OMF - Celtics' crowd takes home the MVP as Harden and the Rockets fall apart; Devin McCourty joins the show 12-29-17

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Friday, December 29th

HOUR 1 - Marcus Smart was his usual, maddening self last night as he gave James Harden fits in the final 10 seconds. Steve Buckley and Butch Stearns are in for OMF today and the massive reaction from the Celtics fan in attendence got them thinking: Is the insane level of praise/scrutiny still a deal breaker when it comes to young athletes who look at Boston as a future home? Also, Patriots safety Devin McCourty calls in as we look to the regular season finale.


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Fort Wayne and phony and 48. Any part of that process is there is some element of strangeness and seeing a guy like James Harrison for so long was. Arrival uniform is on Muirfield in your uniform. There's the national hopefully I captain obvious policy isn't it historical epic proportions who was known. Volcano eruptions and earthquake which land Lou and Christian. As soon. On him to push us from Hutchinson. Average out. My teammates that we don't have to read sellers who. And right now on Sports Radio WEEI. I welcome WVU. The mid day show here which starred Steve Buckley with you the final Friday. 2017. To get a little emotional about that I am I'm always emotional when they were with you it takes you back in the old days it. Some 68. Anyway it's great bull. Easily headphones work unlike now there are. I don't know if I get something I wanna say before I don't you you don't need music is I don't know I just when he hit the federal way and would not an ethical because it's. A woman we've looked wanna take definitive direction of what was here this morning. Condoms are known for many many years he was always great to me when I was coming along. He's always been a great presence I understand what his game was coming in here this week he wanted to. Announce that he's still around he comes in almost around me all at some laps we all got some friction out of it. We talked about it all day yesterday. Mission accomplished you know congratulations what where I take exception with. Is. Is. Comment this morning at about 630 hoses and dogs where he said. With regard Alex that you could take innings excuse him Emerson and put the minions do his job. I just want to correct Keeneland I'm a little disappointed because I would've thought that Dino would champion a guy like Alex who who has incredible courage. To. Come into the big leagues and throws elbows around and stand his ground in say the stuff he wants to say without wilting under pressure. This is a kid that when he was like fourteen years old was calling Callahan McCadam. Would wake me to come on his podcast may even have his dad bring them to the base Torre's dinner every year and come up and introduce himself to us. That is why he's here right now. I introduced an orderly and we'll wait put him on his he satellite show an Internet show that he's doing. And that's kind of what got the ball rolling. EEye discovered him he's been a great fit here. It's got incredible courage and it if when I was 2425 years old if you it's taken me I was working at the journal Tribune bitter for me. Related Terry president of the from we were covering the bitter but I tigers. And the Thornton academy gold trojans Sanford high risk. In if you had taken me. And brought me down a Boston that he can put you know what I guess the equivalent would have in the old sports subtle. But any element mark wouldn't Jenny McCarthy if you put me on that show at that age I would what might it. Is anywhere it sits on the mean it would own blue and I would well I would not have been ready at that time they have particularly in this lines that. This hornet's nest and do what he's done in his state. And you made mistakes absolutely is he does he overthrew the gaping some absolutely talked about it. But you rush acute in the big leagues he's gonna throw fat when nominal sum I'm hungry so so good for Alex. Happy to hear the Dino is back and went up at any calls on the move wanted to Steve decision. While. Ms. stone's. They're friction leave a little bit but like I said they pretend leaving the lieutenant Ed Dino was dean always was on his fastball good for Dina. If you do you know it's that's why he was a huge success all the years in Boston I know so. All at this hey how about that sometimes and I ask you were dealing with him adding yeah idiot here. I'm glad you got that off your chest bump when I don't know where to go and on and on demean. Now in by Leonardo right down by twenty cents a joints move on you had your same odds I don't wanna turn in the show and that because I'll get in trouble which aliens. That's not what we hear reports that purity you. If you came in but I I wanted to get that out of the way right OK before we believe is a. Then we'll leave it in the text line brings an end or calls for an Hamels who. By the way 61777979837. Is a number to join us. Brian Garvin will be taking your call 6177797937. Steve Buckley imports turns until 2 o'clock. Today we have a bevy of guests lined up in my. Lombardi cracked trying to join us at 1230 after he had the best quote of the week last week. Michael I had misstated what he said I said an ex patriots quarterback as a sophomore in high school yes he's that thought went out so so somewhere. In the college he was asked Michelle by what who's doing the show. Who is an ex quarterback of the patriots in the next quarterback of the patriots as the soft. But with is somebody out there and and I bet the patriots have a moralist. You need get the memo from TB twelve the priest pointless fifty. What's fortified. The new memos fifty its crosstown policy that on his brownstone rocket that. I saw Mike Lombardi gonna join us also I may have when a dim according. And an authority died no definitive time yet but you'll be giants at some point of interest it in his comments about James Harrison. I wanna talk about Harrison and second we're also gonna have possibly com Rob Ninkovich. You'll be in the building at some point and we'll see if we can't get and hang out as for all about cool so we ought to talk about going into New Year's weekend patriots and jets on Sunday. But let's start with the Celtics who did come back from. Our 26 down I want to start. With a comment on this is just sort of an overall thing I want to get out there comment from now or for duty tweet ups morning. They wanted to compliment the garden crowd so we don't come back without the garden crowd. Don't come back from 23 down in the third quarter 26 overall a twelve nothing deficit pop on back to backs for us Houston was well rested. We don't come back and win this game. From 26 down without their garden crowd and to comment on wanna make about it is. I guess I'll just ask you would direct question we put you in somebody's shoes one of two people. You are a rookie who's about to be drafted. Jason Tatum one's question you are freeagent. Who is given our. To come the Boston steeply now Arizona media David Price before you came here. For all that we left the pound our chest and say. There's no place like playing in Boston for as many free agency when I'd been there for almost every press conference right from over at Fenway Park within minutes I can't wait to playable after it up. Front of a full house at Fenway Park there's no other baseball place like this can mean frankly can maybe but there's no other place like this right. The question is very simple. Would you really wanna play under the scrutiny. Of Boston because for all the nights like last night were Al Horford comes out and says. We wouldn't have come back without the garden crowd. You've got to deal with the scrutiny of a price you sock. 'cause I'm sure I'll look for it's been called average out moot by some of the fans over there too right so. If you were a free agent which is used that would cause a rookie you don't have much choice right but if you were a free agent. Would you rather. Go to a place like Arizona and you know not deal would that type of scrutiny on a daily basis. Or would you come to a place like this signed for big money wonderful wry humor so to speak but have to deal with what comes along with a all that scrutiny. OK so I'm gonna answer the question we posed. You said if I were pretty yes so I'm gonna take mine you want to valueless and whatnot and ourselves not valued it's a perfectly posed question. But on an answer what you posted. And I'm gonna take my values my interests and applied them to this maple leaf reading comes to Boston. And before I answer. What what is that mines the mindset is that. I don't need golf I don't need sun I don't need pools on ruse I don't need Lincoln drive in Lincoln boulevard and so Pete I don't need that. What I need is is is history and tradition. And winning ways and a devoted fan base. And that that that's that's what I would. And then the famous story about Larry Bird used to look up at the garden rafters. And he's at this this very deep penetrating gaze and he was Jack McCallum Sports Illustrated acceptable what he was thinking. I don't know if you noticed but I'd argue he was and at the Bobby you're. Our look at our viewers number I said he never met. Bobby your buddies and look at every because he'd heard stories about him right hand and and motivated that's one of the most chilling things I've ever heard in Boston sports. That and obviously this cross pollination is basketball guy paying homage to wait to hockey guy hockey legend and icon. And and there is certain athletes I've met over the years. That affected deeply moved by stuff like that Joseph Torre managing yankees to talk a pistol Wimbledon. Tradition in Casey Stengel and pinstripe bowl on was like that. Mark Loretta when he your second may have sort of going down the ladder here but then when he came with a I think it was Margaret went to northwestern. And he did some research anyone to win number three because Jimmie Foxx had worn it. And hall of fame player got a complete systems available. There there are certain guys that are like that. There than there were other plays that come I don't care above the law last key in Tom Sanders in and all that stuff up the guard. I don't care about minor hit in a body or they just wanna. Play and make money and achieve greatness and so forth and there are athletes who who do need sun. And beaches and nightclubs and all that and they are athletes who who do not want the so called scrutiny from the Boston baseball experience and the Boston hockey experience itself with. And they always use the example they were getting as I used to coming yankees Deaver Getty loved. He said that nothing great great and coming in in the ninth inning Yankee Stadium in if you blow it they'd wiwa the field yet to answered forty of fifty reporters. For whatever reason we're getting loved Mo Vaughn loved it won't waste a fight with a Pedro loved it. David Ortiz loved it used to shoo us away and F this and screw you and all that but. Listen he he knew all our names in you know another one with Lenny Dykstra and everybody probably therein not only they loved it they thrived off. Yeah they performed just official thought went Lenny Dykstra are literally we talked to reported what paper anyway. With a circulation. In need to this little calculation this is so much time I'm gonna give you based on the certainly. Is there some guys that really Guinness. So so to answer your question when you posted to meet I would want all of this you would yes you were an Al Horford. I think made the point because the gut and let's face amount but the guard now hiding go to wanna sell this in question because if you could look at the timeline. The patriots go all the way to the super ball they they wouldn't epic Super Bowl that we're going to be talking about for the rest relies. Ten days later and spring training for two weeks. Then I went up in this big trip around the world but I am planning for awhile so I. I didn't get to a lot of Celtics games until late in the season and the first thing that I know is when I want a guidance at this place. Rock and and in Iowa since he insists. Is that the team is the fans is it is lucky in the and the Celtics dancers and you know they do that thing in the the kid jumped a little trampoline worked the crowd know that. But that place was absolutely rock and for the Celtics last season. And if we end base as totally completely bought in the product in the excitement in the Indy. So Steve Buckley's answer is yes you are free agent. Bruins Celtics patriots Red Sox revolution if you will and wanted to come to this town yes he would wanna come all things being equal. Make the most money coming to scrutiny would work for him what I work for you 617779793. Similar to kiwi back. We've 1993. The Larry Bird retired due this is one of Larry bird's answers. This is the Bob Costas night of both know that this is these his impromptu. Retirement press conference Newt and this is one of these answers about the garden crowd here's Larry Bird. At his retirement press conference. There's no question that. I'm a veteran core with her fans met who's winning because I had to do was just mention one thing in the papers the next day when you're going there. They be chairing a whole game that's what I'm miss the most go to say one thing here aren't you want things have been impressed. To make a whole well they're all 151000 people react. I've done and a number of times in usually what happens Olympic Games. So little quiz them all miss him tremendously. So I love that quote for a million different reasons one of the reasons I love it love it when someone says that hick from French Latin like bird was stupid right. Not only did he love it but he would say things I'll never forget I can't remember what year a look at up in the break but they lost game one of the lakers they it fought all year to get home field home court advantage. And bird came out he waited till all the media was there I was a wanna be producer then for channel 56. Palestinian and your producer channel 56. Mean I'm working hard and Billy fail and then the great Bob to me there still a lot of support gap is that that's that's how you and Billy buddies. Police came late group are. Borrows so what I was sitting there and birds as everybody here this was after the game down. The first thing he said I'm very disappointed in our crowd tonight. Brady said that there. Brady's gonna tell you right boy which we have that sound bite but. His point was very sick the next be Aikman a little earlier and asked them look it up they might happen well Ryan explain it here that's an coincidence but this. Like Q Eric and I don't apply with what I was in the car listening to representative deal Tony noted making America great again the next team. Celtics fans actually had. This part on a whole different story but Kareem Abdul Jabbar and nukes. It actually add a little doll of him like they went crazy. Any game result of an article don't that would rattle good solid and it didn't it didn't that's how crazed the fans got. Because of what protects the question is out there of Al Horford said let's favor of those advice to look in my neighborhood. Yes in Cambridge that the department's treatment and IV the Bigelow Clinton's going outside of school or are you would literally see Wimbledon or won in a street every day. 617779. Soared 7987 if you saw Kareem Abdul Jabbar living in. Cambridge years ago I don't know I'll send it back if you are free without senate park when they shut them hoops would you wanna deal with the scrutiny of Boston because for all the nights like last night. Where a guy like Al Horford is not from here who signed to come here. Now comes out and says after a game like that we don't win without the garden crowd. That's the good part but the bad part. Is that you have the scrutiny of an everyday bad if you don't like. Again I'm reading things into David Price slash a but I don't think it's a big stretch that needed them the most pleasurable experience and still isn't in Boston and because of the scrutiny of partly because of the scrutiny of boss so. 617779793. Cents now on to the game last night. To help combat this optics. And really when you when you see there. No I was not there I was coming home from Maine. And listening on the radio whereas those were your. I was in Nam if skiing I was trying to ski but we didn't ski sugarloaf to quote not Shawnee peak and he's trying to peak folks. Rapid brown field do you ski. Yes we d.s in his camp my daughter was on the rest of work that way I view my daughter. By a very nice of every race I'll say that I was already a very it how very Braintree of the he beat fifty people we decided not ski because it was too damn cold and it was hard to get off the bar stool my brother in my house out there are seventy Dodgers have a city that's reeling now. Account. I don't know I these I I what happened was tight for so does the money some other diamonds 151. Room. One room cabin eight kids you know stop and without the backyard I don't know I got to college in and then when I lived in Maine for 67 years and I picked up pick up hockey and I was playing like three nights a week pond hockey at not know it at north Yamaha academy and then later at the Portland I three Aaron. I was playing like six is like three literally three nights a week. And that became my winter activity. And I had a few opportunities go skiing and is now it's you know and the knees are all bad I regret I would I have a huge regret that I never gave it right. So. That's when you talk. I wanna go back right to phones and a second to one other point about last night and markets Smart. And it's another sort of general question for you Bach is. Has that been a more maddening athlete in Boston in modern times. A guy that I mean just look at the ball to better let more maddening and I met a guy that makes wanna pull your hair out market Smart. They don't win that game without mark Smart ass they don't. I'll sell you sent him to games when we all we are horrible shooter. Went six for fourteen he missed eight of his fourteen shots like. He had. We knew when usually always evident more maddening athlete Boston I don't know I don't know markets make my top fifteen. Okay will be able to food then going to dig into your brain and give me some icing maddening a minute to find it this way. I'd guide that. J. D. Drew comes to okay but a guy that are completely different reasons why markets and keep on the field but what about you. A guy that for the majority of the 34 minutes he played last night by the way the only guy played what was Kyra you're at it. 34 minutes on the court. There are numerous times probably more than not what you're saying get him off the court. Yes I am at the end of the game in crunch time they do not win the game without him he finishes plus three. He ends up although we shoot six for fourteen. With five assists six rebounds two steals three blocks and two charges against maybe the league MVP. That helps them be huge it's maddening. You know I found maddening not so much this year but in recent years this may surprise you. Red martian. Yeah because there are some of the gains to that he is he is like the ultimate roller. These the one guy you could have a hand from time coming in reaching out to rocking him in the locker room could play an urgent it was MacKenzie and all of the guys. Heed of what went in there and been an issue ruthless. Think it is so what's exactly and the chiefs. So sold my respect for him is is marrow deep. As a player and an even as a as a citizen of Boston as he's done a lot of cold terrible stuff I guess it. But in every once so you let your guard down you're comfortable. With his place and so so. This is respect I guess but but it one when he does these things it get that. Oh and it makes you say you don't need to do that we do that for. To the phones we go exports and buck until 2 o'clock. General question with thrown out there is if you had your choice would you wanna come and play embossed. And while he would look you can wager Boston compounds if you'd like feel free to do that it's the final weekend of the year and you could say course I wouldn't wanna come and play in this town. Keep in mind most of these young athletes who are about to become multi millionaires and they come to this town art from Cambridge are Braintree or Chelsea Everett. They're from places near and far. Solidly in their own it and I just watch that again and all my nieces nephews this weekend. So what you let's go to our three New Hampshire is gonna kick it off for Bakken butch hello Arthur. Hello are there. Lol Arthur. I'm not sure what happened when Arthur will. 02. Chris. This deal broke the phone line let's go to Chris in Providence Chris you're on a buck and vote. As wide as a lawyer that's. Thought that began last I saw all my life some 68 years old. Last night's crowd at the last minute was a lot of span. Since the birth date and now there and they hate date was unbelievable. And are you bought. Well I don't we saw a little bit but I get the reps a lot of credit because those two at least we're all most delightful way. I give that up a lot of credit has also led offense involves especially the second. Of the block got the crowd was un believable. I think that's but a lot I mean let's overrated without an assault so battered that light you know. In actual pin it touched it to the end and I'm glad that it. A Bruins crowd that loud. The reason I asked is does is eat eat eat emboldens habit. When I go to south of schemes and in the lower bowl it's just what depressants. But when I go to Bruins game on level nine. And ate it it I don't know if you get the same benefit that you get of the noise if you sitting down on the floor. So I I'd does not rhetorical axis I don't have any incidents. From all of the Bruins can call and give us that Chris you still there. So cute to your point about markets Smart I'm not sure if you saw the James Harden comments will play them a little bit later on. He's questioning. Being Smart about it because he'd be trying to fuse questioned the rest but he did it make. He might be defined by this he civil first of all I'm wondering how you only have two officials on national TV game that's the first question. Said afterwards and he went on to say quote a lot of grabbing a lot of holding I mean how else am I supposed to get open got to ask with two arms wrapped around my whole body. And then he said but like I said it's just tough you can't have two officials and a professional game there's a lot of no calls that need to be called you the changes. The dynamic of the game. Tom soul. I think that's a Smart way he handled beefing about those last two cost yeah 'cause I wasn't at the game you work. You said they were bad what was bad about with the inconsistent with the air time letting things go and then not. You know what well what are you would go to the basket it seemed like a blip. When you saw on the replay. You know what I wanted Brad Stevens to get to other game I've got a technical about it was is to get a check your local calls were atrocious. Add ha that definitely pushed off on that second one because spot within it and that's why I love my spot because. You make those ways that you don't want it. Well make a play into the game and game that'll get them going in actually look at it 27. That's what it looked back at that ain't right and you know it was a great race come back. Eight Celtics needed it and I'm glad that they investigate so. So yeah before you leave Chris Europe you're Danny Ainge and Brad Stevens and at the end of the sheer smarts a free agent. On history recent history tells us someone. Probably gonna give him four years. 64 million dollars in you've given him that money if you're the Celtics. A little bit got out of that could put money I mean yeah all this shooting deficiency in some things that ought at least. He's limited but I gave his desire is also news making plays in one I think and then. I'll what did they came and it started shooting straight the other guy is economic picture. Among the sons. They actually issue. Those guys that I've got to want it believe me. I think that's why did you all those guys but. I don't baucus on that money like it's not like they've changed a lot cited this as we all right. Thanks Chris could call 617779790. Through seven it's bucked its porch till 2 o'clock stick around and play tonight. Client who question the excuse. Ford way more money and Fauria talk Sports Radio WEEI. Two issues this season. The first horse good. Lord rendering them. Carlos must post it okay. I assume turn. Didn't. Truly. Turnbull removed from its. 2002. To mr. Who knew him. That's Houston Rockets James Harden. At the end of the game last night after the Celtics came back from 26 points down 23 in the third quarter. To beat the Houston Rockets 9998. In a huge part due to market Smart drawing two charges. On James Harden at the end hardened complaining about the officiating. After he had scored a game high 34 points to go along with tennis as. I heard somebody say last night the Celtics limited. Partner 34 points. And I'm looking at videos. Of last night's game and in what pardon. Feel say had it easy that he had elbows up high several times on Smart even a Smart man had two arms around him. They were blatant offensive files now Christian province called us up and last house at the game and said there officials are horrible. As a calls Lawrence inconsistent so maybe Harden has a point. But still the celtics'. Comeback to beat. The Houston Rockets 9998. Steve Buckley exports earn 617. 7797937. We kick off the segment with Eric in Boston hello Eric. We really don't read a you'd think who was in the media guys never Cardin has yet in the issue to rest in the first. I was in their last night site and I don't know maybe they did. Maybe you didn't hear that I mean now. It sounds like that. Most people aren't happy with the rest for most of the night. You know to meet you gonna call those type of calls and a key moment in your starlight Carden. And let's face it carries a star. I mean Butler used a baseball analogy you call on the outside strike in the seventh inning now right when human colony inside strike all game long now you changing your strikes on in the seventh inning eighth inning. Because chemicals in a gimme a break Williams. It's I had dinner with some friends let's say it's obviously I I was not happy even watch the game that was in the the post game what I can tell you is that Eric. And I can only speak for a U one of those guys and hangs up on callers when there. What. We have to program Shawn didn't pick it you call on you read dinner. Is it to we need to know what you had you've done you've done post post game press news yes Manning and sometimes often a guy will get asked the question. The evil won't answer it or give an answer that will be eights and runs left and right up and down north and south and this is a lot of there there. So you don't index and I know that when you frequently will ask athletes and coaches about officiating. They give kind of while you know as to save everybody a sorority to use it if into would you put your column regained story. He was asked about the officiating wreck you know so so you just kind of like so it's I guess what I'm saying and and they have to boil it all down. It's entirely possible. They was asked about it but because he gave an answer that that that wasn't terribly interesting. Or incisive or whatever it just didn't get it. My guess is suggesting that a veteran like Harden. When he starts to answer a question like that I'm back of his mind is OK don't get find it. It's occupied as a tortured and while it's like it's like several years ago Ryan Dempster threw three different pitches he was so incompetent to three pitches to hit it right. And then I was on the point you keep bringing that up by its view that he brought that out of me but but he was asked by me did you throw. That they were out at night it got away from me. So. And but but no it's foolish to it to stand there and dictate. That you have problems of the officiating. While there are certain things you don't say because if you're around long and a Smart enough savvy enough. You don't you gonna get by to suspend. 61777979837. Would you wanna come and play under the scrutiny of Boston it's embarrassing disclosures would Stearns while would you uncharted. Had some wide can be real late like mostly is on that show so well yet it will mold that's where this question goes to a lot of people all my goodness. The Boston media will eat you alive. The Boston media will teach you all live in that town gimme a break. Gimme a break with that I was when I was thinking about this coming Embarq has set an example what I wanna do I would probably wanna go to Arizona. To be honest I'd probably want to go to a fan friendly and really. And not hearing Michael yeah I would love to sit and I'd love to be. But I could make 25 or thirty million dollars in a place wreck the golf everyday we could beat could she could benefit immediately I would always is right behind the road into a tree yes I don't like living in the desert. Yeah. It's a little mining Disney home. It's just a mean that the landscape in to drive fifty miles outside of Phoenix and Tucson you drive to Grand Canyon and as you know from flags that it's the most beautiful country in the world but. It's like everything in Phoenix was built twelve years ago and yet all glass and steel and and it's brown and route around ground units of them since. 02 Jim Everett hello Jim. Hello Jim there. You're on the air Jim hello. Yes we can. OK I just wonder why you should go. Take a look at the Bruins sushi last night that I white. It wanted to get every player on that offside on the on the first goal that gave the capitals of I don't get it. A stranger immediately be accommodated. Quite figured out that. I was like the capitals. Split off site on the first go. So you're nobody Cassidy for not asking for a replay. A rebuke. I have got to be obsolete they do well. Try it seems like they always call problems. Yeah. That's that's one of the calls I heat. In all of replay now with all the talk about replay this week after the catches in the plans to begin an all sports it went replant it. All sports and real world column on the other day thanks reading. I Reggie. 200 job at all. Now you're right what about what about the Bruins overall I mean they just can't beat the capital's port Jim. They could it last night they didn't get the momentum that were on fire last night in to a great. At a good goalie they're just joke opens are all doing great and last it's about almost. Which traditional David gutless and I've ever seen. You know they got their butts kicked the night before. The traps against the Rangers in the back all of the brawl. So you know it looked a little tired of it launch out of on the ropes that it wanted showed us periods. But you don't get much about the swing especially at all mice that's what you get. The most. And it. Oh sorry sarge in my head that by mistake. We need to quit bring O judging Steve Buckley Butch Stearns quick break we're back with more demo court will join us right after this. Excuse or way more money in for you on Sports Radio W. Try to speed. Buckley the Boston Herald butch earns a Boston 25 cannot talk some football our conversation with the patriots captain DeVon according. Brought to you by Sam Adams rove won an MD Anderson Cancer Center. Making cancer history to bring in the captain now hello Devean or you my friend. What about guard I don't. I'm still loved him already. You're Jeter got involved in the Coke. So when I hit you up without. Couple football questions and a second but that's subject we brought up today the Celtics won a big game last night Al Horford came out and said we couldn't do it without the garden crowd. And I'm curious as measured at what he's here now and then there pitcher's uniform Devin I think here tonight. So in you've you've talked to a lot of veteran athletes outside. The scrutiny that comes along with a playing in Boston all the good things the crowds are crazy and you guys have mostly want all the time so it's good. But corporate point was we couldn't won this game without the garden crowd there have been some other athletes in Boston. Who along with that excitement that's scrutiny comes some bad things you know fans yelling you suck in all this and that. What do you think about the scrutiny of Boston do you think some athletes we have a target any athlete who rather not play under what goes on goes on in Boston or in the northeast. Oh I'll never talked who low never had a conversation. You know I can cease. Like a gut feeling now let you know. Hopefully gain seemingly getting booted from the luckily I have are so. A bullet so how hot was sort of their relentless so he was right as Crowell you know just wait areas. However you know any Iranians soon yeah and scored some sort twice in the road crowding out and so. On it was a great atmosphere there last night and what think actual rules different for all every problem in regard to this seems like there always leave for the opportunity geek know people say it in the dictionary so. It was definitely environmentalists. Are saying well that's situation lawless tiger and I think it. Well forces in their little corner which Abu great hitter Edgar. See different crowd indeed golden hour days and well we've got some pretty big Gator democratic house of a lot true. I would imagine coming here wasn't as big shots you've grown up in New Jersey and I mean you knew with the northeast is all about when it comes to sports right. Yeah I mean the end of New York. You know any of those things that that they see you can read about it in the paper reader to have full article every day. That as well in lieu of are coming here what do you know I particular change without seeing a little bit Richard purchases for the sake of you know colorful crowd in high school. And now being enough well. I doubt it's the book before Harold I wanna go back to the Pittsburgh team in the way things kind of fell apart for the Steelers after the call and there was some miscommunication. Some confusion with the Steelers and everybody used as an example the patriots they're him Belichick's genius and all that but the fact of the matter is that the patriots are very rarely. Make mistakes and looked confused in in crunch time and right again because a lot of credit for that my question is. How does that happen eight is it is it in the conference from that auditorium of the was key presses are held. Is it on the field is that a pamphlet is it word of mile veteran leadership. Q can you give me some specifics as to how that happens week after week season at the season with the patriots. On the written you know a lot of the couple repetition you know like today it will be out here. You know prior to reject gold over today the murder we will conclude that murder of course certain. Or talking to me about situations. Back into the game and how much cooler now. You know what they like to do in this situation on the offensive or as deep as their must change so. You know global war is illegal the practice of player to on the would do that weekly and you know a lot of confidently nervous among. Until they come up with a game unit that that you situation so I'll open road home. Equal or training camp combat portal we're trying to hit different situations luckier. And it will get over Albert and that prepared so you know we did and that it's unfair situation that rarely come you know we might not committed this we believe it. At some point in the season thank god at all you know trees back either you know look it over so well not in the room. Thought that you give. You know. Jeff for legal pickle that we've done this budget electrocuted. You look this is an unfair question you've only ever played for the patriots but how how is that different. All the teams and soma that other teams iso date. They even even the college BC Matt rikers. That that these kind of things happen how how is what the patriots along those lines to and from other programs. Yup it is accurately and then Collin Buddhist and have a much on a you tell opponents you know like we do here at the comedy so good and everything innocent because. He notices workshop. You can put more effort to understand a little bit better so. On August oh I don't know how well you know other change bill and not think being here on the floor eleven what does the same way as well. You know out there crowd grew. Kevin you were at the podium yesterday were asked about James Harrison and you talked about him. Just thoughts about him after a couple days in Foxboro it's kind of a unique situation. Such an arch rival coming into this team isn't. I'll let me Julio they do that lightly any general Eric gleacher and Larry there although Dodgers shoulder catch up as much as possible be ready to play. Well mother who it is very hard discomfort. You know lead we've learned how to gain as well when Justin Rose Garden where. Early inherently social and learn as much as awful because there are lows. You know not only pay it forward to it and all of that you know it on the same level of foreigners are competitive or about you. Why had some guys I mean you brought up Derrek Lee for example you couldn't be too. Bi polar opposites to mean you got Eric Lee was a practice squad guy a commander in thrived had a great first game you get teams Harrison is one of the most accomplished dealers ever. Yet some guys commit to Foxboro whether you're a veteran like camera rookie. And I'm Harold it and it works or doesn't why why does it work for some and not for others. It all the more important ordinary situations are different. Well you know opportunity to occur and sometimes it works so often targets does put you know. From my users never that if quote you know effort or a guy you know not Kerry you know I was just in either works or on fitness. And that which you know Cogent what was you're. In order. There. The role that they saw it just wasn't there you know that is how come about it I think we've great guy they're comfortable wanna play and one alerted. Get out there network while that you see when that happens it's great yeah helps it helps that corner so. Our local corporate there. Yeah I think he just nailed it from 'cause I've asked that question a lot over the years it's the roll right because. Whether it happened on teams. Elsewhere when they come here bill and the staff outlines a role for a guy and it's a question of how much they embraced that role or not right. Here and I think everyone always cool whenever I come here they can you do everything he's always so good. Some thought that not always the pulling the case that some thought that there's you know he's just a few outward so. Evan I was in contact NBC sports Boston the other night to do the show I walked in I saw you on the set with Tom curry and you doing the weekly hits here and you're you're very eloquently puts in remark sure podium guy you've spoken about issues beyond football. What's your what's your game after game after the games or we gonna do. I'll try to be able to do little bit of hope Politico my brother yeah we can do. Well moon mainly be apparently you know that could do all the things that we can't America. Audio and a lot of analysts here. You know what they're in the full figured there. I'm unsure mcginnis and boosting those guys to do their thing in the activities quite well but. You can probably do more much more of that as as a TV or radio guy because you're I was more structured you know but on a mini camps and get on planes all the time so so to boil it down there is a future TV career field right. It out you know. He's he's come opener all the X. Definitely think that if they. Which will be playing for them yeah I know I Daryn thanks for your time appreciate it. All right Kevin McCarty I patriots captain conversation dim according brought to you by Sam Adams rogue one. And also brought by MD Anderson. Cancer. Senator making cancer history one powered down next hour up with Steve Buckley and butch stunts right after this.