OMF - Christian plans your NFL post season; outdated sayings baffle Paul, annoy Lou 11-14-17

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Tuesday, November 14th

Hour 4 - Phonetic spelling issues start the final hour of an Ordway-free Tuesday. A lot of the lack luster play in the NFL has shown that there aren't that many GREAT teams around. But the Wild Card race is shaping up to be tight and might make for some interesting football down the stretch. And Paul's knowledge of cliche sayings and phrases disappoints the guys.


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On you win each. Beach Fort Wayne and moaning and forty I think hero on or MF. Terror. Some guys who blew Christian towels and I love Christian love you guys levee Christian love you do we can you guys today. But you're stuck with this loser of this load this note found with the blue and Cristian play the part which and Paul with he talked a vengeance in this hard. Doesn't matter if it doesn't matter when it. And I. When you through this morning he's doing everything where I have yeah go out and got up for it not to ask or I'll go down to the and for myself and stop when. On Sports Radio WEEI. He's had to talk about this I read you can write these things false. That's I don't I can't popping up close and this felt so fanatically right. Figures pronounces let's promise sometimes they do it sometimes they are so it's so it's a big DEV depth. Art that you accept UH cake and eat eat. Think if you do fanatically get rid of the case. Stephanie. Misspelled the word out knee with my knee. Thank my wrong if you're putting it on rock jock UH hey Annie yeah rock of me. I ask you can see it it's either fanatically horse not correct. I know. You heard of the K Gordon is a not and that's at the phonetic spelling it's not the phonetic was a phonetic spelling of need be and he says you me summary of the Buckley what else did what they me. It's definitely liked ebony we definitely loved everything at least knowing we had copier sales and you've got a you don't see that it way of spelling the I don't write to congress is also elicits both the all the out of building I had to use our guy and don't do it don't they get are friendly and love dad flies. Into the our. That that our number of full lawyer the MF resort is sick we we we expect him back tomorrow we have an update well we don't know I mean is voice not a terrible this morning when I talk to civil CS is an animal diseases to tablets is gym rats in the morning. And gets the ball. You answered. It's against the give you is like sexy talk they get it was a while accidentally read some music can really mayors actually. Return. No it's you'll be out there for I think I think he piled on it think it makes it Keiko has to rein in unite. The only reason why you're miss and it's again I mean really upsets mean. I don't know if I can and up a little bit of course he lives you know don't don't just say they don't you don't you ham it up just. To further prove that you are sick you overdo it just the kind of drive the point home never been sick before please. Griffin who by the way as it. You guys are just better than ever I mean really better now than you really mean that are now. It's good now one gallon but it's not the best ever as good as you said better than ever run better than ever is it just gonna ever know the first week was great. Sounds great it's got very I was Leo how's the sexual tension go with you Lucy. If there certainly palpable. I think. That's going to be a thing when it's all said and done I mean I don't know your editor of I think it's going to be a thing I don't regulate yes I do. A feeling he's holding something back easily you know not giving into his urges others like feelings. That's really the stump he's already he's already away overseas. Or football is now way over to them receiver now over Steve since it was and the he's serious over his skis really steep don't know what I've often you'll need regular prisons and other. You serious you might be the only person who doesn't Aaron of their lives keys Brian Brian on your turn to override a Sebelius said dismissal used to Ryan but he doesn't know about it slighted and don't look it up. A look at our right to make educated educated detail asking and yeah me at that will mean for lake nah you know nordic track yes and okay yeah. All your colleagues nick and yet when everybody goes through your six better than a year out yet. I just never heard over ski he's never heard all the years he's about a year out I was taught you how to do when your heart your Europe kicking your coverage of the death squads and that's that's ever except that's perfect and I agree with that first off you should live that way in apparently you've never hurt heard that phrase before because you've never done it before I'm doing it now he's pitching in a with the phrase well you know an hour of my skis before I'll write coverage. He's gonna dig at him again seats to opening why. It it ought as you heard our dads if you hurt a says now that I had got out of crap ought to does he eat like all the years he's still sir if we tell you something in there. If god aren't so we did that three hours of everything that it could recap Pitt. Average Alison great nickname but he's playing above average Joseph Jason Tatum is a fourth quarter monster dot. I don't think I want young Palestinian president into the contract I don't wanna give up bad attending. Or devers. I'm look into is Judy Martinez Jose bring you trading Jackie Bradley may be VE rod. Stephen Wright might come back whatever you find a fifth veterans start he can figure that thing out. Dixon prospecting and he can do that tickets Dayton. I'm in on that. OK I don't want Hosmer I don't want Santana. I don't want low in more sin because I think they're only slightly better than Mitch Moreland. At first base to be quite frank I think he bears bring back bullet for God's sakes you can make other areas to improve your team. I'll summarize in you know auto UBS will did you do Butler. And we got Malcolm learn but we have because of Butler Butler is I do what. Get to Malcolm well the first to begin your community to know Celtics Red Sox give us a call 6177797937. We'll talk what a thing here in this final hour about it. Speaking of Malcolm but let's get back to who started off talking earlier with Jeff how's article the good outweighed the bad. With the patriots quarterback play and Iverson brought those who start off with there's a lot alike about the patriots first game in a month. With both Stephon Gilmore and Malcolm Butler on the perimeter. He wants an even Allbaugh Butler lost the overall battle he made manual sanders' work for most of his catches. And I I just disagree I think Malcolm Mueller had a bad game. First one in awhile but I thought he had a. Had game and was dominated both the impact player that he had in the scheme. Usually when he is getting beat needs getting toward CS some sort of impact player award either get to pick. Makes a fort knocks the ball out get the fumble recover something like that growth would which is amazing to me and maybe it's just matchup related is that. Knuckleballer is the lesser of the two evils. A knuckleballer. Is big guy that you attack knuckleballer as the god you goal act so forget about. Forget all Gilmore. And you know maybe it is you know that he's on the marries Thomas. But you rather take Emanuel Sanders one of the best receivers in the lead and put on what's his argument I guess it depends who you're comparing him to Malcolm Butler who's one of the best. Quarterbacks is that size things on the usually do it Rick rolled gets the big guy which is a big physical player. Which is the Marius Thomas also who's the better so I guess Sanders a better receiver than Thomas bigger it's you know it's guys night shift here to debate a field Alexander and Billy butler's got a better shot with Sanders. Mincing Gilmore and I think I would agree. You know so I just think it's the big wide receiver. Well I think it's I think the word is out he sought and any Sonnen pre season. When when he did play. Teams went Adam and this is not and where they were using you know first round picks they were using you know investor Susan Li. Were his there were laid around pace and these guys were torching him or catching these passes you did not have a good pre season K I know it's a while ago ministries and but that worked its way into the regular season. Work for a series like your first here's your first fifteen plays that you script. There's going to be a play. She early squarely and put right on. Malcolm Butler. We're gonna attack Malcolm Butler Regan do some sort of back shoulder throw your your 61 you're taller than him is always a bigger than him weird right it's an a but he usually. In the past I guess I always felt like he overcame it like he was he because he didn't hide vertical and he's fast he's got such and detected a chip on racial and it'll come back. And he'll make up sports of you beat him he can recover. Now Emanuel Sanders palace Sunday. Well I trouble it's who was that done to Sean Jackson. There was another the Easter and if ever there was one big player wearing a palace. Or break races. It's killer everybody though. So that support comes into play he gives the shifty guy but the thing is that your point like last year but he played at a higher level than he is this year. But even though you view him as a number one corner. Teams threw at him all more than any number one wants a sweet you don't think they're Carolina attack Malcolm Butler that's exactly orders and ago. I would look at with the receivers are owners of both Cooper and Orrin I'm Crabtree a part Crabtree Cooper goes bill. And bigger guy may be that he's that's always that's how it's always the running at the bigger guy. You know and indeed it is with Canada. Yeah immediately and Antonio Brown. And I thought -- eight he covers Antonio Brown fine CNN it was as it last year they opened up with him and Antonio Lilly's nine catches is under the death only ten targets or whatever was its but he was there every single bogey I Saudi without you was fine I thought you find in a game as even though you look at the numbers and stated Tony Brown beat him up I. I thought Anderson has been a lot more than Tony Brown did accused there he competed every single ball. Every single catch used it taken down tackle them at least it was and it every throw was contested any forced Roethlisberger to make a good throw any did just that it happens seat in. And that is why this is why I think you know there's you know fast forward this. This though I think. Malcolm Butler will be a victim of the expectations that will be placed upon him because how much money he will we make it next year. It'll be for the patriots not gonna sign some mid level deal with the patriots for like five years. You'll sign a multiyear deal for big money or some other team that has a really crappy. Crappy defense and they think I we got not a Boller. Swedish car we can shut off once I the football field late to do readers to look you do with Gilmore liquid to give it to leave really. But Ty Law all these are the quarterbacks that played the patriots who go someplace else. They'll take advantage of them also on that revealed a play in those big games that really make a difference at least maybe do get beat but yet it impact player that people remember so dates that they're go out as a matter of some guy cut eight catches for ninety yards on it he made the biggest play that matters who. That's not that's my fear for him is that we'll almost have one of those on. NB in that situation where the expectations are just too great base and its talent can can what. And the tag numbers 1414. To exacts ball park roughly right it's just that that's what it is roughly. They're not an attack. Not gonna spend thirty million dollars and a secondary now it's not gonna happen and I I I still think. I wonder and a lot of SS to do with how he feels personally because I don't feel like Donta hightower felt like he was scorned. By the New England Patriots in anyway I think it was still mutual respect there. This Malcolm Butler still a mutual respect from the patriot. In other words when he gets on the free agent market finds out that he's not gonna get fourteen but he's not gonna get Gilmore they might not get twelve. Or eleven. Is all Sonny come back. And it ain't half with certain guarantees them a dollar wise and me is that is that what's his marquee gonna look like and if it comes back enough would you be willing to come back to new wing and for lesser amount let's say I. I don't think he will. Yeah I don't think you mom I was it you sit there and look at him go oh yeah he's gonna hold a grudge against a team Betty that took a chance on him and and help can be. You know who he is today no he didn't come back. What form for what amount they may even have a choice but also based on the landscaping guys that you overpay for your paper quarterbacks. You'll pay for it left tackles defensive ends and you overpay for corners. That those the four position any day. Why instead Gilmore of my points is that going to be a patriots. Are listed delegates and the phone calls let's go to like Nathan in New Bedford they think Eddie Jones the M efforts. Hey I adored those. Good I mean look at that come out there late drop in the share has yet to do element in all your practice. So he wouldn't go against them practice during the camp he will return practice element probably isn't taken scout team reps. The only time you it's really sure none of ladies. Version TN camp when he beyond when he beyond cooks. We'll show you what's on Hogan O'Neill vice Versa outside guys nobody your slot mergers talk a used Somali during a 1111 period are like so light just you know. One on one of the deal. Yeah but you can't last year there was no cooks you know having Lester yet at the whole idea though in pretty good you're forget. Yeah and welcome Butler gonna get them you can't get each you know I mean. Now on the makes a difference. Hopeful really get on Google don't wanna. It was cold go to homeowners are unemployed if you miss. Just thought it take lessons. Just mainly deal Brady was hurt the defense was a bit softer into political orbit as Brady we've gone back take by this man I think quite get rid of and it. Did you feel what it Obama's key sentence means a lot all those taxes agreed nobody is ever noticed. I'll keep I ever ever. Part nobody is not a single person that that CO RE I don't use not a single person would not give watching it I got a text ordering your nobody knows anything on what you've seen is my mediocre Malcolm. Everybody wants that's like it was an almost liberation dads as different they've been nicknamed the average out yet it would create monsters their listeners it was bad nicknames for everybody now here's the response that most people never heard of all of your skis is correct. So why keep her we get it but yeah I heard out of our coverage all right I'll you've heard of what's another and it Godzilla now. And that's the one that everyone uses that's all you need either one of them my batting out of order what's he has ever heard of your skis must be an old white guy thing and I heard the phrase either. I got a little OK okay millennial guy give me a modern day version of that. He now already said that I thought that like all want edit all the entire league here forever. Give me a new one does not and what it does well that works out kicking your coverage as well poised that's the one I can I add an iPad charging quicker than you can booted up some stupid on that Paul argues an eye on I think we should bring it back over your skis that's that's the proper use. Imus asked what impact. We're gonna revolutionize this. Three and you reduce the emblem are usually aren't Eddie eagle over there and leave audio video site you know I don't. I don't wanna go out there because they went to excuse you now Muslims Boston's back there even nod from us is it on the Internet figured out are listed on math couple segments to go no order way. Would expect your phone calls residents. On air and online via FaceBook Twitter and he's just grab more of order wade were loading and 48 right now. Sports Radio WEEI. I still effective phone calls. Let's go through Kevin and car Kevin your the American. There's a lot on the shelf the incidence of the Somalia a lot of hay out. They're China they're little adults are eight and yet they're certain music to my ears the only sure. I think we have yep them and Rangers amid as far as how much money can offer Maggette communiques and off from 3.2 five. Every month money you can sign a tiny force when you bless the new international pool Red Sox have 462000. I mean I don't know what he's looking for me how bad these wanna come to America and is the difference between four and 62003. Point two. Team now maybe maybe not but I would I would think it would be a big difference. And the Yankees brought in a position to grab him maybe a Mormon need to know their rotation turns out that one extra piece. Yeah I think he's good chip that in and of. Eight. Back patriots. All the gains throughout the year here. Eight overlook somebody EG team what's it like yeah. Simple easy teens caught a year ago not because the debt pianist and you know everything Crist and the repeat it one year. How are unpredictable are these. It is also about the rest of season so in order for the patriots to lose because they usually don't do anything to kill themselves right so. So the timing has to be right. So they need to do something that's uncharacteristic bread they got to have like you know crazy fumble is some that sort of stupid something silly Lego maybe callable reality Gator wrongly called wrong play whatever. And then at that same time when that's happening to them because it does happen. The other team has to play out of their mind they have to play like it there hair's on fire. And then they ended chances that they shake take the shot that they try to make the complete them. The blitz zones. Everything all the chances that they take because they know they got to take chances are going for extra possessions trying to lose possessions. Going from fourth down goal for a you know in the red zone areas. Taken shots challenging guys. Date those those plays need to work. But normally doesn't happen like it that they they don't allow the other team if they have a bad game as far as play calling. These guys dropping balls that doesn't count to me is something uncharacteristic some air trees as the bought it I'd drop in the Paula under almost and that is what they're what they were doing in the first four weeks. You raised here yes exactly my quickly forgot about that stuff. That's exactly it and and they still notably some of those games. Right so this'll roughing the punter back off decides to get back to back bone headed play outside giving them first down allowed them to keep their drive going. That's what it's like they fix that Michael I'll always a fixed. Football mistakes is I mean you know that pass interference. You know that doesn't count that that that's not out here ever happened yet on the Internet. You know unfortunately I think it that much better job of that picks in offensive and pass interference. You know they had an issue of failure last year Kelly that's gonna be next week you out what you're talking about is is the bonehead plays the decision they were make. You and you and I forgot all sound just as they've had five wins in five games they're playing great. Even to last night my dog to play the Carolina Panthers its third set and it's the first half and dom good suit jumps off sides. He gets he gets bashed by abide by Jake from Jon Gruden. It's children like you can't be the highest paid even the player in the lead right and constantly. Jump off sides so now it's 321. Down Carolina they have driving on the play into driving down scoring get a point out of it. To me pick those things are happening anymore knowing and barring and injury. I am sure they do things things like you know you're talking we got seven games left. All the green you're gonna plan tough Pittsburgh to probably have their best game of solid golf bogus that statement that. I mean that's going to be a you know I think for home field and we'll see what Kansas City does he know. There's other six and three teams I guess with three losses but you know I think Tennessee attachment to keep that up. Did they got each other Bulldog Myers is more I lost to. My Jacksonville Jaguars will take another step closer being that special teams when Evan this year. There's as a dozen when he built from the special it's a slow Jacksonville wheels and a first round and it comes they do what they beat Tennessee yet. Maybe Tennessee today Tennessee rule. Whose single I mean that'll be two teams from the same. Right with the Tutsis from standard and ask. While Houston's done Cincinnati's dump him on teams in the AFC just overall. Cleveland done. All right we're done. Right so right now you've got a New England Pittsburgh. Kansas City. That's a Tennessee Jacksonville both then yes right now buffalo Oakland that's provided for. Miami's four or five Baltimore four or five Oakland's four and five. I don't wild card race yeah I had to kind of fun to watch I'll Wear vote any of those teens who see if Oakland can figure this thing I guess it could be dangerous. A where boats is Baltimore's DNA. Boy that word is team is there like at 917. That you see you're looking at all these wild card teams are potential wild card teams is they're 917 that I. It goes the distance. But suddenly like because you never really know all right you don't at the time and their five and four or really got you know four wins or is it a lawyer so who's a 970000. It is it's that it's the same team as it's always been Baltimore but I still believe in the team. Danny wood and it's coming back I think after the break is that the coming back I don't know really has a lot of things I guess I guess on the back and yes. Maybe if the team if they can beat you this week. Opens. What's really changed that team that everybody thought they were gonna win the division last year a detainee policy and defense Sox. That's one of your isn't it because of injury you tell me I haven't done a little luck on the injury since it's his socks on and on the legal Mac on offensively they're not nearly as. I guess explosives or they they are so let's take a dose of that to change what's so this Sunday. Let's say Cooper the size to hold on a football. Let's say that Marshawn Lynch comes back I don't know actually there really isn't b.s can run the football and it may meeting. You know because it still mean nothing is really he changed. The only look at Oakland. Routines you were a bonus season started disabled Denver any look at the team is still the quarterback is a mess and their defense is playing horrible. Soul I guess maybe that's changed that just Oakland that the defense they thought was gonna be good enough. But I think it's more on the offensive side of the football Opel which would who's hurt nobody pulled their parents are for a few games right or whatever days 45 right now so. What's changed there offensively right now nothing why we. Every adult and the rest of your gun at San Diego it's hard hit just moved back to think he's in Lee's phone calls in the next two years ago. But publishers lack of respect empty postal called San Diego State to figure out that that they have belly ring has but he can't figure out the San Diego Chargers called an LA. They don't belong there Maine in about San Diego my first order business when Roger Goodell is ousted in our board Michael board because of new commissioner. That's the first order of business said about San Diego. Where they belong. So we came out car came out of week four against Denver missed week five. But I'm just saying like that team. And in that arena at a loss to both of those games with an lost other games so if nothing's really changed the local Y anyway both generously there were so worried about the beginning here. It could they be that the in this fourth final. I think I think you have you can have more fun try to figure that out instead it like you know dealing with the patriots who will will be in the playoffs obviously able in the division. On the Steelers Kansas City. A yard one over their scheduling their dirt dirt they don't really have a difficult game and on the schedule. And then you're not worried about the FC south. If it Desean Jackson's Tom Watson Sar was was still there and say OK different tune but Tennessee's. Play a little tentative on different different path. If you think and it maybe they can be. They get New England this week that his Denver and giants. They finish out the year act Kansas City Dallas at Philly who's this. Raiders although readers they have a three game stretch at Kansas City Dallas at Philly. And there's a Philly ya know they closed the year with at San Diego. LA whatever. That's a joke man wheels machine vagina not just San Diego things it and not just viewers everybody that's. The broadcast on it moved everybody's nobody likes and it was nice to tell you something they don't belong there you know the rams used to be in LA so easy to adjust to it. It's topic. Xian real quick errands to switch gears a little bit before we get that across I don't want you because those guys just riveting interview. With Bill Belichick. And they asked him key Fastenal vote the Martellus Bennett's situation of course he gave you all the information you need dead I did. Now Martellus Bennett joins the team late last week and he plays in the game. Last night. He's been very outspoken and critical about the green bay Packers and about their team doctor. Is that something that you have any problem with. Let Greg answer that question should ask him well. Silence. Well great don't believe I wanted to Mercury bit. So keep was delightful and all of a sudden it goes after he goes after him yet but all okay with him boy acing his his displeasure it sounds like we're down. There won't cannot personally with the situations so. Wouldn't. I would come in on some of the team or some other some of the situation. There's something about. Not a lot it is a line he knows BC knows everything almost everything in wasn't discussed say what happened in Green Bay. Can you practicing there's just like hey Heidi feel he practiced yet okay good. Nothing else. That's pretty much end. They were there that you could heated because of Martellus didn't know rice and he didn't know. So bill last and how you feeling what's going on and he's had a lot of awful wanna play again and today he said William we just pitch him on waivers he's at. So now. I really awesome we're doing and also wanna. Play your Bennett is a unit to swear the bug could you producers of bird you know one of those things. Our numbers look good so. When bill calling me this. They claim their first it's amazing that so moved too quickly because. Of those trying to do the surgery would ever win they'll call us that they claim mostly go away then you know quick conversation now is my. I'm bigger I'm holly Beck goes. And who's going back a few minutes and get a chance to think about every group is now and over what to the states devastated agree Fiat. Other lava Islamabad already used children's books present the F bombs and had to. Not many know Noah bombs and so they don't yet is that where you want someone doesn't interviewed just. Forges. Freely disclosed their lips like a duel like me. Scrum but it got me British F bomb every few reporters smile yet another and it's it's the winners are reporters being overly entertained pessimist I feel like it's I don't know. And he's the biggest and nervous they always just laugh every time he swears it just kind of giggle a little bit and wondered because you get a microphone and speak to just get nervous but it's but it's Raleigh appreciate that exciting today it's like it's like once taboo he's cursing and we can't I have word of support tactical F you don't I'd a year but notably that your owning it. One allied pilots ought to those. Afternoon fellas. Coming appear next to do the cross over next MF first one more segment to go low. We're back talking packs with the board waiver Loney and former pats tight end Christian Fauria that your personal on this a little on Sports Radio WEEI. I got criticism for all my former organization. At this point it's like a rubber arm and you're doing things you say about the least expect you so. President and waiting period you are now have relevant parts of you heard it and I got to but he probably uses lots. Yet you I was talking smack and few years adult world like now. In. America that Christian custody after the break that never happened I'm Robert first it. If it because they decide those guys posted the department which that that's a causeway street there. So even bother Roland when it or defected they waited till all the ones don't you don't generally like don't give it a name. Don't I don't sit and be cute little podcast yes taught that to Rolen and help the mountain police and sound. Or just forget about what the audience who talk about a year or do we want him. And if we want to genre tomorrow be released in 152. Easily enough but it is which releases maternal. And so we use it in and tell us that we can you figured out the Pulitzer but give me I try to you you won't you go nuts. At Disney owns a during a little bit I think you're limited to me and keep these guys in line. He smacked around and allied greater bring them back you know they're talking about you know this that everything announcement casket. You know I deal with a program that it's going to be a real you witness to back to Horford is not break down the rest of roster sign every element moment. But yet a new relations too late I salute as its of this will be Silva will discuss tomorrow and want to really the least I can only help here. Do you think actually it's that you were not complain on the tomorrow. Why should business to a things is they allow you to punish. Yes yes. Judge dread I hear you generally podcast with our host at 150 to eight minutes both all three minutes she islands. Why don't help her out and got a distant dots as he does is it Ted. These data technical let the good pictures online and get things that we can use it right we want it though. Now tiger uses state to a good use today I'm an impression I delegate gain tackle on tonight's game tomorrow breakdown again tomorrow okay. Our right to reveal a lot I don't play it at that game for the big game and we aggressive out. And on average. Ignite the next anywhere re into the big one on Thursday obviously throughout Isaiah are they gonna look on the looking past. You know Brooklyn in order to get that gold skate here at this is this is like Qaeda reloaded and the masked police play they played well and all but learn how to play with one lady had already done it before you get comfortable knowing that performs a couple of occasions over 45 and beautiful contradicting so role in the nets in eagle thirteen street. Against the big matchup on Thursday yet and I'll tell us about number 152012. He going to be called protective Fiji's court for the point that's right. Do you go with five rebounds and five assists. And he came away with a few nickname Paul and leave with a few nickname Posey can lose it in the Celtics do to never lose weight close Celtics I love you win. Go Celtics they're never gonna lose glued to the little loose they don't lose this game BC news think they don't. Brown though in these guys that the mask he was where the pic I've read he's one of those guys that looks the box gore would they got now gonna lose another game. It was a lose so we had a black mask last and dentistry at the similar nicknames. Carrie Irving phantom of the garden on that level I want pilot that it was some sort of a Dark Knight below a talent on November and then I don't care vote nicknames that you would be very offended they do they get both sets you go to aimed at people and be a really you know he. Be very very subtle undertone. It's our time now for the cross which is brought to you by finance money dot com oh my god 08. But he got it buddy as a don't certain. And then I don't know boys Floyd weigh those sticky today low sniffles and I and John deck tomorrow night may be time for more VM efforts I don't know if you guys are it's gonna happen you'd soon you know babies get babies and houses gonna happen got a how many kids and our ports does anybody. In Canada but kids still yet the going to be sick. But what does that mean what were your nickname was never. With my gym offensive nicknamed hollows and you don't want that I know of the ultimate and so there are some big names we're try to figure out yesterday utility Luke. Apparently you'll see me if industry group at the end of the political reasons or lack little gods that bit of a target roadway when I don't Baghdad highway which Jennifer you are yesterday flurry offended they'll secure filtered. How much you can cholera. How much c'mon tell us about it I was not gonna give him thing group teed off it was a lot here I was northern Arizona or Oregon State even when it won a game while you were there though. It's. Unless did you get a Colorado wasn't an announcement. Oh yeah mister Hansen's yeah I'm I don't have much. Our ideas homers d.s sound when you have all these big of a guy gets more than this year Peter. Would join us today and I can't wait to hear what he has to say about despite despite this developing the compensation committee vs Jerry jones' specifically. Why did Robert crap we're trying to figure out this answer why it Robert crafts it with Adele. Over Jerry Jones business. Is this about a lot and it's a line. You know like Jane what aspect. Billionaires don't like change she's keep it coming in they want all of your editor what did OK they just don't want to change so they will talk about that and of course. Other hottest team in the National Basketball Association. And sell side dale holly keep they got you covered from two to six. Willow see guys smaller level roadway maybe it's four hours and offers I don't know maybe half they'll be in town. We'll see what happens in the way have a good night everybody talked to tomorrow.