OMF - Celtics comeback from 17 to beat the Warriors, extend win streak to 14 games, 11-17-17

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Friday, November 17th

Hour 1 - The guys kick off the show breaking down the Celtics huge comeback win over the Warriors last night at the Garden.  Charles Barkley claims that this Celtics team isn't as good as last season's team, but Lou thinks they'll be in the finals.   After such a big win and a 14 game win streak, is it outrageous to start expecting the Celtics to be in the NBA Finals next June?  The guys also discuss Jaylen Brown's breakout performance following the death of his best friend Trevin Steede.


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About fifty. Health club average. Daddy did die this season with a glint Lou and Christian this team right here they put 03 or anybody it's hard they would not be Cleveland. There will not be Toronto and how might you save the world. Listen play in stealth work eight to 32 does not go happened four times seven game no disrespect I'm not moments of my favorite recent conference lesser attained. It was better than this table got on sports re. He'll WEEI. Just reach out to candy man and all the other victory teams as far as. I don't know what you have to lose of those fronts not a dog man that was on the boy made the whole game if I believe you made the whole game yeah orders. It loudly why would you wanna leave some like to have us didn't want legally order a one Italy last night was Brent there I don't know he wanted to get is an outpouring have you might want you Kelly and he has them. Before he is. Never boring yes yes almost born till he goes boring yes yeah that you worked here it's okay yeah playing like obesity and we rank and all these other analyst. And we just doesn't forget about the best analysts because the game and it is needed basketball completely easy broadcast analysts like I'm surprised you did an interview you miss this thing the at the great Marv Albert he's graced terrific. More of you you've got to learn the players' names before you do the game that it can't beat the bearded one and the little one in the tall quietly better if it was what was so usual doesn't name last night. Or shall you think that's good Boston is. Ending Shimmy when it all wrong I'll ask you this because I was at the game and I missed the telecast the commentary and pointing out the analysis of it. Sold one of two things either happen either Golden State wide interest cried all game long both files will ref Rees Rauf. You know you tell me which one it locked and I are showing replays of the consumer grade because they show replays I figured that there are bad calls. Well they shelled out there referees were great lust that it's here a lot of that on the tee and preferences you can do OK would you. I'll definitely be a game that was physical ought to be. To start with but then you know lots of back and forth couple runs to come from high. And it's funny you mentioned that about the telecast device. Like. As I know there's a game going goes off somebody check has holes it was off if yeah it. He's got to be really care Christian they're the only two it's like you stoned yeah so is Google important. Now that they were the the the only two people. That were in attendance that did not feel that this was an exciting game. It was a stunning and it was a volatile don't really get about it I. I'd I guess it's just chalk it up for maybe apple could hear the fans screaming with idea a knowing period. I had no idea that they were treating it like it was just another whole home game and I do edit its early in the season game with sixteen or whatever. But it was a terrific game last night to report. Was it was a ten above soup in a six minute mark of the third quarter. It wasn't great while they were dead date that's one goal as they went on a run on the whole game. We after the six Upton but the six minute mark of the third quarter again it was physical state while security chief strategist. They're showing them that they saw this can't be right and Jim Brown decided to just take it game over in the middle that third quarter had that like five position run whatever one's. But it that pointing is that the other down seventeen again in the third annual like this is just the dismissal of them now. This do you concede to rant talking trash to the kids. The everybody dream always talking trash to dictated it just it just seemed like the images that it would just be you know posting how will that all of a sudden it just switched and why does a round was the answer. Yeah I agree to because it was like here all the noise again as undefeated streak going to shut the mode right from the beginning you know like guide they're playing really hard and right now that something's a little overmatched and all the shots and Al Horford was making they were not going and sold that was an issue in the market Smart oh my god please don't shoot the ball. Com and then up and I know I know oriented. I know you have some for Kate you know for its people stand and it's like hey I'm. It's that they said that that was enough and it was like OK yeah we are respected and schemes the players. Was almost like well you know whatever we showed in the first quarter we really want to play all four quarters and we just kind of late in aid. In last record for scores which in Egypt we really play the playoffs. And may be I don't know what. I'll say is there was a picnic at the half right it was a five point six point game at half path and finicky about a third quarter and in my camp it's just. Is it that point it was like OK you'd bench is a plane theirs. On the starters come in it was just stated you were to derail it was taking over at that time. But then it was jail Brown's timlin was is us. Our understanding is of those clouds around pretty good. But he was outstanding Jalen brown was the best player in the fullest and he was better than Kevin Durant because when they needed when they need from all facets of the game. See you know what had this debate people talked about this and I think people have gone. A little bit overboard on on tape him I don't blame this item has been for nineteen years old has been off the charts. And I didn't expect the and they talked a lot about this before the game we talked about it yesterday the thing you wanted to watch as the young kids how they're gonna react to get a game like this against big time talent whatever. And did not surprise me that Tatum was overwhelmed future early on in the game it was it was oh my god it never seen anything like this. The only time I've ever seen these guys is one of sitting near. You know playing an NBA two K this is unbelievable. And by the great thing was that Brett Stephens put him in the game. In the fourth quarter it's those little things that Brad Stevens does you know people talk about how much influence he has in the game. But that move that he made later on in the game to get them back out their kids are not given up when you put back out there. But Jalen brown last night. Talk over exact game in the third quarter blocked shots so defense shut them down scored inside score outside. You know the hustle plays the 5050 placed he did everything. And so when he when you look at that we looked to some of the does the college is odd numbers right. We think about this game so staff curry Klay Thompson eight for 32 hats of to occurs sells three to fourteen right so. Andre Iguodala with a minus eighteen golds they shot eleven of 32 from three point range on Boston. 32 point 9% from the field. On eight percentage points worse than the warriors. And of lawyers had more points in the paint more fast break points the same number of turnovers Moore says in the ice and he still lost so what you just look at that. Both teams played pretty crappy. Right so what the hell's the difference. Well a. Always a crappy I would say that when you there in person he EC's Golden State is a very good defensive team yes. There are very could be a big big gain after I mean there was a Perry talked about it afterwards about having no room whatsoever. I mean you guys that terrain using his length and in Klay Thompson and big they get after it defensively so I would say it was ugly offensively because I think you're dealing with two very good teams. Defensively. If they get gold state last night in that game I mean it into playing defense want to shut this team doubt. So I think the defense of both teens a reason why social ya I think that was that it was choppy game because there was no space out there. Bullet holes autism and a non of course they post it here right away. That's like ten seconds to realize it's out of denial and everything he's done as the process that it right away here's what and it did last like a tendency technically not lasting coincidence that you and your exam here this or is it just isn't you look at who they don't. Hutus and maybe it was like two seconds but getting back to the point there was there was no space out there. And but the one thing I would say that I would worry about in the future you just brought up Christian. Staff carry was three of fourteen Klay Thompson was five of eighteen they were really struggling from three point territory. Thompson was three of political back and look at those a lot of those were wide open a lot of those beyond the three point stripe boating on points but a lot of war. A lot of work as they were in transition. Typical Golden State to come up in transition they pull up and take that shot right away if they make some of those shots it's a different game. Everybody's doing different games just Sosa you're so we make sure you're correct because he's in the defense but the Celtics. Had nothing to do on nights and admiral said the defense last night was terrific for the Celtics so I don't sleep I think although I think the defense is the difference in this fourteen game winning streak. That are the reason they want fourteen generals not their office it is your defense at times they have difficulty score they did yesterday in the first half that long because that's his direction. And you looking Golden State gold they led the NBA averaging almost 120 points a game. Boston on the other hand defensively limiting the best and definitely if only somebody or. And they held. The warriors to 88 point Gershon accommodation last night of great defense by the Celtics would you cable and defend Golden State when they come down the war in transition but at what rate is six feet behind the three point as. That got a big Tuesday and they said that after his clay Thompson is a combination of all you know very physical team very good defensive team we've missed a shot that's exactly you got to remember too when he talked about guys like to Rand guys are Klay Thompson doesn't staff. When they're covered their open. I'm old that they hit shots that they normally the only shots at dated nation does a guy in their face and it's a little shocked they Thompson. The don't he doesn't need much space the quick shots they was stepped curry to rim with his like. So yeah it was great defense. But that seeing some big bring that same to have a defense another game and it can all shoot well it's him and they are all contestants these guys have that good. Not so I think those players popular pick basic I mean out there wasn't much space but. I don't need much in the past I just missed some shots. Yes yeah I look at what's on Steve Kirk after the game to talk about being tough and and being Smart. And they're big they're now and may be held Steve curse is blown smoke in Paul Gator ready when he talked about how he would label this team. But they were just tougher than. Smarter than words I've ever played great defense and rebounding while to it was a fouling out I finished 38. They've doubled large. Couple of yeah see that's that's what I that's that's what outlook report I think if you Bret Stephens Okie that's what it takes your your tough first the ball. And you're Smart yeah I think there are some bad calls in that game yes but ultimately that's what it is that's your foundation. I mean that is Bill Belichick picture as I want Smart tough physical players and that's what he has right now. They were just tougher. Smarter were. And I guarantee that it goes state he walked in the locker room for the most part there was a lot of privately a lot of discussion reference. Privately. I think it was getting to that on YouTube views these are not really gonna bring a great description that Clinton wasn't the Kyra that final drive yet with the rate is that a drop the oh Jalen brown was you didn't block. Just it was it was a Klay Thompson to handle all on all the rest of the ball enough on the ball on all its review should not all all holes on the equity and all percent a guy I don't see when at all but I saw how much you were bitching about calls that is getting it was it was like I guarantee privately that that was. Ticket yeah there's. At a game they said. Six treat those listen I don't I don't I don't think you it is anybody's gonna come to the conclusion we talked about this yesterday. Celtics have matched up well against Golden State for the last three years but nobody's gonna take last night's game and try to come to the conclusion I don't want. I think the Celtics could be Goldstein worries in the seven game series and can really go over bullet. Really going overboard pays to know much of it OK let's play fickle stay out of the mix. But you gotta like you gotta like the fact that it was a conference on talking Eastern Conference and his team won't yet be able here's what I really love. You're down seventeen not once but twice in the game. If you could have easily just you don't folded at that point and and you didn't you still need whipped and jailed in and Jalen what's Brock often. Region off the charts. Was overwhelmed over I was probably one of the first times that the first time this year yes I think you'll liking nineteen you know the first half of the Cleveland game but in the south and he played well it's ugly out yet and that's kind of assumes first game in the NBA you know she expects him but. Think he walked up on the court. And solid director had a money ass it rated tip off almost he looked at it like pieces have been. To read this standing next to the duke last year watching having to re at this unsuited for the ongoing. Oh my god and you hurt him at the game music wanting knows that's 69. He's a lot bigger than NASA you know so you can just see it at the beginning of the game. If he put it get under I think he actually got the file an unbelievable movement and they called follow directorate was in him that early on he couldn't. You won the Al all the little head fakes he he's lost an item was an actual cut early but does anybody is anybody even concerned about that I mean. That is expected he's ninety orders followers time he showed to me yes and its first game you showed again they'll think they'll be game she'll have difficulties nineteen years old. So he's an exceptionally young rookie this is gonna happen I think in the end I still think the Jalen brown is going to be the better play and it they're both going to be terrific. The reason I say that is under Tatum will be the better shooter but he it was not does not have the athletic schism. The Jalen brown Gary Brown is an analyst. The reason that there it goes it whenever you start talking about it he's OK who's better tailored or Tatum if I say Tatum and I do believe Tatum. That is why don't you like jail it and answer that's not it doesn't they are great usually do it round why don't you liked it enough. I but I think it paid him last night yes Jim Brown was a man into the accused nineteen. But the shot. Would you brown shoots the ball like he did last in a couple of threes. That's stacks that the next level for this right consistent outside shot and he's on his athletic in defending big whoop. I think it can already shoot. I think you Larry Tate who. Yeah no it's free throws a 90% in the yeah if you ignored a column you know Butler and people have done that that's what it is already in fourth quarter guy get published on three point shooter if you can develop a three point. Each shot then he develops an extra layer to his game the pot or doesn't have to be that that's part of the confidence. That we had the numbers the other day of June of Jason paid him in the fourth quarter. Off the charts right at 50% from the floor. I really don't think the last I think he was five for five from the line in the fourth quarter. And get one for two from the field but. So he struggles all game long but the confidence that he is build in the fourth quarter. I think allowed bred to put it back up their reform I don't get it going to say listen this is your time you Madonna and a fourth quarter all year. I know it's been a tough third three quarters for you this is your temple because you look like a different player I tell you what I don't know why guy we saw guys. I don't know why put him in the fourth quarter but he had to go just so much success yes he had the guts to do it enough company nosed kid well enough. And it's it was fine in the fourth quarter was McGrady still was a little bit timid taking that shot pitcher right to get to the free throw line. And he made some key free throws down the Donna struck attrition which is from an a plus minuses and I think when you look at plus minuses in the NBA there's so deceiving. You could just happened to be part of that group on the floor. When Jalen brown goes off a little less than it was a zero exhibit here buffalo about OK so let me give you this one and thanks to Boston sports info elect a market Smart over the last ten games. And she field goal percentage is 23%. Says ten games this is all but a pretty big sample right. Sure it is inside the three point line so two point shots 22%. Would you go. Opt out and three point territory actually been slightly better reported 4% 00 but over the last ten games. Who do you think leads the Boston Celtics in plus my eye on markets through. Plus 119. So is seen Ben real good. And those shooting numbers you just deceiving or the plus minus numbers. Made them Murdoch shot that he took in that game I swear to god I was like. First of all he. That point 42 clock doesn't start yet and he shoots it right it's like days to get that shot up redemption it's art but just. Just complete with just completely shaking off the rim. To me that was the first indication that he should just okay heat check time I don't shoot anymore. But your first shot was such a bad miss. Good mrs. good misses I hit the ball kind of you know zone we try to rattle us that the dog has dropped all this is a bad. He's got three or shoot three took. The try to draw the folic he'd jumped into the guys' interest chucked it. And in the let's console ball shot should all these energy to it like to do so far you don't but my grandmother America professional. She's a machine that basketball. Gay bashing Ingraham gives its and that's where you get your ass questions asked with a few hundred once and she's played back in patterns. And when she played basketball three girls. Could be on each side of the court will play offered some three girls to play defense and you couldn't cross half court back in the day. That's what smarts it. You should play defense this nation later in the nation let him leave me the half court when he finished his commitment to have our half court what you just can't let them play defense shoot it to you can't shoot anymore. Legends come up with a nickname for OK why did you just come up with some heating his nickname I don't. Why did you model any schools some all of our score away one point. Enforce it one point okay it was a hard earned one point public affairs of our goaltending so he's minus one and tell me what held. Like ivory was so surprised he made unbelievable move late in. Rear back you know kind of critical everybody's all excited to get back and say no basket as. Including a basket of handcuffs or settle up all your year your body their markets not percent. Jump. Happened inside so I push it back to want to. You know maybe they tell you what's going to make if he goes through twice she did an extra two points for single handedly tried to stop somewhere. Nobody does and I think that you Smart daughter recently he is a game changer a pit bull and but he makes it and it is what we can be single Italy offensively he tried to destroy some of the runs that yeah. I agree so here's what he's got to be able to still shoot. It's appeared on don't shoot it no you cannot give in short game pick on a listen it's easy if he doesn't shoot I don't have to cut you shoot three shots you get priorities seem that now wants a ball what to do it as a leaving them out there and permanent winning -- reports kid gets a little funky looking shot Cilic. At an all day there are too many scores isn't there an issue Christian just that good shots bad shots. Marcus Moore when the clock is down and you're down in the clock is taken away at 432. Again you've got to take that shot. But I don't take shots when the clock is just started. All right you've got to move the ball around I like what he brings to the table. He brings that nasty gritty this that you need out there and before that physicality that that goes that was by the about after the game part of that was market Smart. That's all good stuff he's got to still be able to shoot the old guys. Because if you don't then it allows the other teams say screw the market smarts and game went and disciplinary that is that it I don't we can win. There's gonna shoot. The other things that he doesn't really have a strong to the Basque team right he says or does he get swatted the army strong he's what other people. But I guess you can after he took that shot. I was like before the seasons are like you know forget it he is who use EB eleven full years you just say literally just hated throughout the whole season. Because he just frustrates you. For what he does every bad because of the good things to get that you might deploy after the president hit a couple series where you're like oh well I don't originally. You need to use you forget about that want. But he usually makes up for and towards the game especially towards the end of the game 11 point need to be hard to come by every shot needs to be contested. That's your guy. We you'd just don't want shorting it and she lives and never should defensively yes did after it after clay BBs be scrappy find that your role. Every now they're just like late Alan you've got to get my little ball rates and got he's got to at least get that huge idol but not the fourth. Quarter no. All right we get to the phone calls and get your reaction hell of a game last night to bed print Barry couldn't move couldn't realize it you know there was a game on I was at that was embarrassing. Real heroes just. Just awful. Terrible flat line the whole game slot on nepotism that sort of I'm very sure working the business god there Rick Perry Eric Berry Joseph Barron. I 6177797937. We'll talk about the Celtics to open up we'll get into a lot of patriots big game coming up in Mexico City. On Sunday we got a lot of that coming up as well Michael board joins us at 1230. Keep up with the show on Twitter back away and that's on WEEI. Before during and after this you go oh are. Let's get you back to morals or waiver of loading and 48 right now much Sports Radio. Earning kind of world this team won thirteen straight day they would not be favored in Eastern Conference. Not me I'm not even talking about Cleveland. I'm not sure they can beat Toronto or Washington. Clockwise so called on the I'm just does that I don't know rather well and he's game for this team right here they put 03 or anybody's heart. Listen they want search in a row you to get off to a what they would not be Cleveland. We will not be Toronto. And I might say it was clay and stealth work eight to 32. Does not go happened four times seven game we'll disrespect. Not Charles setting not a child is setting himself well the first Cutler's pass. In the particularly if Bob yes he was not a big fan of the pregame show we did the pregame show. If I remember correctly he was they asked who was gonna win again shall come and go stay in Kidman it was well you know. Eight he had he really did a much respect for the for the Celtics so. Here's the thing though so he he should though. Because I saw this guy weakness this out who's the sickest he's caller sampling of gains vs Boston's defense this season and some of the players the elite players. The the you know comparable I'd guys they'll all go all stars right. So Carmelo Anthony. He was three of 1718%. U boats and stepped Kurd we saw last night 314 prisoners who shut him down your boy every now believe thirteenth. Too well MB for sixteen Klay Thompson five of eighteen was for 720. So this old numbers are by accident and me it's like OK who's your best player who's your most dangerous player were gonna show you guarantee you out of the game that's so familiar to you. At all so when when when Barkley says they're saying I I can't do that for some. Tea. Yes your shot be a little bit better hopefully you're on point. But they've shown since the start of the season that they can take any team's best player and shut them down. Defensively and put security first thoughts Charles and charles' going to try to make outrageous statements so that everybody talks about it the next game were falling right into the trap. He actually believes. I mean how desperate on the planet and outrageous piece of course I gonna go eight prepared to drive that all that he's right on these. He's writing and reading and try to figure out a couple times but wait a minute series it's no different then and will start getting the phone calls today when the Celtics are gonna go to the NBA finals now but yet. If there are. OK so you think they're gonna go. But I'm like before the I'd like to wait you did say that yesterday I'd like to wait to see what Cleveland looks like we don't know what the real Cleveland Cavaliers look like do we. And seeing the real no you don't know until there's a problem when when will we know probably February march by February I think you'll get a good idea we'll have only probably fifteen games that point no I think they're they're now talking to bottom based on what I -- yesterday to see the of the new video that's out there the the book of lies lives in this note as well there are organizing your toes and the video. But oh so its argument that they're talking to Zach Thomas as a book and let's get a video at division of middle of the middle of December through talking about legitimate interest in Thompson's back. They're good at the know how to play with the each other hell of a lot better when you get into January and February. Of an idea Ali but he can look at right now. And say based on sixteen games this is the team let's go to meet it's a wild. That you can you can say whatever you wanna guess but it's kind of a wild take this appearance this is the team is it that deck as a sixteen and why isn't that why because you don't learn anything through sixteen regular habit and I sleazy and learn is that it's talented it's a lot better it is a lot more talent. Held the only negative. The only negative. On this team is shooting a market Smart. Why is it that outrageous. To say that this is the pain that it was it was so great which is called they are where they are today are outrageous act it's toot toot at this point of the season. To kinda determine are they going to be in the mix there's absolutely no question the going to be the next can they beat those teams that Charles rattle off. Shortly to beat those teams that that's outrageous to say they can't so what is it there. What Charles it is ridiculous say they have no chance against Tyrod to the party beat him like. No chance against what Washington that they beat them as Ronald Kyra yes. OK so you. But but to sit here and and try to look at the landscaper says all got a clearer picture of what's going on right now in the east. Can't do that to the first sixteen games. I said this continuously. I'm amazed. The Celtics are playing hard core defense night in and night out its other hurdles in the first quarter of an NBA season. These other teams are doing it by the way. These other teams will start doing that when you get into the second third and fourth quarter of the season. And we're gonna see totally different play out of those teams Celtics are doing it right now they're motivated. At bay you know ranking up to what to Brad Stevens this ain't nice in and night out. Are contesting every single possession. You watch these other NBA games you do not see that you see it would go instead a lot and even take time off so ethics and not taking a possession ought to throw. Not it's not really hole right down the best right LT yet it's not so hard to be the best defense team. This early on the seat in the beside because nobody's always wrong but nobody's really play India if you really want to they're doing it. You really want a true victory pure ignorance of metric that you should just hate fourth quarter defense that's right that's everybody goes from 70%. Christian right because I love what do not only their clearly there. I saw him every single. Is that the way you see. The way I see is they're doing something that no other team is doing in the league right now they're playing around and I love about it did go statement dress up last. They did for a while they did early on and as I stop I you don't want you know what I think they got to the point last night and got them into trouble. Where they sat there and said you know want. This is easy it's not what we thought they were celebrating. Just their bench did you see what they were doing a punt on clearly thanks inside off the it would dollar reversed and I love that they were going crazy it was like this is just like to. Candy from a baby so this is nothing and they got themselves in trouble. Because they didn't take the Celtics seriously it'll there down by two starts on the fourth quarter take a quarter series. The fourth quarter I thought they took serious and they were already because they were troubled as Jalen brown just went ballistic and 34 meters even game I mean. It's an even game. They they they kept the Celtics in the game in the way that they play the Red Sox had troubles are completely disagree so the show troubleshoot south let's go to shows a 41 gets it it is Eric. I don't think you'd you'd you'd just you'd chalking this team up is that they try harder and another thing to do either good. Know that how. Allen on the well. Oh yeah great final hours and try I don't know I don't know how are among probably don't know snow you put towards a mama or they are and they are really good. They are really talented okay end. They play harder than any other team in the only okay if you watch these other games you'll see lackadaisical play did you watch Houston and Phoenix last night. That was like an exhibition game that you pick my pick Phoenix. Certificate that was until and unless otherwise awful or that he's in Washington 92 points in the first be an exhibition near the tired leaked to the defensive effort that Phoenix game last night I don't talk about Houston Houston didn't have to put an effort yes well it's always drives markets in your defensive effort every night and that's by the you know what they don't the two could. It could very fluid they're real good. And they did a lot of it last because without carrier ring being able to contribute money so why do you really originally trouble when the east. What which is why is it crazy to think they can when he didn't say they can. Where did you eat dinner I said -- to make a determination right now we wouldn't wanna watch we just do whatever we want slow in every day you can watch sixteen games this one did sixteens on an OK it's what you saw senator and you know it's funny I don't know whether you do that is what I wanted to do baseball this summer and we're talking about the end of April yeah innocent I don't please talk to me JaJuan Argus. Don't talk to me now and April because it terminated in April and what did the ball that we did you know that sixteen games into the season. Or 32 games of the season is going to be different sport. But it solves it it's like for people sometimes in baseball to what you thought you Buffalo Bills. We're going to be heavy and hard I don't know if companies don't you know the little bit and ordered out of Oregon the barren but none out our buffalo. On low body blow with the blocker when we're out of that other didn't. That is an actual no it's in front of her. Ultimate heavy with the buffalo pivot as you waited that's. Example. There are looking at the different guys fall below. And tell the oil is also fair bush later. Baseball you have a very good edited and 200 April. You can have a guy that's a career when he hit it 400 in April and he could sit there's a picnic this is not who they are. This team I pick it is when they are. You'd take it might hit a wall but I've you've seen the talent you've seen that depth you know lol what they car. I expected to change. I don't team's gonna give a they'd better effort come playoffs but the page bill be in the Eastern Conference finals that Iran is going to be the gaffes that. There in the next there and top Echelon mixed right now in the east of Cleveland is underperform other start to get their act together right now. And when they get Isiah Thomas back that will take away a lot of the issues they haven't defensively. Concealed 125 plus points and OK so they're gonna get that interest in Thompson comes back. He's gonna anchor the middle defensively they'll get back in and get some of these easy bucket you're gaining against the cavaliers right now. Washington is a factor Charles is right about that Arafat okay Milwaukee is a factor and even more so now. After the race team is better unless you're in Charleston it was odd Charles is wrong about that through sixteen games that this is about to ejection of the sixteen games while they're better team could have got to I was wondering ourselves and I'll look at sixty exit better than last year's team a little he's got finals no one's seat to ascertain. Was better than this to their sponsorship. Of sixteen teams are better team but they build their team that that a team any. I don't know other editing. I don't know if they're good team and Ian they have the potential to be a better team because that adding two gigantic pieces because the derby even if we say Clinton or their team. But they're benefited a cat but if you talk Hitler and what's out there so I don't think you'll get better and are deeper they're better team that deeper into Motown to the deeper part I teller I still our clinic. I still worry about the regret our goal Amir jump utters a word about the keyboard I am worried about the bench I still think. That is an issue here I'm not sure it is deep. Well because there are nights you can't play these guys office of power that Marcus market you know. There. Guys yeah. Jane I but I just on the bench you got your plates are coming off the bit to distract. You don't want. What did you say. Yeah pains you need to get ice coming off the bench. You got rosier to get Smart coming off the bench you mix a little Shimmy on the side should play some defense slow their better team and they're deeper well. They played twelve minutes last night if he played twelve minutes thinking affairs apostle Tice. Played shall Linux plus my two minutes in the game last advocate when you played these small lineups it's gonna be difficult upon those sort of guys like Golden State. No the night before a game before you hardly played the newscast. But the problem is when you played these small lineups and teams through the small lineups that you at you some of these guys are not going to cook and they're going to be able to play for. But he you I don't think you're bringing parents tell the difference to you when you can't Baines here's what what was here's the difference when talking here's the difference if we called Isiah team if we call Isaiah and carrier ring a watch I'd if you wanna call a wash U wanna give them a slight advantage with every Irving. This carry Irving I think is a slightly better player than Isiah Thomas. But either way the reason that they're different is because you have a second your player that is ready to blossom until the next level. And you have a nineteen year old kid to give you thirty minutes tonight and making an impact that's why they're best. The bench and Alpine events on the commitment saying there. I'm not saying they're better team because strictly of their bench. They have a more talented starting five and they have a deeper bench they are a better team than last year's. They saw our god we needed early Charles is wrong about the Volquez chosen out of those tonight don't their conclusion at sixteen games. Well we're basing everything on sixteen against that which you would if you're already putting limits of the NBA fight and I am. But a lot of other loudly predictions appear English pro you can utilize your car you generally don't go to the 'cause we street podcast again that's it's this is so let's not give us sit down and get we do gaga on it night. I without Gil right. And then do the show would Draper. Draper I am renting space in your freaking don't you talk about human stories and you can't help all lollipop bowling and fuel you guys. She sure alone leave me alone to its front there not enough beds Al Horford about this. I have great. Our guys this season that he's players and coaches that are against Celtics broadcast outlets kids on the phone calls a lot about the open lines right now will will let your love of uploaded to your folk goes your reaction at six wants out of 7797937. Fund and. That's immoral to jocks I like working with jocks as you can you can play with a little bit and no bingo on Sports Radio WEEI. Mom I'm this time. Us last night and. It's up to everybody is trying to start it. And I'm. And today they wanted to play the economy. Is hardly a month plus the other book that's Arkansas as long. He started to come out. Employers as a I was. Chosen visit to come out there one of the Mara and us army has come around playing and I can come play ministers. Teammates yeah. Even more impressive for what he did last night when he had Isiah Thomas adds yup. There are pretty impressive. You know you take that would measure up to the point where. You couldn't even sink out there on the basketball court she used it as motivation. After his his friend's mom truck and Steve. It's set to an all you know he Trevor would want you go out there and play and he's done that double double cut of of that question did you brown. Because at first like the media was kind of like you know Hideo. It and now Chrysler but what does a game like this mean for you. And here's the same thing for about ten seconds. Our two party can't talk he's still emotional. And I just imagine being in that scope of the you know it was it existed in the did Johnny Miller question thrown out there about the game was asleep right. It is and ten seconds any game could see these get emotional when you're proud. Johnny first let's with the while was you accuse you meant a lot to want it and then he comes and says in my best friend died last night that oh if east's only. That you see when the game ended. The players coming up too many were treated much differently than you normally do at the end of the game defeated protects how'd you had different that and you're the one of my carrier ring he with the they hugged and they were talking. Year to year. And yet you kind of get the feeling is that at the reaction INS offices is breakout game and these players are welcome editor it was more or something was going on it and that was a great game gives you got a job now is more than. Yeah and it's it's not on a lot of what went what do guide that young says childhood friend. You know the guys 45 and his childhood friend passes away he's 45 he has seen yet twenty years. I'm sure it affects them but when year you know 1920 years old and you're childhood friend you play with and high school. I mean it's just it's it it's just a different respect. I just don't let it it is sort of like there's like Brothers as a historian to run. And one of the guys are serve video last night just recently and it last year or ever was yet to close somebody posted it last night at a video yeah I watched it last night they were playing out in Waltham. To practice facility playing one on one. And you know ball busting and stuff like that back and forth. And he told stories last night of why this kid became his best friend because she transferred to another school he was coming in. The general Moses the basketball star even actually gonna take away playing time from this kid this kid was the one that actually befriended him. And sitting in the cafeteria for months with mean stuff like that was. It was heartwarming to hear the to hear the story and then if you heard they asked them about what happened to one. And there are a lot of questions now as to two of the death which I would think based on some of the rumors you're hearing. Would be even more difficult for Jalen brown a question in what happened why why did he die which makes it even. Even more distracting to try to go out there and played type of basketball game he played at this game we have seen him play. Sprinkled around. Social and family doesn't release everything and not respect us well for social and you know we can bruises. Her first time in the memories when. Life that is true I was here. Unbelievable and it shows you an awful lot to go up against the best team Italy. You got to shut down or contain the best scorers in Italy and then on top of that the stuff we are dealing with all this stuff for a lakers when he said you know. That sound familiar richer and the best score we know that no one option that's what you know does and does those Muslim teams you mentioned on this team. It came to shut down one invesco and yet if appropriate allocation tool. Yeah he was under for guys to during the course of the night but he's done it against a real crappy team and you said all right the kid really was inspired. But. You know it's funny and what it happen he went out there and just gave it his all. But he's don't against crap continued you'd applaud him for doing it is say that's inspirational but to actually have to do it. Against that team like this this. And you're reaching deep and may and he did it. So you Gaza so yesterday it was like I look Mueller about the what'd you aren't really doesn't mean it's it's an early regular season game to prime time game you know bowl teams have a have a winning streak write a ones that chant whatever young team one of the embassy in it. So after watching it. After yet they're taking it all and do you take anything away from this game get used to this in this at all this kid's going to be a store or that was that's the obvious one but team why. Yes a big game for the got a team wise I I give you this this is twelve the third game I believed that the or maybe the fourth to third on a belief. That they've fallen behind. By a seventeen points or more might have been a fourth I will have to look at up. And if come back to win. Every one of them a confidence does it and she got great like you said. In the two young kids for different reasons. Jalen brown and the way he played in that game with a was covered directly Thompson the impact he had. Is huge for young player in on on next stage. And Qaeda during the regular season that it comes close to a field like a playoff type apps not many. Not I don't I don't know the waste and you know and a comedy honestly I don't say this license and you guys ridiculed me and they in the last segment. I think they go out and played that way with the intensity. And the defense they play. Every of the cycle then got elected how can you let this point is that the built up the hype it Tatum was all the while. But the fact he came back in the fourth quarter I think it's a learning lesson because there aren't going to be many at an Atlanta. Dictators do real well played Atlanta. It was good that is the moment that that game was height last night so what next Cleveland game maybe admit that they don't probably have one of those. While we had written in most games in the regular season no you won't social learning experience for both the polar. Yet there's no doubt but these so the other thing you do you wait for aren't so big game big emotional game for everybody involved really. And he got Atlanta writes who's next who's on deck only three wins not a very good team. So when they do stumble and they do kind of get worn out just by the sheer length of the season. And they have a couple losses in a row. Candy self correct right can they dig themselves out of what does that look like because. So far initially. There's really nothing for you either you know what you critiquing what do you some words they're where's their liability. It right now markets aren't shooting jury if he ha yeah but he's but he's a that's the same time. He's billions tattoo but now he he he's an asset especially. Eight just. There's players a place for guys like him on teams like this their role players are off the bench type guys are not starters because you can't get any points out of its consistent consistently you can. Williams thing about this team is in and it's really the trend around the league is that you don't have one specific. Point guard who distributes you know gives you 1213 assistant game yet a lot of ball movement out there. And that's what Marcus Moore does so. 23%. Which is what he shot the last ten games. He's going to be better than that down the down the road I took a phone calls we go is Angelo and Everett Angelo. Hey guys they don't. Let me glad I got a call luncheon different things that urge. Did you say I quote carrier ring it's slightly better than I did Thomas C makes you question the depth of this team. God I still question the depth I think that I'm glad that they hold on blood that they had that eight point four billion dollar. Disability slot because I think you're gonna needed down the road again. Oh. Why well you're watching you're watching them win every single game I'm looking at wing you can use these guys and when you can't for example. Over the last two games you have not been able to use the two bigs an awful lot. The good news for you is that that the code you've got great play. Out of Marcus Morse you've got a great play out of him but you're not able to use the two bigger guys. That many minutes because they're playing small ball line. Still at the right an empty but at the end of the day didn't read them my number one Deepak in a leak here it ain't got the debt. You'd need to come up and so sweetly while. You don't have you don't have that don't have great scores of depends I'll come onto land on its course of the so you you don't you don't you think I'm wrong license the carrier ring is a better player. That Isiah Thomas is. I. This and I did comic violence singed bat at me like that we. Iran sees things. What notice is that this. Academics right now fears. This is epidemic right now with Celtic fans died last year last year adequately not well last year they put I think John Mosul suppan and tied up credit Christopher last year they took Isiah Thomas and they made him all hall of Famer instantly right now is how does it you wouldn't say anything negative about Isiah Thomas last year. Now they get Calgary Irving Isiah Thomas is a bomb is easy. Sorry. Yeah. And finally the winner of one day 53 golds liked him a Sox. Glenn cargo carrier ring LeBron you carrier ring now he doesn't have. The swing is a tank he didn't want to LA again here is the fact tiger bring. That's. Kind of why jealousy why limited I think it's not a I don't. That's his that's the reason Carey wanted to get out of Cleveland I respect that. If you knew that he's leaving at the end of the year LeBron is leaving at the end the immediate coverage did the right thing to get out that he didn't wanna be left. In that place and then you know and have nobody around him and and went 22 games a year. I don't plan that's what's have to do wood off. It carrier ring the game in this trade went down. I felt carrier ring Michael hall actually picks assays better but I disagree I thought Larry Irving was a better player than Isaiah. More importantly he's younger more importantly when it was time to sign two Max deal there was no doubt there's no question you sign as Eden I mean. You sign carrier into WiMax deal there was question whether he wanted to do it to Isaiah. But to say that tonight in the same stratosphere. As if I'm overdoing it over to over here it's yeah it's not by who will take more phone calls on this because I think people wanna talk about this and the problem we have is that calories playing right now and he's playing well. And Isiah Thomas is on the sidelines but what happens okay Celtics fans when Isaiah comes back. And he's healthy and he's playing alongside. A pretty damn good player maybe the greatest player of this generation and oh yeah out the other players around them. Our experience polished and pretty damn good. It do we see a different Cleveland cavalier team high 6177797937. Radio and women.