OMF - Brody McDermott, 4, Type B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia), Lexington with his mother, Lindsay, and older brother, Conor 8-21-18

In June 2017, Brody had had strep throat for a month and antibiotics were not working. Brody was taken to the hospital for fluids, while his mother left his four other siblings at home--she thought it would take just a quick IV.  The ER doctors did a routine blood test and found results that "couldn't be right."  They needed to see a blood specialist in Boston and took an ambulance straight from the ER. From there, Brody did not leave the hospital for 30 days. 

His treatment has included 27 months of chemotherapy. At least 20 lumbar punctures with intra-catheter chemotherapy. 

His family includes his siblings, Conor (13), Taylor (12), Madison (8), and Piper (6).

Brody's hobbies include building with Legos, doing all kinds of sports, and playing with anything superhero and Star Wars.

This September, Brody will enter pre-kindergarten.

What is special about the Jimmy Fund: The Clinic is the most amazing place.  Everyone at the Clinic knows us by name, which makes us feel special and like friends. While I wish that we did not have to go to the clinic, there is something so comforting in being surrounded by people who understand what we are going through.  They get it.

From Brody’s mom - People do not realize that cancer takes over every aspect of your life, physically and emotionally.  It's not just the big things like going in for treatment.  It takes over all the small moments too.  At a cookout, you must worry that there aren't any gloves at the buffet because germs can cause major illness.  You sit and watch the buns or the chips to see if people are touching them with bare hands. It affects siblings.  They lose time with parents and quickly take the backseat. They are forced to learn that cancer comes first. Events are missed. Someone else feeds them dinner at night, sometimes every night. They become caretakers. Even our family pet was affected with fewer walks and increased anxiety. Nobody asks for cancer. I didn't think I would have to deal with cancer until I did...nobody gets that part at all. It just happens for no reason.

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Let's meet Brody McDermott. Protege of four years of age with. And he says he's dealing with ELL this is his mom Wednesday. To meet you nice to me and older brother Conner were Connor. My attitude out right there there are fairly good pitchers the rest of the family unity of hokey and I know you lucky great timing. So maybe Lindsay you can tell us. Ready story here and let's see last year June 4. We token in a pediatrician for strep throat. And we're told we needed to go and get some fluids in the hospital. And we basically ended up moving into the hospital for over a month. He was diagnosed two days later with leukemia. And done pretty much for our entire family analysts. Life changing. It and that's the thing that the siblings the Brothers and sisters how how do you then goal hole. Cody talked to them. In the beginning it was really difficult. I was living in the hospital and they reliving with their grandmother. So I didn't see them spots and this guy really really messed them too hard when you have a big family to lose that support system. But we talk about it a lot we talk about the fact that Prodi's doing really really well and that we are more than halfway through his treatment right now. So we have only good things to look forward to you don't think about the negatives. He said more than halfway through so I'm just looking at it says. 27 months of chemotherapy at least 20/20. Lombard punctures. With interest catheter. Chemotherapy that's. Been here almost halfway through or more than that or just halfway through he actually has a lumbar puncture. And how do you how do you prepare. Him for that and and actually more important blame yourself for that. It's terrible the same eat it used to seeing your child her. He doesn't really need crap because when he goes into the Jimmy Fund he loves it there. The people all know him the nurses know him and they are part of our family. And without having them I'm not sure that we could get through this because nobody else in our town. Knows really what it's like tap the child. Brody let's get to it who's your favorite superhero or store wars character and move. It. Was at. Both. Who know her own you know under through random stupid to block super. Our daughter it. It. Actually. He kind of when we found out that he was at least a column cars here. Because each victory the stuff he went through and the treatment. And. Definitely super powers if you're also it's it's not just it's just the shrapnel effect. Did you witnesses. Not just in the hospital or at home it's anywhere you go race you know parties. You. Sit there and wonder and worry about oh. If you can get sick by. Don't have rubber gloves touching upon hands you're wondering about what it's all counts aren't he can get sick from the when he first came out of the hospital he tripped and east and his knee and to see amount of panic thinking oh my gosh entity in the hospital I don't know what to do with him by. The people the clinic have been so great we call immediately they help out with dinner season. They've been through so many times that there like I am. The biggest support system. Doctor earlier today said if you don't have ill oh this is the time in your life to have right now. Few years ago it's a different story so I would think it's very optimistic. The road where people here it is he's at a good rate permission ray it and we keep holding on to that point and now. We make plans for the future I think everyone does but it. Because of the new treatment he's been put through a lot less. Than most tapped in the past two written. Are pretty much anything before yeah. Have to leave now you can say hey good say ONF. And we'll figure based on what you wanna win apple. Double blow a big everything. Excellent product ball OK and didn't design leaned on you guys score. Come at the background there was a good day today wasn't it was a great meeting you broad street millions anxious by telling your story thanks so much.