OMF - Brian Boyle, 33, chronic myeloid leukemia, Hingham with Dr. Richard Stone, director of the adult leukemia program, Dana-Farber 8-21-18

Brian Boyle is a professional ice hockey player, currently playing for the New Jersey Devils. He is one of 13 children and grew up in Hingham. Brian attended St. Sebastian’s School, and then went on to play four years of ice hockey at Boston College. He was drafted to the Los Angeles Kings out of college.

Brian’s professional hockey career was thrown off course when he was diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukemia in September 2017. He had no symptoms of cancer other than a “steady decline” in energy level. It wasn’t until a blood test, conducted in a team physical, that he discovered the cancer.

Throughout his treatment, Brian had to take 2 pills a day on an empty stomach. He felt some controllable side effects from his medication, but only missed 10 games throughout the course of his treatment.

After his diagnosis, Brian had a different perspective on hockey and life. He realized that

nothing was guaranteed and began to appreciate the smaller moments in life. When he scored his first goal after returning to the Devils, Brian teared up as he celebrated. He says that this was the first time he had ever cried after scoring.

Brian is supported by his wife, Lauren, his two-year-old son, infant daughter, and his parents, Artie and Judy.

Brian will be throwing out the first pitch tonight.

Dr. Stone received his MD in 1981 from Harvard Medical School, his internal medicine residency training at Brigham and Women's Hospital, and his hematology-oncology fellowship at DFCI. He is currently the Director of the Adult Acute Leukemia Program at DFCI, serves on the Medical Oncology Board of the American Board of Internal Medicine, and is vice chair of the Leukemia Core Committee for the national cooperative trials group Cancer and Leukemia Group B.

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We start this trend we're like every kid that comes in gets the role ball went out and so now he's got X. He's not a total short play this did not any delegate let me introduce you to grind blunt. And oil stored up. Honestly for me in Massachusetts and now the New Jersey Devils and lots of number. Brian personal great to see him sort of all September 2017. You got the Shockey life. Yesterday it it was. It was interesting because I was feeling. Pretty poorly. Each day as it went on from probably being at August on I was kind of wondered what the heck was going on earth like it's. That was going to be it for me in terms of playing hockey that is only moderately at the ol' yeah yeah. Really fast because the earlier this article yet gotten it right off on. But. You know. You fast forward a little bit and makes sense so it was almost at the end of the day a relief and wait because of like you mentioned. Ball like people talked about today all of the research and all of the money has gone into something. That has. I'm in I'm in a position where it could be treated easily end it was it was difficult we came up here we saw doctors don't care Farmar. We did a number of different things down in New Jersey to. I got the news it was a shock to my wife and I and it was probably 340s wonder what was going on. It wasn't allowed to participate training camp you'll understanding. Yeah coast hockey place had or otherwise and start yeah. You know like and yet. But isn't it though because that I've seen you know other guys do it and you know it is such an important part of their training. And it Christina seems like it's almost impossible. And to actually get back on the ice or the field and whatever and actually got a goal. And just talk about how emotional that was that's a long tough hard journey that spot while I was getting pushed all summer and about it felt by Brian McDonough actually done Foxboro whose whose trainer for the last ten years just couldn't figure why I was recovering and policies soon as they go on this medicine. It was recommended idiot like dark stone by doctor Rita Jersey. After like five or six days a finals super here because I was training with all this I call a bad blood her in all among the cell. And wolves and and things can start work again so I had to this boost of energy and this. Obviously some adrenaline just from the perception that you know we got. From. Family friends and fans. Being able play and worried about little things that are used to worry about kind of went away and I could just have some fun it was. Certainly emotional and it was it was felt really good. So joining us also the doctor Richard stone seductively vote this in the CML we've had kids in year's ALO per lot of bottom but she Immelt told us. What that is in and do research on this now. Sure sure well as a chronic leukemia. Where the ball mirrors or producing what socially you don't meet and fixed or research done by any individuals or written in a former. It was learned that. There's a gene discrepancy about surgical filled up your crumbs on at least two approach in which causes cells to the to make too many ways shall we don't it must like having oral broil the summer when you don't need to heat. And to me what cells that fight infection not so bad but in the old as. Which is only about 1520 years ago people died of chinook is officially turn into which you can. And again we have what I would consider a miracle drug the magic bullet which has been the most important. That would happen in my career to be able to have a guy who had a formal deadly disease. I'll be able to commence and Wednesday and actually play at the college level professional sports is truly amazing that circle for all work inspirations and with help from all the community and socialist and we think we can do that with a captured two. The united honestly seamless to the question but he talked about all the energy all the energy got from just the medicine you take. Now as the NHL's. How does that work with the NHL artists. You know. Ten and I well this is like Superman. Certainly get them getting direct. Three. Three last year but it doctors and while there are two U reasons the therapeutic use exemption I can't littler. But this doesn't fall into that category. It is it is to regulators. Don't body doing. What was supposed to do once the regular ones. Trading. System voice overs Austin before them honestly because of what was happening so it's on. So we've talked to some of the players who boarded their Auburn and think those that basically things in perspective right they professional sports and so leave there regulate and that it. You know be nice to get a hit but if I don't vote in the world right so much for you'll wasn't go to this is as year old little. This is your life this is your family so we talked about coming back in that first goal of this was. Probably a big moment. Definitely and you know we've been fortunate to you. Get to meet some of these fighters is to influence the Moffitt cancer center managers he we've gone seen kids. Obviously in in Boston even when I go for checkups now feeling better he sees the the waiting arms filled with people so many families going through this. When you see the pediatrics has some has been going through. You know some some trying times are now with. You know and not cancer but he's been in his credentials as a lot this year that was part of the emotional. Kinda. Just exhale that I had assortment for school orders because he was going through stuff he came out of it. Feel better so I was happy for him there was just a lot in terms of I just seen so much so when he. Families. The Children's Hospital in arteries he obviously there's the patient and then there's the brother. The six year old brother and asked to seize four year old sister in in the hospital or. The parents who don't want us to go home what with one child the other has to stay with the other so it can hear them as part it. It is. It's cruel it doesn't quite fair this disease which are performed it's it's toasty but. The advances that we've made makes all this worth it seemed kids are trying to. Or radio on this morning just trying to hopefully. Distract them so like that just to change their behavior however there. Whatever their thought process is the kind of distract in Nevada thought process is something you try to do it and you see you take a lot of use for yourself justice. You see kind of what they've gone through their courage strength and it's it's it's inspired so you know. The doctors of the matters is that they've Margaret Children's Hospital. These people are angels down I think because of what they have to see what they've gone through and they keep these spears putted. You deal with all of that concern you when your wife foreigner dealing with your son's issue you're coming out of treatment your back and yet. You know he ended up getting added to the all star game you'd get an outstanding innovation down enough intently going to win the mass but it I mean. How did you do with that just the strait of emotions here. Very much. Lean Lorie here she's. She's got a very big person but she carried. Me and 245 pounds she cared deck which hold right now he's he's about fifty pounds through your whole. We have a little baby girl Isabella. She kept everything. She kept there and the other is. She's she's still tentative we have we appointment Thursday with deck when I'd be on the rolls wrote sometimes you have to drive up. To children's from New Jersey which is a fun drive in the winter especially for a Florida girl and it's. It's kind of just. Deal with what's in front we have a saying and arrows that. You know. God doesn't put any other point that we can't handle. Sometimes you wish it and trust this so much at all that is to give us but it is. We look at return looked at as a blessing which tried to impact other people's lives for the better return to tell our story. What happens when going through adversity as a young couple that's only been married four years. Which is trying to do our best what what the situation is and for the most forward orally and on her doing aren't so I was talking about things you know you know god is do you mean you can't handle. Europe are out the first pitch to. Now can you handle it Oklahoma now there's been some some first pictures that have gone really bad. It's an eagle and a new doll and let them put pressure we wanted to but YouTube you know I just thought it was not another. Him as though you can't beat that I've got this restaurant throw and gene forget how to write and what about what about our patient and Jordan we hundred last year he went on to balls I don't. Any bulls and the people yeah. I gonna let it but yeah you don't want to. So all worked and it should be practicing and he draws a trophy yesterday as well what did you notice. I am here next right here that the two feet back and look out of its weapons. If that we have other guys that required if you. Big duck I'm curious I don't know if you ever had patients at the professional athletes before but was there anything different with Brian. Well he's look bigger than average patients yeah. No he's his. Fortitude to be able to if this resort yesterday has taken twice today and he takes one of his drugs. We Italy certain to the second third period the first sector it sometimes. You don't have to be taken without food before and after you take it so it's her trying in this guy and somehow doesn't this woman's to have played rational. Windows Pickett a minister between periods sometimes. Not always been if I take it have the right after the games than you wait two more hours if we have a back to back. Beaten but I think I thought of that yeah. If we have I stolen wallet. At your screen if we have a back to back or something that I would have to try to. Do it so it can be right after treatment that some music but. For the most especially this summer for the most part series it is. Wacko twelve hours. The court it's actually helped me. You're snacking is that particular habit detector built was Dave's role. Europe you do people forget Chris all middle of a bad game well again this month my wife knows it all get over. Yet there. I walk a role for him. It's a bright it's it's great to see you and that's great to see that you're healthy your son's healthier families doing great and thanks for stopping by and passing that message along enough. And thank you doctor for all you do we really appreciate it good seeing thank you can have success and continued great health thank you very much got it.