OMF - Chris Sale of the Boston Red Sox 8-16-17

WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon
Wednesday, August 16th

Chris Sale of the Red Sox joins Glenn, Lou, and Christian on the second day of the 16th annual WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon.


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Alex stuck with Christian who's been a sensation here in in Boston and treat. Every five days duo would you call at the beginning of the season it was going to be must see TV every five days yup more than Brady and it's. It's. He did it I think that he did tonight and I think I don't you and I think I agree with you liked that day is ready for years Hillary and I got elected to. Why is it either without or. But it was that was Pedro like we were hoping to Pedro was going to be here today and we are going to be able in the two would you. Together but he adds some type of and we situation that he had to attentive and could be but we're glad you're here start by saying. You understand what's going on here at the soldiers effective I know you've spent time with the kids down at spring training when did you first learn the did you know the Jimmy Fund when you're pitching for the white so. Yes so obviously come to Fenway Park and its. Very well advertised. Around the park know that this is one there are probably the I think it's the longest tenured yet come organization that that's been with the Red Sox. And what it means that I mean it's it's it's usually you're talking about doing great things for people that are indeed and deserve so. You know what better way to to have the same road we've heard you Kennedy you can get involved the kind of jumped into this thing continue to partner. And they they they asked if I would come and say that some people don't talk on the radio and it's our give let's back to people that. You know deserve it and you know you can see the smile these kids faces they they thoroughly enjoyed this so. You know anytime he can bring some light and you know for these for these kids it's it's an easy. The city's yes yes is it you know this getting into baseball's. You know I'm always curious you know you just that you're you're working every five days right and is there are certainly routes that you go through a house superstitious are you about. They what you do every if you have a routine. I have a routine. I mean I'm not the most superstitious person in the world I don't have the world at the same socks on the word you know stuff like that. Dressed the same way you know I don't. You know I mean I have my same basic routine but. There's. It's not set in stone in there are some days you know from film good will do more from a film good will do less. You know. Ago on a few people aren't people when they win the rule. And definitely a bonus guess now you can add a conversation when it at all yeah I mean even even like in between innings you know. I'd I'd like to be property. You know focused on pitching on the field but you know before the game. I can't locket and at 2 o'clock you know that's that's just that's too much for so. The unlocked it and probably about an hour for the game from prepared and then. You know after the problem. You know what state looked on those that. That you pitched it amazing pace you know when you work with saint year Boston now seems that you guys aren't they pay to virtually before. It's really that you don't shake because it's really more about location for you than it is maybe with pitches which. Still blows my mind a little bit that maybe after a game. Maybe you don't get hit a little bit or give up a home run later what ever in trouble we don't sit in bed go wide effect wrote that pitch. And I don't think that would teach you more involved in pitch selection but you still. Would have put that a man. Good pitches don't go over the fence you know so if I give up a home run it's more likely they'll slider that I hope are fastball that leaked over the plate. So. It always goes back location. You know and it at the end of the day I mean if you throw you know great pitcher a guy that's about to tip your cap Soviet. It leaves no doubt in my mind you know and I've never been a thinker on the baseball nine hitters means a pitcher's meeting hugest. We definitely. For me it's not. Oceans it's not important but for me I don't I don't put a lot of weight on you know. Just like thirteen Argo based on how field and if you know I mean it that for me it's it's nice to know that I've I've never felt a pitched but I doubt it. You don't have for me it's like if these are shaken off and do this other stuff it's like. There's doubt your mind you know cynical fastball. And I shake to a slider I've done doubting my fastball. You know that this is my flaws fell must think it's right or wrong obviously that's our thing so. You know for him what it calls fastball I don't care who's in the box Alter what challenges. Throw a attitude that. That does that so who catchers doesn't matter at all right and expertise. No matter does note there's no trust that you need to have with any catcher. He'd he'd he'd beat it for you Rhode you have beaten it doesn't matter who it is definitely. We have Mitch Cole what pitches from first base at hook without over there. Listen given you've been frank when games are over when things haven't gone well and I wonder what. You thought about Boston when you heard if you were coming here. Because this is an interest in town we're emotionally invested in the team scrutinize every little detail of the game some towns aren't like that. You seem to fit right in did you. Program did you come here there are certain days you don't talk certain days you do tucked did you have an idea of what this town was about. Yeah minute you you obviously know little bit about it before you get into it. From the big thing is accountability right yeah it nobody likes excuses if he sought to suck if you did good dude dude dude right. So there's no there's no reason to make. Excuse is on you know failure success you know he. This is pretty. Black and white game where it's you got a daughter he didn't get it done. And it doesn't matter if two guys on the team did good on a losing day he still lost the game and it doesn't matter if you know two guys did really bad on winning days still want the game. And I think the more you can focus on the important things and and not so much the little things going on. That's. That's that's been my mindset it is if we win. Good and a better target of seven or one you know if we win the game that's that's the objective it doesn't matter how we get there. Just like if we lose a game it doesn't matter how we lost that. We lost but tomorrow's holes and today so. That's kind of my philosophy of how I've gone about this year. So you're not my watch in ten years bastard you today. Give two craps and start the game as they don't matter that I mean they don't matter and they really don't I mean if if you are here. For the right reasons. Those things a matter they don't because at the end of the day there's only one record wanting the amount that counts and that's. The left call and the more you can do it. In the left home the better off you're gonna beat us that's about it. I'm curious who they hear you rotation guys deep there's good and here's the the influence of what you seek a Tug talk we play with pace in on me old ball you catch bothers a lot of time in between how much discussion is guys that. The quick. On the not so much just. About what he's an individual person has just kind of as a whole you know I think I think we don't know that. Your your guys behind you are going to be more. Ready to go win. When you were inadequate please note those hitters often does give them as much comfortable in the box or. If there was let's think about what's going on. That would that would sit around for three hours you know three and a half three that. Well it's greater. I mean it. Umpires fans the players like where we don't want the other three four hours it's dot. Com. You know but for me it's not a complete what we want to. Get the ball through ball and tails as the total waste and how excited you about the possibility of finally pitching in the policies can't wait that's that's. The most exciting part about being with this and there's a lot of things going thing part of the Boston Red Sox organizations. Notes. We play it won't equal stadium's tunnels ports will be that. They're rich history of the players that have come through here retired numbers all famers only and it's all cool but at the Tuesday. We have a realistic shot of going all the way. And that's. Sight of what's on the. You don't beat the Yankees brought river at such robberies and knew it was you know alt real force that heightened just off the charts but. I'm curious because of the young players the young core you start to see if they're good team you guys are good team. This had a different feel when you walk in Yankee Stadium and faced the Yankees as a member of the Red Sox. Yes it was a points completely different com. You can feel you know me. People who New York never been really nice to me yet they hate me if it. So. Alerts through some pretty interesting things. Global fluent. Mormon votes as. Tilt the guys recently last year. Sick. You know that is the seller gets it's a good thing though isn't it a good thing I don't go to New York to make friends there. Good to know I think it's a really good thing there that work they initial question that. What he's seen it never even talk about devers really since he got moved. And as every day it seems like he's White House you met you but everybody's is what he's capable of doing. You know to us at such a young age what is it about him that you've seen it you think it allows him to be as successful as he has been so early in his career. I think it's it is. Just the his. Childress and his how old. The game never looks like it's beating up on me he always title looks like he's in control. It never panics I mean. Last night for example I mean he's he turned triple play a mean and hits mean he's. It has all taken to the right steps on the back in the mean fires a missile that it's. You know our second baseman right chest and just it's little things like that you know we did better against Chapman in New York. You know has it in even in his first few games you could see that. You know he he wasn't overwhelmed and that this is you walk out on the field sometime ago while misses the slot but. Not only him but you know we have a very young core group of guys that. Or cut of up ahead of their time and I think that goes. You know that that that goes to show what kind of support we have here. You know not only the coaching staff but did you know the coach access down in the minor leagues and and just the culture that they have you know. So from this organization and attention to same way that exact about the flat line kind of thing like unfazed. Yes and in and they bring it every day I mean that you're talking about competing. At the highest level and still being able to bring it Saturday no matter. You know the weather travel. You know consecutive games whatever it is. That's what preach about the statements there's no excuses is just let's let's go to them. People said now probably three years. That you're the best bargain in again mr. pitchers that are making thirty million dollars and you're nowhere close to that I haven't heard you bitch one. If not then what do you do not do it Chris. Why do you do. Though thought about what doesn't bother you these are simple the that you seek advice or not nearly as good as you making for more money and you. Not covet it and in the short answer no because I've underworld get myself into it and it. That is down I'm living out my dreaming getting paid to do. Innocent honey get hit pretty. Only Atlanta I'd say we don't even when I was like that's our face off of oxygen out of five years old on the missed springer's kindergarten class called how or elementary and Lakeland Florida. And what he would do you know grow in Major League Baseball player. 23 years later I mean I complain about anything. Not doing that it is thought that every article about the dangers you right now on to stand for sale was beaten every driver goes. Yeah you remember what did you say you what you said on the ice which obviously yeah. I don't know I don't know but as far right after that time. Both little delusional but Chris listen. Thanks for coming down there we barely appreciated in and then being part of the Jimmy Fund radio telephonic. Spending time with the kids and everything else and for being frank and honest we appreciate that approach that I forgot percentage below terrific thank you good luck the rest of the white. And enjoy the post season.