OMF - Christian speaks for the first time since his suspension; Sox owners meet with media for first time this season 2-19-18

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Monday, February 19th

HOUR 1  - Christian Fauria makes his return to the airwaves and apologizes once again for his hurtful comments. The guys discuss their sensitivity meeting on Friday and their desire to be better going forward as they move on. Also, John Henry and Tom Werner were at Spring Training to discuss all the big changes to the team. 


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Fort Wayne and moaning and Hillary you fired. Georgia player rep or what do you think is gonna happen to be able. Alison Nantucket game I think to change your password. On Twitter you don't. Users from all shut some guards he's. Snack. Cake. Move proved wrong with whom I. Political and Lou and Christian duty embossed in the entire programming has been pulled for today as all employees engaged and then towards sensitivity training and I know that somewhere you went Boston aren't used to hearing Michelle and I know that your routine has been disruptive I didn't ask for that. I'm just doing my job I didn't say hey let's try to get on WEEI today I'm sorry again not my choice. Sports Radio WEEI. Oreo as of defense. You're about to hear plus it still works yeah. I'm Lester attitude and I just think what happens when my homework when I thought you know I didn't want to talk to you gone for the whole week link. There's a light cycles today and you. Look let's not going to see your micro fitting in mice. He did I'd like always wanted to switch it and and I don't know we get our I don't know when they already have power struggle already three guys make other golfer we you guys are ready to be for it right I don't know what it is sensitivity here all know that it's and it goes on that's what I'm supposed to talk price that that's when I do it that would game series. Our natural right. My voice or anything. And if the light goes off to shut up okay. Yet violence you know going through this at the top Lou let things that you and I had some time talking a little bit about it last week. And Christian was not here he was on a a five week you know. What do they call it suspend ties day by day so we see you right Lisa and half weeks that I think it's that it felt like five weeks. There's no way that it like five weeks for me so I can we wanna give you your opportunity is Lewis spent a lot of time talking about us flexible you talk. Aren't so. First off I just you know how many get into exactly what happened the first day need to do is publicly. Without tweet apologize to die on me that's the first guy. I was concerned with site when is anybody else who was offended anybody else and it doesn't matter. You know if I'm a multiracial and my kids duration it doesn't matter what I do is they are some. The speedometer in Japanese or Korean while I think you for your brain and nobody but again I don't know but it's it's fine but it and in the in the big scheme of things when I'm more concerned with is how people were sold and divide us. I was wrong I am sorry it was stupid and a big scale of one to 1010 being the dumbest thing I've ever done that's probably yet. Ed and believe me and I've learned a lot over the last five days of sorts because in the past. You know being multiracial having kids federation and I talked about it on the show I felt like I can promise you anything I want to because every single nationality was represented in my house. Asians Japanese Korean black native Americans. On Irish you name it represented in my house so we tease each other a lot about everything that nothing's taboo. But what happened over the over the last sort seven days has opened my mind to a lot of things guys got to state a lot of people 11. You guys for just. Holding it down. Sending me tweets are just keep unions I don't jump about ten story win wind records it was rough for me the backlash was rough. And that AJ all the people at the Asian American Jews journalists association. Who are. Not only compassionate. But understanding. And I was really taken aback by that because Google is the one that one group that was most concerned with. Where the nicest where the most compassionate when they they were no interest they they weren't they and the number one that was Don Yee himself. I was scared leaflets that called Google and apple was this one down on Friday and we all went home expecting have a good weekend. And then the story comes out. And the first thing I did the very first thing I did is well I'd gotten touched dreaded yet again that's a bridge to get done these phone number. That's the first person I want to talk to. I want to talk to John you're so I think it could talk to him until Saturday. And by Saturday and be seated carnage and is carnage it was late it was like a purge title was destroy everybody. Some fuels more supporting me which I don't want and make that clear though I don't want me by support. I don't want anybody patting me on the back in telling me hey it's no big deal with just a joke it wasn't it was terrible. It was it was unbelievably uncomfortable for me to have to actually play that sound for. My kids raised by the way. He's Korean my kids my children in my house. I said listen I gotta tell you guys something we gotta talk about them at the play you something. It was one of the most uncomfortable situations ever when I'd take my eighteen kids and played this for them okay and they're multiracial also but big part of their culture. Is the position. So I called on me. On Saturday and again scared I thought he was written into works I heard he was hurt it was injury or it was really upset. Called Lamotte. I tell you like you know I could not be a more compassionate man like what what a rock star what Alice Dodd what I mean the guy. Just let me say my speech let me say my what I needed to say dormant apologized profusely because it was not my intent at all to embarrass him. Bring him into the situation happened defend themselves have people calling him. One of my head get a job right now and it was listening mrs. mean. The lesson for anybody. It's a different world we live and and dawn was very calm music you know first thing he said in line Lou the first thing he said to me I treated you. That was the first thing they came out of his mouth I've heard a lot about you a notre like we all make mistakes hey I forgive he's like three times. Alice beach us. Said he had no word outside. That obviously does not what I expected. I expected to be chastised expected to be raked over the coals which was and other situations but what with the most important person I wasn't. So from that moment on it became OK and this is this is him in you know bring this up how we make this Huckabee turn this into positive. How can we turn this into a positive that you got to get a good voice you know you don't mean to listen to you OK how can we use you. To change that aired for our children that's. I didn't think about this flip my butt off trying to figure out. How I can make this right. He's taken the lead with it he's controlled the situation. Immediately invite me to the Asian American journalists association convention which is in Houston. Which is a Houston in August I immediately accepted. And from that point time I want and a couple different conference calls with other members from the organization. All great people. Salt of the earth great people they just want it is they want their voice out there they wanna be understood and they don't wanna be included these dumb stereotypes. That still exist. Not guilty yet I do it all the time and that's that's me with the based on how I grew up what I'm used to. And you know the tolerance and you know and it toughness and iconic it's you know built up myself could probably of unacceptable. Not acceptable won't happen again anyone who does is stupid and it wouldn't talk like that is dumb anyone who does something like that should be reprimanded. So. Again from that moment on we started. Doing positive and just all hell broke loose. So the mayor of Chile get everybody else involved all it's no longer but it wouldn't let the eagle but the people who were in the trenches. God right right but the guy in Albuquerque, New Mexico just reads a sensationalized headline. Didn't get past the guy who look the people locally but some of these news channels that are writing these sensational headlines trying to people to call up people call me trying to get at. Tried to meet meet his face of the negative. And Satan. So and also the mayor never changed for the people who work behind the scenes who were really concerned with. You know making a difference using this using mice to pit incident as an example and is a teaching moment. Those are the people who were on point. Asian American journalists association Pia. I go how Chan. Dawn. Any you can you can make it your all mind you keep you could assume what you want. But I'm telling you something good will come out of this that's the goal in what started I need a star by Don Yee. They're tired of dock only 23 days later on I don't know know what's going on. But what we talked about is not a need not becoming closer and there was a lot of backlash. They should be. Bomb but he's a man I didn't know anything about it as well. Is that it is easier to California he's like I. Who got free agency coming up yet he's got to you know the draft company dot com my coming up. He's busy he's he's making these these. Prost Christian that you talked at all. You'll not directly but we did he knows what's going we are I was in direct contact with them so. But that discussion of what we discussed and nothing to do with this it is. You know it that's it that's his agent perk on words. Listen the kids need to know the difference there's not gonna change the parents don't change if the parents don't change indicates they're gonna stay the same. They're gonna think at this there are types are OK they're gonna think at the stereotypes. All are or accept it or not. They are not acts and this sensational. All that the crazy headlines that existed that's just reality. That's just reality it's not going anywhere people are gonna take what they want out of it my goal. It's just make sure that I become a positive impact. With this organization and really for anyone else who wants to get involved so that's warmer belong with this it's been a rough week for everybody. For you for for Lou for Kirk from Jerry. Board dale for our. Rich for Michael Palmer thank all you guys do is everybody reached out to me and an added I don't I don't deserve it I don't really don't deserve it. On but I accepted because. On the whole. I didn't like the way this this company was represented and in the words ever being set about it. I'd be elected in and I told you guys this week or my brother died I haven't terrible terrible two weeks hours two weeks in my life my brother dies. This happens. And then mobile hold I'm watching TMZ that's not equipped squirrel moment I'm watching TV and I see this guy says ex NFL page ex NFL tight end. Sever as this finger idols loses and it's a much I don't recognize the guy's picture multiple hold. You know it is who. I met you didn't. Like I called my that we could keep army out of the damned. Can you please. That it would please keep art and out of the news yeah yeah yeah yeah they don't now. Idaho and that's what you. Like it's evident if you have a conflict. Through. Don't let us know any kind of obvious you acted pretty good though but it was one of those things is like. What I ask you ZX here's why I think teams he follows his aides Graham they'd they'd like him so it all men in the heat it. He posts on the on his program whenever it got beyond the point. The fact is that. Again what are as part of. It part of that. It became a runaway train because all of these are the people got involved in your right nationally it was reported in a much different manner. So and it I know which driving you crazy could you working behind the scenes dealing with the people. Who wouldn't be offended by all of this and yet you reading stuff like it was a surreal. Half minute racist rant which we know the fat is not what it was it was totally mischaracterized. Taken out of context nationally. But you do the right thank you dealt with the people. Who you felt should be offended by it you dealt within you were in communication all week long we knew the stuff that was going back and forth. There was some limitations to what people could could talk about but it was the outside forces. I think they were really doing is an all I can say is we've we've all talked about the news the three of us have talked about this. Nobody outside of this radio station. Is going to program the show going forward. I think there are some that would like to program and Christian is just told you. But he made a mistake. And it was a mistake that won't happen again. But I don't think it in any way will fact. The dynamics. Of our program the show is not going to change this reality program they show notes are letting out their lives program. It is this that you know this this thought that. You know Glenn and I haven't recognized that we're trying to justify what Christian did and it wasn't book he did his vote. We all did this group and they've never. Tried to justify it if anything or were guilty others try to back at guy that I got that Nolan Christian. You know it when this thing happened yes we sit dozen tweets you know it was emotional week it may that knows me. I can be an emotional guy. And I like the back my friends. And that it was you know you gotta go silence you hear you know more tweets or last tweets that are out there are defending your guy and it's. People would point back to social media and it is still defending him because that's. That's social media is out there for people to see across the country tweak that I hatter were re tweet it what hearing what we're saying in last week. Barely any of us have ever justified. Noah and but I I'll back up the person Ol old backup Christian Fauria. No backup glad to walk away I'll defend them missing person you know as far as you know what I think of viewers a guy so. That's what we're guilty of as far as you know being emotional and reacting right away and Twitter. And I don't I don't know people ever gonna believe you you know when they when you say you're trying to justify it and I can't I can't help them you know all it can do is tell you that that. That we are sorry that whole thing went down end that you reacted a Twitter and and we don't know socially which it sent this to be on this matter diplomacy. You know it you know it's a volley nobody on the outside his program should know that that is that you know we're not going to be. Don't don't don't. That is what we are not too good to beat because I did one sound that's what I did was. All I'm all forget it. That's all I'll just as well at least it would mean I want to open everything we're starting already. So I know you're not you're right that that is not the case and we're not gonna have a problem doing our show we are not gonna have an issue do our show made it at that. And that that's a one off situation that will never happen again. And the people who listen or show can tune in to get the exact same stuff they want but just not being ultimately. Ridiculously. Paul Sewell dumb down the field. And yeah I don't today insists you know I. I was like I mean I don't I don't always get about that all week on the map out what a dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb B are guilty of bids is felt that it needed to get it where. Out of those here's the worst part is who's in Florida to the worst part about it is he and Paul had like a twenty minute meeting going on this one little I. Forty minutes today and Paul still taken down which is ridiculous and listen. I I think you know the man here is as paid the price we all we all know and I. You know add on to everything lucid we know the individual. If you know the individual you know that what he's an atlas and his intent was not to hurt anybody. Obviously it was a huge was that. And we we we get all of that we know the person right so we're gonna move off. I know people say it with ammonia and other just gonna move all gonna move on because I think we're gonna continue doing martial the way we normally do. That's what we're gonna go. Nobody alternate bill again and so okay so you wanna move along to our Friday. Good good that was dummy you've already does Obama because you go and talk a little tired and you're losing my voice you're within the get. Leon on Friday because I thought Friday was productive I thought it was in light and I did the why would say that I don't know how you guys feel about it. I think I knew 99 point 2%. Of what was what was brought up on on on fraud okay we wanna do first time I was. Where that I couldn't swear. On whether it be idealistic guy and let everybody at less than they had Lou we have a special list for you as we know that we've heard you've had some issues with this in the past. A little we know you didn't understand that aspect of but the rest of us did OK we know what you're good so it. And they did they give the sub list and then the sub sub sub list okay. And lose violated all of the list. Every single one of the celtics' surprising interview with it's it's a logical. Rational. Stuff I won't surprise though over the weekend. To kind of she's stuff once again written nationally outside of that did this domain out here and I unlistenable on Friday but apparently not was revealing some of this I I. I'm not sure what Mudd exactly said. So why all the stuff this weekend. It suddenly became this big huge grievance counseling session or whatever. There were some grievances during the course of this week I'm not showing interest in why I I don't know why that was fitting. For grievances but so be it people are emotional right now through all of this stuff. And so people threw it on the table but got the stuff I read from all awful announcing and where else there were a couple of the places I read a sit in going garbage. The meeting I was. Politics again and it also says it is totally candidate here isn't it the Internet you know Internet is tracking Internet. The Internet. Is imagination and that is what it is and that would Twitter Twitter and the Internet Google all day yeah. All but yeah last yeah. Still does it now guys but hey hey hey good. As the all American nurse stood I. I don't know about Lou but I am not confident that you and Paul can match up the title or all of these outlets like I don't feel good where I think right now and I'll feel good about. If it nobody development I know I'll give you secular and I'll let you go but I saw the same thing you saw the line. And how it actually a little bit shocked but not surprised at. I'll miss two shot lead at the jaws the second shocked. But not surprised they don't shop because that's just the way it goes say it is that's the reality of there's so everything is a half truth everything is just. Just a little bit of the information it's like an iceberg he sees little bit on top but all the meat and all the guts that the bottom. Well it's you know it's a mob mentality again you know it's easy easy loading fruit but. Back to it I mean that's that was that good. Meeting that we had on Friday okay it was productive as you sit Oakland there was a lot of things early on that it was that you know things you can't say in radio we get there. And you know as far stereo types and those discussions were good. That what the whole thing was all over and it was good discussions throughout that process. I don't think it's a bad thing we're guys openly discuss. The workplace. And because as we all know that or isn't there and that we all all of us that they would they care and saw what happened in know the facts of what happened. Realize that at the end. It we were a better place. I mean it sometimes you have to you know you have to have that conversation you have to have disagreement. You just keep bottling it out. And we all know that's never the answer to everything so there was some opinions that were given out at me you know whether you got emotional. Doesn't matter. All that mattered was the end game. So mean and which I think everybody thinks came out of it as a positive so. I would might have one of those things. Once a year once every six months they would go on who's got issues with that because that's how you solve stuff isn't it. Well you know about it I would just to the sensitivity training as a whole like I almost feel like. And I don't know what they doing in high school sports. But I feel like so many different organizations need to. This type of information but they're really need ice it down he's someone who knows what they're doing to explain them. What's what's acceptable what isn't because there is there are a lot of that they dale did it it doesn't address on what did they don't get it out like opened its. We tweeting it's actually I don't agree with you agree with you but they do it anyways I don't get it. So an and we need it as a group I think as it was it was a great idea I mean again as as a there's always good news if you look hard enough or you'll find some good news. And that was good. I think the one thing about this stuff. The degree since it would is that we're calling it airing of all grievances do you like it's like a sign filled episode right those things are pretty much like some. It's unfair test this is when you air your grievances and telling you what to hit about a fifth but here's what that was like let's just agree with everybody. I agree with every other big box I thought it was so it helped us. Yeah. Yeah yeah. Yeah. Do you put if you are also testing without a ball and who were sleeping all this out right now because officers owners and besides one a day when I wanna. I wanna take one for the team can take and do not think that they. I finally and others. Things that you can do certain things you learn certain things you can move on the front. This also that the child and you did you need to do some of these impersonation I am going to make it open season. You can't make fun of me wouldn't impersonation it's boo you can do it as well. Though the Miami guy I think you're impersonation of the Miami dude is a little bump them on one with those that did the big luckily it does a pretty good and you don't all you. You know argue it's open seats of and I will not the event. Just to get out of the satellite both at every. Area right now the Big Apple but a solid fourth right minor matter immortalized there you're putting your. I want it I want baseball Mecca once you just didn't seem to release windows openly threatens assured only gasoline and Goliath I want you hostages. Just leaves. And cool I I went back to that mean that thought it was it. I've had was unbelievable really it was like it was. So good I was just I don't like the way the agreement sting was fortunate it was like instead of sitting there. And listening to stuff dead. You've got to be careful of if you go down this road. When you do when a radio program suddenly everybody was who was screaming and yelling across the table that he joked that's the way it was torture and it. I think that's pretty big problem here in the people instantly had no idea. But some of this stuff that it and you wouldn't. It is expressed some of that you gave some background here in the first segment of the program. About what you would dealing with we you'll efficiently with dungy with all of these other people. That obviously. It's concerns because they. They they felt in some way that that you weren't you weren't you heard that they I'd get them. But the way it's being portrayed hears the word again. But narrative. That went against it over to browse until 2018. Words the narrative to get the narrative out internationally. It's much different. And that's I think part of what happens here the Internet has given this instant. It imagination land yes it is your right. And in its that whole idea that the grievance there they were hurt we're not gonna deny that. That there were some people go back and forth in the room this was well after. Everything else was the everything else. Long long long meeting if you'll just have sensitivity part it which is colleges. Social awareness mean that and that and that was to me you know as a model would allowed my biggest problems was just. This would Don even mentioned enemies like exists it is forget about this for about that. You're sworn in as socially aware of and it was less about. It's less about. Getting in trouble in light you know really you know and with my bosses. It's just like. It actually. Hurt some by a point where they had to explain. And it is. It's it's it's just no good place for now there isn't there isn't any good plays a sport and an act here Rome TU I guarantee. That a good. And positive outcome will come from this could go to Houston I saw some hotel we're staying at the big the big Pulitzer disabled Texas. But also stated that take a lazy river instead. Expect it at it's a JW Marriott at a state went. Sued now that. Oh really yeah with the with the Texas Poole says lazy route that's made in the state only Texas only Texas but it's weird trying to swim because. San Antonio and check out bound by the battle may go ahead. I thought it was based data and imagery of other auto designs removed it like all this agreement is what's coming in late and yours or else. Wishing Elvis Aaron I don't think at all about if they don't. Is an impression that. I. We're gonna do our show simple as that we're doing our ship with a lot of knowing I only police found by facts tell it's a holiday for most people so some people probably listening to is that normally can't give their work. We're gonna open up to fall minds at 6177797937. Noted duel we normally do we get a bunch of stuff to get through. And the as the ownership spoken down here at Fort Myers. Speaking as we speak we analysts believe Elsa oddly they've done obviously is good we're gonna hear from the ownership of the Boston Red Sox. Including John Henry all of that and more coming up at 61777979. Teresa keep up with. Show on Twitter back away and act on WEEI. Before enduring and after the show O clock. Let's get you back to morals or waiver of loading in 48 right now much Sports Radio WEB. I've read the comments and you know I just I noted a couple more players than that there was some tension here. We were actually. Focused on winning the division. I would actually rather win the division have. Some right in the clubhouse than that everybody have a good time when 75 games obviously. Alex for a brings a level of excitement enthusiasm and positive that he did. We thought was necessary. And I'm expecting that we can have fun. I just felt. Warner speaking this morning team John Henry speaking out for all of this stuff and Lou you're down there. You may be able to add more to it but they all kind of fest they shut down the picnic table. I used to be like a real picnic table now it's kind of a souped up little TV set a picnic table you know would be given that a the modern technological error here. But and they Jackie Bradley junior said just the opposite. You know we won the division he says it's a totally different so I asked the question everybody out there. How we gonna know anything is different this year. Said there was tension during the course of the season affect what anybody brought it up when Michael brought up. That maybe there were some issues because the bench coach was gone and David Ortiz was gone at big John Farrell couldn't get a list took crap. People wish they don't ask. And when 93 games you know we're gonna find out there's tension problems when they feel once again in the postseason if they are. And then in the offseason it is it is and now we attempts. Well I mean you know just because you failed policies though because it takes in army and they feel that 2000 at sixteen. You know and I don't think that there was the tension that they'll it was last year and you say that we didn't know and I think that. A lot of people did bill you know I think that most people that cover this team would say that they aren't happy group beat writers who. Who don't attack. You know we're we're were you know ahead anything right call list may be Sports Radio maybe beat writers who don't attack these guys would walk into a room. And did you sense that there was a black cloud that it wasn't a happy group. And we knew you'd read your locked you yet but let's not beat those guys right I think that in Annan on how. And I think cameras. It was all the pieces this weekend. And I tried final locker did a lot of negatives than I could I couldn't find a lot of that now. I didn't look at everything but. I kind of looking at generally with each one of these guys who I think you took more heat. From people that we're basically saying that you were all over the manager and you probably were right about the manager couldn't control the situation and. And you know an advocate sort of you just hate that guy right. Which person that that is fine it's it's to celebrate personally just totally what's going on I don't believe you took them. But you know it there's the com. Again you know I mean. This Alex course sits down in this is you know baseball guy. And I just never felt like John is when I say that I feel like he's not on the field I think John Ferrell will be in the front office. Some damp the QB assistant GM. I think at that that's the personality that's what he communicates. It never felt like a guy sitting down and talking baseball didn't seem that was enjoyable experience. In any way to talk to the media and it was that which you think he talked differently to his team this guy is different. What does that mean if I don't know does that mean that's coming right at eight are you all right that rounds that environment is is different concede already John Henry talked about that specific bank changes that may. People talk about we have made a lot of changes. From last year and in my mind we've made significant changes. To address. Some of the things that we. Brought up by I do think we have issues last year. We've addressed those issues. We've we've made a lot of changes. Was the man truthful. Who do we bring back thing. Think there's anyone else. If I'm just saying women love we Mittal and from my perspective please and a lot of change. And I think her approach. Last year was lacking offensively. You know issues that the players Torre talked I don't I don't really need to talk to but I. I agree with what's it's. I think he's full of himself as well I'm not as significant as you know Pablo Renault all my business got 13% body fat and all of them. Oakland 12% part of that you got it just speaks Arabic. Yet you didn't do himself any favors there because our yeah great change mean this is our I can't remember. Ever. A team led a big market team like the Boston Red Sox immediately talk about this. You know Minnesota when you know now there do some things by the small market teams that don't change rosters. I've never seen the Boston Red Sox team. Never change its roster and I mean bring back the exact. Same team the exact same team so. I feel accident John it does himself but he fears the head in the sand and people are hitting coach. Talking about new hitting coach and yes you need to. It changed you wrote but in particular approach of everybody is for me there's a couple of guys that maybe change some things but. In the big scheme of things people laugh at these two part of new coaches like. Just I already go the other way it's that we haven't made much yet changed but a lot of guys you played under our expectations and and we expect guys to improve and that's the improvement come from but it. To sit there it's it we don't want to change as we knew. Hitting coach. Well I okay elevated and the fact they almost treat it like week. Like so the guys that were hurt or underperformed. They dirt like free agents. Like. Or sell had a crappy year he's gonna eat that won't happen this year that's like heaven a new player on our roster and new ports out of their ailing Terry holy Muslim on the central Haley was hurt right now O'Hanlon do the TB twelve message right. Our methods and also so now he's healthy so you're gonna it's like getting a new free agent David Price. And it was hurt at a terrible year played well in what one playoff game to follow up so okay so that's like having signing Branyan player. But no I did it to occur with our league that's the way they're looking at other federal and into they're trying to convince themselves that. The health. And the fact that they have another year under the belt that Ben attendees all Alder smoked you bet it's older Jackie Bradley may not go up and down the entire year maybe he'll have a better year more consist a year. Yeah you know personally I usually you put the terms of the patriots representative. You get back to high tower. OK IR OK well you know what Clark might play four games. You know brick cooks might play eight games that miss the rest of the year you can't just come back and say everybody's healthy book as well. So it was to get her course unfortunately. It was gonna. They want to create a part yeah Chris Hill maybe that's what a little bit for a long period. Chris and I think Chris they all the way he started and the way he came on the entire year. OK so they got everything it's all good players play well again this year. And all the guys that were hurt Pretoria include him in the mix okay Hanley everybody all everyone who had a a crappy year or sub par a year or up and down here are consistent and they'd get better as the year goes yet. If you've got underlying tension underlying issues and if you don't change the characters of people. You're gonna have those again you know when you're gonna have those when things go poorly because at the start of the season template to single game yet. Everybody's feel pretty good about a lot of time off to be able to get away from it be with family friends what ever. Once you get into the season. And it it it it hits the fan. All that old stuff pops right back up again are you dealing with individuals who go back to their go to that's what they do they're going to gain. I don't trust him this is wonderful embrace it all OTB twelve is following this if you're crazy if you fall this guy and you don't want. Because he's done this in the past. Now with pigs are not going well he go south. And yet if they don't get JD Martinez you tell me Lou reloading how much are they going to have to depend. On Hanley Ramirez who only cares about one thing right now getting his 497. Plate appearances so get another 22 million dollar. Videos and have fun with veteran Q what motivates them we know. That. Engaged Heatley Ramirez is a good immediately clear night ideally the without Martinis and ultimately need to an even I think what they need it with Martinez. Because if you get jiggy Martinez. You've eaten Hanley Ramirez period I don't want a little girl I feel because they don't just if you go to elites illicit. This 22 million dollars if you get 495 appearances later beards you know I hit it 497 plate appearances. But being productive. It by being healthy because if you're not productive in your hurt it can't get to feel. You can start shooting at first base won't play against lefties at 265. At bats in you're not gonna see point two million dollars. Would you at TD Martinez or not I'm with you I understand. You know it's hard to trust the man I don't think many people do. But still I mean I'd like the fact this got it what motivates them. Because you need a guy that you hit thirty and drive it a hundred with a receipt for free you know hurt for you or fifth for you when it's easier now. Would you if you don't get cheeky Martinez you've made zero changes with that lineup. And you are putting all your eggs in one basket you're totally dependent on Hanley Ramirez to add. A phenomenal season. Owner John Henry is crazy if he thinks that they haven't made change enough industry here how exactly go to the theater people and in the problem is will go through the entire season. And this is what the Sox have to worry about. And that is that people are gonna look at the sale big deal on track yet I don't they're only three. Again another don't know feel they're holding on to this back to back divisional titles in the nineties you know 93 when and that look of the week you likely to make changes. Because you know you're one of six in the in the policies of the last two years. That should be something you want to six. So Eddie really hitters are the Yankees. Everett beat the Yankees. The grind it out are to come out second and that's where rather and then winning the division it means nothing to be the Indianapolis Colts now in and banners for winning the division. That we're doing. Now all we are making insurance but we also tickle the other extreme. And I mean your fathers play a 162. Games you try to win your division. And looked at a sit there and it went opening day Chris Hill looked good seats yet who cares who looks like September I I understand that he's gonna beat that discussion. But we knowing we get the point where we're coaches we don't I don't care bar regular season because all that matters to me is a five game series at all. Nobody sounds to me like they're gonna they're gonna paste these guys. And cores already talked about this much differently than the last couple years Chris Sale is already kind of said in all you got to do it differently is solid he's crazy about it. But if you're chasing him and taking them out of gains earlier earlier in the season doing the same thing with price and everybody else. You write it might pay dividends when you get to the postseason you are if I may still channel. Agee and that doesn't show this morning about that in particular you know what does that mean. You know at least it's opposite because. I fight hard to believe he would be out there negate or 92. And get it you hit around that you escrow music it's not nothing to do with game. You know it is full bore into game is it's it starts right now it's retraining as a Pro Bowl and the other day not all be correct 88. It is about fundamentals it's about its about consistent delivery. It's about finding your rhythm it's about locating it's not about it he said last year his first start spring traded it could have been opening day. That's how geared up he was that's how fired you what that rate there is a month too soon. Which happens to be the multi lost that yet of the year. And it's not even gain it's between games. It's monetary throwing a ball patterns the amount of growth nothing he does between starts in what he does down spring training that is we're. He's holding you back. It's not. Once he's on that mountain is still gonna C 9798. With electric slider and you're right. You what it is. It's about not put the ball near in September and the second the last sparked so we get at the end strikeout record card. You know those bullets match especially in September so in the end he'll be sick there at ninety. It ninety pitches 92 pitches in a Red Sox are up eight to one. This you'd go to one candidate broke. You know audience they edit it edit in a comfortable game. So most of the little things that you can do to dialer guide back and not as typical towed 92 games he's not gonna do that. I T ownership was asked about the addition. A John Carlos stick to the Yankees when you get to that which you hear about that we'll get the phone calls as well. At 61777979373. Of us back together here with a women. Who is rocking Twitter before during and after the show at bloomer Loney. Moved back to more importantly -- Loney at 48 right now my Sports Radio. Moos. I think that we we have more power we have. Who have had significant power last year we. What a different approach that's. In my opinion may not be true but I think certainly I think we have very yeah. But John Henry is pretty much tell you could you could hear the comments that he made before that. We have day is hitting coach. Is gonna change the approach and therefore this team's going to go from being allies in the American League home runs to obviously being a mix. Moody violent. I I think it. This guys get to the big leaks. With a certain approach with a certain swing molesting you wanna do is rip each of loans and this is what we do now. This investigation into productive hitter and return to crack. Immunity so deep in his own dome that you won't even eventually some guys always go back to what they do best. It's not about altering swings. It's about altering approach which I think that they were too passive and just. Well I think a lot of this and Alex's accident talking a lot about senator Bogart's. You know bad takes Dustin Pedroia at times. I do think that you acutely guys getting away with three strikes it's it's it's. He looked at batting averages all count 10 counts vs 1222. I mean it's night and day that. You know power production at certain counts mean you. As a hitter you hit you've stepped in that box to gain an advantage and that is. All fastballs down the middle 10 to allow pitcher to come to you in too many times they gave those away. So we talking about hitting coach it's about not swings its board broached and being more aggressive in making guys play. And whether it's quick outs so albeit. You know I wouldn't be shocked at all. If if it does admit they first pitched bookie bet Chris archer of the fastball down the middle swings weren't so just first pitch of the first game of the season. Do not get away with throw balls down the middle that lets you just got report was the Sox have given to you all day long. I think is vastly overrated though if you come out as a team and you basically say we made all the changes we change the manager does the same manager by the way they would defending all last year at the nose was not important if you remember XML was an important. They said that he did the job. Of keeping these guys together for a 162 game three. Well no I thought I heard those guys on the on the on the on the picnic bench sit there tell me there was tension there were problems last year so apparently that was not accurate. The second thing to do what is becoming sake. We've solved the problem. We've changed the culture news we're gonna change the approach at all which you Lou I think they could change the approach both such as it is a great. Example of it as you can get a little bit more power out of but I don't you play a 162. Guys go back they've. You know I don't problem with we'd move you tax the ball or better than he attacks the caller devers or. Well Hanley Ramirez of Christian best chance to tell you you know or even Jackie Bradley I mean. You know I mean this is just a more. Aggressive. Mindset that's all. I think he's lost last year. Was David Ortiz gets his power in the lineup and how he scared the crap. Out of pitchers and how it opened up the door for everybody else that hit around David Ortiz. And unless they add one of those guys heavily in front of the young guns without him and I don't know what the hell yeah now now that's the that would that Richard that that are being given. Oh lord why he's got a goal good luck doing that TB 12 o'clock all this way he's a BS how hard he said this will. Sarah wants the aisle you don't believe some people believe it and some people now here's what the Yankees that they added John Carlos. So the ownership was asked a question about how they feel about the Yankees adding. The biggest power. You know hitter in game. And he is good for the rivalry. Now the Yankees will have a have very strong team and we have a very strong team till I think our pitching. John alluded to it before if we're healthy I think we've got the best pitching staff. Starting pitcher and ending with camera we got the best pitching staff there. How often does an entire PCs that the healthy for the entire year it doesn't want them that was another happen to be summit well they are yet to edit. At an agreement that the Arctic Houston's better than you. Cleveland's up there as well. That that's what hairy with the Yankees you know sunny grace at Reno after the regular. It will seek. But. I have questions about do you really do know of Steven writes your fifth starter. Now a relatively how about but that doesn't make me sleep but not yet you have one guy yet Chris Sale. Let's hit it as far as the guys you know we can count on David Price really. Is is that we're on four Purcell O had one really good year. And you expect that to be the case over and over you're. And I would say this if you're talking about changing the lineup changing the dying in a dynamics in the club last. I would've felt the hell of a lot better if the Yankees didn't make the announcement that they had acquired Austin that the Red Sox. I think that would have made significant difference. Really for everybody said it would add at a domino effect on the entire line connecting it up Latinos will do some of that and not as much as Clinton but I would blow this one. Com Martinez will give you some of that. I just think if you wait too long I don't know what else to do because I don't think they should add more money it is no other bidders out the afforded bidding against yourself. But bringing him in in in May or June to me is who. Now isn't it strange whodunit spring training we usually talking what a finished product and there's a lot of impact players still free agents so. I don't know what it's gonna look like the one thing I wonder. Is at this point whoever signs next will still be a bargain you know because they're not gonna get the monster contracts. The Red Sox. And I wonder how far you go to say screw. You know this to 37 different threshold where after that it 75. 0% on every dollar tax wise. And then you know you'd your first round pick drops ten spots. At what point do you see there's a you know what you know TD Martinez I don't know what's happening here but the year what do boat was geologic area. What's the deal with Alex car. Was to deal with when stock is what's that DOT Martinez that some team out here. Did very well see you know what. This is a margin now with a you're like Seattle or Baltimore. We trickle right now it's an area that Bob JD Martinez Carlos Gonzales might most doctors at all. Reduced rates in golf from a team that's forgotten. You would team that may be tackles that threshold local slightly over. To an immediate contender. You can get all that Lou and I think one of the big prevailing factors. In guys not signing here in the offseason is an of people wanna look at collusion. I think a big part of it is a lot of teams are looking at the business model of the Houston Astros and their shipments saying we're gonna dump the season. We're gonna sock and Campbell what we're gonna do is gonna build internally don't we Houston dead could your right there teams out there that have money. That'd on the sidelines right now. Because they don't call it win more games right now to win more games unless you are. A legitimate contender addition they don't know screwed this we're gonna do what Houston did. I want to go down and it we're gonna go back up again. It probably taking in baseball is is that it's so different. Than the other sports that you take in football maybe go to their quarterback you like. You're you've taken basketball. In you will get those 23 franchise players and we all know this uncertainty in baseball. Morsel that any of the other sports. You sickness they'd all we got the second pick overall to really take as opposed to the eighth. So we go to that kid in college was really good who's playing with aluminum bats. There we go get the high school kids go to unbelievable fastball most recent. You'll literally the back end of your high school baseball team who is beat you one kid that might even be able to make contact is none of play division one baseball. So the tank to get the second third pick in the draft. In their baseball. The eighth pick could be Bryce Harper you know I it's just Mike Trout. But there's no there there is no tank to get a better pick you don't you think that's what teams are doing right now I yeah I I guess but I just think it's still. Yeah but you that you bring up an interest important that is the wonderful one of those teams and I sit there and say I get so and so for sixty cents on the dollar. Maybe it makes some sense right now because like this item to a two year deal. It gets him back into the market you know two years and I was a free agent and we get something out. But The Beatles say though getting back to the comments of Seton. Is a plus for the rivalry it's a plus for the rivalry. If the Yankees or beaten the crap on your pitching staff I think it's. For the arrival. At how I don't I don't want what's good of course what it's a good one T team dominates the other one. It the Yankees is flat out crush that the Boston Red Sox over and over it you know you want to be. Contentious and into staying you want it would be on edge but you want their to be you know one when one DOE one week. We're kind of still concerned about this power just outage you showed that he Red Sox while I do not they haven't they haven't done any thing to make up. For David Ortiz who just two years into this right now and don't give me Hanley Ramirez is finally going to figure it out. Yeah stop bullets it's more than. It just David it is the individual guys you know all falling back in trying to get back to where they were close to 2000. In sixteen because you date it's 37 moments Roth book rather pleased it was more than 2.3. So was it really only difference of fourteen. Those other guys it was in the it was smoky it was entered it was Jackie you know it was just other other guys so it's. He altered improved put it it's still that you know talking about some of those that the starting pitching problem here with the Red Sox in the lack of depth. You know no no no hitter wants to take a one year yield indicted two. Bryce are remaining mature out of Josh Donaldson Blackmon out Colorado nobody with a dive into that market. But a starting pitcher. Kershaw the picnic a lot dodged reseller. Dodgers gonna recycling Kirsch don't know where out of the Nat. The pitching market those tic area don't want it what you deal. Here's what are just signs he's the victories next year the Dallas cop what do what you're deal. He'll or yeah our two year deal mean helped operates a free agent a year maybe sent it to YouTube these guys and will want to bomber so. I don't think that now all the way you walk. That might be opportunity for them to take advantage of the fact that they're the only team will equal the tax threshold in cities grow it. Will go to 240. OC right 6177797937. Is our phone up to this LeBron James Duffy was the MVP. For all star weekend will get into the soul all star weekend it's like the author I was done I was not all of India and the introduction of all the players oh home like I love give them a voice and I was able. Well I like Kevin Garnett and are you there wasn't a funny line. In that insecure connection with the Charles Barkley good. As as well we'll do some of that and of course LeBron taking some heat embarrassing outs and he. As well the Fox News we'll do all of that regular OMF.