OMF - Can the Sox rely on David Price as their playoff ace?

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Thursday, September 13th
Hour #4 - The OMF boys reset the Sox discussion with thoughts on David Price... he's saying the right things, but his track record in the playoffs still has many people worried about his ability to carry the team in October.  Plus Jalen Ramsey is still talking.

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It's it's always here's my gloves. What he's really listen notes to work them a little business news and curveball and I think he's an idiot that I want to let her forehead he's it was a fun little thing he would that is good for you have the attention span birth three and a half hour baseball news I saw here swimming and pulled Samoa don't someone's ID start doing their hot bird house is pretty physical bird house note with the gland when Christian or that jail and kind of put at target on you guys all that I speaking out I saw you college -- apologized on and on Twitter don't apologize date analysis and data travels pretty phenomenal. Apologize for you know what I've. I haven't really been my teammate believe it. More. Doesn't doesn't that just took trips were tortured and haven't you can we stop this is unbelievable trick question tigers six. On Sports Radio WEEI. My final hour of all I'm after today and dad Dave. Runs the story once again last night we look good. And then you look at all of you look at what are you look real good excellent Andy and I know you guys probably don't wanna hear you probably don't want to admit it. Eagle eye and I know you really don't wanna say it out like that one but David Price is the hero. That the Red Sox need. David Price will be the savior of this post season it will be nice and I know I know it's it's like you you have to whisper is named as people get yell at you because everybody hates him usability they don't add a guy anymore. He tells stupid jokes that's passe they donate him anymore I think there are some people. That probably not big fans because in some evidence to deal with some of the stuff he says but if you're Red Sox fan. We got to look at David Price down say he's your best chances of winning in a post season. And having heat well let's start the post season. I got that ultimately will probably all of us and let's seal its sales not a 100% healthy I would think you might be right. But I don't see how anybody even as good as these men can have confidence in David Price and both these little I want you so I was. This is the thing that right now it was look at the best he's looked since he's been a member of the Boston Red Sox give it to you nobody will argue that so because of that you say this looks different. He's so good it's gonna translate into the postseason. To me that's a mistake. Okay because I still don't know what the hell's gonna happen to post season. He's got a low mental thing going on there at the start and a lot riding on it this lot of pressure it is no doubt he's the best he's ever looked. But this is he's always been a good pitcher so visited there once looked so good the last month or two that is definitely gonna translate and that's why I believed it for a while Null. Now he's been a great pitcher his whole career he's hit some amazing runs at the end of the year in particular 2015. When they tradable what do Toronto. Anyway ten starts in a row we were 81 with a 195 ERA. Those last part of your game of for like five and Arnold was just an innings they want but he had a stretch there when they clinched a playoff spot. Please nine in one within 195. And he says he go to David. Are we got game one we got to start that we got all figured out east on so well it's good excuse excise all those demons and pass the ball post season starts and even Eddie was deal with a and you are not game wanna get up five runs they lost the game. Adding game four down two to one. Up seven to London and they brought him in the fifth. In a member lipstick it only got there at 71 to use David Price the one pitching in game five they wanna pitched Roman. And so it's he's had good runs in the past and it's never translated much seen it can't happen. But please don't use that for your reasoning he's used what my reasoning the fact that to go to ball well right now as those all bets are just gonna. Right and what do you draw you conclusions from. I mean history every year does this track record gaveled this lady does not tell I agreed lose it does look different I think for him. I'm rooting for K on the fans of the Dallas also know because I think you're not watching it and it does look different especially. It's special with everything that he's been through. How critical of people how irritating is sometimes with post game comments and blob a lot car. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome kept you out of the game you let the Yankees game that got hit by a hit you came out. I did it. I totally get it. I did it does look different to me and there's a budget or whatever data public dislocated like this one but I'm in the desert for something. That shows me. Okay I can 100%. You'll comparable him in the post season like you guys. Who are afraid to jump on board yeah it's not as nervous wreck you're just stared at apprehensive. When I hit it right only guarantee you you're gonna stay at the station where it a roll on down the idea Abbott the grand old pac DO. Does this mean anything to go parents. So so far this from out of my routed them caller data. It sort of thoughts of 310. Wins one to nothing win this year and prices started all of them so to me when I see that. I know it's not the playoffs penalties may not be great but that's the guy that's it's that's pitching whip. You know with no margin for error. You can't come up he's got he's got to continue he's got to make sure it but it's the pitcher's duel nobody hit he's got to keep the team in the air he can't a probable open becoming too early. To me that's the size so look for something hang your hat on that's one problem here's to prop added wobbled on yeah. Here's the problem with your. Okay eight years he's been intense series in the postseason. He's two and eight was an earned run average of five point all threats and he's not a Cy Young award he's built one of the great pitchers in the last eight years in Major League Baseball. And what. Where he falters it's not the regular season he's got everything you're talking about starting this all before. He hasn't been able to do what would you get into walked OK I I honestly I don't need a patent and noted that it was they want it to me it's in his head. This is all innocent. And there might be even more pressure riding on him it's sail can't go or they have to move him back and seizure game one pitcher. He might be your game. Yeah it is that he might and it might have everything to do with sales. You know health and how they feel Obama how they can bounce back. Because those two guys and sales you know born star. Unless there's some kind of bounced back issue that they might be concerned about. You know out and sell it its sale. In your game one game to start either want to come back on game five on normal days rest and get the two day of game force three days' rest certainly not to do that with sailed giveaways go through right now. So nice I wondered okay which one of these guys they go game one to be available game four. Jeff I need it for three innings out of the pen. As I know the middle of the game to start a tingle game five. But if you know the game to start a kick him out of Penn dating game for making a lot to ask. So the availability who pitched game one game cube might not having to do with it was pitching great down the stretch in my head to do with the bounced back of personnel how healthy is it. It game one. You're very welcome to game. And I think if he gets came one we're talking about a guy I think pressure gets to. That's what I think this is all about it but yeah he's been a great pick this over the years he is right now of pitcher he is fun to walk he is pitching his ass off reinvented himself this is marvelous. Unpredictable as a hitter you upon the autograph and engage in that way the next step that may be pounds you know half of it that way and that's why is that so we strikeouts looking. He's unpredictable ways to control both sides of the plate. What he's doing right and it is yeah outside corner is tough. And if you are rented him that ball's coming out of his hand you think it okay its outer half. Art all it go one of two weighs in on the first of its gonna foresee her. You know it just blow by you appear in Yonhap. So the ball starts out there okay is that the cutter that's coming in on me backdoor cutter was now is going to be the change a pay no way to me change published regularly outside happens get a ball coming basketball come away. And he's execute everything. Mean it's it's beautiful to watch and it was that the wind up a little tweak on openness timing and everything and and I appreciate everything he's doing. But to me some policies I've still got to sit back so so game one game to attack America. It's always actually got to make it mean that that's fine it's usually the case right but I'll also say there is an uptick in you know skill with the other team and they're probably better but yes OK eventually. You know you're going to get your gonna be do outside our way to use that opportunity to do that but so yeah. All five yeah his vision for slowed to make a decision. Either you think he can be successful or you don't or whatever but did you can't not look so. Is it different than we think he can do it Oklahoma job OK almost paid usually only does that easier already incredibly valuable life easy you know yes or no help or do you believe you will be successful crossed as the words and house so I hit across rust it's all about trust I don't care about trust we have William. Now yes but of birds you'll want your whole night on the I don't know are doing what most for all our lives are doing well right now Welker came back the Donald. I'm excited about your search it it is there a chance that this old and can throw the ball well in the postseason yes there is that you can you trust him now there's the lesson that's that's a different question saying I don't question that. How you did you ask him questions and I'll give you and on its direct travel piece on offense like you know augment flirt around figured out. I can the bullpen helped them win a World Series yes do you trust the weekend. Yes. What are you. In a lot of indecision on what you just immunity you have on now I want. I believe they can make a difference and not trust them because there without the other guys got all these guys are pitchers and it L player I love there yes the so they all and amid LT can't I guess it's I guess we have to look at a track outlets and analysts and it still remains today a case also I think you talk a separate things you can reconcile so Garrett for you you trust that he won't do I trust that you're gonna rub me at some point I'd argue and I have to most times because of what you're saying please. Do you use that he's a let me ask it this way and then Glen Johnson do you feel do you feel that this team will hit in the policies. Yes OK do you trust that they'll be duplicated it. Yeah there are different tasks that are different predict it won't let me say yes yes if you say yes I don't know. Talking about it you leave X and you believe they can hit. Then you obviously. Tell us. Out because so there is no different because of seeing them at all and especially you have to do it if you gonna make a decision mowing the other you have to just I guess could find some information that. Back surgeon at bats the way your pinkie and Angola that you are. Think with David Price his job nothing goes out and loses game one missy pick the first game he pitched wanted to any goes seven innings two runs and lose. And those is that each and Stratton for the goes on those a good game and that's why a lot of the guys who reference in the past whether you like the guy like Clemens and Randy Johnson took them awhile took a lot of wind but it was a most of the game terrific what. But most of the games weren't weren't orderly exit Randy Johnson Roger Clemens they would go seven innings two runs lose eight innings one run and somehow lose that game. You also Whitney David Price hasn't had much run support in his career here in the post season but that's X is expected. He usually goes game one he is he's always been the best pitcher on his team so we always goes up against the face. And that case. Pretty much a tools and every single time off well so that that's an issue. And that's why they brought him here and paid him 31 million dollars a year. They expect them to do. So at listen I would love to sit there and play the whole game. And you know hug Wally the green monster and feel really good about what's gonna happen in a post season I don't know how you can't. With this guy's a past history. And when you're looking at regular season you're talking about what he's doing right now I love what he's doing right now will it translated to the post season because what she has been all. See we're all we're gonna what was he is David Price before the regular season you have we have Ottawa public and I woke up I. I evidence policies about this there's a little bit maybe about this start out of this and chew on this for second jeweler to think all right. The fact that he's not even close to pitches and he's as he has in the past. What is yet right now is that. What do hotter and 65 and care innings he's as compared to past years he's been 200 plus two is front 200 plus months. Consulting. I mean that's it you're if I don't I know you don't wanna jump on board I know you're not a believer your guys don't trust that you don't trust them you don't believe in embassy before. But there's a lot of information and just strictly eye test to say justice to his mannerisms the law all this seems like he's not as uptight or is not worried about. Just the public with a eligible and I think that's part of all that. That that could be change. There you go more weird game one you go to Toronto. You know when he looked at as the savior so you try to prove to everybody you work history try to prove that city that you can win the post season you add even more to it and you looked he'll pitch well. Same thing in 2000 sixteen with this team. You don't ball well down the stretch people study is that there's an occasional ball well you wanna prove to everybody you can win for them you crap yourself the people such reading you. Now I think maybe have a better place as far as you know what FU I don't really care where with my teammates. And I'm gonna go off there and I'm not gonna put that added pressure to win it for the city. So that might that might help them I'm not saying he's not capable of doing it obviously years he's been one of the best pitchers in the game for very long time. He just hasn't done it yet and I'm sorry but it's a bigger sample size of the treatment of that a guy like Chris Sale last year's first career start in throw. And paranoia and Richard talking about. Taking an issue that he had when Boston cleaning up his act here in Boston being able to deal with Boston. And then suddenly that converting him into a really good post not hear that pitcher of that you care too much but he never had a problem Tampa that. He had a problem with teacher write about a problem in Toronto and he was a loser and a policies that he couldn't win as a starter I think there there will be an. A greater sense of calm about him. When it's on my dear I do believe that and we're all hoping and I don't know why I actually believe me down enough at odds are it's apparent that it. Prayers he sets a good starts in the post he's doubled Detroit is a bad start along just in Detroit in 2014 Eagles eight innings two runs and loses two to one. If he does that know what's gonna rip no real solid and they showed a basics and two thirds three runs and he takes the lost three of four to three. That's a good outing and even. The 2015 is that mention you get smacked around game of the EST goal while. But that game too heavily was gets canned Kansas City I think he had I think in six scoreless. And admitting no hit ball. And and all of a sudden it was like a leadoff bloop single that probably should have been cut and it put five on you when you see his like he gave up eight runs and Ike. Right now we get up five runs five and ranking yet but it was you know I said six innings in a waiter at believe. Put zeros. That he gave up five to delete the lethal bat in the six innings he's unhittable. Announced that it will put a five spot in the sick in the sense that back that's not good. But there hasn't been enough of them there's been a lot of for the caliber of David Price on C office get better and post season but. It's been off too many six innings five runs. You know it's just that's you can't do that get put zeros up Ziegler against their number one you don't you don't if you're you're sitting near you hugging him. You're Kama hugging on how I got a I locating the right I was going to make a decision so I and is now on the fellow astronaut earlier. Would you try to do is you you don't win a lot of fans are doing right now as they please not vehicle that their feeling Lou and I because we're so you know we're doubters and whenever. I can only go on history. End my doubts come because he has not been able to do this in the past death and they need it desperately so do white hope he'll do it yes. I hope it's not just so much richer are gonna take a wait and see approach and let us say a lot don't know I'd like the fact you guys have both made a decision you think he's not both of these guys. Think he he will not be successor is still really fuel all not basing it on hold I guess watching just as many games you have. More about it later yes feels like stay up late and wake up early it but it's not that I don't think you can't and. It does come down and Tom Brady said you know Cristian de Vries said that's stock markets I asked him that it's like trust trust where's it going in the last start against New York. It's capable of throwing the ball well against yankees Chileans like morals capable of winning the game but they should do you feel good go to that start given how late his career as a member of the Boston Red Sox is gone vs the New York Yankees a mean there was something you're still such an approach right now saying this is it different here. I'm actually breaking into two and in Britain and two since the all star break different guy different accomplishments different I guess. Just you know as you know Christians use different I just it feels different the difference in Antalya on bacon on that and also the media think there is safe. What she stopped heron once you honestly when she stopped him what do people think about you went out and and and and if you want if you're. Uptight about the way they're looking at you with the way you act and how long it takes you pitch of whatever. You just be you alchemy is going to be allowed it to work faster it it's it's good. All this talk cute to thrown it out there is a good batter and thanks so much assuring China China China economic and outstanding artist it's all up to him. It's what is it it's all in hot items that would be great you do. Would you tell me artist Bob all right there Chris O'Donnell at the Christian you have me you have no bigger problems. If he doesn't get it done and didn't lose too if you doesn't get it done in the post season we going to be sitting your son. And every unit kill it and I'll go to Toronto and everybody off. Everybody you're gonna be bucks if you but it is sucks though ever help before if he loses in his policies at any pitches. The way he's pitched some of these schemes that we're looking appear in the past in the playoffs. You don't say disaster I don't know if they if he does that every pitcher says it's. After especially to do that they get shelled off and felt great. Felt great good stuff had to fight could get a W but only valuable what you think you've got hurt via are also you're you're well known in the Nevada. So it's it's and its ultimate now it is in his head. And he asked to do what he's been able to do this year where there's very good stuff coming out of the aren't exactly he's been able to reinvent himself changeup what he does a parent amount. That he needs to do that is it right now because of you can't do that. Yeah yeah I fully expect them to win this first round because I think that they can and slogged their way today Austria. The cameo as if it's Oakland. And and the hot during games and I was out of the game ended and become answer with fires and and Edwin Jackson and Trevor KEL and I know that they. They've thrown a ball real well. You should be able to slug UAC don't even get to they're open to be too. He should be able to do it at that that the Yankees I think you can tell. I think you could slug your way that the Yankees have problems right now but before they get to their open when you get the Houston. Now you've got to throw. There's now you've got a very similar team yourself and that's why W the 100 games great accomplishment but like outsourcing we get other bigger goals ahead. So it 10810. Games they should win the first division to be very disappointed. If they lose in the LCS. To Houston. I'll I'll be upset I was on a single the World Series but it won't be a shock to me you'll be huge disappointment though would be disappointed if if they lose to a team that that I expect him to beat. And I say those to a pretty dim even. And if you lose to Houston and allow people some who feel they need to win the World Series because of their record that doesn't guarantee you anything all of us as the dollars. But I casino lose in the Houston it'd be pretty even so witty guys need to go meaning to go to World Series. Why you wouldn't say yes. One dollar a mean. Now they need to go to World Series yes anything less is an embarrassment yes. You embarrassment yeah news or Houston and now I say yeah. Yes it is the best team while the best team usually let you walk out boy you're really hopeful today you'd better do our own voice and a lot of credit I don't thoughts and prayers are a lot what a waste no time. What awaits the time and energy 165. Games and it certainly an eight regular season those of the unit when you play. Looking at Houston did the best run differential baseball is the best rotation in baseball they've upgraded their bullpen and open they've got a lot of Karl about the box score but they got to have. They got a lot of that is that is very dangerous and have been there before come up in big spots and delivered. So OK then what eight wins behind the Red Sox. You can just point that in Baltimore Orioles yup the don't have a Baltimore division advantages. They got Seattle they got Oakland you've got the Yankees and you get Tampa. You know and and they get the Texas. But it did is the Baltimore so maybe that's the difference and he wins another easily match you can't. Look at an embarrassment if you lose to Houston Houston may be one of those teams that that wins this thing for the next 34 years. They could well that's like you know would you trust them. Or just to show up until. It just feels like it Jonas is in a car a generous. Jonas I'll know you're our fans are good that his problem is essentially a mental problem. Are you off he's guilty if Brazilian medical problems get overcome people go through changes in their psychology all the time. People out of Concord and paralyzed the thing that impressed me most right now is the way he was talking in the media. Press certain saying you know I'd be in the guide and being paid to be. The fact he's taken Iran often not being defensive is what's huge Nate Bowman. Which he's pitching well all right so you get away with a side of that noise music. Ritual on the order in before now it's definitely between the regular season a little better. Opposition but the main thing is certain apple. Commission. It is a lot of practice but he said just before it has its accountable Jonas early on when he came here. He wasn't on a ball while this is the pits today the sign those for sale are extremely accountable I think he always has been. You know when it comes to who's pitching in the and he said that we said the Bradford all the managed winning the post is the. And it went about silver. Any any said that before hasn't used the 35 and 00 EE but he said that before as well they doubled mental post season whether it is. Pressure whether it is past lack of success. Weather's excited he weather's trying to do to march. Born in because it via ports accused and so let's things that you know. But actually Detroit we nobody capital and could do it. I'm not saying actually he's gonna do it I don't have a reason to believe until it but the fact is about access it's entirely credible that he could blunt and at. Because. You know grow and eat and you've got people working with them and he knows. Nobody things don't go wincing he can't he's failed for eight years in the postseason that's what it comes down to. And I don't see how anybody can overlooked Kenny Stewart sure you can do it it it it's impeached is series. Then he can't do something about it but why hasn't he done something about it for the last eight years. Well gotta go gotta go to October can you gotta do what October 4 October fit everything he can't do you. There's our boy comes only athlete Evan actually do with the full can be with. Trust who will believe began right to say that the Christian understanding and trust Robert says he might have 677797. ID 37 it will give you more of Jay Lynn Ramsey. Who could not stop talking he's talking more about Brockton. On their tires. And it had guaranteed lowest price and counter offers more free services than any other tire dealers and nobody now. On Sports Radio telling you we. There if someone's else rather house is overrated but police say that person says he's crazy. My because okay. That's ever you're you're not you're not going faith. He blew it big enough. It's mostly blue. You say it just me is supposedly very feared that is. All fair comment period. So we've got to come under a lot of form. Or wherever it goes on and we've got to play he got close this. Jacksonville Jaguars players they've talked himself right out. I believe Jackson who's going to let me on the of this game wrong. I don't collect what he's a great did that that's that's nothing I don't call backtracking but he could've speaker went into it a little bit more. When I mean these are seeing is a fear of. I don't know I don't know what else is I don't know what else you both say but you know it normally. You personal I've ever lose anything about the that's not know so. Are you for not very very good so it's time is how good times is Juli is going to cover. Concrete jobs daily Ramsey and actually cover. Rob Gronkowski one on why hold a lot I holed a long time I hope ball out over going to be that may be no big back and watching you want your irony for. BES officials the exact same clip over to the station to visually slayings of two order clicks OK sounds like I'm where were brought his running around. And it looks like it's may have I don't look at these all because he doesn't get the ball the second time he touches the ball. In his own because did rant becomes the relate it gives them a big. Hit right in that wreck the guts so what he should say to dismembered and did you play this game I only got knocked down now. And what minutes on the left in the in the second quarter. Is like out of would you how would you know like you I don't know how I'm gonna do against an ever got an opportunity because he got knocked the F out of the danger that would be talking trash yes alimony that. Would support system is a good don't get it twisted in. Eleven of most of the government fear if this is after yards said he wasn't. Good now before he was a good round of mobile and it was talking trash announced the week of the law and say he's good because he's adding fuel the fires actually. That was called you. Yeah and as opposed to Doug camera also does admiral is being asked if the boy he does is sold pool reported that he's been asked to basically the same question. And here's how it's. But I am curious if you watch the Super Bowl last year. About possible possible we're talking about Mary says for. He was asked UB basically said it was bull and that he said the. Jill originates in the high profile comments about many players across the leak this offseason one that was Robert house he had some unflattering stinks to say about ground. Do you ever talked to Jim about some of those comments at you feel about what he said. Conversation then obviously there's competition boot you know him. In between me and the players I think that before but I know that I have been the greatest amount of respect for rob them. Long time when bad. All my yard then you play against them quite a bit and we have boot but I respect you wanna bet I did about the best that them played in that position that we know and you know that challenge. What you can do well. US I felt that I feel that Dalton you know our team built. They live at jail and kind of put a target on you guys although I have by speaking out. Mario it is what it is stupid. Just how stupid he doesn't so does seem like he's he's doesn't seem like Mike Tomlin Mike Tomlin does not have control whose team anymore. And his team does whatever he wants. Two and Ramsey is a unique individuals. With a great personality and really fits the position that he plays just like Richard Sherman. And Pete Carroll let those guys do their thing and they have that similar personality on defense because I have to do. If you're going to be bad you know big bad bully on the block but you have to be progress of and you know confidence. You know you can say all air gonna there again now with that position shall we a corner watching Gilmore is one of the guys on the rare ones who's a good quarter that doesn't say anything. Kid to listen. That's yeah that's act. Bet it back and believe that he's greats as but yeah there are a handful of these covered through full fire trying to figure out how does it look so idiotic it ever like this to be boring organized just he's in a slot legacy but he's attached the line instruments. Authority is gonna go come landed right on top Obama than a man this is is the NF ailment. Run them I could see a certain situations where he's like that flexed out. It's like a three by one and across all myself. But otherwise. It's out and go back and look at it off cabinet if you tomorrow. But it doesn't seem to me that there that is going to be some you know brandy cook who's who you know rams was on a lot last year especially towards the end. His rent it could it can't make it always plays. But in time the plays the only outfield is he going Hogan does he go on. Dorsett what does he would you would have brought the point of the matter. Yeah I don't know if that Letterman did enter your whole V entertainers in if you wanna see him take remarkable ride you wanna see that he's got a safety so. The only way you're identifying him as the as it changing your deepens that he lines up somewhere in your area and have to be flights at the regal one he's the middle receiver. Maybe Devlin lines up wide he's the number one receivers white. Our James why we keep an edge you would hold dealer Ramsey. Guards like Chris hold. And he and you and you use him up on Chris Hogan Abbott and throw the ball. There's Federer does everything Hogan's rot on the evidence brought to you guys that the use one on hold in one endorse you know you sort of scenario okay. Always drunk with James like right and also a bit but they have a really good I know Houston has some good real fast Lambert's second run. But so does Jackson a monster to get so good for the good athletic. Aggressors and they feel comfortable. With linebacker and safety on top they may feel more comfortable there but I wanna see it I mean. When you get guys that are talking like this to say. It ought to get him love to see I would love to see it and you know and maybe maybe he does get lineup especially with the goal line situation. That's one you know they they like to split rock out alive and do that little fade route and I'm talking ten yards a pocket like maybe three to five. And he does muscles his way out the line and they kind of brought back shoulder and just uses body he catches kitty there's. Getting back to general I think that Maroney is allowing a lot of chatter down there are a lot of talk about this game. And geeky guys like miles jacket can announce it as public as game and of my life. While it's teen who AFC title games. But I got up his younger I think it's funny other got to put the patriots but maybe Lou what's happening is. The not game played big into their head games there's certain years in which an abundance of pollution we're not quite right we're up by ten points in the fourth quarter. And we don't win that game. But sometimes if you let it build on year in in your mind. It becomes worse and other admiral allow some of amateur that's the vote ideally what I think of as good as they edit it. Two different personalities right you have that the defense that basically gets all the tapes you can either they're doing more to help you win games and the author of the offense starts grew up. Sort out Blakey just don't go god don't do anything stupid run proper camera on third down run on third down. We about three point lead but that's going to be industry if they do get leave. What does that Jacksonville office look like that look like off Billy in the Super Bowl. All of it looked like what they run run pass. Ron Ron vastly can't do it was are also playing at home to so they may feel you know better would portals at home these struggles are better restart. For both office I think that's the one area we look at incentives patriots and housed Jackson over the score on them. You've visibility portals Florida and practice again today. So they're not gonna have their let the other big they're big running back TJ -- it's okay he's not California. Anything that is born better as a compliment he's not you know necessarily. You know the thumper that boy I don't really feasible to change the key so we have changed that's before and it does but even if he does play who would you question him right now as to what what he brings to this thing. You know of the Lewis and handing out marriage Jacksonville and probably going to be low humid little hot put it skiing too and what. In give you risk Maurice everybody wanted to go and running along so you could use him as a limited running back during the course of this game. Does that help us using play may need to. And if he does I just don't think he's affected his gym in Weymouth idea. I don't got. Good that we're talking about Jacksonville's defense are rightly so but I'm not here aren't. Anyone talk about is Jacksonville's offense against a in my opinion much improved. We just talked about. I threw just say. We think they're gonna have terrible we think that I had trouble scoring. And the interesting one will be to see how this defense reacts to Blake portals when he starts running a little. They have so much more pressure on the quarterback a year ago. And I think it's going to be a problem for right Jacksonville's offense ahead Lecce so they're gonna have. It about overtime trying to score. Yeah I I I agree. Us tonight I do agree with that I am. This is that I'm all yours she's office first Jackson's defense maybe that's why people talking about them so much you know status as well as the right Byrd fears of those and I think I think it's equal time maybe not equal but people still talking about the defense vs plea or go without Mobley portals. But I just bought yours she Brady Indies offensive weapons. Going up against probably one of the best defense in the game. Consolidated. You know as far as comparing to last year of a lot like last year's offense. Was for the most part was better as far as you know and and Oakmont when out in in didn't play the second half but. Even with the guys that were on the field the options that you attic when you remember Dion Lewis James light. Rex Burkhead. It's branding coach Danny Amendola Chris hold him. Everybody was contributed by making big boy please LG or not it's good you're not nearly as good. On office for skill you're not it's not known to close hold on Iraq plays the whole game and the whole game. On York close the difference is in your correct any of ability phenomenal catch branding coach Hughes when you don't get the horse that. Mean one of the bigger he plays he'd hit huge plays he's playing in general fever is I just don't know how you keep you compare compare the two you know overheating cores and an oddity close. Bet they did that Jacksonville Jaguars brought you should have could have imagined. The jaguars defense should have the advantage in this game more so than last year has not not denied a crowd noise. And you got that yet the elements so you they get out of hand record of success and they're not as good. They're not an either and in Egypt the only change other hospitalized trip round I think bush was folder. As far as you know who's better sort of push what we're gonna find out an analyst likely carried away with Trent pride and I think we goal of duty in the first game. By now is playing on the road you're right it's a different situation. It is you know what when its footing like out there and he played against a really good defense then last week. But. You've held zone. Its issues ones not bowl rosters or even guys that go around him it's inside quick to move into the and and getting and maybe flipped the ball. That's one thing he's so big he's left the ball again here. You know and then trouble from Brady saw the patriots winning this one easily if you're telling me that you don't feel offensively. There anywhere close to where they were hatched you know regardless of whether or form that's how much I don't believe. In the jaguars autorads trust I don't trust also believe we're like sending special appeal to what they C championship game. What's the c'mon hours right now yeah you almost three years ahead of that up until everybody else bash with our priority for defeat the demo he's not expect at least you can MI and it's no idiots you know when their division again and its Anderson is a huge accomplishment. They're just limited their quarterback. Really hamstrings them. The bad Blake Bordeaux I've seen already games where he drops back capacity look at its first read in the. See that to me. Sassy don't they don't just yeah I think it makes what that is not a good quarterback and doesn't read what he does what Rebecca is one look at it's not there and you can't go through a progression you just take off and run that's the best of you that there that are not look at first option I'm gone yeah I'm out. You see any of the other guys that or might that the Houston defense that was my cup last week. And it does is sitting on the bench and a floor and how quickly Tom Brady's release in the ball moms all over. Balls out of its thickness it and we can't believe that the Brady the offense is so quick. Yet it's always I I had the opportunity stand on the other sideline once. As like while still believe Joseph Washington and it was a pre season game we came back temperament Bershard on. And I remember sitting there. Looking at our offense and thinking it was okay. But middle of the road in the NFL and then being done and watching Brady and that offense operate. And it's. Amazing. How N'sync radar and goes back to 2600. Today insisted that the I did earlier they've only gotten better so imagine a defense going out there. And doing everything right be in the right spot getting good to get offs on the football getting a good move on the got to try to block you. And then you get there and he's already done throwing the ball not going to be in the process of throwing the ball he's death and throw the ball and LH. I can't do any better than that. There are on the back of quickly as understands. There's nothing much you can do you you can you can be as aggressive and don't want shots anymore you OK game's been pretty talk dirty dawn. A dirt model very Thursday she Garrity has ever. And you look thank you know what exactly. Ride through the explain that also horny I haven't used my vibrator weeks so maybe it's the cheating them there Brady did some era of all of those things. Or as can be Oakland game is that he really he's just math teacher is talking about the patriots don't have nearly as much offensively may be somewhat right. And yet he likes to pitch like that mean about it you know probably Colin Farrell listen. And I think that maybe is gonna turn a ball over a couple of times they always turn the ball over and pointing. The fifteen in his own in means other users. Pick six saw me you know he has he is a mess. You know so you look at Brady and say OK it is much is you'll struggle against this team but I think jets will win this game points seventeen. You know because I just think their defense. I think because you pick from their side. Side I worry about it worry about the options that come up the throats of McBee grunt James White is the other two guys. I don't know what you get from Philip Orszag a great home. But now are you going April real setting. Like bill back in those Ottawa on nine and a New Orleans a ticket these guys the plated a run on a road out. This filler door set to take that next step to win not only can he play well at Gillette. Bikini goal in the Jacksonville with the crowd and a very good defense. And up on 36 maybe just. That ball and a jab and a drive I think that's what I worry by the just part of the big story of this would turn brown we just talked about him what's he gonna be like. Dean to ease on the road going up against a real good defense again doorsteps in Ottawa he used to work out seven of seven I don't. But what's it gonna be light wind you played down the you're there you're you're. You're downplaying. The history of this team. And what the page frivolous suit industry or what Jack trees the jaguars what you solid winner he's roster that what you saw last year I saw last year and nasal exhibition it's charity game was. They weren't able to break their tendencies once they got a lead they didn't want to they refuse to do it in the first half they did and it worked. OK Ed Blake morals happily with a best half he's ever had their life. And then in all stocks. So now you already know if you're. This is going to be one of the easiest weeks to prepare for Ruiz did not allow a creek formations. As far as like mental reps for a defense to physically sought to bring it. But mentally I don't you you not think much here's my gap they line up 33 tied ads or maybe it's an overload or whatever I had the outside yet I can be my guy. I be ready for a physical football game third down it's forty Frick an obvious what they're gonna do so. History matters. With Jacksonville but not David Price. On and on and I'm sorry I don't know trying to throw it. His regular table allegedly over talk about it I pray I didn't think about ball game now more segment to go it goes. Stagnant or noon. Well. Hold the Muslim. Yeah. And. And he's my age that from my. I. Good job. At bats sing so good so it. Genital January oh. Challenges. We excellence in this weaknesses but it looks. And the. Is going to be fun Jackson hello Colombia problem. They move the of the EC game up they underway is there are under way to wake for president of some 7000 and so weather's going to be a major problem along the East Coast and now we're hearing. Out of North Andover in Andover that there are. Our high pressure gas lines that are causing. Explosions in house is that it gas and they tell everybody an area to shut off all your gas and have actually. That's insane. I saw and I also think it is the end over North Andover. Chief. Statistically but the thirty house fires and or what the hell's going on there an athlete of all they're all connected via instant at this sort of map out it's just all over the area. Awful. Over governments aren't out there unbelievable so are furious that area you know shut up you're you're. And in a vacuum and you'll get out of there or anywhere oddities shots and it's just like every house so we dug a hole loan slightly more houses on far I don't yeah. Floyd blew that he's and Lydia just TV footage right now on in. It's unbelievable they're on their fire. Major fires that I'd bush tomorrow will dole out more this patriots after an idiot being an extraordinary the next big Thursday night out tonight at ravens a mile and an old represented an event galleys. Mark Lewis what is this you're 24 forms on don't wanna playoff game he still coaches and NFL team a great country. I look at some of our opening and the either or idea.