OMF - The Celtics are still on track with their development, but won't make the ECF this year, 10-18-17

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Wednesday, October 18th

HOUR 4 - We get back to some Gordon Hayward/Celtics talk and discuss how much of an impact this injury has on the long-term plans for the team. Fauria thinks that there is no way this team can make it to the Eastern Conference Finals without Hayward. Tom E. Curran does his bi-weekly hit with the guys. Tanguay makes some ominous statements about WEEI. 


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Beats Fort Wayne and moaning and forty. This season's over with clay and Lou and Christie addicted meeting and as a future wondering if I swear to god and you'll underestimate greatness I haven't listened would you ever consider coming on the morning show notes and they ask you. No I just think there was some element of disloyalty there and that's all I didn't just pop up what would you want word to describe. Minot failed kind of elder minicamp and I have been orders from on high. They get to break that we haven't we go to break the break that bigger planet I'll start that right now it's like seven minutes after the figured it needs that and come back to it. Great job I was on the finger I was going to tease and so that was sort of the beginning it. On Sports Radio WEEI. Benefits sentinel goodness that was meant. Which is true that once it starts girl with the last name on the surface it's kind of like. Quote cheap way of just because somebody that led to a I don't know your last there's no result and at all. When that partly that's his view let's go. To screen here I'm pretty sure at some point be the morning is reached out. That's courtesy of someone to see people are. The city water shortage Curtis actually allowed to weed out a text exchange which on which shows that Johnson no thank you to joining us and so John. It's actually lied when he wants and he wants to work we are references if you're gonna get back into the business line it doesn't wanna work with it since his four. You know. Why were out of yeah I'd wanna done yet on this that you guys on does that happen. To anyone on you want to you know John Diaz and absolutely okay. Of the 1 morning drive with you don't do not only here on this is gonna don't know he's he's we saw him do some film work on and get John. Back on the morning show that one day not one day it only like a real big like reunion band that broke back with him. The getting a call on the list goes over to what makes your gonna yell what do all of independence that's the only eagle it like the Eagles. Question that you get these questions about a sailor what. Can I I didn't get ahead of this after everything I have a way of gist. Getting what I want works so well that awareness steadily getting what I wanted us to human resources and rigid paper the other aisle soon. It happened Watson like so yeah Doug Johns and it's on Tino at 11 o'clock first time he's been on the station here. In over a year and you can hear that were playing week we've got an upright it's. The via the audio and that even comes in clear that you lied dot com. Are you wanna hear. And obviously we talked an awful lot about the accord Haywood injury. Obviously gruesome glory can use all the words you want when. A body part is going into an opposite direction from where it's supposed to go to is nothing. That looks worse she saw Paul George saarc which on livingstone's are given where let's start with one of my children by the way one time fell off of Tripoli. And the elbow was in hand was going on out and when you see something like that. It's all worst unit which will ya exactly reached out put India in the end unless there's some serious. Complication. Here which would ligament blood vessel something like that. He's going to be back there yet any and so the bigger picture if you look at the bigger picture of Anastasia ethics department should probably not partially not at all the site but the bigger picture means. But the Celtics are still on tarmac for where have they wanna be. They made the trade in the off season gave up Isiah Thomas three years old didn't carry your friends to get the younger player to get a wider window here of opportunity. To be able to win the championship. I don't think the bigger picture has changed one out also that it mark I wanted to assure you if you thought the Celtics gonna win this year I don't like. I know Cleveland fell apart the second half probably because his Scalabrine said date at lap who lost interest in the game. That's good that team when I get Isiah Thomas back if he's healthy they're gonna begin goods this year. They're gonna be damn good it's a better team and Jae Crowder is exactly what they need a body. Anger will. You see that team muted the the advantage. As of last night Tristan Thompson JR Smith's jumper Jeff Green Korver. You can sit there and say you know with Dwyane Wade and and Derrick Rose it's a that's the type of team barely changed schedule this year that's Sabatini conceit just coasting in the second half of the season. This of veterans there are when you point oh yes that five years ago this seems unstoppable right but it's not. But come playoff time we know what Dwyane Wade is he's gonna hit big shot but I Derrick Rose I mean there's a lot of veteran guys on their deep. I don't know if they're talented enough I don't think their talent enough to beat Golden State eventually. But they are deep but the panicking we talked about our last you to worry about and this is without Isaiah does a better team and gonna get that they're better this year and you're like. Are given if you think the Celtics are still on track. On because you're there aren't gonna make you make more when it's nutritional in fine. But I don't leader gonna leave they're not going to the championship they're not even there when an east eastern Bosnia and Amanda did not that they are not really on track as the death that's the way that you'd like to think that I definitely a step back you're hoping hampering a lot of unknowns. To prove your point avoid imminent carry Ervin is a better player than Isiah Thomas Isiah Thomas last year took this team to 53 wins. And the Eastern Conference finals in the he had all sorts of issues obviously the depth of the sister. You know the hip problem and of course yet a fraction brain kidney and France are already have an outsider that. And then so we we knew he took him that far. That he didn't have an awful lot they didn't have another automatic offensive weapon. So you tell me what certain. I don't but they did if you added he would NIC it's our he's out there and so now you're back to where you were lashed out here so one person in power lack of house. Come on. OK so it Isiah Thomas 82 when he points a game right. And what was what was a carrier 49 believe it's okay so far so let's call it a push. So now you're adding you still average out okay he's nothing's changed with him reputable polls don't expect too much I would not and utilities water. Yeah have you seen employees have what do we think he's gonna check that because. Enough lies such things are under us there's no way and yelled then. Told you and I and I just this is we Joel does everybody gets what they need it more this is it right we need you. But it's definitely worse than it was last year you had you had guys who you know who were insisting that eight Brad you had Jae Crowder. You had Marcus Morris still do even tell you that Kelly only were we also what you think about it you don't you're getting. You're gonna have a better Jalen brown on the share convention could have been better or what should also wanted game driving those Christian is like you. You've he could be he could sleep better at night is he knew what to expect out of a group last year and if there was broke you don't know yet we would have Jalen brown. Turns in a guy that puts up 29. And I know it's a big what if but you have to wait and see a Tatum I think that's asked a lot it's asking too so I think Egan and I still think they need to use this. Or laws that thing called the eligible of this agency player exception yes great point four million you know I certainly don't like to do not understand is somebody out there that's a three or 45 million dollar player thirteen looks at a veteran guy. Limited minutes yeah I think you need somebody over here and it's to help develop Jason did so you don't have to play 36 minutes in his rookie year at nineteen years old in the NBA but I. I would say that you have difficulty. Finding that guy who really finding that guy. Because he's god he's got to bring something to the table and my guess is he's already on the roster. If he's ready acceptance to the table. Guys that are sent home right now. Are not bring in anything to the table there washed out. Robert Horry and stores shore still available somewhere right policy evenly that he has ended the whole Leo player replacements that you know I think it's like 66 to ten less wins without Hayward. Yeah that's right yes many Acker and I would say about ten I had that I hit ten yeah I read about it and terrible 55. Ranging up to go to and I would go more like 645 sevenths that's enough. I spent tens about a accurate below yes we had originally started yesterday there aren't arrogant they're gonna want it to three gimmick right trumpeted an outline for us so we're exploring every twenty other guys. Now they're not that they're they will not be better than he will not they will not they blow it all last year when he told if they aren't. That part of it's going to go on carrier if they don't just Isaiah without having Gordon Hayward led them to 53 in the Eastern Conference in all those players Donald Ross. He'll get on how are you a union. So what if it Isiah aside to bring a new hiring or don't discount it more strike hurting or banks. Or if hiring Irving gives you exactly what Isiah Thomas gave you write this whatever 6219 points and is able to be 28 ram much is basically the same. If he if he equals what Isiah Thomas gave you. You're hoping that. Jalen brown. Paid down. A Bane is smarts. Rose year. You'll put all those guys K equal. The production that. Crowder gave you that Bradley gave you that allegedly gave view Amir I Amir Johnson which wasn't a lot I get it but still. I mean let's listen may not play a really play rental. Lee Kelly Nolan at one. One big playoff game for our will give him OK and it certainly does replace the guy who constantly. We've got to got to replace him constantly he's fixing his kidneys and you're on my eyes and he's got to constantly put new well I think on a means to me a break. Do something today here's C go up there and run opened on fort picture. But that you're put it that a hero to rush here it's another year in the league he's pretty good place up OK he's only upswing. Marcus Moore dropped the twenty pounds art show thing about a player should be a better player she's got to get better play I just think that the it and if you look at the bigger picture. The bigger picture for the Boston Celtics has not changed met effective anything well yeah hey dad you know there's no way you're gonna call yeah you're gonna get him. Playing time that he would not normally get their head it's definitely good you're gonna escalate he is what he has his Gallagher ahead of schedule. With that injury which you don't it's it's really unfortunate really because if if let's say he did something and and and that timeframe was say three months for Gordon Hayward. Then he could talk what Al really beneficial. This time is for these kids right because that's a three months it can be back in three months will be back in in fed early February and February whatever might be. Now you get three or four months pertain to give a lot of run. For Jalen brown to be a huge impact when he comes back now say new deeper as other guys didn't run them more confident a play the fact he's gone back. I just think is a huge concern for taint them by more so than jail brownish and Lisa for him to. He'll play a full season relied on heavy minutes Jill brown that'd be tough for Tatum. That's too much to ask well yeah it's gonna be too much ass with CNET with rookies and accurate I think is no denying that. And he will have a night where he'll gore scored twenty you're 221 night people get all excited he's ready to turn the corner and the next thing you'll get to win three turnovers away that's what happens the young kids. But he's going to get beat out of necessity. They're not gonna be able to take him out of the lineup. And I think for the bigger picture that's a good thing usually when you're playing with a bad team like Philadelphia you want to get the 32 minutes when you're rookie. Because I have to you know the choice they're building something when you're trying to win games every night. You're the Boston Celtics you're sitting there when Tatum sucks that night or somebody you know overpowering him you take a lot of saudis unless it and I hope you show last night to get them entertainment first first half. 2.0 five shooting seventeen minutes second half. Paul points OK but of course I rebounds nineteen minutes but knuckleball on the second half but Gordon Hayward the statement came in did not get hurt. Peter would have had. Very few minutes probably in the second half he wouldn't have been spending a lot of time because of you prestige got to win the game you're looking at saint Tatum is overwhelmed by the situation pull back the reins right. Now. I'm necessity. He did was going to play through that stuff now is it going to be out a bumpy road this year yes but he's not gonna pay out dividends next year and the year after if he's a really I didn't wanna guy that's he's a really good. What becomes really important if you want to make his money to have an opportunity. Next mark in nominee got 36 minutes 35 minutes last night going off the bench and without him but he said that's Tim comes out maybe he goes to the point you know with. With Tyreke at two you know and now you've got Jalen their so it's a different lineup yet he's not only gonna get minutes but you know that. He was no first half open nine and was a mess is not affect when he came in that game it was still a game. And he proceeded to miss like six shots in a row out of control lost possessions Cleveland put in buckets and Eckstein you don't fourteenth. I don't put all on him but a lot of it was him just shooting missing could get a damn basket they couldn't score. How's how's it changed and that's it. God as they're doing and he's blaming it on pleasing way to when he played defense not typically he was one of those gritty guys got to back into the game right because you bust his balls he's a tough. SOB you don't want to have to change we say got to be able shoot well some say doesn't have to change it. He wants to get paid if he's all pissed I begin extension. While what I pay him if I don't know what he is now a feature original player a great player and proves he shot and edit the pay more. But at least I feel more comfortable that rightly say no them when I'm getting. I love I love his attitude I love the way he plays I think championship. Teams need a player like that fits a need glued to get stuff go and watch the patriots got up and yet it's got to be it was you're gonna be able shouldn't. In this game today your his size you'll have an outside that's a good luck he's a free agent you know you pay him whatever kind of money. You know for like a year or two you bring him in a kind of be that spark. But you get my five year extension. You know fifteen a year 1618 years that's where the and he didn't do the right opportunity to duke two nights ago he said no he passed the he didn't do it always a restricted free agent out there at the end of the the year I'd six wants separate sub 797 editors Teva will take more phone calls Tommy armour and will join us. We'll get the latest apparently the injury situation is not getting better down there in Foxboro could be a problem for Sunday's game will get to that. And the wild meeting yesterday in New York with the young players association and the commissioner who apparently is on the corner reading the Boston glow. Show. How she wins I'm sure I'll be. This is awful feeling amazing you're getting typecast as the next month all show idiot I have range back to more important way Merom Loney and foreign aid on Sports Radio W yeah. Right now standstill in one important to talk about the topic of column Catholic I was told it was street who a bathroom break in and that was being talked about you to deploy a wider her death Raja Bell who was in the meeting was actually reading the paper because that given day but I've been trying to tell the world so owners run NFL not Roger Goodell also ugly. From what I expect to be done nothing and is this is a shame at this point wait a second before you go as charming as one of the Troy got this right. They brought up Colin Capp parade up and they went to a bathroom break pretty much without discussing it yet. Rock and over in the newspaper what is almost. Internally in the NFL office reflective they just placating the players who play games. Let's see if he's got some insight top cover. Our weekly get together brought you by doctor Robert let the V here doctor atomic hour. At 1800. Get here. Did the did you really care about this town. What little they suspect entered into an agreement quote so it's. The thinking being bad. But honestly think about these. Appear in. Level of evidence that we Cologne as too indicate that level. There's interest from the owners somebody told him that right after it was suggested and that since some eighty. Any gender driven comment from somebody who wasn't in the room not Turkey all cordoned all inquiry in no other state couple. Progress that was made I'm not trying to transparency with the owners are doing or where to go. Is doing it and a bulk ENFL's bottom line trying to stem the tide. Conversation about the National Anthem. By two meets. Whole wheat disingenuous to say. That the owners. Convene. With no interest whatsoever in hearing players it's it's it's tiresome and I think what we call on it's actually Smart and that's all surprised that. That's the attack that you okay. Did you expect them to come out of that meeting with some sort of like new rule new understanding as far as standing in dealing. No and I give them credit for not doing now they're really do because once you're concerned. For what the players are concerned about wanna trying to meet them halfway able to all our. We'll talk about the National Anthem which by now into an even talk about social issues involved are well whether or not. So speech extends to work place prior to what all importers. Final week and reflect this week for the most part. Sending a message. It's bigger than that Tom isn't it when the president he did it again today. The NFL he tweed the NFL is decided. That you will not force players to stand for the playing of our National Anthem total disrespect. For our great country. Most market in that when you have somebody despite being hurt the United States. We'll continue to be were duck and the way you approach this conversation it's not opting out and it's not about disrespect. Now people look at that and register that level this respect I respect their right. It's out of Switzerland over yeah that's everybody's rights those rights. Policies that that's aspect of it. But they're not showing up in New York talk about the infamous certainly there are real. Unease and an issue generally look at. Meet some sentencing guidelines. May be some activity in unison you know this one has done and here you find your money to the picture all. Issues. So why is it done by now Doug ball wants product at various programs why isn't that them by now that's easy if you just want this thing to at least come down. So they get back to business as normal which is what I think their agenda is. Well let's just throw money at it. And and and give the players some empower them to go back into the community and try to address some of these things and maybe they'd stop. Great question I think part of it is the only we will each other don't like thought to each state and into. We're like sending almost all proper monitoring seat and I'm already doing things in the community what are these players asking for. Actually sitting down the table and having them say you know what Richards chairman and people look at that as prevalent as we have a hard salary well. I remember what it was like growing up without a accelerate on this and other black keep on. Trying to get that aspect. And then legal that he is probably more are contagious now. I'm not actually in the notion that which. Because it's like cue ball and demand oracle and and training camp I didn't really feel equity group which young guys go on a book. But there are aspects of life that we don't. Certainly but we're definitely in L owners in color. For the most part because. The color of their skin of the neighborhood which we will read some read out so well so we'll talk about attic. Art and then Mike or religion last those are actually ports. Wharton Garnett to coming out of here much monies and how many meetings you know how he or go to unity. Are you gonna happen I don't want what police officers firing that are you gonna have. Of that scared of the players understand that we saw as. The we were like at an autograph from these it's the police officers on this. And then. And I'm not preach and we've got to believe me. Because I dispute how hard must it. Like trying to. Understand the number of players who feel it makes you not clear that individuals who feel an innate fear. Or law enforcement initially underneath her basics. On the season confusion of the players and said that an invitation was the call cap predict is a lawyer came ounces really there was no indication should call in capita being involved in these talks. It would changing. I don't think so I don't I don't think that he needs to be. But on the other hand that basically she got a purple audience. Which whoever is involved whether the player development people whether he could go itself. I'm. Why. He's not in the life he's not in the least bit excited not is actually higher than those she's currently suing the NFL silence the owners want him there. I agree and that's why he shouldn't be the cardinal players. Speaking with the owners but if you have a dialogue ballot yet yet major reaction. Yeah sometime in the lawsuit develops maybe getting to people. Speak over the table across the table where over coffee together might be more outrageous and having you know move on with litigation. I don't agree. Would cap the next. Notion of collusion. They used out of Mexico. Again the most linguine and basically made. I'm Lou NASA don't regret it wouldn't doctor the meat now and acting as cap and from the story I wrote little potluck today let you do your destruction so. Food on him. Where having the foresight to say I don't like you guys you. Aren't they meeting's concluding today and we'll see if they come through with anything out of it. Let's get to the a football game coming up on Sunday night possibility no Gilmore no role again. Yet at the problem too wouldn't it yeah. Against this team because it's obviously has its own troubles. In the class street names. I was curious each team scored seventeen point lead so they're. But that complement of receivers sometimes let let the. Back up. Rural districts secondary right now we're all old guys. Well aren't used to shatter the record. And interpret our catchers. So by 2015 saint so that that wouldn't be the best thing in the world so them right now. Oh let's see what kind of participation you're getting from Roland and even more so from Gilmore. It's episode hustle that's a wait and see approach for those two guys. What about while McClellan went thus in a column. It's gonna take time would expect and be out there this week because yet start clock started practice and not going to be to go. Are those tickers because I think we Kyle this noise has been somewhat overmatched. Just in everything on Roger. Mentally and being in the right spot at the port site gap but also competitively but this past weekend he played better. Life. I didn't look at it period it being better than climate in 2016. In your guys and it. They were people like really focused on that in much better but I don't think you can you this because it's Turbo boost it. Now seems that Malcolm Mitchell's far off you know is eligible to come back here at some point it doesn't doesn't sound like. Yet they forgot to consider missile my understanding is he had his knee scope. So you'd probably be on the program. All the availability. Yet incisions into doubt that's what we're not abruptly data last week it is running command. Not just the agreement but also without Kevin Coleman who might get their best soccer player some. This is likely yards per touch good. So six weeks in a row this secondary and the entire defense is giving up 300 plus yards through the through the year. That a little bit better the last couple weeks I guess it points against would shock you at all. If Bill Belichick goes and finds somebody out here in the next couple weeks in the next couple of deals we've seen this before. When he needs pieces he'll go out and get it he's got to what Halloween to do. Plus seven yes secondary now. Looks to me like that situation you're going to regard as. Not broken. Don't need to tighten repair. We're in the front seven would not be surprised if they need to move. At some of that speech. You'll be drastic or player that has fallen into disuse but you gave it Harrisburg Portland balance there. Iowa though. Something will give something up for those guys weren't doing anything. On their team unless it was critical perceptual respect secretary somebody wants to go or so where they have. And the penal system slow these guys are absolutely reserve or you know release tomorrow right. So so we know we have the thugs avenue offensive coordinator so. Kyle Shanahan has gone Steve asserts he's in is in. But other than Macs have they changed that much of that team changed that much. You know how much they haven't changed Christian. Mark the last week with seventh. It is to this point eating. I'm gonna come out. There were 33 yard line leading seventeen to fourteen I can't Miami. Gary Matthews. Old. Then with a sack. And then they or aren't and had doubted that the fifty Miami went down our throat period. Very little different at how they're warming at all I mean that is still mentally weak. Incredibly. Weird. I don't get it talk about to see this being a big key big game for them like okay we can get this monkey off our back for both yeah right. The cutest I mean if you don't win next it'll be three straight losses and a months. Against AFC east teams from the loose three and to boost spot for the Miami. Miami after their buy in and patriots it's just this is message and a. While as a cute utes are to really question whether they're not psychologically damaged if you can and you get revenge factor. You union blasting 28 to three scores everybody's throwing it action and as you just said the last two weeks at whole awful on Miami. And you can hear. What that it'd be seriously psychologically damaged. How many teams have the patriots psychologically broke Google gears. If you. In Seattle jets still haven't gotten over at him he's so isn't this a bigger game for Atlanta than it is for no we're looking at it right now waiting trying to figure out when this team is going to get it straight and and and get their act together put so much bigger game I think for the falcons now. Completely completely because it's who you're playing in which you can listen to what we want to tune in to pitch its interest in do. That Bill Belichick he's pretty good enough sums press conference and you can tell right now the key it's. Very. Bare bones today Sebelius. On Friday nick sent in mutual thus. But he doesn't want to engage in anything that he doesn't have to players same way terrorist. He's heard enough about twenty. Sixteen. And already the Sudanese are not about how to support efforts to meet Christian it's beyond current some of the comments made. I wish you pull out or I'm not enough. Securing the expectations now are not all you're about how disappointing you guys are give a crap. You know it's on given the timing of that and an injury and he looked his office and might take a lot road and use they're attributes where they do well cooks the Hogan deep six weeks in. He's surprised there hasn't been like. You're getting rid of the ball quicker instilled a deep shots. A ticket just throw throw the ball up for grabs late hasn't been an adjustment with some of these guys. Oh. Chuck student that I think the notion of what wide receiver screens he's cute this team. Wood off the charts and maybe matchup related to look a lot in recent short early in the game against him out of aircraft linebackers were. Back out back safeties. Are we gonna get some good defense is meg gonna go against me cattlemen would apps will be understood we limited. Instantly in the Super Bowl because they need him to all want Stockton on Jones on him and it got Robert guy underneath. All throughout. First half and eventually Grady was forced to go to the perimeter. But I think some of which related to look. Hear tell that he's such as planned out are stops on the perimeter. Besides that. All our guys would operate the little. Would really be what you guys have to be passed that your little RM dole out there and James White. I don't think you have a closer look at the great task that your organs to like. Cooks use fairly high cut guys that excel in the middle and radio artists cooks in Hogan at that time and we saw behind them a lot so. You thank you look at these schemes and say why don't they do best. And but it also that's finite amount of time you have in order to make sure our sense locked so that doesn't work on first album out second and tried to. Some news of an idea behind me people are talking apps so on capitol and get everything they want to read. You can get dumb on NBC sports Boston with that wonderful head of hair thanks to doctor Robert Levin in his words I'm able electronic waste dump we're talking about and if not the right. And Le let let let her today yeah. Where to go into her owner Marie Rivera who you wanna stay so does the saints are well at the mentally you know challenged team and maybe that is damaged psychologically it's Paquin gave on said that it's Super Bowl tape arrears commute big part of the preparation should. Looking at that all week long off a second and you throw out enemy like using that tape and what happened in that game. And having it be a big party game but I agreed should be but just having to re watch that all weeklong. To prepare for the student rootkit be okay in the war shoehorn everything about that team based on that. Because if if you got balls you got guts you got grit you gonna come out and you can play all the game last night homered on a variety dissidents who were twenty to three. It's not a bullet the patriots it's really what we did souls a special back you know why did we run here what are we direct. Geez we screwed up eagle Ohman and people he suffered huge classic crown you tricky so that you know a signal to us that you did god do we start this thing until I assume that that is like a note how many times this week either got to watch this film like in right. That they went back and I collect can't believe this happened all of you can do one situation consider him a film session employment and Kyle Shanahan employment on Dan Quinn fugitive run afoot. On the fourth quarter where all the clock we can sit there and say those methods did this aren't you take a five step drop it. Play. So my guess is if Atlanta loses this game on Sunday night after losing the last total with a seventeen zip leads in both of those last two games and seventeen nothing lead last week against Miami they're cooked they won't not make the playoffs they lose this game Sunday night. Out of the play out the marketing John glad she could really have some fun with us yes as far as just you know be as they can play a sound thing to dictator collier has got a video declare that's what I'm you don't dream though video I'll tell us via. All go back what's at Chicago on 28. Norris street you know what I don't have a different numbers I we're learning hello. Section has segment whatever we do go to go here toward him alone and forty. Ain't nobody even talking to you on Sports Radio we yeah. You shouldn't the rumors he was old enough for their break who won. The station. Or stations. They go to him some he's got some really decades. Wanna do that now. I wouldn't I so I wouldn't you know would be reopen any releases. I would be to other real estate agent I was some people. All of these things rumors. It worked so route they wanna go so well I'm so what are building an idea of buildings and thing. Worked out so well for ten with the first time around and now Dave Wright and Obama and use of her for mother's. Plus it affects that out Ria I aliases. That breading ground. It was us our rights because that's. Encouraged the other pieces if fitness is or is it we did not get to that silly hip. The video ready last night. To welcome back ivory Irving to Cleveland and but they never played you know now since it is the excuse now that this horrific injury happened. Today woods and therefore not gonna play the video was that it just bad taste maybe city discount was was on the right because there are setting them up anyways. Think so also the room. And realize your fan based doesn't really want to have this guy every tummy tucks the ball they booed of empathy we're yeah they did so do you think that the bowling suddenly. Acknowledges that get you anywhere similar you know I don't think it was any reaction leading up to opening night the Celtics had carrier and returns and yields that. For weeks they were talking in modern at least the week leading up or at least that 3234. Days leading up to with the quality said you know one. I don't think our fans really want to understand now. Augusta I should know it's and they started blowing it was like a problem is that it probably if I don't you think that was that I got the they Hayward and because I think it kind of writing him off from Cleveland well you know after he would went down they would do to get through his first stoppage in the in the first quarter. And so therefore they deleted and then they finally said well the importation. Could possibly be that I tell you I thought Cleveland crowd won't win stomach that he would and they reacted. You know obviously I want and they say they felt that this board. So carrier and got a kind of a free ride they run early in the game but the what you think as the game went along the kind of forgot about. No yeah why I don't may be. Because after hey we're got hurt they just society known looks bad former or better than that it's. Or from cleaver from the land we don't do that anymore right now but they stop bullying him. Because initially was boo boo boo every detestable. Now when they put the crowd reaction in the Cleveland bench reaction was unbelievable names because when you're looking at a women's go one way down south you know it's wasn't Illinois that's. That's really been so they celtics' home opener tonight they're taking on. The grit free tonight in the Milwaukee Bucks and so the boys are over to 'cause way port deals they're dale. So I don't I don't really and call us a better success rate outlook sent a smaller Jerry tang went. Close to English close I think saying well I don't know felt apples at all as a matter successor. To waste thinner and not anymore credit then it's easy for a little chubby today and like drama negatively impacted backs storage payment first of the yes well they don't ActiveX issue fewer back to you Ortiz who thriller pride. I'm actually at this I had not sorry at the corner of Lancaster possibly act causeway that. One week we hear hopeful that on its flight schedule we will talk to you is Kevin Harlan. That's I think the AT&T apple things last night was about. As well as you can handle it under the circumstances talk. Only said that they were gonna show it at halftime and then they really didn't show they showed it and totally different thing I didn't show period no I kind of civil war and you give the wanna but I I. Listen it was available online you can get it anywhere you want you consider that you could see that him. What what was talked about this one with one year's top the hour but this is an annual we have a meeting every year at the beginning of the currencies. About just this how will how will we handle it if there's something catastrophic that happens out on the ice. And and I'm Imus AT&T handled it about the way we would have at NASA and as well we're trying to fill in Dino so holiday schedules we keep your fees Yzerman isn't he is America. To find never off tell you the truth I don't know if I can I unlike you Glenn my yacht vacation time didn't it grant. Bothered really so all around. I hate that some of the grant funds although it was no kidding here you you're getting. You know you're only slightly less time and an ally that would give him. I crossover was for a few mice and men as money that now. Was we'll see you tomorrow morning you and me here right here. When I have the orders from on high. Get to break it out and we go to break up break that bigger let Alice thought that right now it's 27 minutes after the figured it needs that and come back to. Breaking up I was on the finger I was going to tease Kurt go let's go this what's to disagree with exco will listen let's play with no I want.