OMF - Celtics youth movement ready to stand up to Giannis and the Bucks 4-24-18

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Tuesday, April 24th

HOUR 2 - The 2-0 series lead had Celtics fans feeling pretty good. The 2-2 tie has those same fans feeling anxious. Either way, Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum, and this short handed Celtics team seems ready to tilt the series back to Boston in Game 5.


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Fort Wayne and moaning and 48. But today. Don you've dispelled any questions that anyone has stated its intent to return for the 2018 sees a guy he also said it already has thought about his contract which patient considerably less than king. Given Tom's relationship. With the Kraft family. And given the fact. That there is no heir apparent in the building probably have to say we're gonna give him as much leeway as we possibly can just so long as we can again make sure that we get him back in the fall right back with Glenn flew in Christian. I think the Boston Bruins now are really going after the score is what we ought to do different I think there on the ropes and Pakistan appearance Taylor goalie if you know would be great if she goes and pitches the shadow Fulton put it on your goal is not that's not the way to go about it now all of a sudden Boston going moral way to stay out here I think that's rate now beliefs are in their heads on Sports Radio WEEI. Seeing kids and putting really believe this was going to be a quick series as they seem that they struggled with at least I don't know courses these where they start invigorate amount. Grower on the looked like I think I said last week it looked exactly jackpot Saturday alone. No one of the Celtics series is not surprise me one bit either I thought that was the seven game series and I think in the end. Celtics winning in seven but he better. Hit him in the NBA. Maybe more so than hockey night the difference between you know we do we. We go crazy I think week you know the the first couple games are all just a little crazy oval what Milwaukee looked like at their place. In hockey business and work that it does not until they got game four. Is Tuukka pretty much was outstanding and he stole a guest elect in game four and steal they earned it right. I think that was Olmert gave five and that was why that first period in game five was the most disappointing thing. So far this post season. The game sixteen it was gonna be exactly what it was last night your restaurant you may not get the calls. No there they got their home ice especially walked in that order it's just give what happened earlier on today you knew it was going to be a grind it was going to be a fight. That's why game five was a missed opportunity if first period there and showed up another and make up for your way. Once you screw up. In a in a game five it usually means you're ending up playing. A seven and series your. And you're the NBA is different home court advantage is much different. And you seeing that right now with the Celtics they play at home they're there they're really good they get out there on the road and they have runs against them. That are pretty difficult. But look I think it's encouraging for the Celtics is that. You know. I I think you've and I know the game four with three rather it was a complete dud but it's a theology didn't consistent performances from guys were the home of the road. Now the of the audience is about Milwaukee Middleton in unison to be there but the other guys. That's old school NBA playoffs yeah the role players the younger players go to barred blocker on maker you know story to this lineup you're at home assumed he looks like in Boston. As he pockets the same impacted Boston if you Bledsoe all the major somebody's son he's an old guys play at the Boston run hard and play because I had the injury anything in there but. Right. I I'm not sure the deep part of the bench the Celtics bench. I'm not sure I would say they played real well out of the road but certainly Jalen brown if you could get anything out of witnessing right now with the the Celtics. We not seeing Jim Brown emerged with these aren't the jets players and he'd be playing. We don't know if that's the problem will have a silly like I'm talking about yeah it was even though that the starters distill the young players. But you surprised that Jim Brown to walk in Milwaukee player like down the road playoffs that's impressive feat so you don't see that from young kids. And I don't Tatum was cut off and on that game four but that third quarter. He tickle the third quarter you don't see that from young guys and wrote the post season. You know enrolled here even for his struggles in Milwaukee's outstanding in Boston but to have his moments of that fourth quarter that he caddie turned around to. That was discouraging signs. In window finding out young players defining how tough it is to win a road. But those young players even though they're not the role bench guys they're still young in the starting line they're forced to be. And I thought they showed great. I think what you look at Jim brown and already he's emerged verse of the way Jimmy Butler. Place again would you say it. Very very similar to the way he plays the game. But when you talk about the possibility of doing a deal for quite a letter. If you look at Jim Brown right now 21 years of age could you not envision. It's six years from now five years from now purity facetime Leonard yeah. There's all around like on the edge are we gonna do this though. It's illegal would post again it's gonna be based on what everybody. Jill brown just him. Yeah it just how many times. Have we gone back and forth. You know with this discussion. Where not to deploy just against a casino of this what I love both yeah. Nicosia took it like them both and what you think it more. Potential to have these types of games in the post seasons it was June of Tatum as far as scoring goes. I thought it was Tate. Lone wolves will be around whiff. You know 230. Plus games. During the series seems to be it that's your that's your playmaker. That guy. You know he has no parity did you think it would be him or Tate and going and bought it. What it was is you know pure three point shooter like he's the shooter shooter. It is Glasgow nine I'll let you know that seem to be. More what you and Brad could do what would it Jim Brown he gave you three point cheese Fries greatly treat patients there's still a loss. I get hostile and I don't want anyone had to do this at all a year ago I didn't want to have to do it forced the owners say they are you doing so trying to figure out. I'll meet for game five as important as deposited five as important as important because whoever it in the that this team that wins game five teams are tied to Tuesday's game the team that wins game five goes on to win the series 86% of the time we're nice we're anger that is where does that supports you guys are slim that an and I like as open and millions as a percent was an 8686%. Of all high pretty well that's Syria I didn't do so he gave us that home it to close it out something is gonna win game five and today in the series at Nevada and Hawaii. As the better team they'll go back to Milwaukee to lose game six and the about it when it song but you you need you need 24 points. From from your boy I just don't get yell here do you still unfortunately he had me going to. Case you're getting thirty plus points from Jalen brown you're getting minutes and and an app for points of production from Jason Tatum. Okay Terry rosier you know he's gonna play better Marcus Moore of Moore is okay he's gonna play batteries that can happen. DNA and you al-Qaeda in Iraq and I'm Whitney and Smart just Smart just being on the court I agree global bull bull bull changed just beaten is drowned to death and it's just the reality of it. You know bullet went Al Horford in game one. I'd of one of the worst things for the department of it now you've set the bar under asserts that he knows it was voice of his way you should have is what got us can't cover. And it motivated cover. We should have his way he's done this a big series for Al Horford and he was absolutely dominant an absolute force. He gave me exactly what I've always wanted from him. There's a reason why I've always been calling an average now is because that it is capable of that instead of giving me what he normally give them nightly basis but he gave me exactly what I want and you don't get a game like that. You go on Twitter notification that it actually blown up by all those in the wolf nice to defend him. And tell me by the way ironically that he's always been capable of having a game like that which just gets out of there might get on because apple and its right. And Eagles back just being well you know he was good game to game three of the blowout and in usable Grassley took shots was a blowout in game four. He was good early. Goodly with a line to get aggressive disappear for two and a half quarters of solid watch the Celtics are thought to watch everyone else other than Al Horford. And the bottom line is capable of having those big nights once in a while but other than that he's an above average won't play it's it's an Lou is above his average role these player is buoyancy coach's dream above average. Role play is never going to be what you want him to be he was opening night. That adds an ironic they're good policy and policy on opening night exactly what I want to be people are written me. I expect too much it's out yet so yeah candidate Lopez saw that I still haven't got no fly out and not over yet it still bothers me. You'll tell me through it it allied. We have the early walk there and give me games like he did in game one what I have asked from him grant on a daily base model OK you know I asked as I applaud the big game like that he's a force he's aggressive and he finally gives me the game that I've been calling for action little people get on me for. Yeah that happens. People would get on the same ones the sickness is incapable of don't I don't understand this I really don't this thing just gets real pissed off to be honest with grumpy green I'm serious. So they're movie at Bagram off there with a victory near Obama did a man grip real men that are out on top of that area. No I guess I'd. It's over with I. I'll be out of the job off the Al Horford did because Horford would have to be part of any deal you make credible you tell me are you dealing. Jalen brown. Or Jason data or both of them now. You don't need to get out wolf he's the greatest player to play and he's a five time all star again illustrated straight up brittney Davis he's the greatest player in a while he's a winner returned it. He'll bring all solid African finals. That's all you don't get argued housing team it's automatic wind is the winning players coaches dream every want him you don't need to include anybody else to include well. He's a superstar he's the best player in the world because all little things makes everybody better around these are going to be. Lag. Them up he's. He's not be what you wanted to do you Aggies but yeah. He's gray great and how great team so it's it's playoff time right. Hands on deck edited by his best performance. Listen you're down you're you're you're up 20. It was just great where you'll go on the day that we are talking about how now. How to retaliate changed up 20 yeah up to well you look at what was wrong with the tab you're looking at eastern well. Without their star some of the best players this team the way they're playing right now. It into the Easter content conference I don't think it. But they don't fit your do you yeah yeah oh game became Null. You've got you've got to look at the hole and games. And expected that that the home team is going to win those games so what they did the first two games was irrelevant. NC actually do it out of the room I don't get why the and then alive. That way it is he your rights don't always say the series doesn't start until the home team lose. It does stated that you know our unit that is the case they usually are going to be too so you yours just you just I guess here. You're you're supposed to is it some sort of you know mental block what you're supposed to loser on the road in the book says Gephardt says yes and that's when I lose. And that's why don't know like so you go down what do you come back. So guys they know so even an end game or you're down twenty you look like crap the first six minutes Brett things Spock talked about it for six minutes are playing to play good. Hate to miss look like crap you know you know you can turn the ball over everybody looks like crap to come back he tied it yet to take the lead. Then what like what a minute last sixty seconds left some like that you end up just it's all possession game. And then you end up losing it because markets Mort gets the ball last and he takes a fadeaway jump shot can test to anyone like that play. I like what they did in it was a long imam from the sidelines are like that it was a two hour row. But it feels wrong get your thoughts about to get levs who you catch it videocast single college applies anyway jumps up. I like that shot I did not want to get the ball to Jalen brown I did not have product that apologize that's what exactly what Milwaukee thought you going to do and I don't they play Jalen brown that's what they did they knew exactly. That they thought it was diligent brown. Like everybody else and this is what Bret Stephens. Out of from going a little off me what the items from the Asia shoot each company's wants take that shot. He wants to catch that every show I just reminded of that view that I forget it but it that you live and die with that I like him a lot I don't want him wants it taken. Getting back to the home court stuff that's why it took me and if you look hot that night and I'd say yeah but he wasn't actually he wasn't anything. Canada on amateur crown one shot health insurance or that's why I am so impressed with what a scene with Jim Brown he's doing it on both broke. In a hostile environment. This kid has taken his game to the next level if you look at where he was a year ago and he never got the opportunity plays as many minutes. As Jason you don't get the play this year when when Haywood went down but you look at at the progress. That Jalen brown has made right now I like this yeah he's on the Cosby are being almost. And I guess I won't you know crap on Celtics fans who sit there and say that you don't trade don't treating them. No ill and I just felt like early years that he treaties as you know who they are and and I understand why you fall in love with Jim Brown Aniston why are following along with Jason date. And as you can look back is that there is what we will only give up for Jimmy Butler. Well we will only give up for Paul George. If you took one of those guys out right now you know how much better are you. You know not just now but next year to year after year after that you know and and I don't know are you. Will biggest problem those guys I think the biggest problem that they you know they are about and Chris medics brought this up I believe sometime last week. And the biggest problem Danny Ainge has right now is go look at the an expiration of contracts. And look at how many. Max contract guys can you have if 23 years. He's probably looking at a Max contract yet all personal. I'm Robert EC crutch doubled and around. I I would say hey I would say that that. Yes he's gone out Els probably gone is gone Al's got down the road so we were originally talking about and Anthony Davis deal I don't think that happens now. Because new Wallace has got a taste now of winning. I they're doing some good data showed quite letter if you want quality is gonna play for different team next yes he will not be in the San Antonio Spurs. But the question is what you give up and argued not concerned that the way that Leonard has dealt with San Antonio Spurs this is it one of the Greek organizations. And professionals. Warts yes. But here's the thing is we service you know when you talk about trading guys away. Everybody wants trade away a guy that's it in 220. Pony starts to hit 29 the wind chill power and show promise nobody wants to trade him away that. Now if you've already decided that you're moving on from this player because you like the other player better. You have to look at it the other way because he's playing at such a high level and because he's playing so well right now. I may have to give up less to get the guy I really want in other words it's David that's a Guinea is in love with coli Leonard. It people a citizen you can't Cheju brown for and we can't trade Jason data from the these guys show in the post season. What they're really about. Days like I loved what she from brown these great player and data as well but I I just want quad Leonard more I did it bush announced they would endure these guys are doing now. Allows me to trade for coli. Maybe not straight up. Know the media to give up the the second that OPEC next year. But I don't think you up at Memphis pick next year predicted a one mile first because these guys are playing so well. I can give up less to get the play I've really really want to know that's hard to kind of go with but because he's playing so well right now but you have to make their. Decision that you made the decision he has to be concerned with is going forward here. You're gonna have a lot of guys who are going to be not only do to get paid acute pain an awful lot of money. It is for example of merger continues his upward trend here. What's he wore everything there is Marcus and worries about the same dilemma though right because of the trade for a quiet Leonard. You'll pay you have to worry about trading on sale giving jail around a ton of money correct you gotta give quite religious and you've still got. Years here for jailed by and you still get time with brown and and Tate. I wanted to Danny doesn't look at and say why make a deal right now. With a quite a letter when I can hold on to these guys has got to make a decision was Marcus pointed it out to make a decision in the next day with every rouge here. But in all these other ancillary guys forget about their their irrelevant and when I will go to camp here. Say what you just said to bullet you only have so we met please include the reality right up. Which is the reason while people sit there and say I don't understand why you bring up Al Horford Max deal. Does the bottom line is in the NBA you have to maximize your assets right I guess while he's here I understand why do any paid him and I understand now for taken. But when he could only have so many Max players. Is he. Is he ruled the one you wanna give it to. It one of three guys I see one of ivory does not only rather give it to you know Hayward Tyreke innately Dave Haywood Tyreke why Leonard Eddie Davis and Jalen brown rotation pain. So in illegal has a cap. It was baseball. Players who cares how much they made it but when it's football with a cap or basketball with a cap or hockey with a cap. And you look at is that there's a you know what if I gotta give six F seven million dollars David Krejci will David he'd better be worth. Because I'm use a lot of my cap space it's just a reality. The can only use so much year assets and that's why that contract comes up well it will with the. Well you're you're gonna be able to have a little bit more flexibility if you hold on to the somebody like at a G1 brown. You'll have the flexibility to deal him off down the road if you pass on the court lighter deal. Right now a letter makes you a better team right now but based on what you've seen all bove wrote in the poll numbers that would Jalen brown. He's taking it's at the next let us and watching defensible it. He's a cure to Vienna failure also forgetting characters Gordon Hayward just you know late in the weeds can I healthy running in Minneapolis in organ on his technique vital carrier by the way did you notice that Gordon Hayward. Left the Utah Jazz. Anybody notice there are better team now without. Anybody knows that. But nobody it insult the play has brought that up Utah's that a team right now. And Anne Donovan Mitchell is one reason why today hit back off here this rookie candidate in an economy that to me years. I don't look at that it's already a long term sort of does not I don't got us into that that doesn't it Gordon it was is not all know it doesn't wanna saying is that. Well much agreement because the younger players and in this case you get the younger player Jalen brown. Might be more significant down the road he hasn't reached the ceiling yeah. So get quite a let the other thing is that he may have increased the same when those two guys come back that's Buick that seed this. Jalen brown again. The Jalen brown and all that you now I think you've got all my body is on me and Kate who wanted to go to either now let's find okay no okay. Feature everybody. He got one ball Dominic are OK you have the the have Gordon Hayward you have now. And so what what position are you near here in third position as far as who's getting the ball l.s well. Balled out and ominous noise and it it it does he sell tickets priced sets upon you. There's a different Gillibrand because it had forced him you're ready for because next year if you if you tied regionally and update them and in Hayward in the slide out. Well offers good average six in Florence to be the greatest season of his career out. The greatest season of his career not just an awesome I'm just going to be the greatest irreverent six point six rebounds a game. Six assists. Does that six and a broken double and it's gonna be off. Some. You're ranked the united you're not gonna need he's going to be a last in line with some sixty solar array as good pace Lott makes the talkies movement. You get the review top of the key to shoot a three point oh do you look at this differently now. If you're at the Boston Celtics in your gaining GC would Jalen brown has become he's doing it all go row. In the playoffs that is huge for young Q you do you you're seeing what you get the team you're seeing rosier. You tell me he's still is I think you have to give up in a pretty large package to go and get yourself a core I line and Anthony Davis and he's off the table. So the takeaway Eleanor. And all of the crap that's gone on in San Antonio. You really want to do that deal. I'm human just like the like the team the way it is who's just evidently your pointers they dealer brown doesn't turn into quite liner. Who's to say you do you have a second coming quietly and it hit you you know you're not prepared to each other now based on you know one's accomplishments and the other ones. But eventually. Maybe just cracks in the senate you Gillibrand I don't I let just stayed with it but what do I tell you what. Went back and forth right because you talk a boat collide Lennon and we did and we said really it's quiet Leonard you're dealing with the Celtics it is Jalen brown. Practices defender defender you know you get kind of that player. When viewed deal paid for quite Leonard and you Jalen brown inquire letter with a best defensive players in the game and Jill brown in a still athletic the good good defender. Boy that's that's exciting thing is that that require letters is is the best you know that the at his at his position like right now top five guy now I've got right now clearly you wanna wait for Gillibrand maybe get Taylor ran bad back on a rebound back back when it comes around he's due. And he's a he's a free agent again. When we talk about waiting I don't think we're it's 40 wait no I don't think we're 45 years doesn't appear you see the improvement with this kid from the beginning of the season to areas now. Scoring thirty plus points out of the road. In a playoff series and playing the defense that he's played in this series its next year that's pretty deny its next year indignant at the most difficult decisions gonna be marked as Smart. Oh by the ways been cleared to play tonight so he will play. Com and we said this yesterday Kirsten who's Iranian. The Forsberg had the report in w.'s policy and specials this morning who's got a and that if he gets a good report then. He's open to play game six we're cynical we're talking about. It's actually got a good report Monday in your car or contact the guiding it in its arrest so let's not lower extremity he's been running. Dick did conditioning and he's actually been shooting is welcome he's that close to coming back so he's been shoot and his little brace she hasn't Islam as well if he's cleared the played this morning. Give me one reason why he would not play today even if it is a limited fifteen minutes go get Middleton harass the absolute hell out of him for 1520. Ought to be a reason in Hillary and eateries and thought he's cleared to play. Medically physically OK yes Monterey to play listen you can you base you can bang it out to regain it works it's healed yet. The reason not to play it is okay. You may have to shoot. And maybe he's ready to maybe arcade shooting and making shots you know too well there are under pressure that's a positive publicity net and anybody about it. You take any reason actually click with a lot of guys are cleared medically. But they're not they're not cleared by the coach physically they're just not ready to play. I would say you know I had in I saw he screws in my finger right at play all over the place and while I was rehabbing. Mark my hand I was still able to Glock a practice run around it's catching Boston Lockett but I'll keep you might wind socialism with cleared medically. I was right back out there on the practice field now it didn't look great because accurate just really old and all of us lets you process. So is that him so I think he if if he's cleared to play medically. Iger US senate floor as they go out there that should pass laws so you're the same situation word. In game four and the roles reversed they have the ball with 12 lap he's out there he's out there are Middleton to defend these other Milton where the big guys really shot. Anymore whoever gets hot in that lineup he can pretty much where the Celtics and with a sums that expose and last game was when he tried to go small with Larkin in Rome this year. And India switching off and locked it was getting abused and switching off and announced it Middleton and sort of our Parker and he was beaten absolutely abuse. So if you look at Larkin is fifteen minutes you give that to market Smart right now lucky guess he's danger he can shoot little bit in all but. You count on that Knoll so what's the difference. Yet liability defensively. When markets in the game. Because of their links. You take that liability away and you give those minutes the market Smart. And you move the basketball against a probably take couple shots maybe goes one for six albeit. But defensively we need a two scorers in Milwaukee Bucks when they come here indebted guardian reliant two scores. If you go up there and slow down one of them. That's that's worth everything so what does it knows what the sixth or seventh a not so much of what. Milwaukee does is in transition and that's why you put Marcus mark in this game. And even if it's twelve minutes he can slow them down and you put him and a half court game I'll take my chances. Or beyond this video completely screwed everything up and I'll cores are completely out of control. I love it when they get into a half court situation the clock is running down. And agree freaks out there you know throw one from 45 if you want I'll take that every single time. That is perfect defense for you you don't. What you wanna do you wanna limit him from getting those easy baskets and they get tons of these baskets. I'd 6177797372. Locals that. Or. Always on the. Because we go we're told our opponents and us elderly throwing them or we take. First call and we're okay by you know it I don't get this opportunity. Too often we need to see note to gloat. But you guys know that I've been really spot on with my hockey Oakley I've noticed since the US to work on my crap I did a product reviews and everything like that have been released on how little gonna work composure the truth is that I have a couple guys on the over and you answered where no incentive runs. Actual players he could tell that Obama has always to pot doctors really that's you know because I don't have a nation I'd go street directed the sort of like. The hole all but the first line issues if you're just read that as you socially. In receipt guys in the inside the DG being. Doctors who don't acknowledge I don't know I don't know I don't know nobody got an I guy call in today to McDonald's promised you would call it now someone's calling into the show guess he's promised he would close and it will be prosecuted at all really don't know if you let him know about my guys it's later in the right let's get some in the yeah ice lay just. Yes a very important. Guest who's who I said in the beginning to show was actually part of the problem and the lengths Lou analysts worry about right there's 123. Upper fly through those guys every grade a chances beat he did have some grade a chances. And so hopefully we'll see we're we're we're we're making sure he's he's doing Basil morning skate right now so yeah. Warnings in Gaza articles they are there like that you know he's like I you know told sickened and all of those thoughts on this crafts and a half I finally they also got would you call a lot of good when you're playing football we get a little practice I review it and it will. Moore is a town like one dollar and now the only good thing when I don't I'm fresh optional in the pressure on you right now I did. Idol gives until tomorrow you realized I do it looked like a little pocket the game a little bit more work that went our. When not if I am I gonna I don't do it actions what. I told them not to why like why am I skeptical of this why don't we had a ball does not annul. I'm under a freaking out that line right now it's when you see the name of the guy no guy colleague alliance the ball. Do we have any loose magnets around the the facility and we'll work started about screws and plates a quarter if we put on right here Fredricka. Square Rollins Ed just just know I appreciate you bled out here. That that their own go to disloyal and then you may have to repay whales sea if you come through your job within a Brockton. Hello Jonathan. More than doubles it's Jonathan. I think that well all written out and know that pop and hospital but it it it's it's competed in a problem and simply. I don't look at how this huge. And he didn't seventeen point on our current chart points a game but it's what's going on. You can't dump a music important. On the block because they've got some of the Clinton on just. You know what it's on the block it got a good thing that we took some welcomed at all. Auburn well Jerry Brown are you marketing consultant in the potential and so. Probably you know a lot about what. A quick and get it. The Obama. About what is the pink but ultimately you do it that he can get W you know you bucket shots so. Aren't they want to. Removal loop what's wrong with your move. I made I think he was outstanding in the first game. The next question would let out a lot of equipment we aren't a bit like. And one adult. I'd rather have Al. Two on loop because you and expect that on what you like Dunkin' now I'd rather have Al Horford. I'd also rather have the game one more aggressive Al Horford. You can at free throw line doing his thing Ricky did action of fourth quarter ask I don't like for two would have quarters in game four of watching everyone else play basketball in the minute touches me and he gave it up. And passing up shots it was taken to the basket you could say that did double team in the stop Al Horford but you know. There's been moments where they've stated that of course get the ball down lol does always help team defense and a guy down loans can be Wofford as you would often the first game of course to gonna make an adjustment. Good players make the other adjustment. And I'm tired of everybody else having great games of the same thing last year with it with a history crowd over the David Bradley was Isiah Thomas no reason why they're having great games because of Al Horford. Yet rather talk about the incident at the other guys aren't ever going every red dot that it's not it's not that he's had. A bad series had a good series last year but the fact is that. Under the circumstances. You need more and end and that's it and I think that what that's what Brett the game what that bring everybody like game everybody neat we need more from everybody got out of bounds and Alec gamecube and he didn't put it unbelievable that he's what sixty point six points a game 313 game for. So we don't. What he was asked in the question about it you know he's not the problem with the team I don't think we're saying that he's the problems he's having problems affect the the problem with a team right now in in battling Milwaukee yen in the next is no problem they say. The problem is the you don't have time for your roster is the problem strip yeah. And so you are you were using people that you never expected to use for meaningful minutes in these games. I say what you guys in particular. You know oh July notion the other salad. Let me go when I wouldn't plan would play a little old ladies that you were given president of CK seventeen minutes in the second half feet and later percent seventeen a second that that's an economy that's. But a twelve minutes summit there to defense again Larkin now but those two guys adopt selling rather he's giving even just a handful of minutes he should never see the court right he's an embassy to court. Incipient market Soviet their vision does a couple of injuries there that a forcing some guys to come out and their exposing. And memorial has trouble in the transition. So that's a problem for the problem is they're their roster right now because of injuries that aren't good enough. It's just dominant enough to get the latest dispute when the series. Why did I guess they showed when there's music. Because of the booklet and I think they got there in Cleveland Saddam melting honest that's it. You tell me like you're gonna expect the same production the barker and who's. On maker on maker now I'm not I'm not buying it it it it it's gonna run out. There's going to be a gonna expect too much from those two guys mainly do you lower you lower puts the little things production with Smart but we got alone that alone will make a difference what will make the difference is two of the next three games have been played. Here that's going to be in game five is just how important is unreasonably that here's out of a car out thank you what's up that they want when he has a point. I mean he's a hammers it home. And Hilliard as does their black and blue all over doesn't. Then add a page tell me how odd pairing inaudible according to sit there even telling us there even with a bottle I have had a player like crazy at the goddesses. You mean. I Lucian again that's actually going to make. Celtic championship winning team next year without getting rid of Tatum or. Right because this pretty much note (%expletive) that we're gonna get at it now await that he's been playing in the all of this here or. Apart that he's not up in a really exploding all the last couple months. Is because they don't have a market. Well cousins come out toward actually. And Mickey is well Al I mean I know that attitude problem. But he got a coach. Of course one of the great cook one of art or coaches in all of the empty it or didn't bother. Yeah hallmark of a great coach to let guys that actually you know it that. Keep in all your best effort out of places making them into your and then. You say to him OK okay you're a mid level exception contract and you can turn your career are out and become a player that you actually. Beat. Well well well well well well he's a free agencies that and besides and this is a free agent. He's gonna sign a mid level deal. As a free you know. I thought I would be a nobody once and I UK and but the only one of these nobody wants it they'll be he wants but you get a billion that's what he's talking about these puzzle. You are. You're I hate to tell you you you came on you say you gonna settle the Celtics to win next year. In the game that you gave eight premise that is impossible. To sue to happen to pop out. Because he's a free agent this is out why this is an opportunity. For cousins to score that I'm not sure on one of the year. Based on what I'm building with the team on building already how much are wanna be a and I disagree with you what Bret Stephens. Because you're an. Bret Stephens. Teacher he shoots threes he gets rebounds blocked shots he had been better than any other center in yeah right yeah 5% gain. He's got skills is no question about it but he's also got it he's also got baggage. I'll do that aren't yet and that's why you might be on the Bret Stephens little adult. And these these are long term contract was signed into answer. For T want yet and they don't want contract last year. And then one contract last year that you lose the next year like all right aren't intimate level exception. If you win a championship may actually resigning him Burt writes. Well I think you're crazy also recessed for I don't these sentiment these indicate that you. Let's I think yeah so I don't know it would let these tears away with you when your contract is the end of a four year deal. Hit us and when it comes as apple and before you do you make an eighteen million dollars in base salary that's probably as a lot to do with the fact that. What they got for him that it was a very high priced player. Very volatile player very talented player. But mile teams were interested they couldn't pick up that that cap number of new configured out they did they brought a million. Early on when you deal from a national sesame. Zach is in Springfield high tech. Hard ball awfully quick clearly is. On track. Mark in that. Help ownership are you mentioned that I and that there really could go over the cap luxury tax if you can credit what did you chip really Apatow and oak. I'd year I don't really think they're much if you are it on the ground an in built and believe adding more down. Often their burial. It. Well look I'm not sure I agree with with with a always players a majority agree with you the the numbers don't work out you can't do it oil's gone right or else. It. Correct but I have to say that he goods right and meaning of down future visa saying it next year starting five. If you thinking get them all on Max deals. Are you about it here. Every four years. I thought I understand what they think next year's potential starting five if you beacon big mall back later and a career cup we have done a row and all. You know up whether it's Tatum and Browning Ty re an Allen. And then you know you're live Hayward at a year away from free agency league bring them all back at Max contracts that. Other. I'm and I were talking what a hold on we're talking about long terms. We're not talking about yes there is no jeopardy of any of this stuff next year so here's what happens after next season. What happens to carrier. He is so he's going way up he's gonna he's gonna increase by ten million dollars a year. Right yet know what okay what happens the markets more. Or. Unless somebody comes at a one year and says you know what we wanna offer him some of someone you know match that right. Yes I would not be surprised at all the trademark is Smart sign and trade and India offseason and there were used on next year's two ammonia that's correct. So they may look at the zoo after that it will take rose shear over market Smart they might do. Similar player that's right that's it gives you a war he gives you more offense obviously in the that market Smart he's a good defender but he's not the defense that that's that's that's the argument got it marked a Smart is the argument when people say you know money money money who cares who cares about the money. He's make it four and a half million this year. So. We all look love markets I love what he brings I think you need a guy like that a new team that the organ seventeen. Well America hates and that's the whole way out and I liked how how what number makes you love them. Is that what I do love and now that's fine tenant and there may be there may be a team that says you know what double IC the value there. I don't think there is. I think his value based on if he's not shooting which I don't think he's hit this is a case if his shot hasn't improved yet it's not going to see you get a guy like that. You leave for what he brings you off the bench. The scrappy and is the loose balls does that personality. Everything that goes along with. So. Took it to the markets markets to say something goes out there blows them away isn't 1718 to some of the rumors that maybe the it's got a number he's looked I think there will be at some buckets and as a team appeared as of four years at 1718. Does the Al hole for discussion okay let's see ghost of that city picked us in the signal to Philly but I love the way he plays are we defensively. You know in the but they're gonna look NC 1718 million of you wanna got to give a score a little bit more because we're trying to use our assets properly we just. Used a lot of cap space for seventeen or eighteen at that but he but he's winning player. Yeah but he makes all he does all the little things like the red please understand I seventy to a lot of so funny he's getting between thirty and 1517. Was rigged to oust point six points. All I'm you know say some rent an OK but it's such a difference to me that point seven between Clinton. When you make what you don't order it. We went online would resume and I'm not hundred no nothing happened nobody. They are now we have a dialogue with all the vehicles hotline says Linda we care about the clock now and end up and unless he gets overly well and no known around. I just saw those guys stepped on the ice now. Nobody just lines and I short practice at any rate just short practice looks like they step on the ice I thought also mean. Maybe it's a short right dosage. Forty on WEEI. I bet here and OMF. Bret Stephens. Addressing the media concerning mark is Smart in his availability. For tonight's game. What parts Belgrade. Over the weekend actually flew yesterday got evaluating yesterday that still has to go through some things. Later this morning after our shootaround and then we'll see how it feels. If you. Feels good and he's been cleared physically to go. I guess any pain. Or anything comes up. So replaced and it's definitely time. It was gonna put him out there from if militant starts warming up and starts cranking up those shots you'd you've got to put Marcus Moore in the game and say. I will give up a little bit of offense we need to shut him down right so so okay so drugged insane thing to me just think about what let me just put him on the bench and even if he said you know what. To be ready and and really just sort of spot you oriented I'm. In the first quarter ball lot of bounce it in there when he forces that the shot clock so you know just little things I'm Obama and even having this case I and Portland game. There's no question you dress this guy and you give him some eyes and that was so that was done Bret Stephens auto what does that Terry rosier effect. A. Joyce I get them on this program. I think he's. Here yeah it didn't happen. She's that soon included Nancy it's. Not like saying. Only moments. Oh. Didn't your parents what to watch that watch him for. And yeah how Agile and last yeah well yeah mutilated out of Indy. Ugly authorities and area you guys cleared medically I pull play port deep black is planning to you need a map there's gonna start no. First off the bench. First off the bench Smart yeah that's. First I don't know what I don't know and I'll mowers toilet all our lobby there they're voted again right OK but comes up the Bedford I. But he's donated this sort of they get an op art aluminum and. Underneath lacy out giving a minutes waiting to eighteen minutes. It toward I would say somewhere around fifteen to twenty minutes makes sense insert somewhere in that area Mike Hsu north Providence and all amounts what's up Mike. Hey guys yet at one practices just so there's no confusion Jalen brown is I think the teams that scored short and that's taking the most shots for awhile now. But the problem aids is after the all star break. He went from taken the second most shots in the fourth most shot not not including carried out her. You know when I every got hurt. And mark Smart got hurt there was a lot of shots to go redistribute to the rescue team. And bracket until the people. And instead an old. Brown got hurt in is that timing for that was bad that was indeed after every. Where I'd go down odd. When he came back he was still taken before most shots and he was not touching the ball more but not much at all you look at like the bench dust is like behind Greg Monroe. Yeah I noticed JP yes you read the union called that. Of that before that's that's not true it's this is not a true no it's not true did you give you can't base it on her 36 minutes. None unaudited perking. It was actually a ball six more times per game did you grill chain went yes. Kashin was standing in the last like quarter. I don't know what steadily losing at its site I don't believe at least he's on. 361 36 minutes. That's not current 36 and this is front and BA dot com that's total total mean it's. He's shooting the same exact some certain percentage here quote in in this series as he did but he entire coastal darker. He immediately east sixty point nine post all star 61 point great use just showed more. At this same exact rate if you like. Little if you get platoon in baseball batting eighth and it suddenly you're playing every day about where you get more back and I hit the exact same average. Exactly mall yes the exact. Egypt anymore. See I think the problem by the problem Jalen brown has right now is he will find his offense he did the first quarter of regain. And then suddenly. Didn't was not aggressive from that point on you keep on throwing Bret Stephens and I know Brad Stevens is holding back I think sometimes he calls himself. Back. I don't know I don't think it's a confidence thing I think he holds himself back some time. Well I think we have this conversation Peter before too and it it was a game where Jim Brown has scored 21 points in the first quarter familiar took a shot a second wash on the third and eight we put all that on beautiful although Brad Steve now. And eSATA over a long time and it's a recordable when he get back in the games that. All currency to run anything formed yet but one place or IE Adams at a level site. I don't see you run a play but there are options off every single play. If they ever patsy Lou how can eat you act to have the ball to physically shoot it. If he doesn't have. It's been let's let's so much of his game is not set up plays its transition. That's where he's the best in this setup plays or not necessarily where he shines. What part of that it's the open as rewarding experience is a killer Neil Florida. Right he's been great at court this series as well listen I think that's excellent and that's the three were talking about worries that settles on the corner he loves that corners really. He loves Madonna and it was. Well most of that you get a lot of these drives it in half court. And any added that someone other than to point out is in this series he's not getting any respect from rats so he's finishing to contact. To get to the Rehman and Oceanside. I don't wanna get into the Tommy guys and game a month I'm not going there that you could you could argue a zillion plays in the course of any game and say. I'm not sure engine I think Jim Brown's. Is is much better now understood it was earlier what a great Munro known how the authors runs through Greg Monroe that shot pretends I do think that Rupert 36 he says he's not. But you remember. When Gregory rose on a court it's with the second unit that's why he was brought here to be aggressive to take shots with the second unit. You know so is is great Munro taking shots from Jalen brown. Now. Police in the game. He's a bad benched at the end of the year right his job was to take shots yes it is a tough series for him because this is the treasury team that they're going up and down the floor. And if you noticed he's not that quick he is terrific and a half court game post up game. And he's good passer but in this up and down game not so I 6177797937. Or phone number ready are on all of that.