OMF - Christian Fauria reads an updated version of Gerry Callahan's Thanksgiving football column, 11-22-2017

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Wednesday, November 22nd
Christian Fauria thinks that Gerry Callahan's annual Boston Herald high school football column is a little out-dated. So he penned a truly original & modern version of the Thanksgiving classic.  

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Smart sports' top current multi lingual singer for the force of nature in a feel for her that she wants the foundation Bono here's another one. Highs this kind of puzzles ice and I. Yeah let's return with more affordably and reloading and Fauria on Sports Radio talk and we are sure throne and get your ass is ready to play. Well through what they're very. Now. I'm inspired. Why should people wanna react to this in the Christian is gonna give you the the latest version of its role I think people really like them the readings. Kelly has faced so it's got a lot of people commenting we get the full lines right now here's Don embark on a dime which thank. I thought it was a great article that Gerry wrote we want to live there. I don't agree but I thought but I called. Because I've thought that the weight your read it which they had candidates are cast. Her. There was no sore way to get it on race you didn't guys tonight erupt. As these guys you bled I had a napkin back here I couldn't find it clinics I found that you know this app. Only way they do this article about you because right you played yeah. This all but you never played after that never this is all I told you it's my it's my life. I actually did it but I didn't know I was going to walk on ice warriors are. McDonnell and say you're one of the lucky ones okay so vote again. So why I could feel terrible about it. The way you read. What is clearly sarcastic. And it doesn't need your doctor. Iron I apologize if I offended you or anybody else ball but I did not understand how to read it that way I read it because and I if you notice I stopped halfway through I would've kept on going. Because I'm a blogger mom agreed to hold him free to thank. But I was I was. A motion mode and I don't dawn. You can nom I'll about the read mine mine's more relevant monitored zone. Mine is more up to date how it's honest it's currently it's from my heart student. Little bit appalled they got hey Don thank you for the phone call I appreciate the constructive criticism. And have have a wonderful function of cat. And always remember you got to play after Thanksgiving. Stiffs like me did that I. But he got us the opportunity to play let's start the music because I wanna do the same way that we did it. You know with with jurors please this is the contemporary version a jury cal hands peace seniors make fun night and hiring. That multnomah. And I want them. Artists that work more irate. Your alarm goes off a little earlier than you wanted to. You hit the snooze button a few times before your over enthusiastic bother finally charges in and yelled. For the love of god did out of that for you back. Try as best to explain why this is such a report today. Like the dad from varsity blues he's just tried to stretch out his own glory days and protect them onto you. The tell you that this witnesses one of the most important days of your life. That you remember this moment ever. Brain sold fried from BP in place Star Wars battlefront to for the past three months but you don't even listen anymore. You copy your mom's suvs and you jet off to the stadium there's there's a different type of tension in here though. But that's just because or six teacher was arrested last night for being in the left guard all semester and it only a matter of time for the nude photos he distribute this to distribute. Distributed to the other problem the climate are leaked out to us to the local media. But none of that matters. And this. Music is flat out. Trying to get heights. You're trying to do your best to get hyped for the big game but it's hard to run through a brick wall with Billy Joel's piano man blaring over the speakers lately. It's the only song the team is allowed to play anymore after ten days mom said black bedie used to racial welcome to the jungle promotes drug use and health bells. Is Christian youth. The coach Anders a locker room it's his big moment. But Vince Lombardi pregame speech he's worked all night channeling his inner new rotten. And you'd be pretty fired up right about now if you actually listened in a word he reckons that. You would think about the junior the cheerleader from last night who promised to give you a handy support tonight after the game. It's game time. The crosstown rival takes the opening kick up to the house and the rout is on your really your ass off you been told this builds character UK he did. You can get in on a special teams play. Your father. Has so what's being Elise and is confident that he's he stormy up and down the sideline screaming get the replica absolute maniac. The game will drag along at a snail's pace it's rainy and Europe richt and breezy and it's getting colder and colder. After not playing a single snap all year the coach to win the game. Tailback report it short chance. Percent of snaps the ball you plant your foot in the ground and don't guard and tackle open a hole so big truck to drive through. Just the quarterback had the ball the middle linebacker all of the Atlanta scrimmage. Boat. You lift your head up and you're disappointed coach with his head in his hand beyond that your father beat escorted off the field yeah. You walk off the field you will remember god damn thing. That's how concussions work. Just want to get back to the locker room and change intact but who knew you just hope your vineyard bond insurer all state from being in the smelly locker room all morning. The shirt smells but that won't even matter. You have a text from tuna she broken up a few winners coming. She's turned her attention to the hockey team. College will be. And they ago. I can exclusive. That's that's a child I think pictured at war with humans and it was a balance I and it's more emotional. It was. The guys is that not emotional. That was our that was that was some and that's what the kids today go through against yeah we have inherited a kitchen and living with my. I behaved in a battle front tooth and convicted. But it's real forgets that that's that's an unbelievable what suited to my children dead and what you feel good about I didn't realize I feel. Don't feel it's very emotional right now are 6177797. None threesome as could. Campaign that was inspirational for almost to death pool goes on the other borrow through wall now really took place there last game their final moment. We don't look at you know on exactly all have one. Only you left us vulnerable for somebody that challenged us I think he's a little nervous publicly.