OMF - The bullpen cart seems unnecessary; the Peyton Manning bidding war 3-7-18

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Wednesday, March 7th

HOUR 4 - The idea of bringing back the bullpen cart for relief pitchers is being thrown around as a measure to shorten the trip to the mound. The reality is that this is probably just going to a time waster. Is this a great marketing opportunity for MLB or just one more thing for us to goof on? And some of the major markets are looking to break the bank for Peyton Manning.


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Fort Wayne and moaning and forty it's really. Centered on what bill will accept from players in terms of keeping them around and when does his pulse meter. The needle stuck to get parent that's a level bills that he's earned it but who is saved whom at some point. Look what crossed it when it's not that went on to start to the squats. We cover girl alone what's it was with a big deal guys can touch it caused a great with -- and Lou and Christian I could take it from much respect for Lou glad I guess I cannot take criticism why rated preseason because you know got Skype has been here for twenty years to your favorite one memory. God Chris got. Your favorite England's ever said on the air. When you remove the conversations and for thirty seconds nah not. He's accomplished nothing much talk this woman he's there corporately coming in breaking down process of our perception bad and that big catalyst Jones put Berkshire's. The backward and on Sports Radio WEEI. Curtis came away and mine to remember what they had for dinner the night before with the shell. It's is that isn't as. But mayor upon my upon is that what it added that it is that I had taken on offense on putting got marathons trending in Austin can we can be taught to our program directors that we get that one going I think that is we have huge hit for a while you keep saying 66 was it announced a six to take notice that the the penalties and I just laid out some of this guy. I dominant eye out general because I feel like he's got a letter of like that it out of his own wait till the girl found on our heat. Is that there I got a nice thing yeah you know you don't Bronx. Bronson agent rosenhaus is imminent topics sports. As well. Mr. Barnes at Stockton was forced to cut force they don't ask why you waited way that was probably don't have brought me is. I'm like you know proper video over here. Whatever whatever politics in my era gonna repeat. You almost dead animals I've made a mistake. I got a Scott poised for you you hesitated when he said. Rosenhaus you've got east yes yes you had it right first I would yes I started by talking about the patriots and what they gonna do that along with I don't know I just I did it because he screwed up you screwed up and you listen to the screw up we're gonna sit here and talk about a permanent political move and as we have the biggest story. The very edge this this is this score is just bring this is good stuff this is your moment to kind of stuff that nobody even cares about Africa. Peyton Manning may be coming to a television set near you for either Thursday night football or Monday Night Football. And there's a reason why. Because ESPN and fox have upped the ante and they are now willing to pay him ten. Million. Dollars a year who. Peyton Manning hall hit a million. Dollars a year police should do run. Game where the whole month of anything so you have to while works seventy non competing against each we do leverage that's. Hello hey Larry good and I thought oh that it favors setting the story over a much. Talent is another example of leverage to the bidding bidding against each other yeah which is out there so what is a report out right now Mike McCarthy Mike McCarthy sporting news to account. Reporting that ESPN and fought during to pay minute up to ten million dollars a year to work is their primary analyst Anita Monday Night Football. Or Thursday night football for ESPN and eight figure salary would represented 3.5 million dollar increase over the annual compensation. Previously paid to Jon Gruden that's a big deal on the 3.5 million that would mean what how many people would they have the layoff over he has Pia hundred. It's another big problem that people have added I mean there's what are back rooms right. Yup so I'll the competition between ESPN and fox remaining services has created cents. Of inevitability. That he will be on taking eighteen the job potato. Is said to. And he sold us soldiers fractures in Denver Papa John's god Jesus he's liquidating everything up so so so we got the and Monday Night Football. Always got the prime time gate where fox. Correct ten million dollars would dealers you'd take him to third on even tell you what I think this case again means more than just. Monday Night Football you're doing is doing that you don't do that I didn't and answer session on weekends off a to write Thursday night. Every verse tonight you're weakens you always have a third and there's much. Yes Thursday night game at weekends off and went in there early note fox wants him for one Thursday night. Practice balked at third and it is so he's into. Thursday night the DOJ. Thursday night. Thursday may ignite a champion you shall Wednesday to meet with some people you do of the game Thursday in and you are tired of your home Friday. If you do Monday. You're in that city by Saturday. And you're blow lofty but I would estimate jobs that power rate it is aren't at all it's not like you dig ditches out there isn't this is easy work. Man you worked harder for this job that he will have to work and I know it but he's now you're making like 898 or nine million writer on the including a child up Sunday during the past hour. Of course you know the pregame show and keep. It dollars president of fifteen pretty amazing when you think about it that I I think. Manning's gonna do this and when you when you throw money like that how could feature in this that first of all is healthy deterrent I know this is brand if he wants to own a team. He probably feels confident in his ability to talk about the game of football he does this every Thursday night or every Monday night it's going to be you know are opposite Nikola. Next year I'm gonna pay him even more because I need to make him part of whoever might teen bring him in like Elway like the way they did with Elway in Denver it's perfect giving at a five you just do something on Sunday banks yes that's becoming a public guy that's a no brainer today buckle didn't it helped core Alex scores. Appeal out there. Don't. I'm just saying you're making ten million dollars due Thursday night football a way to butcher peculiar brand yes good that's gold for. Ten million dollar what do you one game a week with seventeen weeks he pried me a few bucks on the 31 franchises the Papa John's franchise is just sold don't. Something and it always going to be LTD guy I'm Manny attracting okay could you get the third night gig. And you're trying to make that must see TV can get those ratings make it make it an event. You start so you start on Thursday nights of their personal ideas are born anywhere. The case of the network's argument there all this money out at the and we know going anywhere fox just over you on the line I I don't wanna equipment and the players want it gone. That's EPA not out there on the island Kate together I don't leave school anywhere either added I think players and our money back. Nobody should thank you very much here happened here Aaron have you heard the player giving money that anybody. So that it happens as well. I get it always gives it away he's so good. About this this wipe Israel America the fox got a doesn't make her America Europe fox show makes more sense because he gets weekends off. If you do the Monday night gig with ESPN they're probably gonna wanna usually with some other stuff that group did a bunch of other stuff right in the bossy whatever he's doing quarterback stuff. But if you do fox you do on Thursday night and then guess what they also do post season and they do the super ball. And it would be perfect because you can use him for the Super Bowl. I think that the album the tips of thirst and usually side. That's correct I mean he usually is not a millionaire people patent but I mean at least what got the ability to inflict some of the games you know the other networks with the CBS or fox and those. You're depending on what your time slot and it about it all the crappy games on third and I don't care who you had a vision dry eyes feel like. I feel like a third 1960 blowing away from Columbia for all following a rush uniform it's available at their highest paid analysts. And one of the crappy as we've just recently but it's a pride prize only game of the dike and let's look at Matt small lies I did it but. McCain's usually side you have a utility executives are saying Christian they're there in the air right now saying. As they're trying to up the hand TD to sign Peyton Manning. If your (%expletive) you sit back on we just paid a fortune for these Thursday night games. The reading sucked the game suck we need to have a legitimate big time celebrity and we'll talent as well they think Payton and so I ask you guys question. Are you more likely to watch the games every week now because statements the growth early on yes. Initially yes first I believe that you asked that which game did you have so fox unit Thursday night the 4 o'clock on Sunday right yeah. So which would you rather I think I'd rather take the 4 o'clock. Nolan senior meet personally you got to try to build up the run up against Saturday night at the foot or volleying well you get better games you personally have better yeah game. I got more packed over a year that you're that you're fox. Yet Thursday night gala ball. Yet it's that anything yet you. I agree with you so you wanna make a splash has more on this door and I check you want to get this is about. But that's by this third quarter away and Baltimore and Cleveland are tied at six honey it's just it's boring to me. I do think though there's more upset if you're looking at your paying all this money now 550 million whatever they paid for the Thursday night games this year. Your fox you shouldn't go on we can afford to throw ten million outdated because. We're gonna make some of that money back because we have Peyton Manning and you don't want. Peyton Manning is directly tied him with a couple of the brands out there. That we could now it's get the by Thursday night football but so weak right we can make some money back on this field. Can we live in 82 of the games dropped drink and boat. This year and serve back doubts your book kooky little little segments he could have beaten grinder is a sheriff in town. What happens they're gonna right now. It paid off gonna talk at the thought of the traffic what impression Montreal right you know fixture at bat patent that's something that's Peyton Manning's doing millions you know six shooters segment until a month on the data out on to. Being here batter Jack why are. Laughter well and Whitney drug rod. Don't. Rookie quarterback Brett this rookie quarterback Peyton Manning signed a contract to pay them eight million dollars. Well eight million dollars rookie season as rookie quarterback here twenty years and those are the trajectory. The head Brad now that ten million bucks for the year and a non IP he's on. Anyway and go wrong moment. Any idea we see that figure didn't. The figure was that penalty rose 6% and he gets in that range. Yeah somebody had to figure Symbian was everything I don't know how accurate it was but somebody did right CBS and ABC seem to have a bidding war was going on with him. You know as far as trying to get his services he's had year. The name. That he has that obviously can come close to win your car he had Jacob and you've been so little he said screw it I'm going back to play football for. Yes it is jobs always going to be available for Jay Cutler just took Drew Brees retires that unbelievable look ten million dollars. And it's going in the in abroad celts there everybody else. Raise about Nortel and yes it does or doesn't is that the hustle. There's a lot of money on the line then I'll I'll I agree with this a lot of money out there but I'm not sure it opens up your ESPN. And you suddenly at the pay of ten million dollars it means you're lands some some more people off all the putting the needs of more. Sweeney who needs it who who needs him more because they ESPN thing is is a flat Matt Hasselbeck actually his name was you are out there alien I think he'd be. Good but he beat Oregon if you buy theirs in a football you need to come with something Diana comes inspired and that's I would say they need more. May have more to shop so ESPN already hands. He built in. Sponsored race okay. And metric they're even talking about McDonald as well. Blowing out the argument that occasionally title game Monday night right here the a change in the entire team on Monday night. So but every tip of the built in base. Fox has to go back to what was it the whiplash he was at the CBS added they split radical network and with and then Erica yes so they have to go try to get some of those sponsors and the one way of doing it as you bring Peyton Manning and it is far more upside I think for fox with that push you can use it in the post season. Playoff games you can use him for the Super Bowl when you've got eight hours of coverage. There's a lot. We didn't get Adidas generally generally you're getting clearly don't like that it's actually getting to him at the other three years anyway that suits him CBS. It's Andy's the it's fox army and poppy ability using him and I guess that that's obviously part of it on the council fox also making a play I don't know who's been in the except well. I was briefed them about the except Hawaii now but it's a packets you don't don't he's on he's immediately going out there for the nickel on their first here's an. And it off an awful lot of money they're not gonna get a big. WEB. With the US saying. EI USA outright wrong crowd estimates that affects the affects of XXX. I don't think the rights fees are gonna be in oxygen X xxx I'll just go to announced in Oprah your TV Albertine. I don't think I don't think there's gonna be a network this controller huge rights fee that at these guys the the except for the first year around. I mean they've learned their lessons when it first but they're devoted to a minor league system of rules I bought into that last February a lot of British guy did you see you've been listening to memories for for the oxygen I know that it earned if I will be one I'm a big part of that yeah current account that he should take some Betsy who gets bigger you are there that night orchard. I was not there and I'll I don't know that I would I know it's it's those guys Perkins Jerry Miller report there there and that I'm also in. Like Satan you know my footage it was. I'm going to be used more of that more compelling stories and more opinions than that those two guys who aren't going. Really pissed off her credit or visit tiger tomorrow it's and again I think we should do some sort of like you know what Maloney investments set the line at. Who gets more air time. Kate. Getting hurt or meet the former tight end. Would get more airtime you'll and we don't want showed us you know some of the best race and Hewitt thinks that you know they would. You know those two guys and actually command a lot of attention right exotic typically brick story. Somewhere around. On the all the admission of the yeah that's Dora Hughes dance receiving a story for us and yeah. That what he committed there was enough use that he's gay that he was dead yeah now that's for that's probably they're wrangling doing okay. That's and it's going to be in this in this city. When a show again. On March 17 and so should we put the have a stopwatch on Tuesday today it's a two day event yeah it will stop watch every shot a specialist up on your charge that. When everything about Susan's. Weekly rise hammered right you're gonna get completely pollute the little brother turns 41 on the outcome homo lover hawkers and there airing this on announcing Bedford Stuyvesant don't listen I think it's a great night to happens at two days and actually talking about the great identity. Okay yeah all of those like it was a day later today's latest that a lot who's the stop watch on this whose that was doing this why don't all trust under the producers quiet or Lucent now Ryan's best sellers of agency that is going to be ridiculous attacks yet so we'll have that our. And yes you didn't none of this is gonna happen you know. You know we're gonna commit the following Monday and say what is not really. This is are gonna want to play. Well and I think you have more time than complied. I believe so I agree with that with tigers can withdraw. Be brought the fact that the Red Sox right now on 93 point seven HD two and will. In the HD radio answerable for its how exciting you know on a losing already this threats are excellent right now Minnesota and and then we're gonna Wear re Eric today because it's going to be so damn good you can already tell. At 5 o'clock on. WEEI. HE MT fifteen its existing. But it at 215 today. DC basketball will be the AMA fifty kinds everybody known about the way that I tell you. OMF right now is on 93 point seven and throughout the entire WEE. Hi. Radio network. Now and is more every coming your way next. On air online via FaceBook Twitter and he's regret. Moral or wade we're loading in 48 right now. Sports Radio WEEI. I back Karen Owen map. I thought this was joke when I saw this yesterday I thought it was the onion and it makes no sense to me. That the Arizona Diamondbacks. And now apparently other Major League Baseball teams. Are bringing back the board and increase it is if you don't let me. I think are. Dobbs you're too young too to remember when they had the cards and head back and in the sixties and in the seventies. It it's a stupid goofy golf cart that they put a gigantic baseball cap on top of that with a logo and whenever and aid dries it because they don't market in the bullpen but the date park it somewhere else used to begin this Alley. At Fenway Park. And they would drive it out with the when the pitcher really a change and then they think the driver would drive up the ball that he would go up that the doors and they have a gets his jacket and put it on he would get in there and they would drive in order the 58. To the mile and drop the guy off don't usually it's the dumbest thing I've ever heard that you're bringing it back so right now we have so fat cat. Who was sitting in a bleacher seat he's probably 35 rows up. He's three years into the game that he says Sharon says man I got a hankering for those legal seafood that claim challenged. But the clincher at the concession is located behind home plate. So he is fat ass off the chair he watched them 35 Rosie goes underneath the concourse yes but walked. Whole picture right feel ol' boy down the first base side and he just illegally drops is money and he gets this chatter about what he's got to walk all the way back. And yet. Sit there with they will chiseled well conditioned to think athlete and he needs only Ron from bite the bullet and Sotomayor. A couple of this million dollars that is embarrassing it is for baseball. Player guide us and advocates of fans but it's a cute pic of the little Clark. But it's inconsistent. If you think the games are too long ago I was down in spring training. And one of the days it's not that big game you know elected to boot they're doing a game once try to go to the so the Booth so dodge set me up into the Booth. In that boot those with you guys a man and a woman from MLB. And they're sold job during the spring training game would replace. This is Cody ounce while. Relief pitcher music some some relief pitcher. With him as of yet so not so obvious ones yeah yeah. It was at the music but sometimes it is the photo galleries and god damn right time gains. He knows. Anyway. They would not let me because if they're addicted to timeout in little between innings it was a 2.5 tool five whatever laws. Manages visits to the mound. Everything between innings all the times that they're studying right now in the conversation we delve into one police at the knees the only people who are talking about bringing back this bullpen. Our studies show the taxis and at times of course it is an ad time now. You makes it that much gonna amble Fenway Park or so but these article the gonna play in Los at a field bleed out they opened up and come out so they got a car that's kind of a close. To the bullpen. About time the carping opening opens up. And he comes pullen out by the end of relief right now the out of that ball corrected jog on the field so it would it would be minimal at Fenway Park second. But other ball parks with a cock and be part. I imagine. The defense raided us and if you gave it left field opens up the gate runner or drive along the warning track out from left field opened a bullpen picked guy of argument that the field. But see you at 1520. Seconds right that's it with an extra fifteen or twenty seconds wolf the F. Or five of those six of those and game. It's just a couple of minutes but we are talking about shaving minutes off the plane right I'm adding all this is had to admit I did it with three minutes every game can we call it would have really guys always that yeah we've studied it we've looked at it and we found out that it's gonna add a column Minnesota 80 socks I think you're actually considerate and as a bunch of other major politicians here that quote is that right writing in the future occupant. We know what distance. This is what I unrelated to what does this isn't advertise. On our part zone and today I'm looking at the while with Arizona they are. Of advertising on the side of the soccer that's what this is all about. End they can do a lot of different things they could actually put like because you do look behind home plate you've got electronic boards now so you can let us. Alberts I mean however that to come out their self driving car that we nets went out of control. I wish here's here's why it's so stupid. Because in Arizona the parties such as the players were asked about it players like where we are. The first time one guy sits there and says. I'm not going to be that some lazy a hole. I am walking in I am not getting in the McCourt was some added I sit here drive and yet they gonna shame all of the other pitchers and nobody else is going to get in that cart. Could you do not want to be the one guy that gets an a cards as. It got some pizza. You know we don't in the beginning I know I can I grew to be able sell ad space on that what this law and our and I think they they see a date today. The that you rip because these ultimately change the rule is that we don't need is always a you know currently 2% for the first article back. And I don't remember the damn well I can tell you this there was no. Outcry. In screening of people saying I think I bring that they are the cart if we don't want him and what went wonder why it went away what of the lady with the right. Nice that it isn't fielded it considered by the Red Sox Portland is a museum piece in the souvenir store across the street at least that there were you with what you have. The moment right right in the ninth inning. You know it and all of a sudden the music place victims Kimbrel lovable pretty Johjima helped write music pull all Mariano Rivera holds his or recognize us. Okay in the door opens. And Rivera shows up and he jogs to the you mentioned at all rolled I in the music is playing that people adult enough. So it bodes I've just opened because their big cry don't you move. You bet and it's like you're big Kimbrel Mariano Rivera these closes with notes one at that they wanted to get all excited and Japanese car go far. Right yeah I mean it is right now. What do you put your view putter around the garage apparently put it like inside. A central get a hold of it and giggled and is that the drivers. Could get up you hit the driver and is it now I act thumb over a bomb lift. I don't know learning gets to roll through on their you know honestly I I do it when I want it's good it's all. Exercise is a good place to hide the pine tar. In the rain to cause a very good people and a block it out of it's is that they're very quietly he's driving you just sort of like you know we rugged glove on and unions on pine tar rag in just. No I listen I think it's a gimmick again. It's gonna add it it is an add on two minutes. To a game. She's just just thank you would veto you have won him if you only have a comical with Syria right now with baseball players as they don't have to imagine that imagine it imagine it imagine if you were you were coming and what of the changing personnel in football they had Clark takes you out there today it would work the same way. But just that the doors you know sort of field would be to produce an open a car stuck in there is some sort of mail it's. I know I and you don't do that civilians are hot woman to sit there and drive Baghdad where there is proud I don't know less about the car's going to be more you know I think right now and that's what they're all thinking all brewer and lift public Herb Chambers. The drive there Herb Chambers drives to the mile in all that yeah exactly. It or or you have lake Indy 500 they'll have yet the pace car and somebody will be driving the pace car. It'll be what's the most notably miles I already beyond what locals liberty is driving the car today isn't it when they do it and made. It in terms. Neighbors. This is so die I mean it is but you know what it's all about right. And aren't you guys so the story yesterday but the Fox Network came out the regular fox entertainment network which regional what 25 here and down. They have filed by a 20/20 two white thank to limit the number of commercials per hour into two minutes. Right now they're doing while Tina I think they wanna go from thirteen to so what they wanna do is they wanna make commercials very very expensive but very fuel pump. Which means they've gotta find a way. Of getting stuff in a while McConnell says you have Omnia. The other virtual commercials the county advertising yes they have a right way it's a distant. Greens bright and every inning when you're that different things you know you've you've got the game you look down you'll seething at their games are telecast have different advertised while the game's going on behind catcher and a part. So baseball's trying to do they want that they're trying to cut back and knee and that the length of the time in between each ascent and and so what they're looking at I think is looking at other angles in which they can or advertisement out there and this is one way they can. Already cut the time between innings so long I mean you know innings over. Our first pitch you know 32 ads at the guys running out if I don't regard pitches like Harden get what six pitches at thirty seconds. Actually they should be more like a Mardi Gras float. That's brought some of that idea guy that or did it like rock. All trees you know rock yes it in the ring and an Apollo weren at George Washington win immunity throwing money out that's where like the Oscar right. And in the lightweight I think that's how we should beat somebody broke. It comes up he's built like a Mardi Gras float he should be thrown out whatever he wants he began to raise the roof do when every tool available stance of LA is. I mean I at least we know why go half way. Halfway so those are all. Now be all right if we go man to close this puppy up and you let's go to. That's part of Iraq right. Right. So the first title our first time measured gets into anymore it's eight cricket either ride let's see he's he's you go to. I hear that over here. It's commercials everywhere we're gonna be heads all the games all of us are going to be sold the unit Latin excitement all at Disney's. Advertised on an artificial facility about safety issues okay because what do you make a grown used as an excuse that a that a boy opened to commend anybody trip over. You know something in right field. You can't use the fact that you need to do this because the athletes are worn out it's late in the game to see them get into the game for the first. What is the excuse that you would bring this back into the game there is non. And I will tell you this entertainment. For whole Vance. Oh I get our. That's that's eternal novelty that it really didn't think it's just the opposite it's ridicule I. Can't make Kimbrel leads a ride in from right to video well what they Mickey. Don't want what types of ads like. These things fans loved it exists and yes this. He's been hesitant going to be posing as we know about that the Red Sox would you like it you know what I what I did an opening spot atop the age of Britain sweet Caroline and same people. It's. We just end up being a bond yeah you're right these people but this baseball gods. They they bring instant replay and they cut back on like the walk up music for the hit about ten seconds. Like we got a bit lower body we have a serious problem like the game. Studies show that this might attic where public a couple of minutes the three a couple of minutes depending on me the deal with added anyway. Is the most important thing is cut not a game you know linked in for the presidency sweet Caroline that would. That it leads one of his cards breaks down yeah. Also of South Africa is gonna be electrical car colors. You name is to visit his addition of some Disney movie comes out there's going to be like an asset like a Toy Story through comes out or r.s five C a and other right now you. You jog to the mound quicker than at Clark and Dick yes no questions and you wanted to talk and got to wait for the signal I get comes that was Alex in the righty. Gate comes up. But wait a minute I know you are definitely up you have to communicate with the person out the Israelis I got crazy and Japanese 6 o'clock in the goes up and victims you know do you do you mean the relievers like a couple of throws and who always almost always dominant or more importantly it all on the one I don't know if that's what's. They had to throw down there a and it completely turn it on the cut who who has gotten put a towel or the dogs are ready bush is ready FOIA. The need to open it caught on the mound throwing off. Then the door gets back yeah I think theater. Did they easily and another none of them off base it's just another thing this is did you hate it puts serious because of that reason hated. You macoutes cute maybe mitigate and get rid of it for re. Just at Dulles this is the dumbest thing I just don't. What is the appeal was heard what he's asking for the moment he should do get one of those fancy. It got a citizen of America commodity let's let you start you can't stop public dropping off the pitcher and then everything I do really is on the way back. It is the craft. This man dad around. Once again these glee in blue and Christie Fort Wayne Martin moaning and 48 on Sports Radio. I'm Lou reloading time now free sports net central updates. Knowing you were going near bets are ranked I don't know. There was professional. What they've got LeBron holly over to that place I was is the only guy and sat. Fingers will students have little golf Michael watts would do everything we were supposed to do what you do it the real us an update what in studio Sony got there and it's a golf. Professional library and I was positive I'd know what I can follow him. Fully handed over to let you know. And Emma a and gave. Richard chairman apparently guns from the Seattle Seahawks he said telling his teammates that he's out of their looks like he's going to be. Release we can't tell you there's a schedule meeting coming up in the next hour between chairman. A Pete Carroll and GM John Schneider. A perfect Bill Belichick law. It would. She's added to a list I don't list he's right below maybe to Seattle which ran and if they got no money. You told me that they don't have a lot of earlier today a lot of money you Marty bum me out on this little what's what's legitimately for a million bond. Altering. Friends well the thing is he's gonna have trouble making good money right now because he's coming off of the seriously injured right and it was. Insecure show that's serious injury time corner of her effort you know for average people now. My economic. Union earth so the beat it bears watching does that not reassure doesn't end it and I was gonna he sounds like the perfect Belichick got to keep to leave another one you have you begun. The system we got getting your due and relatives in the house with us today and it like you guys and talk but a lot of different things out. Including fact that I think David back to get suspended says. Because and it's enough to not miss it enough guys don't need all these guys now apparently distrust or is that Google engineer you're good announcers not a problem I would like to maybe not give up five but that's just me. Double talk but the Japanese to escape some of these guys Barry. They're adding berries cuts in eligibility get into court and keep you get no Portuguese or whatever I don't wanna take chance on Gloria there. Bork I've seen Raymond lately he's been gone but the size anyway. Back on the Blue Line and hold people off. We'll talk some basketball we'll talk some football. I've converts this time it's finally coming out and play and then. Wouldn't plus he's a load -- a guy in the morning and anybody with Strahan there now it's golf dale it's one gigantic and promotion side landing spot there but we'll talk about all that stuff relics in we keep in me like we're back tomorrow at 10 AM big hero. It is we're out here falls.