OMF - The Bruins could supplant the Celtics' popularity; Isaiah Thomas' return to Boston may be on hold 12-28-17

Ordway, Merloni and Fauria
Thursday, December 28th
HOUR 3 - The Celtics had a ton of hype going into their season. The Bruins, however, weren't expected to do much this year. The Bruins youth movement has been on a run while the Celtics have had to grind out win after win. So which team will win the attention of the Boston sports fans? It has been speculated that Isaiah Thomas' first game as a Cavalier will be on Boston grounds. But will Celtics fans have to wait to see the former little guy play again?

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Ready. Fort Wayne and moaning and 48 from. Let's go to does do but he called last week we sure are and what you are also you're. Yellow. James please do just go away F James Harris he's a bully edit jerk. Always as Ben Stiller is and always will be we don't care. With gland Lou and Christian if you don't like it. Usually Robin I can finances though what you went out to you this is so baffling to me program update tomorrow night will be doing the nasty go of mail back 905 what would we do by the way if grant award here what would be happening. I went downstairs and by his Mickey yeah it was a left is Eric here you have to break it here we don't care. Well. On Sports Radio WEEI. Literally thank you by the. I think handling that and a us updates I am beyond Soviet. I thought that thank you for a minute I thought that thank you for giving me. Right now save save your life. Because. There's a lot of things that happened I have never experienced here one walk someone walking out of a show that would happen yesterday check. Into doing the Heimlich on someone right before turning now. I don't let's not exaggerate you know I I did you thought you had the right way. I'm ready for eyes as I said yesterday John Dennis asked me what my summer job was if you worked in the coal mines. I sort of a lifeguard. I I and certified to save you but you have to be water a so. So did jump into my a lot of might it might be illegal if I give you a pilot spyware lived on attorney you're not. You I'm not I was worried about him I just tiny little sub that little lunch a little peanut butter and jelly. On a liberal Brad I am glad you're on by our secure a second straight day I was gonna have the power on for the final two hours. Without one of the people who started the show so I'm I would much like joined us and glad he is alive I I'm glad you're never leave you. I would sit and I would say here is americorps senior corps would sit I would say don't remove me from mr. aired on my shift is not by that dedicated and I would I would because I know that you that promise you'll go to more wakes in the coming years yes I would go to your way at all and you know things that president hired guns and now that the high I don't I would go wherever two ways as the highest compliment I can do view right now. I would go to your way for an eighth. Yes we. Would stay in line. You. May blossom calls I don't know it's not murder out. But you can call us in the lineup and 61777979837. At some Americans are solvent basketball said that the Houston Rockets huge game big game. They have the that's. Yeah. Second best records for the right and they got combative I lost two games in the road the rockets the bar are playing them this fall. And I asked you in the break how the ratings were 'cause this is sort of I admit that I need to look out what the day it's gonna last night and it accidentally delete isn't an outline of this than a loaded question like one way or the other American hockey ratings are up and NASA and our our basketball ratings are down it. NBC sports boss I'm generally curious because. There for the first couple months of the year or first at least month and a half of the season. I found myself watching more basketball that I ever had I watch teams from the beginning to the end I was entertained but lately the last few weeks. I've had had the power rule little bit I'll be drawn. I think you're not the only 10 interesting. So last night's these Celtics weren't insulin rates you appointees and that's our food. The Bruins. Two point six now all low. So we've not had had. Ten times so far this season and seven times. The Celtics have out rated. The Bruins now. I don't know me obviously and it's that does signify a somewhat at least maybe a slight changing of the guard to keep in mind they did play the Charlotte. Hornets snow's band at home game without Jerry Brown without mark smartest. Without my guy with a narrow shoulders Samuel July. And you know but that narrows yes I cities Jae Crowder is more and there's been an error shoulders. But but yeah I was senators are when you think again I mean yeah Ottawa Senators were in the Eastern Conference title losses are against but this is going to be is I think is going to be really interesting go on for. Because you had the bill Celtics pulled force. Right early in the year for the first yes sometimes even higher than that yak and and which was a complete flip. From even last U the Bruins and Celtics. And now the Bruins out of nowhere are this good team that people actually believed did. Make somewhat of a run here at this these young team which not a not a unlikable guy on the entire roster. And then you have the Celtics like you said I'd been trying to watch these games there hasn't been the same it just asked him. There's a little juice missing there's been a little bit of an he wanted to haven't been playing as one I'll. And to. Wear and I think the four. And during the winning streak even slightly after. You always sort of felt as though. It's you're gonna see. A gas Steen play from higher in the you're gonna see a while highlight reel play all the time from him. I don't know if that's not a way I don't think it has a wonder that has become more commonplace and the entire team isn't playing is while it's like OK while this is becoming what we expect welders here in new not a science in is much. Just the newness of everything amid I think that the Celtics in the ratings bore this out. The newness of everything was what made you wanna watch I haven't seen carrier and take over enough in the fourth quarter the Celtics uniform. I haven't seen. Jason Tatum I haven't seen Jalen brown I have even seen it Erin Baines are my dress what is this guy days. Big and strong and he's unlike Amir Johnson and he's so fun to watch and Daniel ties he's blocking shots. But now oh it's we've seen all of this in week it also progressed well and yet the world is that's the other part about it is that they were winning. And even when they're winning now you go back to it. Yeah yeah they be Charlotte last I watched that game it was it was totally uninspiring everything about it was uninspiring Charlotte sticks and they beat them. But you go back to lead the Indiana they got Lackey at the end of the game. This isn't this isn't a great feeling you have when this team right now an idea of Houston coming and it even without Chris Paul. He would before you remember I mean did go back try to help the gold state what ratings that Golden State island and it was still I'd probably insane right yeah. Anybody know what that. Gamers on TNT sell or whatever it's a bit get the thing is it's hard entirely measure. Tonight sometime like tonight's game to be a hard measured as a tactic to Teaneck and so it's a national name and looking at that the games that the Celtics have played. Cents. We'll look back to it. Game against the savvy six at which I think a lot of people were interested in sac in his last name in November they've played some teams that are talent. In. They've played the sun and sickly the box but I don't think bar that interest in the arts. It played the mavericks were terrible the play dispersant hasn't paid the bulls twice that we did not get the edge as the Korea is well the beauty heats with a lot of holes again they may Los Angeles teams though that well at that gusted it to the next in the heat loss of the bulls they lost the jazz nostalgia settles losses. Yes that was back snapped back that that also that was coming off a back to back against a good big way in which we did big numbers. Against the pistons. But that that Monday night game with where I think didn't. Haight street T I patriots played that night he and like they didn't have high re earning they didn't have Marcus Morris. They did it Al Horford. So that was I sort of that lofted it to. Syllables I sort of tried to me I chalked that up to you. We used in had a second out of a back to back no no one's watching us now what did you use there but my point is is not like a big plane. A lot of high and a lot of teams that you want to walk. It's Abbie could make that point I think gates and you care about the nuggets due care up agree yeah I care and I actually do because every this is a good thing about the NBA aided. Every NBA team has a couple of guys who you wanna see place for you whether about our hearts yeah Michael Carter Williams is on the horse is from Hamilton. I want to I want to high school are just room here like that's why I want to now be Dwight Howard plays for the hornets. So is the Kemba Walker you play for the hornets there's always some guy that you want to see on the other team but I think that. When it's kind of what the patriots. With a patriots we can see the numbers when the patriots lose people do not wanna DO. They don't wanna read stuff is much they don't wanna listen as much they don't want Colin is much that is beef back with the patriots it is. Bad for business when the patriots lose I do think there's an element of that with a Celtics. With the Celtics win their it was great when they're role that winning streak but now. It's it's it's it's sort of like path. And act I don't. I mean you could say yes but I guess it's kind of missing the Bruins does nobody want well no window so everyone just to see the this is this is where the Bruins have going for them. No it even was was ready to acknowledge you gonna have a season. Mean no one here about the Bruins out of the gate there wasn't. Yet Charlie McIlroy oh yeah acre great but I love the dynamic players yet this team is sort of everyone thought and it's gonna be like last year. And then now how. All the sudden we're from the January. And you have a contending team a team that can contentious marches in content. So a month from now you mentioned the ratings are about basically even Wesley I am Bosnia. A month from now what's second and be like I can I'm telling you if you have this situation of the Celtics but Jalen brown hurt you party you need Marcus Morris up and down and carrier ring yet he's there how Horford up and down is not the he was good last night. But a month from now I think it's gonna flip I think you're you're back those sort of what you were. Enabled a B I think it'll will depend on who's playing while at the birds continue playing as well as they are right now amen yeah I think that the interest that ships. But I think if the Celtics are piecing together and maybe Jason Tatum is putting together and currency and that DP. A rookie of the year caliber year and you've got carrier being a lot of people think could be it could be an MVP candidate is Andy be candidate. I think especially once again until late February. More so in early march when games start to matter a lot more seating placements I think it you know for any sport at this point. Things start to kind of this flight that night at the dog days of based on August. These are the dog days of the NBA Indiana yeah the answer is cinemedia your schedule there's there's not time and really right I mean. You know you lose to Houston tonight it's not like it's and it really trash sickly. Or you're nodding off and the feeling is especially trendy when you have. Cleveland coming up and it is your right Houston if you lose to Houston is not the end of the world right but it doesn't help matters that doesn't help how you right now I watched that team last eight. In Charlotte and like. I don't feel good about this team they won. They blew a twenty point lead again they've been the they were up by one and as that quarter and then they they yeah surely be a crappy team. And and so now you go to Q you play Houston home even without Chris Paul and if you don't get a better feeling about this team. Beat the biggest checkpoint for this team much like gold state lesser of the early yeah early in the year Cleveland. Cleveland next week because you're not only have Cleveland he not only have your chief comp competition for Toronto beat chief competition. You have Isiah. And if if you are playing well then and you put and it's putting a sticker there that I think that's when people really the term. And also for the first time in a longtime you don't have a whole bunch of games on stop you know they've had to really adjust the schedule because they're going to London. And so they played I saw a stat the other day that going into the game against Washington they played a 150. More minutes than Washington and played. And now you'll see you'll play Thursday night play tonight against. Home against the rockets then you are home. If three should home games home against the nets are on the 31 on New Year's Eve. And then you don't play gang you have Monday and Tuesday. You don't play again until Wednesday January 30 you've got two days off between this Friday Saturday between the rockets in the next. To use some time to rest and regroup and actually get some practice and film work America. That maybe they look that that could really help us get a better gauge of how they're gonna look against not just the cavaliers but they're also playing that Alyssa there planet's walls. On Friday January 5 at the guard Michael monstrous at home. That's a big game if you think about it. And he knows that's a good young Carl Anthony towns Jimmy Butler. I think thirteen you'll face and it's you'll. Day in witness talking about the here than now you're right I mean you're the trade deadline. You have it is that eight point four million it is you have deception and they're gonna and then you have the prospect of all of my goodness the first time Gordon Hayward. But it goes on the basketball court with basketball sneakers Ashley jumps up and downs here you go to define me because you have that your back your mind it's. When you re at the march. Because we know where Hayward is that right probably could have another guy on the team you would hope that some of these other guys healthy is going to be different situation but. Right now as we sit here and let's tell news. I watched this team I just it's it's too bad because I was so. Jacked up about watching him earlier in the year and I watch it like that game last Miami and whatever. I I again I mean I know every team has like a player you know that you want to watch on it may be me and I think the bulls haven't seen on the team and I wanna watch that. Michael Carter Williams did play doubles at one point so but he doesn't renowned but I you know memories. And China and Africa as NC east. Robby in and day and good bit of business we're we're closing in on what we get seven. We get about oh and I I. Oh if you don't lock out a few hours and 27 minutes EQ and a and a you know it's day you know what though if. If people don't want to watch. You know Celtics Bruins have it's like the dog days you know what's coming up. I mean to suggest really watching from currently I was gonna go to break but it can go to break and coming in here to admit it. Can I just can't can I just get that that that also breaking. This while while it was narrowly breaking his exact date last night at 9:40 PM rinds Canada says. Story doubt rising as to whether Isiah Thomas plays against the cavaliers next week. Are gonna read over the symbol we'll discuss this and we'll take your calls when we come back on a iMac with Bradford turning to glee and little interest. Or sportswear. God Saturdays. Players as a compliment on that and let me go compliment you would be good dancer if you can dance around a little bit. But then when you did the light and hard about what you like. Trapped and a glass case of emotional hooking my nephew was yesterday you literally climbed under my sister's glass table and he was screaming and pawing at the top and I'd like. I was like did you get caught in the blast gave an emotion does that. Oh where you sober when you do the this after he does before the shots but none of the day after. As the day after shots so great I guess not very if it's not like us. Not not not as not a cloud mass effect breaking news Rask has her holiday note are in workers are slow. Just cut stumbling across things. According to Joseph Barden of Cleveland dot com. Now it sounds like Isiah Thomas will not play for the cavaliers and 2017. And there is doubt growing on his availability for his anticipated return to Boston January 3. It appears. That he's been practicing. But he is not going to. He's not playing against the Janice. Thomas was out Wednesday in Sacramento encourage Thai Romney was quick to ruled out for Saturday's game at Utah. Lou then hedged a bit by saying I don't know when asked if he was already sure he wasn't going to play. He scrimmage last week a source that he participated in five on zero drills with the haves. A sign that apparently I'm violence. I mean right that's a five on zero dominated. I'm role. Assuming Thomas is indeed held out against the jazz on Saturday. Cab is next game is January 2 at home against Portland it's virtually out of the question for a player to play in back to back games after being out since may with hip injuries. Sell it Thomas where play against the blazers would be hard to believe he also play against the Celtics the next night even though that the teams traded him. Also there was reluctance from both the cavs and Thomas. For his first game to be marked key opponent like the warriors which was among the reasons he sat out the Christmas game. The Celtics with tiny Irving is the point guard certainly count as a marquee opponent here's one more little nugget from this article. Keep in mind this date to January 6 the cavs play out of Orlando that night it's also good date Nike chose to release the Thomas Byrd I. Brian. You. All. That is Nike knows something we don't. No no it's it's as. That would that be surprised you at all. At all. Would that surprise you at all now that they Deri told Nike that he not come back at a place for I announced geysers so. So like loyal to the to the shoe companies and Larry Bird is loyal to converse great. But not like this I'm not saying this is gonna happen but it would not surprise me that. Also what would it lessen your interest in the game against the cab some time castle rock in and and you would heighten the interest of diving the Celtics would have a better chance of winning. But. Does it also I asked him if he really isn't ready to go yet there's all these snout tiny bubbles in setbacks but we. They said that he was writing going to be ready to play deal the time do a place that was around January 1 yeah I'm anxious to see. So what are way to beat him down on his thing the other day is in a winery it's from the yes so. I'd I'm sort of where the other side of me I saw I have seen that from your tweet. By I threw this hour as it. I have to sometimes it pains me staff tries so hard to remember how much I love watching that applies. Right how much like I said this the superstar isn't one of the few superstars in Boston Isiah Thomas. And then when you believe in you eat you're talking about like loan in a party really knew what was going on that I wouldn't play the playoff bull crap. You scored over fifty points. Believe that but come on now throw in the neck and people dig made good points on Twitter they did fire the entire medical staff. After indices and Sarah. All well it's so warm I mean so war it's it's. You may need RLM philosophy is or maybe some things happen. You know why aren't happy they did then fire the entire medical staff. Because one of the best guys in the you'll ever find doctor Hakeem is still there and I think he probably had a pretty good gauge. What was going on one Danny Ainge said today. I don't know where he said I saw this I think again or get everything it has on us on Twitter may be came across my like I ESP and I did earn a BC sports and in my phone. And Danny Ainge said. That Isaiah received a second opinion. A second opinion outside of the organization. Yeah so it is solely blame your organization and say you told me it was a decade ago you told me it was OK to play. I played thinking it was fine and now I'm out for acts and I days. That's not really the whole story because you sought out a second opinion and I don't know what they told Jim assuming is that it was fine that you played. But it wasn't just the Celtics and that it. And then Isiah saying all while you go out the other the reporters asked these questions aren't. In your criticizing me for being honest now we're criticizing you for what you said we want you to be honest. And the reporter should ask that question. So that's not a good defense and I am saying this Friday. And I don't wanna say it because it sounds like the we will talk to the break we sounds like Tyler say get all over again it sounds like these other things it sounds like. What's gonna ultimately probably averaged we drop below. You don't wanna do this. But you know win win when he's doing the approach that uses EQ how it got to be honest. If this isn't to me this isn't this isn't the guitar visit the site is a good thing. Was sour grapes from the Bruins I think I'd ever get the sense that obviously it was like. All those mean people in Boston and you know I I I lines sang in just moved on and went for a yet out of and it I mean the Bruins it was like shock and on. Starting with a behind the first beyond could be episode which is. Which is approved it edited by the Bruins which was all about them talking about how immature Tyler Sagan was and how they had to get him out. All right. So you have that you have the Bruins legion of people saying oh no no they got a good this get a fair accurate form for about two years saying no doubt he scored all these golden dolls we don't know it's okay. Because he he would have been able fit here the system was bad for him he was immature blah blah blah but it was all coming from one side. This isn't coming all people wanna do around here is love right now love Isaiah Tom ray but he's making that very very difficult to. I I guess I'm a little surprised and neck. I am a little surprised at how many people who usually get so upset. When an athlete starts to say anything bad about Boston they automatically turn iMac how many travelers are still on team Isaiah and say. You guys are too hard on him and you know it hurt his feelings to get traded to ensure hurt his feelings we saw a video write a video that was released its from like you maybe like a week or two ago of other reaction from Isiah Thomas I'm Danny Ainge traded ams in the cavaliers that. Me I was hurt I was hurt just because. Everything I've done for them everything I went through it continue to do for them when packages called it quits and went home and he did last season and then I got hurt them. I I hurt myself more I gave my heart suggestion in the organization. He took it to a Argo. It just say again it's really difficult it's it's like a break up right it's really difficult when you gave your everything and that's not returned in name in you know a team moves on a business moves on an employer moves on. But I don't know what favors you do yourself of your Isiah Thomas by instead of just saying listen I was really hurt not sat quiet. But it's a business and it's a game you know what I'm gonna do I'm gonna go in there improve that they were wrong I'm gonna go in and showed them that they got rid of the wrong player. And then just be dealt with that this. Homey feelings were so heard in Allentown to Danny and I wouldn't plated medical staff was better what they did and it would have told me what I should have I mean it's just like why am Atlanta Orlando weighing. Yet he okayed a leading das protests. My clothing that's I think that's exactly who that's exactly what Didier said Jeff. But yet it's it's the same the same thing and when you have someone like this. Who who does something like this it makes it so so difficult it's it's unbelievable how good this guy was. It just says it in my left and just like I don't think he's a whiner. I was nice day out when you know Gary and I do our show we do early edition he's ready today Higgins and she blocked him from Twitter like you just couldn't. But that's the bad signs today that it is because he should be able to. It it is handle a you know he should handle Chris is so like he's abusing him you know paneling and aunts and Isaiah. When you say I'm speaking Isaiah now Isaiah endless nameless I know you are. When you say something like that and you say I did all this for the franchise that was her written. Basically saying that they did me wrong. When you go when you hit free agency. What are you gonna beat. The unity saying in a you know on of the what's I answered I should stay with Cleveland BK is. They were so nice to me I was so nice to them now this is I hear it all the time this is a business. That I I think that the Celtics did absolutely nothing wrong in trading you. They did nothing wrong and how they played you how they treated you what they did with do it with the playoffs in the medical staff and and it is just so so bad and if the whole trade dynamic is so weird to me. It's so weird like how people cannot handle from all sides. From bolt accused gossage hobby just how moved to it about now it's it's from both sides and in in this case as you said Friday this is the Celtics. The Celtics followers are green keepers they are loyal loyal loyal almost to the patriots level. And they want to they wanna be if you're their guy you're the guy they wanna applaud you when you come back they don't wanna talk crap about you they don't. And Tommy Johnson loves still loves Isaiah Thomas. They want to honor you with a video tribute when you come back to guarding yes. Yeah they want to do that. Like what teams do that now you know when it would Johnny demon showed back up the east Carrie sees me at Fenway Park and Yankee uniform that they were like. Well let's go ahead and shall montage down to Johnny Damon always yeah well eight. I've heard accurately literature and Terry would still booed he was ace kicker that once super balls for the teachers he got booed mercilessly. And he would compare you know us from. And I said it I said that the Celtics are almost like the I think the Celtics probably in hindsight our worst our worst are the Celtics fans. Are more loyal than maybe any other. And the other friend absolutely yet because as you gave them enjoyment like Paul the only one I remember actually when Antoine came back. And Antoine came back with the Dallas. And he had a shot at the buzzer against Celtics. And here ball there's something and the owners flight went out in the accord nor light doing. It was a bad people out that was the battle but I think that for the most part. When Antoine came back afterward pierce when pierce came back Duracell is she's treated yeah like I don't mayor elect was the hero among us when he came back he was like this is for people to jump into lakes to if it's evil it's older I think that's a how do you love how do we know we didn't see ask Eddie dated I had a little why am I getting this award ugly guys that are believed it completely obsolete in that buy it it the whole trade dynamic and we talked about the patriots the patriots. So Jimmy drop low all cable house acted to play though if if Jimmy grappled came back. People would relish every interception every failing that he had. Although I do think that should be grapples a little bit different and the patriots were lights thing normally when guys go from the patriot to another team. They're like James Harrison is with Pittsburgh at this I don't think should drop below Asian people love the idea of Jimmy garage. He just my security hasn't said anything. He hasn't said anything that weighed eight. Tarnish his reputation here it's not like he left him is like I'm so happy to be out of time pre shadow. I you know that's shoulder injury I had last year you until college act. You made some comments that you hope alluded to the fact that I wasn't tough enough to play he isn't come out here and mimic slammed the or not patient he went he thanked everyone he's thanked everyone for everything he's thanked the appellate Shaq Josh McDaniels. He think Tom Brady he's got out he's bad he's. Then he really good quarterbacks there's no reason to dislike them and it. And people are going to be very well I think its own I think it started Tom Bryant can't blame anybody you know starting orders are a little bit and in ice wrote this is a win. How do you what how you do have this happen. As if that your team wins if your team wins of the Celtics win and Isiah Thomas is doing whatever carrier ring goes off. They don't care they don't care about. Whatever Isaiah Thomas does or says if the patriots and Tom Brady are still winning and Jimmy grapples doing a thing I don't care that's the heart but the minute you stop winning. That's when you care and that's where Tom Brady has the eighty something quarterback rating in the last four games and Jimmy crop was in ninety something then. That's when you start caring a little bit more than you did when you get traded and he only get a second round pick and you're saying no that's okay because he's. Lot of people gonna be mad at Jimmy or apple or they get to be mad at Bill Belichick robber class voters and having your bat that's the lesson here attorney is it when you have these trades. There's somebody mad at somebody. It was the Bruins the Bruins fans are mad at Tyler Sagan. The Celtics fans you know all the government Isiah Thomas is mad at the Celtics is always have been mad at someone. And it all comes back to yap because you complain about the refs when your team is losing right right. So when you start losing that's when you worry about the other stuff and when Tom Brady isn't good. Or is and as did Jimmy upload is really good that's when you complain about that second round. A lot of kind of ran away that is wrong I mean analysts. We were you screened at Napoli and a lot of calls on assault as well got to first meet again. And all you want me real you yeah paper rock. You have it. You were. Admirable very threatening I thought it was like really I don't know if you fail safe and stay in in case trees started choking you know that's a good point memory that you you think of everything so I always have a back a plan ninth caller right now. Ready for the number everyone ready and he Kevin Bristol can win ready bullet point this. 617. 9310937. Rita began. 6179310937. When the pair of tickets to see the Bruins vs Florida on Thursday January 4. He. Experience Boston Bruins hockey on Thursday January 4 at TD garden when the bees take on Florida visit Ticketmaster. Dot com. To purchase tickets today I'll read the number again. 61793109. Threes. Lockheed. Be careful if you. Makes you an offer you can't throw you so you're. Is there were pitches Monday and Friday enlightenment way and it god father sports are also don't say that please. Please also back to. Veto for a bogey in four Sports Radio W. I thought Jesus. Can't remember if we do airlines. I don't want to. Good dancer nice coming clean today. Both of them this past okay. Bob here. Time now. Body. I wanna say my Brothers and by the high taxes saying and it adds listening to us at the loyalists there I had no I had. I hope you feel better and whatever ailment this. Well we know that and it is is not ask aren't at work at a hospital laws Friday I don't I don't ask. SharePoint report. At whenever is going on with you whether you're working I hope your day is going while if you are suffering from elements I hope you feel better soon and have a healthy and happy to point to 2018. Hole leaked out to me I mean at it. In fairness to trending number one you almost died one break as an emirate to. After you survived junior's death experience. You had the book a hotel in a place I'd never heard was placed the Chiang Mai Thailand saying I. I had a budget and I'm like and it will be there is around you your look you're frustrated that I strongly you know. There is a run on people by hotels well I actually is a hard time wanted to stay out and it looks like making it and it. Anymore. I'm sure Chilean miners at the same eight RX 80% it's no no no. It's it's 80% what's it's just a country you know have a nice ride group been out there in Atlanta wherever if you don't hit you get ripped through red rue few points. Now yeah I saw you I say I don't USA and a little on four if I colony in April PP island you rationally and you reached reviewed elite status not. And stressed that both. Record CN rupiah to lead the do you see a folly in is not making me feel like you. Probably fine fine it this is a fancy. There the technical long so again as yeah success is valid dollar Frandsen is eating at McDonald's. Is soliciting thing my my cousins securities and great things about it so now I'm gone traveling alone if you got to go places that I Knoll our little bit bigger chains like policy if you take a long boat to your own you know you stated in my eyes holiday and shut out both. And gone and gone and not Sean in New Hampshire hi Shaun Marcum show. I got there and let me happy holidays you to. I'll tell you have got to say you do great job the arbiter look look at the more I think you India is only what reason and now plays on. And out backward not much or. That's a. As do or 2008 theaters on mine around. I have the list. I didn't put out and got a partner in a little bit. 3 in the morning. They have their heaviest scheduled start the year. Ugly Philip 41 games. And Demi nine days. On the the cabinet schedule looks 41 games in 97 days a man. And hopefully make a strong clip bush but Lafley. We're really started the lie word underscored here were down the stretch here. I'm definitely got our game again happy new year. You as well. You as I hope I hope that. I hope that you subscribe to the Brad social podcasts on. I will make it worth your while I promise. Column by the that would arguing that it. The Celtics have a tough schedule that there worn down. She exactly we just drop them or drop and one after the show. Let the big T it's going to be talked about a competition with the I would never compete against the you know and Terry Horton. Line I didn't drop in podcast you can save it for later in the day after. You what listen to my podcast today lieutenant drop. Later today listen to it after and layered. It's off the 696. Tonight Chris Curtis yes I'm sure they'll planning to talk about it over the the events of the last couple days yes soul and so you listen to that after a listen to it at your leisure but preferably after they whatever listed as you wanna steal from Dino and Terry that's on your. I would never do I want the Angeles I want. I want people listened to station that's why we have the you know back to the right. Isn't this isn't a this is at the the typical thing that organization would who would know. Also when the wind out lockout when I take some time off about what you've done that go in there in the corner chain but I understand. The scoreboard. Business. But so what are we going back to Sean and the Celtics. They're going to be better we understand that arms saying right now when I watch him I have a hard time getting through redeem and I didn't ring other exciting is they work five seconds or five seconds exactly. I am booking such Aaron for AT&T I could never tell you what mutate yard QB QB that. Thing out of the calls he did well go to your thing or any kind while Peugeot shorthanded rush. You just to land any car what went on your primary I don't think task. Eddie Eddie speak. Why Xena hello lady in a car you there. I don't know what's going on and Einstein on the night volleys seats green army army army that oh they are ready to us and you'd. Merit and there are making here now let's on him right now. I know the proper in the morning going at her old guys like you are now there are you gotta sit what we did the right there are. So it was paying eight. Current track. Could get him and yes this from the guy who would blame the parents of your mind and your comic here where it's got to take a while and try to get used. May be high animal I catch. You. Ali who who have a problem. Problem with that trade you can debate whether or the good trade or not. I'm a little problem with all known all you can trade Isiah Thomas and away. With the Celtics would be if they kept Isiah Thomas. Right now and this year and we don't and it would not be as saying well they know only that he wouldn't play well when these same team and I have a very difficult time to believe that he's going to be the same player. After the accident in the would be a good player. By that. Player that we saw last year. And the previous year that was. Was seeing how good he was. I can't I payments this none out. The year wasn't the same as the guy saw earlier I watched it but but I can't if they held onto him because all we have to do this for Isaiah. Isaiah what a nice guy Isaiah came to somewhere destroyed. And go OK you can hang onto him. Good draft mark helpful because anything mark I'll Fultz is going to be the heir apparent to Isiah Thomas when he leaves. That's a lot of people trendy would have said that is the way to did he should now. Now in India he did exactly opposite and use as always you're going your mind now with your heart I'm thinking I visions I want in my heart cries of the tree should trade the pick for Julie you'll Okafor two years ago. And I I'm a big man I can admit that I am wrong. I was wrong. My were around eight at the time it seemed like a Smart and I don't think you were the only ones suggesting now is trying to Petri. But at once they do anything we do we get we get a veritable potpourri of callers I know but whatever you I'm more concerned about you must enhance I know I asked. I do think we're gonna CU. Long. His incumbent mood DOC yeah I hope so. I hope so I would foresee in my price I don't wanna stick when I don't want to take Larry and keep his fills up around rob Pratt well what is going what time there. A real rob Bradford com Larry what's gone on Domanick down there indicates. Well look a little cool he's here he's. My question was that he would do that and not so this subject but you want all the wayward. Mentioned over the lecture me. As to date this winter and I just think could urge here he had exceptional. Years here. And I'm looking back are key to Italy and mom keep good. That's gonna continue to angle has. The rate currently there. Larry I appreciate your call. I had not heard independence and his name in one single trade rumor of this entire offseason so I had heard it on your station and gal wall again hearing where. Yeah. I don't. I can't I don't know what the Italian I don't I anti no responsibility from what what happens in mentioned on the station loads you know about Ronald you know outside I I would I would defer to Christian for you on this subject maybe you know something that I adult. But I'd Larry I think you're safe I think you say that they are not gonna give up a guy with the who they can control the next four or five years. Okay when he when he heard yes yes that's what what are your home runs in ninety Miami and very very good player yes. Oh. Is that before after city environment and use on the effort and rated them item in after a low fares we all make mistake Larry I want you to rest easy. Rest easy my friend. I'm troubled dolby troubled recipes and hunkered down in this cold cold weather and it's no. That you can be comforted by the sight of Andrew Brett attendees. Flowing fly flowing blond locks. Not swinging it in the dirt not swinging at my but that's totally denies any involvement them. That's the goal but you know our rights thank you Larry that there. However they say foot break when we come back. When CB confined to you know it's sticking needles in my head this song. Like acupuncture. Get kinda. It's kinda like when Dino threatened to stab me in the III took that as acupuncture wait he's a stab you in the eye yes they threaten a step mosque. I have another pen can stab you in the eyes well yes they seems. Unnecessary are mighty legal briefing sorry in my. Oh HR yeah that action was at any turn idol on collecting. 55. Pages and if that's part one page titles that's out here in the eye with a pen REIT I didn't believe him until he actually putting knife next quarter. Bush acupuncture absolutely. You miserable. Republican final Marcus.