OMF - Christian is VERY interested in Bill Belichick’s free time activities 8-20-18

Ordway, Merloni and Fauria
Monday, August 20th
Hour #2 - Big Patriots Monday hour for OMF as Bill Belichick joins us and breaks down pre-season game number two and how he likes to fill any free time he may have.  Then Patrick Chung stops by and meets the guys in person for the first time this season.

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These afternoons with no when asked. Forget what we're productive plays in this room. Don't want people involved with the screens is deceptive players some acting and quarterback gets along it's the receivers involved. Are rather curious wide receiver screen. For deep for pastor for whatever but he handled their son responsibility better than the guys on this level that fast bounty with land when Christian went very. Okay Chris I do I have read it. Wrong. We'll let him 32. Do. Really can't handle the fact that he's more like you can you're willing to admit I. Why I didn't do it snowed and noted that down on Sports Radio WEEI. I bet Phil you're Foxboro patriots wanted to coach will be joining us here just a couple of minutes to go see Adrian Peterson's got an object. I saw that was the cardinals signed with flu washing pawns or risk chance call. The guys that you have something your income what do you know we took our one of our last. Stints at. When it currently uses less than. Ivan is done. Yeah one year deal it's gonna have a really Revere waiting rooms in the Soledad they're hearts yeah he's he takes troubles like Mosul like Ozal pods that you do we now use at your house. They use you store stuff into an IQ all comes and picks Nazi just bring that which you indicate that you wouldn't work. Right after dark you put a lot of leagues and there's some branches you know what's different you know devices that you from the from the wall why why. Why the Redskins giving him an opportunity to seem like the greatest market for him. He's done his history and licenses it's an editor anti whipping swells and I think it's not a when things. Don't know why is this yeah they're both get down there and it'll go dancing Washington's anti Whitman established here. But luck is solid he's dead game left doesn't take a look at the last decade dissect you're talking about child austen's and erode that I mean what is he is he. Decker asked. Does that or looking at a you know as far as what you could all our amended and you can argue this is where they lead the league progressives would argue this point he said well women were were keeping guys off the field we're not allowing. You know that teams are not picking guys up because of all the way they treat the anthem more or things that they're saying and yet. This guy. Who who's lost this game it's not like Adrian needed the Adrian Peterson from five years now he's lost his team. And it is going to give him another opportunity. Are we ever got such a big deal I think this only gets a stitch it surprised. Israel's your typical better in. Okay break glass in case of emergency to take a look what all the different that they got from Saint Louis they ended up coming here aren't employed. No not boy the other running back big back. Are taught him out he was here lately next Steven Jackson save situation and the baggage. Needs only one years old. It's more about baggage that you Peterson it's not like a Ray Rice we always felt like if Ray Rice was in his prime he probably would have gotten the job. Right there because he was in his prime anymore and indeed the baggage around him always take a shot. So you maybe it'll surprise leader Peterson but the guys did give him so they should additional five years ago Lewis sit there and say oh we care about is getting you good football player on the field. But it isn't it that doesn't he washed up well the worst part is that new loans given the chance but I and then he just would do it the same guy either tonight or. I don't wanna yet when you elect destroy America as when he was killed Orleans it was. It was a better without all the they had their young kids tomorrow who is blown another element of market and unit he really lose much in the first few weeks ray tomorrow as well. I think it's tomorrow and eagle became this 12 plus souls like what do we need Ager he is a four plus he's bitch about not get the ball rolled out all right now. There are Sony wasn't anything big there either. So they just like you said it's not it's sort of legacy is getting left. I would do I'm there I did just about all of this a legitimate gripe here that at this is it a guy who's got a really checkered past here. Treated the way he treated his kids and we're sitting here and other guys are not getting signed not getting an opportunity right now and this guy his. I'm not as it was granted or I get into the difference between the two why he did what he did it. But he's already as of all the none of the other players got a second chance I saw hardy got a second chance. That was until they would that was him chip I mean it was that was insane honestly so. It was Jerry Jones given that an opportunity which a problem. No one's got a lot of props he's lost this headphones and everything else and of course is an absolute master shot and the threat of Superman and the caution demonstrate you out to watch it you own an area. Why it's time for our weekly get together with the coach Bill Belichick being brought to bone mass general hospital cancer center every day invasion by the north he's been squandered. Specializing exclusively in men's sexual health and McFarland energy also by Mercedes-Benz pre owned sales event you don't know. They're not gonna go to that a person has gone coach Christians get some issues but that's a separate little Mike issue is right when I give. A huge showdown of the precision you got two more to go all saw how it compares this from previous years where are you do you have in your mind an idea of where you are in trying to develop this team compared to where you've been in the past. Every year's different so mistaken one has ever heard this I had a timer behind schedule tonight. Yeah again I don't know authors schedule I think every team has its own schedule some things. You know we've done better than in the past thanks I was alone in this team is this team and we'll have to that's a figure out what will we can do and how quickly into while we news made some things and move on from. You one thing that stood out I think you talked about it after the game and I think the word used as energy approach defense as far as he's actually got how aggressive they were. So city guys on the ad site you know Claiborne. Wise rivers those guys disorderly play one especially looked like he just got a motor and that would stop. And there wasn't a lot of blitz we submitted seem like was as those guys winning one on one battles. How important is that night you know for your defense is supposed to. You know what you guys and can do you know that those guys can do it to the Corvette on the wrong with that without any help. Yeah well I thought thirteen had good energy for the game and that started with our first defense of Sears and on offense took the ball down and drove down scored on like last week where we you know basic in the first down first them. Gave up seventeen points so it was just much better effort overall. Because you know Clinton Dynegy to executed well we've made some plays early in the game got ahead but from an and that's always a good place to play from especially their passenger. If you got some different personalities basically born but is it for you look at announcing some of these guys year to rivers fairly get a first look at say we we now have those type of players to maybe. Go after quarterback maybe more than we have in the past. They're both say. We are a long way to go on and we'll see what happens on. When the rebels sort line. We'll keep working and you know got a lot of young players at that position on the offensive line defensive on. And they compete well they're making progress again federal times' Seoul cereals I don't know. How much it seemed like rivers got a lot bigger and you can he was in the we rely that was it did you notice a difference and desist physical size. He's in his. All of that balances out there but he's you know again he's a good all the it related to losses and programs one. One injury heaven is knee and then the second one when offseason program started in April so. He was able to build he works very hard he's able to rehab his name also. Bill this upper body strength and just over office of them he's young got in and he's gonna he's gonna thought grow a little bit that he he works hard and that's consumption before. You'll start about how important game planning is from week to week. What do you learn when there's no game planning during the pre season especially with young players have a certain skill set can do certain things. What what can you learn about them and how different is it when we get to game one and you game planning against Houston office. Global sought different but fundamentals are fundamentals and that's really or an Annapolis. Our basic our fundamentals. Our techniques. And whatever week whatever defense where whoever plays we call. Oh will rely on those fundamentals persecution and so we have good fundamentals and good solution if we don't then. To Jackson noted all you want but that the fundamentals of trying to and a lot of good plays so. This a good chance of slow work down against Washington Philadelphia now Carolina has little different style play. Obviously different players council seat different matchups and that there are players experience to build. Though they are overall confidence an our execution of techniques and fundamentals against different players not just our guys that we see day after day in practice but you know against real competition. These guys were talking about your defense and how aggressive it was. Do you Alter during pre season or even during the season itself. Schemes certain things you wanna do defensively because you suddenly discover. Skill set of a specific player or players that changeup the way you can play. The and we do them all three that is that again if there's a player that we Felix mismatch player that we can gain an advantage with them. Animal. Have some some way to be able to work through that the pound blu players and so forth or what works for talking about the gesture which that statement enormous mismatch thanks absolutely that's. That's part of it that's not part of this these games that but its service our game plan. We've always had these running backs great back to pitch in Altman's change like me Kevin fault. Judge it on but I'm curious what we're inching dreams another one Whitney put James White knowledge is publishing the keys there can be a big big moment Chris Paul. That's over slot receivers hoaxes and very good to. Of course Troy and then. Wesson Fannie and Julian. It's was not a lot of good players at those two positions and that's a good place that have good players in the passing game for our quarterback Tom really knows I use on the he does a great job of get in those matchups. As well as a tight end and a and the outside guys but those two players those two positions no matter who's played their relentless nineteen years they've all been pretty good so. That's not a good thing Jane changes you know right there and you know he does a great job each one of puzzled at different but they've all been very correct we we rid of. For talking about the the running back union FL I think the first ever the first priority to symbol pass blocking. And then it went to catching you know is that something we'd look at that third down back with a game is going passing a lot. Is that the number one thing for your running back go to via their past while we have be on the field. If he's in the down testing situations that is you know if there's any game and run situations than. Not as much but that's passing situations. Other some teams that don't ask their backs to pass protect a lot of Lisa Morse receivers and get him out of pattern that create some problems with protections that. It allows those players to not have to cut off so it just depends on the scheme their zone. Yours and we we do both so. Wheaton and we've always done vote so I think there's no place for. Toast there is some big to helmet rule. Getting a lot of attention from former players current players. And Devin McCourt was on last week with the daily key and he basically just succeed you know they arrest and how does he handle it and he pretty much said you know I just kind of play it how the rest are calling it that game so one refs calling it these aggressive calling it. And they change or maybe a little more careful as opposed to maybe someone who's not is you know flag happy. Does that is that a simple as it is as far as your. Advice to those defensive players on how to attack this rule. Well I can't safer in an individual player and as you know person ever plays different situations different you only have a split second to react on the field. And that's why. And FL players rational players vote to say. From my standpoint. There's really it's not a change for us not change for coaching staff we've never taught that we've never talked tackling with the crowd of our element but our head down. Definitely in our body forward and that that that position. Think fundamentally that's a good position of the and it's not effective and there's a lot of things if you go wrong besides getting hurt and that's an important month. So. We've always tackle and block Wheeler got up on our eyes open. Actually can. Sealy hit and that's a long way I've ever coached with and we do it that way and will be within the rules so that's that's we try to teach there's. Again a lot of bang bang plays werder you have to react quickly and try to make attack or make a block or. Get an extra yard and sometimes instinctively. Player will put his head down I think there's certainly more awareness of that now because of the way it's being called book. Fundamentally weak we've never talked in any technique so. That's not a change for us. Do there dessert do you guys still do the old red line off that's what's divas on this site tackling where you have to stay on the Red Line. And to tackle I think that's what it was right when my motto my least favorite. Just yeah just thought well that's the ocean it's. You have to. We we practice tackling every day and we practice good fundamental tackling techniques every day. We reinforce. Techniques that are done properly and we are the ones that are done improperly well Lou that's in this area or. It could be another relative to the players fee and leverage and position and so forth so. Those that are that's an important fundamental force running and tackling we work on those everything we obsolete teach them. And correct them. An ad nauseam really because it's such an important them. I think every week Deirdre it's. A full eye or you're just happen off now in Africa. I think everybody is for the safety in the game certainly you guys are because that your livelihood. But they're calling everything right now bill they didn't cause much in your first in the didn't call anything but you look around the league they're calling an awful lot. Are you concerned at all that need to be and they claim they're using this as a a testing period. Are you concerned at all that by the time we get to the first game of the regular season only a few weeks or it. That they may not pull back on on these things they are using this as a learning tool. But you worry that we struck this regular season and calling a lot of these plays that simply nobody seems to understand. The rule. I think we understand and I think I understand that. We are team lifted by 25 plays last night I think. All this is concede those place why there were called and the ones or cold weather oracle so. And it just have a tough job to make that a judgment but I think the rules fairly clear cut. The league with their hit you make contact with the opponent then that's what why is defensive players getting calls. We situation last week James White senate notice via the there's examples where everybody has been called. Walker's guys defeating blocks. More tacklers. But also some runners are so. Again I think these are you know problems and questions that really should go to info fishing department doesn't really matter whether I like the rules like the rule on what I think the rules shouldn't should be or shooters and he called. That's not much on my dogs understand the rules two coaches and as a said. We're not coaching anything any differently on a coach and in differently than I've ever coached at some of them National Football League we've never coached. Head down Papa. You know. Don't see what the contact is written and you know put yourself in the position. Rica a serious injury and not do your job and so. That. Again how it's officiate and so forth that's not really. That's on the the officials and outward from there at all for that period I really. That's not my job I can answer though hardly deserves to officiate. I just know or coach in and actually coach. So Gracie looked at plays those places you guys fault or the leak communicating and sending place and this is what would we planner calling what we're not playing a car. Yeah both well that it. They sent us what they sent this plays that Colbert plays that Nestor. Whatever the case might be an examples. We have our own place in. Again regardless of what they call or don't call. That's a technique that we don't teach them we don't subscribe to so. Political or don't call we don't wanna do it because it's been I think it works very well so we're not we're not teaching that player does that we want instructed to do properly. Not only for safety and also so that he can. Fundamentally plate make the block or make the tackle or take on applaud for whatever is that we're talking about. As opposed to. Facilities. You know one of these innocent about it just random question is just that you spent so much time on football than just football football football. Is there any point time where you just say hey you know us on this kick back and read a book. Those are just is there if there is downtime but had never seen an episode of game throngs. You have a Netflix account. No limit those. Nobody is it I'm not very tech savvy person you know that there. Even get that on screen. Would be very challenging I think to peak at that point about what about dislike I don't know you that those. You know. Go to our own thing. Pass -- or some on the bureau Evelyn to do it's it's not like you can just flip from channel 53 channels wanna wait deaths I can handle that so that this is not yet we have huge change in the clock in your car which I remember a few years ago you had a little difficulty with this is a little bit different. Once you. Yeah you got it it's there. Down while the sent but it hasn't opened the readily get the Netflix now days and pan am. And it just hit the new. You know I definitely enjoy it because in Lexington. Was the last non football book you read. Less non football book. Well events several of them. One is one of the was younger every year. Read. And Paul Brown both this summer. British forward to book this summer. Zone. I just say non football non military is the fifth it's not nice at all if you can narrow it down there like. If you read fifty shades of gray. Olympic events a lot of folks I could. How many Wenzel as well Jack Welch is it's not Ortiz and leadership yeah. On the go zone and some might note that song winning here. Some like that methods of winning Burleson. Everett a rental textbook. So he's a you know the Inca Angela from an. A lot of great ideas and very concerts com on leadership and team building. Management so so what does think that the few minutes of downtime for Bill Belichick during the season looked like. Good meal. Devoted. Well. I mean first performances rose. Slaton we have on the boats and you know you know you know positive Caroline's you know plain. When those with low flow of these. Obviously the a lot of other with eyes closed in it's a great feeling that this field. Sit back and closure as we get on the plus the plane that. The city and does. And ignorance of make you talk well you've seen most of the games you always talk like these it's a much time with this team you're watching everything if you watched hard knocks at all. There's to first couple episodes. Missed we always sort of laugh and think what would bill be like you know right now it's in the patriots obviously that would produce a human being decision. Inside look at Katrina when you beat. Always you know we've had a couple of those that not or possibly some some of the inside stuff but. Yeah I haven't seen that maybe I'll probably catch up a little bit later turn him. Again right now an office there. A lot of my plate just try to coach's team trying to get a straight ago trying to get myself rating goes on things on the I need to address. And we need to do this team so let's mr. Phillips. If they ever did come to you don't want to you and your team to be part of our hard knocks them to get out of it. Back. Would you excuse me. I don't know though tomorrow wasn't there may have been one of these years. Unchanged instead of did not make the Playhouse that's part of that last sorcery coached the regular mine Hugh Bream on your staff. I was just curious because here's a guy that had a lot of success in Wisconsin. Let Wisconsin went to Arkansas you know paid a lot of money trying to turn that program around. Didn't have a guess as much success yes Wisconsin. And then you brought it to be to be I guess an assistant coach and I was sure what is titlist but he's involved. How does that relationship grow from a college coach head coach. To working here what do you reserve without release it built I guess through saudis players you know. Yeah sure. You know on. Prevalent dial has a great relationship with coast parents affairs Stanley or group. We. Editor relationships in Wisconsin. For players like. Jens Voigt and Arkansas with players like trade flowers. And feature wise and and others. I think he's produced a very. I haul it individual. You know those guys we've taken from those different those schools that I just mentioned include not with. On those that are that good artwork and both kids that like football that have done well on this program known about their ability and start as their overall. Oh what they bring into the team and so forth so I think you know the type of players that he's recruited those programs. Sit well with with what we do and so after his situation Arkansas. And this worked out where they'll throw some of which were offering. Is that that the always in contact with the college game I saw an article in January this side with you and exceed in secret meetings that you guys young coaches that. You still contact a lot to you see that college game come in the NFL you can see more so recent years. Well you know I have some relationships of people and that in college football but I I spent a lot of time of the college coaches often college coaches and visited with a ministry during the draft process so. Policy that's when I'll watch a lot of college football from polo to middle of February tool vote middle end of April. In two and a half months of I really don't see much NFL football at that time native and you know free agent players like that that. Let's say 90% maybe 95% of the Thelma launches is the college game at at that point in time so sometimes that's. Scheme ideas are let's let the thing but most of the time it's trying to evaluate their players or players that played against things like that so. And autos coaches on. Didn't give us insider gets access to root for their players to their their films they're cut ups and so forth one. And it's obvious in the very helpful. Are we wrap things up whether or Mercedes-Benz driver that we can outsource to pre season but there was was there a specific drives that you liked this past week. Well in a lot of them the first on offensively was. Was a good drive builder drive down your points for Steve that's a drug was good great. Third and long situation get off the field. The deals struck where Claiborne strips. Foals in good spirits were tremendously good drugs and so three for a bit when. Now you let you do it you got a moment to pick one in Britain. Pick a victory to victory did you picture on the Lehman I don't think it's our job to particular thing you think it's his job and think before we let you go. You look at this game this past weekend it was a lot of the regular guys that Tom Brady was thrown to him. Not a lot of the newer guys OK I. Is that something you wanna see in the next couple of games. Well look there are a lot of things we can do we eight pre season games we could. See a lot more than we couldn't four but we have four we have to try to. Do the things that we feel like for best for the development or football team individually collectively. Yeah we want guys to play together we want accurate guys ready we also divide which players. So there are a lot of things to Kate take into consideration and it's it's hard to do normal it's impossible to animals shift ago the ones that are. Most important to you then. Maybe some things that you don't get too so in your example. If we don't get to that McCain and maybe we create more of those situations and groupings and practice. So it's. And he wanted to go to players' stamina and conditioning so there out there for an expenditures time. Not just double plays and then routes than that's the way we play so. Try to keep guys out there over continuous basis gave you some conditioning and some. Chemistry in and a little bit of you know just playing together. But that outside of that he says you see different combinations. And so. Minnesota traded us we can. All the more important which are they called the considerations. That once you know in the game. If we can't get the following game which. Bounce off of practice and by the way I don't think we need a pre season games but thank you for bringing that well what I can only had six stumbled and would you rather see two. And add to regular season games. Well I don't think that's good for the development of young players of this question earlier priorities are and can get it can get team or player into pre season games and on with the injury would be on that and of the injuries are as regular season tie it always does. That's a big jump for pre season of the regular season I think if you cut that in half. You know you do look at the bigger jump Beth so. This was opening week this week. Now I don't know a thing of the they would present some of the challenges but that's not ruling line. Some might call that will make any difference I think someone else make that decision points. As you've learned the NFL always make their decisions Miller drive of the week brought you part of Boston area Mercedes-Benz dealers. Kitchen actually cartels go to Iceland crystal children make it right here and all MF. And if it guaranteed lowest price and counter offers more free services than any other tire dealer for the best prices on tires nobody. Fair tire nobody now back to Fort Wayne reloading and 48. Sports Radio go. And alana live down here in Foxboro at Gillette Stadium is who the coach out we brought in Patrick Chung could soon. There's little button on the front day ago. Yes it does give us a little freaked out just take the money. Site perhaps I. So we just. Knocking out before the break is sometimes the best stuff is off skiers you know not the stuff on the always talking about sleeping on flights and whatever. And Christian was bringing up someplace where you go over to Europe and one half. Influencing public it's like international flights this with a seat go all the way back to turn to do bad yeah and it I don't know does that yeah. It is and was unwillingly or flight attendant gone yeah I haven't like a Butler he literally punch your head that you would like your for your Kennedys are cinema now which cannot money legacy that that matter how. I happen that's why this new plane out you're talking about that big new playing all right we'll have beds or in butler's organizer thing. We get loaded rumors of it's it's got great dog that almost nothing guys well he's talking about from the level that's that's that's like your wife turned forty giver giver what she wants had a situation. That was mentioned the Butler in the future where it was put me in coach should she sit in first class earlier you said it's about sugar itself. He was glass half I don't know what is the fact that guy is still good couple games and moved into the yellow column yeah those good good to get the rust off little bit. You had is such a couple times I don't know if that was you know in problem under partly sensitive buy you an excellent job not vintage I doubt he had no chance. In a couple opportunities. But mostly it's those eggs Russia's really kinda really helped you guys out. Yeah how mere chicken little pressure off with that there you know I have I mean what comes out who's who we got to cover anyway but for their game there against the quarterback is definitely helping us hope we knew that they can keep that going and you know to a season. Do you do you like. Being sent on blitzes and some guys like they just don't like did you know because it's a little more chance of it takes a lot of coverage are indeed almost feel like they're given themselves up. I know I like yeah I like is a good trade changeup in because almost all over the place he never really know you know what I'm doing it was doors will be able to add something to your. Known resonate it in excellent and hope to move it. It'll work out of the defense ends on the hole and moved next of the holy karate anybody that's on us yes. I don't know I know account with them to put that I asked him all the time when they're hanging out on the side Lebanese who would just move work with the school work is that. You know we're which too small hey. This young man works every once in awhile last children. You know I'd Donta hightower was actually asked about their defense and obviously linebackers coach or use you know workforce for a long time but. Have you noticed anything defensively is talking about leaving some simpler in the work faster but we Patricia is great defense recorded deals difference. Not grammys he's still doing the same day that the same things obviously but we've still preach the same thing you know I don't know deep balls tackling everything else think that that just. Play fast bedeviled this place play fast make it simple fleet to go out there playing yeah at a higher level and you know my place. How much the game's changed since you've been around here a lot of people talking about or Patrick turned so much but the second time that he was the first time here. Did you cut it changed your view it kind of that hybrid guy right now. It is happening a big part do you think of the success that you've gone over the last few years coming back here and that it plays to your skills that. I mean yeah I guess you can say that bullet I mean I think you'll just come down to it's his knee matured a little before my second time coming here among affairs. And scheme is what makes you better and is working hard and be a professional Islam and you better you know just leaving was. Eye opening experience you know in. If walking up a little bit in and I got injured and get to play and I was just sit around so. Ecologists. Just over time just being able to mature and just. Understand there's got to be professional and knows that and not be complacent and that's what I've continued to try to do. The note you know you've made it when somebody says hey that he needs a Patrick Chung eight. Have you heard that may or approximately yes I just I just had this event that all well well well they all got our service that. And visibly does that was Robinson says it's okay well output and if they come that I have heard that because it's on. When you hybrids will people see what you're able to accomplish on the line all you're covering tight end speak tied its multi it's fast tied it back tight ends. You know we don't discriminate regularly talk of also people like there's there is a good thing. I mean it is. Mean it's not I don't know that something you can teach in these do you kind of have it or you don't. I mean it's. I don't leave explain I mean you'll just built. Out of mentality of bill gives me an assignment. To. Go do it in it if I can't do it on the try to do it you know and you know some people from god we'll have that you know. A lot of wanted to do that because then there before you know and then that's led lower card if I feel more like. Approved by feel privileged I I think you can do this that do it and I'm trying to do nothing to do this that do it and I just continues to do that work hard and just. Simplify you know the defense in my minds like him you know play fashions do all the things that you do. You know while Elaine Johnson her last three try to hype up this pre season game game two you know we kind of downplayed it but I garrison nearsighted defense decided it is. Was there anything to that other pre season game two he looked old when he saw that team and what happened back in February was it anything different just a just a nameless faceless team. Is just isn't as a new season rules of the game you know I mean he had before it would everyone hyped up you know it doesn't really matter to us we just go out there play every game like. You know that's. Latest is that the team you know nobody is it is due to tell me enough to team that beat us whatever bush. I mean that all of that in the past in the past against Ottawa wants money you know when it comes out to a. You know pass pass to talk to the trash talking out there. From Philly they weren't too they are getting their ass kicked yeah I wasn't Jackson and coach I would just play those things all speaking of pads do the talking how what's been doing the talking the first couple weeks it seems like so. This we will watch it enemy Christian others we know ex players have to look at Indus is in football and easily collegiate tackles eight tackles that are being called does that just. Killing you right now to try to stay with in what they're calling the rules of this rule yeah. I mean. We can't do anything about it would it's football's well that would have the flags you know that reflects what the same time. I understand why this candidate to say you know to protect people so that's. I mean that's that's a great reason to have you know it just sucks sometimes it where it's going to be physical match sort of duck our head or anything but you know it's a gain of you know milliseconds with some sort of you know protect themselves and use of it yourself you just quit due any day Gaza quick and they are moving in the I mean. I understand about my because ultimately we just got to play football in you know outside of China. Clinton the rules to the best ability and you know. It is what it is just. Issue lofted a running back can lead with the crown of the helmet. Did you have to make a tackle on him and yet you're the one that's political. I don't think they can they can't anymore that's part of the rules they can't do it and we can do but I mean. Here's what is gonna was gonna go out and play ball I mean when it comes down to others that don't we saw off. Which assessed up name. Admit that it noted that was his basic you do it basically have to be OK late. The truck to be run over used to be. Shame shame I'd run over my Sacramento awesome yeah that's it right now it doesn't matter what looks like the key is to get. Don't get him on the ground and I just it's may make a safety. Make it more safe which I understand so you know different. I Patrick your great senior we'll see you during the course of the season you put zeros they just Patrick Chung joining us live right here on Owen map. She who really cares if you look at African heart attack hey I'm bringing him back alive that's more a glance. Christie fox Sports Radio telling you we. This is not area you change in the clocking your car which I remember a few years ago he had a little difficulty. On this little bit different. Once yeah you got it it's there. Now while the senate but it Kosovo it would get Netflix not days and Bagram. And I'd. It hurt so. What that answer. Yeah I'm definitely it's. And around us the new one day you'll hear that one over and over and over again he's got that now that is the comedy line you know I love him back right there was socially so it's. Emirates that phase out its face interim panorama. Okay what is another one. Instead facing guys there's racism there's doubt in my face steep compartment that is that the gap out now about ghosts. You know other than a military I should have been ruled a little more specific. No military books. Know how to books and no football books are definitely. No he shouldn't I like other show that. That's now there's got to be when you're asking about TV shows usually you know an immediate games from you should've should've thrown out the housewives estimates which housewife saw I don't know Diana I don't know which and they are real housewives of Boston would you let Linda beyond the no question and actually that next question yeah set that hey this is like from OK yes and it's get it for me I still wanna see them out there was an impression hard knocks no that would be the highest rated hard knocks a ball was no way he never the only although the only way to do it is if they beat. It's like all the only teams that are are eligible or teams of personal view if you make the playoffs or not don't. That's part of it or the revenue growth Favre the avenue coach so automatically during the plastic who recently in the new year everybody keeps on predicting the demise of the doing a bunch right at feels that it's the year. They may not win the division you know. Here he does that once why probably watches an episode in years past. And it's at that rate there's that scene right there is why I will never won ever do this again like that rate there's what we preach. We don't want out there and show. So the first all of the problem it. But proud could browse the perfect candidate for heart not just wouldn't back but they're they're perfect you look at all the stuff that's going on around them. Nation as a lots and lots of lots of material from the coaches to be assisting go. Rookie Phil got Larry it's. Darren and in the middle of it basically perfectly at the number one pick in mayfield. Rusty hills veterans beautiful day and this week we can you Jackson we didn't. Gordon back plus. We also get there Bryant he'd turn is in town that no I'll just say coming to town at least to the chaos behind them they passed on. Had a very bad debts if that's not a red flag and I don't know what it's gonna for the because Josh Gordon came back. So I mean so if that's what it is that so the word must be out see those guys are crazy like now to compared college happening but. The whole kneeling thing to me is no different than it then and any other guy who's just got issues. I would say they're saying that's not fair say whatever you want but teams don't wanna deal with that could be any take it be your mom's irritated me to be. You know your cousin to be that people you hang out with it could be. Your personal internal issues whatever it is. Not worth it we don't feel like dealing with it just we just want to play football let's sick we keep its clears fossil. So that tells me the browns are willing to pass on him it's either two things it's he wants way too much money or he's not worth the head and we sure what side passed on who. Mean you outlaw I think if you pass on them and they are offering enough money you know maybe you're locked in their tucked you Jackson for five minutes it's not a not at this point we need a job a lot guys don't know he's a job and they usually just. Why don't you think Ager he hasn't got any sort of got got got nothing nothing to ease ease gas Eric Ghiaciuc that are better at minimum minimum price it's going to be Holley is a bunch of incentives that you know playing time and stuff like that. But give me cash concern and it does ask. And before the season starts if you don't like. Z I think even with a receiver it's it's going to be worse if he doesn't catch onto a team it's not like 34 games into the season. You know you can bring him then and he's gonna be you know right up to is to speed with your quarterback and end your offense effect that's one of the things they're saying in Dallas right now. Is that he was not one of those guys the president anew and play well. Understand there are some teams that there's a you know will destroy all gonna bring you win and it's we don't expect it to look pretty for the first 45 weeks but you know we plan on playing in January. You know it's sold one of those things where it's like OK so it doesn't look good the first 456 weeks and make. Take you awhile I'm more concerned what looks like week thirteen 1415. In the post season so. You know if you got a team that that that is a good football team that like the New England Patriots a sit there and say RE SE a radio I'm gonna connect for the first whatever it is six weeks. You get a lot of run here in the first four and a might be ugly but in time we will you be week fifteen because that's all we really that's will be cared about. Nothing no team like you know Cleveland for example whatever that's needs everything on everybody just to make it to a post season try to get the 500 probably got a good fit. Tristan he's looking for too much money then he's a fool right now hours agent is not giving him good advice. It's not going to get great money within you these things don't know how entire deal nobody's gonna give you big money. It amazes me and that's why keep going back to capita because people and people who don't ball football. We don't get how football league is like once they're done with you once they may at the mine. It doesn't matter your value just that's the clip right you're about wages to Robson subtly. Don't know where the time and energy. Like so yes again I heard there's this crazy circumstances the beneficiary. Of those crazy circumstances. Was Vinny Testaverde. That happened to him at least a hundred times if you like. Bringing them back a guy with them it's OIME but he had value he wasn't he was he was OK with that taking it take I just want to play. And he he he was lucky. Adrian Peterson lucky he was sit on the couch they're young tailback ice from Allah issue blows that is neat and they say uh oh we got a problem. Who can we gravel we can say listen. We're just gonna go right in left just take the ball just the year. He's he's. Mayor Peters and it isn't close to being the way he used to be able pluses that could stare I'm actually I don't think regular Alvin bag bag on occasion like you stated why do these he's had two jobs since then. He sighed with dom. With that one as they kind of they went to Arizona via soul that baggage. I don't know what you want which one do about it isn't following him like any of these other players. For some reason public opinion meeting this kid was not as bad as somebody be there wise amazing if that's what is so impatient Peterson gets away with it. Ray Rice doesn't. Here right affect your teams took a shot on him now you call those two teams you simply listened the player when it surely is always that as a guy who you like you know in in the locker room so mean they'd. They might have heading answers Gary had two jobs with two other organizations is that what that baggage in my taking care of that stuff. But the question still remains is either a trainee gets needs at 37 yards to get a top ten all time rushing is that reserve for. So he's basically Emmitt Smith. Emmitt Smith an elite leaves that Dallas Cowboys goes to Arizona embrace their breaks all these record his top ten whatever he was useless also it's like what do you view curtsy caring here at a boy here here. You know maybe we'll give you a total purse is second now the reason why they got rid of Ager Peterson. Odyssey mark eager and tomorrow we establish themselves. But he was basically that. But this is weird because he's basing your old school first and second down back when he was pitching that he was not such you know MS I applaud because he's not he's not he can't. That's all I can you might but at the same time girly formats. All those guys are. Basically the same thing which by the way that's what they're reporting in in Dallas over the last couple days. That's what he was with the cowboys Lester Dez Bryant was severe pitch and if they weren't throwing him the football yeah. And you don't maybe with Cleveland Cleveland might have looked at it and said we got some other people you Rick we got a they just about a two. Even think about think about this it's all about OK it is all on Dez Bryant so Dez Bryant if you don't give a multi year deal. Why should he stay in line. So he believes that he's a mercenary. He's he wants a one year deal. He must prove that he belongs to want to make money they want one here and the heat and studying if daddy I don't want to you rob Jim and good mother you need to suck it up swallow your pride come there with your hat your hands of us up play for nothing of the he's doing book ActiveX then you would hit a two year deal that the days of the five year deal. You know Max contract was up. Overdo it your window at W talking about did the guy could lose his appeal out there. If he doesn't play. For this season worst ten. In his age where is that he they move on that's right it's that I'm sorry that we know you're probably still talented big disparity now we have this kid out of central Michigan. Who runs the fourth grade you know what he has a bitch it has everything we want to do we think he's got a ton about what she. It's the NFL me every eight and prove he can play a night right of the game. You're right I mean he's gonna is gonna signed. With somebody had nothing better so Jim why when you go to great situation maybe the pages and it's in the guy I have no idea it the browns were I had no idea what you seem to think it would if your him. You gotta give the field even as for nothing just to prove you can play again next year just a play. One plus think about it so. You're going on site for a reason by itself in the beginning of it was all about money will then OK we've we've fixed that it's not about money anymore. Now you found out this team was adjusted and they pass and on this team kick the tires and they passed and they went to the browns. You went to the browns. And they said they'll take you so either you demanded too much money or they just figured you weren't worth the headache. I don't mention of your question next week who sit down with Bill Belichick apparently there's somebody out there one of the Talking Heads. Bush come up with the whole. Premise here the Bill Belichick is sabotage and Tom Brady sabotage and Bob Kraft and sabotaging the New England Patriots will get to a coming up next our drive of the week was brought to you by your Boston area Mercedes-Benz dealers.