OMF - Chris Sale looks like he might need extra rest around the All Star break; The end to Boston's dominance in sports is not yet in sight - 7-12-2018

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Thursday, July 12th
Hour 2. The boys wonder if Chris Sale is beginning to wear down like he has in the past, what baseball can do to fix its image problem, and Boston appears to be the epicenter of sports for the forseeable future.

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These Fort Wayne. And moaning and 42 to play. Rather what it is them patriots game on radio questions in the question so you kinda like five straight starts at eleven strikeouts or more of this is a must watch must listen this is better than break your brain washed out and walked in I'm going to be sit down we're going to be doing some live tweet and some tweeting last night drunk his can be with -- and Lou and Christian what is fair in what is unfair when it comes to Dave price. Like David Rice made a mistake fourth home run given up by throwing good CEO guy. Go home runs broke. Now we'll be all for David Price. Piling on a price has been excessive don't like it that's better right now on Sports Radio WEEI. Home runs. I've read so finally figured out. It is the leader of the tweet. Some fragile left is Twitter account opening leftist computer going yeah this is the guy who runs the old digital operations there and Annika related write him and he left to killing in we jumped in there and it include tucked away in a little line in there. And he is now I've taken accounts I would guess that is probably. A digital prank coming our way he does preach all the election laws giving. It it doesn't mean it's one. A comfortable with in the Amazon comes and I think it was it was like four hours of therapy at a price like her that did it because you are perfect therapy. And all the before that you normally show along time residents and sickness and there were a bunch of different dynamics working. Relationship there between Brad foe in and draw if you have any clue how that works is very like for enemies. Very good there friends yeah but dated it's a vote. Underlying they see each other ocean is over a mentor ship. And paying on their drought in the younger writer and Brad OB in the stall wart WEEI dot com guy trying to you know show on the Wayne attitude in most of Georgia with that yeah I don't think so yeah. Pretenses mental CSI viewers mentor isn't yours on the baseball show if you indeed that week it's a jubilant equals so hosts as noted his thoughts and all equals this I took a phone calls we got talking about David Price. If you missed it. He'd blow it up. Decided on doing an interview with Dan shot she probably nothing that was planned in advance but shot she was Smart enough to head to his locker room yesterday afternoon. I started asking him a couple of questions. And at the beginning didn't look like he was getting much but Shaughnessy asked them you said you were searching after that bad outing in Kansas City the other night. Did you find what you're looking for answer yep. And then he said can you tell me what you learn the is it mechanical yeah. But the shot she's credit any usable lucky he stayed with it started asking questions in which he got answers that we won't even one word. How did you end up shooting three guys in one inning. I tried to make sure I got the ball in I just got it. Ian too far in. How do you feel about facing the Yankees again this year. I feel great moving forward for the rest of the season and great facing the Yankees again whenever that May Day. That's a team out pitched against a lot my career. Probably more than against any team in the big leagues maybe with the exception of Toronto's does at the brunt Rico he knows that. I've pitched against both of them line. And I've had some bad games against the Yankees a few times. Again that ninth street hits against them when I was in Detroit 2059. Straight hits no walks no sacrifice flies. No hit by pitches nine straight knock somebody who's eight and nine singles a double doubles now. Exactly going back have you. Been able to true owner Al the noise around you here in Boston. Yes. I'm still not a subscriber. To whatever papers their hour. I don't know the last time of listened to FM or AM radio which both of us believe. He's kind of fibbing or you get the word dance and. Does that mean later on yes some. Do you hate Boston. David price's comment is that never senate hated Boston promised the fans and again I'll throw in but she never said you like to hear. Mean it is that you appreciate the atmosphere in the fan base you know it's so whatever vision that the perception you put on meet through you guys media room. That's what it is it's like when we're when we were in Minnesota and I said I wasn't deserving to be an all star and didn't think I should be an all star. And all that crap to put out and it turns and that's a right that you want so it is admitting that he heard all the crap. OP Redick or radio even knows that he has listened but the promise that all that stuff but in the desert and be an all star was good. The only conversation that we had the articles written words that common afterwards why you won't go to the Austin game because you'll sit in your play fort night the night before which would make you. Unable to pitch the next day so it's a little. That that that you know the funny and it came up right up the clown you know little to gain a lot of four and I've sold. That's what we really were talking about. Let's see if this was a blown opportunity by him so we sit there and he talks about the question but it seems like you hated you do you wait Boston. I've never said I've hated Boston or had a problem of the fans who can't respond to that point. That's a perception just read this it's I don't I'm reading it again and it just read I don't like three seconds ago I can't epic that's what I'm doing I'm going back towards Eric I did here now this was not a well. Well is rated that one more time. Because I'm trying to get to the point of he had an opportunity here filed instead of going with the pursue our interrupt that won't happen again Fred people. I. Is on you guys the media. Okay there's a perception. Is reality. He doesn't give you reality. So he doesn't give you the flip side so the question is being asked you read it here do you hate Boston. He basically says I've never said I've hated Boston. What did you come out of and he used that opportunity to basically I want I hear it looked pitching so we're left again thinking. You don't love it here. I'm sure I think any different. It was never said he hasn't. He's never said he has that's always been about stuff he has incidents so he's leading it's it's gonna perform better bottom line. He's got to perform batters that for a seven year raise a starter in the city since he signed his contract. You know I'm sorry and one playoff start but it was great bullpen last year but still. He's got to perform better that's not my fault that I can't help him. A kid trying to go to radio bit so we could given the chance is if we start talking nicely opponent. These do throw the ball better candidates are gonna help him he's got it figured out of southeast at the old ball better. Gonna win it when they get to October these things he has to do not being obligated. He won a look at the schedule in the six games in the last two weeks against the Yankees. And and wondered if you're outscored you're looking at that schedule and you're looking ahead I know the end of the Yankees coming up another. Couple weeks but. I'm looking at the last six games because to me that's going to determine who wins the division. And who asked to play that won game one umpire she when he announces with the rotations in the upcoming Audi all studies at the shifted and it's a great point because they think at a four game set I think it's the second third fourth and fifth of August if you want to get him away from sale anyway yes of the four game set now. Sale. Do you do you make sale be the fifth start coming out of the break. But given that extended rest that nice job with them we keep them away. So to come out of the break and because if they they come out with ports LO and price whoever throws Saturday's game against Detroit. Will miss the four game series in Yankee stick against the Yankees you're Fenway. Barring injury and there's a day off leading at the Yankees series that can move around. But if you stick with the five man rotation until Saturday you don't throw against the Yankees. Now our security that their I would. And you'll you'll I would not you you wondered I would know this because I could if you lauding its exit out rather drew Paul Lawrence. It's against the Yankees are rather Hector Velasquez Albright Johnson pitch against the Yankees David Price that sometimes can't run from it when Johnson back from the what you got and I mean. But he's he's got to face it. He's got to face some. Which could you could listen you delight golfer that's it beat throws in that series now which which president is dotted what that opportunities again. I'm not start Saturday against Detroit as I know what's going on here if I do I'm gonna miss the Yankees series. I can't dodge them I can't dodge him again to you know I medical appeared face and I got to pitch against these guys which were gonna do the pitcher Saturday. But I don't know all. I know it doesn't we don't want you. But another interesting point I'd even think of that. So what you've got to worry about you've got to worry about sale in September in a way price is pitching right now you've never needed. Chris it more than you need him right now down the stretch. He's got a history of this strike pitches eight dunk case that last month warms a little worn out a little bit. So do you give him time off here is probably what you get a pitcher who pitches an inning and they in the bidding all started stark. Yet because their pitches and actually it's not start you know from the solitude it looks almost like seeing the first economic team. But it if you do that if you haven't pitching in. Do you use delaying. His next start coming back specifically for that purpose to get some time now and rest at normal. It it will be it seems they've done an outstanding job so far in this is still a study test we don't know what is still look like an October meeting percent. But what they do they pushed everything back what we're seeing now from Chris that we saw April last year. Dude striking out Enron was eight straight I believe in almost earth early net early in April in early April may so they pushed it down a couple of months back. You know this April may look he'd look different the numbers are similar but he'd look different they're protecting with innings are protecting their pitches. You store bought Knight threw 94 miles an hour. Once in awhile you see 97 to get to a gym but for the most part he's living there. Now. Yeah it's two months later so red and dying in September into October or just being exhausted. You hoping that you pushed a calendar two months now he's just the strong in October. And it does he's better this year than he was last year. Amtrak and watching ecology of last year. Went sale would come out. You have gains we strike out five of the first six. Yep all or seven of the first nine and you end up with senator Levin in the last few incidents more contacted. In W almost by the vehicle all mine guys that throw a no hitter was a strikeout one. If so in the numbers sort of showed us look at that like last year you know it was innings one through 3467. Through nine. The at a buck 93 early on to eighteen in 224. OP yes we're going up this year to complete its its opposite he's getting better. So 192 the first couple innings one and three last year down 0179. Innings four through six dongle 170 batting average seven through marriage or do you think you're doing a better feeling of managing a guest he's getting. Stronger it seemed likely last year other inning last night and then there are less that was pushed and it did a good habitable but the seventh but the bullpen was a little bit worn out so that I wish I write you limited noble but the point is that early last year from last year starts. He struck out a crap load the first three. Now he's strike on a crap load the last three innings he pitches like he's getting stronger in game. So hopefully. The games that we're seeing is just a little microcosm of the season. So again. So far so good so if you along with a Irina came we have the way she looks like in October if you go into the all star break at this three and a half game lead. Would you come out and give him an extra rest coming out of diapers he's gonna have a long rest as it is. So not sold shirts that have Heath solely through last night I Wednesday night. You throw one inning on with Yeltsin in Tuesday Tuesday that meant to you'll play again until Friday and Friday so you you know if you wait until. Next the following Tuesday. It's two weeks. Off. So I would have a problem that wouldn't say our problem became you know. Maybe not Friday must pay students Saturday I remember when they percentage chart yet not an ideal ideal but. You know two weeks that you almost unbeatable we could have. Target that's that's a pretty long rest as it is still. So you think it's too much stress is that what you're saying what goes out of a Ridnour and it's not too much but rather than getting thirteen days they give you eleven panic that's not that big of deal that's a that's a long ass rest yeah. Period a man one yeah I still I I'm still 'cause they're gonna answer that this track record here in September and let's face it we're hoping this team can go. Deep into October that's the case if he already struggling in September over the last few years. What's gonna happen on October I think I'm gonna be really cautious and I'll deal with. With our our lord and you'll kill without him you know you've got no chance to do not I go but you got to remember that you know there's other guys that may be the worry about. If you run 237 innings last year's total 107 year before. He's got a hundred right now so maybe eat rot. Is that god they wanted to protect. You know yourselves just seems to me elect is never any concerns that it's just acknowledged count on him healthy you know he doesn't think median price is a guy that they want to protect. You know maybe I think they could fix some things give him a long rest the next couple bullpen so. It just depends on where they top priority lies in the health wise it concerns I think he brought to guy got to keep in mind as well. We spent time and I'm looking at those six games again on the schedule in September against the Yankees we will spend time at the end of September. Looking forward to the playoffs because we know they're going to be in the playoffs talking about price shoot he beat in the bullpen. Or your starter for the postseason write that down we will have that as a topic and it will be the last two weeks of September coterie and reveal what's up ray. They tackled and I artery not write that one might not restarted a deck out your and now. Bristol at a site that matter I'd be protect you guys in net orders well it's more of my. Yeah exactly I got to the war. And I you know but the fact everyone in this area code our dignity outside of the contract so that hit the very compact or get out. Org or so badly you opt out that you have won it here just thought it. Yeah I don't think there's something I think the sucked into that and and Tony from Bridgewater was arguing he thinks he's going to be out. I think it's because Tony wants him to be out and other fans want them to be out so and that's why a lot of fans are rooting against him. Because you sit there and I'm sick of the sacked. I wanted to and I wanted to go but I'm looking at the opposite way you also look at it team right now that has a chance to go all the way this year. But if they got to go all the way they media. They need to. I'm not sure why did yeah I think it started to play out and acted in native shot a couple. They need David Price who witnessed. They need and they just won't need a minute open up but they're gonna need it. Marine force starters they'll now I mean you need for the way the schedule is you don't. You need for starters now you've you've got some guys but. Frank McCourt started yet won't hurt them and they're back in with that back. At that I think it is yes at seventh in the eight inning guys in court and don't like three or via. We got to net you're out in Ian yet in the Yankee really ever played that all the teams I'm not competence talent yet in the short period. But to directly elect a augment the third nipple and if they don't. Don't agree with the dignity of provable there. But it intimate look at it saying well we are gonna improve our bullpen was with front Steve price front or to Paul Marines or. It would ever vote bid to add an arm that's economic in their mind might be a starter. That's all. None of that if you if if the moment gets to him. Not a big guy to him out of the bullpen last year that I did when you look at him out of the bullpen. The moment didn't become too big for Noah didn't edit always that's how is that it's a start and it's not his game and a debate this would drill all the time. He says all she you know the playoffs as a solo in the bullpen. But there is there's a huge difference. You know lever in 99 when no one got hurt has gained three genuine Colombians the start tomorrow down to nothing that for the hall of fame lineup of the Cleveland Indians at all. Your start out with a bed last night noticed my game. I woke up known it was my game I've played out what was the bad bed was fine slept like a baby. OK but still. It there's a difference between that and come that it feels it's not my game but I'll be ready to sixty if you need me. That's that he gets it the burden on yourself the anxiety the stress that you deal with. Going to bed knowing it's your game waking up no Richard you show at the ballpark do when your pregame kitten on the mound throwing that first pitch studies York damn game. And he has not shown he can handle that homer to he can handle I'm here to help. If you need. Became head of his game for 31 in San nets to 31 million best of both houses. In it that's the post season and and honestly not translated it through Tuesday. You start LA it's a legitimate point there's no question that but it's but again it goes back to what was said about price. It's all metal mounts and that there are not mechanical issues but it's still deals. With up here is that is he willing to change is he willing to Alter the thought it was interesting. The opening Yankee game at the end of the Yankee game I got a change up what they do against this lineup. You brought up the the the perfect point it's a different Yankee lineup they saw the first month of the season when he struggle against the right earlier this year we're talking about. It's in your head the moment becomes too big shot as the New Hampshire next appear on not on all enough to jump. They had enormous won't think you're typically well. I just want to include music and prize and I was useless. Because you don't like it. We've watched you we want you seeing. What you shoot sixty. You know if it's not an answer the door to a political gesture. So yeah it goes into sort of two did you hurt it in Asia especially on the ball. Well what is his. I think it was yesterday. When they make a lot of abuse report that I think I would say credible. I think it would that game I like to see. And hit it I think it is that there are also supporters. It took us more than as a. Agreed. Agree they didn't they did it because they were trying to get votes forbidden candy but I think you're right I think the game needs more personality of Major League Baseball can't figure that out. Then they got issues wanted to talk with Sam Kennedy coming up in about an hour from a little less than an hour from now we'll bring that up. Because I think it's something they have to deal. And I think their biggest problem is players don't wanna do stuff like that. Happy they didn't like I just wanna play the game that fair to say look at it liners as well put again not Groundhog Day and it shall look back but he can't do that anymore. Because the game is is is entertainment it's a show it's beyond that of a sports we've talked about it many times the NBA's done a brilliant job. Of working its way into the music and entertainment industry and have a kind of seamless. It going to be a big there was a big part of their all star game we gonna see that as a big part Major League baseball's all star game makes wait now. Now we'll see the players shall seem people warm month now who always put Mike Trout looks like oh my god that's the problem will get into that with Sam Kennedy. Certainly interest here. We go ahead. Riches here for how many years here in new England and I'm looking right now. Our buddy John from Foxboro the Boston sports info has broken down. The last four individual seasons. Of our teams and I'm looking at the patriots the Red Sox the Bruins and Celtics and I think it's going to continue. But I'm sure it's gonna go over. As well as it's gone over over the last decade we're gonna get into that coming up next that never senate hated Boston promised the fans. Because that's the perception you put on meet through you guys I've never said I hated Boston or had a problem with it that's a perception just read this. We return to more of Fort Wayne Merck moaning and Fauria do OK forget it chuck you have been out on the Internet become. Finish up college Sports Radio WEEI. I thank you know enough. Christian has the details and problems when I as you did I didn't know. And I'm. I is only negative thing. British police stupid keeps on picking up the phone you're on vacation and each sound clip of your kids and the whole keep picks up the Kindle. DiMarco I called the day it's up it would Saturday it's obvious elements. And Communist Cuba and Greg what he's texting me now you just days text. He's actually texted me and like Korea missile breakdowns fights don't show remote camp. It's either through writes for the big lead he also works ever and NBC sports Wii U yet it is definitely a local guy. Right see a whole piece on the big lead wide Boston will be the epi center. A sports success in America for the next few years but Gary hasn't Boston sports team showed no signs of stopping if you listen to Boston Sports Radio. You'd know that when woods' biggest sports fans had no idea how badly that your team got four professional sports teams who could win a championship in 2018. 2090. Turf so when my colleague Ryan go last Spiegel who. Anybody have any idea over the glass legal guys are okay. Wrote that he thought Wisconsin. Would be the epicenter of sport maybe it's older. Glass Spiegel is that like is this and there are neighbors don't break their Wisconsin beat at the box. Get the Packers get the brewers right no hockey they're gonna mightily in and they mightily in my newly hired him 199 those those are things that doesn't. Yeah I'm not a budget he must be Glass-Steagall must be from Wisconsin gets rights of excellence on the popular exactly. And so much set I politely disagreed. Boston is where it sat. Wisconsin is one thing New England doesn't and successful college football team we've heard about that up by Wisconsin that's the team that runs right if it is running back at Rutgers is not here secured. Otherwise Boston is a dominant in College Hockey and it's. Boston will be this morning epi center not Wisconsin or Los Angeles apparently the big lead editor Jason McEntire. There's arguing that LA is going to be it breaks down each individual team and why. And our buddy John from Foxboro what is always tweeting out with great statistics Boston sports info by the way. Boston sports teams in the last four individual seasons. Your New England Patriots thirteen and three that is an 813 winning percentage. Boston Red Sox 64 and 29 that would be this season 688. We need 65 and a 6529. Addresses those all important game Paula I just put 66 and their protection on camera to an idea of the and it that it's 692 winning percentage of all of them count to which we normally don't pins but the 692. If you fall here at Skype 66 in there or you're concerned but the one pitcher that can actually pick for the jays are physically legends they act as your question and doing this to -- we if you noticed it's right next to the 688. An asterisk. Don't acquire. I'm proud. Why is there to ask for instance that's interstate wiser master why it's to indicate that oh it's not that's right. It's true through 93 games so I would be teacher may be there are ridiculous now. They might. Did I might I screwed just Oregon editor of Boston Bruins 5020 and 12683. And the Boston Celtics 5527671. By the way that as the masters Mexico with the Celtics minister and the way it's formatted it wrong. Oh that's right the Astros on it for the next line that you formative. And so you look at this he's almighty god if I'm living in another city. Albeit one of the cities that have trash teams like you know Cleveland or really is remark on those record a look at it and want. This is. This is the this is what 8379. At twelve with 69091. Whatever is winning percent and here's why I am not gonna get all giddy about all of this right now. Because this is not what excites us. 680 in at 692 winning percentage 6083 winning percent. 813 winning percentage more genes in first place more gains in first place or gains in first place. What gets us excited you are New England. Is winning championships OK we cheat every once in awhile to get those championship but it's winning championships that's what it's about. Look at these four teams right now. And I'm not sure even though like to think that he's right mcginnis right big going to be good here in the near future. The championships come from the patriots are becomes a little bit more difficult okay they get to the AFC champion at a window it may be they went. Maybe they went out the window might not be. What's the winter two years. And they have a new court you thirty told me your birdie predicted while falling markets were in thirteen of which would would bring Garten. So that's only a couple of years on that one inning at bat. If they go up against the Philadelphia Eagles. In the Super Bowl again as anybody picking the patriots at Olympic moguls the cliff. Exactly bruins' fifty image you like what they're going that direction and I do but I also look at what Tampa Bay still going on and on what you rocked instilling right now. And I should I have trouble in here in their own conference or motivation yup that's going to be difficult for them to do it but I look at the Celtics and I say okay. I can look at the cell preaching to the NBA finals for the next 345 years but can they beat the Golden State Warriors I. OK so. I can't look it necessarily championship there so what look at championships patriots. Red Sox but look at the Red Sox are still have to go to Houston I still have to go to the Yankees now somebody from the nationally who knows maybe the cubs are finding good at figuring out. Com. Sure that we look at Greek teams with great records but he knew winless. We're already figured out what great teams are you you had the hardware. You're a hard way he could have although the wind you want the Red Sox are prime example why are people jumping all over the Red Sox did here and grabbing and hugging them because we've seen this before you went a lot of games in the regular season but then there's no hardware and opposed. He's here that's where I'm Matt with that patriot team talk about the discussion. You don't let's and it going to be if you know completely irrelevant the ownership and build being here. Oh will they be the Red Sox. When a crappy division attendance Ecstasy and they can't beat that next super team you know as almost any team that's fourteen to thirteen three. When now you also signal is that two of the quarterback can't win is shall we can win the post season so you start you know it's again all these records are great rookie said the Celtics right now look at. And it's five if you say five years from now. I don't think carrier aren't going anywhere I don't mean I would say the Celtics. Except except salt and say my control and extra full yeah. Personally don't know of any control all five so. Cousins fills in this year at five million dollars in cash and then he goes he gets his money and another superstar who's who wants to resurrect his career decides they're gonna go for that. Mid level exception with Golden State and the year after being here. They get another one of those all star who decides he wants to go there. A safe bet that Golden State just doesn't add that one. Player that all star player every year that keeps this thing rolling for 56 or seven years slow there's there's no guarantees of championships. And the problem is what got to the last twenty years. It's open about championships open about hardware we have you know parades we have. We have that charity events were everybody shows up with all the hardware and a all of the championship trophies. So I think in this town. Since we've already got a taste of championships. I think this is the fellowship of the miserable all over again with phenomenal I don't think percentages budget and sit near him. What do ignoring the team's worked pissed off because big deal you're you're winning 80% of your games and let's say you look at Celtic. That's also because we still around and I got them with the right out of them was to meet you usually lets say any negative. But you don't go to NBA finals back to back years and lose to gold state. And it's okay gates what do you do something right. We know something that gets done enough but it just tell you get ready to that's come this do something. The victim because this is great great when he saw some good NBA finals but that that's almost this mentality that's what we're getting better answering a held of their winning 93 there winning the division and they can't win in the post isn't right that's why it's crucial death on his way to do something do something. Now the there. Now that you built it. Now the next step has topped one that don't have this chunk of our sign him to a bright country that's worried Austin about this hoping that the Red Sox have been a lot of phone doesn't care. Of people saying sorry to sensitive fall. And I think they'd have figured out why why because I've played here from 9803. Saw what I've played here out the out come on now going to the playoffs in 98 felt that he can't women can be kidney and every year what Mikey we went. And 99 or. It may. Or east. Career that 99 check ALCS right. It doesn't matter can't win. 030 to an audience because heartbreak in a local algebra and apples it'd be I know that. Winning in the regular season is an accomplishment note feels that people sit there is that it doesn't matter. Now let's not be the first to tell you that approved the community as this don't trust and that I did the play amazing baseball players are little bit different now. So they have won the first round they need to be more competitive again but the bruins' first round opponent you know. They'd alternate first report was Tampa and they lost in five games. And they don't win. The four best teams in American League plea to him. Any other league's first rounds are choke. They get so much in hockey but you don't mean so I. It is an eight cannot go for one but did when I was able to Celtics won it won a playoff real ability in Eastern Conference finals last two years and raw so that counts. But winning a playoff round in the NBA is a lot easier. Than winning a playoff round initially based. When you get Cleveland and Houston and New York. The big oh in the first round this year division the best record between the Yankees in the first round five and lose in five. I think people as it will lose their competitive don't. No that's where I think Henry McFadden could beat a team of wonderful wins at the Yankees had joked his team but notes that the stinky and if so it's a lot harder. The better teams in Major League Baseball playoffs and Iran and other ones to. I don't know it's. But if there's no avail of the it's a great point if we we could be going back and we could be going back to everything is here's what gets there already and so it McKenna you know he brings up a point to Boston is going to be the epi center of of sports success in America for the next few years. He might be right writing on the big lead for national audience but I'm gonna tell you right now. I'm not sure whether people locally here in Boston got to look at this as a sports success. And we just gave you the numbers the individual seasons last for individual seasons and the numbers are off the charts. Worth championships. And that's what it comes down to everybody you're spoiled people are gonna be miserable and brings up an interesting point escorted fetal like. Three. All four for the rights acts we get into that are not gonna like it. It's the fellowship of the miserable all over again even though the rest of the war we look at it since it would be paying me look at the academic teams are winning. I'm winning championships and I think these four teams that we just talked about. They're gonna have trouble when he championship and over the revolution if anybody in the any idea they can win anything I had no idea that was their record at the negative that we know that plane of the indices and honestly the national. That is awesome team around him play opposite the World Cup today of course they are there other column I'll. Three nil. Didn't we should we should do something politically correctly say that we're really happy for the Croatian team of the Croatian side you armed croatians in August off and on armed with a plan France. It's frightening. I'd 6177797937. Even disrupt. Over the next 34 years 34 years. For teams went all of these games but they don't bring home. The hardware is I think it is it's easy to look at these four teams Louis say they're going to be really good for the next four years. Short. Should all be very articulate but which one it was gonna actually win the championship. That's an easy note never in a but it never has now. Never has been. Dana on unsettle the patriots. Are you feeling different about them no I feel dead. They are again and we see offseason build a different past but I still think you go Brady playing at a high level you still of the favorites of all those teams to a championship yeah. I wanted to get to it would get to your phone calls it 6177797. Under through seven will give away her Red Sox to discriminate in the next hours one experienced. Lleyton 24/7. Follow him on Twitter right now. You or way. Back to more or wait we're looking at forty. What Sports Radio WEEI. Our second and knowing that 61777979. B 37 others are phoned them there as we said. The reduction Kennedy at 1230 a bunch of stuff to get to with him do. All the marketing and all of this other stuff do you enjoy the last couple nights less free nights where they are making a big huge deal about. You know vote Danny it's legit Benny and the jets was played for those of us or any other team. At a similar voting system you know they be doing this thing that they were all donut but you know what's sad about this is a sport how how was it that Seattle. Got their guy in Zimbabwe. Did you tease you see who. It was a big. It was a big blow hard out there marketing missiles on salt likes all your voice at some of my boy I never met. No idea I've never sent a logo never met him before Villanova is so I was kind of it was then he's got and my coach now it's silicon Kansas City thing I mean. Four people in Seattle accused Syria and in Milwaukee right an alarm was she deserved to win. Who else going on their lives there. Right when I heard a sound I heard Wisconsin is going to be the epi center of the room honestly congratulations return man I would I don't know it's the slowest on the regulation. There's really stepped up. So it intimidate big huge deal about it but. It's almost like I I get it I understand it Major League Baseball. Has got to find a way of marketing their game and getting people to know about the personalities in the individual's right when. But then it kind of triple over there own feet and trying to go. Now it almost sounds over the child's early stuff. Was was really count stupid man to give you those stand Tony runs. It's just think it. It. You can't do a better job of marketing and you've got to admit it Lou the NBA's really good at being able to market the scrap. I mean that enabled listed to do to market although the NBA games hole leader. We are NBA they don't market the market baseball players. Now it's it's it is harder to market we've talked about before it comes to the superstar playing before at bats and stand in center field. As opposed to come see that you know so assault come Brady go to New England are on the road in the U. You had him on the field after game no LeBron James on the court called game in the NBA. When you go to watch your stars there on the court the whole game. They're playing offense that played defense. In baseball Tomas my top four at bats and he does. It's just it's it's. The different styles of different sport it is it is today but it it's survived for her twelve years. With a game was played the same way now granted it was it was a shorter game. But it's pretty much the same game has an effect I. Don't have any problem with the new wrinkles I said this yesterday I don't have any problems. With a Saber metrics stuff I think it brings in a whole other audience and did you turn to best. It brings in the nerds but the kids that never could play any of the sports but they knew the numbers inside and out and brings them into sports right now sort Tikrit that all of us of his gut. I don't have a problem with the shift. It's all good it works for me not because I think. You're finding a way strategizing and saying OK if a guy hits the ball in that area. Literally sixty times. Out of that 200 some odd hits. Position somebody right there on the take away those that's all of that makes sense. So big deal a problem I have is I don't know who these people are gonna have this all star game next week. And I would guess is that he is pianist O'Neal started. It must be donor right yeah probably so short and you wouldn't you guess that next week they going to cry to show was a personality. Yet you'll of the go to Durbin rated guys in this and I'd be even a home or interviewed at the top players don't wanna do it right now. Yeah they ID do a better job on the news deducted you know unless they look into it was Taylor sowell thirty I'd just let him sons distract a list of which are. Powered that this thing does any city rally around its stars. Like Los Angeles. He's in Los Angeles right. Those losses this rally round it's dollars. Yeah I. I don't understand it as any other city yes a most of them. I don't look at Los angeles' one of the great sports cities professional sports cities in America. And I'm not even George great in college even though they have two prominent universities there right. And then manager it's there. Did you ever thought of those mean you know what it's worth about LA that rally around their stars that Hollywood. Was just at Atlanta Florida is that we ended up having. I would say if anything Lou it's just what's going on LA's movie stars that we don't rally around it start to his fate in. I don't see it's almost the opposite is and I think it is the opposite what point yeah it and it's a stupid argument that most of the athletic stars in LA. Pale in comparison with the actual Hollywood movie stars so village VE CU and he starts right. Celebrities that's what they are in involvement. In Boston if you were gay and athletics are a professional athlete. You usually. A top star right at and need celebrity right. We go to Wisconsin into Houston. It there rather honest it's only got. Hawks right there rally around again this small you're doing us a similar. To small little area McKay and Kenny go get a free meal or urgency but I. I would we'll would you vote LA as far as rallying around its star would you put LA I'm in cities and countries ending be close the doubles I think this is just part of a. Albert doing the the LA based type show because the net the other thing they're talking about right now I. Deserves for a moment well is he's now talking about his Magic Johnson the next great recruiter. I just a piece with the agent running agents from LeBron is basically laying it out as to why LeBron went to Los Angeles. He went to Miami is he needed to win championships because he couldn't win quick. He went back to Cleveland. Because it was his hometown he felt he owed them something any thought that he could put together a team that actually could bring Cleveland something that they've never ever experienced before. And that is a championship right. And now is going to LA. What because his family wants to be there too because it's where he wants to be there because it's where his business interest all this noticed. How many nick times you see his name pop up as an executive producer now on one of these television productions and watching any of this. That's you can't do that. In Cleveland. He's doing out there so it's almost like so why should I praised Magic Johnson. For what is he putting around LeBron so far look at that. Loss and usually play this. Do you plan OK gridlock grind it out here apply all the Magic Johnson you know Lyndon Johnson but this is going to be and I'm with the I'm surprised not another move to add the peace. With him but. It's been good you play with all these junkets and have to play the free us W us to keep all which ones do you like he accuses hope Randy that this Oprah because the same page global Keaton. Militant durable. I hate to say it I am not trying to take credit away from Magic Johnson he might be terrific in that job. Dumb like three years down the line we'll go to school to loan and new CD but at this thing heat had to do witness offseason. We get LeBron were worthy the equivalent of tread on me some credit here right with a given until March. The the did you bring Paul George. It magic bring Paul George and that was the plan plan was going to be Paul George and LeBron James what happened there. Amber about it so now I have to look at Magic Johnson as the great NBA recruit. The great work that day just a little bit what he LeBron to LA. It was on wanted to go. Magic wasn't they. Think LeBron still would be an ally idea. And I read that whole ESP and story they put all together in the morning. It's Hollywood they're just making up a scripture. Yeah on a is it all there at the try to sell it for another cup would soon will put humans in general toward. You talk about you all the viruses wrest the producers crucial work gets its adventures work and ruler and win next year. Zain what grade would mission that's for sure I mean you look at that team and saying first of all teams when LeBron comes to attack and he goes out on the road. Golden State is on its appearance and we got to beat his ass that week where did not for this team tonight the gulf states laugh and is this an executable goats and always LeBron James you keep nine where he goes he's the only guy that's gonna keep us from winning. Goal in the finals and win the next 234 years who knows what the Eagles telling you look at ago perfect. You win there. It will be is there. You know I mean that you view what's so we Houston and I we go that's all boys are you ready for next year we got to battle laureate goes to LA elect and whenever. I think Houston takes a a step backward next year. I RTC's them with some problems. They lose Trevor Rees I think that's an issue they still haven't signed a cappella get that may be an issue for them. Seldom does some does some issues within the Chris Paul thing. How that's plain and is he happy in that situation I we get back to your phone calls we added that the Dustin Pedroia here in a couple of minutes you've probably heard he's going back to Arizona. Does it mean the end for Dustin Pedroia as we said same Kennedy will join us at 1230 we'll give away terrorists such tickets as well.