OMF - Christian had the best line in the Aaron Hernandez documentary; more intrigue in Foxboro, 3-19-18

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Monday, March 19th

HOUR 1 - Like Kirk & Gerry, Christian feels duped by his involvement in Oxygen's Aaron Hernandez documentary.  He feels great about his performance, however, despite some ridiculously "creative" editing.  Tom E. Curran says all of the Patriots dysfunction is only coming from two players: Brady & Gronkowski.  Glenn thinks Brady looked foolish in his weekend NPR appearance.


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Fort Wayne and moaning and forty I think this is very much Tom Brady came back in 2070. Instead you know what we've wants five syllables and start doing some more things on the way I want to Tom wants to feel differently be treated differently. He feels that if 41 he's our at a different level of treatment that you probably start speculate that just. Just come out to work here appreciate and have fun. With a glint Lou and Christian more you get away with the war OK you get we've tried doing. So much pull. Brought into the equation you don't know what's review had a bit of a special greeting injured new nose and you just felt like they had a loving relationship to disappointment. If the defense was aware. Daryn CCE conditions that would clearly won the truck she TE was the reason why air Hernandez decided to murder people. Then flip the switch and his brain and he decided he was. How much you know try to start it looks like he's a big boss man it's like making the great. Sports Radio WEEI. Busy Monday. Obama go against much against you know patriots very active Tom Brady knows. Gone on the game show circuit we we get to all of that and was semi. So much I mean I think I think one Llewellyn is going to be happy that the average Al was up. Slightly above or below art. It's. Well we know a lot to get through I just I just want to congratulate you becomes OK I mean it's great it's it's it's unbelievable and I will say this. You looked so much better on the big screen. Then Manning and admit if I did you know omitting him was you probably thought he was heard in his drug dealer to rarely looked a bit of bad. What was gonna occur that day and again we have I realized that when he grows a beard. It's like it's gray underneath his neck. It is thought that it's a good night is that a is that regular brown beard than it did the neck hair is all right. You know what I wanna look at all or use use constantly looking for. Ford and Jerry everytime he would face of the you don't like he looked Jaret Wright who might surprise you and I mean it's very lucky and ahead. Right Gerri I try to guide. Internet. Now we'll see you over there that you live you know a little blue line who had the most air time they didn't I Daniels. It was all that yeah you Michelle McPhee whose kids and dogs. Like an afterthought played well let me you'll have you calculated. Yet they edge you out mild but that you would stop myself. Right you're by yourself exceeded both of these guys that it had 46 and 56 yeah you had a final tally of hundred. I don't like Gilbert I made the old I don't I had it all again I also ahead the great he's coal. Known to me like I had the the best quote of the entire show the more you get away with the war OK you did with tried it. Crowds. He's admitted he'd become the U every Lewis for Swine Flu in about. Isn't really went the more you get away with the war okayed you tried it. What would Jesus do. And until now in a way you are making you seven's are easier to use those maybe you can outweigh the positive side to hosts a hole. That's why I'm telling us that it you know what off yeah. Sinks where. You have to do anything to Hewlett grieving Evian and that fills out was equal and that. He said they haven't said go ahead and re little they get away with McGinley. Yeah he went. Happy. Good break it down over the quick walk away from a real quick but. And the more you get away with the war okayed you did which. Tried it was. Almost all you want memory unit was shown on notice that you know guys who live yes that's more OK okay I'm already ruined house is all anybody can make our house look like almost. But the only thing that makes a home. I hope I hope of them can see. And I thought Latin right now probably heard that that you know what. And he. At that rate. With the problems that lie at some point you hear about it fat idiot about and he will not credit Morry with a beautiful powerful when I want to forward infinitely. They don't and that's exactly what. So beautiful house I'm kickback. On the football field. If you missed this as soon as they get to part documentary this week in two hours we got Saturdays are so up two hours to walk free music or they everybody sets outlet mother. Rarely does Jose Baez was the lead attorney in the second trial that for Aaron Hernandez. He was also the producer. Fords this documentary. And it was all about making Jose Baez look good offshore. And was denied to agents and Aaron Hernandez he dealt entities like them to start out the way they are they kind of portrayed somewhat similar in that you sort of forgotten initiative in the interview that load and lingle what's the point 00 look at his family more that is mother definitely try and learning even attempt but those people were. You know so I was wondering if it was all going to be. Feeling bad for Eric. But the entire time. Now it would there was that would defeat the purpose of making error and is it good make its Jenkins look good because she didn't do anything wrong either right and that whole bag that she brought out where I was in the bag. With a bottle it's out of the box and remember. The article an end to end the beauty of editing. The beauty of I told the story. It's only times about like my my mentor and skills rate and it they have let me down all supposed to talk to rate breakthrough. Didn't happen but I haven't read that to restoring to a storied program Colorado and on and and then and then in this documentary. But it just called document. You know they had yet found its coastal and I'll give publicity to the way they portrait ever one day I went and him and was totally exposed to coaches. Said I want you want out this little little little the socially our coaches who I was not working I had not worked out at the New England Patriots facilities losers I laughed at some of these to the work coaches yes in their best to think again until they add that they threw that all I think coaches but he adds there's two things one. That's not that it's week. I did not go into the newly patrons facilities and work out ever coached and out there and that's coaches or is is built thousands great no. None of the coaches and straight coaches and a via Pacific go to solid no I didn't of these I think straight coach. That is that is an outside facility that was training camp when I saw he was doing and new balance photo shoot at this GM. Why didn't I go to all the time not about a mile or go to not until right. Not one coach ever approached me that works of the patrons and asked me to talk to it was this great coach. At that training facility that he'd try that it's raining on associate with the patriot not associated not associate nothing to do with it and it's so they shot the footage of his new balance photo shoot in the back you can tell. It's not that the patriots facility so the coach's part is this evening and it makes it look like. The coaches are reaching out so they delegates are at some point isn't it do you said the work coaches yes and they just took that hasn't exploded and Whitney is always on his condition that they edited. You don't know you can I don't know I said coaches but they'd be saved in the context that we just her play again ever one day I went and him and was like this potion. But the coaches. It's against the zoo celebrates lets the great athlete is and so. So they're like 01 when and when and where. Lot of Indians and the patriots but it's definitely a player talks and that. It would also. I do for them. I don't I've never been in there. Evident in the training room never been in the weight from never been in the locker room and never. So that it seemed like you know when I went and I'm just I got my little past my aunt and it is Roland ever want to and the coaches that makes it seem like the coaches. Reached out to why can you do something about it while at her. I did notice that you can hear crystal clear. I don't air behind it nozzle that yes that one day I went and and was doing my exposure to the coaches that's an edit that's a change of its own it is setting low. So she's eighty I hope you expect that he's turning it did as Austin into firmer helped them eight Axl. Kirk and guys. The same way it was morning again it was born in on that we're getting paid and they're gonna paint this picture. And nothing to do that about anybody else in mid air and and it's just a victim and everything's ninety with the victim and everything and everybody associated with the part where the cops who were in the investigation. When they talk about this case and called her right k's we'll be well all the bull case is he was the one need to be. Who needs of people seized on was murdered that. The bottom of the hour let's let. The entire cut you had surgery it's clear that it's an edit here and coaches is at a you can hear you're only as different. They just put this in to change entirely. What you wish I ever wonder when and arrows to like distortion to the coaches. Setting out what should start working out to us as I want should be around you know I kind of feel like he's. Going off the deep bench and he needs someone to look up to Lleyton is someone to follow you know took as a as a guy. Like fine I'll do it showed in the morning and it's nowhere. Looking back everything happened badly Sunday ignited early Monday morning in. Of course it was crucial to support our after I just go down. That things social shopping music but it sold itself shotgun when you get their points of origin tickets for all words any ounce. Yes just the Roman. The make it look like in the New England patriot coaches out Bill Belichick NFL pulled you aside as he controls or is there what you work Lucas looks eggs altogether because of. When I went and could when I went and now aims propulsion. And where we're going into it. All just first years you would you can easily tell people proceeded to beat the patriots this is what I was not. The Max. That. So he says job performance they set you guys it was. Guess this is what happened this guy Jose Baez who was the lead attorney puck away. He was the lead attorney in the Casey Anthony case. She's the one that he admitted to the killing her daughter. And apparently. Court papers allege. That she didn't have any money so guess what she did she paid her attorney. Jose Baez. With sex. And it turns out the white whose analysts have been anybody on their bias otherwise that's it just with sex and a cat. And I can give you the same papers also alleged to thwart a month to returning Jose Baez with sex and then she wants podium three. I'll make it BJ's. For you get Vijay should honestly one of same for organizing of just trying to read silicon I don't exactly very much like to help each. For organizing her interviews with the media library that apparently it has to. You gotta you gotta be this particular event is this guy. There is religion I think that he's producing. This documentary over the weekend by the way notice what they were promoting as well. Casey Anthony documentary. That is apparently coming out here in the next few weeks. This is producing. On all. I. And then made that guy and he's admitted killing his ideas seem particularly oxygen is changing their image right now they argued John beacon the murder channeled in Auburn Reynolds and agencies of the commercials afterward went wrong color and a lot of blood a lot of blah lot of Oprah what happens all the nice things and yet all that's just all that network that I do a good. Yeah I thought I thought the first one there on Saturday night I thought was okay and those god. The second one was just a complete set up. Just a complete set up you know and out of tough. Shia on a show I was out the world the whole thing and if you stand by your man in doubt at that and all of that was like oh my god and try to portray immigration. So bad for Aaron Hernandez what we ask you for the dark yes a little yeah it was a little bit for them gets ET if. You know he had issues as well losses father. You know lie he had issues such he would issue is with the Celtics rally. These are all issues both confirmed that I was gay. Yeah in answer would find no issues are no issues anywhere goodbye here buddy is part of of the motivation of what you know why he killed. Because he was conflicting they they obviously are presented it that way so it's got to be part of the whole pace it was strange that the ball is is trying to write it off. For one thing and one thing on the never found the weapon. Yet we have video closed circuit video of the weapon in Hernandez hand in his house we also have video. All of should I China get rid of this stuff in a boxed in on. In a garbage bag that she admits she left the house whether to drop in the forward Alexander where there was somebody else hear the casings the gum and that is plenty. Ever ever believe every every now with the idea I was idea football practice pop Warner football practice with my son. And a bunch Arab world North Attleboro cops are like or coaches so they all kind of be there we were all talking about this. And they mentioned just how dumb he was how dumb the whole situation was and they they talked about the gum. It talked about that the blood. They just left evidence they left and I don't high dollar and he didn't. How does lead back up I didn't expect that at all enterprise called hey there's a Nathan. Up trash yeah backed up to be bound to dumb. What's it like yesterday they evidence does everything you need just if it's dumb event at the Baghdad. Are you know advisors call. If I want and on about the CT. Just. Or have been ordered some he would he would get rid of so much easier to read it broke my. Issued after the field was out there Aaron CCE condition in the olden voyage from. This would further mitigated and completely absolved of any legal responsibility for parents yeah that would clearly won the truck. So if you we have CD that you really need the FL a NN FL so that's so they had to go to go to general who this you'll go to jail. Are invited to go to jail. Who is also the Democrat idea so if you could yours and you knew that information and all of it completely repaired a vault him of all wrongdoing because Christmas. No doubt they would play that card that's been like you know you sick you knew it wasn't him in CT is affected him but completely checked CTO living people right now. We at that point no you are not so okay so he says if I had this information unit of kill them to get that it from yes is yes. Did you shut down that in any. The end is EC TE was the reason why air Hernandez decided to murder people that flipped the switch and his brain and he decided he was. Al Pacino right Starbucks. Isn't big possibly try to make it a great. Yeah. Back. That famous academic spectrum that's excellent they've got out of Evian eastern this is officially late for the one millionth time CT is the real thing. Former players suffer from it all the time the NFL is trying to get a hold of it they're trying to do the right thing guys had issues and that is a real thing. Okay I'm not sound like I'm insensitive to that. That's pot possibly won't point out it would be neat. But Aaron Hernandez to say that CTE. Are to blame CTE on the on fact that that that caused him to be im sure. I don't know if it elicited by that if you buy that they have fun have fun with that deal with it I have fun because. You have a hard time finding people who actually have common sense. Okay double back. The wind as you sit down these people. You know what area marched whatever they last year sometime I guess I was not told or was it news in the summer. Always it don't want. Based on my camps and summer OK good. Facial here if it didn't look good and big hair off I just won the battle through some water outside of them I had and it looked awfully looked like Jesus and the worst part of the vendor it was almost like Jerry knew they were doing because you were has been assured yet these are all things about it honestly really bitter and next on the got mad at him looking like as I said Hernandez and the right to drag you. He's he's another I don't know. Well that's great theater in India it's and I get the neck greatness. There's this guy the guy Hal from a few good men beat out every command after the question now. And maybe made him do well they they and many into this was this couple for Jose Baez. And he tried to cover up his appearance to a doodle in disguise maybe that was part of it and we won't be as high as if this is there a US out of there is yes there is a shake him coming that's just this looked. This whole thing's about money all about money. They're trying to get money to find ways to get money and more making got to build this case would be for albeit sympathetic figures like that can help to. The only channel talking about Bob Kraft. And say she was this the anointed TD wasn't loyal he got there there and said that he he loved Aaron. Debt they would have this ritual where they would do this kissing thing which you know he's done some Vince Wilfork and and Brady and a few others. And he wasn't loyal so. Trying to grasp the idea that one of his players might have murdered somebody. And he's asking Aaron the questions straight out what you went through this we'll start to lose the context of what Aaron did. You know and she's disappointed and Robert. He's supposed to cover up I felt like. They had a loving relationship we've been to a house before and he was very sweet and he loved and so much. Not that easy but life regarding our support and we. And Aaron but see each other. And you had a bit of a special greetings did you lose and what was answer. Through those other than just. I felt like they had a loving relationship I can't hurt you say he loved them and Canada mr. capacity pack up and moves to cut it. To disappointment. There aren't the only other way sort of thing and didn't get all of Robert graphic distancing himself the guy murdered people on. That would support system did you want to ask him. Yes what if you want to DC want him to lie and you know it is a lie I know she was in recent report. All under oath and I don't I don't go around go to and when the patriots standing by Aaron Hernandez is difficult case. Robert Lutz right now I don't want it it that to be made me laugh out loud and out to support and what are being honest. Outstanding individual all. The view why what how old smoltz he wanted to go. Lou well once again once again drive the world's dumbest criminal. Made a major mistake with craft on the skin. Where Kraft asked him about this and he said. Wait do you find out the time of death because it'll prove I wasn't there I was at the club all. No old woody knows the time of this I don't use an opening himself up so what scratch supposed to do one at that point I think that was told the truth. This conversation that he had with the governor and it. They forget I I don't know did a good call it's just I always I want surprises say that I ought to. But what does it all you. They all you hate he's he paid that man so much money trusted him and stabbed in the back. That's what he did on the. I don't know I anyway I don't know what else is supposed to beware you expect from Robert Kraft. Or anyone that situation use it's its illicit I IE I've taken a step back you need to lead the facility. Was until this whole thing straightened out they got it yet. I got to distance myself from you. You know it in a more goes into what he backed the guy. And for the broader is one in the back Aaron Hernandez and that is bypass. Guy conference he's our gas engineer appellate drug tests. OK I get caught what we'd be do you lie a and it's like ID deal with some of these things it was stupid enough I'll stand by you welcome back in the other side of the snow Angel coming back the other side of. Murder was that spikes. A piece was it spikes who was on. In the restaurant being best friends that he meeting meanness here here's the guy he is my husband guy that was like. That date they drafted it brought back and they did you think I like 150 miles an hour rain in the back of the call with kids and it. Ended up running his car left the scene right it'd be here is that they have fear that he had a dear dear that's like there to witness. That's the guy I'm okay at this and I you know so it's just. Let's just leave it there and let the Smart people make an educated decision with respect for under eight do you backed away from it all the letter reads. Okay and you can see you can't talk at all. I could I would it was bombed deuce and I. This introduces the new world and M we'll get into Tom vs tigers who have talked a lot about that that's obviously separate from what we're talking about your bud. There were in the world right now. Where these documentaries. Are huge but they're also very swayed into one direction. And there's no question this is an infomercial this is not a four hour let's go right down the middle. Break it all down give you all of the facts and you come to the conclusion whatever note. Not even event. Let's exempt for this away from the control control whether it is the VP Tom vs time or the players Tribune or bias in San gonna produce and tell my side of the story. Bill pilot to make myself look really great to get in promoting appointments of I realized it wasn't his number like 800. I think. Bias or whatever fifth and I'll play this hole. A lot of people say that a defense lawyer gets the guilty off it's not the defense where it's the evidence. There's evidence is there than the person can be found guilty. Listen if if at I'd die so what happens to me and they decide to make a documentary make sure my my wife. That is getting paid and to produces and all my friends and relatives but your first one. Note not the first way that the second day and it's the third of it would be the third hole but most recent lack but I have potato. That's that's the key remember that aren't are not write it down I'll probably go somewhere and I got that. I. But you know you you're asking why did we have anybody from the of Lloyd family always being produced by indeed lead attorney for the other side. So that's I didn't wanna speak but how is it that you guys didn't realize that any of this did you have any idea that that he was producing. I had no idea I had no idea I was subs are you doing the commercials promoting promote a yet it's 90 why did you see it. Now I'm delighted they were yeah also let me see it first right well let's see it they tojo are. They were there are social Symbian this'll conference call with an all you want you guys saw that you would be doing Mario notre I don't know I don't know I would not be no racquet tweet about it also stop. So so we have just comical and regardless we're gonna say Julie you're going to be able watch you get an idea what it's like. Mexican now also are rats and you. So they wouldn't send this filly so we could see you would set to go all we have to go off the oxygen dot com that's one less than ice in the trailer which makes it seem like they're gonna be fair and impartial. That's one of the day marks you put it back your mind for the next time. It's one of those things to an extent of one another thing about this yeah production and I wanna see it afford Ayers suggests that promote and promote so that's gonna make me look bad. Yeah I am that's that's a little lesson learned did you pay for that right no it is a lesson learned. Chance she get it. She shared the automotive unit did you notice they've filtered it used that old CTV show moonlighting yet to make her look it is perfectly well it is weird it was very strange that certain people that make upon the fifth and they certainly they certainly didn't make his college. Know and and I don't know or. While this guy I'd say I don't quite easily back action I just didn't like you lost your favorite cheese or doesn't look on him to say yes on civil strife but I got to say good. Good thing you're good looking guy as you can get. That by a poor make up nobody wanted to make it an initiative and couldn't pull out there and I and I know they're talking modeled these particular all of the words and acts. They're all lose that so again it was kind of waited that would dumps on it because I'm done but I can't tell you I don't think a lot of people. Ottawa quote what if you can't get hit forty yeah if you like that I just put that on T shirts of some more stuff here that might give us an Indy usually wins of the war. OK you did was tried it was him that T shirt. An attack decisions. Today at the cuts I these Bible it's again the more you get away with stuff that you do to do before we get away I think anyone would vision and Jesus said they edited that. They asked like coaches they added that I never said it's OK okay okay candidates and party rearranged the White House. Looked like all's left I didn't produce only thing that makes a coroner Holmes what. It's open communication did did to produce just exterior blindly like five seconds after you said that was just it was good to go on its. Experience is he said we say if it was serious clout they're like able reduce the word is so can you say away as it away. I think they say they get a debt so it must display all those definitively debate about agreements college. Some more stuff more turmoil may be behind the scenes with the New England Patriots and talking about going on to something that nobody will watch or nobody will listen to. Tom Brady is now doing that and you wanna know something. I have faith Furrey who. I had stayed this area on what he Tom Brady is going right now through all of that prominent mere. Keep up with a show on Twitter back a Winamp on WEEI. Before touring and after the show always fun. Let's get you back to morrow scored way more ammonium 48 right now Clark sports we. You know the dysfunction that we used US bet it would make it too much of it. And no we're not making too much of it. Because it is there is very much or something I've written about frequently tough talk to people about they've acknowledged that it's there it's clear to everybody has been pointed out. For Tom vs time. But what I've been cautioned about is being under the impression that it infects the entire roster. Okay every single person doesn't feel unappreciated all every single player doesn't feel as if he's being coached too hard it's really germane to two players in particular. That's. Some talent and NBC sports Boston for interest thing because we've had so much conversation. About how things have changed. And Belichick may be losing control of this turmoil going behind the scenes. With Tommy currents telling us is he's got some source and who is cautioning him that although it is done on all turning on on the coach and on all turning on your organization. It's two guys. So the two guys and it's pretty obvious until I got Doug grant intrigues we have absolutely guys that. Better at it and it can only beat who's okay so why are wrong and Breeden. Turning on this if if they ever again if the team isn't right now if the team seems to be unified and now suddenly you routinely year. Tom Brady the greatest player in the history of the game. Is suddenly changing and causing problems turmoil and and grout may be going to warm weather partly suddenly. You know think he's a leader as well. Then I think I think Tom kind of cleared up. Coming up next you're talking MO maybe why things have changed review Tom. I think this is very much Tom Brady came back in 2018. Instead of seventy answered you know what we've wants lots of holes and start doing some more things them. The way I want to a forty. And that sea change from Brady even though might have been minor and understandable. Was really. Breathtaking as far as the patriots were concerned. So Tom has been actually all over the thing I mean he's actually killing this thing scoring and he's been outstanding he's talking every single night he's got people talking he not only is he talking to people but not these of people actually talking to him. Because he sold on it you know the did try to make sure it it their side of it as well so when he speaks this is. This is real Tom Brady won five rings they came in sit things and we look different. Period. And and I don't know how that went over you know would bill the way he does business committee gone sectors that you know. Yeah I don't I'm a broader vision program to support until and if Tom's not happy that I got a gripe about some things as well OK okay that's good guys what's led to. Answering this though all right so these are going to be different like like what. It will would be a more convenient legal what are we talking about it just I don't know it's a really really proud bill. I don't argue with you call me out to ask me questions on whatever day trying to opponent tries stable as for the other guy. Five now things that a change a little bit. And with every single year that I play in this is why I Italian ad did its numbers this time as well the way that thing ended in the woods is out with same. It was almost like you need to really start appreciate the fact that I am 4041 and I'm still playing of sacrificing my life. Because and just gonna remind you once and awhile maybe subtly that when I walk away or if I decide to walk away right now or next year you'll screwed and you need to realize yet that. The leverage the power is all with Brady milk every last bit of it and I can't. I can't believe that that's a comfortable position. Or really any organization especially bill who entered into let's pick it really ought Tom Brady pick up all. The corpses all the players that have got screwed cult group in some way she performed a they've they've got rid of this guy treated this guy. We're talking about guys going to be wearing red jacket at some point in time these guys. Have found their way to the door be viewed traded and eat eat a long list start a lawyer Malloy. Brady's boy I remember that was an primarily Brady be one of the guys that was. Even the most one of the guys are the most effective because there is this really good relation to those guys had. And how effective we weren't game against buffalo 31 and when he gets more Lloyd came into the locker room. Are blocked completely. Shaken hands it's really weird should be happening. Case so prevent that in a long list embryo branch just emerges lets them off. Vrabel keep going up so he knows and we actually you know Brady is. You know. So he's Robin Hood. Rob from the rich give to the port memory euthanasia right they just killed. It should have the advantage they have the high ground. He's like a lounge Sotheby's some position. Will he get screwed when he gets thrown on the scrappy because he's old but he's always get from the scrappy on that anymore I don't grapple not exactly. I'm just gonna say that I dim all the credit in the world because he comes into this season Ike and people were questioning and people had him dropping off falling off the cliff. He considers this season he's in better shape than he's ever been any more pliable he comes out and he looks like he's thirty not forty notice that when asked her. You ought to sit and have a Super Bowl went nuts in one number five correct and things changed but it but it but again. What is what is is what does he want to gain out of all of this because. He certainly got what he wanted he got two problem they dealt to rappel away they were thoroughly convinced based on the first eight games. Of this season the Tom Brady complaint for the next 234 years this just wanna hold it over their heads saying I walked out if you don't give me what I want I'm gonna walk out is that little childish. What is thinking here if top priorities right. That we keep on hearing and I do believe he is on to some tickets some people take in the story it is at this turmoil. You know on the patriots locker they're tying in the Malcolm bought or not playing and our guys are pissed and everything else. Comic artists say no. It's two guys and it's two guys what is Tom Brady because he won. He outlasted everybody he want and the other one is Glock who seems to be going a long would it would break. The Italy talked about before I fully believe that you know Brady spent a lot of time on this last one obviously Tom vs Tom knows a lot of things in there. Including an II you know the way it ended Gisele. There's also one other thing in there you know after that AFC title game. And you you look back at these two guys that maybe aren't happy and maybe these two guys that feel under appreciated. And yet this little back and forth between rob drunken Gisele in the caught after that Jacksonville game and a and when you put it all together now could you tell me to pick voted differently. Would you be pissed if you're someone else on the team and you heard this. Now you're and I'm. Just so you know that right if you need any. I was a miracle as Wang without throughout they're just that was. Move what legal and Ohio general liability public is packed but I've got another let loose as you come another player and what didn't it. And Bob and the player and a team and I played my ass off here and an African game at found in Yemen don't anybody else. You're right no exactly line jumps out. And at the Damien dole is like F both of you. But the game that he had ordeal these two wanna fall in the both on film appreciates a what is it you're an animal though you earn it on belliard then we have the greatest you're the greatest it's a miracle. That we won this game without you if you're anybody else coach a player but he's addressing both the. I think I think you look I think look at the coaches that let's look at that there's a reason like Josh McDaniels has been up for a hey coach of this last couple years. Because go back to last year when they were able to win without Rob Gronkowski. The ability that that he showed to dissect. Create. Miss matches plays. Possessions you know naming precinct coaching was more important on the actual player because he's the greatest though I didn't have lowered its outlook just as this though crap back throats and now we won't let you grow up and that's OK let's of these other crap bombs we got it done so here's one thing we do know because that's probably something that would normally happen with two guys who get along with each other friends. And that's with the gonna say on you and they took exhibited which supported him. And like and like Jose Baez he can put in and put out what ever he was that's in that document exactly put it in for a specific review miracle we want oh even even though the kind of hint. You put that in for a specific reason I'll talk about open heart surgery here. You stated that this guy gash and was significant was physically and now with even more mentally tough. For him to get through that episode but there's my comedy had to recover a piece of paper cut our price. I'm Karen is correct. And that it's not the locker room falling apart. It's not the locker room turning on the coach that not even turning on the Malcolm Butler issue we get to more of that little bit later wrong. It's true got a ice it's Tom Brady the greatest quarterback the greatest player to ever play any game. Right who is playing at an MVP level at age forty. And Rob Gronkowski. Who wins so. Mean you may be even go to the WW. Eat or or or do some other movies are entertainment whatever. Vote to guy he's. What does that us. The two guys are gonna program Iraq but I do what I don't I don't I seem right this is a team they came out the Super Bowl and dated wanna be addressed individually they all came out as a team. If common wrong. Are messing this thing out. While say that they'll do when I told you guys this couple weeks ago the biggest issues you'll have the biggest. Obstacle. OK even if it's just a couple guys and I mean terrible disease severity. Of the biggest issue they'll have as when. The locker room. Starts to sour now doesn't happen overnight. And you know usually starts with leadership leaving. You know also you already see a lot of leaders leave you seeing guys at a significant roles but this analyst wanna look I don't birdies I agree with you. I want to sub wanting their costs a little bit concern for me was when I saw Matthew Slater you know. Possibly taking a trip it was officiated think it's sort of articulate what it sort. Listen I really enjoy that yeah hiding out anyway and you want to breakdown at all oh yeah if you got away looking to Bruce used to that all of that was his thing that's been passed on from generation generation which is great. Liked those of the issues considered okay who's gonna replace that guy not as special teams you know production because it's significant and it means a lot. But just his influence on other people. In that room for whatever reason when it goes sour Eackles sour and want to lose control over it you can't get it back on to. I think it control that because that's not make it sound like you know this is all happened you offseason. All the stuff was going on when they went on they won the NC and get to the suitable. And defense and it could only but he OK so it's you know all the stuff was going on during a very successful season. The I actually think that they can come can actually separate. He gets it to say I am changing I got a new set of rules billed as the way it's gonna be done. And we can butt heads always want but you know what I'll be in that meeting couple times a week mobile with a game plan also would Joshua Bolton went on Sunday. And I think it's if you talk about somebody else and o'clock o'clock locker room were clubhouse is is trying to jump on a Bronson. Eight plane player as we're defining a but somebody else a bit less I got problems of bill but you know the right approach to bill. And a preteen years this guy. All right is the way we do things around here I think that's got Oregon and separate procedures and anything else. So the whole the whole thing where hey I'm gonna call you while men on the quiz you on Wednesday's on the make an example of you that whole thing because you're no different than the rest. Seems like you know they're saying no we are different than the rest yeah. That's when the issues occur well you keep telling us were in no different than the other guy and we're all pull the wagon in the same direction. These guys that most. Your your most important players need to be the strongest leaders. Number it's usually the hardest worker identity to be a DDB examples of the others I think they still candy but to suggest that yes they're probably still are. But I I think Tom is is at that point where. NN notes that they'll style but yes he does deserve to be treated definitely drawn might think he is I don't think he's there yet. I mean I don't I don't think so I think Tom is though. Every person's point I think is a really good one and that is over the years how many times have we heard. One of the reasons this team has such great success is because Tom greedy is willing to be. Another one of the guys he's willing to take dead abused in a fight another player especially a young player. And I seeded that they don't check. Can sit there and and at ridiculed that Tom Brady and I mean the way he does to some 23 year old 22 year old rookie I set and say oh my god. That these are the rules this is what's established here. We've heard over and over again this is a good thing that Tom Brady is able to do that but apparently it's all are good as number eighty does. One of the wooden and his ordeal and other incidents like a mother thought it now for is is is attracting new insanely cute that the people he's around with me in other Allison Guerrero others Tony Robbins of this guy Chopra I mean his dad is like some motivational guy right Yahoo! saw me it's all about. Positive thing keying it's a disease that turn into like I zen zen like you kept you know what weekday and we got enough coach. We we got another when he chose a strange place to go. This weekend for another interview opportunity. Obviously to promote brand. And approach. TV twelve this to me I'm. TB is TB twelve what I call it that you wouldn't Lamar yes it was 3 o'clock you have to runner up after what I heard of that document table. You 'cause you very few of the US if you presume that I had a great sound byte you're you've never had run a more dramatic well I'm nobody like most for repeated put on a T shirt and it's okay it's come he's ever had its Kevin had anything that you could you would think eight. The live by the triple the pipe. About one trillion well yeah. I more strange news with Tom Brady coming up next. Once again these Glynn who end Chris get bored way mirnyi moaning emporium on Sports Radio. I want Stuckey obviously that you put the TV told method. You are now in New York Times bestselling awful. Which is exciting is that if you want to give up sports and goes right into the literary world. I don't repeat here that that's about Tibetan. It was really cool to do you know I thought I had so many experiences I've learned from over the years as an athlete. And I wanted to be able to share those with the next generation for athletes and people post about the mythical top what do you do. And I don't have you know thirty seconds the columns about the faith go by the book I wrote a book 130 pages. He's a walking out billboard right now for TB twelve and that's what he's doing building is. This is brand here. I theory on this tell me if you think come crazy trying to tell me I'm crazy anyway so some pretty goes on. Q Good Morning America with the his buddy Michael Strahan the other day because he's in business with him with the religion of sports and he's gonna promote. TB twelve is gonna promote the documentary. Tom vs time. Makes all the sense in the world he's going into the same faith and correct yes okay. Since then he's been true other interviews. One of them was the other night with Kobe. Now we don't know a cold areas he's the anti trump guy hates him. Spends an hour every night doing humor directed had beaten the crap out of anybody who works in the White House that's that's what he. All the way to the left and there were some truck jokes in the show itself anti trump jokes obviously. And this is a show called wait wait don't tell me. It was recorded first day in Hartford Connecticut. And it was aired over the weekend and I'm listening to at this week in saint. That was read. Tunis for a first of all nobody really listening to this thing that goes on cold bearable shows he can do everybody would. Love to have him. But I noticed that there seem to be consistency here. It's all about TB twelve it's all about it in for Marshall it's all about Tom getting the message out because if you NPR. And you have the opportunity. Or Kobe or to talk to the greatest quarterback the greatest player in the history of the game. A lot of really interesting questions that you could ask him. As opposed to its eating strawberries. Are aiming and so he actually played the game was contestant he embarrassed himself with the beginning to question. Product he'd he'd. I mean this is this is foolish this is Tom Brady a bright human being which of the University of Michigan. They embarrassed. Him. This NPR group that thinks they are everybody else made him look like a full full lessons that. And Robert Reid the actor played pitcher Mike Brady on the show but he wasn't the producers first choice for the role who was. Gene Hackman know with the network rejected for not being famous enough. Beat Paul Lindh who they thought exited the quiet masculinity that wanted for a minute and gone there. Forcing the red mud on the chimpanzee who used to co host The Today Show back in the fifties. Oh my god. Muslims or whatever the ability answered by multiple choice and high school I would say at least should cause yet for you know I do understand. This and he is in this case an eight. It's crowded rioting. The giants fans they're happy. Let's get right this is simple piece. It was actually my G to have. Let's put these stony tough guy actor. But the network sudden wasn't famous. The equation though I don't beginning his first off our fault that he did any of the questions right. Yes I believe to get to a three in any way help in that he needed help line to a real answers the audience like basically. The answer so I feel like it is. I feel like there's been Branson Missouri. It's like why not only in the artists you know I'd now like my point is almost like studio body I don't know editorial whole thing is he's trying to distance himself. From one dollar ultra that's exactly what this is all about. And this is about he's trying to sell TV twelve let's face it if you talk about the TB twelve meant. Do you see fit the they'll look far left is more interest it didn't in this type of stuff. Stuff that you were talking about earlier Lou you know where he's gone examiner. Can type of a step do you think they're more interest and or do you think the Donald Trump people all the way to the right. Are gonna want to buy some of this. I don't. You go from. We got the birth went wrong so yeah no I think you're right and I think this you know what is it better Gisele is leaving him. Over to this and there's no question I'm not just Gisele but it entire life is pulling him yet that way it needs he's trying to distance himself. Right nest that's what I want periods of throw it out there I. Think he's Depp definitely try to cook why do you pick the shows you can go on any show you tell me. That he could not right now have his PR people set them up with any show he wanted to go on to. And he gets cold player in this NT Arctic and by the way no one of the guys on. Mo Rocca we mentioned city who heard his voice he's on the phone he recognizes small rock goes voice and to the sets tomorrow. System. When I can hear it could not be certain. Is there either another question another question. People don't remember this but there was actually a sequel show in 1990 YouTube celebrity much it was called the Brady. It was about the hiking to the greatest hits now that they were adults which of these was one of the real plot lines and that shows any. Peter reveals his passionate love for his step sister Cindy since. Beat Bobby's career as a racecar drivers ended by a crash permanently paralyzed him. We're seeing Marcia discovers that her late father was victorious Wisconsin senator Joseph McCarthy. The Z. Patriots fans apparently Lindsay yeah. Call the play audience what is it. Sounds like he's he broke BIA half ago. So I don't know recently hinted that he is just that a cholera yeah. I hear great. Everything direct great you know you know it sounds like EEE sounds like Curtis on the the battle to bring this it was. Slots but air pistol back affluent and well there. The court is I would hope it isn't checked himself some of them. And and debris questions uses the Brady Bunch is just natural transition right coach's last name is great. United idiotic reed act operating vice presidency the yak. It's the only somewhat more of the Great Lakes and Lake Michigan. Late Tom Ohio. Well I. The Minnesota. I just think so what does that his it was like a like a Big Brother type situation where his picture is light. In the background giant beast reassign vision as. And her late you know and an auditorium and here's Brady just as pitcher hears voice on the phone Tom Brady and you your question now was there any. Politic and four TDs while they the don't talk to. About TV 120 yes that's and they were asking him no questions about a wonderful career I think. This guy's game show it was a game show but in between they were asking him questions asked them about strawberries. Which with cold there and the fact that the had a strawberry the other day from the for the first time. And who can play some of the stuff we've only go to four Wheeler weather's so there's no questions. Abouts. Well it is not gonna change in between the questions they were talking to him about TVH one dimension to okay activities TV too. As you'll talk to most careers talks about Super Bowl are out of time guys you guys were easy but you know how this one chart this is all by design. Month you know they're guys are our audience tonight while they're talking do Brady's guys in Brady's guys to sit there saying we just wanna promote its existing always choosing to do this with I think it's very interest. And I think it's to change his image he probably as a you know re directed this PR people probably said Eggleton. You know your view this as a as trumka. You know he had that hat in your in your locker we got to shed was out of the I'll have money by cubicles stuff I don't you tell me if you're looking at the demographic. Of who would buy the TB twelve step you called zen like earlier looks sure you tell me which political side you do you think you might have more success here I don't trust our knowledge is the last. And I think that's what he's doing he's purposely re positioning. Where he's going to be able to sell this product now if he's doing all of this. You don't think behind the scenes down here with the New England Patriots wouldn't you are looking at all they care about his football. Belichick loves guys that all we care about football football football. You don't think this is is is wrangling them a little bit. But he only Carol I think bill. And I could see that I could they ought not what these are what I don't but I don't know to what level but I think bill definitely looks that in says. And I think he has to recognize that that when your 4041. Evenly for so long you do change at the same guy when he came in at 22. And we all know we build love football that don't you wonder go to sisters is gonna get my quarterback back right it just was about football. That's not a vote documentaries it's not about out there promoting programs are just famous football got back. And I think that's part of the problem. That I think bill has remained fairly consistent to what he's always been. And by the way in the way he's acting in this offseason and the way he's dealing with draft picks or whatever. I think he's going to be here for a while most people think he's gone a year certainly doesn't seem that way he has control. Of what he's doing when it comes to player personnel in doing offseason deals looks to me like he's not trying to load up he's looking for the for the future your. As well as the president. I think he looks at Brady and sees that Brady has changed dramatically. Yes and it is approached our winner gets a phone calls coming up next 6177797937. Load them up we talk to the flip side.