OMF - Calliope "Callie" Carney, 2, acute myeloid leukemia, Methuen with her parents, Clinton and Kaitlynne, and older sister, Penny 8-21-18

In February 2017, Callie was exposed to whooping cough at her daycare. Her family took her to the hospital for treatment. She had her nose swabbed and it came back covered in blood. The doctors assured the family that it was most likely due to irritated sinuses.

Callie’s bloodwork showed a low platelet count. Prior to developing whooping cough, Callie had been developing freckles. These freckles were petechiae which are small little red/purple dots that indicate low platelets.  The following week, they were introduced to a hematologist and he diagnosed her with ITP, a blood clotting disorder.

From February through April, Callie experienced several nose bleeds, large bruises, more petechiae, and her colds seemed to be getting worse and worse.  In April 2017, Callie’s bone marrow biopsy showed AML.

Callie received two regimens of chemotherapy throughout the months of April, May and June. Callie did extremely well during these months. She has so much energy and was so happy and full of life which gave her family hope.

In July, Callie was able to visit home for a week before her bone marrow transplant. When Callie return to the hospital she endured a harsh 10-day chemotherapy regimen to help prepare her body to receive her new stem cells. This was very hard on her body and she became very ill. On July 10th, Callie had her transplant. It took her about 2 weeks to recover from everything. She mostly spelt and depending on a morphine drip to keep her comfortable.

As soon as Callie body engrafted or accepted the new stem cells, Callie’s recovery was remarkable. By the 2nd week of August 2017 Callie was discharged and sent home! Her parents say it was more terrifying than coming home for the first time as new parents.

Callie's hobbies include playing on her Kindle, playing with her "sissy," loving her dog, Yager, and cooking in her kitchen.

Callie hopes to live a long and healthy life and is eternally grateful for her team of nurses and doctors, specifically, Dr. Suzanne Forrest, Dr. Kimberly Davies, and Dr. Michelle Lee. Her family would also like to thank the anonymous donor who bravely donated to Callie and saved her life.

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Patients are being told now McNamee in the throat before we might and even all you have to calculated bill does just that this is Kelly Carney Kelly. We don't. She's dirt she said she's been juniors and Clinton and Caitlin the the parents and this is the older sister wrote an open and we're you know. So maybe you can get the maybe you can start NTELOS the story of Kelley here she sews it. She's diagnosed with and now. April 2017. Me. Kind of shock for us obviously is. Diagnosis is. Retreated BCH and then in July (%expletive) about match transplant. Registered Augustin even sense it is adequate for Paul mayor Chris would mean it seems. Find a donor heart rate match yet there are reports it read perfect matches while. The first. I. They went like medically cleared yet to get a medically cleared obviously before you go through with it like. Yet it certainly is important attempts. It ain't got that and you know any stories at all for Steve so. They tell you know I'll tell enough that no matter what sort of balance better of the holes themselves. Once that so it was William Holden person. Yet she isn't she but the column crafted her body accepted the news sells sheet. Was backed her old self sellers is remarkable really having science. Is pretty amusing. So from one on one side you do some surely getting the news was. Probably devastating it's right in going through that I guess that middle middle middle range right there we just a lot of struggles lot of pain right and answer just. Just snapping out of it I guess. Yeah is it I've been telling you the craziest thing shoes during transplant she was our. Pretty much motionless just products that are apathetic tackled issues on all sorts of medication and to keep a comfortable obviously and yeah she when they look up or playing I was able to hold there is eating like the craziest thing to do this in July with him. Never she's conditioning July 10 which is just. It pretty intense. He now yet be here you know immune system down totally wipe out your marrow. And then. Yes so it takes that you know a little while for the horrible side effects to kind of happen. Once that happened it was you know and it's pretty rough to see play. McCain instead all the sudden you know my mom stayed over the hospital and so I could go home and you know the three of us were together and then. Office and she senator perked back up and it was like each day she got better and better and better news is remarkable is like the only word. You really think. It's not you really see years and years and years and seen that diagnoses you know then you get the transplant. For a couple months you've seen a different different girl yeah. Yet so when she it was it's funny because we were first diagnosed we you know that a big post online let everybody now. We it was right around Marathon Monday so we've likened it to a marathon you know that we wrecked you know we are ready for that journey. The tally handled it like it was a sprint to seek. She flew through everything I mean you know once we got in this for the transplant. Which they were like you know with thinking we can let you go soon. Ready less than a month after the transplant each week you share if it. There's a lot of stuff to do. He begged them keep it that. There by the cut off. Have we adjusted earnings are and hero where you know feel pretty dead people all at. And that's what this is really you know upright in his try to do here for the next couple of days of Mina. Experiences like yours and no it would almost ten years ago this would have happened with the experience would have been let me. So minutes we need those people call in right now and donate that money to have more good experiences like this would be here if he's adorable she's here. Yes yes yes we have we decided we'll keep ours and yeah but she you know the people at Dana Farber in Boston Children's Hospital there. If family to us now you know like. It. Heard doctor mean doctor now talk to force is in forest is like. A family member of we went to. You know clinic. Few times ago and you know she ran right up to her doctor gave her big high again it was like the sweetest thing in the world you know it means liquid look an I guy in front of people with that seized Kelly's wife and you know there a feeling that suits and believed. It's amazing you start the the journey and obviously. The shock of what you're dealing with and then the fear of the unknown to you really don't know. And what I found about those people over there they blame it all out here so. During the process. That you start to feel better as you progress then went on. Or they. The one thing we always talked about is that the doctors. They don't believe in fall so they lay it out I just like you said they lay it out for you exactly what it is and so when they tell you that she's doing good. And she's trending good in everything looks positive you have to take that. And you have to hold onto it it's it's it's it's each victories this eve albeit a small victory. It's amazing because you you sit there and you saying all right well we know them they're not gonna tell us anything that's not. Correct so when you hear that you know she's doing good and they're very encouraged with our results are happening and everything you're you can't help but. Get hopeful and you know we know that she's got a long road and everything but you know that. Hearing those words saying that you know what you could go home her levels look good you know she looks great even just when we bring at a clinic and she says that. She looks great. You know that's enough for us you know each edit one day at a time. And ask is that she does plea after dark now the dad in the dog and dogs named as Yeager. And we have to. I'm just I've just. Though about the scary. Debt didn't name the dog we inherited the dog's name that we. Well we've obviously kept the dog's name because really it's a pretty good started as a unit college days early 25. Now Andy you have no we inherited that name we liken it changes them but he has like a thousand names. The you know the club's name bill whatever the afternoon when he's being a bad call immediate yeah that instance. That was for yeah. I think we then look at an America with. We're we're really happy for your family and for gallium and everything's happening to inform thank you for sharing your story the angry and I appreciate hopefully it'll help some of the parents out there. Hope and it'll get people to pick up the phone right now I did donate donate donate never give up hope the best people in the world to share.