OMF - Can the Red Sox ramp Chris Sale all the way up in time for the post-season? 9-12-18

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Wednesday, September 12th
Hour #1 - We talk Sox this hour with a breakdown of Chris Sale’s return to the rotation… can the Sox get him ready in time for the playoffs?   Plus the latest David Price quotes don’t bother the guys at all… maybe he’s starting to get it finally. And Alex Cora joins us.

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This afternoon with JoAnne asks pitchers out there they are fixer or what makes switched the front or the talent he's been up on me everybody's waiting looking into the Red Sox dugout light one up today Tuesday decision to bring back morning. He had buried. Why you know why he saw something that maybe only he's soft rock hall. The Swiss army knife back to call back and thousand hit a driver right. I've told you the chain and I'll let my dubbed king Richard and I'd like this. We'll work that one up now on Sports Radio WEEI. It's all I have ever gonna get to. Some football now more about that what if what we're concluded Brady will speak today on Wall Street today corporate speak today we asked the question. Hampton and it didn't register people speak them Jackson bills that will find this. We'll start to show Saturday with baseball score will join us at 230. Find out exactly what's going on for sale so. Expect to weigh up to forty pitches they. Don't you know now there have been a better well. You are in you know if you're gonna if you're gonna burn one down. Am I got out of the way you can tell he just wasn't himself and maybe you know just everything about him was just. Okay and is that we get the rust off so not worry at all. Ran to the bullpen got. Mortgages that are Tracy. Now while attorneys go to our editors look at the calendar that's what you should be wary. A good Baltimore you watching though that game you say it upset Chris sells goods best of Apatow to ten days off god bless this little breather. It'd three days later you go back and at the elegant you combat gear and and I mean the best case scenario it's three innings speaker went three innings it was forty pitchers but 26 high stress. Leadoff double then put him in the stretch and you could see the pace was slow. Location wasn't there. Commanded this slider wasn't mayor than velocity was dipping 9596. In the agents and I enough. Colombian national relaxed fourteen pitch bullpen you reach of forty will will see right field to a three dates yet but it wasn't that scene warm Fuzzy feeling FT. It's in light of an adult or maybe obviously you brought him what he came back too fast. But it wasn't it was just this was no not last night the personal it will stay with any pain management issue wasn't we don't know issue we don't know until this and other bullpen until there was no injury no it was it was just it was just Russ. Because that looks like we won't know until 23 days that's right that's what will we go throw another bullpen. Would it be starts on Sunday and hopefully this distinct get a keeps going and this I just worry about because of the importance of this guy. They guys I want to see him go up there in the chopper three innings or two winning at least and sit back down actually because of the look sharp but I mean just look like himself. You know just normal. It just didn't happen. So deliberate last night that if you go on as normal seven innings out of a four hour yeah. Okay and that's the way he pitches so I'm gonna sit here and it's my god he's toast he's done here. But I don't know how you can look at that game last night and took. I would say that you know. You would expect that what you think that it was don't expect an undercover Chinese and throw for tea tea I act act I think that's what I told I guess who I'd listen to what they tell me somebody else to tell them out when they did help me I. Listen I set the expect county expert wages are forty pitches are to me why it. It's the second inning we didn't pitch count got too high and they did it once that's he's LA and it didn't just in case it happen the second inning looked like upper that he didn't want pulled in the middle of an eight. They knew he was he was stressing out there and he did not want to continue. And and Alex coral say all the right things here today and she knows something physically about them that that that's not good. He's gonna say all the right things but you can't tell me that at the end of the first and there's that people that we really want arguments wouldn't. My biggest thing is that it was on September 11. It was leaked it wasn't obviously. In dog comes back mid August to sell you want donating goat donating whatever five days to want to go to you don't know. And five more days hey I don't know that's operate the stick crazy. Right but at me and that it'll probably get eight starts left in good work this way up. So his mechanics were off admittedly Alex and that ends saleable admitted it your right it probably because of that he won the strain. Okay board's say so is it but it just didn't appease the McGinest and fix it overnight package of Sunday's Tenneco and hopefully it's gonna go what four. Maybe try to go to the last time what three nights article for the 6065 pitches. So is it mechanics just gonna collect. And then then what that is next our league he goes what 680. And it's a one more he's got three more starts Teague who get the rust off to find his mechanics and to feel like Chris sailed from two months ago. That is an awful lot das defined in three starts and build it up tonight Yonder message got to get up to have a lot of cheers and seven. I'm not saying look I. I'm not saying that it's a lot different fortified getting political decisions and I I agree with you on the fact that were cut rule their country really cut it close at a day that that tiger if you but. The wildness the erratic he hit a batter and now I expected it. And the weight ist. And he's not as it is you know he just act like you don't just snatch it out of a situation we'll just keep insolvent or hole. So it all of them don't want a bit they're gold the second inning and Eagles the ball may get I'm sure he's frustrated and antsy right I'm sure he is. But it's in the order from that point that today at nine UP 200 pages whatever it is by October. That he's got to hold out much could happen tonight concern and worries you know month the goal used in such a groove. Weather's mechanical or not the reason why so in nineteen compared to 9697. Last year whether his mechanics and smooth spot repeatedly called let it fly. He was so good a month ago. That I don't care how good his stuff is his power and his slider and his change up if his mechanics are off you need him to beat Chris Hill from a month ago. The two months ago. If he goes out the could have great stuff but if he doesn't make you feel comfortable with mechanics. If he doesn't feel like he can let it fly you visit feel like Ingle 10010 pitches that you're not gonna get the guy you saw a month ago so you're gonna get a different guy in October. That's the concern that you're gonna. Get a guy another guy that they already have likened it that a faulty that may be able to give you three innings out of the bullpen and you don't need that right now from him. You've got it's gonna go deep into the game as a nice so that you would limit the usage of that bullpen. And you've got three weeks couple other video they don't get three squeeze it through starts to get three more and what's gonna be short. Yes so you by his fourth star he should break he showed in the timing may just work out perfectly coming up this morning that's what he had come right out of the precincts that or start you know based on the circumstances maybe. It's a little bit more hectic you know just overall but the timing should work out perfectly. Three starts to build you up and your fourth start is one your 100% to I don't know what calendar year using all how many stars do you need gallant of him how well lightning night you're hitting the last night you have three more Lawson was not probably stole the ball close to one under was up in the upper nutty as them. Was it felt it was. We have a dog but I don't I don't worry about that is it that might have been the man told Joseph is this an illegal needing to be only to go there blow out either. September 11. And the best you can get out from right now is 26 pitches in one inning. I'm sorry I thought I'd be very concerned about not talk to me two weeks after his he's got through most are that I after the second week I think. If you're still looking at the same thing that I think you can definitely and a request not to have to wait humanize animals aren't that two lead on. Saying the question is is it duty in that 126 pitching. Diddy Diddy knock off the rust. And does he now they find his mechanics can't openly admitted that you know little rusty and speed things up and he didn't feel right and the mechanics were off OK so Sunday. Is everything gonna be perfect so I think they sense that don't you in the right before army I don't know I don't ask I tickets the great unknown here we'll put you. You got tight and that's the problem I think I'm having is now would've known. Yeah okay that they agree that MIA issue McGahee was he was the only known and getting really don't have a human. Totally different he was the book go it was you've got the Cy Young. Who's pitching better than he's ever had ever in his career that he's got a sub to we IRA strike everybody out at me is unhittable stone now with a slider change. Know it's much of that's the guy I can count on now let's talk whatever else. Now he's now entered into the unknown I got away the other thing plays out. I you know I don't know in a comfortable if you tell me I don't know what we got a erotic look at whatever I don't know what really out of you know of all the of the eight unified. But I thought I knew what I was getting out of this guy and now I. Don't know I think that the X what you need out of home 'cause I was gonna say expectations we don't know what the expectations are. What you need out of them is like it's going to go to eat with a hundred plus pitches and a gain. So three weeks from now may be questioned. He can ramp up to four innings for a third fourth two thirds what you're getting out of Iraq right now so you're tour of your starters. Out of the chute in the postseason are going to be guys that can only give you four plus you know for the third fourth two thirds with this ball. Thought I was I'll say I'll say the other thing you'd maybe think about what may cause it will cause for concern in the process that re BOT game that number that under pits number. Know sixties whatever it is. Let's just say. Hi guys like him you know you the truth out of him. It is she just so willing to ignore the pain because he just wants to deliver his wanna let you down he's lying because I saw. Well last posting unknown and yeah now. All right I'm not talking about now I group you are not about now about when he went crunch time comes around. You know is he able to protect themselves from himself. Because you don't little pain there and fight game dog fight you know that the whole Iraq to be the hero. Henne beat a hero that you need to destroy Aaron Rodgers. Play Sunday we'll brilliant. And it will look back the slick the game the other night we'll circuits must really hurt by audiences in with just making it sound like you sort. I don't know but the one thing we do it all about this team is they don't have. Gaps in the bullpen. And what you need right now if you've got a chance if you'd meet your top guys top of the rotation guys to go deep dig. Is what I if it's an idea illegal in the post season. You you just want he and and David Price just unleashed. You know you wanna be able to sit there and say OK Chris you start game one price you start game two. Now it's two games to one game for somebody right you get to game ports due to want you got a chance to bury him. They got a chance to bury you can personnel come back out of the bullpen three days' rest because David Price would be on normal days rest can still pitch game five. OK so many be able to do that to save you all very that team or whatever it is no you've got price for game five. Would you go the other way around you know can eagle eagle priced into the safety within a game four are you confident. They Chris Hill after game two can come back and pitch game five the TV OK to do it. Great I don't again and again that's a name linkages suggest that you guys are hopefully gonna say you know what what can utilize them. Hope that we don't need to use and too much earlier post season hopefully we can win this thing in three or four games against the first race to round whoever it is but that ALCS. May you might need him on an off day on a bullpen data come on give it any of the bullpen or to receive every year. Every single stud comes out of the bullpen every east comes out of the bullpen for an inning sometimes to the post season at some point. And I I want at all if he can do that. Policy that that may be a luxury that you don't have all that I'd rather want Atlanta happy and that's my point that you know can you trust because core may need to make that decision for him. Because you know today I'm good I'm good pulled me ample and yet I can do it I can do it. Yet you still need is back for next year and hopefully the year after bad so you don't wanna Wear out Tommy John just because. You know you you couldn't you could get you could just seats ruling so to me. That may be issue. Moving forward as far as his durability and his stamina race they ever maybe it's good he's gonna be normal rats. But the stamina about looking into that pulpit saying you know what I can I get to four. One hit of course we'll do that here's here's the problem with trying to look at it for next season you're doing is that they they beat him. Okay they think everybody I'm sure but they'd really baby and they managed around it because they knew there was a track record. Of him at that on getting hired in August and September so they went all around him they gave him time off and here we are. With all this new management. Getting the exact same result that there's something wearing him down leaked some disease that is a concern here it was differently this year alone. Yeah and this is you know injury you know and we asked him before you know is this so that you pitched through and past is that why you struggle needs to eat he said no. Police say is it that that will be given myself an excuse don't do that. So do I still know the answer might accept that because he wanted to get right right right no the answer that no I don't. So maybe try to pitch early in the year maybe that wasn't the key needs its growth whenever I get three more starts let's do this I don't care season's over. Maybe it's not have fallen off and at the end of the year but it's not because of what's going on right now the system you know every year saying. You know even even in years past there's no pain there's no hurt just some plunges tired movies dude dude go to open. To a lot last year. Yeah. Yeah that's at them just. I'm just worried about the clock if this was three weeks earlier than I would sit there and say we're good. Right but it's it's a guy like look your GD Martina has beaten Neal avenue missed a week of gains since it was that three or four before. You know the gulf of what the playoffs start to be fine. Well you know you really really good groove and sometimes it's not that easy to step back on the amount. Find your mechanics feel good about everything you know as you go one inning 26 pitches. For ratings 5560 pitches you'll get back up to six and 8590. That's if everything goes and looks good well what if the mechanics it is a struggle for. You know what what if he's he's feeling tightness and I don't like that feeling when it comes to Chris Ellis near Boston Red Sox. Edged no visit no nobody what nobody should. Yet because though it you can sit there maybe you're willing to hope and you know and and wish for the best when it comes to bullpen that these guys like we figured out maybe. You know these starters go you know 67 innings and it is not that much does that and any issues in margin for air for those guys there's just dollars goes so far. And he was that guy so I totally agree with you on that point because you just don't know now you can't you you can't you can't you can't battled them. But at the same time three more starts building up your durability. It may just work out perfectly into this may work out I'm just saying it. I based on the rehabilitation process and you know Salmonella played wonder how what a difference one week you really. A week from now he can be immediately sold much different. I understand you know you just said when it comes to Chris Sale it may work out. Yes I not done enough I can't give this personal journalist Chris can't watermelon and a person I don't locking the main war now. That spears you. Could. Uncle again because if you look at all the may work out for Steven Wright may work out so Joseph Kelly eagle at the bit of Michael Vick be able to come back that may work out I was an expert but at Salem made. The political I think the fact that he was only god that you wouldn't date may work. Every other guy that was you don't want and the ball that you would say. The state hope there weren't. There is no team you hope that he played well you hope they figured out Kirsten. What worries me the most is you've got three weeks to do it and can't come back. Maybe McCain can backward and if you seven solid innings in a game. And we saw others against Houston on in the first game this weekend series David Price went up there gave my element out. Right and in the bullpen gave it all up and it came back in the bullpen gave up again. I don't want that in the nightstick Chris Sale pitches. You're pitching up against really good lineup proceed so he's getting stressed that began when his career you need him to go deep blue because you're opens dots. For me honestly like like six innings is deep. It is and that's why I was stressed the seventh today but give this six innings in the postseason this is less deep but more solid. In my worried he's not new to give you seven I'm all worried he's not gonna give me the six innings it looked like himself. That's that's what my concern is because the I don't care how good your stuff is I mean you know. You're missing location it's not agree with you get hit before and it's been awhile you know here but you appeared you eat you. Some against Houston last year. You know I mean good stuff down and and bought a home run out of that rainbow. Reza lineups and got a race I don't want to didn't have much depth that was just more left to right in the fast ball was located in the pop wasn't daily life and so it's that the guys are great pitcher but every great players still going to be a top his game to beat great. You know and that's what I want him to beat. I don't score will join us here about ten minutes would get to this. As well before we talk to score. I'm really impressed. And maybe maybe because of the problems right now with Chris Neil we are desperate what role of David Price objective is adequately. You know it it you know it he just became the best looking girl at the Bronx beat everybody wanted oh all right so yeah usually I. But just finally get to finally figure all of that stuff. I think deep down he's always gotten it but I think is a little bill comedy act you know in back and forth has gotten in the way. He many times he's talked about I know I have to weigh in October okay I know I have to win in October and he said it many many times it's literally. Just non starter. That's right now to the stone. So there's other fees mouth apparently and breakfast chemical called him a lot of airlines got a lot liquidate him to a a few different people. But he admits that is all of this. It means to him I inherited I don't know. And it. What Colin. Don't die. Of course. Of course give me any guy give me give me a quarterback pickles undefeated that there was no interception fifty touchdown and lose in the first round of the playoffs. What do we get basketball player that is the score MVP and get bounce in the first round up last. You're not don't you you'll never beat the greatest you'll never be with all the top guys in the lead because you didn't know when it mattered most none nobody cared about brotherly feuds that. Though it's Indy star whose great during the regular season. And falters every single year every John it's an opportunity he falters in the post season. That is a track record. And so he's had nothing he think this is my estimate is my track record and he's right. I think it's great to enlighten you get credit for stating the op nothing to stated wish you'd want to optimize the night he captain obvious we know that beaten everybody knows that it's. 870 Iowa what is with him it's that agreeable than those he and he talked to Chris Smith nationalize it and and Alex has got them with lemon drop zone with them and my first thought was okay I read these articles. And I'm not mad at him. That's a stock that's out there remained fixed on that just like all right guys I don't I read these articles I listen to the sound. And I'm not sitting on this recognized it doesn't repeat it that's. You know I mean Philip merely OK there you go accused the heart back and forth with Chris Chris Chris Smith rather Crowder questions. Why would I wanna leave ya wanna I wanna opt out we're waiting. Anything I think and have a better relationship with the median of secrecy that you do you think that the couple I think that he started it couple guys getting it and act like some guys are getting licked his act. What is comedy or how we approach is that it's almost like Bill Belichick was Tony you faced and you know England's like I'm not a deal with this guy. But David Price that does his own thing. So would aggravate the hell idea and it's always gonna aggravate me but at this point it seems like. He's he's in a better place so I don't know but he still got to go out with an October to the first time in awhile that I read quotes in three stories at least at this hour I was like a chance. Don't it's gonna nose down if they the fact I think only without the theme he does he would you know you're not Joseph. No Portman TO or night was this year with a last year he knows now this is different. But this is different techniques actually reaction. And it's only her followers thought about that perhaps. You get on your ideas from live about actually critically damaged quite measure on the think it's almost like the light bulb went off and he said oh my god this is what I needs this is now going to be well I'm. Well as we corporate side and that's what we've done what else would it does what else. Anything else would anything on now no regular seasons while Audrey it but a lot of it is thought the product for what that's what I that's different he he had. Differ like this spirit this is different what you're yelling at me right now and this August right now. You know right now it's all like yes. Not that I agree with you but there's. This is the eagle has one answer he has backed into a corner. And he knows this if anybody else in any of the sport any point time that is relatively the same what apathy the same thing you know what. I could defeat them do it and you made the playoffs obviously so everybody knows on the field in matters of the playoffs. I know that you and all that I mean come on we kidding here. You we're going away and here we are struggled guys that I do believe that eventually guy's gonna get over at home you know we've seen it before some guys that struggled a post season figure it out. With him. I don't work call too many guys go as long as he had. I mean he's now this is Walt here in the big leagues I believe elect at the tall bearded big leagues and he's gotten pain starts. And what's it all homer trash. The media had a couple starts and they were used that shift that you lost one game eight innings two runs lost 21 whatever one's right there was but honest is public three of them. In any other six got smacked and it's been a lot of them got most of them so it it this is like. This is a guy that's like five years in a great pitcher Cy Young candidate one of the best pitcher in the game and a struggle dispersed three or four starts in the post season. And 1112 year. Career I think even more important it. This guy and that's what we were talking about with Chris Sale use people to these guys to do you do have wanted to the other and you Needham going deep into games look to take that pressure off temple and outs of it YouTube account. Will will will take you off out score all join us coming up next right here knowing that from the development from like six once 77 79370. MF comedy live today from. She's trying to throw strikes us. First time back out there while sped up a little bit on the those kind of rational bit coming from got out of what went on some of the things that I need to do. The staff of the things. Noted Upton and obviously a lot of mumble a little bit more than a month to vote we'll we'll move on. At one point six pitches last night for us to us down the skipper. Courts for occupy your own church. On. Cumberland farms the official copy of the radio network. And thank. I thought I had nine yeah. Look at that Tenet and now I know we're all of them did tonight for the 100 Vick wears them right now yeah we're hearing that we don't do. Those nice nice low post right but when you clinch the division that's going to be the most wrong and that bit and for first you manage to. Yeah party well and oh yeah. So we told you about her sale one inning 26 pitches we thought it was gonna go to up to forty. More importantly he talked to feels it feels. Assignment weight room. He's okay is soreness. And so. Do you know that now meet when you wait and see the meat of open de couple these are now isn't really a test as opposed in the morning. Now I think he is going to be honest and obviously compare him. You know his situation compared to. When he went on DL and after Baltimore. He he feels it feels good. He's just a matter now obviously is now available on all that but. He'll play catch today probably and but I think the players he'll let you know right away. Because obviously he knows how important he is for us and these he was very honestly. See that's the thing that day and that's why I'm ready here's what you do you feel better. Because we all know how important unions. And and to me like a month ago he was not an unknown you know and now I feel like. It's kind of an unknown like hopefully may be goes full on Sunday that. Well more than that hopefully five his mechanics and hopefully he's Chris Sale that he was a month and a half ago so so Alex make me feel better. And we serenity and in the minor leagues that's the bottom line and he's competing with the best of them we and my brother. Is the one that reminds me he's able to heavily Tripoli it's not for its MLB you know you know on this level. Right away 32 count passed away double of the law and you have to pitch right away and he didn't pitch for so long that he's mechanics were he was excited actually lose inches. And you heard him he's his mechanics for a alive and that means that about him which is like wow that happens to the best of the best. He made some good pitches a passel was 96 IE seven's like it was OK and it was able to do about it that decision was mine actually you know like. I'm like for twelve pitches I really see him open and compete over there. Not put other guys in and talk us through tough decision you know it's a second and third and two outs and bring work for one out. And then the bullpen was going to be tough team to maneuver the whole game so. He went out there he was fine with it and now you know opened since Sunday but you know word about the timetable now we're hoping that three more starts left that he's going to be where he needs to be here will be wary in his. Yes it started Sunday you have a game plan of where he's doing him. Most likely three and hopefully four and then. The the debate started is the last game against Baltimore. That's the one that six or seven so we feel it is going to be of and if everything goes so goes the way we. We've been planning the whole time you know we would like him up for October 5. And there's a lot of you know in between his last start and that starts. And real jobs. We'll look now but we count on this guy and in October and and we feel I feel confident that he's gotten to yet it is I think most people don't understand the difference between rehabilitation. And it at a pro team baseball global whatever as opposed to just go to your local trainer. And working out three days a week maybe get a little muscles demo or 2000 like that cold to healing process. Is tripled with guys in the major leagues and so three weeks that's a long time the difference is going to be significant right. It's in we got time to mobs on its entry for him. I was listening today some like watching TV now and there are teams are witnessing situation you know flew over now these guns can once starred. When that is done he had gone and quote now my callers that rumble openings from Cleveland lute coming out our our hasn't pitch and allows. They admitted there were in the same way but I I do feel that. We have plans so if you to have that long layoff is you envisions elect him Monday see him being that the thing. Yeah. That's a lonely night game I don't think he'll pitch you know if everything goes right something they'll pitch in the last news here as the Yankees. So. Maturity as a progressive open either Sunday or Monday in America absolutely you should appreciate president. How did you know like yeah all of that whole lot that I exactly what I told him you. Welcome to minor oil monopoly and you. So you said that Chris failed mention the fact that gains that problem and I heard of him pretty frank and honest. At the end of the game last night say that the game was speeding up on it should take us through it. You've got Mitch Moreland on the on deck circle. I in as I think it was to first get men on first and there is that correct. The it was it was half way through madness and yet the left the we have Brandon Phillips. We amazed teammates goes up to two man Ayman beaches and he's not a match of that we we want them I don't wanna burn. Tolerated in this situation so we hear so with category I can get around we need to get brought in and the exit is. If they bring the lefty we got brand and he's a good match boroughs they leave the righty will be fine and so it's easy to get you get your armor on Mitch. Let's that conversation I'm explaining him why why we didn't sing in tune to match up. You know like he said that's the first it was on this program and I'll I hope this guy. Looks at me because if you looks to the to the batter's box I don't I don't call. Just I don't I don't wanna embarrass him in that spot so. You know all is a lot of those work out but you know. I thought for sure it was gonna bring them the lefty for Brock. Brought his it's a audience you know one thing for sure is in the wrong place. You know the home run made happen whatever by we knew he was gonna put it about things writing. And I hated thousands of dollars yeah its yes. In order to look at the situation did change ticked you off manner they're going to mix first and third one put the ball player who brought the committee run a little bit. Yeah I think it was more about. Im having left the yen. Us having the option program page and impressed in this seat unit did a couple times you know the early in the year I think those of defense replacement left to equity. They just registered that one up there. You and and we're talking about actually last night after that sounded a positive difference is its route from going to Alaska is it you're confident of where you war. You're confident of who you wore CNET afraid to make it that would make you make it a mistake because it and that's I think a lot of people enjoy that. I guess ethnically related Mozilla do too much and it's not that what is is. Like now in September he saluted different and odd news is going to be different and October because you have a lot of options. We go back to. Atlantic. It was like oh we got to this place that you're next keep going keep going keep going and that's gonna happen October but we have to make sure we prepare for those bonds. Cleveland I feel obviously the economy to play out that's a team that he would be ready for the situations with the through lefties in the bullpen you know who we gonna use. Which lefty we that would like against them lift the yen. Now in September that the meetings you know on events meetings aren't. Obviously awful because there's so many players and you don't know hobby match games. I'm going to let the that debuts in the whole season on the immediate is strictly lefties because they wanna see him you know it's tough September baseless. I mean if where dinosaurs. Yes so that was that was so living off I'm reading this the right way base and he just said David this is it because. Is looking at the bullpen and starters and you know what that post season roster is gonna look light again I'm seeing all these guys they got to pitch to get big play. Are you holding. Almost Leo double secret auditions with these guys tried seriously to you know just trying to figure out who we held a wide and you know really kind of it means are they fighting against each other force by a destructive I know maybe that's not coming in stone yet but it seems like a lot of guys or give them opportunities. Somebody standing out you more than others. Yeah what I wanted for sure. We have them have a lefties. Now like lefty lefty guys the whole season you know we went with a varieties but. You start thinking ahead and you like Cleveland they gatlin nor Ramirez and you have flippant to to the right side some of them and who can get those guys now you know and we trust varieties to get lefties out it's not like we don't trust them but. Is gonna get to a point that may be will carry a lefty for a for that situation and also when you see Bobby pointer against. Houston did. Now good fast opened his own good changeup. Throughout his career reverse splits a lot of veterans Fridays and lefties household and he gets right now to win out or whoever it was in on that's like oh you know that that's good. Yes it would bring him in because we wanna switch smoked to right side and he gets them out so. Now though those situations. We're trying to win games are now but obviously I'm thinking ahead and now life here so there's a yankees and then in the Indians who who can fit. In this role in the sixth inning and or the seventh inning because we know we get Kimbrough we know Barnes is gonna be back he's going to be healthy we know what Frazier Ken Duke by. You know the other guys that Joseph Kelly's on the ball better how we gonna make some match with him was if we don't bring a lefty was going to be that guy so yeah. So it is kind of like a still the competition not just coasting into the post it's still you're still compete with these guys are still fighting that you'll recall situations I think it happened the other night you tell me because price comes out its first and second in obstinacy amid all year long has gone Henry. In the city go to ranger was that just hey let's would I know I got him wreaking on the situation I wanna see you can. Yes and and it was more with whites. Henry has been amazing against lefties you know he can pose a slider down and in fastball in the zone. And then we'd lie would like I felt like velocity was now it was usually the real I felt like velocity was gonna bother him now open and then. It was officially name he was looking forward to put the barrel on an aid to double by. We tried to figure out a few things out because as he now you know the playoffs are unpredictable in its not like in the regular season where you go. Six N news is the seventh PG AQ nine go ahead and win the game you know we have we have to find. Who can come and familiar game who slow who can slow down the running game who throw strikes who expands a zone but he's a fast of the break him all eyes. Is interest in because now we're in a position that. We gonna keep trying to win games where we find announced that. Throughout this season it was immediate because you know it was very simple but now you know you you got to put yourself in the worst case scenario. Hi unit come out of and that's what we're trying to do. So along the lines of those auditions. Stephen Wright looks like he's part of that next four knuckleball pitcher gives you much different look than what you've got in the pan. What are the pluses and worse some of the things that concern you about using a guy like that different look for the other team but it definitely clear catchers will the middle game. And I think that's a key you know lights and the tradition and glee they're great and the playing with them is not a situation like just part here man Powell. 050 yeah remember and even this addition we Jason and and done united news it felt like Doug had to catch wait the whole time. And without our catchers. Is the other way around it really matter I mean I'm amazed with the way they cast ball in other framing pitches thrown people out there blocking it that they gonna miss one. Of course you know because that means that you know that knuckleballer is working its its word. But with Steve and he's close on the running game. Obviously it's a different look and you can feel his decision so I think the next step will be probably second and third two outs in the seventh inning bringing him in NC articles. So you use of all the comes out of that last night nice go back in the rotation next week and Tuesday. Who you know I don't know where you're at with him as far as I am looking guy I mean come out of that bullpen how long how many appearances do you think you to tears that may be. He would need to get comfortable to find out if he can do that really talk about a additions is that something you wanna see if you can get comfortable doing it get into routine in and how long would that have to be. That financially and it was the first woman wallet as much and hundred place in the first and then in the fifth and then parred the eighth and you know we'll talk up we'll talk to him today to see how he's how he feels physically. Obviously you'll start on Tuesday and in New York. But we we have options now on I think all the panes where we go right now the only thing we have is a 163 game. Monday night game right now but obviously. If we keep playing good baseball on. We can take of the position and we'll sit down. Is it open and with the Yankees and Houston way it is how we match up and and we'll make those decisions those in the season but. We've still console with him in line and you've that you could have Barnes what's the latest on him as he Giuliani's aides are playing catch on the off day plates that's play catch it yesterday. Com haven't seen today but he's feeling better so hopefully you know he still progress and progress and then you know he. And hopefully able Panthers in the week or early next week and we'll go from them that we got planned time with him actually. Forehand and you side we we we use them alive the last month. And I don't know if food you ship or the users that he kind of struggle with command a little bit to stuff we'll see their but the command wasn't there. But I think he's going to be France timings in effect. I don't put the threatening in the dugout last night Saudi Pedroia. So a prank right. What we're a rat what do you say that they did it work its way to block its like there's a hundred I have a Pedroia said that he was Latin hat at junior. There's a big rat somewhere there probably Leno he's got a I'd like PSU Suzanne malveaux Atlanta right around that June rapids ride in Spanish the sub the bigger ones so. All right so. I got to show you something I don't be nervous retired but I need you to let me note this is acceptable and yeah. Where this goes. Here's my gloves is going to be here's my glove is going to be that are watching a logical and of that awful good it's an insult the. I was just talking to Kaplan commitment and now mine we we have to make this happen and he's a three game series of asthma and the Yankees. Updates alone plug game there's a lot of stuff going on. Saturday let's make you better hold on for just the second and what did you find at a bikers and it's a lazy little bit. The work week. And I drove right if I don't let go Wednesday or someone now we want to and it happens we want to thank them that's the big four he's. Is that the right handed power is that a crappy go to war has of people like fifteen years to get used to play. Really wants to know if you can work them a little bit maybe in some balls and maybe we're gonna it's. Then I want to let her forehand if there was a little thing he would that's a good yeah the fun. We'll look back we'll get to do what you're gonna open I know that horse all yeah let's let's. Things. Let's. So yeah that that Wednesday against Baltimore we can work on it and then. Friday against the Yankees you'll see yeah there is a good thing to anyone at all as on the negative. That's always gonna get right. OK so the last game against Baltimore you'll work with a and then Friday to word of them are. I thought a couple of mark's question of the week for Alec scored questions submitted by mark trembling at Cumberland Rhode Island. As the regular season winds down their particular game or play that stands out as the most memorable for you. This disease. That game and in Atlanta. We use. Almost every player every position players have sandy and JDD. Brandon we we call him up on Monday lean back lean out and make rental. He's a home he families there. And down seven to one Benson won and everybody waited decades and yeah well Pakistan. Has it. The faded out of grade. The the resemblance. So and it's you know. And at home on those those fund reaction though if the whole end game. Alan and you give moved in it at the DB OEU and a bogey. And start looking and it grew and that's you know like a well and let's go let's win this game we post on. That's the Cumberland farm. Our question of the week it's for occupy Cumberland farms farm house when iced coffee great stuff go to WEEI dot com slash manager submit your question. Two for us to ask it to oust outscored every Wednesday. Good luck with a hundred tonight more importantly. Good luck in getting that division probable tucked in excellent. Thank you thank you Alex core right here on all and a. Pitchers out there they'll face are or what made you switch to. The robbery talent being spent up on me enough points. Anderson game sped up and another word. I guess you can get away with it because everything turned out great but we think Jethro would have. But I fail we we just no abducted. That and he ended rocketed that a commitment that the ball. All bets skills and technical skills I don't know if often. In the in you know mentioned just. Well Colin mix up by any means that's what prepared we're ready to go we we we work with we undersea who have worked so hard my life I swear to that action be fired. You have information available via it's like it it's it's a seller list it says. It's up to secure the guy is in and I love our news of him because as it is like a normal conversation. And and we're talking record just updated bodies that you know. Even if he even if things go bad right even if but he at some point and the team starts losing. I don't think it'll be because he's making bad decisions or is not he's not like he's John apparently it up. Right is personality. It'll be a personnel issue elements or people probably don't either way if you look at alone investments right now. The odds of the red such screw up in the postseason the one most likely to be blame will be Dombrowski that it's possible they don't. Yes to him if you heard him he's in September 12 in the air conditioning for position and hope there. Absolutely all our you know in this is you get to the position player groups would mean that they'll throw down every single game scenario while there. Down two to one in the seventh and we have the seven hole hitter up what are we wanna do. Well it won't we used in the it would look back and say OK well there. We'd wanna use this guy so we gonna have to put him on the roster you know in the southern and determine a roster by game situation that's what they're doing right now counselor talked about the in the edit it said more of a match Hudson's decision made you Frazier Henry Henry's a guy get ready for. He's got to come in with two outs and a guy on base he's Erica and and it begins at the knock it's been good corps what you don't have recycling actually memories don't play that real well with guys in scoring position. So we strategist. Use these guys Rangers a key role right Barnes is a key role and if they'd all there failures of the make these decisions. People criticize Alex the really look at and say you know Dave Dombrowski the last two years went on try to improve your open this year you didn't. While the other problem Dombrowski as is he sad history of that he's done a very good jobs and terrific gentlemen editor over the years but if you would have picked. His Achilles heel over the years as the GO what is. Look at each write a Detroit team was great and they currently indicated at the open Egbert starting pitching hitting and everything but acceptable. It would go back to those comments by Alex and being able to admit that it is a confidence thing like John was trying to convince these GM not to fire him last year. And basically because of that even if it was just a clear mistake he would never just admit it. You know in the Fella he couldn't because then you would give gave the opportunity to see the keystone uplifted right instruments that most of that and baseball there there's very well considering that the arm. Right so. He was. I always thought like wood Johnson and talk to the media the press conference who's trying to convince Dave Dombrowski not to fire that's so awesome. Well one of the most well prepared teams in the game a division team never give up there. That would you know extra inning record was that type of our team never quits and as we feel. We work hard that we care so it's like please don't fire me this guy's sitting elect us and I know on good counsel to screw up and in the he saw that early you when he hired every single coaching hire and the staff. He came out so delusional wanna hire coaches that want them to be big league managers. You first year managers and a tough time with Ron Britton who managed in the big leagues before that and he wants his job he does appear that we have also mistakes this team is also a. Patricia is thinking today I hit Harold and get them landed by the team is good Hillary and he knows and so at least five star athlete thundered in the hall producing region of the great first season he should feel confident in themselves everything and nobody's gonna know he's gonna. Point panel at this point in the store up to this point that everything is worked out of the missed maybe this'll Chris Sale thing and we'll see what's going on there. But you're used to straight to you thought the year remembered April given all these guys days off. And since gonna payoff at the end of the year than now it's got such a big lead he's giving guys two days off right Nixon with the off days so. He's able to give guys no off days rest them and still maintain a nine game lead DA at least. You know so it's it's you Paula started after seven pitches early in a year Ernie doing different things with it but his team is so damn good that cushion is so nice he's an excellent way to play with. Actually take out of that was the interview without court is that he feels good with personnel be spent time with sale here before he came down out here it's an appeal to do the interview with us and he said he lately until it anything like my glove and off that was kind of I say that is often file problem here with that. They didn't get on here that you can't use them well. All well and admitted he's new he's ballclub Mississippi's. That's a soft well. Connect you'll begin to baseball the thing you know better shot especially with that right yeah ballot if it was a big event if a bigger a bigger net you can have a better use yet. These. Are not try to but. OK so this but he he seemed genuine when he was talking about he feels good it a guitar and a person. Again when decreased sales start not feeling good after Baltimore was at the next day and I'm pretty sure when the media asked him. I don't think the next days and yet he doesn't feel good feel tight under the assiduously up those three days later right it was again if his good the next day OK we'll put abolish it. Lugo throw bullpen. Does it feel to OpenId handy feeling pulling back there in your shoulder soreness and tightness. So bullpen day. In a couple of days that is going to be the real test after that remember you. He bailed out a day before that Baltimore start of the next stock rather its New York yeah we shots morning we Russia so it took three days same thing here. Boy it's an awful lot in three weeks to where. It really it it is a novel isn't it is it attacked my dirtier what you do if you don't believe you personally I'll go I mean. I I feel it's gonna work its due to the time will be perfect. Based on the amount starts that he hasn't how to read these you have left before and that could run of the season and then there's a little break there too so it's more astronaut and you think what is. Last thought that was the other thing is last I right now schedules that Baltimore series that August September 25 or sixth. In the first playoff games in the August October 5 that's gonna be the jailed yes. So you're talking about nine days that's no semen you and eat your lap starts on Wednesday whatever it is yet next that's going to be on Friday whenever you know so all week is going to be a probably like little. Simulating game just to see some meters for about three innings on Monday or some like that. But yet at this allowed be another kind of opportunity as another test not to rip up innings pitches that's for sure but just get into the field try to battle anemic. I feel a little bit better the next time out what he said Sunday. It's force solid innings and he seems to have more. Command of what he's doing what spreads a feel a little bit better let's go to the phone calls and we'll get into some football the interest you see we have from treatment. Ramsey today down in Jacksonville when we're gonna hear from gras coming up in an RL so Doug Marron smoke will get to all of that get into some football. Let's go to let David first in Connecticut native. We've got to go out. A I think particularly given Leo open too much slack. Mean I don't think they're as bad as they are I think they've been way Hillary is because of rotation is horrible. I mean BO Chris Sale who gives you six innings. Well wait a minute hold hold hold on David Price I don't think it. Let the rotation. The rotation until Siegel went out. And and they pulled them. They had sale going deepened against price was going deep into games yet know you rod for awhile but when he was there he is going five and two thirds and yet for silo. I don't think the starting rotation was a problem. While we're so all of them Varitek new academy in five innings five and a third. If you're lucky. And now we have one good they give one good start once you start let's looted lately. Second happened here but we're winning the first that is not consistent. LB so comrades can't stay healthy so everyone's trying to get a cover all these buildings are these guys can't get through I think it was. And would you say they're they're much different than most teams out there are good teams with starting rotation and number of innings. I think it's very normal. I'd have to look around at the numbers but I think I'd hazard a guess most. Teams that are in contention has released tears started like this certainly get your six innings. Well he's released and the Indians beat a Boston via the Indians the Astros are a clear warning to when it comes in pitched. For starters but the Aiken the Red Sox appeared at fifth. You know they're part of the Yankees on their front of the athletics. So many Indians Astros merit as White Sox actually morning's pitched. Tony there at the I don't think lately you could have that argument listen lately we went through Velasquez and Brian Johnson Leo all these pitching in the week or so was. Yeah I mean hell the last two or three weeks. You knew it was David Price and he even missed the start as well yet and actress sales for the last three weeks there have been grinding. There's no question about it but has helped the last two as he gets in September call. Lou the problem is the eighth inning. They really have not had when they have had an eighth inning guy would Joseph Kelly was the eighth inning guy earlier in the season. The bullpen was fine yes. Okay because they had got lights up to my bad guys if you run at a short outing they can go out there give you a couple of innings the eight inning has been the ability. Any other thing is is you you say woes is that one or two guys who knew of Chris Sale throwing. On a night you know you got a bullpen rest. And now you can use your bullpen in the next day Healy editor David Price its go in seven innings and you know you know you know little rest. So it might grind it out meant certain starters but. David have a nice run there that rotation for awhile but so what happens anything over the weekend and when you get a good hitting team and aggressive anything. That's where there really pound what there's there's no doubt I'm watching right now and he still doesn't know. Alex still doesn't know because you are you seeing Brian Johnson coming in big spots left the left and it is it's an audition. I don't think he's gonna be used in Brian Johnson you know index of the situation but who knows Frazier comes that would men on base decision any Stephen right now with men on base. So right now he is trying to find out who can handle search certain situations. But it's a very small sample and don't integration gives up two runs so now he can't bring in there with guys on so you gotta bounce all those. Yeah and then you're gonna make those decisions like it's something are you gonna see something in the next 23 weeks that that says I hop up and that's wells looking for desolate here. You're your search that you may body may not if you don't see if you don't file which are looking for that. That little Google leaves somebody I that kind of let you know look he's a competitor he's a fighter he's gonna give you everything you eat he had they go back to your default setting which is Joseph Kelly. Well the problem that I have as I've already seen everybody. So now the next few weeks or thing I wanna see is I wanna see Steven Wright and Nathan evolved. That's the two guys that wanna CO ST right continually. You guys out of the bullpen or to meet some of the guys on base you know that is in wants to make an evolving for two an instructor you wanna see it winning strategy and black your bridge. Alas that was a good sign into that you know he started to Wear down and that in the third for the inning of his work but first couple of innings he looked really good. Somebody's got to get hot in what happened here a month ago. Is of all people Ryan Frazier got hot 31 year old guy who would add nine innings in the plagues before that he's suddenly became an important part of the bullpen. Now over the last week week and a half. Start to see that maybe he may not be the answer. And you've got by the answer there was one of these guys I think it all comes down in the eight. They can't find anybody that's why Joseph Kelly. Is still a key to that bullpen if he can do it. I've got to depend on Kimbrel right you've got it. Don't want him being eased if you've given now well. Who's legitimate I have to go without an energy falters he falters. But there's no question we'll put somebody else and I gambles that guy in the that a lot of questions about who you put the age right now ideally you'd like to put Joseph Kelly. But. Are you ready but John Kelly I think Joan Kelly is kind of like it. You just. Playing with fire with you made you may he may surprise obviously on the night she left the there's really no middle ground. If you are getting completely annihilated or he's doing great if I'm looking there's always looking down these other teams that don't have about phones so that that's the problem. They they have already on September 12 they already have lined up every role for that bullpen. They know everybody in what you're going to do when their pulpit this team does not mean a manager admitted that he. There's still auditioning guys to figure out exactly what they did it's funny we talk about Steven Wright. It's an interesting point he brings up he trust. His three catchers with the knuckleball pitcher it gets so bad here with Wakefield. The the Red Sox had to make an extreme trade to get Doug Mirabelli back here. Then you may remember letting it fly him and they had to rush over to state police car whatever they need him for that. Did you guys that can handle it. In nearly you can justify eulogies doing was last week he Joseph Kelly spike curve ball at their that a backstop. In goal or or all these acts right now at arsenal of fastball up to the backstop worker bullet there. So yeah these pitchers do pretty good job with it. I still think that he's like that bridge presented in the post season you need a fifth sixth seventh inning guy maybe maybe if it you know but a sixth inning maybe seventh inning guy that can evolve begin in and I. I really do believe that after all this talk about the opening concerns. You know and Nicky Thomas embryo there's great and I'm not so sure I think those other two guys might have a big role that some of the most. Well that's what you gonna end up doing you can kind of put starters out here in the bullpen and the cash author Joyce. I mean everybody else's character people they made deals at the trading deadline they went and got those guys and and you did. And so you have no other choice but to do that. And that's what it's all gonna come down to it and it's all going to be. On Dave Dombrowski. But six point 777737. Big game coming up on Sunday Christian for some reason he's watching more and more. On the Jacksonville Jaguars an eagle of the patriots I think he's got to put it there right now it is game on Sunday we'll get to a.