OMF- Carson Smith blaming everyone else for injury; the LeBron Sprite commercial is bad, 5-16-18

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Wednesday, May 16th
Hour 2 - Carson Smith blamed fatigue for his injury when he was the one who threw his glove and caused it. The guys are disgusted he can’t take the blame for this himself and Christian says this is a bad move. LeBron’s new Sprite commercial is not good and it’s even worse when it runs during a game when the Cavs are losing.

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On him when he. Beats or Wayne and moaning and forty. Try to pray. Our schools. Better plan tougher and we owner of lagoon game and it's anti seed. You say that you. Solved and solved but they've been saying for future JR with the gland Lou when Christian I feel sorry for LeBron James tonight his. His teammates are saying legend yeah that's a lot man it's good for the bone she's gonna get it. It was a lose the home office remember they need to he's gonna get back. Question about your app for your mental stability for it to be whether we're the good enough on the third night of shooting. Turnovers missed free throws but not in the play right now on Sports Radio WEEI. I definitely thought I. Our number two of OMF is the NBA draft lottery last night as we told you yesterday a slight little chance Celtics could have thought. Squeeze through with the number two or number three pick it did not have a problem. The ESP and the league you've got to do so I got it's it's a two minute offense. Did you drag out for an hour and it is boring this. That it did try to make it too much a draft night I get. What they bring in what maybe a top five prospects you know Muni interview on. And it broke. It's not even myriad other indicator of incentive they think's gonna go first the maybe he might figure out who he's gonna play Foreman as we saw last year means that either right falls. There's a clear cut number one pre draft so let's get number one new interviewing him and it's like OK great I who the hell knows. It's it's an innate pick you know they go from fourteen the late great at ten a whatever it showed. Commercial anything to take Israel off. Awkward and order of the draft in humans yet you can't went out Cassidy Hubbard is she was terrible producing a series yes it was it was unclear is this the last. Too onerous number two and I want you notice that was weird awful losing and some bits of some people so part two we send us your tomorrow unless she was it was a female fetus is at a piece of tape of their choosing to view their cars and so. So you know little reading the piece of paper holding it up with a left hand awful while she's interviewing the guys are scared to death but I mean you. You know he's he does all the NBA game you shouldn't sit there it's there and it's study executing them and ask these questions have put it down. She actually help the piece of paper up was reading the paper while interviewing and then looked up that you've done an economic what you'd Internet. It was awful that so we're gonna get chastised as we criticized as female but she was terrible she was not comfortable. She seemed nervous. Not. The short version it's terrible television it was an hour awful all added legs and almighty god we just so we did find out one thing last night from a selfish point of view. That the Qaeda re Irving trade is now complete and so for those people that other bigots are screaming and yelling. About the Brooklyn pec is what everybody was conservative if not that Brooklyn the Brooklyn that can be number one or could be 2345. In a year in which you're gonna have all these bigs that are coming out of the draft. So you're one through five you get five bigs and when you were all right one year old guard mid sized player. This is not the year you give up that high Brooklyn tech so here's the final deal. The Boston Celtics get Kyra you're. They give up Isiah Thomas wasn't good enough for the cavaliers and they traded him away for Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance junior. And Jae Crowder wasn't good enough for the cavaliers so they traded him away. For Rodney hood by the way those three players said he combine three points or through the Eastern Conference only impact players in black players. And you've got the big eight did Cleveland get the pick in the 2008. Draft in a year in which the draft is five if you wanna stretch it may be sixty. Sorry. Eighth. Picked retiree don't forget that 2022. Round pick they threw their the end that's that's a forgot about Powell's. As of wow that's a that's a bad loser gonna look. Whole lot different if you're in Cleveland right now contrary to what we're here so far from clear it was a waste our Google isn't as good that was that is him. Let me clue that's he had zero plane on the day so far and outside the big crowd or broke Isiah Thomas the eighth pick in the draft and he thought it was they had those guys back which they met today with they had Isiah Thomas GI. There's always that's just admit it it's no man's land right the eighth pick yes Nolan saying you can't call and find a superstar and a bad bad that I didn't get it get but it is about. Value you know we're talking motive if they could have gotten turned a Brooklyn pick in the first or second maybe because don't the south stimulated it could've. Entice LeBron they stick around we get that first pick overall we need to draft this can we can trade we can acquired this guy and that guy eighth pick overall. Penetrate values that. So so flippant Lou never think you're Cleveland Cavaliers you're Cleveland talk show most right now or you don't and Russia India and you'll hear that done you're the browns that got done that I had spectacular it is you're looking by the Indians struggled in Europe are here it's our year you're looking at the final sheet on the street and you said Nicol went. Right now the thing that the cavaliers are missing the most is a guy like card reader and granted he wouldn't be healthy not healthy right now but you're missing out. And so we're looking to next year. And I've got Clarkson. Millions hold it to end an eight. The pick over all the draft. Your future offset kittens visage existed just sorry I forgot so you're giving away 825. Year old superstore. Top ten top fifteen at worst player in bowl week. And this is what's year old left with oh my god if we were in Cleveland right now with a passion not the passion of the Clinton thought journalist would peace and equities. Just like like right after that tree it was under that the first game they played after that trade with all those guys all the new faces they came to Boston and beat Boston first two games during it's hard sided phone on cited wooed George mater is it was a plus dollar react and LeBron James of the reactor at new energy. The reaction from it that it Stephen eight even the national people they love when they made that trade. We sat here and and I was like I believe in this team less than they did before does the only chance they had was they say getting healthy. And giving another piece to LeBron Kevin Love right. And they make that trade union like okay. Let's let's fast forward that we are Eastern Conference finals riding on Clarkson. Larry Nance junior on abetted two way players we are the way George Hill. There Bakalar scored three points they could. Refuse to play last round and edit lose throne of interest to what not (%expletive) them off I have no idea and it's it's a handful of minutes. What do they do. Bigger plan can help been. Oh season a macho man's would have been out there if you didn't have more cell care now. I mean if you get a defeated Henman wrote there have been enrolled early on so. Because I don't think he can play in the series with the way the Boston is running and pushing the ball maturity comply. It's one prod you see with with Munro I was surprised to see him last ample wide I think interest in the arms of their new slowing it down. How does that all what they were doing that would interest until since switching it amounted to a man of other than other than on love. And James does have anybody on the roster and start for the Celtics. One got all star you'll throw interest Thompson I like about it but I think my target by does that aren't I don't know babes. Big baby boy he's about he's about to play in the bank so it's like well I'm my voice is like now. Still a pretty good days it's not like it's easy easy so it's a landslide okay Baines has been pretty good this year. He certainly point alone I done made a three pointer that wasn't a quarter of three gold Jersey that little spot that'll court three is that the spot and cities finished in the post season I don't I'll tell you still companies that threes in the policy. He's fine for what they need him for he's one of those guys that just. It is fun but he's not as good or just good players there is their roster sucks and you see who is shooting 50%. From three. How many you make when it forward in the regular season debate mourn a post season Minnesota via Tyson is at a certain that this is leading the team field goal percentage and three point percentage you likely yeah yeah it's what was it that the commentator between the two. Jeff Van Gundy Missouri Baghdad where attacks are Jackson thank god is waiting -- as a notice anything nobody goes that Mark Jackson projects. Mark Jackson says it's just it's like he's he's politics or job all the things look like the back and forth a lot closer behind. LeBron has like that Julia this team has the jewelry because of the guys that Tristan Thompson and guys that you Kevin Love and if it had these guys that talked to him about the joy because all of the right exactly yeah it is. A jump on regional quick because it's stroke lead to just yeah typical like former coach and maybe there's some residual back from him leading golds they all those players and maybe he's little insecure about the whole comment about it. Tyrone Lewis the great coach. He's a great coach to a great coaches in this game yet as to what they greatest coaches little you can you know feels that way. Brad Stevens attire on below one point said he has enough credit. Because of the N day and it but even being Gundy jumped on that while he afforded this credit every coach was a great player than there will be no great coaches. That. Is it OK okay Tyrone little little bit I think there's I think there's exceptions to the rule to job one on body. I agree that's not listen Bill Walsh Bill Belichick. Chuck Noll go to go to maligned all right great players Phil Jackson you Pat Riley they are great players. We you have to in the NBA yes he did you think you know looking at Aaron Lewis and I'll. He's a difference maker nobody is it maybe that's just because anywhere LeBron James goes. Anywhere he goes that coach is looked at as like a second fiddle like up a thought for a throw went well we need a coach so I guess you'll be you know. Two outstanding coach could Gretzky with the house than go to town who have been alphabetical from day one you've won 62%. Of his games in the regular season. It didn't affect the question. You guys know what that was all about that is patronizing. To Tyrone Lou because he knows that Brad Stevens is getting all sorts of current. And that nobody is saying nice things about Tyrone Lou as a reason that that is praising god OK let me. OK but I would say there are so I won't say but it is nobody in all fairness we need a body and yet in all body in all fairness to to Tyrone. We also the same thing about Erik Spoelstra. When he was coaching. LeBron down in my. Everybody says he can get anybody he sucks he's awful he's terrible and now suddenly people who now that LeBron is gonna go home gospels is pretty good coach. And I will say this that the people here in Boston. Thought that Lou really had potential to be a great coach that he really had a great mind for the game when he was working here as an assistant with the Celtics. So maybe some of it's unfair and I think that's what Jackson didn't seem. You know we pride likes him personally sitting on a Catholic cardinals LeBron I understand that he's a kitten and I got to throw it out there. But there was no reason. To put it out of the broadcast at that point where it was the reason. What was there he was forcing the issue points now here if you're in the series two games this ship is that there's nobody thinks that that room it was a really good coach because he's got a great player and again but I'm telling you look at what he's ultimately the you know he's making some master Smart substitutions. Here there and every that's what we've given them. Are people given Brad Stevens you know a ton of credit. It could be consistencies 162%. Of his games he's painted NBA finals but you you can't just ignore. That he does have LeBron James right. You look at Brad Stevens and say okay. It carried Irving this year and last year Isiah Thomas. Routines one Isiah Thomas the lead their team to the arena thank you Al they're kind of keep the whole thing together. But it's that's why you want to look at Brad Stevens because there's no Tyreke. There is no Gordon Hayward with the signing Republican fitness mixed look at this team it's a bunch of kids. Mean it's a bunch of young kids and Al Horford he owned Baines and Meehan listen I don't Morse and everything but still. Sit there and say that he's a great coach because you won 60% of his games billion BA finals using American. I was still hasn't you'll you have you know run you'll never notably Europe Europe your example Spoelstra agree agree with you didn't realize what a good coach who was to everybody left or right wade laughed boss last brawn LeBron James law lap. The alt left in detail where he terribly you're in the great comeback to make. The playoff Spoelstra was treated the same way. That Lou is treated now the coach LeBron because LeBron account. Wells bolster turned out to be pretty what's out there let's agree it's a wait suit Tehran in the doubles say about about Bret Stephens and anybody say this and this idea of Stephens all the credit in the world he is pushing this stuff away when people are talking about a brilliant is gradient he's calling it silly stupid. Smart cookies modest I'd love that he's warning at all on his players. Which is what you do in the NBA college you're the star. In the pros the players of the star in Europe to background I'd. Great coach and marketed adds that the diminishing whatsoever. But I think what what people are not taking enough consideration as you don't get this fall. Okay especially when you don't have a Kyra Irving and you don't have Gordon Hayward unless you've got talent. This team is loaded with talent. Jalen brown is much better than most people think Jason Tatum is much better than most people think we talked about markets want I'm telling you I saw all of John L Dennis Johnson's career in Boston Irish artist mark is a better defensive player than Dennis Johnson who was great hall of Famer red. Offers deep. They give what six met didn't give any wars right now they do it is so I don't it is Vanity Fair market Smart should be your sixth man of the year. It's easily should have this I don't think of it because he got hurt. But you've just got to comes off the national fortunately lower about it because it's a sensible guy should be considered for defense supply or the unfortunately Rudy blackberries or one of those guys a bigger guy all around type of awards you've got to do both guys but there's nobody that impacts. Actually game more than he does off the. Defends ones twos threes fours he was defending LeBron reported that game. But you look at the Tel Al Horford and the way he's playing right now we haven't talked much about an unfair and Lou war producers had to settle for his good. It's illegal or absence of his dual dude who took photos we just we'll welcome community found out about ally and we about about apple at an excuse at. Tumbled I don't know if you're looking if you're trying to figure out what the mental makeup of what of the cavaliers team will be going into this game on Saturday at home with your aunt's. All had to do with the Kennedy is in right now. Forget about the game we dissect in the game it. Where is LeBron James going next year so the series isn't even over. Big body and the dead yet he's still a chance to win an advantage possible anything is possible. But article so if you're for the team there. At the next version two of us in the studio a week ago told you that he wasn't going to be in Cleveland you argued you've been lunches. OK I don't know singled out here you're going to don't criticize the media right now you said it goes liking it again like the collar not criticize the media give me the mental make I think what I see the dog there he advances. If you advance to the NBA finals. He would rethink. His decision to leave or not that is what I said. See you can't went on the other parties can. And it is the you can if anybody thought he went according to brag art and it just Barack what you want immigrants who admitted at the time. That you already like the Celtics in the series yeah. Yeah of all we knew they weren't going to be Golden State so he wasn't going to win the championship. So therefore is totally but I think the one thing people some people lose your timeline is completely skirt and forgot about the fact that more about it I'm just gonna get related story the the Celtics are loaded with talent. And the Celtics that's why the Celtics are going to be. Around for the next 567 years they're going to have an unbelievable year window of opportunity obviously help police in a big part of that. You're loaded now and look at the draft picks laid up. Gonna have draft picks maybe not necessarily that they may not even Eagles players but those draft picks me. Boy I don't you give them what they need an asset to go and get that like your that you're missing that they need to fill holes. I mostly about this is Maurice but summary wrote about it already as far as what this team is gonna look like say they keep everybody you know we're talking about during the break. Imagine you'd have a who's going to be starting pilot who do you have coming up the banks come off the bench at the roster stays the same. Would be a Kato would be Marcus Morris it would be market Smart that's coming off your bench. And then you have you have Gordon here retire re corporate Tina Brown whoever that's and it doesn't matter. But the point is that you're now the Golden State Warriors you're looking at a team right now. That could be the gold state wars for the next 56 years depending how they manipulate the roster as somebody actually wrote about it now. Totally feel the same way. Make it easy with all the talent and all the depth. And what with all that just initially now you have yup like you you've been through the ringer. You bit throwing good you're gonna go to finals will probably lose OK the real green tea marshals say you know what. I medieval punches chanting a one game I see you have an opportunity seven I don't think so. But you build for the future. That's equity that's that's that I experienced in equity sweat equity that you Billy Breen in next year. The thing is that who expects them to beat Golden State nobody taught is that illegals that I mean people will root for them because they're the underdog death so the rest of the country's gonna sit there and say yeah yeah go Boston they're gonna rotate the phone it's got a big it's gonna pay huge dividends. If they get here just for the experience vibrancy and hold home court files still best record. Golden State has home court. That's OK so that's a dollar some say that I -- Sox had home court in their undefeated as later in the picture and that to me is going to be the issue of trying to extended making it a long series Lou I think if you played the first two games in Boston I don't know it always game five down 321 hostage and that's is that the reloaded the let me talk about. Is Q you win through the first Ford to force a game six if they won't play in the first two at home. I would feel confident that Boston could win at least one against Golden State those first and maybe did have a shot a ball from look at the fact that you can play the first two golds state. Suddenly you're down old Q coming back home you win a game you extend it butchered the problem as you just. Game five displayed where I'll pay him that stuff. And. They'll make it asks the Becket fund that they and that's the difference in this series this team army IE I could Siegel estate is actually waxy am in Indio early in game 130 to 141 quarter. And Tino it's a six point game and fourth. Is this team punches back. We had that's that's there's no question about that we've seen it time and time again I could see a four games we will not yet but it will not be will be sagas and Cleveland last year. Right they will get run off the floor I don't think. Now I don't think they're gonna win it if they're legal statement given to see them punch back you can see an effort I could see some good games. It's you're Golden State sweep for all four games. Our competitor yet and you say you're going your councilman. If those anti Semitic thing they just don't have the one player have to push him over and you know what. That's when everybody will come back in the carrier ring bandwagon and say if we had I re right now. Will be able not a that's what some of what I'm hearing right now if you keep on junior you'd trade away Kyra. Rosier still has not proven to me. That and the goal is not just to beat Cleveland here it's the nest next steppingstone and I agree it's it's huge progress that the ghost went championship. And to beat a champion you need that god it's going to do it puts you over the top when stuff really gets no say in anybody's gonna let ziglar. Surgery is that one player right now you could argue against gold states get to a through those that's the problem. Will soon there are here again with you all these guys via. They've answered every single question you have them don't have a bank yes or what you do for a share is that kind you get the goals they set to go oh my god we need more value when you trader's desk right. The ones and the one thing I brought us on market Smart you try to trade rose year and he's huge you can get the one thing I will say in a series against colds thank. The warriors will see a team that will come out there and aggressively. Play defense like you Anemia don't. Not like Houston at all it. They will see a team they will get a team rule challenged and defensively they will have to work for everything I'd back to your phone calls it 6177797937. Right here and Owen. Watch for three. I six point 77797937. Basketball on the table right now Celtics up two zip. In this series here's Bob in Connecticut. I don't regard that you thought. Appreciate that liquids. They are de sac are one degree which you folks on one thing at a nick and our nation about Brad quite good on another they are just the fact that. Even look what they heard it come and accomplish were they in turn two and lost in the way they were playing in Boston was playing like they were down. Jane it has to salvage one owned by stroke and heart so yeah I'm. And the second thing was I think that. Brad is such a great strategist in the in the same mold as Bill Belichick with his ability to true. Make adjustments on the fly into Christine totally situationally prepared. And in my somewhat so they are able to remain calm because he's confident he's already got a clean and they know that if they are you to have. They're going to be put a position where they can win at the end of the game such as well Marcus Morris mark Spartan on the LeBron. I think that the weight of a planet if one of the young guys for construction an outside shot a broad just beside the chalk it up. And that he didn't and he drove to the basket more scriptural while now and HM pastor to someone who had proven that they can make a streak of holes series. And then if they did decide to switch. One attraction of the switch out to take place on line. Morse mayberry Miller and out very well end up in the last night on the shot clock running down addition to tell us what you think about. And it might be a little too much in my right eye and I Moore wasn't on his Tristan Thompson's start exactly. So Moore was on Thompson syllable for could stay on love correct. Is the big body will physical back. You know that's what it was and then that did put the Jalen brown who's a good defender by the way and it's had some success. I in his first two years. Against LeBron they put him on on him but the so much switching going on you can't sit there. And because you don't know where people are going to be position can't sit there and say okay. We're gonna do this at Mac sold the switch is gonna go to event Brad stevens' defense of philosophy is you know. When they come down the court you have LeBron for the moment yeah. You are and if they're gonna pick and you have them. Right and so on just a real simple it's it's really and that's really is a mean. Tatum was on because they switched Al's been on a more solves you'll be on disease which rose years been on because they switch it just. You'll regarding and to start the possession. Once you get into the possession. Any ideas I think people loved Bret Stephens so much they actually I think believe that he can take all of those pieces. And on any singles which removes countless houses and move their rights are our guys acquisition Ellison I. That's one thing I think a lot of people are missing and noticed that nationally after the game in all my got a tip leads the Celtics had a on the we'll Celtics are doing it because you've got to first and second year player. That are playing right now elected that in the league for five or six years. And that tells you down the road you have to may be perennial all star players that's how good these two players are. And I I think people caught off guard with that and so maybe Bret Stephens get a little bit too much credit I'm gonna go look chief prudence. The others but let. I'd love to put it all I had carried away it's Alexander tells really good all look at it's new to you all have to work together rated and they keep you have a bunch of guys that have the right mental make up. That are open. To coaching to the message I heard of it it before the game he made an excellent point and he talked about like you know go inside wired up with the coaches and on the locker room. And he said you know the most important thing great teams do is you know they do they do all the little things but they do all the little things better. But that's what they do so that you all those little things all those you know. Those effort plays in the pants and and you know being in the right place they do the little things they just do the better than everybody I. Say this though there are times that you watch Bret Stephens and if you wanna nitpicking it's that they're gonna camp police three follows him keep a guy in there. Watch an ocean late in the game last night when LeBron is in the locker room and I'm sitting there going yes. What what's he gonna do for yeah if what sealed before what and you could see some of the match ups were causing him problems. What did what their bench and I'm just thinking along relate to me is only out there to recover LeBron for ten minutes throughout a game isn't a lot from him yet anyways I. If if the bronze and of course I don't like o's lose out there but. Yeah please let the opportunity to because he looks like a big linebacker he does it boots always a little just as you noted that another one it's like seventh neurologists except that today you don't it is that's the count was his physical. These are difficult was that that's the confidence factor that you're talking. So she now can depend on always July down the road because social is that they're going to the problems off to Florida coach still work with these global give me. I think that's a big part of it I think that the biggest thing the Brad Stevens brings to the table is he's got these guys totally believe. In. If they're also open to it too because you you're about to close minded guys if you like they know had no everything and the ashes of the tests are open to his message Bristol Bristol. So my point and I don't even believe you could easily have a guy like Jim Brown have a completely different attitude that is his selfish and just air again. In the same way it means a lot that goes into the scouting process and do you know knowing that these guys. How that make that the rope to it because as you could have had great intentions and send the right message a bunch of players they don't care bill I I. What do coach bill and I don't have it but they are other than van Gundy and holding people representing our understanding how much talent. This team has and I didn't get a good look yeah I think so much of it is because of Tatum and brown but. Hit a brown what they did in the regular season. Was off the charts and they were really forced into. Mainly because of the injuries they got more playing time than they normally would have gotten I'd certainly take a day and they responded. But she never expected that you would see them making key plays out there in key moments of the post season. This is off the charts guys look back at the end be and tell me how many of these guys have done this in the first year or second year of their career you don't do that who doesn't. The superstars. The ones that we end up talking about that are date the perennial all stars that many and go to the hall of fame right that's what you got right now. Well let me go to Nelson and any other card Elsa. It don't matter let's put them down. Eight I declined to talk. And people have been misty not cracked eat it coats coaching I mean. I think that I got in the late night party later that common young guys. You get activity prior to comment that he got to get coached up in the developed. An act of what you guys Hillary and I thank all those players that on the LP opera you develop. You need them to play it out west. I don't think anybody's arguing noted that you have to start with something I mean the whole idea and go back to the Bill Parcells comment. You know if you got a shot wielded the you know if you have cook the meal you gotta be able to shop for the groceries or something like that. Did Bret Stephens would not be able to cook the meal. If he didn't have the groceries groceries are here these are really talented players. Yeah you're not you're not you're not coaxing Augusta which that's. OK a bunch of other teen adult. Yet their talent and make it big they don't let it get. This is a high for a start threatening to them about number. It's a good number three overall principles of races around and and Tatum eat now is the notice counseling for Stevenson I mean at Nelson's right right having taken these players union. Teaching on the game you wanna play at this system that that comes with coaching but they aren't very tell the players you we talked about the other day of the 2001. Patriots you know if there's one game play it one game against the against the gold saying. And it that was shot but he vetoed them saying that this might be more like that it doesn't want page has five years from now. We might look and say while we still surprise that this team with the Eastern Conference finals because five years from now rules you may be an all stock. Tatum may be it'll probably be an all star Jim Brown probably be in Austin. The lending at Al Horford will look back and say. Know that. We underestimated they're young but look what they are now solution be surprised. I think I think he does not get our respect. Nobody is I think he sucks yeah Nadal I recall that I want Nelson ID and I have my vote you get evolve as players thought it was a decade and also he. These realities and good let's think this is the ones that say in this is silly right now. I did yeah he could be just trying to quiet the noise. I mean I personally internally you can keep your ballet you competitors do truck. No I think he feels that I think if you I think he's not only do I think he feels that way I think he understands that. That's kind of a runaway train that could cause problems down the row. The coach of the NBA can not be that star. That's the college game the players have to be the star I think he understands it senses it and is trying to squelch it yes. But I'm writing a dot. And a payday who else. Pat Riley yes it dot. Noticed players who still think now is a national question why did you call you don't think we give Toledo would not give Brad Stevens any credit I'd I'd I'd I'd love sinners that you wouldn't you hear exactly that that we we've said that Bret Stephens and deserve any credit what we're not giving enough credit. When he went out of water. I mean apple operatives you've done. Well yeah exactly yeah I took after the gulf. Act does make it funny you. Those making fun of you because I don't know why even Dwight white humans who doesn't give enough credit. Are you talk about do you have to do. And it got a couple right now. And it and kept my. Listening to the children. Now what did you do that all the offers second announcement and we gotta we gotta little problem they were gonna think it will provide a line what was going on still broken all do not play as is what were saying in the studio is it is it going out on the airwaves or. Or is there another show that's going out on the airwaves which is that you're talking amongst our everything you said has gone over the ensure. Can we double check on that it doubles and I want to that's. I went to LA where renovated it was going on the worst thing one thing and and something else is is actually reaching the audience. That you don't plan outlined wanna still out what is now eleven days and counting. And count and we found that we found out what happened know that this young adult ones on behaves on vacation that we have one got a good picture of what I've go the. Did anybody did they pick up on the reliefs that we team LeBron James sprite commercial. Yeah he added on as well now it's been idolized the last few months ago we might possibly Casey did is indicate out of the bullpen is weak that you want to administer it too much deliveries of the a delivery error. Are almost automatic berth in particular goal in a glass case. Obviously I don't know what it's meant at its. I would I gotta have some creative control over my right merges the goodies in the green yellow Colin Farrell technology can. Now. And with that so well he's. Yes of course it's right it's. Looks like that calling for refreshments viewed the students to lose the. It's good to really get out and net only when we're down by her terrible game it. Really looks at this look at this look so just out of place so lowly engineers the only wanna cannot fix the broken on what happens if we lose 1234. And five and lose like. In Bermuda well what are we what are we doing all of us out of that fix it but we don't know club. We have anybody else on the planet the conviction on one. Obviously it matters to be a screwdriver gadget of the heat flathead and you still leads the. Line is pro looking to do not take it does leave that all together yet you can delete original data and details if you do really well I know we're able to well right ocean. Thank you and Paul remember when you root that was also an answer because I want it marks a significant loss works fine ourselves off. Back to lead it out of its ever played yeah pretty decent agent tight ends and audio tracks I'm. Total adult what do the break and we're gonna tells so and if you don't like it well. That's the only thing we don't accelerate so we saw here we'd like this. So he's he's myself I don't know is that you really had this type of vibe on its. So I'm willing and a very. I love it we wouldn't want a guy who builders and tiger he's at creek. Here. I'm relying on the building that can fixed line one murder all of okay all right when we talked about you better radio like a thousand years digital. Does that. Yeah but it's a good lesson for you remember how you said you need to be really important company and yes I've heard a saying that you should learn how to fix line one between now tomorrow. If you could command here and you could fixed line one. The company what do you think the company with a couple do you think balls stature in the company would change if he could fixed line wonderful fire Lou the engineer an idea that. He replace that night you're becoming compassionate compassion and we'll throw more money or you allude unified. Good question dig them up on the money about it or revert to things didn't work on glee in this group. Don't learn how big back. New and Christian. On Sports Radio. Sure how many of you ever have not seen the release that we just sent out in regards to Karsums Smith. That we are placing him on the disabled list effective today. With right shoulders of workstation. And we'll be calm about it poignant for tonight's game. Much to talk to because it's. How we heard yesterday that probably talk to Carson very apologetic he's feel bad about it but it left the game. Who's upset. Through his glove and when he threw his lover's shoulder shelf life. Take what they didn't hold anything back that you can't hold anything back as it was like a mild carpal tunnel listens we're gonna reveal everything we got a lot of dead. Who got pissed off frustrated throw his glove messed up is shoulder in this is really serious. With the Red Sox do this if they have to be punished. Depending. On this guy he. Is it was sold at the rough start he had is the question the first week two weeks he had a tough start. But you look at advocates last. Eleven games and only Europe that moment of the day. No walks I think since April 9 he's been terrific ya know he's been I mean even yeah using give a you know give up the solo shot the other data Davis spoke. A one room before that but he he's been good and that change a peace start with thrown feel comfortable with the was start to throw lefties for two for twenty off. He searches for righty they can get lefties out both sides and he's your guy you started to lean on him and Eagles and does this. But that the injury now what happen. This doesn't even compare. To the excuses of the reasoning that he throughout there and after here in this of bows out scorer who. Could be a long meeting. Which ran after this where you are a result when a long meeting with Arthur Smith says but he said Al. He's anything. You can't you tell it through their Mother's Day. Playing catch with him to vigilant as part of it won't routine is there are motion. Toward. Actually you would hold onto it sometimes accidentally sit. There's a freak accident I think fatigue played a factor. Shorter Childress can handle. Snapping folks. And yes this provision in here with them on do your job when it's time. I've told a lot lately he's fourteen and fatigue. Answered my shoulder was tired frantic and it's one of the factors depleted and needs some blessing my shoulder went through my glove and disgust for like an eight year old. It. If there's no look I I Xerox what's gonna blow you off or don't you ever for a minute so. You're gonna throw out there than what I've been pitching you too much. That I've been throwing YouTube much you've actually for the for the first time that you put this uniform on you've actually had a nice run so I've been thrown out for you every single day you throw a couple days you get a day off. What the full pitches that you throwing against the Yankees I was too much lawyer. Also I came back at 312 the next night oh that too much for Gaby a day off but don't sixteen. That three point the next night. In other game you know day off like. You're gonna throw out there I've been pitching too much and it's fatigue it's a you can't get out of my face I don't wanna see you anymore goal way. You gotta be kicked me. Fatigue edit. Too much well first of all their personal he starts with I threw my glove all the time. Yes he certainly the level that they announced this is a warm up and warm up fast asked choke him notes Joseph callous and they're going to be honest I don't talk a little is on you. He has you covered through government or other day. Playing catch him. That's part won't hurt you need to golden eagle an excellent promotion. Toward we'll actually you would hold onto it sometimes accidentally. Obviously that's that's appointed as the throw was gone you know he does like everyone else swings they grabbed a golf that put an it pro Dan and they swing. That they're in an eagle it will go to Boston with tick off a good wins and that's about throwing your glove that is different every once awhile you might lose grip continued throwing motion that might fall to the ground as you can you don't sit here and take you glove it's a joke hatched out and throw your gloves back up until I thought. This clip of Obama there are pretty good to be though don't Michael Beckel we will look at the bullet no. It's not. That's happening listen no no listen I agree I saw that I laughed out loud. Because between David Price and mild case of carpal tunnel Steven Wright sliding Woodson was the third of our owners art birds fly back and Burt sent her to second base. And this guy for his glove. Dislocating a shoulder. Bad and it to have the balls. To its way it was. Someone else's fault yeah it's a bit more protected he's always you of the meat too much they are monitoring media monitoring might its count all. Outs backed up the truck run over your manager who is gone everything. It's public station W shoulder. Did you about a week left before that thing blew out he's download. And Tony he's done you won't you won't see him back here do you want to know 2016. It was what a back problem only 2017. It was it was the oval Tommy John. Kitchen to announce the shoulder and you know shoulders can be can be really difficult to throw me an outlet that would lead but the problem was the problem was that they've stayed there rusty look at the moves and seasonal. And for every day Indy him and now former Bergen we don't know what else happening when they go a step back OK but but you need that back end of the bullpen. And now you don't have it and now you know again they'll moan that you have to make it straight and nobody wants necessarily wants why art because they haven't seen him this year. Kevin had the opportunity. He's a showcase notice the equivalent of like the visa these kickers where they don't want tears legal jump up and guys are actually you know the whole hive that the body high. I five they jump up yeah or capable celebrate and they blow their knee out. But from celebrating. That's what happens when you throw your glove you give her. Hurts child so I don't imagine it happens it's a fluke it's so unfortunate stupid you admit it. You don't come out and say well I think the reason why it happened is does but he got beat had a rolling around. Even if you think you notice a lot of PO PO and some LG. Oh well it's more now storms that they don't go combine all the and you listen to the flag as Sheila there he talks about the injury. Come back and I have his. I don't know this appeared a bit but it's not a mild and I expect him back in ten days by any means at this point that's what we'll see how severe kinds of people it. It's got to potential majoring. That's I don't really know until they already know eight men are dinosaurs and they don't get it there are no chance they get what they're gonna they're gonna tackle boxes and get a second opinion but notice the Red Sox are taking a look at that was a different tack right now. The we we talked about this last week. When he came to price they move through Bob mild Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and now yesterday they threw it right on the table Lee did it a you know. Very quickly let everybody know what's on him he screwed up he got his op. Note and they gave you the fact that it's serious injury. I position them better seeing overall it's embarrassing seeing doubters and howdy junior happened at hand from your your angry and I guess it happens okay fine. Just a fact that it did they needed this guy tunnel up pressure on Joseph Kelly you talk about all they limit you talked about last week the other day they put in joke alien precious that you always got these easily easily real high pressure situation he says no thanks it her EUS the guy at this point and you if you're Dave Dombrowski. Soul. Every drug has the story apparently now. Blake's wire agent has. Asked for trade and rightfully so we're already in I don't so if your date again we Douglas yesterday talk about some great assets that you really screwed up. In one of the better catching prospects in baseball that now is a guy that is nobody knows beacon played baseball that you've you've turned in to him and wants a date did. You know look they give you whatever you organizations in the past has. They need a Brian Johnson who's a starter who this year earlier went six innings give up one run the sole sharp. Who complete game shut out last year I think in May when he came up first bought stock. And now you've turned him into a left handed specialist which he can't figure out he. Knight gets even right back here and yet the DL what do you better relievers in the last days of the length guy who's beautiful. You fail on the Elvis asked do you Stephen right back here is came back from suspension. What are you doing. Equity what are you but he Deutsche son nightingale says the twins lost Jason Castro their catch results for the year. So Lou region with twins that book what can you get from the twins. Coincidentally. Nearly got a lever on their bullpen in minutes so Leo's name is Addison reed. Pretty good or. Now equity at a Blake's wife apparatus and read only so Minnesota Twins and trying to wind so I know a maturity regional it's wild card and got a ghost why aren't Brian Johnson get it will finally be getting to get rid of them both and you know what it's gonna look bad on you most likely because once one of them probably a team's rotation yet guys proud to be catcher. Animated figured out made it turned a good ball players need to look back years now laugh at the article what else can you do with this point. You've got these two guys that serve no purpose pointers back up here. The last there's will be activated in ten days you get ten days before Pedroia comes back the traits like hard Johnson a package and get a nominee. When you got a bigger problem too on top of that for Dave Dombrowski and that is that is number one pitching prospect in the organization. Just blew out zobel right and the number one starter. Third baseman right it is bent position players and so I don't well and so yeah Deco so you don't even have the flexibility saying. Somebody in the final weekend deal we can get that it left it at eighth inning guy. Johnson and it's why are all good luck and I don't know what European peeking get enough like I don't I thought Minnesota I'm gonna sit there and say I know. No we we did we got a shot when trying to make the post season. You know I'm gonna give up at a series been a big role force right now so I don't know what you gonna get. You do something I will throw that those three guys Stephen Wright Brian Johnson late triarc and ask what that Chrysler they doing the wrong with the wrong doing something that they're they're they're not built for golf that's what you. Asking them to do thing to do starting pitchers and catchers. Now in you've created zero value for either one because none of modern Errol Louis. And on another team I'm looking at that picture and saying I don't think he's a cancer I'm not sure what he is. A catcher and on a from a nationally think I'm I'm not even looking at him as a guy that I can sliding into today. I 6177797937. Or phone number right here and Owen map.