OMF with Celtics owner Steve Pagliuca on the Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon

WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon
Wednesday, August 22nd
OMF closes out day 2 with an appearance and a generous gift from Celtics owner Steve Pagliuca on behalf of the Boston Celtics Shamrock Foundation.

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Good about. Right we got a clean up ten minutes here. You've been out of yourself these guys that alcohol might what did you say one thing before we thought he got a look at Iraq. It's either him. You have to work with supplanted the ownership as we prospect like this is yet to deal with a you know we we totally totally serious and professional I wish more importantly for it to us that you tele atlas collapse of hedge ready you're ready for the Asia. The tote board is just mention well it's all an act that don't would have just been changed. Three million. 3181738. Dollars. Now because the puppet channel's thing went into a corporate donation yeah I. We still are 25 bow shot on the matching donation so anybody. That gives us all of a combination of people up to 25000. Tickets started it at 25 dollars hundred dollars whatever. That 25000 is gonna be doubled. With the Red Sox Portland when you want to and fifty let's go get on his it job for the first pitch got hurt called make a difference right now Celtics checked in yesterday it was. Hundred. To the gym and. From which is always great Steve Pagliuca the Celtics is with you with a can be sure David is absolutely a mullet and that's great but thank you do you win and wiccan dividend over there and they. Celtics shamrock foundation for her for help I'm quite yet. Cause I understand that they you have an east right now that's that's been going through some of the stuff absolutely. She did contracted to just a comet ten years old about eight years ago and through the miracle day our burden and treatment and probably twenty operations and Tivo and immunotherapy. She's been attending mass immersed with all that stuff. So is my daughter then sees Saddam actually had no there next week to talk about that yeah. And maybe even the remains whenever our dorm life you know all the political bogeys again you know again at weekends. We just came back from vacation with her we go to Michigan and has declined to say and do and in. And so it's been it's been a miracle we appreciated every game that's what prospectus and the public duke you know the program up this little bit different you mentioned you know it's it's the duke of the north. Yes I don't think that the you are seeing you here to lose just took the Robert Jonathan it's just it is amazing in this city of Boston sports it's it's it's a big deal. But the fact that everybody sort of sees the big picture the ownership of all the different teams that you sort of take a step back to a say you know we we forget this thing out at least we understand we get it. Actually I think we're different and other cities the owners have been close here do business together and to carry worked together. And it's been great for all of us. And we we we don't compete mean we do better when their assets to better we get there are pictures to better. It just camped exports of Boston so it's it's fantastic to to work with those guys we've. I hit. It because the that we re talented coaches like house who was here Betsy is here. And you know just like you know how those coaches in Iraq each other's need me to be ownership like everyone wins when it but it wins. And Brad has done that they'll check it and talk strategy or and and interest rates support it's it's been incredible even our players. The tendency of the players. So are you excited about your routine that pretty good you know. Very excited. You know obviously we improve anything yet but we're hopeful string squad referring back to people who were all stars who were born in or clarification. So I'm optimistic does. The exchange in the suddenly there are expectations on the table this year last couple years you were playing the board money and whatever they can do they do now. Now suddenly people are expecting you going into the season to be the NBA finals to win in the east with LeBron while analysts. Well you got it's it's it's a high expectations but I think probably there should be high expectations because again we went is that conference finals without. Arguably the two best players in the team. And the guys have done better. Great coach great chemistry. Each character guys on the team so we're excited. I don't think people kind of realize how impressive this really is you know what you've done here in the last 45 years the organization we talked about getting that it lucky. In a trade. Which he did with Isaiah Thomas would kind of puts you here you gotta get lucky in the draft and not that Jalen brown registered a lucky if they were very high pitched but you can't miss either. It really is kind of amazing to present NBA it's not easy to do what you guys have done. Know your wit which is let the management team and and and and all over the the draft and made it better than experience and Danny and then the best of staff of Braddock a fantastic job. Rich Gotham you were so please everybody has been together we've been together for a long long time now. And there's a lot of trust and and Danny is really really hit on Rome those things. You know it's also it's like you guys are now the hunted you're the benchmark yeah you're the team I think that everybody. He strives to be your organizations that are struggling to roll we do with the Celtics did you know edit and it is it is that easy. What's the what's the attitude been you know with the players and management knowing that now OK we've we've we feel we arrived we were telling us we've arrived. You change you think you go about your business differently yet to kind of keep the players and checklist you haven't done anything yet you take egos at the door what's that been like. Well I think Brad does a great job with that and I think he's gonna have to motivate players because we literally I think at fifteen players to play on it as as a starting NBA team. So there's going to be not minutes for all those players who were written it's a long season we're gonna win by depth we probably don't have as many superstars Golden State but I think we're deeper. And that's the message is gonna be there I think they applauded and you know we we had just signed Marcus Smart. So bring him practices and other types starting players that can interpret charges. So Brett can have a difficult you know decision to make and who plays when they play that they ought to buy into the system we're trying to win his team did you see a group. The scene of the drew us. It is good halo those pleasantly surprised that when they were there were no expectations. And actually passed it was pretty good yeah he's he's a notary from from back in two days are long times of the access that scene in the movie. We've European vacation this week departments do you feel confident that he'll be back after this year. You know on their feel confident than anything on some of their trust but I think it's a situation form restricted and he's been fantastic it really good teams and among my optimistic you'll really like to hear you're gonna get sick and tired of the new York new. Questions and counseling gonna crop up. All year long org starting right now yeah. And and and and that and the other players that are associated with that Milosevic has rumors. My desperately that night out and you you know Olympic team you're dreaming poaching your players left and right click so different now and that the players of the ones that are establishing the two it's like it's like the neighborhood. Let's get a budget together won't won't go to that neighborhood will play that would I think I think. It is for us I think even outdoor art new is still pretty nicely the art. We have a team that can win for a long period of time. In what we find is in the tradition of the Celtics is in peril that everyone shows up here and we bought the team it was not winning but we don't fans and they finesse and support us. So players come here they go to clubs in this in this incredible boss. People show up every game. You members of the game we we we. I think closed out the playoffs for the years ago people saying let's go Celtics yeah where is that in many teams usually via. And that I was in tears because the fans just you know really don't crazy. So we're greatness and it. And and hopefully that carries experienced it firsthand used to practice it hold on a college when Larry Bird yes that's where you put a dump. It right at the fans expect and can you match guys like hiring others to exe let's go as well. It's through the personal is that and I went to but it it would would you like again particularly at record prices ticket. And my wife and Ireland. And that is really exciting first you know first playoff game is so young guy. We ghosting sedan and were directly behind a column today and then over so that the whole game we turned sideways. Yeah. We've got to wrap it up is gonna get to a baseball game it was great seeing you good luck that got Garcia thank you again thanks again you do that you to you when wiccan everybody for the underground really yours Whitney huge personal donations there and we'd love listen with a if you very much appreciate. So we we aren't. I hear Janet and it. 3.3. 18738. Beautiful over the 72 terrific job by you guys everybody up in the audience fire listeners everybody else will be back to a normal show tomorrow a little bit about this at home we will be back doing and those are our whole yes we are not the authority to jump into the and get the job. Site and it. This was awesome continue to listen continue to help our continued to dial in. On that phone call during the game tonight we'll get you back it 2 o'clock. Where Audi and he.