OMF - Breslyn Clinton, 6, tumor, Newton with her father, Dave, and sister, Cheyanne 8-22-18

WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon
Wednesday, August 22nd
Breslyn met OMF when they visited the Jimmy Fund Clinic in May.

She had an MRI because of persistent headaches. During the MRI, doctors found a tumor and rushed her to the emergency room.

In 2017, Breslyn had brain surgery and now is undergoing chemotherapy.

Breslyn is an artist. She loves designing and sketching new clothes and shoes. She is also a great singer, although she is shy preforming in front of people. Breslyn also likes to swim and ride her scooter.

She is in kindergarten.

Breslyn loves doing art projects at the Jimmy Find Clinic. Some of her favorites have been slime making, rock painting, and creating stuffed animals. She really enjoys the special parties and events at the Clinic as well. She loved trick-or-treating with the other kids, and the yo-yo performer that came to visit the Clinic.

Her family includes her parents, Dave and Kendra, and sisters, Cheyanne, 21, and Noelle, 11.

Breslyn and Noelle will be saying “Play Ball” to start tonight’s game.

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It lets me this wonderful family right now this is a breath as one. Along with that dead Dave sure AM and no no well all along all part of the the group here Breslin. Will will both start with which you you know well going to be saying play ball tonight for the for the game. Get him can we just put. You are Iconia as we so we saw Breslin. Now we start clinic she had this this beautiful I've ever just think it's all polling doubt it looked like princess doing great you're ready to go. You know in most middle of most mostly kids they get nervous Breslin. We we do this thing and I have that's. This barring. I would probably. And he's it's like this right you're 13 shot at on a resident you wanted to give me no no no no no don't you do. I'm not. Yeah and present got to eat or is that a personal regret them one of those not present the love Obama on your own quirky little long wait Hillary you are right to dictate who and what do you. Fredricka thrown at me. Or every. Everything that is part of all the credit doesn't own democratic candidate rather you better and yes you do you feel much much but but then you're saying play ball well tonight an idea what practice right now. The Leno. You look at we want and yet do the right way you did two words or all waiting to hear our. 123. Last year and ready to. I didn't want to. Victory and it's as we can now we can ask you now apparently Breslin had done persistent headaches. They rushed her to the emergency room and obviously. The family is freaking out. You know with her from a lot of families the last couple days in what they were dealing with. And what were you dealing with and what happened from that point home. Whoa she's able to addicts like you said and in my wife actually it was eight votes projector. The doctor and it was actually his schedule emergency MR violence plaudits. And we came home after it. She got the call and we figured out what happened. Who went to children's hospital and that day they kind of told us we got a week to decide if that surgery went head to surgery. Should hospitals fantastic. They were able to move 4% of it. Who want to chemo and with Kollek spent managements here bud. Give us a chance to kind of like we evaluate what's really worth it and camera live data gain presents kind of rock and Kyra. Helped us to help that's gonna discover. Let's stretch coming at me get a strong normal thing that add to that a tornado yeah yeah it looks like she's doing she's doing great outfielder. Pretty good economic would use in no normal. We have little setbacks here in the air but. Outside of that she's been pretty good she's responding to became wealthy athlete has been shrinkage. Even tonight the permissions stage so. We don't fantastic coming. Just that it thing. So the idea of this would do the clinic that you guys go to that we saw you guys that gives us anymore we see the kids ago a lot of kids look forward. You going there and for the you know it and there's always some tough times but and they get so comfortable. And they give you excuses to with all the different activities and nurses I'm sure he'd talk about that and how how how easy they made it for. For Breslin well I think things went to hit the floor of the energy. This is fantastic form even people who don't arts and craft the doctors. We have wonderful doctor doctor right conduct climber they rate energy in. Arts and crafts in this town that things get lost in and just to give up all the struggles that you going to just for that day. That it kind of like almost gives you let go relief and a break in you and your mind go skeptical someplace else and that's like Disneyland tickets and a toy you can think of this hour. Trick or treating yeah they're battling did you like trick or treating it that's good candy. When good toys and stuff the things that could send food and. So it Sosa says that you like that you arts and crafts and he also like to sing you a distinct. British immigration element. That means severe mood dead nieces and let you watch the film was songs. Privacy trust you watch that that movie all over again and she sings the songs so that could be agreeable. You know little things little lit you guys are frozen maybe work your way out early. Like for six years ago. It's relevant to I don't like David interest rates being able to view in the entire family again wish you the that's like and I think you're going to be great you have dark alleyways and on you've already practiced right here with us and you're awesome just repeat that tonight. And don't think I was that go with it I think it is something like that these two were all that waiting a year yet. You'd like you're ready go these guys that stopped by and I see you guys in all of you again.