OMF - Chris Sale vs. the AL East; Who do you want the Sox to play in the postseason, 9-21-17

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Thursday, September 21st

Glenn, Lou and Christian discuss Chris Sale's dominance over the AL East vs. his struggles against familiar foes in the AL Central. Also, they get into which team the Sox should want to play in the playoffs. 


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Are you ready. Beach Fort Wayne ceremony and 48. That we don't want you to like talking about. Officials right now. It's limited on what I say is at play here you can talk to be. With wind blew in Christians flocked back hammering out there who's got a hammer. Whereas it is no word on where the. Hammer don't lie is that I'm yet gore and got to force somebody go what parents thought I am over all right the long haul. Phil Griffin I don't care who the you have to colts dropped the hammer now. On Sports Radio WEEI. Well let's hear the whole ran a little bit later Lawrence O'Donnell on an SN BC news crew just. Snitch stuff. And they basically didn't seem bears himself off the air in between. Why stuff on here and they said OK you won over assessment on where she will get to that and it's really good stuff and Kazaa for more time like that he meant yourself. Tom Ward is gonna Jonas is that just that coming up at 1230 here it ever bring up what they democracy of we we talked about. And going for 300 Ferrell bringing them out in the eighth inning to me. The more important appointed that game last night with Chris it was not about 300 because guess what he's been great all year long. To me it was that he shocked the Orioles last night pretty good hitting lineup. And he had them on edged the whole night. This is a guy over the last month that would have been a little bit concerned with the guys got a history of fading when you get to September may be wearing out a little bit because. He's tall good visual about a 18090 pounds soaking wet right. This was a good development last night. Yeah I am I on us I don't really think it's much of feeding. Known it's not like his his velocity is gone down. You know it's not a means missile location here in any getting hit in bed I think is more to do with being familiar with them are getting more familiar with the guy. You know because there is a lot of deception when you first face him the stuff is electric but there's a lot of deception and now the more you face them. The less deceiving it is I mean he owned the Yankees all year those fifth start against them he's done pretty well against Tampa until six are against them and after awhile he'd just. You start to seemingly feel a little bit more comfortable there may be needed if it you know out of the gate do you feel comfortable comfortable with him against the Indians in the polls he's. Certainly our policies of the make adjustments that's always good to adjust the league goes those that go to the Orioles that's a third time he's faced them all year long. The third time you know Tampa Bay was six. You know New York was five. The third time he dealt. In nearly got crushed against Tampa last time they stood at 266 ERA dealt the first five. I I just figure you've seen him a lot more immediate pick up some tendencies and everybody's got to adjust he said look I think he's you know you don't realize it but. No 11 counties to 075% slated to some of these openings and a scouting reports popped up. So you start you used we face a guy like Jimmy take shots. You know you look at tendencies so I was pitching the past I think being and that's one reason why you talk about September I don't think its velocity is glossy look down. But in September what you do you feasting your division and that's when you faced them for the fifth time in the year. This time of the year ending that is more to do with really velocity loss here and he's not there and navy be facing one of those teams. That seems to know him quite well because he was in their division struggles and at the very blue iris such that about a career I was taught that about Mariano Rivera the Mariano Rivera lost that great pitching had when he dispassionate answer it's our coaches familiar when he was gonna throw it right. And what he's doing there at such that success is the southern Seoul market. They saw him so much that everybody started to develop some kind of plan now wasn't gonna work as you can select cute. But they were like when he makes a mistake we know what it looks like now all we know what we're looking for doesn't always make wondered if he does we got up so. He's being more familiar with the guy and that's why some of the numbers in the central aren't as good. Because you know that's just the way it goes to receive more more. So you want the Astros in the U in the first I do you want the Astros in the first round you don't want Cleveland Cleveland now has a one and a half game. Lead over over Houston. For the number one seed in the marketplace and so that's what you or two cars first good is Verlander has been lately. You know I still I still think it's you know. You go to Cleveland today and it's cooler personnel. And it's so let me go and Houston is an advantage Verlander. I don't know. Don't think you know isn't really. No I've ethic instilled like Christo against that line is about as good line pissed about it weighs one of those teams though. That you look form at times you think the world beaters and other times you more recently undergone a nice little run here. But more recently they were struggling they're they're up and down up and down. And I guess when you have a what is the seventeen game lead in the division. You can easily go up and down sometimes you can lose focus increased general and take it early on the pitchers that rotation was all beat up early on. And that's really why they had to go want to get ruined because they they have problems but I'd much rather face than likely there's any and they haven't seen him this year. Organic go back to being comfortable against the guy yet he hasn't pitched against Houston into August and twice last year. 20 with a 21 ERA. I'd like not really seemed for sale that much that after the first few first time do your recent win the health of all come from. Jesus you know elected bodies twisted a three quarter and it that so yeah you just like what that you know wears a comic from. You know they haven't seen him all year long Cleveland's seen them clean Cleveland inside eliminate those deceptive though. And what does that what does that. What does that adapts and look like for Hamlet you say he's got to change things of how much can you do it. Sales and try to mix things up trying keep keep them off off his pitches what does that look like how how much can you really tinker with it. To really be effective with it right this point time large permits who you are. Yeah but it's it needs is its digital and that's that's so that's and we L yes and Leo make and has gone on has to do it. I make an adjustment you know immunity. They you know they get slider out over the plate in the elevate that fastball but a way to right he's more. The it and guess and fast slider over the dish that's why people chase that fastball away. Because out of hand that's the slide he won yet while that turns out halfway to dish when he decided that's the slide he wanted to fastball and it by you. You know me Barry some more sliders and counts again the chase more. And it just look at for certain things Communist. I don't know this or Scott reports out there these very little more consistent with or destructive tendencies and so. Up on as are you surprised there's no no big giant celebration. No celebration elements of real campaign me on a plane journey went of those throw god I was kind of happy that they did they didn't know that that wasn't the clinching game by beating your Orioles. Last night. Because I know they probably would have had some type celebration and you sit and go on and become wild card. That's exactly. What it will be available on if if worship you're saying this that's what we're going to get out of this a wild card that's nothing. So I can understand you feeling good about yourself because at least you know you're in the postseason come. You don't bring about the the goal balls here. When we're we're we're looking at you gotta win now did you know it just visual I don't quite I thought he added division it's a joke and at that I think that's it that's a definite accomplished not especially yankees lose it funk and is always lose it if I'm Minnesota I'm celebrating. Right because usually go out and expect everything. You're in a post season as a wild card for Minnesota that that's that's it yeah. But they're gonna playoffs I understand are going overboard. Right and I don't need I don't goal or board but you should celebrate making a post season. In my mind you know either menial to sit there as it were to play out for whatever just sort of jump on the boss jump on a plane to what would you have done should he should you know celebrate a little ballistic knowledge that your in the post season is what we want to be now goals little boy we want to win a division. So who's focused and it was a benching guys to you made the postseason OK let me answer that he should be happy about it aren't what. Would you have done last that if that were clinching game let's say the Indians in the angels played earlier in the in the day. And the game was already determined that if you win a game last night you wore in would you put the plastic cup. I'm in the clubhouse. That's nice it's not old uncle board. And senior on that plane last night you know you find at the angels lost. And you let wherein you look I don't really relax a little so yeah this is an arts because the worst case scenario is that they didn't make all. Right that's so it does and it was possible but now I think you actually kind of just breathe a little bit not just focus on winning the division. Be done them and then yankees don't know just yet all of these celebrations a little bizarre and it would mean if you remember we're a little bit critical last year when they did it because thousand dollars and they lost he has and they are there they winded at least one they just didn't feel right now. Russert is weird. I just think that that this this while accord the way the system works right now. It's a one game play and it's not that big a deal. Unless you retain that what didn't expect to be there the twins did not expect to beat him nobody expected the twins to be there at the beginning of the season. I think most people expect that the Red Sox to be in a postseason berth into winter and you got. You've got to fourteen to three teams right now fighting for that last walk carts will forget that you celebrate. It's a grind and as it does when they are right now it's a last month were game buying you the angels game my twins. If you passed and then you should you should get excited to meet the post season but that I don't view the playing games the post season. That's just the that's a huge somebody tied in my mind that the while complained units except you guys tucked whoever wins this has the right to go to the post season that's what I view but they don't debuted as the post season so it's the way they played up. It's funny few weeks ago who were sitting around talking about the Indians and you can't give the Indians home field advantage. Obviously the units of runway here with a 22 game win streak and without you Andrew Miller which is even more amazing and now they've got a gigantic lead and they're gonna get them home field advantage on him over Houston. Yet over Houston right. But you talk about the Red Sox about the Red Sox facing Cleveland if you got to face Cleveland. Com what she wanted usual wanna get a home field advantage the Cleveland is on the road this year. Don't think the 27 and sort the results lasted for breakfast for our individual who's seven. So what does it mean does that mean anything now from Fred and his pitching. Being in the I did the most amazing part of of the 22 game stretch is they did with them now. Yeah but I'm saying home field mean something. If you have a veteran club. I don't think it affects you was watch. Last year both those rosters to me were young and Ortiz was there Pedroia and handling it but there was still young you know when he came post season experience. That's what matters is game one on your crowd is into it you know your hit and two outs in the first. People have disagreements here and strike three Iran's goal in knots in your plate the people go crazy so that young team and feel the select geez these guys out for me this is crazy. You know when you start tensing up a little bit like the Sox last year in opened up in Cleveland Andy Young roster you know flourished in it. In the by the time they got back to your ballpark you're down two nothing. You know sin you've already lost you already trying to dig yourself out of a hole. You have veteran group may be home field doesn't matter as much in the post season but it gave young rosters it's great experience wise and it's very important art. Tom Warner chairman of the Boston Red Sox this year the boy be he joins us in the studio next.