OMF - Checking in with Tennessee sports radio; How did Fauria's prank call go 1-11-18

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Thursday, January 11th

HOUR 2 - The Steelers fan in Stephen A. Smith is irate at Mike Mitchell for his Patriots comments from earlier in the week. We check in with some of the quality Tennessee sports talk radio. And speaking of Tennessee radio, how did prank master Fauria's phonecall go..? And we talk to Devin McCourty as the Pats get ready for the Titans to come to town.


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On you ready. Beach Fort Wayne and moaning and forty now he wants to offer of the glitz and it's been inside rate in the wild that's if you don't want. What he felt if you you've been the better part of eighteen years being tried it out all of us would wanna open. Of the book double. Back there with. When Lou and Christian patriots lose. And they are going to this team is not good enough to win a suitable who's going to take the blame. Alex. Guerrero and Arctic. Mark good morning your result was going on. I don't I just decided that I don't wanna get these little pig I thought I. I just feel like Glenn did you Rome yes but if it now on Sports Radio WEEI. I think they're an hole and that's we will get you the the prank phone call to. When the guys involved with the guys don't have a clue who was you don't know you don't know and eventually go your research we're not afraid. It assumes you're breaking a particular. No particular order we were knowingly got it together the I'm national parks and war new England and yes it was them off very quickly good that's good. Go to Lou and I every day like this understand that you do it tonight they eco. I was stuck with a debt and my according here. On a Thursday with a game coming up on Saturday and now you don't. I'm very dark terrific I know if I would ask. Q whether there's tension or problems between Belichick Brady Guerrero etc. you wouldn't answer the question you'd find something else the sex talk let's do this as a veteran. When stuff like this happens. Outside the building that does mention people inside the building. How do you guys deal within it doesn't seem over the years to have really ball did the play on the field how do you guys master that how do you do. Definitely the corporate bond and I think it'll for a lot of those letters from there and let them do it also. You don't waste time you know just like a mile wide net net new direction and that Pulitzer. In I try to get some of that so. To me or started saying you know we just. Quote solo. Bob as a sort of what we got the word that is seeing logistics focus on that it knows all about women I think everybody cares about that more. One thing that will affect you is not just your defense according there who may or may not leave. Tom how's that been with few words as dealing with with the prospect of losing. You're deep as a coordinator. I mean we don't that it wasn't because you have nothing to do it in the Tennessee so. I think we just focus on the Toronto where. Auditors Saturday night you know whatever happens in the future you know after the season. That's why haven't looked into right now we're focused opponent in the city and trying to quote so look we can control not listening you know the media are going to talk about. Or does it does at least it's like the elephant in the room. I mean he's who were worsening of disease does not exist and diesel does he at least addresses they listen you may hear some stuff about me but he's just over and I'll focus on it does he talk about it or has he talked about it at all. We would hunt me. They'll select on this repeat most we only saw the ball players to try and not about anything else we don't talk of well. You know how to let alone you don't talk about what crosses that night local market last night Tug of undecided about marionette. How about Henry Delanie Walker we've the whole list but all of them so I mean there's just no foreign relations law. Yeah debacles are very very concerned because he'd talk about this game for short minute and they think that we're we're too cocky. And they forget that we don't play in the game sought justice is to make them feel better and value you liked us I'm sure right now patriot room guys looking past. Tennessee and they can about the EC title games are correct. Not these are there must review will focus on just serve. You're saying that Tennessee's got a causing those subsequently introduced at the airport you know a lot to be gasoline won't react that industry folks to come back. I'll go and verify this so you know just keep fighting and not obviously you saw. You know between Carter and within minutes on a salute on key situations or. Industrial wood and our focus all week you know little more aware about. What happens next because they're oil they're revered won't next week will solve our earth and arrived at the fact that yes we include wal. Are you seeing enough footage here and give us something that Tennessee does really well that. Maybe nobody is talking about. They don't go play action passes so that would look they're trying to get the ball down the shield obviously everyone knows. You know they have good running back or little Murray dealt with it never let a ball. I'll respect this year but you can see more oh they get to play action they're able to get out of here. On whether the cumulative Delanie Walker down the middle there's sometimes double move workshop. They've learned and they're looking Pluto goes that useless sort of get the ball there this year so unless something we talked about it articulate. You're gonna makes a lot of tackles during the course of the game Libyan bell is one of those guys that pauses stops. And then you need to figure out and guess what he's gonna do next when you're dealing with a Derrick Henry this is a big bruising guy. Very very difficult to bring down do you do things differently with him are you cognizant of the fact that. You're gonna make that rap on him he's still gonna try to get 456 yards on. You're saying is just awful this sort of decent. Just gave and there are millions. You see in the fourth quarter when it sucks and everywhere you turn these very the so. Are good that they would and they see not just of Greek to or straight here there's and you see a lot of you know you clog everything up and live with Islamic he then we'll run that it's so. On Israeli all levels the point there's certain I'll let you change direction or send us oil and all of those get there and they're trying to gain tackle. So you know that there's this article out today about the teacher's defense and just how they struggled with the running quarterbacks mentioned Cam Newton to Shawn Watson. Tyrod Taylor twice and Alex Smith. When you guys here's some when he yourself like that is that something that's been a point of emphasis this week and have you fixed that problem if there even was one. Oh most definitely I mean those quarterbacks. If you're burned in there. You you watch doesn't say you know history I mean everything's struggle player knows god has been mobile that as well default. Also apparently this is alert you let this is a burnout and outside the pocket it was just on or he you know. Take action second bite on the it's somebody who virtually from congress so. Are you got to be aware I'll let you play quarterback that is our malt we're not five and they sequence of it's. Does your Vinny back and forth and trash talking would Logan Ryan or does he think that that's gonna take care of itself on the field. Yeah we'll we'll talk a little bit out there on the field you know that blood got there because. I'll blog there and try to in the home who. I DeVon good luck and again. Our and then didn't give them according all brought to you by dark is building supply and your local Andersen windows what are. A boring week then. While they talk about him Tennessee Titans. All of it is about an active Republican haven't been there before. Only toddlers. But I mean Nutley and we thought the bodyguard is intriguing Els sounds like us this past week as did Brady. Have self select other Turkey must we only saw the ball players that you try and. Sam wanted to find out as of the next question we're gonna do us. That was my I would every next question I drove by ire of ourselves late last night all the like Art Howe looked like not all the legal route looked like you everybody was asleep. Right around 930 what's hey what's this Chandler Jones moved out here and it was quite quiet and they want you don't worry about crazy things happen in the middle of the night fire departments go crazy. I'll say this you're talking about the the two games in the AFC this weekend in Jacksonville a lot of those players haven't been there Tennessee. You wonder what they're going to be like what Mariel is going to be like in key situations. Out there that tell the point the telltale point. When something bad happens that I that other teams there are no roads they're going up against the defending champs this is Tom Brady this is as high powered offense. Or this defense does something to Marion to. Once it starts to break. You wonder can make as you talked about it in Tennessee take it back in the game but I'm wondering if it doesn't core rumble. Once they go Ole believe we can't get it downloaded Kazaa there's. Big difference between late chatter. Pregame exit fired up what they gonna do and they're quiet the crowd nobody think we can win that show them. And then deep down reality in the back of their mind. Knowing that there and they're in trouble. Andy to see now and that's part of any time you play any team that's had a big underdog. The long you keep in the game better shot they have the other more evidence you show them that they can stay in and be ill. Now it now other dangerous football team. But you're right this is the difference that with some teams that walked into Gillette and and talk. Any other teams actually believe it as a Republican with the ravens unit of news in the past state. If something goes bad they still believe that they can win these other teams who believe they can win they walked in here. In the first anniversary pretty goes down scored seven in Austin silence though there. Well the other thing is that if it is the Tennessee Titans do find themselves in a similar situation. Like there were any Kansas City. The patriots know that the pages or going to have to rescind it would happen to Kansas City they came out flat. They came out slow and lazy careless. And ended up losing that first question other home now we are we are we are to use a hockey term putting our what is new Misha it's district. Our foot on their neck. Is that or don't and our foot on their throats. Lucky Noah plays ultra is determined that the baseball teams but baseball that's a term period but that now it's not a term period and spent a baseball term. And I an occasional baseball go to term. You are not there I'll walk and talk of the does he say what might put in its when he refers to pitchers. And don't put my foot on his throat may you use that all the time and did you go to baseball phrase that I've heard him when he did. Cast also Iverson. At what he's doing vines and I'll use my foot on his wrote advocate from owning more of the sports. You know the patriots are up ten now they recover a fumble do you now with one. I think he's not a regrettably it's isolated RTI and now I'm on later bought thousand raised by a baseball take it might not take up I think I might be that's that's arson a hate them I have a ban on. To ask you this though as we as a lag I can I ask you as a baseball baseball terms like when you have an agent. Did you call pretty agent's house like that little barbecue and then go to the shower just as they are there for the weekend and there's so our current. And in hanging out. It was Smart little kid split the story tonight. Guys and if you do so it's road Emily I'm sorry Ed shortage of its its we're talking about baseball terms. In my neck and spend a lot of time on this I thought we would we got such and that's the guy's name is wood writing what he's the president based I not a good for our right. She guessed he would agency you know good agents as he was fired by AZ suspended by Major League Baseball. Amid allegations he used a hidden camera. To film players he represented. In the shower. But shut he was it was allegedly he was allegedly did do this allegedly he was caught filming. A player showering. He's Holden. Who creepy so did you ever take a shower in your agent's own all the Christians whatever that means Sharon you're just don't like the week and it's your house. No I mean that nobody liked it I did I would take shower but if you ever just like hey what's more house for the weekend of for the night. Almost as well let's just say I guess if you become younger and I'm in my mind a little younger he likes going out have a good time take over the house out shout there'll changeable head out. We'll bring everybody home. But yeah I mean yeah worse and worse house as he California I agree I don't. I've heard a lot of narrative that was doing how do you talks on Sharon it seems totally normal you just set up the work out where he can't get hole. I'm okay you now overnight the Stoudemire now with a closer I got to close one is he'll he'll that's near my house we'll get a good work look at Britain's got amazing landing yeah okay each hour maybe there he's working out in the eighth to wearied do we know this isn't really because it says multiple players. Have confirmed according to sources that they have stay with leader in the offseason this client is Wear ties and like vacation money list includes Jake order Griese did Phelps Matt Reynolds. Number of top prospects in Colorado and Atlanta whatever and Red Sox outfielder Andruw Ben and Andy. Who by the way as I already had news. Scott Boras will be presenting that ultimately next oil would likely it is so there's a camera in the bathroom. In a shower in the shower like hidden right it's hidden camera. If you leave Ali this there are often just out of you leave me. I don't go to another agent now I'm an eye out again as more to do with this guy's personal pleasure. It's it seems such a bizarre story you're you'll come to the conclusion that when I first read. Apparently one player turned him in and discovered that there was low point and as he was that Mary you know with the rain shower yeah. Are. Seasonal red light that's it and he confronts him and he turns of men or whatever. But what you. Think at the time he's the one a because he's single guys women Kevin over worries the single guys that you don't want a record two guys row I really want the women are you may want to think outside or anything he may be it than there for him so we can be watched himself to but I'm not sure you'd necessarily doing it with clients aren't you jeopardizing your entire career say if you do with pretty stupid it's particularly the guys hurt for money. His career wouldn't fly if you do let me but it but it sure if that's your thing. It's got to be pretty difficult to get all of your clients from all over the house and actually convince them he had dinner and take a shower. But it got good server is out and serve at Saddam once again but it halftime it's a ritual here in the social I don't think about our nuclear crisis during if it is it is an odd story to us call this guy is does she mean. At forty. Single. I don't think a woman's creepy creepy a super creepy. Well odd show audits are prelate apparently got. The story from pennant and he that he is not involved in this so what are US open it's Andy did you ever take issue our guys that is out there. Our department BS is it a shot or. That's just that's creepy I don't know how you do that if you try to set this trap because you've got your own little thing going on bizarre incidents. You invite your clients over and and how do you convince us all rush hour. All about control freak of nature and week out of the bucket from a stroke and don't take personal like Christian or your beard Christian your journey to leadership. There will be no I don't think he's the East. Coast and hate ache or its offer which has kept its latter then you wash yours but if you are. And it's it's easy that I. It is absurd that in a true what would Churchill. I know but he's already been fired by his agency and obviously baseball suspended and they got it right. I would think committee and a I would think I mean the whole thing is just heard this story yesterday and how is it dependent and the got his name locked into the story it is his name goes everywhere the story goes. I will be fine Coke. This guy and audited and unaudited gross got to make our money and get ages lining up dispersants are not easily get out of the relationship the word about watch what I do at the Brownstein with this GD Martinez and bendable at a lower in practical. So JD Martinez may wait until the middle spring training. To make his decision that's a good read on to John named friends close to JD Martina says he's willing to wait. And go into spring training needed to deal that he thinks he deserves. So don't shoot if you Dave Dombrowski and you don't put an end date to this don't you looked desperate. I think if you gave them browse to sit there and you used a we are right now. I got a DH I got an oil field I got a first baseman this is more of we don't. This decides up at right is people I want to sign Judy Martinez seven years and I'll follow you when adults are used to and know that you don't want. No I mean I think it's a point of Lebanon everybody's got a price write me at some point five years option for sixth in ogle get them who's gonna give you more. You waited out. But it's a game because you addicted to browse you know you really need and I think you need that back of your Boris knows that's how do you play that you don't really need it when it's obvious that you do. So you stay at five years we've we've we've given you the best offer this is that it's open. If it didn't go back that was what you want then the problem Dave has right now is that even though they haven't done anything offseason with some escalating salaries arbitration. Reza right now that is the only team that's going to be over the luxury tax. Concerned anybody. On assignment more well I'm just I elected just. You know guys are making 550 and out of it make it eight right because of whatever and they still got money in the books from. Pablo and everything else I think I think they're gonna Goldberg. And haven't signed anybody. So if you Google over it just to tell when it against a party wanna go TD so what do you think this is like if you get into February get into the end of February they start to head down to Fort Myers. And you get into a thing wins. With your designated hitter who doesn't know if he's going to be DH or he's gonna play first base that we can give a rat's ass. Do you won't go back. Magnetic yeah yeah. That would. Two. You need Judy Martinez but reality and it's apparent holdup could be fun beginning middle of camp. I eight mil look at these shows up for second week of march is three weeks of campus that a six. That really sets upper positive people right to know what you want to. The guy held out for ever eager to give you UK be given six years and give my 175. Million dollars in the month of April because he held out. He ain't ready to play any it's 230. With one home run that's a good stock track we got to get into this Mike Mitchell story oh what the hell were missing that everybody else is apparently jumping. Poll over there is that and and criticizing and their it and there is that is that there's we have more sound we got some great stuff from a Tennessee Nashville radio Craig moment aired just they're getting after it terrific and I think we're and I did make my my wanna I want I want to do I want on July fastest time today. Longer than my first time having sex on foe and the we return to more of or way my ammonium story on Sports Radio WEEI. Do you have a problem with Mike Mitchell saying. That's calculated that it would go to Italy the bank of what ought to find out when they're not on the way up what what what it looks like that that's that's that's seventy. Addicted to whip. At the time about that at the the kind of stop that it Stephen a little bit of what outlook what have you done. Even though he's not alone nationally watched us last night even locally. And people are are are attacking Mike Mitchell basically saying and if you miss the comments that he made. He said this was back on December the 29 that correct Lou the 29 of December fairly Etsy tweeted I cave Robin that the author of the story. We're going to play the patriots again we can play them and help we can played and eighty we can play them in New England we're going to win. Mike Mitchell Steelers safety we would love hearing New England to beat him up right now criticize them but. They're attacking him because he's not paying attention to the game at hand this week against the Jacksonville Jaguars. He apparently made this comment according to the altar of the priest. On December the 29. Which is right before the Cleveland game Cora. And we have talked to war source on the inside of the Pittsburgh Steelers organization and that would be a mr. Tim bands and Paul you talk to right so he and he said what. Yeah he said Pittsburgh is really plane it's not as much ESPN's but he did say some of the players Matt has been a trade and he said this recently I. I slim Ben Bishop and just didn't say article bishops at an. We when he is asked about he should have said in the article that he wrote this the conversation I had. With my match you know ask the question if he is he's just sit back and joined there was talk about a story. Because became a publicly that it is to tweet saying it was 1229 perhaps then nobody would be in this would be a non story correct. And on store a B and it's a knock it. It's not a store going into it's going into week seventeen against the Cleveland Browns in which nobody is playing yes. Nobody is playing the we get out Mike Mitchell to look for over looking ahead. Into the post season. Nobody is why you can sit up with a look at past Cleveland they are not quite. Yes they are so if he said that's what a night which is the author of the story tweeted out that that is when somebody asked him when these qualities that twelve Tony nine. What is the big deal so it going so yes of. I've had this feeling that not opt in the muscular pain and won't don't talk ought to implement Kate leave the operating loan it out about Bill Belichick look. Be ready to hope. He can't sell it it appears so uptight about it. The dander assuming you shouldn't say anything at all he should never seen anything just don't see anything here while somebody asked about the Pittsburgh's when asked about the known patriot. And your Steelers don't see anything. Don't they don't take debate don't comment on it you're still focused on Cleveland Philadelphia to look at the story is the rematch. We want a rematch that's the story. So I won't play but the way back we're depending on the Steelers. Have is the only people getting it wrong so why does somebody told Tina Smith. When he thought they Bruschi on the also act as David was the same thing he was on first take. Those guys. Is anybody actually I think in petty mess that was just so you know that comment was made back in late December before the Cleveland Browns game was 20 went right in the wrong for me. Should give it to two different points one are you going to be critical of Mike Mitchell. For even bringing up the patriots back in December 29 in guaranteeing a win. When you still of the browns just Obama a divisional foe you're gonna have to beat to get to the knowing abated. You could argue that it look at what you could argue that you could argue that point but I do think it's being this played. Here on TV. And that the criticism I keep on hearing it got a game against extent earlier this week and you're an idiot like you today I remember Tomlin did this. Ebit of it and that's that's the point to this history to this right yes the colts did. In the weeks leading up to New England equally criticized courtroom today slipped. Before the New England game not one not the militants in Europe team to India. Out of Miami. So I mean if this is the way they talked at this the culture and on December 29 days to talk a bold and confident will play the pictures of the matter where it is going to be him again. Very proving that that's not that's not an issue and it's being hailed knowing how to get back up there what are. And now will will hold this is also Mike Thomas comes out and talks about a right. And did that have anything to do with how they lost self. Nothing. Nothing to do with it and you'll have nothing to do with it if they lose again and when they play if they are able to play. It was a mass confusion in the last thirty seconds left football game there's a lack of communication a lack of leadership. That's what made him lose that football game you hope that happens again. But it wasn't the young looking ahead didn't slip in a game leading up to knowing. This and I would love to sit here say this might Mitchell's a complete buffoon an idiot with jealousy doing. By I'm not sure that's the case he was asked the question on December 29. Not about the jaguars are about the browns thought about anybody else he was asked about the New England Patriots he responded. Maybe he was too much brute the bragging there about you know guarantee and went so be it but. And I guarantee that this conversation. Game because a lot of controversy when they should Sar of sick guys right because that property which I'd vote for Dick and I thought it was just a dollar ridiculous that they were sick and even. No the possibility of getting them once you do the Digisette everybody. But that was the topic right. Guess you guys could still be able to see from the wing and you can still play and it in in Pittsburgh isn't that important and might which turns around says oh well we have to play eighty. No matter right now make it out like he just had this thing Tuesday or Wednesday but with different everything we've heard. Not a Veba Pittsburgh by just go out the authors Twitter account that he didn't say this week he said it two weeks ago so why isn't everybody cries correct this. This in this day and age but you you can say what you like is obviously Ben says that the players are upset because it make it out like. You know he just said this and take out of context. But nobody in Pittsburgh in the Pittsburgh is that. Nobody's written article about it. But if this is new England and so it was like acting out of context thing is at this week that three weeks ago. Every beat reporter in the city would have an article apologist here. Item just to be an article where nobody has been making too big of a deal over that this some notes at two weeks ago to make delegates at two days ago. It's not just ESPN I'm hearing if freeware. What what it looks like that. The college. At. A certain through training area. If when he hit a 129. On the first point it. He would have had any disrespect in Jackson though. When you don't even know they're playing Jack. Campbell want public. Is. An album credits well let me. Egypt and noble plans. Okay and several weeks ago in an hour. General conversation. But the other thing you're a patriot air act the same question like they recorded a result. In response would have been its share. It started again we're gonna be. Oh yeah I know we don't know if he's responded hey we're only talking world we always talk about the titans correct he would that's what is he wouldn't go that aren't A would not do that. There's no way we don't sameness and appointees because you're talking like you said the point nobody else's we would repeal with talking about he said it's. I really like it is a non story it's ridiculous. And as we. And it's disrespectful and athlete people playing it. That's respecting Jacksonville because everybody for some reasons going on the assumption that he said it this week well and affected would you discipline that we seem to be the only ones that hearsay and what's the big deal happened back in the 29 nobody's saying. This is when he sent it. We almost get the feeling that we're wrong. How many times do we in the we have all NY go to tick you off you are right. If you let's pick this out let's find out when this happened and we keep on coming back to December 29. Directly from the author of the story. That he did not happen this week as they were preparing for for Jacksonville. I don't I don't get why fix what's up it's up 7979837. Writer and or math. It's peace time right now in the morning media relations are actually pretty good food chain. He's he's right now the wartime against. Are you good good show right. They have figured it out to export way more Loney and Fauria on sports story. Hi tech Cyrano that it served pretty quiet back here in New England nobody's getting worked up about that's commanded Abu over going to be divot got to the weather forecast gonna start with temperatures. In the fifties. In the afternoon but it's gonna drop in the course of the game battled rain is this mornings or Friday at a range going to be Thursday tried to. They're widows to arraignment today and tomorrow a little bit of rain Saturday morning. And then the rains going to stop driving home's going to be a nightmare it's right it's gonna don't freeze 54 after the rim 220. At night later on in the in the game and I'm you'd have to worry about. Not on the street you risk is right down the road I doubt you're gonna you replace sleep tsunami had the tent my agent's house and he's got to ask our. Hate what they say we our miles an hour away I'm so quiet here nobody's really getting worked up about the Tennessee Titans a blow to fight plus. Whites like what's happening down in Tennessee and Nashville words such as early on there. So this is one off was gotten through yesterday this is just a little. Glimpse of their out of the Kohler show this one is the wake up zone that we are zone Marc Kevin and Blaine okay electric factory. What are the capitalist and an idol I think so because idle. Idle. Since league great. Well it'll get Tom Brady this weekend on this damn night at their. There's that part of it though is it's another road game and or a home game and I was in the view their potential electorate colonel and I was I was leading me there would be. Now mop that the senate select custom so Blaine bishop is there a performer Tennessee tech. Sixty car. If they're born do we have any other shows that any excitement there we listen I'll call one occupied the game that's Derek Mason. Nobel kettle sure Nightline look at that school board Arab MacFarlane and will be on you want tendency to talk about churning in the life of Caroline. Well may be Flutie looting. Flutie but we will have that game and cents on Friday that there are line will be 36 and a half page model. An emotional effect game match at a former PayPal. I don't know and I all went out and you fail on your kid yeah. America's favorite guests Madeline Adams regrettable that your people on Google beginning then I'd. Yeah quick match at a former patriots. Player now with the nets in covering the team that Matt Dillon is it doctor Ian. I it was certainly much like Abbas laws are obviously weak and it's along with it's not 36 and a half vertically and sixteen but that's. Pretty high line. But just wonder how all the world the Texans can pull this off when they came in the yeah. There are. Number. Well they're both of them. I don't know did you hear them sort of knows and loves you yeah under certain culture and our current agreement or I should opening period deeper than ours is this isn't a solution we are not shooting well irks me and hopefully championship here. Parker and chipping most important thing yeah always a little young golfer out where our. Is gonna help him win yeah they'll have on the July and thirty seconds and sound and those guns. So long and well traffic from recent immigrants and this this is not electric station on guns illegally the Madonna lately things aren't doing is not out of country music act. And their dispute assured at least that amount of Akron. It was and it out. And a lot of frustrated that. Won't go all out pro America or Iraq with a guy to your eggs in the patriots are. I'll probably do but don't take it or not the same and we will air carrier. And. Yeah and what was admitted fifty oh that was about a minute I had a fifth and the quick response then with a quick response I said then that we have a real electorate caller caller a couple of one of these shows this morning argun and at first yeah the electric factory they had a caller today is the maybe ninth when he finds it very familiar voice lives here Erica that's our good morning your missiles going on. Now the great. And made pat and mountainous and it's yeah yeah yeah yeah now and again you can look now. That's never happened ambivalent about this statement that medical back. It. And a good but they've god I've completely given up on your team didn't feel like you guys that don't believe that you gotta do what you can't get. But I don't. Then when Yost. When did you do I don't know how I. Yeah we do yeah we do you must just do listen to more. God I'm there Israel has done this guy coming off that was it that was all that was your at all that you're. I literally talk for a minute and Adam's mark I realize your boy oh they completely turn it now. He's coming here to finish and I thought it back now idle idle for a little bit funny down there every single joke they'd lose their minds that selector host of babies they probably gotten gotta train right now that's radical back. Ali asked him minutes later. He had no luck they'll be on and on Bolden went to the now joining us now is the color guys at Tennessee Titans and it was a tough you're beautiful and yes I did a little Angel and then you know I have a one year time in the united. You couldn't get on via. You know it's just a question and you know because there's songs like oh yeah because job he also the awesome game. There're there are no real. Are there real standout. Obviously I was walking another road outside I figured out a defensive effort you know you get a one in front of the line being put a lot of offensive line unemployment in the never felt a lot the last few years. There are few other guys you know. Then get a look at other guys. You know what's been outsmarted. I'm I'm Joan I'm Joe Black gives us the Libya we often. Just dead in front of me and for some reason they're on they're good enough you're right that's. Ultimately lose got into yacht race. Put me on get me on that morning show it's a call mother Elisa we have our expert Rupert guys met Sam we have all we have our expert also. I'll relate you would you guys like to use a reliable played Pete shepherd. I pull out all act like I don't have a clue how do the exact same pay pretty you have let's see how logging that's half of five me and let me get by. I will flat out just used the wrong games and just bubbled through it. Do you did that happen to you certainly don't hope I am a dead officially dead. You know who's Pete shared national figured I'd say in what are we gonna have maybe he gained Celtic CK who call his guy and do the improbable does a guy always guys. As is done. And and she. So. Evan. Very talented. Well for you speak Silva at stupidity I would love and watch a fabulous voice. You and your Tony's probably like a fresh us law and finds. Its own strange. Music cars have yours I've gotten. Always a pleasure to have film program on WEEI. Community show there's losers. You're gonna see him again right now hopefully him at the you know residents are now obvious it's beautiful it is at that. You should do it was to attack a few more comes as you've pollution. I'm sending. Goes live forum you and I just I'll let you know about Osama have casualties on sound like you have various morning. Eyes wasn't generally get out wasn't well like the beliefs either for the turf convinces some people like I don't think Jeff. Boras knows how you talk. That you could do the whole interview is energy and its emphasis on this for good equality to all the guys on GO LD didn't face to face that they just need yeah. Happy with it straighten. Of course there what is. They used to Wear I don't commissioner Rory being properly commons and at last an old guys horribly and number Maloney put. And since it first sounds like some guided as you know odd billion Muslims initiative easy as an underdog in the press box and Colonia patron partner all the way when he was playing second base as I sold. I'm so it's yeah park or reference method of temporary minimizes his audience of all eighty years old mustered statehood to reply to your cell. You're gonna get that done very males only at that hotel radio station that I peach known not a separate. Don't meet on the act like. And says he I'll try to do a senior pentagon hookers and forget about this you know I don't know what other uncle and Hillary all have our destiny at all and I don't that don't act like Pete. Although I haven't asked me about well sales lots of things have gone on and people are doing things and I don't know their real league get to where they need to go before it's too late in public blame PR people are when they're promoting somebody with a dance welcome whatever they can do is they give you bullet points of what he can talk about. He can talk about the last time Tennessee was here in the devils game he played it was freezing cold coldest game ever and that's all English might also so there'd be a sleepless nights yeah comes on our role so Walsh while then and I still swapping you know because we're on after he show you go on births deaths you think you know Angel Cordero and anger what have you equivalent to wanna. Did you get that talk about just public debt clock what are they are talking and negotiating. I got to believe they have Blaine bishop what are you why on earth as you've heard it. How many other debt you have an apartment block has no place but what does it. Is not going down Peary L I guess the good news for you be happy about this okay we get this content I asked them on a bit of time but we have time for what have you and so he singled right now OK so this this and asked for this warrant was similar to kiddies. Now to do it but he never got him out of the all of that celebration. So so he's now officially single so he's going to be in the dating world eat and eat and I told you guys right now Segal I'd be scared to BC coach how do you know. And there's you know you can't just go by your gut instinct you can't go by non verbal communication. A slight touch on the shoulder after that the rules the rules according to yes since you've been in the game they change right so so I think you need some sort app. Like so each each person needs to be on so you can like you know go from first base to second base third base but you would be swiping or pressing yes or no on your phone. Is like levels of conserve gas levels up consent. There is now an app. For that. Amazing. Legal flake is what it's called which it yet with that it's in the Dutch. Legal guys would call legal flames if James Franco used to be okay now which in theory when it does is allows. About two blown partners. Loss like they are and are not okay with before they'd. Do you thing too nasty to each day your phone now. And it's like yes lately why you on your date you can slight slight right for OK this is going pretty good food good conversation mites and make of it is down. League hopefully you make yes so yes I'm okay with them move on to second base and the the great thing about this. Is if you are doing the nasty horizontal mambo whatever you wanna kinda like in a moment if you change your mind. It's got to grab your phone go to your settings and you say I don't season that's easy problematic and it's how can be a promise. This is perfect we don't have to get all your stuff and move all right just as like court in. This is exactly what you need you submit once you go on a date yet need to make sure that wherever you're on that date with the download this. Bulls sign and it has dates going on in and you can find it just like you just what's going to second base and I. That other Drake. Think all the time at the curl up after the asking you want to hear applicants and the thing that's what's the difference I think hey I don't have any protection that slows it down also. Fix that problem right because you you'd be eager to get around it. Is this protection. This is the protection the real protection you need for Condit told her about content you need time until the real passes out and it describes her hands that's right right all of the yeah that is part of that is in the fine print OK so if they are passed out Internet out you know. Do you have an app. As you get a gig was last second base like in high school like you know we are what's okay you know it's. As far as I consent goes which picture I mean that's pretty much content. But I don't know and I don't think the finest thing and found your run it wrong because that they can say now I took off my shirt like welcome and give you a green light the vacancy. Can set as the most gray area in the world McKinnell the court. Apple app is not all the little muscles not all you ruining the moment that you might it has some isn't really new outlook the so basically waited helplessly as you want us if you wanna date you need to hire a lawyer. Apparently they're being my representative with me bring yours I got a default with you at all times in mid conversation about it for. A decision. Oh and always check in their phony it was a legal townships with with with legal fling. A simple swipe to consent is enough to legally justify the flame so he text that's what I. Lawyers got involves guys to judge says well you hear so legally binding contract. That's what it is now unaudited read the fine print as there here's the thing the funny thing is that they're not the first ones to do. You know and there's another one called week in saint that's another app. The case of those two yet to different legal fleeing and weakens and it's and thank god it's a bad thing this is a great thing let's say. Mason goes to college. Case Jesus died star baseball player Lotta people are gonna wanna game from you wanna hang out. Don't think he'd be a target and he starts in May that it is eight argued his point almost if had brits got all this money although you're the only baseball player that about it like the night table we don't. Because when you're what do I have to go back here to white where's your phone. You need to you know I need the I have been like O'Donnell is on it I guess I got halfway between asked if I can do this or you know loaded it'll buzz it she says she chased us how he's holding an Israel and it. And apple launch. It's been apple off traffic at the moment you would all this is that a bit and do everything let alone what do need this is good stupidest thing that is exactly what you need. Yeah you never know this way. Don't say you forced to wait on them you read the signals wrong note I don't want to lose what I want my beheaded yes OK I'm not trying to. Outs on chemicals they're good or bad DePaul had a big tech cultured and only when it's clear that we can take a break but I want to be consent. I want to compliment little Maloney because while we were doing all of this conversation he was out there getting to the bottom. Of the whole Mike Mitchell quell what it so he tweets out to Greg bishop the guy who wrote the pace. You're awful quiet about this quote that was given to you. Is it because if every one knew it was on December 29. That nobody would be talking about it the reaction is that it happened this week did it. The year is respond 1229. Was at its response no all you were responding to him this whole object. You're responding to the original twelve and sorcery is not responded if I give you credit it with you reached out basically call out. Why interest in anything here you run up the pace now that everybody's Carty using it as it happened this week as you sit back and he's watching every opinion show on TV and people everywhere talking about. So it isn't isn't one clear it is interest into Greg bishop the only thing he replied to with somebody else from the date of the interview its 1229. I was I only did twelve doc going to won easily effort again he had like no no I think looming of the early. Why I think I wanna destroy a good story he's got everybody talking about a story right now even though they are not short of the context with the. Just say any and it's ESPN fox sports when you need to media outlet whatever matters very NFL network the author of the story was asked. When was the interview with Mike Mitchell Bob beating the patriots in Haiti. Conducted this is curious is some Brian pattern pronouncements that. Greg bishop response at all Tony. And we area to sing everybody has opinions and doing their shows you know what that's the most look at the authors Twitter handle to find out. If we gave it a timeline when it was you know what it is the media loves a story that's gonna generate that I wanted to the plot it's a great. It's a great storyline. That's guys loosen its African my exactly hasn't learned Greg bishops to right. I'm not taking any of the facts. Into consideration in making his opinion and that's what we older and more all guilty of that now we all. The facts are that the interview was done on December 29 when you put that content and that timeline he changes. On its challenges at least not start. He can't be overlooking. The Jacksonville Jaguars. Because. McCain. It's it's crazy I went back to your phone calls it 61777. On 793 semi permanent neck.