OMF - Christian’s lunch smells up the studio; Team Brady or Team Belichick?, 4-19-18

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Thursday, April 19th

Hour 3 - Mut hates the smell of Christian’s lunch and wants to keep the studio door open to get rid of the smell. Mut looked great yesterday after his trip to Milton’s and is critical of the OMF Twitter account. And are more people on Team Brady or Team Belichick when it comes to issues with the Patriots?


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All of you read me. Fort Wayne and moaning and forty. It's. Severe Grand Slam. A he leaned in and there's hitting with runners in scoring position. Able birdies Christian best is dominated the play Colmes is an old total rock chalker move on my part. But I try with. Glen when christianity a different question what to soured and it is Tom Brady going to get a new contract from my understanding is yes that is something that you want them. And for next season has now Tom Brady's team. He no longer fears valid check he sees bella check it vulnerable. He has the owner's ear there original backup quarterback and Tom Brady clearly has a better relationship with the media and show after then New England does. Now on Sports Radio WEEI. Alone like amounts to a caught it is at 2 o'clock and author of but this is awful. Not apologize come back we're Damien Woody it's been it's been a fun showed today oil mess Maurice here. He just let me aren't. Soundly just taking a caretaker foreign policy now I am grateful. Have somebody else be the judge some people will think that I don't make it does smell smelled this from. I Akamai we've my food connect. Their answer these things you don't like rated the office and then bring into a small studio like this fish and cauliflower. One of that bad. Dude that is awful hole that is subject that is such a work. Please don't cheat just how about. It's home to me it was taking to the night they put it in the manner. My way out what are yes but admitting it. If there. Sarasota Collie flower once that you might gruden brought into. And it was so pungent they'd use the odors that they've they've burned the nostrils. And what digested but it is pretty an item or he didn't know that was the first have you tried that that you'll see a note in the future. Cauliflower and fishy on my heart breaks it was so bad I don't know if you're acknowledging OK you know opera to. Unknown you know because it tasted just as bad smelled it live I I had to Shelby's alms is heavily damaged or totally want don't. So I don't know what you made. You know I. That's a good one. Don't what I guess you go to sleep if you're like well we were not even out like is a match I think to fan writes oh and I congratulate you and where at the same level that's right. Together and make anybody lightly you don't like becomes cyclical blocks. I don't even I would I don't I do I don't waste food and that is a childhood thing take all take all you why deny all you take a Grand Slam is now's the youngest of four kids are all big strapping young lad dedicated and as so if you think each of repeating a I acted ED quake. You warned it brings you any smoking go ask the summit here we need some sort of spray it is bad here it is and admittedly it's a dime I I don't until we are all on a bad. Okay. We can move on from that people waiting patiently I kept I keep saying let's get to the call to keep track in the south 61777. 7937. I am team Brady by far disease he. You are not ready to side. You are who senator. We're about what's that again murdered Jesus delivery pick a side to side I thought the end of the show all of me why would you year I'll save it. I know sorry. Is walking by now the unit I had the I had this studio door open because it smells that bad in here right behind us yes it smells awful right the food. No it's not gas it's is launch a war but don't call the fire department 617779. Is that an oddity every seven opponent actually getting worse if I Bert. It actually gets worse. All I'm divert some limit on the it is not a arts it is worse is that it. You want your results are Christians team Belichick yes he's team Belichick last thing he said his team Belichick. Peters and JP on Tom Brady happier. Guys I don't. Ever coming up with the news I'm gonna almost content strictly period of these nefarious. They'll go. Burris you know power play and all that period. I period concluded that when all the current because it would be altered or really doesn't operate and I've been acquitted itself occurred. You bury our yet they're really costly blow us. And other reasons you know you can crow Cabrera whatever you seriously considering her current. Okay. And took frequently point guard decided okay you know by the good legacy that integrates quarterback. A lot so why why are seriously thinking about retirement what was the reason was his main. He's there why don't worry you know and this white went to retire. I mean do you go to what I admire. Held out on my got you about the balls amounted unconscious. I'd runs the family tough. All of our very old one anymore but threaten you what did you watch Tom vs timing that was pretty evident but in the end Tom could talk about playing in plain she understood that but. As she said wants to be fun to be pre shipment so your theory is a KP I like different you know we're here to work schedule working hypothesis that did did the of the player was going to retire. And houses speculation now he's not gonna retire. I don't know I don't know I says. Was knows he's thinking about just that. He was contemplating. Its manual of heroin might yet which are you contemplated or wanted to describe remarks jumping out a window alike in a lot of confidence who has spent the million dollar in the bank. Probably don't know are you don't want to mention probably that. So I mean that are buried. Houston now nobody knows Clinton's wife wanted to retire my wife marketer aren't there were cars are sure of that money. All the did the difference here aren't that. I mean I agree with you I'm not and I was saying you're wrong I like outside the box in different theories or for the same sort theories over and over and over again with this. So Peter sayings on the difference while it may. There's well there's lot of evidence that even before this year. For the season according to Jay Feely and Michael Strahan. Gisele wanted to on the retired this is not a new thing. For them this is gone on for awhile now these stories that speculate that he he was now giving in to her was gonna retire yeah I'll talk readable. A man and a hard time. I'm like you did you black and I'd I'd totally to blame for this this is really bad Wiki of your producers have struggled at spray it and really badly I feel like we need some for Brees or something like we have some great on what gets them. Stephen Miami on the patriots IC. I gotta tell us anything he's. Let all the crushed under a Miami here's the thing it's polished or not these sorts of weird cauliflower formally and have. And then I know because my conclusion my out there on the you know I bet here is not a great you know I agree on its behavior at least we can. Oh why I stopped doing it and not appear that intrude at all I think it all comes from the two purple on the I think a lot of hatred play is as close of Rio and all the stamps and other. Patent issue where military hasn't pitched well let me but I was sleeping anyway VIP or yell at. In this sentence whatever is best for the team while the best thing for him on that stage enacting. We're putting out about this sort of went against what he always says it. And I think if you remember it right after the game Brady supported Butler he says he's a great teammate he's a great player and how that I think. You know by extension Butler. All the players know that they lost. Park will opportunity Hamas saying there was all because all of them play the defense constructive input maybe with Butler illegal on this third down. Play might have to Dietrich has scored the opening drive and second half maybe my vote makes that. I'll see you don't have the all the stretched too far thanks for the call that to try to suggest they gonna win the any amend dole is comments. Will lead to believe that their other players who feel the same way and weathered I don't think it's one thing Christian said this earlier and he's right. It's not one thing that has led to what Tommy Kern called this revolt against the patriots culture it is a bunch of things I think. That the and I believe that the Butler. Benching is part of it is part of the Corbett is the biggest one for Brady now Guerrero is that one out Steve wrong in. You can't pay attention around the side I can't and sorry and it. Wow the professional one I hear you should know about you and auditing and not professional whatsoever he's been with a I know everybody's got an opinion knuckleballer. Yes I get it it's the grassy Knoll. Again it's the patrons version of the grass you know I get it. So does that mean you're on T Belichick our team Brady I'd really happy and excited to elect every one before you they need to declare what side around. Leahy take allocate our budget calls are politically cores at Christmas tree. So you'd take one which side you want to clear your release. ITF this it's say that before you do when asked of her before we Red Sox think it's coming up as well what you want declared birdie or Belichick give that away in this next half hour so don't get anywhere. Stephen a car like a what are you hot you wanna sign announces. The Christian pick a side. Omar go to our he's about six why the hell you say that receive it as we did what. We'll let you exit like coaches being the baby I mean. I know he made some mistakes I I don't know why babies to like it Brady's. Contemplate not playing for three more years of whatever like he added die in these. Yeah he's being a baby about it spotlight he has a point. Only. If you like all you gonna do yeah Marie Reese time but I more than him maybe do one or two more years he knew he had small way. Go out well so maybe that's slightly swollen at crotch. Okay that's that's diesel breeds Brady's faults. Then he played in our case oh so that that coach Brady all he only last another year 00 braves playing at such a high level they couldn't people's backs what would you like in the end well I got producer of Obama you got arms saying. AL all these you know it's times like on to acknowledge it could guarantee I did anymore what. Two years ago when he won the super ball it's like yeah I'm playing or 45 years old you're going to. Not I'm not surprised that and he's intelligent and X zoom and Steve is probably sixties. I don't know legitimate doesn't matter to me by adding I think he speaks in the majority most people are going to be put team Belichick Obama also take its key in New Hampshire. OK you do you are you troubled call to take Mikey. Hello we're spring goods break break through it okay wrote I Kenya on the air but. I on his assists thirteen votes yes. Full. Night. Good lies. On indulge an extra and not about issues I believe not Boller injured and that's the reason why he can't say anything nobody had anything yet because if you would have. Knuckleballer would've gotten significantly less money if any money at. All keyed while was active in the games is injured. I'm just for media there's not a lot has got a lot of good landing at Edwards or Wednesday keep one or don't allow it all live why don't you why any plan punt returns he's injured. I you know limited wondered why all also an icon and an athletic guy can do when I don't know at the end but be hurt you did this is what I mean is this is the anti Brady is only a couple of odd pages in Italy he's name is Curtis. Hippie blobby bullied all the place you want these callers public three or four minutes at a time now I want to ask any gas like with mustard and Johnson Saturday known as all of our. Yes last 78. Get your due in your case on him. The deck chair is going to your hand you know what you're coming here jerk right here's your here's your phone you can you can man of well over a year ago undermanned opponent so now you what's the time off that calls. He thing you can do fonts and out of the ripples would if I did that out and you don't know what he'll do it. Kirk. We do not get a backup they're completely ages humans aren't. That's an automatic Providence Matt price and on and on and I know we we gotta read you gotta back seconds on the agency. Matt Providence team Brady Belichick decided. But big Belgian comic publisher surprised to coal fired on our dynasty implode. You know win owners and coaches are not missing page you know I don't Jerry Jones three years. So. I think it started the forcible we have Brady had a lot more leeway with trainers so until four in when Brady got leeway. Grant got more leeway of the cars start to get more leeway. And when Belichick. I couldn't keep grow a little bets on that rift and it seems whether whether Belichick went for now it seems like. He's not doing anything they for the future you know to you know can't control what went Brady's gone down orchard on and it seems like. At this point in his career. He he's given up on you'd let Brady and ownership group bidding and that he just got just about your brother in law actually that we can't war record are equal. Yeah we we dealt with quarterbacks street years before it got Romo. The amount Bledsoe congress are so what. And in this case I Agha started before that Brady's still playing a much higher level those guys did. Sales guys need to yes yes I do one markers do one more do do do Scott arts three B Scott though we get the scoring nothing beats you know particularly as there's. Civil war to comment. Or come up it is sad. A box and Norton Farrell. It. Its own idiot but he's gotten more on much much what you. I mean when I think you're taking your call I have no idea on pit exits that I agree I agree to hear certain music lunatic for you bikers Collie flower. And campaign tegra two seconds I'm not sure what I was thinking declared you lesions by Paul Tom Caron next time he has post. And trade garrote all the way I work crap out cropped because it let I let his ball is still playing well she says. We know how to credit literature I. It's easy that's if there's one or two things you think it benefits contemplating and that's the ice for nothing Belichick. So you flowers after things and they say. Was Brady leak that this all the patrons I would argue that just to get a chance that is Tommy current suggested Scott. This is Belichick leaking to chapter the try to sniff out what that Brady's talking about. Better. Well I. It's you know I don't know big. Amazingly well that's all it's all Bill Belichick I I told us on the top of evil you know an Ivy League needs them some some team Brady I don't and I want I can I need someone who is on. Odd team Brady's 617779797. In the last thing. Credit for this idea of he's due this is your idea was no I don't know I don't care whose idea. Paul Paul at that he would play I don't care. He's done he's like he sees that down. This balanced ticket I had not done you just at the entire segment off I we we're glad you liked this is a little normally it is that is why I have my guys this is me doing my job like I'm doing my job and get some more your eyes we c.s are you ready lighted up with an article go into. As promised it's Red Sox tickets you to tell me ten times. I'm not a tie it and Dennis will be organized it and play Red Sox Christians Red Sox tickets next Jules. In the meeting with Mo and and a sport away where Loney and for EA Sports Radio. 89 caller right now at 617931. 0937. When a pair tickets to the bought C Boston. They're baseball team take on Tampa Bay on Friday April 27 and a parking pass. The credential center drives during free ticket Thursday brought you by town fair tire and AFC urgent care each and are also qualifies for the dollar Red Sox team store gift card at. That is caller number nine right now at 617931. At 0937. Win tickets during free ticket Thursday brought to you by. Town fair tire and AFC. Urgent care Owen asked. No Laporte wait or Maloney those guys back on Monday I believe forays here for. Other hours so he is on tomorrow your phone calls up throughout the course of the afternoon up until physically yeah eight not mentally keep in dale coming up into it's it's 17779. Seven ID 37 the phone number David Roxbury. David Christian Fauria needs no first and foremost team Brady your team Belcher. No I MTB eighteen TDs while all the way that he. Means to. Look. I just don't get it I watched. Belichick never rains in moment that episode ought what did you like I'm agriculture agriculture. I mean not wearing Malcolm Butler a lab work and winning 21. I'd like it's if if he had his range and moment right now I. Arraignment is tomorrow we're on the driveway and when asked about it. Belichick executing it you always know either coaching upon but he had a great band all the way up. In that person's opinion it's only at the football player but now people all played quite. You know what I'm told that the interview so I'm not I don't know I I. It wasn't told anything I said I wasn't entered my decision about what it's been cool to have hours and Donny and other callers do. Like you don't get what look I know when Brady's contract to take it public yet parachute can't quite remote Michael Keaton danger that. He has ready. To play what you all would it it. That's all people 500 got you ready to play Belichick at the ready but he's contractor that they how much training that you that he. No I need this I don't I don't I thought I might even how does forty notes and brings. Well I you know I don't. No adults I don't know if you don't debris utility at you know it's just fake made up friendship you had with all really you don't -- you don't get the play and his charity event anymore they told not to play in the apple got invited a certain things used to be invited because of this now by all this marks all you do. You'll only show you my a CIL we showed you Medicare trust. So you members do you figure that out a couple hours they can trust anyone talk about you and you're out of the loop. Keep going Kamal credit I take the break to raise come back. Russ in Connecticut hi Russ. I know. Ross are you team radio team Belichick. On par on the autumn and usually download much is that is that look the vessels your equation who are. Areas ambassador's ball I. A portion of your putting on my put on hold on a lot of good things to say Russ Russ a look at an update you. I love you Jess is in a car digest. I know Jess. And I decide. Our our game Brady and it's real simple. He plays a game that cheers people up and spits it out yet not been approved. Yet and I'll anybody any. It's thought that as a person. To continue or packages include whatever he wants our tactics are given their respect that I can ever audit at quarterback for patriot. Died so it's all gravy from here on out for jets are right okay T birdie at a table at you if you call. Four for Brady fans for them to support. They're guy they'd they'd be light up they call it crazy audit the audit was I want more team Brady callers and he Brady call it's called oh my guess is it he's won fourteen are eligible or else I want Magdalena we have we can't say it got there we don't need more calls it Seattle one don't know because our own feet and our I don't I don't want to see we're works well good I want I'll go for much fuel do it apparently and that unclear what knowledge and Curtis to would you do would you do it. Mr. Curtis yes they wouldn't thank you mr. Curtis got another. Thank you mr. currently not easy getting calls the show is that the price you like you're so excited to some vocal so I I I think you and that you had a good idea. Agree that I was losing your idea I forget I decided my deals it is over here we still haven't gotten to yet. What's your idea of a killer these. I got guys passing this weird question opulent sets up what you gonna bring up. About opiates yes but what with a story that you are you bearing this now are racist it's just on hold and Radek Robinson hormonal Robby or whatever you want to read what you love begging for calls the bacon for calls just and I said I want to know I thought he Brady in old boy do it you'll you won't admit it right now and protects the right up on what to do against a football. Beat up a ball. There's a resign him. Policy woody Texan there. Always thanking me for telling them what you set off the athlete isn't getting is negative tweets on the same sorts. You aboard a legal sources rob with the Internet do people rob what do you beyond. I'm I'm already all right. And now this guy. I mean I think it's silly to even consider asking about Jack in the situation we watch Brady ARIAD you know bend over backwards and bring us. Ring after ring. And bella Jack is bold and Iran one of the greatest coaches ever until it. But we've watched all the he has continued his team and we rated it not been any else somehow manages. Did he back in action yeah yeah. It takes you know this is this is this is odd because they Wear or like this this drives me crazy. But this is exactly the reason why the teachers don't talk to anybody. But let's fire somebody somebody's seat that got three wrong somebody's talking to someone that's why we're here today. Is that someone is whispering to current. Wicker sham. Show after show after Doug Doug hi Ed now's report when the patriots won draft Josh Rosen and the you're right that normally they don't speak to people. In this case they are which speaks to a bigger issue right another busy mushroom ME. I did it like it's its mushrooming plague this bigger I think anyone envisioned. As usual levels say they have a pretty good handle everything now now I should sit in their offices going in just all they're doing is focusing on the draft. You know the only person probably moderate situations these Jean's book. Term. And whistle he's back cauliflower is completely screwed my whole I'm now in my intestines. Screw up and hostels and feel like you don't own a real similar to Italian today they're burned out of like you do this and I've got to get more and you tell me. I don't get to a break I've on the simple wanna get to we have all these embassy I'm literally worried about it and race team Brady. Won't mix in the phone calls among other things I wanna relayed a conversation that was Lucy verge off the year today really yep she's a lot second bringing up on the air on it that we come back and I just re tweet a link or lose is that it has about that is our views on the line. Ticket bulk of six and and we're gonna mix and the calls you guys really don't get calls in the show but got excited you more. Okay I thought that's what are we seem way too excited over it bring you especially Paul. Chris has a lot of things he wants to get to do the whole list of stuff we even talked about it under and look I'm an all these papers right here on guttural a cover and a comment that was Hebert may be off the air which I think you should know about really and fire and I wanna point you know I guess we treated it and the public is so I really terrorists are now she should be on an honest I don't see I can't do it justice so I would appoint people of my Twitter account at -- and UTW week yeah Sri tweeted that the link this warning from. Kirk and Jerry in their expose day on Kevin call the Boston cutesy. You puke like Nancy Hoosier blocked we blocked the on the Twitter account from from my count yeah why isn't he should. People should click that we can't do it justice they did some tremendous like legit reporting we're just that your yapping about. Brady Belichick today at those guys it's a real digging on Kevin Cullen Asian if you care about that stuff you need to go listen to act that's story's gonna become. I a major story here boss in the Nextel a couple of days so I would say check that out with the guys did a great job of that the sporting idol idol. Again next hour ago now human and it was texting about. So many things to get busy of those guys integration. And it out listening I was really Russian what what's the great bushel listeners do about the afternoon show which is alienated yesterday you wanna. And demanded to know court and you are nowhere as core course pretty good you should tell the fans know they should listen to that core interview with excellent. To ourselves so well along nick of its interview was excellent also we play we play it's let's and they're gonna do it and I'm in about Bradford and a good job last night just a Q1 is this is not your personal platform you know. Or is not this is not your per hi my sort of like we will roll your little butt out the studio and the second one. Great. OK Paul cannot mile to go home you're allowed to go all out I'm thinking I'm fine leaving now I'm. Content we're going on this point. And I get home okay you today I didn't racial Toledo's Lucas a complete Christian Butler ignition to stay in whoever whoever gets the door for a first. On on line via FaceBook Twitter and more importantly were loading and 48. Sports Radio WEEI. Again make fun of five. It's our of the day increase globally like what else was usually gets started days only use. Little arts or things aren't aren't just sorry that our. The good she got it right face I apologize. I guess I'm. Sorry. It's the rule if it. Now. It's. Sorry. Answers. I apologize those. Right guys. We're at a regular doctor's right to. Anybody got it got him knows everybody everybody's eyes and it kind of added I think given the situation it was worth apologize and seven great time. It had to be pushed around the views coincide. Uneasy last week the latter is laughing it's the what if I just hit him and likened head like. Like weeks later yet she chucked them marker it. Tangling in what is an hand. I got him I'd be perfectly. You right here in the eye socket you can hear the and that that's why I felt bad because. I thought I actually thought in the in the aftermath I injured is. And so even that quick that rub it in Paul plane could that little. It's our songs I write so I always our ipads are waves holding his tie on thinking well it's what. Like he can take me accord habit what happened that he did. Not install it stood and that's the game. He took you know he took he pick he took two steps grabbed the market in the pack and leave seriously I thought I thought was gonna become physical again right. I think anywhere else would not have a would have resulted in beat this whining like a little pod like the bitch there. But he vote gives situation I've I will not back down. It was a warned that a policy like the beginning this if you lie ahead Steve if you belie its. Drunk losers who. It hurts goes for the soft yet which is is you'd at a list of his abilities that as number one on it solves a lot of opponent out. Indeed via the soft on that field. I'm always match at a time but I I'd. Get over it yes now right to your strong internal church wrong. Your poem I'm aware that that brings you power you you're you're remind me of this Billick you need to watch cool running. You watch the movie equal rights I like I can be the guy I went right birthday party for cool running I was a kid we went on we went to see the movie box let yes I was like not 89 and I it. That's why birthday I was going to sequel right sorts remembered the scene. I look into mere ten. See junior he's teaching. What I want militancy. Icy. Icy out. I don't went up to crack up and. Players we released on that you have when I created is not blow ice from what you should know to keep. The ball. So ball tools. And look at this Europe and again what is. Seen and but I try. Well well we've seriously. C a matter mother who won't get caught up what appeared IC IQ I don't. Well eyes up got to ask mother. Want to drop off and went to ICI. Yeah ice it ice I'm not gonna who want to talk about what you. I think that's due tomorrow that you tomorrow possibly starts popping around. It starts make it fun to view much say IC pride. It's our felons and your right to your right down you can yell at you wrote I wrote you wrote that down you were on the screw I don't wanna go our report pride. That's really monitoring it right yeah when these days teacher whose script writes a me too. I'll say after yesterday I'm feeling a lot more confident myself. Based on one. We went to Milken's after the show I saw that. And they out that'd be in the most bad ass Kentucky Derby I'll bet you could ever imagine bill and I gotta give sending them Cindy over there. Walked in and she had a couple different outfits ready to go and this health thing. Is like eight plus plus plus pull out of my element of a I get treated like it's the picture yet many people responded saying Al. Three times boats are boats highs not normally my look she solely completely on this. And I I I felt good yesterday I felt great today the first thing with C Byrd said to me. Much I love the LP yesterday. And Lucy Burge is somewhat of style. She's someone of substance. She went to a very expensive predatory school fitted our expense of all girls college if she learn those things she knows what. Like elegant so she lassie bracelets in England steal its phenomenal she came into my office. Delivered the treatment of the reads from the David sending the all the stories and ignoring today that now that you predict a thing for him and said hey I just wanna say you looked great in the derby yesterday now. Really trial and Lucy yes Lucy and my confidence right now sky hike she's not on these. Every balls on Twitter these lose well I Hulu is on Twitter who are saying that all the comparing me to the new easy to movie news Hamas. Or I got you know like I got I got eight I live analogy as Horry Dunston checks in reference are they making the monkey jokes you lose certain living your basement morons on Twitter who keep tweeting me these things I don't care rethink key point in the I'm ignoring them. This. The receiver and moment of plastic and self styled. So I look good for your tweets you losers. Doesn't matter as it don't matter anyway yeah I inject I differences I think I'm are on jockey Elvis and I'm in new Jersey's on the paper boy. I don't care. School all of you Lucy now. Be honest. It was huge just got to go body away because you know that people make fun of them so you know. I'm gonna be the nice girl but at the mean girl to you very nice very sweet lovely young lady right. Nice to everybody here Mikey that's OK you're very nice connect. Nice everybody to know can ever say anything bad bad about you I feel like all about yes Brooke but for different reasons right. But I feel like you're looking at him as a charity case you know like you know what Huckabee someone's gonna you know make his day brighter. I'm reach some sunshine a rainbow into his life is in Washington. My head and it's like every eighties John Hughes eighties movies there's a character like Lucy in that moved them that makes somebody like you better look and sound nuts. Dot com's. Victims thrown like. That the Nazis to say she lied to pretty epic tell Pontiac can't across I honestly Drupal there was a follow up conversation afterwards. We talked about the Cairo Tuesday shaking your head so I county I have a national. Issues and sure as you look issues are Ross. How close comfortable should normally mill as they were bill and it's amazing experience district so you see pride. You see Powell I do today that's about Lucy saw or so that our pride. Impala and as mama. Like a magnet but nobody. Users and I don't we've for a second. I don't know what large it while we show I was losing life why don't you go out of her way because I don't look say that million luster good. What would it wouldn't get out of that this. You brighten up somebody's day because you're nice person a couple of you give some nobody else nobody else your boys your gonna come you know cosmic view. It. I don't care what you guys say again you in the losers on social media and Twitter tweeting me at much as we GW we yeah you losers earlier feelings are why blocked shots on a couple of reasons why what would you block swap to block all math I did this do not like us. He's merely listen of the show little night we did the sunnier the other day it's not a we showed you guys Tuesday. We're all Paul got very that it buses. Greats. Paul last on the air why did it nights when I was at the gym. We don't bench press. And what did you do you guys are talking about me in which money is easily two segments of dungeons and all of these guys. As nor with the show not you personally I didn't block anybody individually but the show. I was annoyed with the so I just want the show and at some point it's not a big deal able unblock the show. But Albert wanted to just solid all want to do the new thing because I know it because any but he got this doesn't like it in his eyes is that you just started I know it I don't think that in many of oh and what this show. Because now Paul's annoyed Paul brought this up off the air and on the air and out on a pulse and sound why would I want to show. If you powder perfect you figured polls and or. On a second wealth and it's a terrible it's it's old bookcase Joseph was talking about doing this again so is so sensitive. Well the correlation doesn't say that he should be sensitive over you blocking the show he could lie there you know. Lou right he runs he runs the show account yeah. And he knows if you look at the mosque followers on a different show counts right are you guys at least on Jerry's got some at some points and tumbling taking you tweet more. And you asked them to retrieve anything you to read it. No I Pollard and anything I've no idea not. I know it's around it's it's an eye on you like Leslie has got to be. It's was the beginning but now the now and Paul. Wouldn't you keep it going now the producer of the show's Matt. I don't think I've always act your much that your pitching you're listening to us you know yeah it was trying to Masso Christian colon and Lou not me. Our show about you bits that you know. The sure that the guys were saying our fine but you take that 5000. As it was it was the shell. Was that you guys are just too weird doesn't make any result partly should 5000 person counts he knows. Bright and the final. All to we civil war. We really gets more activity on a Twitter account we'd be better with your tweet gotten criticism that's why I act that he liked that hole he can't block anybody. Who I blocked hundreds of one while just you don't you speak. Success not it's tough on. It. Like hundreds of high so cool. Your pick and he works. It's just sensitive. I'm not I do. We're used to blocking send them over message while you wanted what a difference like we can't I go back and forth at each other like we're mean and occupants not gonna cut it yes or math I didn't like at the Jones down about you have 29. On the app that that raise your definitely somebody that break which we try to OK because. I don't care I'm checked out a to smells the brutal Madonna snow's gone actually. Nice Lucy came minutes rates you give us a whole list anything else on the initial issuance are going to back these wanna keep a their team well I don't know articles on we have two stories. I get to fix that Cuba pulleys and we do have a net. Good news from the NFL. Real talk real IT you know reduce your real good news from the I have to tell you something that you have been waiting for I don't I and so it reverses the something that we talked about. To start the show along the good news in the NFL is a good short good tease out the coaching from his. Coach him. The coach him up into torture. And Muni if you are at I want to try and almost all of you tonight or early. I've what is it with salt.