OMF - Camille Wahl, 14, osteosarcoma, Melrose, with Tracy Ryle, RN, and Despina Stavros RN, Jimmy Fund Clinic, Dana-Farber

A competitive Irish dancer, Camille began to complain of severe leg pain, and her mom, Colleen, noticed a large bump on her tibia. Scans revealed that the bump on her leg was a cancerous tumor, and further scans revealed that the cancer had spread to her lungs. Camille was diagnosed with metastatic osteosarcoma, a bone cancer, that had spread to her lungs in January 2013. Camille began treatment immediately, which included surgery to remove the tumor, thoracotomies - surgeries to remove lung tumors - and chemotherapy. In the 4½ years since her initial diagnosis, Camille has twice demonstrated no evidence of disease (or declared cancer-free) but the cancer returned both times. Camille is actively undergoing immunotherapy, a type of treatment that activates the body's immune system to attack the cancer, and is still in treatment at Dana-Farber. Camille just graduated from middle school and will be a freshman at Melrose High this fall. While she can no longer dance, she is very involved in theater and the creative arts. Camille has two sisters, Anastasia, 19, and Electra, 29.

Tracy has been a pediatric nurse for 12 years and joined the Jimmy Fund Clinic 5 years ago. She has had a passion for oncology ever since she was in nursing school. Her favorite thing about working at the Jimmy Fund Clinic is the relationships she forms with patients and families. Tracy says that her pediatric patients are so resilient and strong, and caring for them makes her a better person. Tracy says that hardest part about her job, of course, is when a patient is not responding to treatment, but providing emotional support to her patients and families is something she finds very rewarding. Camille was one of Tracy's first patients when she began working in the Jimmy Fund Clinic – she says they bonded instantly. Tracy says that when she takes care of Camille, they spend 90% of the time laughing together. She feels like Camille is a part of her family.

Despina is an infusion and procedure nurse who works in the Jimmy Fund Clinic. She has worked at Dana-Farber for more than 5 years. She has been a pediatric nurse for over 30 years. Despina says that the care nurses give to families and patients is the very best. Nurses become such a huge part of the lives of the Jimmy Fund Clinic patients -- they are right there with the families through the good times and the difficult times, and sometimes it can be hard work. Despina first met Camille in the infusion clinic -- Camille made fun of Despina's southern accent! She says they have had a special bond ever since. Despina has watched Camille grow up, and has been her infusion nurse since she was first diagnosed. Despina says that she, Camille and Camille's mom, Colleen, share a unique relationship that she loves. They can share feelings and laughs in the Jimmy Fund clinic to help alleviate the stress of Camille's ongoing journey with cancer.


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Let's meet can be a war our eyes and Gracie arrived. We the and Jimmy Fund from the Jimmy Fund clinic I got to go until competitiveness that it's great to meet you guys commit those your story. There. On grounds that he fare eat. A lot of surgeries. And and now fifteen and fourteen home icon back fresh off fifteen on the golf. And if you don't you don't push the 221. Wolves that. It's men so I really liked a lot of I was really sick in the hospital. That goes school. And as a wheelchair for seven months after surgery. It. So tell me about that you uses Tracie Powell and take the country since those massive and one of earners is so. How does that work when Camille comes in for treatment. Well you know it's so different from. Where we started to where she is now when she was tenure sole achievement through extremely intensive chemotherapy. Multiple surgeries including a huge reconstructive surgery and a Blake and then. I'm fortunate she relapsed. What kind of line treatment she had the spotter Lun had one of her five she's happy now surgeries on the line. Since being diagnosed and so. We've seen her through which is such as and I remember being hunted image she was ten media it's a good thing she was pretty sick. I think now. Treating her as a fourteen year old she recently about and Lincecum to say had to start. She acts and have to start and and news clinical trial. Because she had another spot from up on Allen intends that was seen on number five of the one. One surgeries that she had. So it's been. Treating her as a ten year old has a lot different than at fourteen going on fifteen you know now she's gonna get to high school she seemed missing out of more things with their friends and I think that it tired and we. Have really hard days and how conversations in hard times but I think I don't think I've ever laughed as much with. A patient if imminent they do with Camille and her mom we just. Get to that date just. Laughing her head and you've been with her since she was ten years old she is actually on my first patient I started the Jimmy Fund five years ago and she is on my first primaries when we started and so. She was the sassy little ten year old girl who. Kept us on our toes and now she just it's just we've watched her grow over the last four years Nash is just mature beautiful fourteen ounces at a fortune is back. So you're you're competitive Irish dancer yeah that's what Christian wants to do the. She loves what I want I thought I had no idea that you're whether they are you here answer I have dabbled in the other iris that dance that happened. I would gladly show you some things once we don't here and rate I'd let flip flops also may sound different but you'll you'll understand you can understand the talent inflation. But but has that been difficult you still have to do that or is it some of did treatment kind of slowed down. So on the leg surgery I had I could. I could've chosen to amputate my leg. Board to have surgical blend salvage surgery so. What education I could run and jump into high impact sports but with Phil and salvage be able to keep my leg diet. I could no longer. Ron jump aboard dance so that was like a really hard time in my treatment and and yet I decided to have the limb salvage. So I can't dance anymore but I still try to antley support. As much as they can go to competitions it was my life ever since I was. How old movie when you three make that decision of I was ten when her hands now it was your parents are involved but has yet to your parents say listen. Really got to come from you. That is an aide that I can't even imagine being ten years old and having to make such an. A tough decision. Well in the moment I didn't really think it was really mostly old Lincoln called Buick one of the special ones and I'll be able to go back and violent will be fine and that's really not what happened and it's been hard with no Irish and because that was my whole life I was dancing. Four times a week for hours at a time and I've had to find new things to fill that cap life. Took mile and a couple different occasions you were actually declared cancer free unfortunately both kind of shortly afterwards and came back is that. How do you deal with that I could you ever hear those words you know cancer free again that you just had enough buying it need to such an order me to live my life. Because on two different occasions they come back. Yeah time I tried it stay hopeful but time after I finished my first intensive chemotherapy. On eighteen months I was free pageantry and then I relapsed and I thought maybe maybe just this one time maybe there it's just a cell. And this is it one time. And so I had to say Jeter movement and then. Eighteen months later in this past march I relapsed again and I. Like okay is this going to be a normal thing is this gonna keep happening but I always try to. Keep hopeful I'm I'm hopeful that history and it won't work. Well listen we're we're. We're proud of what you've been able to go through and be able to have as good attitude you have right now if you continue without attitude and you're over at that place. With that type of staff think it's gonna come out. All good for we promise okay thank you very much for coming out here and tell its story we appreciate the key information is available in Q well.