OMF - Celtics continue to defend home court against sleepy Lebron 5-24-18

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Thursday, May 24th
HOUR 1 - Per usual, the Eastern Conference Finals are sticking with the script. The Celtics looked like world beaters while Lebron and the Cavs looked baffled. But it was Lebron in particular that looked extra gassed. Is this long grind to the Finals starting to get to King James?

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Beach or wade heard moaning and forty. This. Cases there. I feel sorry for LeBron James tonight for a team. And James well worn out from Rodney. Total putts that would be a good bet there's not going to be edited both the good that's a lot man mouthpiece I'll I'll open seas off. It's day and day out of robotic frustrated that LeBron had a rough night with the wind blew in Christian even reading the book the alchemist it's about listening to the soul of the uterus if you will to fulfill the personal legend and LeBron told me that you know you know I have my family I have might purpose I have my treasure Tokyo it talks about how he doesn't sleep that much during the play out that he's thinking about everything. Now on Sports Radio WEEI. Receiver into the series because. One of her team's success if you're gonna rest of the country and sit there going for the ball. The most predictable thing in the world the only people that haven't figured this series out this Vegas. But this is like screwed up every candidate favored. Celtics were favored by one last and I was very valid that was low numbers come. I mean it's but the cavaliers if you remember were favored in the first two in Boston. I get paid and both of them Boston center the only ones that screwed it up I don't think there aren't any trouble money wise financially out there in Vegas so I think they can survive something like. I don't know if you justice. It's just a stupid basketball for integrating both the game and someone told you that the home team wins he just keep at the home team if they don't pretty good by the way the right demand to settle let this take OK are we at all. Was quite correctly that optic got Cleveland but some politically they're just wherever the home game is in a series is that the money that's all right that's it we reset your brother Wayne gave you all of the reasons. On why the Celtics were gonna win the game except for Christina picks the Celtics and every single one of these games. So I was right you might not recognize the benefit. Right the wind Friday yet but we'll look at this point and I both admire and beat Illinois today yeah I I've I happen. I've thrown into dollars out there that the other guy and that's amazing and I had a lot of started a doll a date Cleveland will win. Friday soaked and its athletic gifts LeBron will be tired Friday night. He'll be exhausted in the second half and Sunday one it's not. First quarter panel showed he's tired he's got to wait until about at a trailer to all their daddy I Danny's gonna start making sure the cameras are on them. Walking breathing hands on hips hands over his eyes. Look you know. He's exhausted. These aren't just carry this team and it they won't let me says he's only newer than you'll blame him. You're not go back and he below his ego is kept the script that's the script. Eagle from the the best conditioned athlete in the war world. All the way to game all the time he played only two games knowing it he led the league I think admitted that on anybody they all eight games once guys this year this was a challenge for OK so I would fill this kind of just aren't challenges and then he go we go from one day. It was indoors Berkeley completely just like propping him up. Lectures bow down to win. 87 straight finals home or are you doing this in your fifteen. Put a lot of work yeah plus momentum globe gives me some ability. It's a little better job outlook toward this day and day out of my body of work on my game every day total myself would be the best there's not going to be in the. Both times it's a fellow that was that was unless I don't. And then I was only you know over the winter rent a home game while in public he goes and none none none none of that while there is a win but what happened on whatever did they lobby got like hate some of his counseling payoffs they take some of Brighton and I don't like I do you teacher that's LeBron. I gorgeous takes the viewer count on it and oh by the way 888 inside. Partly conditioned athlete things that he does the board game that you think this game is important to do that eating six. At home it was the work he's done he's not to prod you can sit you can dump on and it's easy to especially are brought it up on the bright dot governor George. Where that doors Berkett if you that you just. Played that was after he went after home games right. And did you shirts are and heard what he said last night people thinking sick people thinking he's tired man accused coach came at city was back. What are you gonna get on Friday night endorsed merchant admitted that same thing you got me you know that interview that you just played. That's what you play the only deal makes you sick though. It's everybody just beat woods by this in running with it I it was a real estate radial Nichols there they bite. End date. It's like you know they do not that I am now they'd mind line. But they actually. It's like he's Paul repeat Bunyan and he's got his blue box. Nichols. Member backing game seven of the Indiana series Rick beginning of the games like I'm playing the whole game off 48 and then his body cramped up. His body has been under so much stress injury months now trying to carry this team and we are seeing it also you remember about LeBron. He thinks about the stuff the -- you talked about his near photographic memory and the problem with remembering everything stat is that you remember everything that's great but that's so he always talks about how he doesn't he doesn't sleep that much during the claps and an often is that I'm so busy thinking about everything that added adding to this as well. Embrace it because it isn't. A ghostly things you don't know where he is hits it and he says it analytically there's a lot of these dead heat any contradictions he is. Jonny Gomes. I'm handles stuff. You have taught me all of this that I'm Uggla hitting a lot of little gold belittling his well he's more subtle he's got this junk on it got down. Got you just instructed what to ask. I was ten I want to start a post season. That's what he does is he tells Rachel Nichols he tells. Anyone who'll listen you know on on I don't know of anybody but. I'm not sleeping and I'm tired isn't envy you did you normal given that do you work over the same time we had the other is not a guy who. This other guy Dave make many gave me the man is worse for ESPN Edison. Zoning I don't winners on now McKinnon the there's another excuse that he's been reading the book the outcome up. The personal journey that he's going through her whole life listening to the soul of the uterus if you will. To fulfill the personal lessons and LeBron told you don't let the legend is secure you know I have my family I have might purpose. I have my treasure. And so I asked them what's the motivation here if you've already accomplished so much everyone else in the world that seems trying to figure out. They answer to those questions he said why don't you put a challenge in front of me. I want to go for it you know of course. At this point in the season he's tired I was more tired than anybody else maybe not but he was only then what are you shouldn't there is no way to put faith and by the way by the way the. This is the media's fault that the media sit there for all we know we could have been set him before the game read the book as you wanna get a little shot. And so he just looked straight ahead you know because it hasn't changed in turn the page so but the media loves this it's almost like. You know right there. Like the guys writing a novel it's you know it's creating this. Aaron LeBron James as the greatest player and you send even read the book the outcome if I ever spent in the Jenny Jones but I've I've. I mean this is like that. Of the great at the in this sport the drama that he creates. It and it's not laid off the court stuff just on the court drama. Like the whole thing they praised him. What was it before game two. Out there like nine and a half hours for the game she and shirt off an officer off right all of our guys against good cameras on our new ego I tried not to do that so that this time what are they gonna gonna cook it given credit for reading a book. Not sure that this time it's reading a book so's they are you most ready election Newton and being determined scored 42 now it's about reading a book teaches about. The personal journey that people go through in life but they look like he was into the book. Because every present I received the gone. It is every bit every 35 seconds yes that was damaged. Look up look around. And looking back in a book on a lot of them look at look at around that turned a page that look it up looking around and then look at the book it's like okay hold everything is so dramatic with this guy and he didn't start to look tired. Until after the Celtics had command of this game after he had tears and let's turn over after turn over. And then it is the visual that he knows everybody and they're already doing it is showing. You on the Cuban the other Celtics go back the other way after turnover he's just standing still on the shoulders. And he's he's actually showing you what exhaustion looks like get so you'll comment on it can I. I'm gonna bring up this because I think this is what exhaustion looks like is well that nobody's talking about it this morning the Celtics 121 point lead they worked real hard to get that we four point eight year old. In that in a fourth quarter. And just what happened. And what was left. It was because if you were watching the Celtics were tiger. They were worn out in the fourth quarter I can we say that is it okay guillotine on LeBron we got tired as the two corporate and because that's what happened right there all tired. There are all tired everybody's focusing yen. On one guy one guy only and that's LeBron James. Celtics looked tired in the fourth quarter they had trouble closing out what out at all last night because they work I did it works so hard. Okay especially at the defense of atlas that is their offense. Really wasn't working for them well they missed a lot of easy stuff even early on in the game the defense was tore Richard lustig has really they worked hard and they were tired. Now you're headed credit they they could be close it out via the obviously one but the actual dates did not shoot well so I think he's not good you would think this out on a three pointers. But you'll sink. That they would but in addition to which it will my third trip thirty cities if they had yesterday they allowed. They gave that to go out or shot under an opportunity to get back in the game. Because they couldn't they could pull you think is the perfect opportunity all the way but it is cited. Just you know the cabs OK I was tractor no wonder that he might just decide if the world now. And with LeBron and the cast it's usually pretty obvious you know with the duties. There's one guy off like he it was awesome is it okay him city it was like he has no business being on the court actually. The monitor to raise this is going to be white flag yet he's quite. And then he's actually thrown in the house he had moments during the regular season which he actually I guess what Donald haven't you but you know OK that's fine but there in the house when he's not -- it -- he's your energy base guy yeah I everybody doing the little things that I actually read our visitors are going. To buy or Abbott or both well done literally hundreds installed the cigar and you just you know we're gonna say there's -- real quick has that this was it was a alchemist that he was reading he was apparently have you read the alchemist. I can't remember as together might have now he's one of those books that you read that I. You read years ago right the Padres I exaggerate on the and I rented. Let him 06 or seven something like that so you let me tell you know I don't know. It sucks really. All it's such a hard read it Paris short position on. It is due it is laborious source obviously did get some rest around for him find his alleged you liked him. Is going audits like Alison what are Atlantis already gone. Do here now I think I did like it at all you obviously didn't read because if you did I did not I'd done I don't. Remembered but I will say this the only thing that surprises me. Is that we didn't see a situation last night where where the media went out of their way to applaud LeBron. For reaching out to the youth of America to do more reading. Because it's all about sports it's not all about video games too upbeat and you know LeBron last night was showing a great example. With the use of America should be a surprise leading get that little narrative last night is he gave us everything. And I every policy that comes through is it's like that's my point Johnny don't like well well he's like hey. A more sophisticated. Johnny eagle so is there anybody is there anybody out there and Celtics land now because I know. Got in game six with the auto I don't know that I did not know how to answer all Oregon trip might help doctors please let me however. I did say they're gonna when it's that it's all I guess I've seen my dad my feeling is we're retard when you've seen the movie five times and you know the plot. You're stupid if you come out with a sixth on you've seen the movie. It's after the future all they actually go back to the stone age yet now you'd eat bits president. Okay here's your first quarter numbers that it just for the caps. So they had not at all for a quarter points per scoreboard coming out he points ninety while you are a good job guys. Eighteen those points came to guy what's he got. That's what we've been talking about before let a first quarter script but it's like the first quarter. You know in Boston LeBron has done his thing right eager Kevin Love go bowl there Cleveland the first quarter isn't about LeBron. The first quarter is a vote if George Hill each facility the first quarters is about these JR Smith. You know and and and Korver you know second half of the first quarter it's like you bogeyed the role players get involved at home in the first quarter on the road they don't. So that when it's time to call on them again. They're nothing we can't pull over what will we we talked about that you know it had. We knew we had a great music all defensive team on Jim Jalen brown in game four. He can't miss the damn shot by no block shots in the scheme when he comes in this game any it looks bullish now Glover you go to means to take quick three unit shot and did you. He's gonna help me out with what was Chiron Lou talking about. When they they are still ball how call over and playing time and certainly we throat and. She emotionally yet. He hit the rotations and will jumbled come and play in the first quarter and Kevin LeBron on the bench start the fourth did to something get out of whack for viewers actually wanted to. Well initially he's been put in all the threw us for a loop but. We got brought up two and a half minutes in a star before he was really goes so you know same thing happened game they want to OK remember. Makes no sense to slip. So brutally violated now where my bread to surrender and even rotation much rude Tyrone Lewis went way to neutralize Kyle Korver is by not playing ocean like yeah. We also played nine minutes in game four who was one of their better players in game four Cleveland. Calder cup core I mean obviously LeBron whatever but of the cyclical was outstanding game for most likely nine minutes Luca corporate did not play in first quarter that. Not because Brad input emotionally so that's it that's all you gotta both artist today you wanna neutralize or don't play old easily. What's beyond June brown the whole time as far as matchups don't. I'll do anything to you why you wrote if you're tied run though when you're lying your rotation being set by Chevy socialite. You've cricket problems I think you've lost I think they were all law. How do you explain that to me I have no explanation it it makes zero sense to me. None whatsoever she was covered Gillibrand an outstanding job I thought I will say this I thought the the biggest factor if you looking at why Cleveland. Was such a mess early on in the game. Was because of Aaron Bates. So what Aaron veins did easy clogged up the lane he was the guy that was moving. And so he really shut Boeing down so what kind of forced all LeBron kind of forced cavaliers. Spread it out play the perimeter game which if you Celtics. Will play for a pretty game specially will play it on our home floor. Because though the Kyle Korver to jail arsonist the outside shooters or go to should pay that I think that might be different. When they get to Cleveland here on Friday night. Because we know that the Kyle Korver in the JR Smith those guys are gonna light it up from the outside it's just this did something of always have that are being scared to look at the box score people don't know. Can you don't just wake up in a box score and we want to basketball again watched the game hit an impact and I can at least see what six point seven rebounds yet but you don't watch the game. Boy it's funny because obvious they're really loved him. And when I said this to you glad you're like out because one game at you without one game directed at one game now he's like your soup of the day I don't know I don't I don't know agent oh on. You know you know I like Jimmy eagle you as a deterrent that each does. But he'd never she doesn't care no he doesn't care if he gets embarrass. He doesn't coach Arnold could easily it is he gets I just think it's like so to all of it adults on him because he can test beaches just yards and guess so and so is it later Nance junior got a company just. You would think eventually he would get sick conveniently you don't being embarrassed because. You know you trying to do your job you you have to contesting the guys coming of letters jail not elected right. And you would think you would just move to the side and just give in the lane but he keeps doing it so that's an act and he's doing that all year. And if you get six templates from a great tablet shipments here you know he's always has a purpose racist scraps. You know if he does things on the rim to get the scrappy dog he's got a good tip and are good a good doctor and even play a lively. That's odd but all of that I am a message and I'd like now though that's really what I'd like I like the fact that. He does his job repeatedly he hits the bears connect base that's how the players these about a man we just we do as you just made you Margaret and our our you know one. And yet he keeps coming out he did he care. I think he's great for just clogging up the lane and you can be more physical in the series with CNET. You can be a lot more physical in the playoffs than you can in the regular season. And it it just placed his game now I don't know if they get that same type of game out of them. On Friday because they may just shoot lights out if Hillary is a luxury that. Did you appoint a Pulitzer committee combat with a starting lineup and see artwork serving on an end and player by a year but I have no. I mean I don't even Monica's agreeing team are still up in May who brought I don't like you have it there's a great team grow up watching it's gonna say but I try to convince me. But the Celtics can win this game on Friday night first of all we know what the Celtics alike glad we you've been at this as long as I had. Exactly thank you count when you Venezuelan scouts and so I don't even think Ohio could look at Friday night's game and say you feel good. Yes yes yes but how can you not feel good. About summed up how can you not feel good they they play this with energy he has. The thing with this team it's elect you know goes out regular was Bruce I I'd trust the kids in there in the at this huge spot in his Eastern Conference finals in one of fourteen left. It lost hole and Hayward begin a year he lost carrier. It's so it's now about the kids lucid moments could be too big for them. But they have but yesterday it was all about paid him last night Jim Brown. Now he did not have a few wasn't around now terror here in show no. So. You know the next game. It may be Stephen Browne the dates with between. Act three days would you include Democrat on the way to give an opinion of that game last night. Now Jim Brown local crazy game seven can win given a jail brown Carl database and Soviets. We go back and forth with these two players but the bottom line is that one of them always shows up and makes a huge difference and help the basic thing was. At what Tatum did without the other two. I think you used the other guy's got a ticket but they never had a moments you brown just act as a baggage Terry were you at 315. But with these guys feel like that's why trust him as one of them I know what's gonna have that Jason Day and in depth it might not be a next time might beat the Jim Brown Michael crazy I take a short haul until they wanna we talked about yesterday that we all thought was gonna have a good game but we all thought he was gonna have a good game defensively he was gonna have an impact in the game. And that was more Smart defensively he was real good. Offensively five of nine. Three and six from three point territory with third. Eighteen points in English news out of that first three wallow better than we thought as it is a day ago on not yeah. It's it's like Al money like you put your clothes in the logic in my they'll. I've made my day enough. Patriots' signal ya know yeah markets. Is that oh yeah. As it that's when. Guys really what does the other what about Friday night does anybody think it we can ridicule we can say whatever lawn and iron about LeBron he bought on guitar guy that's you know it. These lines another gear that he never thought he had they'll fight it is that but the champion still think I know it no but I can here's why they're liberation book that he's gonna read except that he got to dig down deep and we understand liable to be honest I don't know what out you know what the giving tree. That it would've out of the gym teacher a tailor that message in the efforts abroad tell us. Tell everybody is Rachel Nichols and know what we. The giving tree willow once and willow that this reading thing was that total fraudulent acts by him if he still read in the same block on struck you admittedly U a few soldiers threw it could read it. Our circus yeah our guys is a slow readers amazing well as heavily on the show zones earlier this and it's like cameras and we pretty sound sits on the guys even reads a book the most amazing thing anyone's ever seen lately you'll go would get that book. He's always not always look over style of on the Celtics that's all I'm doing I'm going to Cleveland and then like we were all of them don't or read you like Michael ware Rick reed the giving tree were reading everybody parts everybody who she really something like everybody for arts and everybody -- now you don't New England stone for the kids. What that political that are. I read that book I just don't I just think it's different than what is this reading rainbow hook and get a. You know I have to how predictable but just how predictable because it's what you did did you see him hired and leaning over in the first half when he was seven for eleven for nobody eight points but they took him out there he took themselves out with about three minutes of the first often. Whoever we hear that was strange fish I was able to go back as it made a big note of it but he did he did combatant they're exactly the third best in thirty seconds. Make no sense to me that he left the game and he didn't look like you know hand any physical ailment. I thought that was strange because you never see him do that it on the the end of the third but he yet the fourth quarter. It was like three minutes left they are down fifteen. He's out. Yeah he moved on he moved on Friday on I don't have a problem that why you like him and he moved to act like came to these tigers done if these guys you would look stupid I think. Back here in Cleveland is a school. I kept him in the game he kept himself in the game. When you're down by fifteen when needed when on Friday night we will. The whole point where you give it when you say I join Allen we go to the next let down fifteen with a three to go. I just let me get to get into the minute half. Of its fifteen fine. It's just a couple defensive stops couple threes didn't get this thing down a 78 whatever with a minute tactical. The minute and a half. It's it's for awhile hey at any reckon he's the numbers on it like yeah. Let's go make history you know like around the I don't need to you can conserve your energy users conserve your fuel. And use it for game it is safe to be tallied twenty some points and middle third quarters and we that's called make history. Let's go win a super ball. It is to sums it up with an average of about fifteen victory let's see what happens minute happy down twelve aria I wouldn't say that's it it really is remarkable it's remarkable from. From the starting five to the subs even though the facial expressions the body language they've all just concede it like what interests and while you know guys we could come back and release put out a good effort but do we really want you all this energy now going of them and we'd be better if we don't let. G and yet we're all back home do we won't be much better whatever crowd and then. All hands on deck for game seven winner take glad painting what can't they were all let. Ed did the other things Brian Schneider. Not only incident and let's not only is it a home game for him put eight. It it it probably use the last game he's going to play. In includes data and he's made. So I'll leave the door open but if that's the case. He's gonna give it everything this is going to be one of those where it's city as well. Oh yeah bear bear and the other thing that we know that happens some of the role players will help out unlike last night he will get role players who'll make his job easier Friday night so if you're an and we go to game seven. And this is with the Celtics have at their core I agree with what you said Lou. The one thing about these kids in your role lying on really on three kids to be the main focus of your offense that at home. They don't seem to be intimidated by the stuff they don't the moment doesn't seem to be too big now winning that final game of a seven game series is probably the toughest thing to do. But I don't think I'm concerned about that with them at all. No because Friday night for yet I feel literally but nix you know Jim Brown's gonna put a tent in the first quarter new -- year gives it you know 67 early it's. You could get from one of them. But if you had one guy that you're relying on it the dictator that that would be different although he is then. An outstanding. I don't we could put in perspective what this guy's done and I haven't seen any of the whole acute ESPN's stats that it folds stars. Twenty year old kid needs to conference I don't see anyone know me I know he's off I don't imagine that he's he's he's in the count he's in the category with Michael Jordan well that's all you need to know but I'll just say it Michael jewel is how many rookies. First off you'll get the Eastern Conference one meaning like you know hide I draft rookies are teams usually suck. The case tonight get a kid he's won in don's got twenty year old in an Eastern Conference final who'd just took all four. Game five. When the series was tied 222. He took over the game and did what ever he wanted. Still miss the mentally I mean I help my I don't know when and autonomy separately while he's still he's still has an issue I think taken the ball to the hole he brings it down real Little League opinions on it but this is all stuff guys if you're looking at him. Three years from Puerto all the body. Composition will change to become an adult penal if you spend even if it's yeah he has been better that is the season's gone on. Because one thing you notice sometimes when he three drives the hope. Yeah actually as both hands on the ball through traffic. You go to gaelic you ought to execute early mutate that basket one in dribble and he holed that made slap it out his hand now is that when he goes the hope. He actually has both hands on it to get through traffic almost statistics bear hug in the ball. And then panic it's clear for deliberately missed that one that he was pissed about is actually he came back and free Dolan you still talking about the finger roll right so go to a what he's doing is. It's it's amazing. That's the case that took over the game I hear he's twelve years old you won't want to try to do you want to. One years. And 81 days he's the youngest player in NBA history. In a playoff game at a conference final gain any playoff game. To have 24 or more points. Yet when he for a night game to have seven or more rebounds he had what seven in the game. To have four or more assessed that's what he had last night. And to have only. Tool or fewer turnovers and on the other guys that are in that list. Michael Jordan Hakeem Olajuwon. A Magic Johnson. Instrumental in Boston sports and you got the fellow. Are up against guys in this park cattle on him. And so it's it's a good you can do some good news. And you know and so here's the other BC you talk about everything like you mentioned Lou it is bonanza. We get it that that the first half stats. So the Celtics. Three of their five starters. Combine for seventy points being rosier Brown's call that and and the cast the of their top five starters through their five dollars. Combined for four points you really have two guys are doing all the work I mean they did it their best players they captured me a little bit better than the Celtics did is followers. Look at our Clarkson out of nowhere and Korver with four points. But that. I mean it's so obvious. I just so so here's my question so that's the case if you know this the way it's going. Your Bret Stephens and your Al Horford trying to format were really would be nice is the closest thing out and be done. Why bother. I would say the ball. Sit at all given all rest. Why not certain that scripture or. Like if you're actually like I should use it PW fidelity if you count one. I take what they will get a look a lot quicker yesterday games if they like it'll get a third quarter hooked up why bother guys in. It would not surprise me if it's a blow on Friday it would not surprise. But do it the one thing get back to the role players in the young players because it's pretty obvious what happens home and road that's why you look at somebody like Jason Tatum in it's horde. Not to envision him. Three years down the road of being a superstar in the slate. Because guess what he's defying some of that right now now I'm not saying he's a complete polished employees talked about exempt trouble finishing at the rap he's doing some of that. But you talk about. Pure scoring ability overall outside shooting taken the ball to the hole. He's one guy who is doing some of this on the road right now. At age twenty predict affected by what are twenty and 81 days so that's you know not so much beyond that is not known about you know what Larry bird's age was in his rookie season in the playoffs. 24. Jacket everybody. Stated he loves its deep right yeah it's 24 years old. Any its first. Playoff series and that was his rookie season. You're talking about a kid that just churned. 293. And now. That but you Juno which with athlete but usually it's totally different is amazing the bustling about right now OK in these little hole. Well with within months and it's going to be like three years ago when he composed somebody down on the block it. He had his hide it because now illustrate that was it that Nazis and even tree to work out a figure he went from college. Today to basically to drop and I'll get a much better use defensively for. We'll deal doesn't worry is that George put in perspective say in the you know at duke is a freshman to play 29 game she said. He's on deuce game 97. For him that I'm all right he hit 87 hit the wall hit attend little sense that he's not through next year it'll bomb people itself and obviously hit a wall or did hit a bump you know at all nobody hit low ball there was a while there. But it wasn't like I was today you know hit a wall. And then that would be the rest of the season like nobody ever said he would just collapse of so what happens it's called you second breath that you don't want any etiquette yeah ruins and you're like all right I'm it's almost like this is dead period for your bodies just like kick my body to react. And then eventually you you get through the gloves she had the really wanna. The really good rookies that you can project is great. Stars down the road usually don't hit that major wall they hit a little bump. Simmons didn't hit his pomp until we get into the postseason to the playoffs are he didn't hit it what what wall bolt did that Mitchell voted during the course of the season I think those three players the three years from now going to be perennial all stars that's what we're looking. I let's get to the phone calls and we'll get your reaction as anybody out there. Have faith that they can win game six and now I'll flip it around say is there anybody that is questioned whether they're going to win game seven here at the garden on Sunday. I 61777979370. The phone calls coming up next. And Christine. We'll tell exactly. Physically how did you feel that. Oh mama moments. But to hear about it is poised. Or there's Veba Lesotho army please report to win we have moments and opportunities we didn't the American place. LeBron you mentioned fatigue thing we under the weather at all in this game. Not that I'm fine. And I mentioned fatigue you. When you guys I'm fine. Into the court. Etc. Luke year old coach was the once it was time. Police say he's obviously each the you don't think he's like if if I'm tired now don't invited note I can hide it pretty well. And he he was he was not trying at all. To act like that wasn't affecting him. You know I think all it asked can genuinely times I don't think he's the only guy genuinely Condit his body language. Is no both communities. You need to Alter ego while we doubt yes. Don't act so all different sorts of physical guys know it's just instructed what to ask. Tim was ten or start poses. At the is it loses an MVP candidate every year and Jonny Gomes has no shot at winning the honeycomb the Eagles tackle payments on hand at least gonna kill women and often because new World Series and because you know I actually don't ask and ask somebody was interviewed him there's an ice. Dinner that Friday said it will be equivalent to that point airliner chicken yeah. You be able to break. And residences the other networks dropped the we like to call that's on. You look at justice said he never bills go with the chosen by the way who's going to be well like my cup for the game and so I'd really ought to explore them or us or I don't know I don't know here Saturday sees what's Boston's gonna do that is their body like that is somebody Osama peacefully against this and that is why don't we did while we'd like him we don't report with the team I mean I don't know do you work for us also is lumping we'd like to do that you yes lumpy let's quickly I don't look past it we do this in the past you something Africa alzheimer's care. That's what it was that's for all time but that was why can't we don't work hard on the risks posed used to. Let's do an average Joseph if as you haven't had that want to hurt you real talkative. Pop your back you talked your glove out late on these mean to sketch is surprising that it and a half I thought it was good that was a shocker at. I was gonna get quiet individual and is weird the idea because I'm I wasn't my house play and it was not Joseph it that way if if we might queue up for this is analysts say fine let's say let's say Johnny Gomes flies. Precious Lisa has a fact let's Jenny Jones finds his way to understand what's at stake my molecular. Will you talked to Johnny Jones doing Johnny go visit our. We call her. And groundswell of state and it doubles is just right you guys don't is good actually you do that we've all we challenged them to do like during a real game which is like I. Night they were asking for too much. You know this. Do this I'd be lectured nervous about not only read the stunt goes have a goal to give that to happen itself so. I don't yeah. Habit they that are very limited Lou it's I don't know I graduated. From both of whom problem. Some might on this thing yes. Yeah it's been over the creators of the doesn't put on data loss compiled them a bit of bad reviews what were problems in Siena Lou Maloney I think it. Well strike. That's who you'll see that it was that advantage what advantage and yet nobody knew how to general. Alan Duncan employ your optimal ignited then pulls off a law that lets you listen you know that is. Loose what once in America. Football. Logistics are still there are supposed to check in at about twelve noon so that means you have an hour and fifteen minutes today. Actually facilitate this one this thing so that he's might get old army is not my job. It's not a 150 markets which -- the way you leave it at noon but even now an island that I think about it name or every county wants to do things this is that it's already and I got tomorrow off these are checked out on this column and other nor are our art our guy doubling we'll take care of so we really do that. You don't just put your your cellphone in your pocket and press corps. And use that now you won't be here alumni game made its way on my buddies have a guy talking and unity and robbed and guys in awhile yesterday that guys guys you don't you're gonna do you got me these guys don't gonna wanna talk yet they had to stay away from him and let's talk about that 100 you know sort of set. That's save it save effort trying to guess what you thought that an Anglo plus and control systems in other words this. I'm automatically. Just a definite sort of mad that I don't talking with Derek Lowe. Chicago ninety and other dangerous that just don't below is good Derek those big edges it low we all will added. Where you were you won't have a problem if we want to bring to it and we are startling do not I think. I took a phone calls we go here. We struck with the Celtics routed in some of the social life. Let's go to let alone in life offers to show lives on as misinformed Ella libel Jon and Kate. When he got. A little. Not all the areas but you only know it or. Already pay even. The hundred dollars and ARD all may know we don't art art are we don't own since going into light. Why why I had to go would do something else to give Pedro the white men than it already want good point. Well first of personal it's a double or not that bad has been under protest for awhile it's it's what. The thing about eat spit on a show where she picks on that wage and we attendants hired a capital C this. We could and I do appreciate the support but I don't understand it you're thinking as far as I need to do something else now to collect the money they already all my cash on you should know by now listen in this program nobody in the show pays off to that and the reason is we have no we have nobody who will take on anybody's like. Until we get one of those guys yourself write to her half. It's not it's not gonna happen also the car next appear though and that's like Paul. They got it on the beta kind of on it in on all of its earlier in the penalty box right complement of are you listening you. Tonight we take your takes and yet reached reasoning not content on television rating yard China not not Oakmont. I'm so yeah I'm willing to take glad congress are right there I think the seat in their. There's no one. Don't what you saw last night. And last night was played in the TD garden. Since it's so predictable and it society and it's bad for the NBA. And where involved in an emotionally because our teams in it but if I'm elsewhere in the country and cynical why am I wasting time I know the outcome of the game. What what I wanna watch the movie when I know the candidate I know. In our way by the way it's even worse all it's all determined in the first quarter because the home team comes out has a grip first quarter. Any other teams playing from behind for the whole game Celtics and those two games. In Cleveland with a big lead at the at their lead they led for one minute and ten seconds. In two complete games. 48 minutes of this such courtesy. I think you got to be I think books or you know I think you gotta be optimistic in the reason I think. You ever seen and you want them to win and we all do we don't want it or you know and you'll have got to feel political realist he still hold an obvious so I'd and I'm with Lou I'd I've completely whatever I'm not you know it. Why bother Friday night why the patent to the game. The most important game Monday night Celtics they say it's a book what game is Sunday night Sunday they're the one opportunity you you may see a real competitive game yeah. He's getting to and I think you're rated champion and it's not you know almost two out of put the wraps everything right call because I wanna. They deliver what we know what they're doing baseball is that wild card debt playing games the most exciting game of the season because it's a one game. What we do that wanted to skip the first Al's got a game so I would like to think. That you know especially that cleavage in the eighties and that's experienced team but the Celtics you know you gut. Eastern Conference final there's more on the line is more emotions and you're on the road crowd going crazy so game three you geek you get blown out. You know whatever it is no chance. The game for you come back and you play a better game can she couldn't keep your emotions in check in Austin composure. So it's like okay game three you learn to educate completed better game to game four but there were some things that were obvious. Right of Jim Brown sales going too fast so okay learned from that slow it down and you would like to think that now you come back. After improving game three game four become backing game six in their case that's. The same approach as we end game for school there with energy but just emotionally slow down low orbit and play a better game and in game six but obviously that this team like Cleveland who spend it before this is a group minus carrier and that's won a championship. And they can't even do that so I hope that's just too much to ask. Well you have that push you you start we predicted yesterday I mean I hate saying it but we've been predicting this stuff for you but yes tonight Hillary didn't you have fun. Yeah if you have a big right on the script with everybody's got an idea of a productivity probably aren't that operate out of the first fight for you and I'm going to be right in game six in game seven. But for. Prime example what do we say yes and we we used to Kyle Draper T shirt. He was going to be amazing last time. I thought it was amazing that in some big plays I thought to taking him and putting them down the block early on in the game I thought it was a factor but he was good. He'd he'd but he was good but he was better than average. And what's it gonna be for conference in Africa for you is good corporate he was good we've seen in better. But he's but he's different at home than he is on the road. And there's no denying that that is a part of what the script is all about. I brought right back to poke holes we got an open line a lot of up at six wants 77 on seven and Teresa keep up with the show on Twitter back away and on WEEI. Before jewelry and after the show. Let's get you back to more affordably from owning and 48 right now plus more. You're very familiar win. How LeBron james' performance to win back into a quarter thought about his back is against the wall he's gonna step up you know dislike. 2008 games that we can work 45 so. They have to be ready for that just mentally physically. Just withstand the bronze Ron because he's gonna is gonna leave it all out here. Just like in game six. When he was with the money in 2012 became the ball simple one is greater than it was a slow. Also have to be prepared for that not only game six if they don't win that game but game seven also in the Boston Garden. I take it there Paul Pierce knows a little something about. All you are so that's hello captain obvious of course he's gonna go nuts. Course I explode legend dare you ready we need to have a bump Peter Jamaica Plain disagrees collecting Mickey points. Yeah I think about it and you mentioned before it was an MBA. Very thirteenth. But it'll do any remorse on the play neither are your calls. Did I love you and I love you calls and you passionate and your greens seamer and all of that others that you watch the games. Mr. Allison Luka but doesn't it than win a game. You dug itself we just let it for the Celtics are winning every single game here in the series and an ever say every series with had so far the game victory when these kids are predictable if you haven't figured out in the process Peter yet. Technically according to us. I'll tell you. That inform either of you is next game is as many great game of the season and and goes done it will be a 100%. Well let's look worse and rivers in a place you're totally ask about team one. But I did soon. Gates who it wasn't so good so that was the worst 42 balls or let us and them. Paula and I was all outside there was nothing inside and so so let me just jump in here for second and so Friday night I agree that I think he's more in alternative. I think easel time I think there's something to that he's played a lot of minutes but as I said earlier that the Celtics were as they couldn't close it out of the they took the 21 point lead. And that to me was they were little worn out. Friday night he's got everything on the list is African and I noticed that all I like higher up all the lights are gonna be on hitters aren't character every seen this before now all of Jordan obviously he's very tired looks exhausted that's why maybe log on to turn what was the look of the doubt Larry Bird Magic Johnson the greats of all hawks players think they're tired when he hit the Stanley Cup did actually show what is their play action and showed that he does. Yeah out of my physically because these guys if I had to his feet I think you. His point he never said he was tired but here's the thing he doesn't have to always just like he needs that's straightened out casinos like killing that's. It lets it go its downsides. I. I'm sorry say that there. Everyone. Even an all he had not to say he newscast they sedate city goes to UTT tech under point gain a better word when it. Brady was if I gave congress is awful thankful yup and so. Obviously. Last I would worse neighborhoods in imports is sleek and it is well I. Really fatigued or of doing all the stuff all by himself OK I think so expenditure. Repeating you've been watching you tell me you've been watching these games will we have to do it all by himself on Friday night a game that will be played at home. In which excuse me 20000 people. We're going to be cheering him on you've watched these n.'s Peter. A lot of process what you watch is what you once your he's going to help on Friday night. Supporting. I don't know hey we're beginning and I actually okay. You say you watch it against me a favor. If you DVR to grant back and watch him again in Cleveland Cleveland's best supporting cast in Boston the summits of the better supporting cast is that is it that is that obvious right. They're number they're bastard you know. Here's the thing is hoping both being tired you know most hired Estonia rookies. They've never done a great energy sectors that his rookie football player right watcher he's like. You know come a week fifteen week sixteen we seventies that dictators that always what year result. But his body's not even strong enough but is this is probably in shock right now OK what games Lester he's playing 97 right now. That bodies in shock he can't believe he still played basketball. And I understand it's got let it crap load of minutes everyone's tired. Except you accept a white flag osment yes the guy at Cleveland comes up initially save his energy but I'm Sarah at least 3030323730. And it was a total minutes. Putting me don't think a twenty year old body played 97 games in shock after playing 29 in the. Before so pathetic it's it's it's it's that. But that's what point does he only LeBron only took so he shows it and everybody runs with that they too he just enables everybody they enable him. Viva vice Versa and L note it's your first yearly budget this year. I guarantee you that you know or even when rookies come up. You know and all of a sudden a play that extra month of baseball in September. There's usually a minor league seasons all of September 1 extra month in October the select while got worn down under played just an extra forty games. Mr. hill you can walk down your body's not used to doing certain things I think 97 games at the point point and the year before. I know is older and has been a couple of minutes and I sure he is tired but I don't think I ever heard of Sindh is at Indy NBA. A great player. Talked about being tired is much that we have with the bronze. I'm hand over others is his millions his followers. Whoever they are. They they built this narrative outlet entire big anonymous entity. Well good morning guys it's not forget it he did he didn't have to and is appointed happy titles and yeah offered the entire. It's easy he's more markets more of terror rosier. All Obama all the combined. Tyre to. So but no big they're showing they're not enough allow. He said he didn't talk about it but tyra Lucia he admitted he didn't think you look tired adult Palin's looks are actually yes. How about nonsense is seek. Got rid of play now no concerns. Kevin Love can play computer when you don't finish as usual wasn't on the surface and don't use you don't he's gonna feel tired again he's gonna feel tired. Sunday night probably third quarter quarter on an on going and went out and we're when he realized is that none of the other members of the supporting cast. Can do it in the. In the two knowingly but you'd want to but Friday it probably will Sunday night Sunday night will be different because that'll be the last game England say look. And that people's you know it he ought to be and you even though it was out of reach and there's no way look at dealing honesty don't you look guys you guys got to. Well. And what Christian and he will why did you not get tired of last. You get tired of the fact that he got no support the JR. Smith is a waste of time out there he he's looking at guys understand that many see are there none of these guys are doing any form. And you Dodi decided to duke he decided to say to yourself OK I'm too tired for the scrap forget it we're gonna lose this game always have to do is win one in the TD garden a moving on Friday night and then we'll take our chances Sunday night they'll start all over again Sunday night and see if anybody else shows up for me on Sunday night. But if anybody thinks. He's not gonna play. A game of the ages on Friday night I'd be shot would you be shocked if he doesn't play one of those games could be his last game there he's playing at home he's going to get support. Other guys are going to open I'll donate go to you next week or or this is the other it's the other thing he does. It it's going bad for him he will leave him walk through to the tunnel before the games even old you know little. Little cool doesn't know what it and Obi and watch you'll be taken his Jersey off. Yeah I've I've had but it's a script to see saint recycled over and over again do you realize what they're up against. Here's polish real tall. It would give an hour. I have a quick question can move quick quick comment on. Did you guys the most our own improbable series we're looking at a team that he basically LeBron we assembled this team a few months ago and our team is as you know the rookie of people who have never been there and I agree I think it's a good strategy that we build on that cared teams. Wear him down works conceded that carried his he's changed in on the road and that is what. Actually equipment I'm glad you're stating that trojans it's like watching to complete jet Richie here like that could bipolar quarry. At home and horrible on the road if we had a chance to adjusted net mark. Pitched six and one to let. You carry the court yet here I don't think it's an agent in criminal uncalled it back at 7000. A global order and remember Geithner the improbable series dark our league each order rookie Qaeda like idea or. Like all year could Gordon went out game watch are expected more time. From it and I don't think he hired warping young. In an energetic and. By him here so it's too easy program when his arteries or twenty years on his neck and reminding him for a little deterrence isn't illegal trading no I don't that was in general solicit. I don't know I can tell he was kind of like playing all angles I think he kind of like. He wanted to make sure. No satisfying you some people from all sane reasonable visual studio Tony now when you pay between gains and commit the lead in the emotion of playing in the league in. Physical exhaustion of plane you know. More than you ever played I think high I think like right now in Ireland 97. That guy that physically right now his body's not ready for this. But in this offseason in an kneel next year fueled emulated this is what I need to do to get ready for that grueling schedule again. Is that group was was was difficult at two is any is spent playing but it's it's not even an issue. Mean he's that guy than a gospel these events play out this. As players. Based on the other thing he was saying talk about improbable. If the Celtics end up playing in the NBA funds ridiculous it will be one of the most improbable. Trips to an NBA final. That we have ever seen in history and again I would have to go through year year demy. One or two others that we look at automotive sector but that's pretty when you think about it no kind of we are saying. If I it would it would was part of the equation until the first quarter of game one and then most of the NBA experts said. They're done they're car carrier. You'll lose Khyber Europe and and then you're struggling in the playoffs now you'll lose market Smart for awhile you lose Jalen brown for awhile. And you'll win one of these two games and get to the NBA finals. I'd give you get swept any idea about it what happens I'd be the most improbable run to an NBA final of any team in the history of the of the week. 6177797937. Trump reacted this morning. To the NFL's new policy regarding the anthem will continue talking about the Celtics but we're gonna add that onto the table coming up here in the next hour.