OMF - Callers give their Big O impression; Lonzo Ball's failed NBA debut. 10-20-17

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Friday, October 20th

HOUR 4: Patriots/Falcons Super Bowl montage to relive Superbowl 51. Callers give their Big O impressions. Lou wonders what Glenn does to his pillow? Patrick Beverley taunts Lonzo Ball about Lavar Ball during the season opener, says this will happen every game with every team. Stephen A Smith. Vs Lavar Ball on Lonzo’s NBA debut.


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Beach Fort Wayne. And moaning and forty. Number forty or does play. The last play of the game today. School and blue and Christie appears out Burton and went right over the island a Albert room and allow you to say something okay. I morning we got it right. Wow why would. It's look like and then he'd be ready to have a clue what the hell's going on now no one flu and you don't Wear eat cut that out if right now on Sports Radio WEEI. Four hours before you I'm an elbow from Rhode Island story just he's just. You're exasperation. Which is you being on. With these worsen if that would obviously the best you know way to punish somebody again on air personality part of what we're really wanted yet a week and shipped via. With Albert for four house. You would you would never curse Lou back you never get out of line we link. Only what you mean you have a person's gonna review with him you know we ever present our dad and uncle or equipment none of you would never used it. If you were forced to work differently if you knew that was your punishment what you would make sure you never say what's like the second worst thing was two hours with brothel what is it. I don't quite put Brad foe and Albert in the same category. And it would do that none of them you what do you hate for an ally you have I don't I don't know what he did view. You're a fan of rap fan of the brats emotional it's it's your address all of you and I elected no joke. I thought I'd I'd rather before Roosevelt. I'll come to well you're right you quote powerless in Alberta brat Soviet bloc plays like a sailor who ate some notes and Lou it's a it's a joke. Not expose that didn't put re talking about stock just a tactical life. Luckily got to fill equivalent claims he can do of the Golan trailing Roberto. All of our patent that's the impression but it is southern oppression the bill before. I. Look at all this morning hey. I may. It. This is as those on a mr. Obama go in Atlanta you've got to. Or. Are. Phil I appreciate the effort out there the accident. A. I would just yeah like you don't question their. No you know when it was you eight swim without the public draws you know. If it. So you know self harm that live in these head to me and delivered to us is so broken little girl cobra. All right all. Record. New bid to return to. Crack. OK so I would cannot account and company are much am I know what the game I would do it. And then it was it was torn your outlook for this I went into the market. And it. Okay the. I didn't let highlight cut. He hit a great president even of the greatest impression of the runners who got to there was that the kind of model and a common. This. If you're a crappy phone tonight as I can do it yet or he did well liked of excellent phone crackdown. Can you talk about the deal is now. Here's Billy and trillium adjusted aware of everybody doesn't don't don't. Don't like don't a big goal reflecting on don't talk over meter or away. Was brilliant at the button down I hit the bush. We don't know it. We're. Everybody out of the house. I have people who but I am. Couldn't do it we would win. But how ugly but I need to kick the state your how it. The question yeah. Famously Bob when it though I pillow and I woke up. In Edmonton and can not good you know I don't think it would go. Opportunities are examples no light isn't the dollar. Oh actually good hearted Florida collier your redone. Oh yeah yeah lines in the Eagles might have Treasury Secretary. On your part that you've been a part of that. Yeah your guess what I thought that our dependence on until it's on the track I took. And the guy named explore. Our did not watch anything after the second half and let the other. Thing. I did not think they want to win so it's on the truck. When it's women in the second half they went home ash. And I don't. This could I don't think the other thing we know you're glad. It's got a good thing that we go to Atlanta. I look at. Indian. Just. You were Smart with a commercial graduate 55 seconds and that is given it the way it happened and I am ninety. Yes Wednesday. Is. It. An advocate. And here's Mitch and match. Talk aren't. The rating down on unethical. It's that audio level you want even if you're not into it too distracted. You do have to Katrina have it. Could get worse with ethnic people doing it is on hills. I area that we're able now. And a local news or trying to fly with a heart strides immediately gone quietly you know you're right. Well with our. Oh. That's geez if it finishes what it sounds like yeah. Questions about baseball and I'd like that's what it says its its got to fight back and let him a little bit exit when you -- well the big partner with some regret. Something you can do you and you can sleep that he could do what do you do with how we talk about that reads. With the world what I wanted to McConnell. In no what did you want you back guarantee you go sleep on the bill will do whatever you want the you would have yeah actually yeah do you trying to sixty face to hold multiple Doolittle in the moment. Those twelve yeah it. But. I'm okay she got. The timing I would bet that night it was the brick and the bread does it so it's yeah. Guess the point across sixty days you can do whatever you want to let alone sixty days. Do with hospitals and anybody those turned platinum bar refuses to take Greece Ireland now. Yeah I I love all that the Phillies value to all. You know feathers awareness. And that would like the F suitable teacher used to yeah you don't world countries. People do commercials but they look good or bad boy. To be advantage in the Lavar Ruble and I don't ever about it if the ball ball and attack him closer. And edit. It I saw very well. He socked. 249 minutes he was one of six he made 13 pointer that was the one shot he made. He had three points in the game and I wanna tell you the worst part about this. Is that Patrick Beverley just went at him from the get up and putting game was over to get Patrick Beverley talking about this it was all about before. My eyes out at home yeah I told him up again it's and auto refresh it's that thing and it's gonna. He's got good people comment you know yesterday and I'll let him. Would have been it was not a misled people aren't tonight. Yeah television I've done what we're. It's you don't want. It was obvious from the get go now apparently pretty good defender but right trap get opportunity it's right. Any trash talking on the whole game and then at one point. He's written a ball up and he just GM's into. And committed to file I think they're gonna commit files on the skid they're gonna try to rattle you're gonna talk about his dead nonstop. The old man has set this kid up in to a really chemical that was part of that it should be all lot hauler but at least and I think the kid. It's in a bad opening night but. And everything inviting you to hear he can pass but it Tuesday and I think if you ask an average out every good non owners and he's got to get through this. He he knowledge of past that I assume. But what you mean if you hit here's the thing so people hated dad sold martz. That they wanna take it out on sun yup that it's gonna do a vengeance and turn. And to go bad for the kid yeah but it now and now because the death not gonna shut the hell up to the worse with the dad out of the sun's not go to college not needs me home schooled in Europe somewhere. I mean drives rented Lamborghini. It's it's it's insane. So it and beyond but it's not weird kid but he'd tell you that should help okay. So the game is over the dead apparently watched the game in a luxury box the game is over. The dead can't help himself kids had his debut now in the NBA he gets schooled by Patrick Beverley and by the LA clippers okay. And what does he Allman do. He goes all court for the post game with Stephen A Smith. I believe that it barely got all all of that and all of this part of that Britain don't know. Mentally and of what is what is all the models don't want the when it's important at this point that it's gonna games hoping to get because we got one loss and that's what we tablet Goldstone. Consultant who did he got don't go to that. Want to that they want let's finish shooting the three point I'm trying to get doubled but obviously it's not that it was going to be big in Richardson kept. Pacific students I don't know. The time it was out. We don't address it. We get back him at you. Don't know who we wasn't there a bit of brigadier sickening about consumer rebound and sister to the ball on line. So don't let government liberal don't let me bring some 120 words remember. He can't help themselves. Well only if they knew they don't worst because it doesn't always believed that you don't you must think. That is if you shift you'll may have shots up then moves right maybe you start feeling bad for the what. On the lakers. And we all that didn't struggle this year I gonna struck grown meant that it gonna sit there and say you know I'm tired of your father going out publicly blaming everyone also the need you. Yeah browser and I'd grown men in the NBA career families making good money. Every single game that's the way it's going to be like at a post game. Against the entire hearing Aleman blame. All of us it's all our fault. And none of it is you'll wars after awhile it's gonna be hired in grown men are gonna stand for. The problem and his own team that until they were they were physical he couldn't get the ball to love to anybody during the course of the game. And eventually you just gonna (%expletive) off Brook Lopez did you not a nobody Denham you not be gonna get on the ball but the old man after the game the pitch to rumbles. If you were at him caring father. And you watch what happened to your son because you love yourself do you think he's a DM good basketball player certainly great facilitator. And you saw what they did tool market. You'll shot up you know uncle while parents say it's all about 8 o'clock that was. What does that with a Fella. Which is named lemon cello lead look at the Toronto blue Miller until go all operated each. Eagle off that's like moderate. It she's sick of it he's the only Daddy Dearest. It is it's pathetic because. There's via a target on anyways from other other players. In the league just trying to prove that that our ball wrong and regardless of how cool lob the ball is. But and you said eluded the issue is going to be from it and his own team members is all this that you see you can't brag on the unknown players because you feel like they held at all. They're there just is good for a lot better. That your twenty year old fun. And he is there to make that better. We know what's gonna happen you look at that game last brand and it was like 315. Shooting. And it's going to be a well my son to do was get branded coffee kids shooting his fool. Right you know they like he's just like no other shooter and he's hit the ball good spots of burning and goes through fifteen we wouldn't but he's gonna start. Rag on his teammates and now people are throwing it out through the same why did they keep wanted to view why not serious pain you're any of these sports stations if you get him on there you get him off. You'll you don't. He's entertainment but I know it is in fuel limits don't. They won't do what trauma team most evenings at this you know like they got that relationship going on it's it's it's. He's still gonna get attention because people get giving an attention getting ratings and their budget. Eventually. Somebody in that locker on the team is gonna have to go along the author of listen for the love of god we valued at just hiked out for just a month. So we can figure that's how so the animosities of nobody's holding a grudge against you know. Jealous of you wrong amateur the relationship with the old man allows them to do that statement doesn't help the situation you may never be happy. He's he's encouraging it in a way. It's it's I'm telling you it was awful last night and it was so obvious would Beverly was trying to do at one point he simply ran into. At the middle of the court said okay I'll give it does it right up. I'll make it but they send people off the bench. Backup point guards to go while Peter engine be physical without them commit fouls they don't care how many they burn. Because they know they gonna get and by the way he he could make free throws last thank you Joseph for two with the fraternal. They disappearance they would just bang them. Let him go to the free throw line will get its hands soul mass edited it. Gonna destroy ticket and it's all the old man's fault so people can talk about the only and only want but he should have shot up when the team was over the last that you can't help himself. 'cause it's all about love all all. 6177797937. Back to the Pope calls loaded up coming up next. Back to Fort Wayne Ramon in Fauria before official notice coach savage you've got called about this version right now anywhere I go over six plus I don't. And I'll call you our daughter. Of the Sports Radio. I'm back here and old ML. Take a more phone calls police and this is some film for me and I don't. Yeah I wouldn't let engineers want to go to Los Angeles. You'd think there are cold air put out what this all all all know are there. Now they'll trade they'll trade Alonso way. And they'll use him to get a player. That LeBron wants to play with first LeBron doesn't wanna play with a point guard that that can't shoot. Because part of his game is to drive kick get the open guy and score the basket he's. He he's he's more of a facilitator. Most cases then his tour card right certainly wasn't Cleveland. Yeah I mean in I don't know that would down. It's that you. Treat it like. Milwaukee. Lower tiered marketed that. Miami. Philadelphia. Well. Girls markets words. And Detroit where nobody showed. Reform Jews. Disappear. I don't eat it and it merely like the races shall Detroit Toronto. Toronto is not matter but. He needs. But a bit at that time it's it's one game to music to me that's only wanted to act one game and it's long gone obviously but I think I think Huckabee added. An issue with it. He's in the next next he doesn't do justice you destroy carrier ring after one game. It's for him like I was is a big game for carry tonight. Is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and it is day you know renal and don't. Go I don't know what the real issue of the game to a different color. Then you get the next I watched a little bit of the next last night against the oh case say OK she's gonna be pretty good. Politicians only Paul Pierce predicted the thunder. He's Nydia he did ethic and I understand accused the intent well good they can be I just. I think we're trying to find somebody gets into reports that they can beat him they can get him and it's a key to look at Westbrook. And you can look at that Paul George and to look at Carmelo. He shall Carmelo is the threes you know of his third option that is that is team that OK well why don't they don't learn options Klay Thompson right. And Jerry Ahman Green you're known staff and Durant then it's like yes maybe being maybe they can give them a little bit of a struggle at times the senate bill wamp oh. Michael but I would say this and Paul Pierce was more to do this as he's gonna look like a genius of works out for. Is that an amateur or member feed it wrong might pay it everybody's pickled state nobody is taking anybody else other goals and but it should chances. I think then people think it may be even Vegas thanks. That they have to go back to back in series against Houston and against okay say. And that may be very difficult and if you get an injury you get let's say it's Raymond green suspension or something like that. Anything can happen because those two teams if you're not your best they can beat you. They I I think OKC I think Carmelo Anthony is in the perfect position as the number one on the team and we talked about just that with carrier urban kitty becoming number one. Carmelo Anthony is a terrific basketball player. He's just not a number one. On any team. As a number three. The third option on a team. When you're gonna overplay number one number two and you've got a guy and Russell Westbrook that is willing psychic a million he's willing to change his game. For what every needs to these already proven that he was one thing with the ramp. He was and other thing without direct I watched him last night was totally different. What do you Paul George and Carmelo Anthony out there and and Stephen Adams at Robertson. So to me. I think there and intriguing team and they Carmelo could be an important piece of that team of people may be actually say nice things about the same same way. And about Chris Paul why is it about Chris all the just irritates. Are what I want personally I think it's I think it's just one Braun a noted it is a unique team always on Beirut's Indian. They are going to be good but there's no team or team that's. The question is is work that as far to the you know remission since Tony mile ovals of too big to be good to bet it and that is why Leonard in south either going to be. It they're going to be good so it is is this that I did that carry felony gets it. He got the first game he played well the first game. Heated Willie Green and went all the horrible hole at a law against Oklahoma. Get an opportunity to tie the game to be not but the big shock fourth quarter it's the year. Again what are your hours there was Taylor should do you think cash urged OK so I do about it. It's not ready to get not going to be good push reflecting outlook reported to you. And carry your vision are you doing right now I what are deflecting what I did a fake one way yeah I thought I'd do it over under did you know I think it's the over under that I set out I'd give you my shot. Cash. Or. Even without looking at all seek and what is the novice who had an opportunity to look brilliant. That would brilliant when multiplied when he picked the eight. 6 months ago I guess it was sometime in June. It when he was have a one of his little angry loom rants about John Farrell and scoring out. And he talked about Alec scored and also. And then he you know we know we communicate a little bit with without score a million of them they're their bodies Houston and then. Yeah now he's made his gun and it's done it's done dark but dark as that that's funny gut Medicare to so. It's a vehicle gave yet. And told him the bed and a silhouette and opportunity vehement cutting edge. He could've stayed out there and originally and he sold on Alex score. All the things she's told us both on the air and off dear how good Alex score is what sense is what it. He's solely on Alex score like body and it will veto he goes Kaplan. Any any blow up any Paula is gonna be wrong to give you another one you wanted to throw this you know you still believe in going to be wrong dose of oh he's still think Apple's gonna Hans Correll. I told you. You did you the first one to jump on the corner particular that you gave up wedged observers jumping on Mike I'll. So polluted city wanted. Predictive beat you tempered one of funnel capital president was quite Miron it's Richardson Lou Anna spike arrived at a. The jet that you are you don't really matter on arguing the downtrend. I don't wasn't like eight. Everybody knows what he's feeling good about it you'll jitters at their bite my garage so I took off like the pied piper did you give up on it and everybody that's phone. They're gonna get John Constance offseason I hope not they're going again. I hope not they gonna get this discussion last night they're gonna get the it's going to set up the only reason why they're doing this is for the ratings so the of that crowd come after Dave Dombrowski has completely. And indeed this organization for a two year and possibly three year window. And if they don't win they're gonna be garbage after that. I in case of get ready for people already wants is now that's going to be take. I don't want it'll be portal get JD Martinez in movies are very good hitter. It'll be part of the reason. John John Carlos Stanton will sell tickets he won't get people excited about this franchise and it will all be about reacting to the Yankees. And also the stroke belt he's a legitimate big time. Yeah and there's no question he he's gonna hit a lot of home runs our show but they're part part of a part of it will be the Yankees have taken over here and we got to do something we talked about this yesterday Red Sox fans actually. Even though deep down inside there's supposed to hate the Yankees they actually think that team's locker. Just something about that and make him. But I just think there's other ways circled on I mean you go into you know and it's hold which do that it was too for that there was do for the play I don't know I don't know the when it would take to get bored you know he says there are other ways to do it there are other ways to get that type of production brotherly stability baseball team and to sell out and sell your farm system for ratings. There's other ways to build your team they're very good pitching staff eagle get a very good hitter. In JD Martinez you deal Hanley Ramirez. Illegal sign another deal first baseman tight but on to say in other ways to do. I think they'll give up an awful lot and they'll find a way of justifying that they will unload they will find a way. A passing on Hanley Ramirez. For you know for money they'll they'll they'll throw money into the equation of they'll send somebody else they'll get rid of him him he will not be here next and there's no way you can go and and exceeds. And expected Hanley is going to combat can be really good you can't beat you seen enough of that right. So you get rid of him so you save some money there and you can add that money on the stand. I just think Stanton is going to be the number one guy. On their list him beat out to recess yup. But they need it with our Christian they need because it gives you the power you've got no no home run powering a line. See you need him for that reason and second of all and strike he'd they won't be criticized because they're doing it for marketing and guess what. Date those people will be accurate they're doing it because they've got to get their franchise back on the walk out on the idea on the front page. And that's what he just he can't get people excited about this team again. Yeah aria I understand that immunity fund washes type player every single day and Miami will vote on now right now you'll go. Three years you don't know what's gonna happen with Stan yet two years you know what's gonna happen with sale they'll one year you don't know what's gonna happen you know with David Price. Now if you Hanley Ramirez you know what's gonna happen the following year. There's just a lot of unknowns to apply we've created what did the window that I think you got to manage as well is it to a three year window. Too aware are you replacing sailed by your placing Stanton. Are you losing Wilkie bets you know in a bogus Jackie Bradley which an open but only care about. But there's just a lot of things that two or three years away. The deluge creating even Beagle particularly as thirty million dollar player. I am yeah that gave the Brodsky was brought here Lou. To win now there was a window for the future there was no let's let's bill for its public Danny Ainge is doing right now let's go for 2345. Years down and wrote. Victim rescue was brought here based on Hughes. The way he operates. You do you players. Prospects you get guys to gonna help you win right now that rosters go to one right now and yet they gonna be the favorite going in the next season. Know what that means nothing. Who cares if it favors going that you don't have single but I understand there. But you build the team that hopefully many years is what you think it's going to be this team obviously was not I don't believe he was brought in win now we are in improve his team. And maybe spending is perpetrating a lot of facets of mightily Padraig is good traits step but it wasn't wait out those sell your soul. Go give up everything. Just that we wanna win the next two or three years and you know what for years now where we start the whole thing will win 78 games with all he's got that it's kinda do know is that. If anyone to dig even deeper you on the continued I think he has still they have no power. Can't go into next season and sixth yeah why don't understand it can't wait Martinez okay you go saying gee I love penis in you not trade away the farm to get Stanton I love OK I think he's a better hitter than stand him the ball farther than him but he's a better hitter. I understand he's thirty years to benefit three years. But I look at him a note of Batiste up in Toronto. Both these guys came on late they figured it out I don't care why they figured out don't you what you think of the reasons why they figure out what they're doing and a site. All I know is that these are very good hitter and I don't they give up the farm. To get a. And the size seismic meter will it will move at all with him because he's good hitter good player you're right it won't. They will go for Stan I'm thoroughly convinced we use and the Yankees and the Yankees will play every thing to do with the Yankees have themselves the next Babe Ruth. OK and that that's a marketing star they're gonna look at the TV ratings and say the easy route 54%. Why am I doing a legal profession and yeah. It in and they got to look at the Yankees are they gonna sit there and say we need one of those pours one of those low Stanton and a Miami gonna deal LaMont picture. Star Jeter's gonna use him right now to build the next wave of the Marlins that's what he's gonna it's gonna happen tree in New York. As an outstanding judge she imagined that Sanchez. Now what do you think. For themselves ready so be like put that energy to report them not Gilmore almost segment ago if those. Act ON math on WEEI. 140 characters of new England sports know how everyday keep up with the show on Twitter at oh man. EI let's get you back to morrow poured waiver of ammonium forty game right now what Sports Radio WEEI. Coming through big hit want yet shown they write up a little break. Breathing space in the old. Me and. The conversation led us to look you know we're not gonna scored 25 points and one possession you know the goal was let's gore wants. You know. Could just let's give it touchdowns or score one. Just when he told his form tomorrow guys really beautiful. Run out of time. For example there. Able to put. I mean there. Instead focused intently news it's. Yeah. It's. Good for the cool. It's. Yeah okay. Got up and we're very confident in the way he got I knew we had a football is finally set he says we'll bring you sadness. Inside the war. Finally bring its experience its. Okay. What do you write a little bit to the Atlanta four man front. Singleton put in unison. To want yourself. Little emotion but it's easy pickings get to the multi site. It's. It's okay it's. Yeah yeah. I knew what. In London Albertson you don't want it Sonoma first I was and it. Smoke weed out. South of what was Marky Mark Goldman market pick if they can't stand in the back of the don't feel a bit. And an eagle. So he he look at CD. And sponsors and. And I stayed through his experience and yet. Manila was mad Mattel was in my pillow right there yeah. All season long we didn't kicking guy when the country. Yeah. Shot to shot to shot on the clock is still. Shut out. I don't think otherwise I don't I I I gave the correct information so you you sound like you really Smart on that. Stupid FTV show you do all the many is in Norfolk for. So brook Trout and terrible and you get your seeds and those prices with tickets and started for the KM touchdown contests each week fans to guess who will scored the first touchdown. The patriots you do it on the promotions. Page at stadium downtown that's KE YBM. Cam done county guess right going to be under to win tickets. To a patriots game public there's an autographed football from the featuring its star quarterback week wait we can't say his name he's the goat that's the program that the go. And the star tight end that's the guy on the rise of rating the donkey spots the Republican Dunkin' Donuts spots so his last weekend our picks last week. I don't go well he's. I'm gonna go immediately. I'm gonna take Dion Lewis. Where I think you've got a bunch of these guys visualize these she's gonna listen or did he cheats do you do these go with a label. Jointly the future and a combatant in the the first fifteen plays right and then you get this week they'd like we just really want me go first yes. Mike Gillis we can grow up. I was saved the dual. London told us and we looked at Ole check out AM touchdown captains by visiting the promotions page came down economy into Europe picked. This Sunday night's game against Atlanta should be a good. Or does and some of them don't like it is much we can't see Christian and I like here and am I liken it weakens. So you know you know perfectly for me lately I've it is good that literally like an eight day dale if you won't get a full picture cut out we'll put on alert for you cut out we can do that Gloria Borger. Where he's going to be a documentary films arson so that's right only when you're going to be able to. He was it forever. It's like it's like we did the whole show he's a metal bullets behind quietly saying yeah I thought nobody in Europe I thought it was above Kirk in the killing and doing that your wife were UN involved in them if they want somebody really important one sock with the situation a couple of solutions for Oprah right. Of course now on Oprah and oxygen doesn't even exist anymore right it's OW and now what. We're gonna it's kind of freestyle Friday we'll were all of the plays but Michael Irvin will join us. And now Christian dating little pissed off but ending Michael's gonna say today I probably Phnom seem to have his eyes bleed together. I'll be curious what he says while Marshawn Lynch if he tries to defend he's got to do it via video you know that I think it was ridiculous how. And then after late Iran he sit there talking about that's what Oakland needs to do believe that the plan dad gets suspended for a couple of game that'll help it he left and they were better off without. It menos tie I always I was coming up next that's all brought to you by five best money. Downtown Christian. Tell amounts they're my total Carol so we'll have hoppers go Hilltop. And AM. Monday patriots money will go online meets all of its runs through pet shop and.