OMF - Can Brady continue to avoid scrutiny with more camp absentees 5-22-18

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Tuesday, May 22nd
Equipt with pie charts, flow charts, and scales; Christian gives the percentages of what is important to Tom Brady. And prior to the postseason, Celtics fans loved to play fantasy GM with guys like Kawhi Leonard and Anthony Davis. Meanwhile, Karl Anthony-Towns doesn't sound like he'll be a T-Wolf for much longer. Could KAT be a fit in Boston?

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On you've read here. Fort Wayne and bony and forty trying to figure out what's going on with the breed situations he's going to be here when it counts I do think he deserves some criticism for this don't you Tom Brady's going to be ready to play pretty straight years telling us that it was so when. Important to go to all of these things he's gonna be there when it matters you wind up winning Super Bowl because of all those little things a little meeting right Tom's careers most event about a gonna go to the film Roman watch more film and who's the one that is told us over the years how important is it used to be the patriot like it's no longer that I don't throwing a hundred per capita. And Lou and Christian if the Celtics and. It's all about. On Sports Radio WEEI. I get insurance for a little fun. I I do. Look I'm already gotten enough guy again got quietly and others like movie trailers on the but it would you clean it up breaking down for months. Percent 2% give you at least 50% I guess at before 50% is the whole detention issues like that to the bills Guerrero. Shrapnel effect that it. It came from all that stuff that was going on that's that's been advised that the drudgery that that was all encompass penalties and graduate I need to hurry yes that's 50% OK that's big for Iverson's contract. Six when it says the how much is him. 515. And it that that that is a portion of yeah a classic Oliver at the smallest portion of it. Look at that you Biron on 45 small some other words there is tension there is an issue across I 50% of it and 25% is contract. So 75%. Of that. Is outside of the you know it relates you know we surprise to us it's another 70 yeah that's we we look it is I don't we look at this degrading you guys like aren't. I eases you look at the seven reasons you know what does that add any thoughts about it for Reid fourth commandments is it would. Sports champions for the book really it's read the book on it will actually got stuff simplified I asked if Clinton asked what battle robbery after one agreements on me for Borger it's so we think Davis's life the other vision thing. We think he's like he's like this Buddha where he's like a divine needs as easily forgive everybody and all water under the bridge in a not pissed off. Well I honestly. I don't know a whole lot. I started talking about how we pissed off and how your issues here and with Guerrero and with the contract and all these other quarterbacks making money at 10 o'clock or 1030 well we ever started this. Sandy or to so you know what it's a valid I think it's an hour. And hours and that it was more if you want you 5% are trying to label it is it's one thing it'll do well in relief. As holier than that you know salt and Webber will allow him become a ploy by no reason you know it. BM and and to stand on your own you don't need it's always that way just because he's chubby I just happened and I agree with the round mound sent. I like the way you do that you call Lou around in the united masculine and you're not a manager not a real attack and really kind of government and a big topic but it in all it is is I am pleased that you come around our I've never always my point did you like I told you week weeks and weeks ago that he months ago you said it was also go down doll just heard only 25%. Annually at 75. Awful as you noted there at the whole mouth initiative but he knows he's he's and every Thursday it. I live well deserves some criticism for the establishes a bit sluggish the issues have always been real and the more people you know the more you talk to you talk to people ego while. I didn't think it was that bad. Out of Reading it was that bad series of ten dollars a lot of people think Minnesota why. So when he's at their job OK why is all about when I do think towards the public eye until I want to be honest and told you about its act like this is some nudity. He knows and it's bad he still really believe it's contract. Not believe the Bible you know because I you like these you guys along I think the Yankees he's gentlemen I'd that are going is this so. If you're holding out. And if you're trying to send a message your realistically. That we tried to scared a your owners. The targets are tourists to them that OK listen and there's the possibility that I won't be around. Well we cornerback haven't you know great back up and how long how long could this last I don't know how to get backed us. You're scared him. Right do you think if they called his bluff as I go I set out OTA's mandatory OT I'd I'd go sit out training camp personal trait yet. Do you really think he's gonna do it. Do you really think he's gonna do cancers no he's not going to do we sit here and talking circles all day long. But if you wanna sit there and hold out and sit out the usual on new contract I'll tell you Tom Brady can do the exact same thing regardless of what Kraft said. Regardless of what Don he's doing and it'll end up happening in this debt here or in September. And it was like oh by the way 200 and Roger. You really that that's exactly how and they'll of that. May be true but the fact that he's pissed off. And he's also looking at what other guys are making is one thing if he's not harmonious situation is what it's told us all he wanted to do was go to work and be happy every day which obviously she didn't. Appreciated saw it what does appreciated me but he appreciated means instead of me getting fourteen million dollars. When some young kid was backing me up here and is one hole big deal five games out in San Francisco. Is getting but yeah 44. It's probably regret it because I do believe that feeling appreciated. Doesn't mean just money all the time. Right it can meet other things the doesn't go hand in hand and that the only thing happy he might be able to accept I don't let little things you know obviously when your state of mind you frame of mind is a good place and you've got this tension building. You don't normally in years past you might brush off. You know Bill Belichick press conference but maybe what your frame of mind is in you not feeling your relationship is where it should be in eagle do we do against Jacksonville. Given aid to surgery you're given the cut that we saw artists sound you hear coach say to these guys Sony's solid he had heart surgery. You know me that they acted all of a sudden fall in that category of not feeling appreciate. Yeah I think that their contract is that an old by the way. It's like it's a pleasure plus one is likely to contract of the money is what you really wanna break it down a bit of money is a plus one. You can't look and see what drop below guide. That would Drew Brees and an egg drop all you did OK listen in December that organizing get it but then Drew Brees goes down he's young revenue. And you're better than him and you could probably play longer at a higher level than him. And he'd been there hooking him up in and Dave and. And I think love drew breeze that you loved Drew Brees and welcome up. The same thing is gonna be done with Blake and ask you this question only to agree that this intention. Right that relationship is not what it once was and maybe to a lot of people made it worse than a lot of people think. What does it was great. What their relationship has never been better bill and Tom. You think Tom would then want more money. The key was yet the point where likenesses owns everything is cool on them do whatever the team needs me to do but you know what I pissing me off. You know what's he. Not only gonna get paid they were like friends getting paid they squash and wondered Andy and now okay want nothing but their relationship was great we still want more birdies does sit there and sit there and more money and one of your list of the great. You would trust the other person and over the lakers' screw use that they're gonna do the right thing that's what's his bodyguard okay but your serve their fronts that everybody it's all squash over squad Austan good. They're this'll Contra thing now we're good Tom. Marino at everybody are good but everybody wants their value. What they perceive is the true value he was the MVP last year if you know at fourteen million dollars in their guys are making. And fifteen million dollars more than he's making now back to the phone calls yours Julian guy Julian. What's up guy that's journalists this conversation I wanted to add one thing put a little bit of a different spin on an outside of that the pie chart you guys have created. So here's the thing aside from all us in the drama on the speculation about why. Can we can we look at his whole career and we look at what he accomplished this past year. Are you know you bring in the path could be in the MP peacekeeper in the past super ball to say hey you know what. Look at how this guy prepared themselves look at how old he is maybe. This guy actually knows what's best firm in terms of preparation you know I mean he brought a new super ball. He brought them back in the fourth quarter the defense did nothing to help him I mean just you know I'm just thinking about that the pressure he was under used to and so many sacks. In the beginning of the year like I work would go around it's obviously working you know why he's seen him wiping question at this point. The tiara and letting him work was Terrero. I know what I mean instead of you know they had the hours instead of putting in those hours of OT. You know on how those guys catch a few passes from. Joey Julianne hold on he's the one that has told us over the years and I everything you just said. I agree with he's been the greatest I'm not worried about him when we get into the season. I'm a little bit concerned about some of the receivers that he might not have a connection with who are brand new year and don't know Tom Brady's all about. It's more for them but this is what Tom Brady is always bad he's always been about the team he's not been about Tom. Now suddenly we're seeing a different Tom Brady. Why shouldn't we be critical about that the thing we loved about Tom he was just one of the guys. But now he wants to be about but now he does you're right he deserves that because of the career reset and all the things he said. Most of it let's go sit there and I does that all its hide it now the army wants to be selfish so let's just cover it up warm. Yeah yeah. What did he comes in fresher is my point you know let them hang out with just. Well and I know which is all over the summer he relaxes he. Assault and you'll want to let him go for the entire summer with the film embrace. I thought maybe I normally you don't well yeah I mean this is what the candidates is saying right now they really believe that all Tommy asked to do we shall open at first Sunday in September. We're good. I think community and any easier at least you know work lessons ago. I don't let that the case I don't know I don't know. We are far more on alien auditioning he's doing his thing you don't question Bundestag led his craft you know. Yet again and the last thing I want to get and I have not heard anything about this this this cash. This caps and the YouTube. Did anybody consider that to have been overthrown that's the last thing I want to have these we're just he's you know and that's where Brady was supposed to make that catchy fumbled it did anybody think that was overthrown. I was totally overthrow through back slowly draw. Yeah they you know things are canceled her shoulder yeah yeah yeah like it why they can run and play in the first blip on the synagogue slow in the breaking may have been a wills it. Stumble around and notice this is unbelievable. This is really unbelievable that the the fan base and this is the problem was something like this. That Tom can you know it's sort of turn this turn this argument that a Al Horford. Here we go on disabling Al can goal before from the floor you one rebounds and you won't have anybody be able to admit that he had a bad get a hold. But you just don't want to admit I pretty below disappointed in part and you just can't do it if at least that's what. Put Brady is deserving of more than Al por frozen as a five time all star core. I mean. He's the global. Is everything listen to us. Listen to Bernstein estimated that these not as a month and I'll just say it's a slightly movies and on and off you can't. Just to admit. It maybe disappointed a little bit daddy's here you surprised that Tom Brady's acting a little bits. Voice especially when you play it Ole Ole Ole sound and vetoed him hockey how important it is and you'll find anybody who says he thinks it is because it really any work is good anything is going to help. So but it's it's bigger than that so Tom Brady convinces us through all of these years. That he works harder than anybody else in because he works harder and he does all these additional things. He's got a who actually said that he works the hardest you know he artists but he's usually this who's telling our viewers are and so everytime our personal I don't know you'll always see I don't know might. It was the second guy yeah it's hard on my point is that every time I I hear bill pockets is like god works harder he could talk about whoever. Personally talk about it always article murderers on the team OK they all work harder IP I'll do what it but Majorly element of working out working hard to detect operator now. Now working on right now he's he's doing it TB twelve which I think some bad look yes I think it's a bit I think he's avoided the Grambling would be rocket percent were dear to your twelfth relate I know for a fact he's working at a Gillette Stadium about that. Bullets and what both of them got. I wouldn't be yet opens his duties are to be twelve under is it to be total. Who dropped out but I don't think we're gonna. You act like it's like they can't work out at the beach while like it's it's bigger than ideal you look up the windows live practice and I think we go down there. Yeah but it does gold. But I like rockets got like every wasn't with the understanding of a gay while drugs you get a deal done until Thursday's he's not a step on the field and and get hurt he's gonna wait till Thursday. The sun is deal. Due to the duke. Of the few button to vote Tuesday I have McNamee did you know like I'm not sure make it but not a diner dinner Friday off Wednesday for. It. Yes I'm block Friday while we've gone somewhere where you go I have a golf turned out for. Every year local golf tournament it's not yet Stan and that was Danish plot is Lucy that in his mind I'm thinking it would double dose she get Ryan and Lucy the board. Lucy would drive yeah remembrances of what he'll be able to do it he hates was what did you Michigan don't I. She's a woman and we is that honored that she cannot repeat on Michigan run aboard. She can on the board but can she start guys and I know how he showed his concerts as being like you go. Hopefully can get it but in the what Lucy sit on the board though you when you when we sit there or you're gone. I think she panics because she knows that we're gonna ask or something I don't think she's really quite knows how to finals I don't party as tutor was riding a lower drop. Like Ryan not Ryan I assure my own ward why them why money more wisely as you run into boredom Freddie and out right and abort. Lucy drug war in his birth Gerri what does it RS are now at heart. Maybe I'm divorced I love this place you don't communicate communication business is are you that jumped over. The leap from. And that's that's our boss is not even our call I was told it was ten. Kansas with OK he's the executive producer John slogan that produces the dancing bar Baltic it to take yourself out of the decision completely altogether we get the feeling McCain is doing something that'd Kirk wants them to do to maybe sabotage another show that. And like this I'd like these that I don't see that today. Like right now on global Louisiana. You have to be an orderly it on and on and I am I am going to be sunny I think I amateur problem I've got nothing you can do enough on how. Awesome 567777. Victory several we are back to your phone calls coming up next on. By FaceBook Twitter and it's more importantly we're loading in 48. Sports Radio telling. I just made a big mistake last night I expected Boston to be able to win one road game. You know one against LeBron James putt that I. Or it's over the Narnia it it's over. Cleveland's two rolled into one balance. In blocks in just can't win against a list mom makes them home cooked meal in their stand in their nice comfortable bed. Could you put Boston on the run and just get can they missed dunks and lay Election Day. Get back home I'm not very good on their road to a hotel and I have this by myself them models that make him feel. I tell. I'm 32 and she's just discovered this by the way this is brand new one was just discovered talked about the Celtics are just the game itself carries talking about the seldom lead guy I think he just realized that. And maybe hasn't realized that added that he was Hussein had a vote a bit ago cloth and it will all other Clinton edit lights they have that I need I'm not that need to pick. The Celtics to win them. Not I don't know why you kinda irritated that night I thought he picked. Cleveland to win regret no idea that you use usually we've linked to win. Then after the first two games he probably was a little did he do the same thing to do the same marking bush is Cleveland brown went around that any you know Cleveland has a superstar. Affect you could argue that he's the best player in the game and they couldn't win on the road just realizing that these people these people that. The cover sports every single day like we do. They just discovering this morning at Sefton on that the NBA has a hole and road issue. So he's Brando it's just. Where. Again. Strategists think that I guess maybe you're just a victim of the that the period of time you're ends just what you just can't you can't see past her through it. You forget like what happened in years past I agree that that to me that same attitude I have towards that. Yeah that's it that's that's right you really good job actually voice and audio home cooked meal Dolly's do you monitor. Atlanta home. I'm not very good on their road to hold terror and I had this by myself them -- does that make me a meet old. That's. Knows that's been better at this is headed way past that pretty good and lose big I idea that allows them by that. Everybody actually added and that's what you are actually impressed that you son who was pretty good for and again that's a safe when Hamlet like Clint thank you so for authority. It the whole thing is full of I just learned this and now Brian win horse yet. You know LeBron says right here getting cat had been caddie. He's now apparently talked about this whole. Carl Anthony how long story and apparently teams are lining up matter of fact he's revealed that the clippers actually tried again. Carl Anthony Townsend the trading deadline for Blake Griffin and it turns out that Carl Anthony towns this issue. Is very similar to town British issue. It is Stanley note that it might not felt apparently now that bookmarks yards to about I'll read it for you. A let's put it this way I didn't make this up people in the league you've been saying. You know maybe we should make a call. Take a look and see what's going on with Karl now now he and Tom Thibodeau. Did none of the greatest season together but I think that's fair to say. The jewels recently. Fired. Vince what Garza. That's what Garza is the strength and conditioning coach but he also actually the trainer. For Carl Anthony towns. Person and right. And according to the story wooden horse is god. They never told towns about it he found out about it. When the media started reporting it and he's all pissed off they took his guy out. When he took his guy out so it is said I don't guided how many got fired so he apparently it's not as much the wolves. Looking to trade him. But it could be they quarrel in the towns wants to get out now they're bringing up another possibility and this is an interest in one. The new collective bargaining agreement allows players to receive super Max salaries. In their ninth in ten seasons. Only if they get it from the original team. They drafted them war changed teams only during the first four season when he's on tour via a trade correct. And guess what year towns is coming par sportier year for. He's at seven point eight million I think courage wrapped up the option yup. That's a guy you know you get a book polite letter. And I just feel like you can replace. In all wing with a very good wing right now there's still a lot of question marks that's why Anthony Davis comes in the picture. You know because now Sydney get to big to go with a great wing player you have to great point guard you have. You know so now so now college accounts comes in the play in with a six point seven million dollar contract. You can actually have him an offer on the same court correct until and then when Horford is gone and repaying him the thirty million bucks two years from now. This is your guy this is thicker and porcelain against the dollar and Ito dismissed this first three years in India now from and none while. He dug a night of injury is entered that boat you know I understand too well be it Eddie Davis right injuries conservative and beats another. He's missed zero games played 82 start in 82 games three and zero. Yeah also in this now becomes the guy. And it sounds to me like. He's been in the pain in the ass that may be he wants out they're start in a leaked that stuff out and teens know this sensed this and according to win Horst. The teams are lining up right now so they're going to be a lot of teams that it did I make a deal with the Minnesota they're looking at this kid saying right now. He's he can rebound he can shoot threes which is what you want for bigs in 2018. He he he also can get free throws I think and 85% free throw shooter something like it. This is as recent deaths are gaining just still giggling you know all the Brooklyn nets knicks are gone but what this team's doing right now he can still do whatever he wants to. We don't know what that Sacramento it's gonna be next year right but you have and you got Memphis and you got the clipper and you get your daily and you get Tatum you get rose via. You got turns this stuff to send their their way. There's no question about it I I think Anne and apparently they weren't thrilled with the way he played defense but he's got skills that. I think to be really good defense supplier and is it a shot blocker so it is 22 years old but that's an interesting one that it could mean that. It's not as much Tom Thibodeau though tidbit of seven problems with him. And they weren't crazy about his play and in the playoffs. But it could be he's more pissed off at that symbols doesn't like what's going on internally in the organization. And now like Tom Brady this stop he's got his girl. Right he's got a guy. His trainer and suddenly they get rid of the train they fired the trade because traders spent a lot of time with him personally it was his personal guy. So he's not only history encroachment but it's personal track and its cast so what are we seeing this guy Arizona. I want to be seeing this guy that was fired with a doesn't look Garza Vince Lagarde is a what if he's seen this guy on ongoing. Probably there on the exit related and that's when you know the organization like crazy. You gotta get out of you gotta get out why would you would you please bring me with you is. The biggest reason really the contract the super Max. You know it is yet you sit there saying okay. A much longer might again of the big deal here in Minnesota than a third big deal in Minnesota. When Michael somewhere now reckon envision myself playing out for six years. You know getting a big deal the next one in the super Max after. That's the timberwolves can offer towns a contract extension this summer. Worth a projected 157. Million over five years they could even include a clause. That would lift towns compensation by 20%. To a projected 188. Million over five years if he makes it all NBA team next season. Beckett pave over many problems but it wouldn't necessarily signify a complete resolution. Towns would still be trade eligible and the clock would still be ticking on his ability to get their designated veteran player deal. Elsewhere later which is that super Max your match rookie scale extension. Wouldn't lower towns trade value of any team trying. For him surely expects to give him that same extension itself so the question is. Do they try to do this before they have sign him what do they deal now. He's got that probably is most likely to be built here. Certainly sounds that way to Asia and then you're gonna end up. I'd I don't see a New Orleans ends of signing. DeMarcus Cousins so he signs with somebody like Dallas or somebody like that a team that's looking at him as. You know main piece. In the middle. And New Orleans sits there and says we get other positions we've got to fill here we don't need two big guys who we're much better. With Anthony Davis without DeMarcus Cousins. Well at the timing is right no one year left on that deal. I community Davis did two years left. You know if if Anthony Davis had one year left I think there may be more talks about moving him a year from now I think there will be talks about moving Anthony Davis. City America the talk here after the first two games against Cleveland. People were saying take any changes probably just gonna stay pat stay with what he's got this is gonna look at and say we get to ivory back. You know we get it would next year any good and and work it yeah he could. But after you've seen the last two games and you look at what you have and granted they would be better certainly whipped with diarrhea and with. With Haywood on on the road. Pick any danger to looking at a specially if you watching what's going on with Golden State is that angle. Make another move. How old were you what you're hoping to forge your open that guys like Terry rosier who would be to god it would be now. Because you know you he's not going to replace carrier you hole they play as well as possibly hoping they hit their ceiling so they're value goes up. You know me you know I guess you know I think Edwards kind of fall in love with with Tatum and probably wants to see them go. He's gonna move them now I think he's gonna try to see if he can make a deal. Without moving those guys and and you know talk about assets. Those are definitely has been a big at Arlington town without even a Q and you got to think about one another I'm just saying he would give up one of them with rosier net there. It's 22 years salt. You know I'm not that's enough I have no idea but I know within this is why you'd love what you're seeing from these guys I'd forget about the home road splits. They're all pretty much first year starters and an opera world you know easily season's starter first year guys for the most part and no brown is that you're too but as a starter. Yates. You gotta give up some one of those guys you don't care ineffective playing so well my only you know maybe have to give up not as much in the back end. And you're right other teams may have more to give in and the team that probably could do without giving out. A whole lot. Because they've never had this player would be Phoenix so Phoenix's got the number one take to get some pretty good players on the team already right through topics over the last couple years. They got a powerful would have got to a point guard shooting guard. Well they could use help of the two but you look at it and say. They could trade in a one point which is dehydration. So suddenly Minnesota's got themselves the next. Carlin that he towns towns goes to Phoenix and suddenly Phoenix has got a 22 year old polish player is Phoenix got a much better team next year. This year albeit Carl that he towns a year away from free agency and just sit there and that's hold off so it can be frequently get the hell out of Phoenix. Suppose Phoenix's good that you're supposed email Nvidia likes likes the what did you do to be really good and they're gonna definitive filled up his six you're really good us. I don't turnaround I did not take it anymore happiness we really good. I think the big bad it was it. The game but nonetheless there are no better with him during the playoffs there in the last that's the problem. We don't want more segment to go you OK you don't go out tonight. Sure -- Hillary must Thursday and Friday for their later today today whichever today aboard the roof of my mouth on this more and I'm sorry to my confidence if you don't hear my age I don't wanna be any you know it was yesterday for a for candy millions of dollars on mormons as I I feel bad Phelan thank you flush out some party learn about some pertinent to you when you laugh. We have 48. On Sports Radio. I thought you would love to. But that is nothing. I thought yesterday. And days before that too. I think if you would silence. Have to speak your name. All I have heard memories and your picture frame. Your memory is my keepsake with which will never part. God has kept you it is keeping I have you in my heart. I touch your leg that one night when no was around. But that's very good but that's how relevant this is just. I thought we hear from. But veteran Gil where are dying every easy that was pretty always raced raced under the re encouraged but feel a little over the top. Would you say for now it's Princeton mark my assuredly you know what are you a list plan the dog marketed that you'll play. Notice that I wouldn't play. Know you were very nervous about the well at least this gives them we end don't we know we give it more special factor deal Roy's situation obviously we did compared to monitor this. I you don't know god only knows this is not filled that it's between two series agree in a real grace still that's going on the cutoff point with pets I mean we're we're do you decide degree stone parakeet. Rep style. I hear your animal lover it's there's no illusions discriminated again really the same treatment and everybody gets that bulls play you know pet cemetery on my dogs but I think there's as there's a Brooklyn. An overreaching tweet here from one Torre Garnett. Okay palaces the Celtics should hire currently jones' trainer who. That's a great idea whom. So in case you're an NFL team right now and you want Tom Brady you know you know we should not exactly. Will honor him all right. You do it so like that I. It's a contractor. With papers on this afternoon Jack other listeners there's. I thought everybody was just like 205. It's there everybody so big in the troubles at this afternoon today to stats and Kyle Draper show you think it's kind of coincidence that down Al Horford has a good game yeah and drapes is suddenly you're doing the cross over France and last night he. It was happening at. No there is no jets video my Emeril O'Neal it's a minute that's what was news and I'll know that drive volunteers what let me get in the aisle with is it that the guy that says tells me never look at the box was conceded fifteen years after a half hour. We think these are well historically in fact did help soothe and use it yeah what are. Just one minute Stephens now everybody's blaming guns the sensible quote of the year I think that coaches vote morality or. I don't run loose all the yeah yeah its finger on the pulse of the only entity literally the electorate he was really good to see the great coach it's all a lot of the Celtics obviously in red round become this horrible coach. We also have among Tom Brady news and it's exclusive to do keep things coming up. We and there's some reporting out there that may not be correct. About Tom Brady and we have some forum. Is not a battle night I'm a light at. Amid after seven unaudited this is this an exclusive played brilliantly used or emergency programming. Story none of this is like there's there's some reports out there right now but Tom Brady and people are taking them as though they are true. We are here to tell you that they are on true. When usage at the top are pretty early on right away there and I'm thirty. I don't know I don't know what it does not I think it's absurd element that's at into the unlike you show us about more than happy to democracy. And doubt I. Show about yeah. This. Oh got a lot of fun but yeah. I also think that that's that's and supported by the dugout when that day. They're all guys that would be it from his innocence you know I went in from North Dakota news now did the war on offense it's. But it's apparently. Variety that is all we got him at I definitely tell me who are always running around is drapes couldn't commit and knowledge don't want to commend you want and you wouldn't dale can do it for the worst when he bit and maybe we'll get an exclusive somewhat exclusive. I don't keep and up. The naked African knobs off tomorrow will report on the exclusive I and your voice at 10 AM tomorrow. I vol.