid of hands please and he's still here I want my doing pilots. Regardless I don't bring cannot afford it is a fourth off anyway her are you look at our analysts or it's OK a favorite doesn't broccoli or any of them acted basket. And with they've lost out buffalo we deaths in the dudes are popping off today and yeah revenge that got you. Let relevance it's appropriate to its last debts like Philadelphia did help pub don't for the pre season rematch from the soon enough for all all all of that there's another semester and you know audio the beat of a week three breezy and elect got you via pay debts of dictated and it's. And. But it didn't dump of Gatorade right now. It's likely the biggest thing hurting the Jacksonville Jaguars this weekend is the fact that they're putting billions on building this game on themselves and Ole miss it. But it is game this is gonna define she's skipping school what are we talking. We love hearing from Shannon Sharpe specially when when we can understand what he's saying he goes right to act on Brady right. Our guy Tom Brady next. Rated bank a lot more from that we previously thought it sold these are Palmer travel do you live feel of it inside and out told me but the loan comical bit wanna hear me. I think quarterback have the biggest eagle. But it is clear that lays it in a field. They just do the best job of hiding. But what we've seen over the last what they ate but it Wahlberg. It clobbered but that the law. Mean Tom Burke the phantom Mitt if all right yeah. That they've got to operate you had a couple of a back. Over the web site I get that looked at him about this the first time did you get this thing. Never bolt put the boot that. Do you object. Hello otherwise I'd really be on the biggest you know tight ends we have two examples changed. Cleveland wooden thing is eagle eyed richter really not hiding if so read you do Bruno really dumb idea guys here process that number is he right. Well yes I don't know when it comes a time the patriots talking trash in the field that's the time to talk trash fueled during the game that. Am I wrong now you don't understand it is show war wounds you actually talk trash like on the field compete with somebody. That it does like before the game all week long. It's just you know what I did in game what's the game starts obtain litigating it will be announcing that he it's even worse if you do what all weeklong that you will out of the field. And the other guys start to an injury right you don't wanna spend doing all the talking during the course of the week the bull jive and and and yet to see you look at our jobs. Yeah talk trash about some pictured before getting hit. That's a stupid when I get a person can go whatever he looks at it. Harbor obviously talked about as is what I'd been most you can understand now are. As far as just. There's this perception that you don't Brady is just clean nonaggressive. And just now that they you service is they're all you guys an excellent job that covered thank you very Michael polite when all he's not he's he's he's he's definitely opportunistic when it comes to the people he picks on. You may not know weight at that we don't before him because he's not giving anything away but some of the games hurts you know who's picking on and why he's doing. I think it's a small privilege as sharp and others. That are passed that the patriots show that kind of self control during the week. You know I mean and I and fourth and also indicate credit for that. You know it all pitchers never say the wrong thing we didn't credits and a lot of people around the country getting credit for Nazi and a wrong thing during the week before game. That any final they talked restaurant weaken it bothers them. Does its popular credit for being put during the week that talked trash in a field. Well I don't think it and it's like if they're Smart about it contradicting themselves from the talk about number because they're they're they're basically saying you know he's the choir boy he's you know does everything right. That's biblical on the cheater not only for duplicate. Cheated spike Vietnam much yet anything to do without any thought. Of the illegal illegal formation call for action I think Baltimore. Your book so what does it is he the bad guy. The the and other the that the Dudley gets under your skin that that will do anything to win the root of all is just boy shell of it is he's good. All being yeah these are policy Q and ultimately he gets away because he is good sought. Patrick my home or you know our Josh Allen. Are out there are yelling and screaming and you know in challenging everybody in either one they're behind Tuesday April 2 interceptions. It doesn't really hold much water can. So I hope so Shannon does breakdown temporary and he says that you know you guys that are you know treating him like he's the choir boy approach and it knows. Now all the plug Tom Brady he won't do what I look what he's watching and it's well they got to clean up in the background didn't see. Combat don't feel it's all been cracked did you pretend seal that you know desperate. That could lead back. Ignored it gets the best bet that the art and sat. Logo like. Hard to take. A look at you rub. Of the club come away would vote I don't want to pick up on a lab 5060 years. He had if old Harvard lethal horrible only moderate Fatah great I love my god he's a slow out of me Bobby could care less about it but yeah. And you'll. Not only are you add milk are you adding those none out now you know TV I am sandwich from when he can't shut up you might lose. We do this and men on my. I have another chance I died with his team bonded like I believe that that's that's always been practiced. Zipper tab is he'll. It. It's morally mentally and millions of kids at odds with his banana tail pipe can we make India a little voted with the with the wolfpack in a way that we get he's just one on a regular basis like our lives every weakness in our blight. I I would Bryant guy. I have been talking about a seemingly made our minds. Immediate Shannon Sharpe I think that needs to be our guys are not. Can we switch Lombardi and Sanders are. Maybe you would want to learn the top concern to placate though he's outspoken during the placate him just would never come on Boston radio. I don't know maybe there's a racist city though it is US economy that was meant that from the and you wouldn't it be changed I don't visit me beacon street yeah maybe you would you rate yourself right if you buy it weakened into my new dual of that but it is if she's sharp I don't think he's necessarily wrong. Now I mean it's like it and only you know it's like former players can see. Right but he's playing an act he's editor of roll he's he's staying in character. A deal the unfortunate part is getting I don't ought to do it there on a plane assistance of Brady's play in the system. So government eagerly so you don't seem like a really nice. Non threatening at Foreman announced last you have yes yes he did have looked at I guess that's a dancer Baltimore Ravens team by the way all day maybe he's just autograph got them by. Yeah yeah. Trust me that's the nicest guy that's annual revenue of the fort below that is a nice guy he's not yeah Allen and anybody. Who didn't expect yeah. It. Leave how many jobs does that I should change it's got it often talk about. Not being. We're. You know what is suddenly so he wasn't done that the Pentagon does he was not done she's sharp as he was not done OK Brady is. Bombardier. Tom Brady would try the have a hard O got a G we have got I'm just a total team guy yeah. We have to play better if we played better everybody if starts with the economic order. Married Allison said that food like it because the we thought he got we thought that would it be now. Did did I miss. A state. Because people don't have brought all these major debt aren't great on poverty of the left labeled harbored mine Tom Brady but come the fire got up by old Tom Brady's mind if Tom Brady. Now all of a foot. What's Eagles give him out of how we secretary muck it up I would say. It no you have my blessing no and you know could not I don't do Arnold will. Did you I don't know what club you know that was the untrue not I got a little show what you Graham vulnerable and would stop I don't work with what's. And that would that would put the cape of good stuff that would. I don't work. Oh my god how. I now like a rock I don't like while oil company not your lesson on Nash and that is pure comedy I like every single. Day. It's yet I thought you know do you would put money on harsh as a regular again as we get some he could help change the image of the city in the thirteen he can do. He could have and probably as large as the it would get some cash for probably probably a lot more I'm just amazed at just version for reference point here. I I did not believe that Andy and Brian were not adding them and moved here because no graduate from the microproze backed away from the board it's got to be twelve. It is hotel is due to shut the hell up and I don't mean that these these verbal like periods you can give me with them. Like are you trying to get me to shut up. And is upon us we saw the rest of the this is just. And again in Scotland beautiful recognizes he wanted to skip actually addressed the placebo here's CC skipped it's a I guess. Tom Brady lover full home. Loves them some Tom Green Zone and it's like Oklahoma football Dallas Cowboys and Tom Brady. And and in no particular order ability of the sentiment was first it was anymore and rural. Only more desolate let me hear it as an editor for. What I always tell you happens in big games on Sunday afternoon. Psycho Tom emerges in the first Hamas sought for real. Was back in 2007 in December when the patriots were twelve and old went up against the number one defense of the Pittsburgh Steelers. In this poor kid named Anthony Smith made the mistake of calling out Tom Brady and the twelve and hope patriots. By saying he guaranteed. A victory. In what Tom Brady do right off the bat in that game he wit after Anthony Smith now he did have Randy Moss and it helps to go at least bit when you have somebody doesn't been run by Anthony Smith little and he ran right buying 63 yards later touchdown. Eight yes two ways in the end zone in about two sex. The site go tall and he's right in the patriotic or is he doesn't have responded today it would be at Tony. I kept phoning in there and they were called like that. Yasser. I. It's an adjustable laughter in the background ballot there's like this there rear little mood beaches are well it is on Soledad when you talk start grunting. What makes some noises heavily no we having editors and Olerud who does that I just saw some earlier in the week we he gets them like that. It's just upset about likely regret it just does an excellent reputation a little breeze this made the mistake of that's what is the reputation of the don't think it rods Alba Gil that he thinks he's good and your local air route. All all these guys talk trash you must get a zero these guys are but it's like they don't laugh again they don't like the reputation the patriots. Don't talk trash during the week. But yet again to talk to us that nobody else okay the good all day appalling. They already put it all racists like perfect guy and it's like you guys. You know he he get special treatment you know because he he's always complaining to the rest in a nutshell what's rate Brady in this team that really gets under his skin. That's really what gets under their skin is the goody two shoes image that the patriots have and what. Advocates who should reputation against a bunch I don't know what would you know don't. When they don't wanna talk about is obviously during the course of the week. They will say nothing bad about coupon. We hear guys in the league in penalties about the opponent every single click on camera says I would say it eight get. The patriots don't do that what I think she instantly as he's basically set itself. No way. To beat him to be uncorked an ankle is there wherever it is what this isn't the emperor has no clothes on we whole situation in the yeah you know they're talking about Jane when he behind closed doors. Well. I'm more mature but what are they don't want to get to the microphone which is Belichick threw. I used to love it I used to love love love it. Wang and bill would come in and he give this whole speech about you know we're not doing as a let these guys be stupid. And we going to are often the media try otherwise would go out there we believe we are gonna attack this SOB weaker this guy sucked up. They're terrible. And he definitely got beyond the public know they suck. And we're going to attack that every left ankle about a pretty typical article has built him a British tried to work her. Our outlook was thrilled to when he talks about the next opponent that opponent can be own twelve he sit there saying only good in all three and he's the guy and and that. What we don't have that's right that's right Drake get better about the big test is you know deep down they know they gonna beat ally. A look okay but yet they say that. This of the just upset about the perception wasn't no they don't like that the two faced so yeah I. People perceived as other notes it wrong thing Brady's that's key guy and don't anybody out they don't public input on this phony image in the public keys they're fighting a victim from public. Leading after the game behind closed doors particular Jane will now. Yes this should it try to figure out how they don't know explore he Jane I'm Ramsey during the course of this game 61777. On seven under through seven more football mourned his game coming up on Sunday. And what the hell is Joseph Kelly doings on the eighth inning had no idea we'll get to all of that with our number two mobile enough.