OMF - Celtics are one win away from doing something impossible; Discussing the NFL's National Anthem policy 5-24-18

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Thursday, May 24th
HOUR 2 - The Celtics are one win away from a trip to the Finals. They've just gone about it in a completely different fashion than pretty much every NBA team ever. Plus, the guys continue to discuss the NFL's National Anthem policy.

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Are you ready. Beats or weigh in ceremony and forty. Yeah thanks. So there. I feel sorry for LeBron James tonight for the team. I'm James well worn out the front today. The total putts that would be at a better condition that it created a poultry that's a lot man mouthpiece I'll I'll open. It's day in day out of robotic frustrated. LeBron had a rough night with a clear and blue and Christian he's been reading the book the alchemist it's about listening to the soul of the uterus if you will to fulfill the personal legend than LeBron told me that you don't you know I have my family I have might purpose I have my treasure though he always talked about how he doesn't sleep that much during the play out that he's thinking about everything now. Sports Radio WEEI. So if you. This entire Aaron you get too much slavery vehicle was playing. I and I'm confused. Apparently. You know we look at television ratings and people are constantly. You know coming up with. Excuses or maybe their legitimate reasons why numbers are down home. In television ratings for different sports well you know the humble ideals and Ali it devices and a they process they watched the stuff they say it is. They take it in in different ways. Does that make a good example Meredith that NASCAR does right gets precedent that well as volatile as vehicles is an academy is now known that you say people's -- let's that you mention. I'm my nicknames some the cells that Olympic viable as a how said that the Indian ratings skyrocket. The the Eastern Conference finals game five. Is up 30%. From a year ago. 30% in this day and age where everything is now watered down. Get a zillion channels yet Netflix you got Hulu you go watch what ever you want at any given time and say everything's down. Will be playoffs was way up. I you'd it's a good point. You do bring us safe and thanks for chipping and balls and save the lives just as welcome as they say they lies everything that football going way out I think 30% say 30% soft and also it's not like the gains have been buzzer beaters you know come from behind victory they already. They've they've all been blow you're almost going to win one of the first corner keeps you coming back people of the well I would. Us tonight the do you really think that this the outcome you can talk about as predictable. We look at each game there was an intriguing one. The Celtics blew a mile but it's game 1 Eastern Conference finals LeBron vs Cleveland. So not even adds more entry to gain through doesn't LeBron comes up to 21 in the first quarter that's a good team. So which took over in the fourth. It on in game three ethic was the real dud start to finish. Victory was like game once the game what was team unity can heated game and always it was was a odd strange game pitcher renew its same thing with this vote so it's like there's. There's intrigue. You know I think in these games the outcomes have been predictable certainly the last I think it's a lot of intrigue. I don't post a winning game one used to gain to lament back and forth left and right. Like I could see it. I'm looking at these numbers these are these are really phenomenal numbers when you think about it guys they delivered a five point seven. Metered market rating which is up 30%. From a year ago but get this that was the highest rated. Telecast of the night. Across television. That was the highest raiders now nightly TV right yeah I don't know Wednesday sorry I wouldn't you know nobody hears even better. Because if or on EBC. You could look at that say OK it's because it was on ABC and every single television gets ABC. ESP we know who that the problems ESP has only the people pull the plug on ESP there are a lot of people now that are there and they're getting ala carte. In a cable. Or or streaming or whatever and they're staying away from ESP we note the problems he SPS edit the numbers off the charts. This is now ESPN's highest rated conference finals. In six years the last one Boston Miami in 2012. So if you want individual local markets Cleveland was number one in the country 21 point three. Boston fourteen point four Columbus, Ohio eleven point oh prominence. Nine point nine and norm at best. People haven't yet done in the self behind none of Edmund yeah. A bit yeah they just yell hey yeah basketball that's it we do an ordinance now if you go to an all sort of Gaza and you always have bag. I feel it's a bad days so those numbers are rough Detroit's I think there with a good number one show on television. I expected a phone calls who go out where we don't go our through New Hampshire where it's a part. And guys who. You've got yeah dharma self exam of the people Conor not even consider we wearing Friday night are delusional. I think it's it's off the charts if you win Friday night that will be a gigantic upset with you guys agree. This it is yeah that would be of the Celtics win that game sick I guarantee you if they win. Game six on Friday night to mossy will be back on the bandwagon and winning him to the Celtics are up by twelve in the fourth quarter. LeBron to be taken stretches at. I'm more worried about yeah cramped bus is in that. Formulated cut. He's just. It's right did everything that physically god that your body. I got a little too long I don't know about your game seven here are your urges the opposite you're. Yeah because Justine has played without an ugly win last night. Did you sense yeah wrote the defense was great but 36% shooting. Road here and brown have showed up really throughout the region through here it almost be a liability the last three games. So I'm you know I'm nervous about this young team in game that's you know we had a 32 lead against the lakers in 2011. And everybody was happy what happen so it kind of deal like that the LeBron are going to be worn down tired McCain's seven no matter what. You know it might be Jim brown and with Roche here in May be Tatum is an exception. They may be tired sleuths. Young players Iran or an outlet to you know are not any Oscar show rich brown had. We did not have this type role a year ago okay. Close to this role and Roche you know we know didn't have this role to suckered me Jalen hasn't. I don't think he's been good in the law where you forget about game four is to look at the number he's one point five points not getting lift anymore was he good. It went that would matter and on that first half I think he was it was U2 for eleven pick Mozilla looking at the box scores yeah yeah get me noted that a box courts as he was good ridiculous. Yet you're sitting there and yeah LeBron played the most minutes of it in the NBA brief twelve and different and also he's also been exerting an end because he's moving so slow slowest guys early this evening. So he's yes he's logged the most minutes we've got to just walking up and down the really. What does that even mean the way after listening to account for an average was the second ago and let them drop if you guys seen any. I'd like to pregame show that they're doing on NBC with Boston with Kyle going beverage deep nobody lost just I don't know I don't know if you haven't seen enough. So they're doing it all I'd like it to Tony cities overseas. And you have all these people who are just excited that their faces going to be MTV but they get behind both well. In a constant legally making faces OK and then you consider it's like kids like to babysit but. So it's like 314 needs kids who have all got a routine figured out and pick and roll their eyes all that left it in and and hospital and I. I'm trying to concentrate. On anyone else brainy and and trade system and try to break down what's gonna happen that it. Cant concentrate because the kids in the background are all you know don't gray. Ella Ella Michael and when they leave at like ABC like Mark Jackson and they got the and they're they're sitting there like courtside and there's always a couple guys people in the back yeah it is they just can't resist it. I would make you know I would be one of those guys. I know that you face are leaving out who embodies everything you would would I like but that's the just different. The guys that to sit behind you know van Gundy. And and Mark Jackson appropriately to grant appear to us it's now the ones that are hanging out at Tony's is a just and that I have a particular Halliburton gas and Lance. Kids' menu does is it. We have that bet rails through -- like in their back pocket. And Tony seeking nose that elected me big. I don't think is a foot. Now now between them no I mean inflation. It doesn't give mom might it's when you go on remote or the same thing at the garden because I'm home games they're doing it out in a home concourse I guess right and all the fans or or or partisan hypocrite it's distracting is that the people is that what else find it distract athletic distract. That I wanna hear the two guys talking yet. It's like become a circus with all these people trying to get you know with signs of this size. Here's terror to Boston. You sell articles to. And you know I I gotta agree with something McClintock you know I mean I still don't believe it oh where it a little believe that you know. Pastries in the favor of this included that each you know young teens don't win championships and the reason casinos reasons when these guys on the road. If they were to make it to define it in the final treaty getting swept article that the war is that whoever. If they make it it is as improbable as. A couple of teams and actually wood chips and actually the intricate and settle for. And the team that didn't pick up that loss in the finals but they beat the Celtics. And now the net. In 2000 of them in 1001. Because it has some discard have a local outlook and if you look at the history of the Likud bird magic. Every single thing that had an alpha dragged into the chip that Al club or. The the depression will crush on. The old 26 years old even when magic bird don't get into willingly did it as young young young players. They want and feel better. Well let that church if you were talking about an older players right Rasheed Wallace Rasheed Wallace Wallace and Chauncey don't show and it did been in the league for a few years. This is doing it without that helpful without their superstar. And Iran talk. 2120 dollars look at it alas neither really do this was sending Miami Heat and he beat Oklahoma City. Now. It is Westbrook Harden into rich Roth 22. Early 30 dear to submit their we know who they are now. What we will fall in the parlance of the one more year. We would be talking about OKC because the Walt when he's six sizzle when they broke up skipping waited another year you can see what happen with Westbrook you can feel what happened with hardly got rid apartment you know you really can't a lot of things panic. All okay because that's like Indian you have to consider doing and keeping these two young guys you delete from. From brown from do you want you to it about a three or you leave it looks like and from the beginning of the season turnout would pay them. That would put a couple of years of experience that we're seeing him in he had had a only thing I'm what was missing from a tightened. Look if this game is tickled the typical alarm when the game well I had an eight year age couldn't wait Michael who aren't great alternate Larry didn't match it. I'll Jordan did it. You know Kevin Durant does that put the deal we're allied. You know you can get follow strong and can do from there. There are to these kids a couple of years ago that 1112 team Oklahoma City so. It was. Pardon second year in the league. You know Westbrook third year in the league. And direction of force that got so that was some more seasoned team that what you're dealing with here there's still time you know. Thirty your league and you still you know fortunately you're 23 Westbrook was point three dressed point three Harden was 22. Serge Ibaka was 22. You know so they add up that's one of those late that we all knew how good those guys worked attempted a new chip I mean they're young. If this thing gets to the NBA finals and they get swept which is very possible. This will be a phenomenal season it will be one of those seasons that still is off the charts. And you sit and say we fundamentally gets swept America in the fund and make it efficient bit. They're doing something that it is these nearly impossible model not impulse but nearly impossible to do and and. Yes you know the other thing that's to me which was gonna scan it interesting. When you think about UK how to coaches feel about certain players. When Marcus Morse gets into the little altercation will call that with Nance junior. And who comes over late. And count it usable. Little something Terry rosier. That's why he can't you get you why did you do you gotta go right to watch Brad Stevens because I was square rats he got out there quickly nobody did but it that disgust on his face towards here was you should have been. Tonight that's music we could could you want pork off an annual got a bit double technical and now what you do it is you're the third minute he's not an artist put in which it's which is which is still. In a basketball you know 101. It's like you're I did you know he got it that you can't protect. Your buddies anymore you can't do it absent or watch and I'm like all right. It is is as good as he's been for the most part he's been pretty good right he skis that's had some ups and downs. You control. That hole yet I don't hear of about locate terrorists a year over. Carrier is still laughable real you know it's still have to roll calls with the and we thought it was unbelievable apple and it here he's he's he's he's he's a great backup he's a great sixth man not a lesser team. You know Kiki Kiki he serviceable he's an emotional player yes indeed that's why no obvious financial yet hold Holler at. Soon because it intimate with last night to get that first three nick mentioned the telecast. And the crowd went nuts and you feel Nikkei nobody forced one out of there was an awful. Awful shots. There's you get caught up in the emotion. In your right because that was that was dumb. You know I've let's not level Marcus Moore Stew of beings do categories not do that some say because it that was almost like a hockey fight to Cleveland needed. Because they urgently seventeen or eighteen and they went like a Nintendo president. After that at a local looked a little. This is an emotional kid and that's part of struggling in a row and you know momentum everyone's on your side at home feeling it and it's received from. Well let's let's call it Eric was talking about the big the alpha dog whatever that's which gonna get next year when carrier and comes back shore so you're looking at it saying why can't this team win on the road. Looking at saint. I'm not surprised that they can't win on the road today don't. That play better that that opened up its primary Irving was playing don't even include Gordon Hayward and if you like Connery playing right now chance awarded some of these are close he's great rival and you wouldn't let you can't closing it. You need somebody to take over the game in the fourth quarter were just on fire here and there's nothing the opposition to do even though they're playing at all. You'll don't. That would whose team right now we're at Tyreke. You've got that Libby did not get the NBA finals which is absolutely improbable it's off the charts. This is off the charts had I 6177797937. We talked about this just. Because the the commissioner came on. At a press conference yesterday announced this new policy on the anthem we sat here and debated and talked about it. And I think we are all in agreement this is stupid crazy whatever and are you guys feel the same way today but. It's it's the the controversy and the opposition to it. Is even greater than what I thought it was yesterday and I thought it was going to be a lot of opposition is stupid to make we get into next. You can show. I WEEI. If anyone is on the field and is disrespectful to him from the flag there would beat me defiantly against that team the team after its own work rules will be consistent with the local policy. And they will make their own decisions about how to manage that from there McLaughlin. The general public has a very strong funeral for. Respect for the flag is in that moment we have language and our policy standing at attention cracks or. Focused and I think the general orbiter will be the club's been in the league. I thought this video. He commissioners additional yesterday and as I read more here more. It's cute it's all coming to pass very quickly. That this is going to pay. Is gonna exasperated problem with the problem's going to be four or worse. Then where was this could be far more attention when the intention was when he was starting to go away and the commissioner screw the separate juvenile fish yesterday we were doing the show. Because we heard that the commissioner came out and said. That. If a player did they were going to find the team more so than Christopher Johnson the the chairman some of what. With the jets comes out says the pale far yet which you basically giving license to your players. But that's all you want. I'm gonna take Carrie at you have nothing to worry about the fate and then we find out that the league comes out is no I don't know. There's another. Revision honest. That the league can also fine. Or suspend the which isn't sure. I don't offers the only short all on the team's getting out. Lou a week it was announced that Christopher Jones the first got to Kamal we have would've. It was a debate team out there that's gonna say you know what I'll pay the fines. I don't care who we're talking about yeah completely flustered and be yourself you ordered an wanna do I'll I'll pay the fine don't worry about it safely but I'm curious is that. Thirteen gonna come on talk about what finding a Levy on their players for doing it. I I. Think it. Eat things in your house separately but related but he lined up while you're gonna have to attach a number two. But I think you think like if the patriots that fine because Deborah McCord that robs the colemans say listen we've got to you know point 5151000 dollar fine for you did it. Tumblr find you 25 to 2001 of the fine wants 101000 dollars eventually you're reporting to us at there's a now. Well well we will play you. You'll pay the fine I got it if he's gonna get that. Are they this who has there is. I'd. If you listen four players. You'll understand they screwed up my issue with the players is that he should've known better usually it usually you've seen this before we. This is like you know the same movie over and over again. I sit there and looked at that you Gregory talked to like Matt Light America we didn't Luke had picked Damien Woody. And given what backward Damien Woody yeah. And one other closely you know nobody would talk about creative juices and he'll know never learned he says. He says you can't call the players partners and not include them in this process used to me he says it's baffling. Paul how can you call them partners. And then they're not involve the problem is you took debate. You allow yourself. To believe that you are partnered let all we're doing what just try to pacify you all he guys I didn't owners they've got a problem. And as we gotta we gotta we gotta get these guys again it comes down a path by the have a meeting while thrown some money you know that'll be yet it's also money at it they think they're at they have a voice. When in reality. You don't you don't want it includes you because well you know you're not a partner her partner not it's not thinking that you are an employee does it all these. I didn't stick to donate that they actually would have a thing if you only say that they whip and have. Is is through the collective bargaining agreement that it you wanna really addresses can really make a difference and control the situation. Go ahead and else do it again because he'll be fighting for something. That you shouldn't be fighting for and that's what they want you to do hey you know what. My argument more money he grabbed for my insurance and everything else of not. Really hot obviously the league we've got to run we want them guys. Okay conceded that would give them that one and we'll take what we need this. Was so callous and so many different levels abide by the commissioner and by the league I did not know that tiller read it last night that there is a provision as part of this new policy. That in the end. If the teams don't cooperate and already. Johnson in with the New York Jets is saying he's not gonna cooperate. He's not doing anything to a supporters he's keeping his players license do whatever they want. The delay can come down and and and find him or suspend him or whatever the minute I thought it was candy it all out yet intimate and it isn't this makes zero us. Again we will talk to by everybody says the general public is an idea disrespecting the flag is no no it's ridiculous the owners open the stupidest thing ever hurt. Because obviously the country's extremely split. On what that would be. Let me tackle Matt light's comments. Yeah and Andy says in reality they've literally defined by policy. The guys can openly disrespect the men and women are armed forces armed services by staying in the locker so to Matt Light. By staying in the locker room is disrespecting the flag in a minute lament your serve that's his definition. I'd I'd bet he's not the old. I want about the president of the united since we predicted this was going to happen yesterday the only thing that shocked me. Is that Mike Pence the vice president was the first one to tweak winning congratulating Google legal whatever but that the president is on FOX & Friends this morning. I don't think people should be staying in locker rooms but still I think it's good you have to stand. Proudly for the national we shouldn't be playing you should be there maybe you shouldn't be. In the country you have to stand proud to support a National Anthem and the NFL owners to the right thing that's what they've done. If if that is the story do you feel like you push this story forward and you push this to a conclusion I think the people pushed forward this was not me I brought it out I think the people pushed it forward. This country's very Smart very Smart people. And you know that's something that ideally could've been taken care of when it first started it would have been a lot easier but if they did that there doing the right thing. It's unpredictable so we already have the problem we talked about the justice commission thinks as you said little. Well the public's gonna understand everybody's got understand what the print no they're not difficult up and already we're hearing people to the right. Corset Nagle pay those that don't go out there to the National Anthem or disrespect. The anthem they're dis respecting this country did disrespecting the flag. Score to create a major crisis and usually the commissioner blow it you do want to think you either let it die. Move on Colin cabinets oddly he's not coming back OK you just move on. Let it play out by itself it was fading we know we talked a lot about it by the end of the year it was fading was not a a big topic here. It's or you do this do with the NBA it's been. You get together with the players association say guys this is a business problem for us. It's gonna affect you because it's gonna keep kill the revenue coming in it's gonna hurt your play so here's what we do. Everybody's got to stand for the anthem if you guys want a social platform. Will give it to you you can do what that any coach can do with the way Popovich is doing it the way Steve cars don't have to whittled runs the one that scar he's doing it. All getting their voices heard out there but they're not killing us with the right. Side of the political spectrum take the case as the first disagreement. That it's going away and just political way and it died down it was kinda OK so now let's let's let's draft players for little bit one of these instances that you talk about. Happens. By and and the other countries emotional over. And it occurs in week two that although it is painful player's point 530 players were on the league meals. Are what will we be saying then. Well if I'm not saying it goes away and finally Luke OK because if you get it you got what you got last night. And it happens in the middle of the season many of the Milwaukee police department released and that it was growing but that comes out and people look and react to a Qaeda there weren't but that if it happens again and they don't tried didn't do anything we would sit there and say it's typical NFL. It all season to try to resolve this issue. And you did nothing you stick your head in the sand you hope it was gonna goal way in here we are a year later. And you don't have an answer for this you don't have an answer for people kneeling on the sidelines we would be dogging them and Roger Goodell. For not attempting. To fix the problem and just hoping it would go away of cancer except when he thinks about say that it is actually a good how are ideally people would say they should've just they should that anything was going away it's going away. It's not it wouldn't go away that's the second criticize him for doing nothing that's a offseason to to come up with a solution. Better actually would be. That eruption of what they did now I would have rather seen them do it the NBA anyway because the NBA wasn't. We hear from these players. We know that these players many of them and the coaches have issues with things that are happening into this country police brutality and good on the entire list here. Yet they are respectful. Of the flag in the National Anthem single NBA players protest it. They haven't got it and I think most people looking at it okay you there are there are issues we have in this country but but. You're taking the proper platform. You're out there are talking about it you're engaging in conversation. About it. That's what this country is about not going out there and end in itself we denigrating the flag or the Tampa maybe you shouldn't be in the country. You know as an added I can't imagine if it catches thieves ask for doesn't even more as a candidate that point is that apple had an opportunity to see their ass. And then at that they did it do it. They did it. All they had to do. Was take the exact same language and wording that is in the NBA contract CB or whatever it is that they call it but couldn't you couldn't clear associate they had to negotiable handlers and institution of what is it that you illicit behavior yet older more progressive and editor great they have all the stuff. They don't do it it's in their contracts. They can't do it. So were talent you can't do it now yet. Edward mortality he give you a better deal. And you can't stay here and we're tell you you don't like east in the locker room and you were actually given you towards the end it doesn't give you two guys they make you do it. So what is so why are why we why the issue with us the public that the owners nobody is on the same page. Everybody got to guide scampered Cisco say he's not gonna sell concessions. During the afternoon he's like Elena. I know what he's doing he's doing I'm reaction Angel and I hit it right. Do except I happened I told you this. Well a couple months back well and some subtle played hockey. And EC HL also and wherever it was also. Kansas City one of those who. And I want out there and yet there was planet what to grab a beer before the game and everybody to stop nobody even people on concessions in their. There are no flag in a with a heart and everybody to stop them citadel again in the state of can of beer. Excuse me you know. Nobody bit on the book me an Iranian even let everybody just stop and all LD that was actually do that they don't sell concessions there anyway. If you're at you're gonna do here but I've yet to get a letter and literally leaving the stadium that the fuel early to pull the at that and right at that little area. Read that whatever that based interest they have the hall of fame. Are like the answer I can hear of the anti Muslim Democrat I'd stop walking. I just just infineon. As I stop walking into other people were fabulous round. But the majority of people stuck. So I mean I just feel like it's a few of a ashamed of it I don't. I honestly I feel like okay rule whatever it is like that there. Mine my instincts tell me I should probably slop do you police work that our men and a half. And now. Now we thought it thought it was the same page York actually never even vote. Instincts instead of all of San Francisco yeah he just stay out of the machine is totally and that's the that's just a dumb about his. Choice that's got. Decision but here's where Google that you can't go back to the title but it's not like it's always seek the same as they weren't that he didn't agree with it. He just didn't wanna say Null. The pit sop as other owners Digisette you know not vote he'd want this obviously members do. It's a very progressive fan base and didn't you know he was trying to play it all tough fight for your point of view I mean not make a decision is the lazy is checkers example and voted against it should orient they say I voted against her so we didn't wanna (%expletive) off the owners. And he didn't. You know and so Gibson. That was the way he played it that the the thing is that. The commission coming out yesterday and saying that the public understands that everybody understands what's this for anyone else on the field and he's disrespectful to me you know some of the flag. The public understands that he not only does the public don't understand the Georgetown are Maroney came out last night. And said that he does not believe. He Phillies it's disrespectful. If the players lined up and lock arms or the players put their hands on the fellow player to the left of him he shoulder. I shouldn't put it correctly last year. That was a way of the players sitting there saying we're not gonna be disrespectful. To the flight. Because people are interpreting it like we're being disrespectful to the military or law enforcement we don't want to do that but we want also know. People know that there are some issues out there so we're gonna do what Brothers in arm. They want I don't think they were deemed disrespectful but now. Our room says they aren't. So thank the commissioner said that everybody knows what's respectful and what's not know it's yet to be older. It is and it's it's it's such a disaster. It is they thought they're on the right they try to make everybody happy will. It is that how you would run a business you trying to keep everybody happy you know and you know you know Lou likes this and Glen really likes this than what don't ever run. They're nothing to do you do then try to keep everybody happy set the rule make a deal with that and move on how do you think anybody show because Matt Light is seems to be politically a little bit different than Damien Woody and yet they both agree that this was a colossal colossal screw up by the commissioner. I've hit to your phone calls in your reaction 61777. Seven any trees. WEEI. Listen I think Roger Goodell and NFL or trying to please everyone yeah and I'm not sure if you could accomplish that. Lives I think some people are heartened that out OK the players did take the field. Will be called upon the standard respect the National Anthem and the flag. But I think he's all put an opportunity for a conversation about the players they don't come out on the field. And that will drive the discussion about the NFL. That might be a bit of a comparable amount of the league wants. Jason whitlock and I agree that that's that's exactly what they did a city owners are dealing with. The president many of the owners who are supportive of the president. Then pro football talk about it today is a story out here that. That the league actually went out there and did all of this. Survey stuff. With the public. In the last couple years and found out that the public was against Colin can't predict so therefore you gotta. And kind of go another direction but trying to keep it open minded to the other side because they know that the players. Large majority of them more African American. Have issues right now in society in the sterling brown video we'll get to that later. Didn't help the came out last night so what you'd end up with it oh my god we get these guys earlier we get these guys a bit he's trying to appease everybody. And in the end nobody is satisfied. All weeklong knowingly sells and go to Sosa some guys are satisfied some audience some Ricky there's there's a lot of people most of the year ago and they look at this as they are right good dearly try to make everybody happy. But it is still see the big picture. I would say a majority of guys on rosters. He's one of the football right they just they just you know because when I go to work. I don't wanna hear Chris Long jump up on a soapbox sharpened to me about what I should be doing. I wanna might causes childhood obesity. What if it is and I think there and I question everything you read and judge you for how you feed your kids do you wanna do you look out on a daily basis. And it's just one example. My biggest issue with this all along with the fact that this is where I work. I know it's different but it's still a job and I'm getting paid no differently than any other place. You get a job it's that there's you know we don't like what you're doing. But somehow. The owners have empowered the players which are a lot of examples is great. But in one when push comes to shove and the owners are gonna make a decision based on what's best book them. They don't consider you a partner you know being exit original partner joke when it's convenient for them and their that is out there. So it's your own damn fault for a lot itself to be sucked into it and I think that they're gonna give a crap about your. I'm wondering what a lot of the people who are so dead set against players attacking are doing at Memorial Day barbecue at their during a later I'd like their hands they're certainly not following the flag code or giving a crap about it. You know that doesn't play hand in hand without and that's a terrible analogy is really. Pretty pertinent to our knowledge isn't an yeah. Why isn't about NBA legend it is odd. A negative isn't it's a terrible analogy of the same thing when people say that you know you should get up off your couch when you see it on TV units being Indian plate. It's different it is a ritual what goes on. At these sporting events that we've all participated in for years and there are now people that pulled the plug and their their blocking out here and for a. Only one on that ritual there are people at the end as long as I want people should be able to mile long as they thought. How long does the. Okay let me ask an assistant let me ask you this right because Malcolm Jenkins brought it up last night he was a god approaches that in the past. He says he claims he's going to do continue to to protest and his excuse was I have the constitutional. Right. To do that to protest the anthem he does not make it. He works for an employer he's on the field being paid by the employer he does not have the constitutional right. Three per car went there. And that you don't have heat top hat being. They're welcome Paul pretending to try and the only lucky dog at that right however the NFL entry to find them a particular evidence. The can they can deny they can chickens and I would job so and so what you're talent he has. That what you're doing the column Kaplan it is fair. I don't get how women are you just what are you just you just said based on the constitutional right. The players the constitutional rights and the employer has the right to do something to the to penalize the player that's what they're doing the column jeopardy can now that's wrong. I like it or not are not mattered. Oh it's a matter of constitutional. You know. While the not a matter of constitutional law. I just gave you an example of it Colin Capra and act was one of those people. That looked at instead I had the constitutional right you just said he does to go protest. He did but you'll also agreed that the employ here is a constitutional right the First Amendment doesn't play here. When you're doing it on somebody else's dime when they're paying you when you're working your job. So you just said opinion has the right to do what they penalize that person. They're doing it to college Kaplan is inadequate and doing it to Holland Caplan so I don't know but that's not acceptable to you. You're. Losing your but he is making you. You aren't you mad at the different you know what I think it or not. Meg or not he said yeah. You're right that's your opinion but the problem is that try to just. When Lyndon commissioner comes out as the general public knows the difference when flags being disrespect. That is inaccurate it is a clear split. Again people some people don't have a problem at all with look at predictors do with a peaceful protest that's America. Other people are offended cities disrespect in the country disrespecting the flag in the armed forces. So nobody's on the same damn page. My campaign people that are right now he gets a shot in the arm never going back the glory and I called. The our problem not respecting the flag code and they constantly bring it up. When you know and they're arguing her into the tried college again like well. Having on any item of clothing or having it on anything that was like why their bottles. And well suited I would say as they stick that in your opinion that's right but not gonna sit there say not mean. Three can of bud wise with a American flag is not disrespecting the flag. It's just an opinion of stop the big it is that the fact he's thinking that everyone is on the same page here in this country. Now I'll know he's on the stadium page look around right. Everyone's offended by everything so why does make this AptarGroup is that the people aren't offended by what most people are offended by an exit freaking. It's chaos so Megan understands the policy understands the difference of the first amendment rights to. Ditch about the government are right you can do that and in our society. Arm and she understands the difference between that and when you're on the dime of of an employer. Yet because she supports what Colin capital experience for she thinks he should be and Alex fronts or backs that's what's going on you Lou. There's a split and some people that the bed agree with certain views to one aside a certain it'll. We have to make exceptions we have to open and the people is that there's a note we can't we have to close that gap you have to put your heart. And that's why none of this stuff is gonna get accomplished. Thomas in Chicopee hello. Oh it's. My question and I heard this what are they good at duke players turn around. That's the suspected of that's. Yeah it W their interpretation. Against our rule like great okay first bought the veteran are right. And I have no problem with the meal. OK. I. My old switch to the constitution not to black no matter what anybody. That's feel weak OK did you in the minority. Cox yeah. What act. I'll be always. You wanna start an argument go to VFW and give your opinion like. Being a negative one. OK but anyway what what can be little do they just turn around a great turning around is more disrespectful. Than Neil. They already said that negative did the governor late that you know I don't believe it the Twitter. The public well in Italy the general public response to a letter alerting all I think it's okay they game's gonna have a quarter or use our Leslie. Hardin I mean I don't other noted that 80% say yes but you're right now we're talking about like the inconsistencies in just thinking that. All will be able to identify with disrespect. Matt Light feels it's being in the locker room is disrespect. Andy's body not the only one person 37. Sort c'mon he's on record right now saying nothing was accomplished in effect I think it it is absolutely it's like the freaking a hundred times worse yes. It always figured out what is it. That they still don't know this golf rule and what is. At that. I you know I'm never gonna everybody you know today is what today's Thursday it is Thursday and related to a Thursday we will get little Red Sox can and more importantly. Coming up really yeah OK yeah. Given up in the all the actors and by the way we have a we have another major celebrity that I think is instead. Here you slow rumored as a lot of women coming forward saying that he was an inappropriate stuff his job at it as one of the best generators and every single movie ever Siegel and generosity. Do we know why did you OK. With the best barrier although we are. Are are coming up at Stephens. Import more on this vote who's Campbell got a I'm gonna have to pull a lot of voices off of the movies and commercials and everything emails. I'll do that coming up in the next hour as a Christian these were giving away a pair of tickets to see the rates.