OMF - Christian shares commentary advice with Jonny Gomes; What can be done with Carson Smith, Blake Swihart 5-17-18

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Thursday, May 17th

HOUR 1 - The Oakland series is over which sadly means that Jonny Gomes won't be in the booth. Christian, a veteran of football color commentary, has advice for Gomes so he can be the great color guy we want him to be. Blake Swihart wants out and Carson Smith blows up his shoulder. What do the Sox do with a guy who doesn't want to be here and one guy who probably isn't wanted?


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On him when he. Beach Fort Wayne and moaning and 41 thing about our guys than to be transparent genuine men responsible answer for that accident. Eric may repeat. Put packer I read it that you've sort of letting you a little bit of that did you take it that way at all neither take about way bush he got me vent my surprise but. And I if you saw that way he shoots out to us right now we got to move on with clay and Lou and Christians. Good job putting on the black and not enough light for a straight threes count. 32. Seven. JD checked me. 46 to re launching. An old trees you get a good yes plunging and found little way to hang in. Would you like to call emergency swing right here and he was in the ball real artist outs were loud and come loud outs nice line drive earlier on in the game. The barrels barrels of big. Now on Sports Radio WEEI. Certain exercises. It myself an awful lot. I learned you hear us saying they're not saying. If you if you are out if you listen emergence okay here here's is it's it's it's easy fix little yak I can help it a valid opponent. But look at your gonna help just don't. Yet in this craft yes yeah I know is I do do it I know there's only been around fully two and a half weeks you've been a mentally too I've done a lot of games similar views of them and I can help not to because all you all he has to do he says he he got a couple phrases that we called them. Does that a lot and call or that's what we like to call we'd like that fit those two phrases recalled that. With this is what we like to. The vocabulary the words to the old eight ball that that the part that open right there where where he hasn't used generic term reason we like to call with with whatever he says who's now artists out were allowed only allow doubts OK okay so cool and it's allowed out who wouldn't add so here's my point. Take out loud out and Hewett called. Urgency swing right there just think that's that's an emergency what was you leave a brighter than what you meet welcomes the man he used. He's nervous I mean that's. All these neo that's good point this out because that carries out yeah we call. It's a good at the heart out good coaching points that he doesn't it say his crutches that's who we like that all we like to call. That is that is he's crutches and lost his glove because yard sale right there. I don't know that people say wow that he had them. Yes the bottom line it's going. Duke stopped. Already it is not it and it would call that five tool player and everything that. When he he kind of connects to silly things worries did you the obvious five tool player and that's what we'd like to call for just a baby stepping baby stepping. Take out that we'd like to call and your good. Yeah today. Take that out too he was all excited last night because they announced the the winner of the the film producer thing that the hundred dollars and energy let's. Pride and suddenly he cited that made the he could put an entry in next year for the schedule imagine what the Jonny Gomes. Video would look like the film. Winner winner chicken it's an yeah it would be. It would be all him. The Orlando area dinner I would be entered the end it would break do you imagine how we were problems up up again he was doing if you don't like diesel biography. You know like everything would be like. Yeah most important. You know certain circumstances. In unbelievable game saving play like the hard hit. Would wolves are now in part out. Yeah out loud outs explained that blot out loud out which will allow become loud and our son's well well it's nice line drive earlier on in the game. To the barrels barrels of big. Bone marrow there's no. I would say good guys there's there's some there. UK could wrap it mold I understand people I need more gas ZA. I guards and can you men. Who would would run the lines of thinking is that report on the sidelines. For Johnny Jones did you can only imagine an honor flag high. How long does the sperm ago I hope pointed this out last night on on Twitter I think of CM thick I think of getting that answer on NASA gives you wore a fifth if you notice is why don't. Students Steve Lyons is doing what I think a lot of fans wanted to do and that is. He's articulating. Very clearly. Is that he's going to be on strike. I don't what we have we started doing it was the world abetted sending. You know base running gaffe last night of two wrecks budgets are and it went right in like the Carson Smith discussion of both fatigue. And it was just that you could tell lines it's like do you know what you put Jonny Gomes in the Booth over me you know I. Gloves are off brawl what do you do get army forget on your players you put new weight he's part of a team and when I'm solo. I'm shreds of people is good left yet anyone know best good youth and. Sam is not a good time as an eye on missed them would you want to bet attendees that as they eat anything you want I said well I'm both play well at all. This is a hard situation that the fan I like cars and Smith and I want him to do well this guy's got a tremendous arm but he's going to be out of the game I think for a long time now. And and to say that he was overused is just idiotic after making the mistake that he did. I hurting himself by throwing his glove look. And in the numbers just don't add up especially on fourteen and a third innings. All year how can you be fatigue after that he's never gone in three games in a row ever on the season. And guess what he's ever thrown more than twenty pitches. With those kind of numbers he can be picked in the midfield Little League and as you wait it'll you know they're they're not enough fatigue you should be getting stronger and stronger just a really tough situation. To defend and be on his side on this and you know if if if the organizations upset or. You know they take this the wrong way he could have bottoms of the ticket out of town to the active. In getting doubted it was that I don't doubt that nothing was I was at least they're not outrageous every element is saying that you know for the I don't know maybe for them the pregame that simple games that maybe you don't you're normally hit. US and even beat them that's hot how do you it's how do you defend Parsons met you care so what Wakefield said. Alia that situation reply you can really never know you can't. You can't really be too critical because. We don't know what his arms like you don't have a problem with this but I'm proud when they show that weight would have been on this one yes this one is is this when it's so easy you defendants now it's it's like he's completely. On the other thing too is that you know. I don't think you have to deal with Carson Smith anymore no he's right on to say you're happy right there if you're commentator. You can say whatever you want about cars and Smith and on the needs me to have people cynical should ease up on him. Mean he just threw people under the bus. Because he tossed his glove and dislocated shoulder to blame it on basically you show you coaches anybody can go off on him. You know what he did it the first day and I can understand it he's frustrated with what happening probably feels that they were using them a little too much okay your little baby. Fourteen and a third innings. But then when they went back to when the media went back to Karstens with yesterday's game. Opportunities that they are brought to quote from the day before. And instead he said I had no comment the comment speaks for itself I you're kidding me at that point if he cared at all. About being here in this organization at the federal about taken responsibility. For his own actions he was innocent. I got a little frustrated and probably spoke a little too much yeah I got to be ready for that I mean I gotta I gotta pitch when they asked me to pick. That's awful but instead you know all he doubled yeah. Yeah and it's like screw you know some fault that I 2 o'clock or she organization's fault if I'm Dave Dombrowski if I'm Alex core is that this. Right now anyways I'll lie at a united saw a summit between south I don't know who was. Just to prove that how how lame his his his excuses. Because there's a 159 pitchers who have thrown more innings out of relief in Carson Smith this year. 159 pitchers so I tell me that he's old he's he is he he's the only guy that's so all these guys have been thrown more. More innings and everything else potter not a home. Yeah you're a guy that that's been used too much could you want what they were the manager is pushing you work to a to a place where your uncomfortable because. If you listen Alex Cora. Always says is not no we dumb that's not true we we talk to these guys and we make sure they're good to Golar pagan is high time we spend about that. But it is. Protect his players a Christian pisses me off even more that when the player should have realized. What he said was idiotic. He should've when he had the opportunity to meet you gave me opportunity Lou to back off of that oil and what does he do we doubles. You would have at least been like well now sort of backed panel right in Anderson again it you know whatever body had to because you spoke emotionally. Any should've because he he threw his manager his pitching coach on that Abbas but he didn't know he means it no comment yet he really is I what I said Vito costs for Smith. I asked him about what ice whenever it's slick. And there's nothing about her people say well you know he's come back from injury. That you at what point. Last year he came back from in two years of Internet last year he came back from injury so the second half of the year last month or so you had to be careful with how you used him correct right. Last year. And now once you've got back from injury. And you finished the season. You know we knew we baby due the last month because yeah okay we realize that they're gonna do with public Thornburgh if you have a comes back this year. But once Thornburg has a healthy offseason. Like Carson Smith did and you have a false spring training. To what point are we no longer nursing educator with Tommy John. Or some kind of injury that but what does that gloves come off. I don't you you came back and picks last year you attic yet what it's five months four months of an offseason to strength. You ready normal spring training. Which is a baby session. In the entire time you're done you can just strength. And you come out of the gate was dosed most of debut. You know I mean when when is it and beautiful she's eight he's gone you got to snatch and I've got his glory and said the other day I sent told you guys. In the Yankee series you'll want they evidence that Carson Smith is a guy think of us are leaning on. Because of the changeup he's been throw the changeup deep throat was like a split fingered fastball. Which one reason why you let these two for twenty up this guy but lately. It is betting game changer of the opposite bat you know and meaning. Meaning when a right hander throws off as now vanity that lets me he's only two left it now it goes the other way around of the elect need to be told to write what you neutralize that at times could be eighteen and jock. What's what's this shelf a crazy changeup there last week. He let this is going to be the guy to pursue both sides an additional. And now he's just participate Allred and blames it on over use. Joseph Kelly was fun must into the Japanese but overall this is the guy that got visibly hold what they right now face this is what it is. It is defeat EO part of the order. Barnes in the sixth or seventh with a tough part of the order and he's he gets that one. At Emory bottom third of the order in the seventh he gives that one and Kelly's got the 98 rather. It's Mittal the order and a seventh Kelly probably get seven you sought the order DA may be at Barnes. But that they have those three guys right now. That's all they have fewer Tug boat over use. Of those guys might get over use the. Bit about the point or to talk and audience and you'll see in their umpire I don't know what I'm not I'm not fun because I don't think that's going to be enough if you looking around at all to do you know the regular season. If you do different things right they're they're gonna have to making a big deal. Our country. And they're gonna have to make a deal and their they're gonna have some limitations of what they can do. And that their end and that's why we'll get to Jackie Bradley junior because I think. He he's the main candidate than to go here's the funny thing with so Tomas he asked core about bullpen and it would which was interesting to me. Was just how we answer the question like all the different set of circumstances. You that he goes through his head based on who goes based on what circumstances let you write everything else. So how do you handle that going forward and how much of an area of concern is that for you we we don't feel that we have guys that we can match I was against NC we used Marcy sometimes in the six innings against the middle of the order and that we use MBA Joseph Kelly. For me was a guy that I identified this before the season when I got the job that. That guy throw the ball the way he's talent is he's going to be cable guy to give this high leverage innings he's done so he's done so far. We use in sometimes in in the eighth inning with two lefties coming up he's been outstanding against and so we use and sometimes these guys and can catch up with the forcing fastball. And them breaking mold these bars and sometimes looming credit in the in the ninth. That's why it's obviously is a hit because the way he was thrown the ball mean Houston corner he'd he had. There was an at bat in you're against hicks he threw a lot of things to do with retained us. That's on the third base dugout looked like there was sliders and I was like eight he he's getting there but to bat we got to move on let's be honest he's hurt he's been helpless. Right now so we we've got to find other guys that can step problem in mobile and it's. In opus at us and analysts I don't. That's always worried about it is bad it's a good LA they had rocket that he's done that haven't he's done he's he comes back east salary arbitration eligible correct yes next year if we get good. Killing of a few. He's done he's out of the organization I wouldn't pay anything but I do I just I still think it's a problem I think he's glossing it does let's go to speak to let these Boston right he'd done on the glass he's trying to he's saying nice things about the but these are his threat about his bullpen right now he's admitting Karstens got the losing him is an issue but he's kind of saying we got this we got out of manager I don't think it's absolutely demands it in just in the all I mean it seems like it's getting there. Well yeah he's trying with and I had it right it's automated blood and that is and other nationalities what do you have now is enough to get the regular season shortened when live at reliant you're bats with the division whatever the regular season will see. Playoffs absolutely not nobody knows enough intelligence that they knew it last year so. But look what you heard from Carson Smith right in the last couple of days by talking about the he did shoulder. Ill I know he's got good stuff but ultimately landed on a favor. After hearing him do you really think deck I get it done in the post season passes for tax equity. Heart attack care. Just about America as usual does Hiroshima always thought a fool you but do you really think he's got the mental makeup now you know season now look and get it done in the big spot not to be the eight tonight on now that he's pretty much immobile as always actually he actually did everybody you're forced to ultimately about it yeah and happy and eager to read this would help. But ultimately. What they're big and I don't retreat that ultimate. When they're gonna have to make me an aid they deal here as triarc stock gonna get that much does know is not created much I will say that's. I usually get pissed off. When a player. Asked the team to deal him away because I'm cynical all shot to stop it you know but in this case we're swipe card did is he had his agent to advocates point sex. He wants an opportunity to apply they're keeping them they're holding him hostage as the 25 member this roster and he's never going to play out score you avoid it. Asked the question about using this why heart in game as a catcher who should have listened to only if you think there's any shot. A Blake's wife are showing up behind the dish. In a game what's the harm of a given him a tried and it does it get to a point where you say all right let's just see what's he really can do not I think it's just I feel comfortable with the two guys and they do a good job calling games should end on the running game and let's be honest but it and a spot right now after 42 games is it's not easy just to go out there reform. At this level. It's nothing against him is just that we feel very confident with the other 20 shot well just out here to implicate even though the guys can't put anything in her life of a master I don't want to see Alamo like not in Indiana journalists. Predictable thing in the world at soldier at the end of spring training when he hit 250 with three or four bombs that should traded his ass and a city king getting things that we think is gonna get better. He does after 42 games of Malcolm put him behind the dish not fair to him. I think it's going to be up to 55. It's not get a 650 which is why there's a Dutch after 8590 games they would win. It's it's it was going to get away from him and now when Nunez come Pedroia comes back. JD Martinez before welfare correct we know that rallies or fourth outfielder maybe Janet maybe Jack she's a fourth out I was noticing usually are spent in it and bit smaller than your first baseman slash DH in any kind of a outfield rotation that people move around right. New US to back up third baseman shortstop at second baseman. You still got brought Paul to got to do everything he may never play either you know in this hoping happens. Only those guys I mean if there's ever date a player pinch hitter to win anything yet gonna cost why it's named. He is I don't usually at a fourth I have zero use in this a lot of you put them to get something would you talk about value. If if I'm the twins armaments on the team a lot of so many cats look at that and I'm one of those teams and has some interest I hear Alex scores say. In case of emergency we're not even gonna use this guy. Must and a myself. I can't catch. The Red Sox don't think he can catch we're gonna bring him in here we're gonna find out in the day to day basis he can't catch he's got one way it's one skill he's up. Also that's a great point too because you have two catches that are like the worst in the league leader heralding. 00 to Warsaw and he's he's that bad he's so bad. That you're worried that he's gonna cost runs got no value I that is so a new lease on eight I didn't know this you do things right I don't know you have got so bad. And I did Jackie Jackie is you know he is what Jeff. I don't play again is he gonna ever have the opportunity so they they settled up front how many days Obama 32 days. He came back and played in one right gigabyte plan won't. I YouTube you'll fall at any punch out and went the last set up ministry catalog and that this entire series. Against the couple right yes. Yes and so I think they look at it and a line. But by Cora didn't didn't see enough of them knows enough improvement improved mentally just enough here's the other one. JD Martinez. Is a better hitter when he's playing the outfield vs DH I don't know if its focus I don't know if it's a toaster just root get routine as he's been accustomed to it. Maybe he's one of those guys he sits in the dugout. He's not engaged out in the field to know what to do with himself you know and he's just losing the timing or whatever so if you're a Red Sox and you brought this argument up by the yesterday and the day before. Jacqui what do made that play or whatever. So much Carolina project he's out of the lineup. He Ruhollah and they know that we don't run they get out of JD Martinez I don't Jackie problem is here's his problem that the catchers. Don't know I know he candidate but. The catchers are so bad you don't want to part of one guy and he ordered outline that's got two guys. Eight and I know you're you're forced to trying to achieve so who work and I working I give up some a little bit and we're coming right so I don't think there's going to be just a little bit better but you reportedly Jackie Bradley. There's a thing so in the offseason when I was screaming that you know my number one plan would be you know. Is it basically. All the first basins that route their members of Kagan these guys bring back more right but I wanna Jacki for ray you. And all the save a metric people tell me just open another Red Sox would lose that. If Jose Brady which 300 every year of thirty bombs those who agree to gamers that club's biggest advocate earlier projected grabbed. As you know they hate relievers geometric people hate I'm sure you don't think the impact games you get better than that for Jackie Bradley junior fury the team right now we have seen Jackie Bradley the biggest problem that it. They're dig them browse he's facing. That coming into the year he had a depleted farm system so you have your assets is that there's an okay. Trade value. What do I have to trade I can get Sutton with. Allman Amylin prospectors that Tommy John men of a two prospect of paying that TDs and nobody knows he's gonna revert to what he was two years ago maybe before he was off the jump. Could last he was phenomenal but now subtle wonder what the hell that was all about right yeah so. What else do we have this tradable well we one of the better catching prospects in baseball from a few years back who never plays nobody knows that good or not. Our other odds depth starter Brian Johnson returning to left handed reliever who can't do that so that really hurts our values they are. Many arrest Jackie Bradley you know granted if you sit and he wouldn't be a trade you know you wouldn't trade him because he's written but he's not so he can't get much to bear. What do you do you think you get that we joked about Minnesota to start catching you that you get Addison reed. Firm for Blake's wife has helped a bit trying to win TO right so what do you do I mean you to meet. You've got to find out what you can get for swatch guard Johnson package and if you political and other minor leaguer down there so be it because that's a pitcher and catcher that teams would love to have. That got you by by the co owns okay because what are they gonna tell you I don't mean Tony got very good gym to get you. You're noted that who who who owns yet he also had Johnson and packaged in essence that's ominous thing. All you tell they don't now somebody up. You got a problem. You got a problem because we already know the the you can't win without bolstering up that bullpen right now and so are you look at the competition you've got that's the strength of those other teams they kill you in the eighth and ninth inning they believe going you know that he think I saw a lot of life huddle and move on from swat art. Johnson. Or real old picked Johnson Steve bright one of the two would you deal somebody like Bradley Jackie Bradley somebody like Jackie Bradley Walter Hayes Christian. I'm not sure he's got a future here now and I love I love what he makes it great catches appeal but I don't think he's got a future here because it seems to me the JD Martinez. What's the play you want you don't feel he oh he'll have more value to another team that will be willing to deal with his issues at the plate. Because they have a stronger overall lineup. Like there are worst hitter is it. You know 150. In other words hitter may be is like 220 and they'll they can afford to wait for Jackie Bradley to figure out or not. It doesn't matter or willing to deal with what's your issue that the petition so damn good defensively you're gonna end up. Helping us aren't brought a great you're you're mr. baseball and some people mostly WR of the fact that you are 88 black hole at the the bottom of your order right now because you're catching position no matter which guy. Hits is useless up there makes it even worse because you can't have two guys in the order do when that you're much better team. With Moreland at first with handling is your DH and Martina is playing out of the outfield even though you're outfield defensively takes a little bit. But how many teams in the history of baseball has had three guys that can pick it defensively the way the Red Sox have yet. That luxury okay he give up a little bit of that because you got to get offense in the lineup. I don't see where Jackie Bradley junior fixing you know and know how is he gonna get the opportunity to get back in the lineup. And and play for 1215. Days where he can show I can imagine. Yeah I'm out of the. Do was it you know beta accounts of what we do you move on from Jackie. Com. Resnick a steel. But this whole thing going on with his ass he's he's hit the ball. He always and 313 don't know much pop I mean that no home runs in his opiates that seven under birdies at 313. But again it's the contract it's eleven million dollar and did not mean it's not a right it's more than eleven million commodities and yet I don't improvement open and bring in a guy that might be what element the pay 456 million dollars. And it had this guy's a fourth of the other defensive replacement for JD Ottawa I'm blown through that luxury tax deal you might say who cares. May maybe it's a poem gears. We feel this good of a team without as a matter if you get really improve your team. So you deal roast me but you have to pick up some of the contract correct you have to do this or all of it yet. All of it over the rest of his eleven million a year for a whatever announce a fourth outfielder sad day one played for less try to get an edge whether it's got to. Case they are literally locking them up and putting him in jail and and throwing away the keys 46 years old. They it was a a top prospect. He's not getting an opportunity to play. Recently custodial Maggie get 72 million bucks out of a hole gave disseminated to a excellent pay to play it is into details a lot is full but but he's not getting an opportunity to know a Major League Baseball now the. Drew and the thing you could. You could trade his ass they call me if somebody really believes in them but they're picking up that contract. You be willing to pay a much you're willing to pay of that well. To include ruse day pick up. All the freaky contract I don't know. Not even though uneven all the luxury tax ramifications of that. Picking up his contract to trade and that does tackle back on your books to include him with sly art with Johnson. And try to convince somebody that could be something. Sees it if you if they depicted the catching position is an issue at the plate. And wouldn't it make sense for you'd to pick one or the other. Like so instead of space so instead of it sandy and and Vasquez slate it somehow one of those guys are gonna be moved out and answer why he wanted to move that's the other thing like it. That's to be you must really think he really sucks this wanna traits in a wheeled right. What do sadly have on knocks over. Twelve is there's still let fear stop saying you need him with sales. Anke catch is no question yet and yet you know he can catch and throw called game there's no doubt about it but it isn't that one way to may possibly go about it a guy. I have to say like let's just eat let's just say let you know slaughtered those fallen etc. catchers are swing the battle group. You know and gluten may be enough to kind of get some value form at the trade deadline now leisure really thin get baskets let's get you go find those in Leona got to catch and throw you tell me when you heard outscored Tebucky. When you hurt Irish are easy to fast likewise they usually do. Asked that question about why her did you not when you listen and answer the first reaction I had was there and have a zero chance he's going playground and it never is not going to catch and he's that it would have liability yeah yeah yeah and I think he really sucks. Because the that's how they sound right now and that's why would you want would you if you round score even goal for the save. When NASA might get an opportunity might use them down the road and we'll see through tough votes right. Did you confer with their own people to leave it open looks was almost opened frank basically no free skin chance. And they can't even get pissed off at them. For demanding trade because he did to his agent he came out spoke with the media and said listen I'm on your to do is they'll do whatever they want to do he played good soldier game and I don't blame his agent. Or him asking Egypt to ask bigotry and what is X what's up it was an opportunity to dream complain about it the Red Sox are given them an opportunity. He's kind of place. Sitting on a batch he's playing as much as. Yeah it's almost like they Duma a disservice to just by you know you know cherry pick in one place. Like I mean it was all about rhythm and Honda Australia how he never saw how do you even know. Which are getting what you have to go back to what year to really figure out there's a good luck getting it you're like any idea what he is this year. The biggest biggest missed tested it and you know it will put a bench together is my back up catcher being offensive minded catcher. As you go play enough to get any office. And why that's why you back up catchers are defense because. You can get that everything now you can play once it once a week once every ten days and catching called it game block balls throw guys out you can do that. But if you're an offensive minded catcher that weak defensively. Why you backed a catcher and a big Melissa misplace it roster ever gonna show the offense if it's a misplaced roster spot normally if he had options to be down the target he wouldn't be here. So they're holding on to awarding them right now is that the rules delighted that it does that it that it crappy. Low market team holds on to and just. Keeps him up all year long so they have his rights for the future exact that's what he has full what does that tell you Lou about the fact that they have the worst. Production of any of that does it ultimately any team in the and she can't get so let's go to the GM let's go to energy onion Dave Dombrowski called you'll opens is a real swangard that's not enough it's legit prospect. What is he gave he's a catcher. Well he's so good you're catches by the late so neither one none of them to admit that the worst. Leggett slugging percentage all PS by a million in baseball you wouldn't let so what you're trying to tell me that this kid is that good but secure place for you know. And you got the worst offensive catches and big. Meanwhile as you are saying all along you can't picture him every once in awhile and expected he you're gonna have. Excess out so you have to get may be a couple of weeks where he's up here getting four at bats per game. We get some some group that's the same problem with Jackie Bradley junior. Twelve to fifteen games two weeks to let him go out there and play every day. Well I think actually disagree with what they do Jacqui send pollsters. I I don't agree that nothing out of the do you sit for three days and single working your swing. Given two days and say we did see enough. And then not play him again for three it's like you know you give a guy started every day play you give him three or four days off. You've got to the Enron general out there for a week while I think that's an every game one game two might be ugly but maybe 3456. When he goes. I think there's another wrinkle to all of this and that is I think 280 Martinez wants to play in a field I think that was part of his deal when he came here he's going to play X amount against. And that means Jackie is the okay especially now the way Ben and Denny is sitting right he's not gonna set when you're sitting him once every once in awhile ago is just to get rest and is no way. You're sitting there right fielder unless he this morning that ankle is his sore. 5617779737. That is our phone number a lot of stuffed a wedge to by the way it is that get elephant. On line one on our call screener being held hostage did is day eleven. And there's no now that's the guy named Linus line is broken do not take. It's like what do you think we are eating its network were were delves that's a Jonny Gomes one line is broken do not take. So we see that we we understand. What do you think the the future is for a line what are we moving October. Have middle to know what I say we go four lines until October we're good we're were were dreading it what's that again dreading them. Yes you ready for that would know you'll do you wanna be on the moving committee. No I do rescue you I'm going to Arnie have a plan Moriarty at an ocean there's it's a good the last goodwill he can't and I wanna get to. A work on at the Jonny Gomes line like that that's very good due not to. I'd 61777. On seven and 8372 vote about. They show. What WEEI. No Hanley doesn't hit many cheap ones that certainly would have qualified good. Sales foul. You. Faxon. Runs off god I thank god overpriced perfect just times. People Brian said that there are telecast life there's definitely an island tomorrow night at. Yeah edification Waterman Arizona and organizer boy act and you strategist move on from lastly it is economically and Brian you know Florida on memorial. Ever since a sudden he's. He's been really. You're really good to have you noticed teaching slots are under the bridge and excuse that tough used to be tough to be critical it be fair review and values line that's a good prices right now are just sucks up to these guys are probably just read about price tonight and Gutierrez curve ball and out the bad. Herbal Ali's dad. Miles carpal tunnel and I don't break it down for a minute and I actually don't underestimate that cobbled I had an off extended back and that's I don't like okay. How debilitating I mean he can't do it here and telecast you gotta ask him because he hasn't done a game since he hurt. Not since that. Mile or so I don't you know OK yeah so it's mild carpal tunnels and how it affects it is O'Brien well I it doesn't. You defeat the and that hey if you're in the moment that this is that you don't really like that. Topic I don't need you gotta be warned. That. Aren't world warrior it Cole are we call that he. The lawyers for her yeah. Got that missile could hit show on weekends overdose and sure Jonny Gomes beat host that's perfect for that it and regretted that Leslie all well you know what's. I. Crossovers. Its sponsor. And sponsor on the details of money to do about you don't want to noises in north different dimension when you do a loot all lewd a couple of the new addition to the kids that there was no hole and almost silently crawl into that club. Lou discuss the incident went on to me knows I know everybody and I and referral from a reporters and cheese if you're. It's a more exposure Johnny B good is going to be good thing with the youth with a disability. He's jacket he just he he's moderately masters and two pain. Clearly be great he did pretty good first inning right there Chris Sale check in with three strikeouts Red Sox check in. Reruns of star. Might well. So it three strikeouts through rooms on first and I don't know did it to me who want it may mile what he geez Chris sanity in the sooners Susie that he was talking about it's that's up easily get this feeling and you don't get through this and and I am two run bomb Jimmie did drive. Are there is gone hey guys don't have to be here tomorrow. It's new to us tomorrow. It's it's a short time Jesus centers of this shift and you take the DVR and you'd back it up and you see did you just say woody said at one point talked about the three strikeouts. That that recessed at three strikeouts and then they get three runs. That's something like that aren't just playing recently is that sort of like oh well I'm sorry what was that -- imagine what it we the growth slowed just always on it as 03 strikeouts as the ocean have spent six hours out of its line one name has over it front I bet that one bad ever afford Allison and start off like Paul wanna be like Q does that a lot of time on working. But it was the stuff you hear from. Disappearance he did he really just since it hit Altria. It's gonna get old pretty quickly it's it is the easiest three games every once in all of us money have you ever really and that's probably I nest in the season Jules I think our community are these elevated. It's all my guys budget accidental engine that you spend the norm that. But too much of it aegis system starts hurt me feel like you grow up I just want something different. It's great six batting average. This situation right here. Send me. This Olympic. Cell. 571. Batting average that means solar convict the person. Roughly 57 point. Want to draft time yeah. Up until the all the has to do was taken out that's what we call I takes out that's what we call that I'd like to call. He's here at 300 hitter that means roughly 30% of the time. Three dollar and I want to that that needs it is there's a couple that managed NN that we I mean we mean a loving and by seven email line. Means more than 50% of the club and at Buick and if you were able to well written about it if it isn't his the issue. A losing hand found little way to hang in. Would you like to call emergency swing right you're sitting on fastball swinging it's lighter seawater goes on her. She's suing them for sale. I I changed my mind members said yesterday and the day before I wanna see. A side box a will circle the you have Dave O'Brien just so we concede Dave's reaction when he says something stupid like that now I want it in the truck. I want the entire crew in the truck with camper top I know there's some discussion it's an eagle and a great yeah. It is some executives come to this is relatively there S and its late. But he points that you don't know is if you didn't know that not everybody knows that 57 you wanna to you know 50% yeah. Explain that that's great what I would like to do noses out of my game with my daughter and she's you know who is learning so much every night. This is what it does it's she's seven is a pink cat broadcast maybe they should do you know they obviously beat channel you can listen Spanish or whatever. Bonus marchers to make us that Ezra and I would set. Maybe that's what did you do it in dinner. They should have a separate audio line that the just put for the jolly old city wall but it shows that Johnny golf witness at all it there was a lot of strikeouts. A lot of pitches. It was really like really intelligent if you wanted to. To the dugout went into the clubhouse and you like Dave some buddy list of all these things. And you ask them to explain them or they've never heard that before would anyone be able to. Say oh yeah that's what we added that is what we call no original plans as tax holidays no digital players love right I mean I saw some name. Our guys so I don't see some video already with him and Handley and economies of Asia south there he's dug a muzzle their own yet all told he's got. Thrown out there for his 46. Miles in the game there's leather there's longer. And he's getting he's getting about as much playing time to swipe card that says honey hole I like now ones on. Yeah oh all right there. The basketball moon. There isn't one there's there's there's no equivalent it's the I don't really get shot and all night put it that aren't. This stuff dumbing it down some months it's all Perry also is like all the other stuff I would just laughed. But late you know the whole team now you know. The nine O meter rates it triple so therefore now the alarm you know goes back to all teed off yet I have flips over here Leo yeah. I don't think for a guy is at the national leader gets up my dad in Ohio what who its next course. The digital content you intend to third birdie demons right. Yeah so OK with someone like being condescending to me I know older smaller than mine is I'm out and yeah. Oh yeah Jonny Gomes yeah it was so big but when I know what is that Pollack's opponent satellite are always smarter Kyrgyzstan or go at it drives me nuts like outfitted didn't opt it is with some day. Whenever scores the most runs is gonna win them all. That that maybe my favorite one. And then there's another thing I like this where you obviously. Obviously because you can't rat you can be unemployed saudis and obviously. Just a little nuggets you know the back pocket at a gentler you would usually it's obvious to him no don't say that the public call did you feel like you think so obvious. Say obviously. I'm sure that down the value is over their working on right now yeah well sure there are updated it's only watch the game all share the minor legal Metallica glad to see innately parties like teaching moments go the range shore to ticket. Unbelievable you know there's some executive over there and and all these guys Dave O'Brien and others are probably just say and something got kidney. There was an executives who sat him down and said you know I want you really. I had lunch with you right now and you teaching me so much about the game you'll need to beat a professor. Professor Gomes who on the based on our baseball broadcast. These people and this executive obviously doesn't realize more room Boston. Is what's been around for a while we wait we understand the game we. We know who I don't know why he's the shirt you know he's not just Maloney were split where people now plans. And he got it had exactly what war. National runner occupying apiece in front of actually afford at that and cam we called that act play OK easiest way to change the score. To swing the. So it's like that lumber. Not a lover a plumber doesn't get his mother and their slumber this record that's well there could lead was that partly to home field advantage home run. Sluggish rate shows you what one demo Italy's sees it to get a second chance to make first impression. Is this or August if this were August. I would sit here and and Luna we get together at the bit see if you could integrate O'Neal. Into those patriots proves again our guys are handed slash he did is dollars and I didn't I did did honey hole last year and I want to bunch. I add that I do a lot of that's what we'd like to call. Yet America India at a glad I don't wanna watch yeah. The whole bag of very good very good little players and Atlanta hopefully I was on multiple yeah act. I like they're going one way to try little man big goal the younger. You asking about does it earlier in the day here comes. But passage tomorrow across at its play action which means that they're gonna run that action away. And go out the back door. Cement plant. And yeah public is home after this. All the policies put up and all of method on all marathon WEE I can check that out on Twitter now Twitter feud to say but you'll ball are. And search for all MF RWE. I find it. Is that we think is Smart Johnny Gomes a Christian Fauria at. Actually Eric well I. It got so. Accurately didn't get a wave I get a little ball OK you are young ones right now if you know that you wanted to give I don't wanna mess they took also voted yes it is. I don't but once it actually means do all it was just throw it like there's an eye on the high quality and real I don't know that he realizes that you've used him a pat you get a pat on the back out because so executable that you liked him and others to reduce our first our ally in the following you and I like it feels like he did a good job you know come in put his head on your Latin young adult are probably going to really young people up there in their -- and almost literally beating you to loan so the NBA coach Brian would like there's the Peters the riders than there is the coaches. That actually vote for the coach of you who they think is the best coach in the NBA archive Bret Stephens. Didn't get one vote not one single vote in our guy Johnson mossy old but I wanted in the next the keys was it a news person Texas what's up first. All of that can overlook. What. What would think about it is when did it and. Sure 31 million dollar eight and got good. Hey we economic double in the I thought about it earlier. Yeah I wondered if they aren't. 31 million dollars reward is less than eighth inning. Well I mean you gotta gotta gotta other. It wouldn't cut it some thought it important in this order. The article and it being ultimately cheaper it out of the other like it elect that they. So let's say right now there's no chance in hell he goes to the pen right now now are you wanna get to October let's see how everybody's pitching. That's the only as I need another. I thought about it day and they're very oh. Got an eclectic and pathetic accurately or not. No they don't have won it and have a third catcher Ross there that they'll never catch. Ever answer Stanley being him in a put on the catcher's gear Erickson New Hampshire Derek. I add color coded how ridiculous Johnny come can be. And I've announced. I'm pretty awkward and act Bulldog yeah Barbara thank you Daryle Ward journalists she did she get some ground. And I don't in the background winner what are you never. Courted. Click on I didn't realize that they're 20000 dollar check is two years salary that's in her when she it's a real crucial job. But her. Fifth. They get kicked in it it's a variety of the way they're going to change it it's getting better. That was. Is. I'd love him and I really good but for short periods of Jordan is is that you can't of this and thank god expected. Bob thank Dave O'Brien lesbian and best available right it is as they are. Michael Michael Earley just Leo yeah Judy Martinez. Yeah absolutely on fires in 344. All bombs now than at launch. Just dead senator. So is it 34344000. OP yes Paul Holmgren is first 41 games. You look back at me any numbers to start 2001 Ramirez out. Mary is first 41 games it for eleven with fourteen bombs in 52 RBIs and she teased at 36 he had a one hour hello eleven and and many very similar wonder how many of those were opposite field to god so he's got five opposite. Field home run so for the season JD Martinez. The that's the best since I believe 2005 by a man. Certainly thirteen you're ridiculous some believe he can hit some people said he couldn't hit the opposite. I. He said he had an opposite Omaha opposite field home run early this morning knowing that I didn't quite understand what obviously I didn't I didn't wanna what I don't know him well this. Not I don't know again it's more general note I don't need to be taught as I don't I don't ordinarily I don't think you did I think tonight's yet because it's at all. All eyes. All the dog he's been snow emergencies and that emerged act haven't yet you go back to that was an opposite. Field home run opposite field meet your rate he entered the opposite field would be toward right field pole so I would be left field so when I say honesty O'Neill and we'd like to call that an all old bomb and Kelly hit to the opposite side of public feud here. Swing from in the batter's box that's what you call back no foul there. That's why a lot of ups Ford when we're Loney and 48. Christian on Sports Radio. Since it. The left field right field side you see the direction dead center. Launches that NASA is going to be about warning 930 degrees. Exit velocity is probably going to be around 10 wait dish. Launch angle. Standpoint 48 degrees she eat chicken. 46 degree launching. Old trees you get a good yes. Yeah a lot of Daniel took a little computer for other words you're in good care about the wanting to know. It's just and its age is this is exit a lot of players don't like the globe it's like the globe article. Voters is like this new little trendy little. You know metric that close which launch angle to alimony and author of the select when you go to the gym and like you guys they were which your bench and orchard vintage you children's first. Which are launching what do what drew wanted since last month's fortieth which Jordan adorable miners. Now all excellent you know they talk of an Olympic reversion at which have been what do you bench. Via the launch angle is the equivalent of about to meet and it antigen standard care how much you guys know how much bench right now it's just it's an exit velocity. What is it what your exit velocity program but we're just awesome effort well there. It is to keep the stats for summer for some things and you could sit there and say yeah. Judy Martinez leads the league and exit velocity which basically means is you know when he hits it needs Denard a mentally. Right or you could say this guy's slumping but he's got good exit velocity as it laws get no love. Or vice Versa but now it's just obelisk that that Dana Bogut it's a home run exit velocity was 110 with a launch. A hundred degrees and Lenovo can I went out last night when I thought my question is on the up delegating go ahead of the park or not that's really all we care about the with the don't wanna make it simply you get extra bonus for he the ball farther hitting a home run forward and the other. I ask you to stat sheet now guy at the bomb. You know I mean it is their season Bogart's ball traveled 438 feet it'll launch angle of 32 degrees with a exit velocity of 116 you'll like holy city like it's like anything else what you have for breakfast. Did you see the stuff. Frequent question do is pad those are the eyes with those rods that would be twenty armory available in fifteen games. Police plus. Serbia plus say you're right that that people respect you and we certainly Ambien and maybe it's because we're going from Tuesday to Saturday I don't know why grow. They're there while they're holding it backs of the construct in BA finals. On the 31 for the playing a little game of those who put it opens the door for all the geeks to come out with a analytics and we start the geeks came out with a yesterday if you've seen these glued to the defense of metrics but they came out with. So apparently market Smart headlight the great his defense and gain in the history America. I don't parliamentary how to enter and LeBron James who in any kind of accept my point yesterday so I'm not I'm not changing with the geeks are wrong but on your phone all of his hands because it's on its telemarketing he's been a little does it. And all. That yeah there's telemarketers change it from my interest on their hands on the all time on this side of the phone call a library I need Jonny Gomes who tried to explain is dumbed down season and it's hard every billion minutes Lou it's not a day at handles that one and everything you use it it's a good having a lot of these are having an an. And you're going to deploy always on the part of marriage is the first and do you targeted toward are featured on yes on my phones are always environments and general classroom first get a couple caught and I can't answer I won't different. Reverend you're right I heard a quarter you do it you probably you have. There have wants a New Orleans one. Your hair not yours Larry Jerry heard bits and about some danger telling a story practice to law could happen based. Yeah I get involved and still do not mean there's just a lot too loud out yet these are the right mice. What do we go on the new studio which group. It's good that's why I'm nominating you right now for the moving committee you know I know my eye on it I am on data and I would make a difference Duma on a movie all have automated. Probably for any against the Bill Lawrence remain out of life is that the goalie checked every single drawer and door to see you relate the body parts that relate to Jimmy Stewart might have left the only although it was going to be a dead fish somewhere yet but you'd miss the key senility voters lobster body else like it towards the ceiling and everything else video duplicate that the woman on to its importance. A couple of doctors are homeowners try to hide all the. I'm gonna get to this and a few minutes pollsters give me the paperwork is what they're looking for is they're looking a moving committee on our move. Athens to the buddy system into the shelter in the sports of studios we're moving into their studios. A down the street 'cause our company is like taking over the world okay. And does so we're moving over there a moving committee is being formed. And they're going to meet regularly. Now. And onsite actually IBM filling out an application here. Public Tuesday's. So badly knocked that puppy dog or don't know when they're not yesterday about Thursday I hear is usually only once that I wanna give you Micah mine a me give you know what you say OK I would because I had and it's it's going to be called all arms and put the put the word out. Receipts or jumps Farsi so what's happening is Paul is is talking and in my little yet iPhone interface. Yes because you're fearful he's fearful that by the time we move. If he doesn't end here to following the clock in some shape perform. He won't be moving with the movie committee hourly employees popular cafeteria right that's actually itself. We'll take a break out of hundreds of Bakken and we'll get to that to the so all Celtics stuff as well. The good morning saying. It's playing big date last night and watching TV. And the pregame shows is that the eagle of the word grooming that to tie looser out about the the Celtics that's gonna get a lot of play. Because we get so many days between game. Two in game three it will. And so I don't know and and and you care at all about the new kickoff proposals. Not deal. Count me to get thrown out everybody kind of you don't care partly what it is really after I do about the Cleveland Browns. Being on and on hard not I zero interest I actually think with this new kickoff proposal I think I would actually volunteered to be on the theme of it to proceed free ticket Thursday isn't that we're giving away because there are also volunteered to be equivalent committee first look ever don't think you know I remove my name okay.