OMF - Can the Red Sox win in the postseason if Chris Sale isn’t ready? 9-12-18

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Wednesday, September 12th
Hour #4 - The Sox are trying to ramp Chris Sale up from two to seven innings in about three weeks, in time for the post-season… will that be enough time?   And can they win in the playoffs if he isn’t ready? Plus it sure seems like Aaron Rodgers won’t be missing any time based on his media appearances today. And week one in the NFL really taught us nothing.

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These afternoons with Joanna Smith was out there they got fixer or what may switch to the front or is count on being spent on the mean everybody's waiting looking into the Red Sox dugout light one up today Tuesday decision to bring back morning. He had buried. I don't quite know why he saw something that maybe only he software. Raw hole. The Swiss army knife that's. Call back no fouls they're gonna drive them right. I've told you the chain and I'll label doesn't mean it would definitely now I guess this. Well over that one up. Sports Radio WEEI. 6777. 7937. With a lot of patriots during the course of the afternoon against Jacksonville again average work. Not a good sign concussion. One before it does not practice down in Jacksonville. And so there's a question of whether there starting running back is going to play in this game and we've talked a lot of Red Sox as well. I don't how anybody can feel good about what they saw last night with personal I think it was all bad. But you end up going into the game last night thinking you gonna get two innings and forty pitches. He does not look comfortable out there admits when the game is over he wasn't comfortable he was stressing he was deliberate. He was. You know so slow out there where you see this guy just moves to gain or lose. You know anti and no collar 26 pitches when he runs a portable but those some work in in in the bullpen and we had three weeks. In which you need to implement if you get seven innings Larry. Yeah you are really Doug just right now. I'm Larry because. Never avoided it wasn't because of injury to throw the bullpen and 26 stressful you know pitches leadoff double he's out there grinding you know you admitted it mechanics were off. And command was off he wasn't right so he's rusty again it okay great it'll find you mechanics. I would you got Sunday you know now legal or four innings hopefully five if everything goes real smooth the most likely for NC sixty pitches. Nominee gonna find you mechanics there. The you'd get all back in any and have two more starts after that before the season's over. The problem that I have is that a month and a half ago he was not a concern. There was not a wary about Chris Sale. You know there was not a we'll see when it came to Chris Sale lake it is with the eighth inning like it is with your clothes or emotional ball a lot better now. Lake it is that your number two and David Price come October but it was with a vault the and friends and he brought it everybody else. This guy you never worried about you workings. And about it now. Now I am yet he's he's he's now now but now is he's no longer a given yeah. You know I I I get that I did because you know every everything everybody else from the bullpen is a given you were a word about that you know. Yet everybody else to your rotation from Marcelo to David Price I did it he's one guy you can hang your hat out even with. A Kimbrough he he turned in of those guys you weren't 100% certain was gonna give you is best spiked. Three weeks. Got three weeks of did not turn this thing around but to build up a stamina built up some more confidence. You know work some things out by the time the first game of the playoffs start. He would add so much time. And from from from the start. We're point six pitches to what does that start Sunday and Leslie okay what do you you'll think he's gonna have his command like into this is not an injury thing I don't know I'm not. I'm sure it's gonna go five innings and let someone has the need to so you just senate though in what concerns me the most is because you don't have a deep bullpen. The only one who can really rely on right now is Craig Kimbrel an excellent night that he we know working years. You'll meet again at seven innings out of him as a starter here and appliance against really good hitting lineups. I'm sure he's gonna be Capel capable of doing that three weeks so maybe you get to the point where you give you five and a third five and two thirds we start Friday night against Houston. David Price if you're really good Audi six and two thirds got a little bit of trouble in that seventh that it had Paloma what happened it would to the bullpen ball in the game blew up on. That's the problem. It it's can you get him back in three weeks from now from playoff yes but how many engine gonna get them for what I I well securities. I worry more about the effectiveness that's all the bottom line is that he's now an unknown. That should concern you it was a Cy Young candidate three weeks ago as a Cy Young winner at 32 weeks ago before the before he went on the DL announced Kenosha and any method of Baltimore start you know I know that was only 1011 days whenever laws and this was a month so you expect him to be rusty. But you gotta wonder like okay continued dial this now. And does come October I want to Chris yeah we get from two months ago. I don't want the guy that's out there that that mechanics are off a little bit here and there the fastball location they rioted depth and a slide is not right because you don't bend three starts. In no Forestar real early only two with three really Koppel probably real ones before it goes in October. He's that important to this team that he's now it is an unknown category of we don't know. What they held to expect from him in and that wasn't the case he was the one guy you did know about. Well I guess I guess. You your correct right so they're cutting it close because the timing if this was audience and yeah okay everybody go but I I think the time will work out perfect. And he gets on the starts and he gets two more after that. There's a quick little break after what the last game of the regular season before that first playoff game. By that point in time. He should be wrapped up 200 pitches to get to six or maybe seven innings. At that point time and good luck trying to restrain him good luck trying to keep him from you know you know convincing core but he could still go out there where you. What is it about you wanna be able to do that Kirsten excuse me you wanna be able to have the flexibility because you may have to use him. In between those five days and I'm not sure you're gonna get to that war. That's what other teams that are healthy are going to have the flexibility is there. Chaos in the post that he's on his fifth forever and Alex said he felt good here today but. You know it wasn't until that bullpen day with a shot down last. So you can feel good walking in there because your shoulder wasn't throbbing as you went to bed that's good news. You wake up this morning in your shoulder wasn't throbbing so located where we're on the right page were moving forward. But what happened we picks the ball up whenever he goes out of his bullpen owner right field and he poses little whatever forty pitch bullpen whenever might be any airs it out how does he feel then. Does that feel right positive that next day you ready to go on Sunday. It's just it's now a different category Clint Dempsey right. Can playoffs to be chaotic. You know you're in that first round game for me it's still goes game one. Price goes game to. Now there because the rest in game two start acting goal in game five so price can start game five you need what I wanna know always the Eagles game one and you're up to the one you're down two to one you got a chance to stick it to a team that ended horse of try to survive this year. As you and you're down two games to one. Can sale now satirical in the bullpen there in game four give me two with three innings no you pursue the price for game five can he do that. Because as you go on the post season their case is all over baseball that promote giving needing a Q out of the bullpen between starts. So why have him unleashed do I have him healthy and intuit and sharp. Or do I have to be here. I don't think you can jealous that I think you gotta be careful and penalty could jeopardize it. And and the other one is it if you have a thick bullpen if you open was really good. You could look at data like what Houston has that they have tons of depth. You can look at it and say you don't want where good it won't get five and two thirds out of out of him. And we're we're directors we'll just we'll go to the sixth well will pick it up with him and him and him whatever. That. You don't have that so if you can't go deep enough into games now you're depending on all of those guys in the bullpen but you Christian. I don't feel comfortable with a look at. Well I think the other things that you need to realize that the court decision and there's gonna be a lot of honesty with sales honestly. Telling core exactly how we feel because I think he's least he's fail be an act though he says it was you really like because he's honest I can easily see him. You know just fighting through something even though it's not. Best for him. Because this is that you do wanna be you know on your roster and be effective what you gonna you know in the next 23 years right when you see him out there when you elect to deal right you're gonna say if he's not effective the recipients say something's wrong in my life but I didn't like about him when he legal commodities is on good you're going. And I'd go yeah but he can also be good and still be in pain that ability because the you don't have and it. He's so good your eyes tell you. I mean it's death in Baltimore is good he's been good all year long that's the guy you know not the only saw last night in the course yet knock off some rust and get it. Nom how quickly do it. Let's I want how quickly do it edit this is the end of August true one rating index gonna go to go down next inning go three now we're in early September no big deal. But he got three starts left. You know and and it's just it seems like he's gonna have. This next one's gonna be abbreviated you know that is going to be four and hopefully five so then in that two starts left. Okay glow there'd be the guy you were two months ago because that's what we need in the post season to lead this staff. So again the biggest concern he's now an unknown. You know and I'm not a 100% sure war of of with a pre sales gonna be healthy or dominant as he's been all year long. You guys expect to see last night did you expect as the ladies on the last time he came back to own a hundred thrown just cranking it out I thought it would be a thought the best case scenario was. What the court told us going into two innings. Forty pitches you talked about it yesterday what happens if he goes in only its 1215 pitches and whatever we struggle in that first inning with 26. I thought he would look a lot. Slick slicker than only is that some of the control he was good while he hit a batter but give it a double I mean but he hardly looked like he was out of sync it he slowed that thing down. Normally heat goes out pitch is a very quick game if you went seven innings last night that was going to be for our. That's not yeah. Those unfortunately it's kind of you know personal coal plants that make me nervous the start do you know at the the math wouldn't count. Right but yeah I want him to make me feel better like he did Baltimore and I know he was off remarked that he should have expected but I was hoping that he would glow there. And you still looked sharper Q winnings and and then after the game if that dates you know it was thirty pitches two innings. He went in the bullpen who tend to get to a forty if you want to get him up again pertaining but he'd looked sharp in okay move for let's go respond. Last night. And if you have to. Didn't even bother me as a pitch outside the strike zone and it didn't really bother me it was just the way he worked he just didn't look. It looks like a guy that did you know what it looked like it got had been off for that so I guess to me. There that's what I expected at certain interest so key ramp up to answer your question can he whip up in a matter of three weeks. To the point where maybe he can give you three or four innings. But I don't think that's good enough based on the the the weakness of the sport that. I think he needs to be if he's your race. He needs to be a seven inning guy in the post and I think by the at seven innings against these good lineups when you're done but the Yankees it and about Houston and an opening at Cleveland that's that's off. Quoted an ending you know coming out of bullpen after a star denied any point time during the series and that's this may be a luxury you won't have maybe the first series. You the second series you do have that so your quarries in this list is get out of this series let's do the best we can and by that point time. His stamina is built up a little bit more his rehabilitation has Brit basically finished. And he's just who he always is well I'd I'd like your optimism and I hope you're right I am very Jack have optimism for the rats awesome for that but not for the patriots though. Eleven at five. 115115. Did you have them winning against another pilot wanted to basically this will be good. I sex once jumped 779. 7937. That's our phone number always about Belichick horrible jobs and a little bit. And usually when we're talking about this yesterday in the the glorification. Of Alan Rogers not that he's done a great quarterback he's a great quarterback. You could argue that you know physically whatever all the tools he's that's the the business. But it was made about come from behind victory against the players look at the Chicago pay if they were down one. It gives back in the hero and he's here are a lot of fun because it's courageous heroic and liquidity he was able to this. All that it's just like he's gonna play this game of some of you know once. Because of don't bring you were hurt and you weren't playing. Do you think you'd be out doing like national interviews shows. And local shows and stuff like that are Rodgers is that I hate gay weekly gates that he's don't all of this step always doing some stuff it's just. Once that you know once a year type of stuff you and that Israel because number he never misses. Lester also tonight. We saw what if you don't like it eight far I can do it either bill back in towards you know dollars if I was Eric he's got to explain tennis brain and the host. Field when he what's the big deal or people but it was can't. It's hard water people off from the Clark who's lazy at Milwaukee believes it V locked on his own power. It might not have been such a big deal but he won for the call everybody voting is done for the season and everybody the announcers brought it on all this to be the end the and so that come from behind victory against the bears became much bigger than Alex even though Brady. Brought his team back from 283 deficit the Super Bowl against these Super Bowl. Team here at air products were chosen ones. But nobody of if you saw if they showed the gash Tom Brady had that hand pregame. And it went out and did it have been a bigger deal. But there are some people that believe it was it was a lie yes there was just a little strap yeah outside of his hand it's no big deal so. What do you give back regularly go to hell has until Tom vs time you saw that gash. You know what if you they showed that pregame they went on did that Jackson looked into the game you got a lot more credit to. So lawful if Aaron Rodgers goes out and plays well in Sunday's game against the Minnesota Vikings. It kind of takes away a little bit from this past week's game it was the Chicago Bears a shock. Model or really doesn't hurt that bad clubs are wasn't hurt as bad all the odds. They just overreacted. Overly cautious with their star quarterback politically it would it would who we have hobble committed to it and you know the whatever than the locker room. Most legitimate hard drive Mulder let's go we don't know what deal with their chamber exactly and they get out there they'll like that's occasional sprinkle you up. We don't look on your face we thought you were done. Do you think oh is it that they don't think that they talked about that they were talking about the look at his face on the clock and drag rise despair always got this concept that look like it. Now done for you did you look at Danica options aren't. Happening now is going to be devastated hole you'll be traveling. Apple admit it was a terrific comeback albeit against that real good team and a team that. All look like they were dog tired in the second half certainly political Mack was. Because it's conditioning you still lives there visit a relief in seeing we'd love like the first three or four weeks of the season because. Yet a bunch of old one teams going at each other water OT is a one of the teams and we got lucky and it's. This season defines itself so so much more quickly in the NFL obviously than baseball Khatami won yeah I know but it it's finally in four weeks. In a matter for weeks Europe locker room could sit there were done were going off he's likely fit. Don't even care milieu don't have a chance because I don't he does explain the after starting the season all four are out in and out properties if you start all went to the lions have done it after week one. The only team China the B team that starts here three and three now. And with that yes right in on the it's gonna be judged on August 5 and that. That old first are just that their retirement Dez Bryant all the teams we just basically take doctor listen I'd come back. I never want to and we were I was 82 or some like 82 in Seattle. And we had obviously six games left we want one more game. One game and sneaked into the plaza one AFC west because Kansas City beat. Aria Oakland beat Kansas City some fluke crazy play and we made the playoffs. It was crazy so these teams that are on one obviously Jacksonville wanna know but a bunch of the teams yet New Orleans Cisco San Cisco plane. The Detroit. A new wall and they really that bad. It did Tampa just get unbelievably lucky in Bryant it's practically. To add the hand of god on him watching him the entire time I just did not buying the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in any way shape or form. That Ryan Patrick and actually continue that watch feature a compact went against San Francisco and it does carry Matt Patricia off the off I had visions they got you're comfortable there holders they aren't they actually go about it is he's not. Great at that podium that pre games she's not great I can imagine what it is plus he's like look he should have a a deeper voice would you would you say it's just look at some confusing it is. It can use I. I just hope they hope that doesn't get real oddly. You know meaning all ready it is not just in a community just quit. You know like it doesn't the first quarters ago well in the team just quits on pretty quick because that would do nothing to give away. You give it was a week my form once let's play down already owned one you don't leave your coach don't leaguer going anywhere. So the second game is so important put all your energy and then he start went to India knowing that you dislike or you've got to be Kennedy with your readers we have no room for error and will play in the pages your government before we get to Alex core of people I missed literally on. Pardoning interactions Estandia question there. Can the Red Sox win it all without seeing why they wasted time the after the victory brought. It doesn't. Touch it again. Now the gradual exit without really talking about players not on the roster. Or you talking about eight David Price roll like last year out of the bullpen so it just depends and but no he's not an irrationally no way to know if he's if he's out of the bullpen again they came when he's got to come back and beat the guy. That he was here a few weeks ago we'll talk about it coming up next without score.