OMF - Chris Foerster's "Cocaine platter," Kijuana Nige is out of her mind for why she released the video.

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Thursday, October 12th

HOUR 4: Kijuana Nige joined the Dan Le Batard sho, calims  “He used me as a cocaine platter." Fauria “This is another example of how Colin Kaep took down the NFL”Ben Affleck’s sexual assault on Hilarie Burton


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On you win each. Keeps Fort Wayne and moaning and 48. Great partner is BS's cocaine clad terror so he got that when you sent it out what was your mobile basically explode. Any qualities that and that. Illegally hacked that he has aligned that get paid not yet been. Immediately either dorm below where we can't act people that don't want their equipment didn't notice black. With glee and Lou and. Christians and it ended the field 69 jokes what's your favorite speed limit out there you jokes chain wal. For me it was hard assortment of Russian gymnasts. Martina never taught me you've played yourself. Our man this is really. Now on Sports Radio WEEI. Want to start doing this stuff. Questions via the girlfriend stripper. Of the offensive line coach of Miami didn't think she was deaf or what have you noticed the way he asked the questions he applied its walls are now. Answers and break it and he's an easy knew he had to go to the price of the pre pre production meeting right now productivity. Whereas there was talk Russo do you hear it described platter. Or use cocaine. There. How many times did that happen. You don't know how many time out about it how long was your release that war. Boat like. But lower than perhaps some of the children. Over there. Art so it was several times in a couple of months. What is the fairest criticism. That you can see if people question. Pay your motives or your lifestyle or whatever questions and judgment they're gonna rain down on. And they are now. Things are even questioned me at all like when Tiger Woods within his post situation where they question the Caucasian women. Is nonsense that is another. You know the whole another. She saw what she says this is Obama I wanna keep gone because when she compared herself. She's a stripper slash prostitute right. He's he's relentless little amazed that doing she's not doing this for free because she thinks Chris or serves as a handsome lag right. That's not a prize and he providing drugs he's provided one money and it. Half non not think I wasn't long ago a month and a half. In this guy trusted this stripper to send her videos. Donor for a month and a half views on love understanding and David Justice in the middle for a long time it's from Portland business class a voting together for a Lyle or something I don't know you lose your ability to think straight when your lovely you know he wants. And this is another. You know it is another example. Our society is mad that. When it comes to African American allotment proven a point but went back out there is fact I don't need to say anything. I if you knew it take me. Saying anything of the fact that out there he is doing that on his. Hey that on his own bit of work say he allowed this turnout is well why do all of them act so we'll all miss. Still democratic she said for far more and obviously there's a cause involved here and she's the display it she said far more than college applicants. Experience. You sir she said for more than cold temperatures are and yes she has got to I ever really I actually thought it was caught on camera. She actually you'd talk about Colin cap rate in the cause she describes. What the motive was in the column right when you sent it out what was your motive. My mother merchant basically egg won't say any quality that and that they don't. As I get enough so I would just pure clean blanket any qualities that occur within a minority. Compared to be in a white privilege card and an American agent and general. I think at the Wellesley for next is okay where can we see you next there I got out of the blue rhino while October 29 was sort of ten to 2 AM. Three specials and two for one. Seeded thing is that she was she was upset at first the first cut it right before attacking her because she's a black woman. At the heat there are with Obama just say like invented that's the reason why she did. Correctly I think she's black or white urged those a stripper and this guy's an absolute idiot. That votes of black stripper noticing nothing really changed me moment okay whatever awaits for a black 2000 matter what's different are the worst foreign but I don't she did it though just to sort of you know the need you know basically turned into a racial thing herself and then got upset that people are mad at her because she was black going to. Looking at it this way is that it was a perfect built in excuse for Jay Cutler what my fault I get hit back there sacked offensive line coach is doing Coke. This trip yeah exactly the elderly and excuse yeah. Now we don't know and they they have the worst record rivaling on the offensive line coach. But that indeed it did so how do we have a line that can't patent on it would be a leader. Board I mean. You know and dawn below where we can't act people that don't what are the quotes do know that flag. And I mean LA and like it does make it. Actually put this can be used to from my immediate on the show that what is she doing she's she's taking a case that happens probably in America. Every single thing in which you've got some guy. He's got midlife crisis who knows what's going. He's so blows suspicious to get by OK he's got a stripper on the side. And he seventh on the misrepresent the wife and three kids at home whenever and where we're turning this and we're turning this end. Till like 88 major cause of. Everybody is down cost of everything it does mean is that. See they're gonna they're gonna set them up anyways but she talked about setting jamaat. That they did it mean. And my best. And then Vinnie I'll be honest with you guys even if he didn't and that video. You're going to be ex. So who doubles it was all for all because it's the again another reason why the column needs to be written. How Colin Kapanen took down the NFL this is another casually right here cartridges woman would have never done this unit would have gotten married to Chris forced to make sure did you know that ever loved all of yes he's a true love herder friend or friends named Mercedes. You know lot of star gays are you know whatever I first heard dancing and is the practice storming of the silly songs Billingsley gave them. The restrictor if you're rich rich. Heritage and its expansion here less than it actually does this whole. He's just he's he's out he's got a coach so I'm gonna coach against them. Canadian football act Canada yes yeah it's like to go to India on Israeli Israeli great that's yeah. You know serious problem there. Because he coaches again it's going to be a laughing stock when he comes into play as is going out there last time and again I think hello there. He's like he went to. He has a sex addiction also. Demi get travel lob honest accident and similar words or more rehab center. Originally wired anyways it had to go to Europe to find one that he had any left now in Scottsdale won't go back to Arizona and weather's nice. Policy he's got an issue just it was a -- moves yesterday with him and his daughter and apparently there was screaming at each other out from the door 911 was called the whole works not surprised she's out she was insurgent she was concerned that he was -- surprise if it tears your your point about the sixth edition addiction clinics nations abruptly like wherever there's a -- dollars is you. Want to waste my time trying to deal with -- understanding of dog don't look like on every corner of coasted to a report released a hard time with his global the changing global warming is that this is a bigger issue we're finding more and more guys are having this problem I think we need to solve the problem. Now we Save the Whales as sovereign wealth life. I guess I should enact you know nationalism unedited and in order Venice. Yeah. Ben Affleck I wish. Ben Affleck stuff at videos and believable as an ample warning McKee it's just wondering if this is back in 2003. You don't of the Ben Affleck. Him not found no evidence on which. Now don't have a they had this morning so gone occurrences come out on McCain's files saying this stuff that Paul forgotten. Now we don't have now we have a five minute media and the few well hold on maybe make sure that it's our own video I did see it was based these pro ball girl who groped by him nor does the sound. Are there is a video of a hole you are glad I won't work he's George Carlin I did not lawsuit no excuses. While he's on the front is on the pros and he's. I saw it easily eat like real healthy right now is trying to lose weight. Definitely so does that sound and so Ben Affleck. Who obviously has got his own issues. He came out support. Originally of Harvey a little bit name really was taken into shots and then when all of that stuff started coming out as will pointed out it's coming from everywhere. It's like the tough stuff all over again. Once he's always had thrown Whitman is on target that we don't ask that we while he's drugging them wins you wanna be the star yeah. He wanted to and I mean these are some of the top stars in Hollywood now that he's dealing. So funny Affleck knew where the will the wind was going and he came down ration. On par I'm shocked I am again not the liberal women and somebody in this is the problem that people of video on everybody out there. Somebody sent an example we sell episodes of oppressor and this is like this is. Also before. The actual if you started writes he was it was it was pub it was public some movies that he did and it just got. We he was on MTV shouldn't lose the total request live loser taught us is that more of vessels. That the. Well. I'm and I do an interview and does it hit you didn't think yeah. Susan and Hillary aren't Ottawa center you. Thinking initially I think millions. If you go to Q can you this then there. The senate was polluted redneck is a totally she's sitting on its last out and he's got both arms around like she she's not going anywhere and I mean he's got its. Pace pretty much made his announcement all of this. And there's there's a house senate event. This is it it's it's embarrassing at one point doesn't take no one ever. Of war two bogeys. Used to use the keyword here okay where did write and remember the team right you're did you put the bulldogs did. Andy's glitz to the Sunday morning news is all of this from that's Weis I say you know give what colon. With you know everywhere suits that you featured Daniel opiate of skilled because the people gonna come out this video comes down if any he also made fun of a disabled. Okay what. So I sign this. Really funny in that as an amusing because. They are right. Right the right. Okay that the Hollywood people on the the left and the right to beat up truck with some of the stuff and it would not surprise me at all we found out tomorrow that the some video. Of trump up you're groping soundly right with us with that jacket. That they targeted out of what if something you would see upon trust me there are enough people who get it out. So the that would surprise. All bad we all agreed that that is all back. These guys are such hypocrites because they're coming out we're seeing unfolding in their life. The Weinstein stuff we haven't seen that much with Affleck but the stuff with with RB is off the charts the power of the this guy control and athletic. The most power off and got in Hollywood and that's what's it that's why the whole sex addiction thing is such a joke child play can become audit released I think you try to like it to act like that's the reason why now Europe power hungry insecure or this dope. And using. Just his using your power and influence to abuse. And groped women okay. Just cried out I just say you know what. Now I was of the Doggett. Big giant dollar Oz and he sees the Milan. These Milan in Milan didn't like a bad few. Decisions is that among the neck but one of those collars Thomason at the time. Get little damper as far as college does that admirably but they get stick they're getting protection from your protection of these guys are part of why is it. No and this guy he's getting protection though he or not will not I don't know how long pulled the New York Times deserves all the credit world. The and by the way. What protection. This twelve years although he'd been paying women how he'd been paying them off I understand that but the story was don't dummies get support he's got in the support no you'll find it this I guarantee you won't find her should this was good cover up. I don't you know he's not getting support now he's still nobody's coming out today. Standup guy I never added zero wave there are people in Hollywood right now on all of these entertainment shows that night. You're staying away from him not touching it. Just why it hit Dexter vs support then this morning and I think that's why don't you guys as you can you do that but when someone is asked about it. Anyway I think maybe our border dispute just keeps popping up all time VU Utah and our points lead over and over and over again. Yep and you watch Access Hollywood you ones extra you watch Entertainment Tonight. I do you you don't think they'll leave you need to lead with dancing with the UR talked sometimes argued adding now I have a little more time. But you'd think there'd only already are not like I. Heard complimented the New York Post mortem on indecent. But NBC having to store years ago with the same guy who had to radiate from the New York Times and it's in and and and and other words Harvey Weinstein who held that much power not the media not surprised that not the first inning already utilized right. Right but that's an issue that's a problem so if you're doing these shows at night you know like I wanna see what Bill Maher does this week. And HBO because she usually. The heat he won't hold back even though we know where he politically stands I've seen him go in the other direction. I disappear just because he might be the one guy that's willing to do it does these dogs are not allowed only at this point time. Count on the club. You know you're at a club managers the clock is also saw a dog my line and got on the other club announced late and you know now it's like guys its you know everybody's got you know. Three shots and Harvey from for its thank goodness he's in a did you heavy and will blame you would hardly do the same whoever else it it added that the Ben Affleck. However wants to be friends and am. You know he would be doing the same thing. Doing the exactly the same thing. Are inexcusable ought terrible term unless he was up to no good himself Bennett just no comment comment unless they start looking up at the inaugural skeletons. You all say very very good system viciously. I have to stay NASA. Clinton is I've gotten the highlights from the giants still own this house finally you could certainly didn't discipline them both swore rather. Right yeah. Ammunition this video never never made it out. Now amazed. He's an unknown quantity because Hollywood protects its all. That's why that's what the New York Times. Give them all the credit in the world they were willing to published list. Okay they were willing to publish something that NBC had been holding back for years with the same author sink guy he went out there and had voted on our team women. You don't it was unbelievable. But they protect themselves and that's what I'm saying that's the point of bringing up how do you not see any of this on the comedy shows at night the dark shadows bomb at a Washington saying it'd be an honest the only ones from coming tomorrow tired. Computers aren't 61777979237. That's our phone number eighty yard hole enough. A harmonious. Talk show I'm so let's think guys that was I don't relax and everybody does sound like trillions of monsoon on Saturday at great you're right you're. It's Fort Wayne we're moaning and 48 fox Sports Radio. Doctor yeah. You know. Since they haven't done make me look they game. I looked like us they've had done enough. Was it you lose said that of the war on Catholic you because it's just everything we are being in this distinctive though would abandon and let's face happens. Those pictures issues in the past that you're right you Moscow. Your right to make up artist and Marie ten alert today in the second woman to allege that Ben Affleck touched or. And so she's now talking meanwhile. He's got a movie due out. Batman movie right Justice League coming out five weeks and his artisan talk in Hollywood that you. They eat postponed the start of that move may not be the right time to root growth by two weeks from now because of your relation. And then another video emerges. Wake soldiers holding onto their pocket it's moderate and it's not. But man it's stolen it's so. Pretty good I yeah I wouldn't. Doubt that takes a couple of SuSE phone calls is Bob and walls in my Bob. Thank you are. Listen to Lou without question about why the offensive line coach. Trust about all the Milosevic always say that as it was they do what the wrong can't. Exactly well he must know we lost actually probably I'll put that poster you know this ultimate martial sports. Unless that document allows direct Surette sexual past Rust Belt but it does. I'll save it role that I mean that's the environment there and I'm liberals thought totally blind and you know I'm getting sick of people being offended boxing's. Whether it's people on the right that are offended by people take techniques and all I have affected oak got to affect at all people. That offended by racing languages slump blog as well directed. Personally at that. Everybody's gonna get over this political pretenses for the birds really. Well I don't buy I understand we're barge to a sports is coming from if you bring somebody into that environment and they don't understand it don't recognize it. And you don't get certifications and in that they recognize that they walk in there and within a week they can be said it would. What they're gonna do are now that you get what it's like videos you've got to. Got to be aware of what you're getting yourself into each other way claims that she did know what she was getting yourself into she just didn't wanna side. Let's go to Charlie in Northampton Charlie. Are. Sort of off on all of a go to. Go go to the rock on yeah help unless he's moving and nipple with and they don't like Charlie. To fix it I called them and they hit them. Or happening then I don't know a lot of adults lately everybody's in the last few months phones really cellphones are really suck it. We build more and more powers down so we. There was it it was seamless wherever you drove for Islip new problems to really clicking new probably never heard years ago. There's Brock and middle world rock. I had to go and I tell me on what I'm not surprised by this the Weinstein story I mean I think it's too. It's a big back as or later it's going back there. Unfortunately I think there is it gonna be a big group or women through it and mine you know their point of view they all their career accident guys look good being out there are good outweighs the bad at what they want. I think it when he people and I'm also applicant and everything. That yeah yeah. Hold on that point so I I'd get that I had a lot of people quiet right and I understand that if if you're young woman. And you you'd you'd give him would you career or even if you feel ashamed. Of what happened you don't wanna come fall but this is what I keep on reading. Everybody in Hollywood new. It was a jumps Seth MacFarlane kings came on yesterday. And said that go back and look at one of the jokes he had the night that he knows that the Academy Awards was directed right at Harvey Weinstein and in his groping women. And he did it on purpose because he wanted to stick it to Harvey in that in that thing so they know about Ben Affleck knew about it Matt Damon knew this. They all about those people. So they kept their mouth shut so that they can all make lots of money millions and millions of dollars that was not blaming an envelope and. So when it came out. Yeah that's. Was it down coverage a gallon which broke a problem that she's hurt that's part of our virtual now everybody else piling on is that it's good right there's announce that OK now I feel like I'm safe because I'm on the right side of this he's been exposed. But you know that's the thing that he said they're successful because of it maybe their careers or whatever you know the interaction with this guy. And they never really thought of and a lot more coming out soon selfish of me is that the people that that didn't make in Hollywood. Right there were involved with this guy you know it never made it or refused. You know will whenever from our feet and never made in Hollywood of the people bought you know years later after them there are going to be abused by some Democrats did a betting you said you know what. Selflessly I kept quiet because it helped. You know whatever what did you sit on the came out the other day she was. Aspiring actress from. She was working you know and a restaurant and she talked about the stuff that that he would do and obviously she was going along with that at the time because. She's hiring actress she knows the power that this guy pulls in Hollywood and this is your golden opportunity. That that's the biggest problem it's all power issue I'm telling you the FBI's in on this now the department justices in on this. And there rape charges this guy is going to get it he's going to prison this they're gonna nail this guy. They only it was all of that they don't there and don't look it I mean nobody at least Alexa I don't think LSU don't think it's it's a coincidence. That it's gonna be a lot worst form because Donald Trump as sitting in the White House right now. Well I that's going to be a lot worse there's all these guys they run in packs for civil. It is others never just one dollar a pack now we have we have a real secure pack outstanding piece right now we don't mess around but then the everyone associated with them. You know either there's there's probably a situation where one girl was a abused by like him and sold his other friends. Are he said oh yeah gold goes he rose rose Rolle will put out. Rules put out a liberal quit your life if you want to putter in the movie finally do what fuels on the extra bet that's a week ago what was once it's always joke at Hollywood. Yes it is a joke irrigation if you went to sleep you into the Dallas and there happened people out of jobs though it's a real thing actually gets its fake as such they're. I think it I think that's when enemy has just out of it funny is that got to go to bed with colonel John in the article there's there's a demand that's coming our as a way remotely let it on the show I just that occur. Will that benefits reaper and who can only get more that I tonight turmoil in much of the Kirk is rumors titans. And how do you really ever go. We've really never know the men ever and he actually personalities. But what James Vander be. That they got there was a lot I don't want to laugh yeah yeah I see more men coming outs. A it's a wide diocese morbid may be just as many men and as I see women coming out Bobby grope in Hollywood when they're younger. But wait a minute Christian. Hollywood dating back to Roman Polanski. The Hollywood looking for a way there because he was creator of all of my our our additional years it's aren't quick outlet M if he if he wants to destroy some young young woman's life that's okay because I think Corey. Look at what he's contributing to society. That's the joke that it's against. And you know we do. I. If that you don't think gonna get this guy. You know all the odds on that and got him I don't I only date with a fed and hold though allow others and you know like is is vindictive as trump days. You know that the workers are dollars that familiar with front and had everything you do try everything to do these are my enemy yup you're gonna fall migrant won by agreeing to middle America's gonna go up and say we're gonna destroy Hollywood we're gonna feel I'm gonna go a movie that it was it was a as the VW would you now Null. Bob the last great when that's no what's the difference there are actually last Julia. And David put out that would have no clue. Was it. He's done a lot of movies you can instantly and I know he journalist covering movies news reported he was late yesterday trashy movies yesterday via the war so they were there plain awful like all the all the Oscar winners. Who'd come up and they are thinking are once again thank you are right there and I'm really get going on and on and on. Well that that's that's one thing thinking of this the other thing mixing actually dropping he's in he's only as a result they can go unchanged he didn't need to pose a last minute pulpit as a Sepulveda. Is last in the big day he's a quick Tarantino no question. I worry about oval lines played worry about only the lions playbook yeah agent. As soon as you may wish we think this test here. Week ago. Let me so. She's so Smart they aren't gonna dictate K we can't talk right. At Dunbar it's always easy he's involved Annan is not involved enough to wars. Picture right we almost segment together. Now back to the guys who don't use small ball school small ball one big ball I don't care what big balls aren't I want falls off the wall I want balls in the stands I want extra base hits or wait we're loading in 48 listen don't get me wrong I think you steal bases. You can you can run but they got big ball on. Sports Radio WEEI. I sell the program has been brought to you by a Polanski insurance her via. We did not get into patriots jets at all which is so when usual in the fall ingests lead. Four hours now Shannon we had a light on all of that luck so so here's the question I asked for both you gentlemen we're kind of doing some prep work for tomorrow's program yes how much do we sarcoma tomorrow. About Josh McCown. How much should we talk about their company keenly seventeen. We want to go at least the second on them. But more in the past. I I think more Embree so. There's no juice out there with the other played along time ago they're practically price on Tuesday and it pricing and children having walked rooms right now because on a Thursday practice in today's wanted to does the end game over where it's even agree don't even debris injuries nobody's it's question with a Brady. Don't plays games play in this game. Why acting opposes a bigger question just as far as. Wonders Jimmy drop below gave his first start. This year I was ever would you say now over the odds beat having given. Well we've seen very taking hits AC joint you know now that is 5050 that is pretty painful and as we didn't chaos nobody thought he didn't hit. 1012 times a game full 34 sacks eventually landing and that left shoulder and that's gonna get the point where he's got to come out of games a table until lol also this. It just a short weeks are glad that this was a Tampa Bay. And he had an injury I mean got he probably still play because that injury is it's just normal you know what you can inject that that AC joint and it's his left niners writes he'd probably get through it. But I host I would be surprised Indians that didn't end there at least in some spot plays he's fixing his helmet for a as it's been ripped out I. I would say this based on one of seeing so far and the fact that. They've really. Can't go to short game and go with a vertical game and the offensive line has not done a good job. A protecting Tom Brady is typical apple over the starting quarterback for the first five games he would be out right now with the danger. I don't usually. I but he can run knowing I don't I was so proud of Iraq over he runs but he. How awkward he doesn't audited tackle he would not survive this thing hits. You know you can sell you wanna but TB twelve and in about Alex Guerrero or whatever. But Brady has learned to fall in a certain way not to get hit a zillion times eventually it's got to catch up to. Much of the Jimmy G would would would be able to stand up to all of that so UT you'll CGG a game that is not mop up duty gets a satellite. Somewhere during the course resemblance especially with this in unless this changes in my state they they were able to. To figure this out and get back to the court to dig dug and they were able to get some protection back there. Tap the cross over brought to you by fine mess money dot daylong. Always tell them hello dale and they'll what's going on you know Phil's trying to save the locker room trying to see it clubhouse you don't want players. Give maybe it started a few months early. No I always think that they got a big was as bad. Let's be ruled downhill this is not a great career move for our pal Lou here what was that because this whole thing worked out perfectly Adam. Well yeah hole and Yahoo! you know stay. You know the whole managerial merry men I mean I just want to get in a book and the nice thing about it. And one I mean the only thing that victim Rouse he actually said yesterday it was the you know this semis. Official criteria. Well I don't know we'll sit in front of the media has given I would say this it's good news for the show. For all of us that he's not getting that opportunity because it means the browser actually listening between ten and ten. The you know the bad news is the united and the opportunity because they actually listen don't want to until mr. ancient. The leaders we we actually gonna discuss all four of these teams over the course the next or some references stuff and balance much but are right for the for active angle cock. Yeah well you know I was pretty upset watching him we get Taylor while on audio and angry Taylor will probably just stick with them the fourteenth and talk about like you guys have been. I talk coming up next we're here tomorrow morning we'll get some football Connelly doesn't James and I it's just like him and the should be good one tonight so we hope. We'll talk about Smart. Beat their running.