OMF - The Celtics lost track of their first round draft pick; Baker Mayfield absolutely roasts Colin Cowherd over claim he is a bad teammate - 6-22-2018

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Friday, June 22nd
Hour 2. The boys talk about how the Celtics apparently lost track of their first round draft pick before his scheduled introductory press conference. Also, Baker Mayfield absolutely roasts Colin Cowherd for insinuating that he is a bad teammate.

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Are you ready. Beats Fort Wayne and moaning and 4040. Eight draft the Boston Celtics elect who will be at check point. Think it's getting beat up Williams and cannot look at all medical stuff robber Willie. Political and Lou and Christians we love glad we love Clinton's favorite car regret that puke. I yeah. Every day we are another Clinton even before trump I was like you know it's a pain I'd there's things about him I think Clemens never given the pain in his life and you both for trump I think he did I don't. I think he gets now are ultimately you'd like to get me into this. And debated. Oh my god they're different than yours. By and that it is. Yeah right now. On Sports Radio WEEI. Apparently we have problems. That problem. Show Celtics I just mention drafted with the 47 pick last night Robert what you are he's coming to town next Friday preference is day they schedules. A conference call with their first round draft that was sent to media could eleven a yeah. Show they scheduled an 11. Conference call so that the media could throw the questions that Robert Williams welcome to bought vein and in New England good green. In all the nice things and one BS I proud that we have the appeal to and from the from the Celtics pulls itself. Everybody just slipped a date we are having some issues getting older rock at this morning so we are going to close on this conference call to all week. Can get it solidified time sir what he stated as soon as we have that. OK still the club who agrees that the president and it might be simplest it's I'm just at a time zone. Oh that's good guys as it is seasonal celebrating outwards Texas yeah rating outlook go to Africa. Don't do not once did I get an idea of open nets or it could be the reason he drops withdraw until he says global audience but not all I had. And yeah. College Station means that you like Vietnam yet. Roma was like I I heard last night he was not there he was at home now he was invited you noticed there were what you guys that weren't invited. The did show up in this millions with their family and their entourage or whatever and they said screw. A minute pay the money to go to Brooklyn or let's just stands at a called in the first round I am walking on that island going up and its date and Jim and I'm gonna give the broke out there that are right. And it's whoever wants I don't want to stay home with a little party others wanna be there there are a big difference between the silver bro and the detail to go girl I'll be different that could dial in the states and a relative. Yes we got involved on yeah I think you you know I mean it's like there there's a there's a true embrace it and there's like a brother who is a long ones that's in there it. Died like. As we beat the rest you would you say your. Out now and look at me. When he. You explain you don't want what anybody else's but the vast. There's commission does streaming really wanna get too close I don't understand he's important briefs about you know she went on stage last night didn't balloon. They booed when he shouldn't have been strained is golds when it was Adam silver and introduce and so every game. Then had the knicks kid and his dad crying against once again the them like an expert pencils to know is special series that's what you really abuse in the hole it would indicate these crimes it's bigger weekend you know manipulate the story. I think when you are well and as you pointed out android separated a mothering and yeah and maybe it is there and aboriginal laugh. I think shows that all of our. That acts like this ever colleague from yeah. I'd Cozumel that was to us they were at a rate Mike Mattel bridges from his mother and then even engage fondle they put him and we don't really think it's. Ali we know what to tell you guys right now. On average 100 Eldred just not going to be here Philadelphia. Got to go to Scottsdale Arizona. Yeah I know I was a ticket don't even better eagle and it is probably what's best for him he really went to college right indeed play but yeah. It would like hovering over now. Later this he would not leave it be like he's a freshman and be good around good to go anywhere that he calls are always at the pool and others. Good town for up to do I agree. Am amazed other people treated it last night and an untoward. Like they were separated. Which I all of the example of this cruel I was afraid of Mormon I. How many millions of dollars is this. It going to make this is the next day is should be fun. Aren't going to be just everything I had so this could either way the thing I did a lot lot of last night watching the draft was watched the alternate. He SES that was I knew this was on which was the jump. And they did the whole draft right to look final pick of the second running to jump in the name to a group that's the show jumpers and that's the Rachel Nichols NBA players insanity as attractive and I don't know how I knew anybody who's anybody in America so this is a bad yeah optimism that you don't throw Mozy was steady for the Billy Ripken tests are already graduated. I told my Jack says the pitcher out between the diploma the I got my family I've got to blend ring binder that of your album it is literally like that your comedies out and be done tomorrow we're not we ought to play so what the kids. So good that the jump was Rachel Nichols along with a cast of characters Brian win horse was on there who by the way so much better. When he's sitting there talking like a human being as opposed to sitting interests have brought up LeBron zest. In which he's standing up doing stand up report on this is the latest. And then they had does that glow who's who's good and they Jackie Mack who we we we love you're in Boston. And then they had a bunch of players stopping by like the mores Brothers were both showed after. During the course of it. But the thing about it is they covering the draft. Four NBA fans. So they were covering it breaking down what happens to all of these teams. And so they were getting heavily in Cleveland went quickly came up on the board. The horse trading. Unbelievable statement in which Jackie neck actually said. I can't why would you repeat that he actually said. This pick right now maybe two or difference. Of whether LeBron stays with the cavaliers. Or leads Ridley. No but but winners was coming up any winners has a little. He's he's got a little bit of that how to describe it it's almost like. You bleep you go yeah he didn't settle I don't know mark yeah. Bryant again I know it comes to LeBron nobody and it's panel to speak out yeah exactly where he's headed what I mindset that we just showed that we don't stand Lebanese don't like a reporter on the scene and just do what he's polite. In this said he's not polite he's rolling his eyes he's almost like. Please you know talked about working out a deal. With with with Charlotte who's the point guard down from you come what can remember dismantle an entity Dennis Campbell thank you very much talking about working a deal out he's going to all of these is different stuff. He's talking about that being everything. Getting to them. Quite Leonard stuff. Last night which was really good how all of this affect us that see that as a month that in a Little Richard was far more pitchers that. Like they they basically and you've seen the report now that's out there. At the lakers did inquire descendants are legal Buckland one. And basically the San Antonio super said bleep you they gave you the finger that people are just they give you much of things there's no freaking way. No freaking way. That RC Buford and and Popovich are going to trade him to Los Angeles to San typical Phoenix you don't take less I think the taken somewhere else just to prevent him from go. I like I Gardner added that as they cutting off your nose to spite your face him for a look inward. Were okay what's gonna get better though yeah yeah if you do because this on the screen itself and warrants say you don't take the best offer and incidental to yourself my best rival ebitda in the best position to succeed in the future by getting assets and return. Only to send him away. Only to have signed their a year anyway. I'm just saying you fastball or two years from now when you city arts acquired got the LA. And we to distract you Diaw hadn't taken as you know make deals LA isn't it doesn't make him any better maybe they can find better deals out there. But it's different if he had like a three or 45 years left his contract you trade an individual way that's fine yeah. But when he's got one year left that was controlled really have they give here Indiana Pacers new citizens are not trading Paul George the lakers. Not donuts any of them and all that nick offered or anything but that scenario will play out most likely. We're gonna send and he used to and I take less than obvious that your leaders in LA anyway. What did you do so we had a good one last night in there and they had a rumor out there you probably saw this. In which Paul George was going to sign a one year deal to stay in Oklahoma City. Well later on we find out the guy who leaked. This story happens to be Russell Westbrook agent so maybe the man maybe it's not as but some people were assuming. That what Paul George is doing. Is he's doing the the work for LeBron and we're gonna set at all shall LeBron goes. To LA this year. Starts getting the dead bodies moved around and then next year. They get Kauai Leonard and they stink Paul George under some exact yet as they do so light that. But it was fascinating because we're talking about the regal in the senate. But the entree eight looks like he's going to be terrific play assured us. Believe the Phoenix Suns are going to be a legitimate contender for comedy about a young players ever get through Germany Canada it's what bridges. I get to believe that that Marvin that we can be a terrific player but he bullies Sacramento is really going to be on anybody's. Rate this year. But the Dallas Mavericks. Look at dodge which could be a great player. Got to start somewhere though Oakland that's a man to say and that's what these guys are you don't wish dinnertime strategic Golan to the think Jerry Jackson could be better understand okay I'll give that. But he is grizzlies to anybody. And train young I feel bad for the dollar you're right he's sick he's that he's or would you call raw. Talent but he's going to be Atlanta Hawks and raw talent doesn't develop and I. I would talk your errors and understaffed current all of that that I know everybody was all year long ice and rain that show you talk a Muslim or it's a good thing for for NBA fans the other stuff is nice information if he defeats. Trying to find out like knowledge or information are all these guys drafted what that what they're light and are you curious from where they go again at Petit you get the whole draft experience with the other show that Tonga drafted but now the talk in real stuff. Real NBA stuff right I mean that's a lot more exciting than than one in August if it's in there was sacramental offense. But even in the picks the waste my time even the picture you you watch all of these rations and everybody's wonderful everybody's terrific. Watch and the the opposite that the jobless that's our animal Michael Porter junior. Anderson. It's not only the back the recent drop. Apparently teams they were crazy about him when he showed up. For their private little work out like they asked him to do this driller natural decline after some of that stuff and took a while. So the kids got an attitude on top of that. So you tell me the interview I got right back I get questions about his back and then have questions about his attitudes. I think the age you attitude of it especially in India I mean these kids as they come from. You know. Leaves today you did coaches just drooling over them and maybe not putting him to drill suggest apple plight I mean you're so talented you and your one and done guy you know all these teams coming Africa's youth talent level. But where they ever pushed his or disciplined in the you know they'll fundamentals of the game but they just continue to play game after game after game and he's a U of their work on their craft and MBA now it's time to learn you got talent but. Are you willing to deal put an end. And that he would elements here are some guys what's in that situation last night we've same things you're all the rumors going to for the Celtics. Okay and your jump on this kid as he slipped and we're discussing a day 910 re old enough to get like top three or four. But the data have enough to try to trade up there at 1011 waiting to go fourteen Porter won fourteen. Thought she didn't. Like it that much Denver around Denver. Epic yet apparently didn't like them not to move up and the whole week we spent yesterday levity in it for can ever remember. Talking about the possibility because it was out there. Brian Barcella trotted out their artillery zillow. Armed that they might move up the Celtics on the clippers Coopers had two picks in the middle of the draft Celtics might try to move up. Maybe move next year Sacramento to move out of any good and moving up and for all the talk about the team that team's holding the top six. Nobody moved down only when it moved I was Michael Porter tune moved down already the mother and son. As. He showed up yet revelers issue shown up yet the crickets have a charity thing. And you know it's just we need to read this we need to read this because we do that meets the way endorse it right now and it is big news Friday it is it is there's a lot of big brown enters. There's a lot of Demi got my patterns is all much inspiration. I feel based on what happened throughout the week woman kills lots of public scale alone. Should deal sued just you you you don't a lot of materials a lot of big news we're gonna do that win. Reduce Delgado like at 14514564. Out of 77 at 793 you remember that number. I admit I have not missed the numbers since your hours before he liked me years ago it would. I did Taylor Braude who have never seen a move more energy on Friday before picked him he's he's either really happy about it like for is really pissed off by big night and not we're not getting back well that's it but I am an. I don't know what you mean I I got I'm taking out couple friends and and we are going on on surprising them. These are not matter what you just attack. Yeah rationale they don't listen to you know other all. The countless radio during a lot of work non volatile place called boom box in Providence school. Esther John smells just like anybody at the karaoke bar yet it's like local little traders unless they are you. He may be until we get invited the keys in the jar you know we're Brando with an available from the every lap dances and oh well I guess. And. Yeah I thought we get some video audio and we know it can cause this will be your face we're like yeah I wouldn't wanna not currently Curtis Curtis. Curtis an extra days we're glad he is too you know senior ranges you know and in it when in doubt with the countries of which way it went out. You pick country Sarkozy if you can't sing on key you just thought you were. Payable and messages or you it was he always got a win is getting guys that always gets onto the ever just off the talks the view of an exam a better one of those pushes you get some dude doing a bad. You'll as a result they had no you don't know sweet Carolina. No Frank Sinatra song brings a notch or. Is it right. You or are we don't have to do is coming up that like 140 today. We also. I think. We're also. Awesome that if you're ready to this we also have fake tough guy TV host who. Media are being our top. These letters on is easier than they mall ideals we got that imminently at them. Always on the. I AM. I've missed this last night. Robert Williams who was not. In Brooklyn last night for the NBA draft apparently was on location. But for movie Eddie buffalo wild horse stall like buffalo lightly I was really yes. Am red cell you must he was it does the only state that we've had numerous people Texas it's on just telling you may not be accurate it's social media. Both thrown out there anyway because one. But they're claiming that he was interviewed last night in buffalo wild and so we may look that up civilian fine. The interview that Robert Williams did last night but he was supposed to be on a conference call. At 11 AM today and apparently from. Louisiana and notion of an important market that's. Out of like I said maybe thought it was new music this time difference in the benefits forgiveness that though because it's three and they still can't find about it. It had to say guess. Alito and lo can do it tomorrow or Sunday. Don't do that around here and Saturdays so I so I get to those justices. You talk about going into the into the tiger's the end. Picker mayfield was invited on the Colin caliber shell. And mayfield high draft pick whatever in a little bit of the controversy with a goes on the on the show. Noticed that Colin Cowherd. What about Fargo move if you when you watch it on TV. He's like a judge she's up on a high stage win and likely that the us press yet you actually I'm a major actually thought that could adversely on advocates like this. This narcissistic. You don't talk show host always passed the deal more important is that he's not tall stature has to get a bigger tax I just talked to Joseph and the new studio rate down the street and will make a couple of Yeremiah gonna make it garlic anyone has undermined our changes so that perch right now the fielders on the is that they'll they'll build it up a little bit for me and you guys out here that says eat eat eat dog big commute may feel going into the draft he actually killed them and draft the ball right yes what's what's it seriously you can -- a -- to teacher to. BM whatever intractable enemy that you and other top Republican field that made your loved loved him always it would add and here. Unbelievable this guy is powered sky is character. He's so our notes call coward he is he hasn't tower and I won't I heard this. Antoinette act or heard of like wow may deal with you on power. It was easy on but yeah the kids got also the hand is no question a lot of doubt kick went on he was willing to take it in the way. Colin Cowherd what you gonna your they news you'll hear the audio this Tuesday usually the audio. But coward what he did as he had as his crew put together some video but that was show little snippets simple no contact no cuts are. This is that need. Baker may feel look bad but mayfield did not back down. In Ohio State I watched every snap you were you know gloriously talented. And I see this lady right here watch this baker needs or touchdown instead as. I'll like this until right now a cannot walk. Or you don't. Well or you don't. Our band is over there student sections are there and then straight back to our sideline. Well boy did you watch seriously and I watched the whole game you did so you sought to celebrate our team it's like three touchdowns before that's a month now. Wow okay you told the one clip of me running right thereto or fans and people that traveled well that game personal. And then you didn't show the rest of clip of New York or sideline. Not an eagle to go to the size identical to the hospital. Or get a dollar to the trustee not gonna go Dracula guy just ran away from everybody what you did but then you came back and circled on the sideline. This is there loads of 52 clip your showing me now mock screen at their I'm lucky to be your teammates at once Christian once I wouldn't. I know he went accident site I don't know on goat while the other touchdowns are very excited and don't. So you'd think my accusation that this doesn't this is a fact I feel like you're going for the fact I'm not a team guy I'm selfish is that we issued barrier mom. It is say no I don't think I think duke I think sometimes your judgments just a tad ultimately pinnacle to judgment leak of the game is so yes I ask you know get into the windows gets really really tight really really small numbers academic decisions really reflect on college you got that Orlando brown died on the wartime and all of that decision a lot. Okay a lot also got a lovely music on the Columbia back music helping them upload it to the next level yes windows ask tiger talk you into making literature that. That raid raids this Collins. It's just a little bit contacts are writes oh Oklahoma policy came to Oklahoma you reform put a beat down. Bateman field and local listeners. So they go up in September early in the year big time game. The game is really tighten the first half. Certain app comes around my house because scores. And three. Eight it will be dispelled that he has his team down ten minute drive. Throws a touchdown pass that throws another touchdown pass. Then in the fourth quarter to open at the last minute 112 drive he throw a touchdown pass that he's talking about both. All of that he was all. Celebrating with his teammates during my Biden going nuts now now imagine the game is like and take control now. So we scored that last touchdown Andy Beyer top to the student section where the bad news. Yeah this was third touchdown pass. The issue that that powered hands after the game. Game is everybody leaves the flag and still get up and assume there are guys on the field are gonna celebrated at all by thumping. He grabbed the Oklahoma Sooners flag. And he runs around the stadium and he comes down an eight times that you don't. You don't stick it right into that oh you would have been appeal court you'll most of them to win it's kind of funny and to call out in the background. Right and if you give them crap for that. Powered. You like the heart though big time guy like he knows what the hell's going on tries that. This guy and the spot didn't make me incredibly eagle all of it could completely and coward because president included talk about how you want play a lot and all the indicators Alastair was never blaze started much every single one right. Well bless every snap you out ultrasound was celebrating. Every single touchdown articulate he's he's that he thinks he's us how this is there what does a 52 clip your Sharma in Manama screener they're unlucky to be your teammates. An idea like yeah I have and all of that I'm like yeah. Do me and I'm well I think if I'm supposed to be celebrated like every single time. I'm gonna love you all but this is a guy who's not with his co host there is guest. Urged 48 irons good I'll like late beatle compensating for something. So insecure and yeah. That's not three times. Eight is asking that you want it's likely Chris what he's judge in a I it looks. I actually think it's it is he somebody who matters the only eroded during a disabling was that the GM of the browns who distracted you. And in your pocket and borrow the stuff you know but it's calling how. Big baker mayfield cares. With you would like for me to do something or not call list I get again give me some more bicycle what's gonna take to excel and following a decision making an appearance at speeds up in I'd like this purely electoral men well the last thing I wanted to do is you be disappointed. So if yeah I mean let the public obviously pat I'm not one I. I haven't heard her ever heard all the rest of the stuff I've heard that's. Is is there more but this does mayfield ever lose his cool in this poll. Get symbolize all I have right now cable. Just some more because if you look because impressed with the and to this point because I think what Calvert was was doing is. On the immigration in real shame on the eleventh I'm gonna get him to to have an emotional Oprah yeah I don't of a flag out you know so I don't know how he's got a bright but he's got what he can kick vitriolic acute didn't do would not solid level and he got he has a history look back in his. I wants every single game reports all right and ever and there's always some because shortly. Antagonizing him mayor goading him regret describe she held up well you like UW played against Kansas. And they go to the coin toss and in the kid's more like honorary captains don't shake his name is that so I'm all Eddie put up. For that so and he's being compared to John an adult which is the worst. Comparison going because they're both short and whites you know read option of throw on the gold type guy. All the different make up bait we have is going to be a monster in this leave. And John as well will we see what happens to him the other that was impressive how he kept his composure and all of this. He had responses to him basically said you're you know you've taken little snippets you can take it counts it. Never lost in school that part of it to me was quite impressive so walk us through more and see if he loses physical or moon its Nigeria we take one that's his third touchdown pass it through for almost four yards and a team its third game backhander at that point games old fourth quarter first testament and a in the fourth quarter. Let the minute drive. And it's clouds gonna point out one brick at play here that doesn't light. Because like that's an indication of your care or your willingness to be a good team we're not sure what a complete. I mean this I don't. I don't puke I think sometimes you're judgments just a tat topic I think pinnacle to judgment leak of the game is so fast and Stephanie the windows gets really really tight. Look up his judgment as far as that corporate decision or judgment as far as yeah this post it both black. We talking about her judgment okay fine. What is so great I don't look at one point below what make you did see me do you want you watched the league you see the celebration exactly he did say this is celebrations after touchdowns. In LA guys. They'll celebrate their team's they do that little routine first to celebrate themselves right. Howard was trying to make it look like you can't do this and celebrate in the NFL I when he felt his relaxed all of those rules because they realize that they want a guy scores a touchdown now gift to give the individual ten seconds to do is touchdown routine compared rapid descent and I. It's ridiculous yet it it was it was a back and forth. Love this Kate as you mentioned the celebrations. There's one relative. The celebration. See what people do in the league now celebration once that's almost docket thrusting not a fan. It's not a big fan of thrust I'm not a good idea I don't like Juan Antonio Brown feel and that's not why not into it. You know what I did it hit theaters celebration. And I know I have not and I'm not used to give the ball apparently I think I need to just run away. But it pulled up its real politics really killed that Antonio Brown Rottweiler and just ask a call a power what's the idea but why why don't you like these victims. It is it offensive Q a when you watch it you physically he's just. Offended that when you watch him do that late. You can. Care vote keep hit rocks because he's I don't like he's he's like a he's like why don't we let those reporter that romanticized baseball the rule that you can't do that you know that drive and that's what did you ever. We see you collect all about the children that he's that guy he's that self righteous arrogant a hole. It has every had a conversation every now and then with some either ex players current players rolling around you know the beaches of Orange County or LA county. And get some information that can do is always that god says. Some people supports. Disorder tell it tell me this this guy can't trust of unaudited you don't like it I don't look at that he's you rent if he did go gradually. Yeah look at these guys. This is distributed to restaurants on the topic of the prophet Tyrod Taylor. Did you. Guys this guy's it is bigger vehicle with a single reason why the Cleveland Browns dragged themselves out of the abyss which is losing out around and I. I'm rooting for the kid now I don't I thought he handled himself really well in this thing he really did but I just don't get this don't talk to Joey about Jews and it's very doable for the student economy up above I don't think you'll like I've got a lot of really be a bad seed tonight. You happen at all oh look longer and quicker nickel an opposite of that as Joey lets arrow like how big session is big news desk. Big microphone. They share the air look like that yeah good blend arguing that the guy's wallet than three feet above you it's that. He must've rained down on a flight like all powerful ways and so you go to that level what little hole in the same level heroes Italy juror implement this line wrong. This mosque that's never I didn't tiny tiny and I got my era in his job who dictates you. But the big McConnell and small faked a vehicle and a weird beloved in her little chair why does look as good architect of Greg will be right back at 6177779. Threes and. Two more of bad guys. More loaning and Fauria is really fired as fat ass or wait four years ago when he crawled back stinks at. He's job Chris Stewart terrific talents that are carrying him move Christian and V anchor on Sports Radio W yeah. We'll get the stuff I don't. You know sidelines grab and stop. You know throw it wisdom football's. Come off the NBA franchise quarterback what do you grab and stuff that what why what what. What's going through your mind when you do that during games have you played football had a high school I quarterback and I saw us as well we'll know not pass I didn't. Football is a violent competitive game yeah that's the way it was always meant to be played. You're supposed to player with an edge. You're actually trying to impose your will on the other person who went. And there's things that come with it. No my mistakes are are not things that need to be a franchise quarterback but within football there's a lot of trash talk a lot of stuff that is not. You know. Been made aware to everybody. I thank the big amazingly nice big favorite I hit a tight all of before high school. After high school of thought that he was the last bush did have a feel for god has had a reputation of being kind of I didn't do as a he sounds so rational. With a guy who's just sit here on national radio and TV show who just egging them on trying to get him to go over the top. And they feel to sit on the no no I'm not lose a Michael Jacques is somewhere say do you think Cleveland. The obvious that he's drafted by the the patriots called commerce planet ripping your first pick overall your quarterback cities on draft the ball. And make me feel comes to Bill Belichick says hey I'm gonna go in the Colin Cowherd show them a confront them. Are any chance in hell that happens. And now I would say the out of this elite media and it was very rapidly with how we don't know you happy valley well users that need it but here's the thing the answers are really easy that's the thing. It the week Howell was going Adam talent he had the answers to the into the dialogue with this it was like serious yet it's overseas yeah during he's like so pop this. So pop is heard it. I like he's accomplished anything. On bonuses to a stupid show no cares about it stupid desk or stupid point of view at least they are still lame. And outdated it's really amazing I gotta get that done east's. I hope he's making six million dollars five million dollars in he's written a Pilates they drop it like that while wedge I don't know united under right now but not quite but. But I do you look at what it seems funny when you look at it and you see the video of him looking doubted they gonna get caught up on me hard it is a barrister. And I don't know why I saw some unbelievable. Have you played. Of all time high school I quarterback and I saw pass muscle we'll know not pass night an eye color accuracy is like high school because high school quarterback. No we could look up we get fried the must be some history of them somewhere that if we can I just put that we can put count crew wanted to whatever. I just think when the company comes to UN when fox jumps in his column we got a great idea we're gonna hurt you up like your bird cage way at the news and as well. I really do want aren't I yeah I mean why the first thing used to watch all this is I don't know he and his idea. Even worse you know that I rooted do around senator Barack. Think it was a one man show you get this high desk whatever right but he had that girl what what's her name she's Christine leg correct file used to work with us here yet but it's like so you that you could put her box. You know in Brooklyn Robert corners behind you it will repeat jeopardy I. Irony be careful or you put it like beauty putter decides somewhere the problem is it's like OK if we planet having guests waited they said. Mean I think devoted but the secular lower the loudest roar earlier this error on their clear alerts they weights you gonna be a three or four feet. Up above. Your destiny to be talking. Generally that's and that's and that's good he thought we want is the same when he's had cohost on the floor when she was on either of which you always heard yeah. And and one whitlock was on before they did lead the show that they do now and and you know what to think an updated version of all time saves and get it but it at some really doing a show with. Helped keep it really yeah. Look I he's in his weird it is it is OK okay in my heart though it's Mugabe brought your related but I am sure he probably demanded because they have like you know. Ray Lewis or Tony Gonzales goes on that show down there and it they just really high. Hi Amy the pit pages look meet in this week it is insignificant like it don't matter at all. And they are just like you act out your grain act out. We used to edit. It's so frustrating I can't handle in the I hated it he means it. I know you after this they do this is because good dude like he's he's a great and that that's the thing. He's the ultimate teammate he's a perfect teammate his teammates love him love him. Especially actually can always in front of it he's always pick in the blows which is what court should do taking the blame when they lose it differently all the credit. A team how does he made just it's a whole year is. It's O whatever I doubt that it was the worst though that you're you've literally taking 52. So what does a 52 clip your Sean Mahan and a mock screen at their unlucky to be your teammates had to watch suppress the demo was. Hunt. But he said he wants everything apply to them I was always I'll now hit a thousand I was come by. You know does it become a second just us argument it is what a lot of us do nineties so you've he hated this guy. Before this interview we hated this guy going into the draft he hated them. And I thought the kid wasn't gonna make it to begin with so you got to stick with you or do you know your convictions as opposed to this kid can make it and the but he won't do. He won't do that I'll guarantee power. No matter how successful mayfield is next year who constantly find ways to determine your blessings because you want your right he wants to be right sending a plane. At that price you'll be on time but I don't do the right thing it's fit him let him watch that and slowly incorporate that into the system you don't that you go to Pittsburgh and bring out the Cleveland Browns flag which is just all orange and pounded and any senator that. I know I Ricky Williams and LA after 9/11 after 9/11 you got through this like they believe they cancel all the games. And then the very next week every team every stadium has like a really good ceremony with a flag on it and all the to all the players came out like held a flag. And are like Ricky Ritchie waters Ricky Watters. Emotional guy he was always trying and he came outlast usually had to you last the came out Kerry like. Two time for. And thrive and let me cry like. Each year yet but. My emotional. Regiment. There were worked out yet but it's like any parent term somebody crime and comes out. These flattened. This feels look at. Any time. Again and they didn't let that you want to weight problems yeah. The little guy to. Around relaxing and little additional bridge whose math you have a half I put in and why does he actually it does. Key up on the map you know whatever is headed in the development and they act like it didn't happen an emotional day and was it like Saddam. When me died oh well if I. I. Wounds yeah. And. Unlike. Good legs. The really play of the game now that it didn't work pulled him out or ads at them fail. Oh yeah new. I. The Koppel for. Well I the browns went six Biden's idea to have surge should be good to listen to degrade your regular already and he's not gonna play this year you know so does a recurrent Tara got hurt which is a possibility. Can. A stupid phone calls to some people have been waiting for a while just call it was real leg when he did employ all graceful way to muddy. Good morning gentlemen. And I have a giant WTO on Lucas by UP shield are important member quarter. Why does he watched our kid it was going to be one and done. Versteeg got injured didn't play so it was to improve and they only have one he's gonna go about and his team went into the playoffs in the united and lots of I vanished into quarters but it's when I can't figure out how to look he's nineteen starts he was fifty. Get the MVP went through his team to the championship in Europe. And I thought you know they hired a coach from Europe who talked about who goes one of the greatest player you'd never see how did you also on hand. Because. The country Eaton played college ball right there are he's in it seems to be a terrific player and certainly you know you can look at projecting him as being. A really good player got it dawned on a road and it's perfect for marketing. They got a guy whose whose local it was like the clear cut guy. In Poland as the ball a lot of people think a lot of people I think that Don church could be the best player a track that's looking ma. Yup we didn't already wanna they already wanna. But no he he could be a terrific player we get into the Dow topped him pitch right regret that they regret past is that somebody picked eight and do best when minister after the beat we did last year. Other winners today are written about the height yesterday there was even confusion last night on the height of the object. He was 65 he was 66 that my sister say he's six take you tell me tell you that 6464. 66. I saw 68 yes it was like wow CS date. Now we ask for that's completely different right so what easy it's all over the place I saw my state 646668. So they don't even know his real high. So it depends I guess would video you're looking at some video you'll look at him he looks small nice our video clip of almost nightly look pretty good. Mary McDonnell should find it does exact height before you actually drive that shouldn't be part of that work on consumer brands in a New York they Brandon. I think they're McCullough well it looks. But I do have a bone to pick with you and I've you what you're talking about how like all these draft picks but nobody cared about scenic and all that kind of stuff. But I'm thirteen years ago you look back nobody really cared about Golden State you look at a pretty good track and everybody ought to let go. Come back in ten years Brendan Namibia and excited about some of these guys all say is. I don't think. All 72. Don't know he put 72 want my belief that somebody to have a lot but 72. What the big man at any other in let's say they'll ecological that they could be any good. I don't think they're rolling quiet first of all but. No I don't I think they're gonna 34 years from now we can be talking about Phoenix is on the road. Up what is no question about it. But it but this draft picks that would drop to us that we do this every year people see the draft picks they get all excited and they thinking your team is gonna turn it around. Even though you suck and you're a deep lottery team you're gonna you gonna go from 24 winds. To 52 wins and and do something in a postseason it doesn't happen. Are rarely. I have I don't I don't think that Phoenix and come out. Battle Golden State next year and in his words you're saying is mentally this. And then the conversation we're having the time was the other they're talking about. Whether the eight and you know how he fits it in their system and in what he's gonna do that team it's that one that's not as interesting. As the conversation glorious game two will vote. The other teams that are gonna be good what they need what they're looking at like. Brands to look at their system awesome and get a goal from what the first pick next year tip may be tense they'll approve a little bit. But I NBA fans and show rather be talking about the top of the league and how every move affects wet LeBron James galway and all these other things that's all Mort that conversation. AI most of those things last night branded do you think anybody even knew it the hard court in beef and do you think they had any idea. Hoot those players were. Nobody knew who doctor which was until the last month or so when all of these YouTube videos started popping up nobody nobody I take it was watching a broadcast last night other than analyst. And actually watched a complete. Look at dodge huge game right. I mean in order for example everybody was saying they let you got to take port. I started to order so that fans that data should move up and try to take Porter at 111213. I'm not presume that whoever. What is important platelet Germany it's three games four games the. But it way to play the was terrible but you know you're welcome back so. Onus on the long eleventh of hard judging him have to come back from that injury just get a couple games it. Exactly and always going to be like a couple years. But people thought him because he could moved up to give him he's almost like a richer right to bring him back. Gotta make sure he's healthy for years and falling here you have a guy that if he stayed in school prodding them won't pick overall because then health. I do like the one to Carter family all the coordinated outfits. See those the outfits. General noise honey don't look remotely on noted on Miley actually went and I think my feet you can read my mind I got those articles almost favorite movie. Coming doom and ask best. But to our family whatever it is. It looks like I thought. And if it lives head on crash on. Actually upload speeds he jumped he jumped far I thought well roles battles on the ally all bets he's going to. Tonight three naked women like you know Liddy about this they give a hug Adams silverlight is you know spreading rose petals on the ground. Do their penises clean. That's exactly what it was all do that was. What big two out against Ireland I do I would laugh my but out of like where is Eddie Murphy. Couple of Iraq. Can this kid they're showing it now this Collins sexton who was the Cleveland pick it would number seven to rescue the kid can you please. For for LeBron to stay in Ali I looked at third base in Tampa he's got to cut a hole like you'd like LeBron tonight cares. Amazing I want to you're right they're just. The kids the baby faces and now heads a bit not nearly as bad hockey hockey they're really young. Right seriously let's start out with a draft yeah but these guys pull out the other so young looking and that's why when you watch this thing and I understand the commentary it's done is done by analyst who were supposed to talk about these kids what they might be. But you actually sit there and you into all you put him on the Phoenix Suns and suddenly Phoenix Suns are gonna go on and win comedy gains come play. UW young looking kids to stick it in pretty Simmons. Yes and no friends in Bernie now the best was Bernie. The rest is only selected as the shooting guard Anthony citizen us and it's at sciences and assignments yet it's on it pretty Simons and posted United States. Yes they went with it again yeah I didn't say yes it's said. It pretty Simon's United States and say Kentucky didn't say Arizona United States. Secure and want to. You are yet court. Got to Stanford hit pretty hard when I it started you don't have Internet. But it gladly ate every political ultimate IG clarity when you get out well loses news or bundled with and deep. That's the NFL draft is and what players eyeball this I don't know if the the idea scores but loss of optimum voice. TJ AJR today thanks license or fifty jobs or probing crawl before. Mars the Mars Bars and Lamar particularly critical great. Called the wrong who. Stanford is not acting categories as long as the Disney I love that would do distracted with you from its date announcement. I've been my favorite is it wrong why wrong in him. Well I don't well you. A the best you can go. Over our house. We get there we gotta look I am we got out of technology. We guide well it is ugly which is basically the you know. Yeah knew that I NG bruised it was raised like a high school slashing through came from the United States Europe we get our we got our our quality time with Spike Lee last night was all of the TV and video. Then the Knick outfit and classes down in the course the last. Just has come to America and that of bad and then does anybody think that Adrian -- Ruskin gets his wrist slapped today because there was a young policy issued by the Indian wrist slap yes yes they the NBA issued a policy in which you can not tip off. On Twitter on social media any of the picks we're gonna do it with the commissioner Chris commissioner in the history of mankind. Adam silver is the is the one and only person who will reveal the names and because fortune aroused is saying you don't. Phoenix is and the lies over and we he's K taking every single prick he's basically telling you. Who the tick yes and that had to (%expletive) off the Yankees need to. You just circumventing all of the right. Just circumventing all the I want it to your phone calls it 6177797937. We get them baseball involved with threats such epic weekend series coming up. This weekend and more on the assaults were find out Robert when city. Conference call on away docket right now. Yes he's he's here he finally shut up I think it was right it was a time difference we will hear from Robert Williams.