OMF - Coaching vacancies in the NFL could spell the end of the Patriots coaching staff; Trey Flowers joins the show 1-2-18

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Tuesday, January 2nd

HOUR 2 - There are a number of prime head coaching positions available in the NFL right now. The Patriots coaching staff was highly sought after last year and the staff stayed together. This year could end up different. National pundits continue to question the Garoppolo trade. And Trey Flowers joins the show following the regular season finale. 


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Fort Wayne and bony and 48 there is a tremendous amount of people talking over. One another was listening in particular to OMF loose started fighting with Maloney on them and then Glen Johnson I heard all this cacophony and inland jumps in I wanted to know what Christians response to look what an inland jumps in as such bull crap right there with Glenn doing Christian. Told our team that's how it was done. I'm retiring some. Excuse me. I know I look like and sound like a war right now I will miss against. On Sports Radio WEEI. Back and poll MF. Good to get the full goals in the second here at 61777. Michael. 7937. To think the typical apple thinks is fascinating and it and it's just the start by the way. This big topic this is a topic it will grow our food for years to write as a standalone so it's ardea so I say that. It with a grapple my feeling and grapple and we got it after the game on Sunday afternoon post game show people didn't wanna talk about patriots on the jets they wanted to talk about Jimmy grapple. He's been good appearance San Francisco. Great might be a stretch but he's been really good might or good. Well enough for them to win games and we're not winning football games before again. A leader who beats you missed all the sound you missed it. Yeah yeah don't stuff our donors thought there was a there was some it was an on Thursday when when you left electorally. There was some great sound I don't know who did it was inside and a fellow someone that. In his comeback win on his comeback win in any Indian holy it was it was it was eerie we're playing with the because he's. He did sound exactly like Tom but his mannerisms his hone. The ways it voice fluctuated hide the lol isn't message sure want it does he finally put us. There's been thousands of other quarterbacks that have been around. The same way I haven't had the talent that's happen that's like dolls there's the clock is guys have played under Brady and have been around him and bill and everything and moved on it just talented enough. The user with this kid obviously. I saw the biggest regrets I have with Jimmy droplets you Kasagic he's gonna be pretty damn good on this might be a little bit of an exaggeration what you've senior at the end of the season. And if you look at the opponents most of them weren't really trying you'd impeding getting great game out of the opposition. On in her you know do you still like the winning games and he did it. The regret I have is that Belichick didn't get. And not force him in return so I would ask anybody that brings it up and wants to argue this or apple think what the hell would they supposed to do. Well on in that order is supposed to do they key while there's really there's there's there's an easy way and there there's hard way what does. Get rid of Brady you keep garrote all that's that's what you. You push it forward. At least a few more months. If that's all I would have done that love you push it forward and you see what the hell happens this offseason. And you'll go you know when they got rid him at the deadline. There was still full ought to be played. You know Brady's been healthy. He's been great price of these a lot of football left and Tom Brady. And I'm not saying you would have 41 year you know like this offseason traded common moved on with Jimmy I don't think you would have done now. But you could push to fall one more year and try to figure a way to you know hockey. Whatever couple months from now. You don't put your just keep pushing if you could only President Bush to the end you can only push it for a couple of months okay and remember now. If you did that grapples not playing. He's not out there and a football field so everybody around the league still has great question marks about so that they are not getting the five game sample. That the 49 whose campus didn't get that. And by the way I don't think you gonna get that if the author didn't go down with an injury because I'm much or San Francisco was ready to go there. But it turns out they did he's got a five game sample and so now he's increased his value where he's worth more than a high second round. And I heard Hasselbeck talking about this this morning and psychology no apology no and you know aid teams could just take a chance a nominee was comparing it to AJ McCarron. I would say you had Asbury. Easy easy easy path to figure out what he was what he was capable of twenty times more than you would some kid come out of college. He's bidding your system. You've you you've been in meetings with them he's plus started in games of this isn't some. Some Rob Johnson situation when he got to start with the Jacksonville Jaguars he had one game. He end up losing his job to Doug Flutie when he went to buffalo this is not the same thing. You've had back up quarterbacks come in and out of your system. And you've been able to see. That this guy was different. And just like Aaron Rodgers was different and heir Robert didn't get as much playing time I'm gonna strap in a first Christian right are still had years left to play. Christian not to interrupt you but I don't but. Call your too close to the scene I think the patriots I think telecheck head coaching staffs are all of that should have recently hit. I I agree with what Hasselbeck set if he does not play the rest of the year and he's a backup quarterback for Tom Brady. I'm not sure you're getting higher. Then a high second round draft pick CC entity garage I don't agree because it's it and you got to take him with 25 and as them and so we didn't want Clinton but sorry he's got less votes rock they thought it. The side of the ocean. Little. Out. I you don't have the same one jumps in you do not have the sample that San Francisco that we all have right now of him playing with a bad team and get met the expectations. The expectations were talking about Tom Brady. It would no expectations which Jimmy grapple he's a bad team. If they get a little AJ McCarron and you McGraw hello both had. Team's starting a game experience like you know regular season game experience. And they both the numbers on the same I'd just assume that's what it is who do you think has more value. Think would would would get a bigger number era applicable to win the system called idol her problem now not honest or before he played I don't know how brave bold nine Neitzel had starting known before it is okay I'll I think they just like the parent of the gothic people look at the patriots system. And they look at it differently they did they do they look at a different beat with the coordinators that coaches the GM I think maybe it's a busy trying to get back but they just. Do between me look at the system and say you don't want. Grapples not that good it's the system a bit originally limited mail ballot Jack it's not properly op Ed good. The trade deadline thing was so bizarre I so it really was because when he got rid of percent you said okay well Jimmy grapples here are the backup quarterback. What she didn't trade him at the draft we thought he could it got more. And then so your other two options would have been you hold on this guy you franchise in the media don't give us early second which isn't sorely now he's won five straight. Maybe get a third. You know but you kept in the air for the last 78 weeks to the post season in case some happened to Tom and there's some value in that. Or financially. It's a really idea. It's absurd but they do have to keep this got a franchise tag to back up Tom Brady because you think Tom's got one more year meeting next year and that's it. And then you want no I'm convinced something happened Lou when we get to the trading deadline. Because it happened so quickly John Lynch said he got a phone call fifteen minutes later they are doing to deal it's plus remember the other sent. Brian Hoyer was also part of that deal so that so they made a decision within the organization it's Tom Brady is Tom Brady going into the future here. And we're gonna have Brian Hoyer is our backup and we're making the deal. I'm would you I don't think they got enough in return. But they must also look at it and said we're not tying grapple approach 45 million actually you know why. We need help on the front that's that you can't do this again next season with a fund set but you gotta be thicket Caroline mean. You know what when is the extent to comfort break. Tomato sauce I mean absolutely soul it's gonna happen in the sausages and how he never plays next year's tag numbers 22 million never placed toward none and always places thirteen 9 net rained all morning thirteen fourteen absolutely he will have a deal to end the season. Absolutely T attacked none of the year to get. But you gotta pay. He's going to be for four years. Maybe not but he'll be paid for four years. I would say you know I just sit there and thought about that it did he get and he's got to get a new deal in addition other equation shouted and I don't think about it. Gotta pay the price right you can't just keep pushing eventually 125 million dollar price tag on Tom Brady and you get these. A one. 22 million with grapple right now. View any events because I want more years to get to see what what what develops in 201890. Because I think they were looking at next season saying if we tied up 4244. Billion dollars one position the quarterback position how we gonna be able to go in replenish. The front settle at three different measures will get three or four years when he is older you're tied up point 2.3 men in accordance outplayed for your Eagles out or. You go down there and tomato cans are gonna beat up again he'll be one of the tomato cans in the other things that he does just because you're quarterback. But it loses a step or lose a little bit office fastball cancel the deep ball and whatever is not mobile anymore. Doesn't mean that the quarterback is not valuable Q. And you'd go a couple different route to whenever I think the Brady and his aides and getting older what he's gonna look like I always think of John Elway. I think John Elway or law or just because you don't when he won his two Super Bowls. Strong strong defense. Russia stronger running game and again. So you know you got good offensive line so you start you'll watch what what their mentality is going to be moving forward to the draft to guard too they draft a tackle. Do they do they just needs. Dog and then do they start shifting dirt you your peers to more potent you don't run stuffing mentality. What the quarter but they already have a bit more physical big spell gonna lose one of those cool and then just run the football. That's it and you don't put the ball in his hands on you know when he's throwing it fifty times. Do you keep you change your mentality it's possession football at Alabama football. But the deal whole thing with the grapple sang an armistice is anybody else that I thought they could it in any offseason. Probably could've got the first round from Oakley for maybe that wasn't twelve picks like that thirteenth pick. They could've got that pitch so I'm not crazy about what they got in the psychic a rumpled played well down the stretch really dropped them down in that second round. But if you're if you're the patriots in your culture we supposed to do other than trade Tom Brady and that became a lead off the table. And we wanna train number. Not gonna happen and how do you tradable way. What he's the MVP season I know he's forty you're indicating. It may not tradable and it not treating not treating it was non negotiable them early just okay while seated. I don't feel bad timing talking like it always in debt on better hope you it was like working how you look at how we got those guys second round okay. He's turning into what we hoped he would be. We got some starting wraps does that Tom in age no accomplish it normal it all and end what you thought you write any imploded and at 3839. Then you would have and also it had units quarterback and you've you've probably wouldn't be the number one seed in the in the AFC right now. But the two with a three or something like shall love your longer do at that they absolutely that's everything. Candidates are. It was the worst argument unless you're willing to trade away Tom Brady and you can't try to like Tom Brady is the MVP it's more than the MVP. He is the face of the history of this franchise. Yeah it doesn't matter it doesn't matter. It does I would say it out but in cuts John Joseph Monty and efforts are far from on Ohno did they were all different at the time there. Remember I'm sure you do. But Joseph Montana is actually gonna go play for the Kansas City Chiefs. Brett Favre was Google play for the jets and oh by the way the Minnesota Vikings like the one place where Green Bay didn't want him to go and corporate to play. In Minnesota yet to go to the jets and go to Minnesota and ultimately. One play away from from making it to the Super Bowl he gets sacked on the last play well and we. It particularly well they're Brett Favre. Periods yet you just always to do is wait for it to happen and he would end up ruining the game and this is different this is the whole franchise this franchise. Was one wasn't so long as one of the worst until one you know what I worked on the the point what is the closest thing you've got to know Brett Favre the Green Bay Packers with a package before Brett Favre was. But the senate bill he was the piece of that program so I guess toys I would point at that time but not ways ironically thought that I'm ready to face paint and any history of the Peyton Manning. It's not about trade on this offseason is that could how could you have try to get Jimmy formal year. That's it that's the only option you're that financially can you do that in you spent 22 million still put the team around on the lone win next year he could've said no to you know. Because cinema can sign he could've played hardball done you could sit parents I want to sign. You could just on the franchise tag enemy say. Stroke under the sent out I'm gonna be a pain in the ass because I know Don he knows exactly what their plans are to keep Tom Brady around the next couple years. It don't you think to me was always the puzzling one of these itself for years pay them. Well he he's up for the year anyway digital out of the court he's an old quarterback that you don't have any guarantee he could be a pain in the ass of and maybe they knew. Maybe done he basically engineers were reluctant to anyone what their pain in the ass right now San Francisco because San Francisco was tried to selenium. And the message you want business wire which you and but on to say that it will be 21000001 assign it now hold. It turned out when he lament our take on what they outside a break I make it trivial sign. You started out the putrid because I wanna play I think it wanted to do a little bit behind it I can't blame grapple. He wanted to play him one of the cup guys are out it's really was that they had done press conference for for the forty dollars when they announced that the the deal. This was ecstatic. Coach or a crappy team he didn't care is gonna get up. There's vendors and it's so funny because now the pressure relieve the pressure on the next guy yes. The next guy is like. I think we kind of had problems going to be compared to well the next panel will be centered it around dropped below embrace. And AM the next anything about coordinators. Are you all this you know all these job openings. And Josh for dance and aperture should they will be gone to Larry I think I think it's gonna happen this year. This offseason this reminds you don't real crow now Charlie Weis all over again I'd like you've accomplished so much three Super Bowls mean there Q right now these will Josh has bought but as far as. Then be in the office coordinators. And deepened some deepens corners of both those guys Matt Richardson was there back in 0304 also some Josh. But as as the offense and defense according. It's run its course. It's. Why it is and you know we look at some of the travails. The new don't know what's going on Oakland right who is gonna be there but. That's number no way that Zambrano not of not on the terms that that is unbelievably tock what all he's. I think the interest in one always lose it is Josh McDaniels I think we've thought all along. That he was a guy that was gonna get the opportunities already been head coaching you can look at and say he'd word. From being ahead coach and now he's come back to being recorded it he second camera he'd be so much better. The Matt Patricia what does interest me especially when he where the good dealt cloned. Shortened and you know owners can scoffed at it but if you're talking about Detroit. Bob Quinn knows that Patricia inside what I'm saying that this is like he he can get around the law. Of Matt Patricia we've heard that a lot of people think he had a look at the heck I don't know what the markets is you know is. But there's a lot of good teams that are out there now if you wanna draft if you're Josh McDaniels and you wanna draft and develop quarterback. You'll Arizona. National defense there of great running back coming back you know. You can draft a quarterback there the giants although it's a great job that you want a veteran quarterback maybe guy like Andrew Luck or Matthew Stafford. You know holding you wanna young quarterback if you believe in mr. Drabinsky. So mean there's this. The options are a lot better this year you have read that the coaching jobs if you're mcdaniels you want young kid you undrafted kid you wanna veterans yes well I I only like there's no one else to go to here's another one though if you wanna call Arnold. If you are these guys run going but if you want these guys if you for the champion Matt Patricia you're gonna be happy to take the head coaching job and good. With with some good personality traits that could personnel they've been under achievers but you also know that you can work with Bob quit I think with. Mitch Daniels a little bit different when you're talking about the giant shop. You I think he wants to get a situation where he's gonna be able to control personnel. Just brought their guy and now the giants think changes dramatically unsure that's the perfect. In the army and also you're going to be that the the head coach that that's gonna happen deal with what you do what he meant exactly but you don't. And we already know that how popular that that's you don't wanna mess of that and there there are some great opportunities out there you senator yeah tons of opportunities. I soul which quarterback do you wanna hit two magnitude. You wanted to I think he's more I think Rick and all other general managers keep all of us as an ideal and I love Oakland situation. As far as McCormick and they have that's the guy I would want he's got X-Factor he's not intimidating he's fearless he's. He's got a rocket for on does that apply to they tickle around their car but I like. You really wanna be associated with Davis and the raiders it just seems. Like that's gonna sting you very easily haircuts it's it's yeah you put the ball on top B had indices around its. Look at let's say Indianapolis for example. I Andrew Luck you have him as quarterback has never complain again well in the snooping involved she find out the guy's gonna play again but if he does. You've also got what the fourth pick whatever it is the third fourth fifth she you don't need to go get your quarterback he can improve your team elsewhere. Into other things so I just. There's so many options for for Josh as far as one to go find a quarterback. Veterans young kids draft picks. Just yet I agree with that one that's that's good program their quarterback is key where you'd have to have a quarterback you have to have the ability. Because where you're drafting or. Or whatever to be able to get that quarterback but I also think they key is. Gotta be able to work with a general manager these guys are gonna know that that's a big cake if you're general manager is on a different page than you are you're screwed. You are screw look at bill writes what dry mill right exactly. And what issues with the GM right on the problem. But it's funny I sit I sit I go OK Matthew Stafford seems seems like that's a natural progression you're in the NFC. Yet McCormick that is going anywhere I sent a bunch of bull load of money so he's not going anywhere. Can your style and your offense work for him. He created up to you make him because he's he's a good corps he's the top quarterback all day long can can you make him great. I don't know that's a great question I I don't know John to come I don't I don't. He wants to combat that you want about the candidate and I it's actually I look at it boggles. We'll we'll do our coming up next at 6177797937. Load them up we get the phone calls coming up now. Christian rants about the bat Sox b.s and c.s courtesy of Twitter hack Christian Fauria. Right now we return Gomorrah or away Merck Loney and 48 but Sports Radio WV. Marion hit a lot of bombs yet. What is ordinary. That's what Brady's been at least forty. And Jimmy got apple is nowhere near his prime yet and he is undefeated playing the best football quarterback in the NFL over the last Ivo of course it was a mistake at first second round pick. Steve today what it makes me think you hear the rumblings out of Boston in local Boston media that Kraft wouldn't let Belichick move on from rape. And that and that. Belichick's hand was kind of force. The airport you can't Bob Brady got to move on Jimmy G. That's what you start hearing out of Boston local radio and and the press and the dot com that everything you had to local broadcast. Does it sound farfetched steal it doesn't sound farfetched to think. I don't know what she's here and he's still on the Clinton he's so this is in them so here's the deal he he's right. A free over the last four or five weeks by the way like grapples and winning these games. And you know had went in in Pittsburgh as well but he price thinks that for us now for a formal announcement fine. Show in its. Down what the numbers that the than the British numbers for us is the donuts just out of me what are you talk about how candidates in buffalo right. And played best quarterback in the last month that's not and beat Jimmy grapples been great and take that team. In a win five straight is unbelievable Newton but. And the number's been great the numbers I don't think the numbers have been great lesson he's five and oh yeah 67 completion percentage is pretty good yep. Brady. 61. Cash six touchdowns five interceptions for problem. Six and 56 and five for Tom six and five pounds so losing a completion percentages up so quarterback rating of 94 for Jimmy drop below breeze 81. My a game was atrocious but still. Grapple with being great esteem sucks. Native won five straight all in all 67 completion percentage six touchdowns five interceptions 94 rating which is good on that team but I wouldn't say it's like lights out on a which could bunker which is rendered with that team and I'd be very good about it. Yeah but some of that stuff has been done defensively for that team that effect until they beat Jacksonville right. They forced late portals to turn the ball over a few times and Beckett right so. It's not all Jimmy grappled with back to what we're saying earlier the expectations talk. That even at age forty Tom Brady needs to be the greatest quarterback of the plant. As you said Christian. He's top ten right now he's probably nine or ten over the last five weeks he's not number one. Overall for sixteen games he's probably number one. Or Jimmy drop all all he has to do beat pretty good and not affect the fact that his team is winning and they were awful. Before before he was a quarterback. Low expected. Patient I'll also say that it some. It's finally how these two are going to be joined at the hip even and other days you know they're not that's a team. I think rob Lowe's not even going to be playing for the patriots yet. They're still gonna be ultimately be compared. I beat you against each other like this it's just not going anywhere even though they they they just trade him away and they giggle have a great time. On the West Coast is are we such was our way up our way as we could. So we wouldn't be but no it's still going to be a disservice to their apparent. Which are devils. It is not even a Joseph Montana and Ron Amadon situation that's really the only you know. Deal you can prepare to it really comes Darryl Rogers fans so what you wish could happen in the and reality. You know in the reality was upheld the keep all these players. You paid grappled 21 million dollars to sit adventures of Beckham. When you really trade Tom Brady it's a warrior who knows what this thing ends. After winning an MVP you really walk away from Brady at that age I. So evidence of it's just a general what you what you wish could happen and mr. reality. So referred to Syria to the Bob Kraft look at it and said to Bill Belichick there's no way we can move on from Tom Brady now Tom Brady. It was a mediocre quarterback and you could see that he was. Slowly slip off the cliff wasn't a drop that was like he's holding on the fingertips and the end clinging on to the top. If you are happening that we might look at it differently the fact that he's going to be the MVP this year. And craft I don't play crowd for coming up and think he's untouchable when opponents. We're actually we're not only because he's still can perform at a high level for the next W. I don't come out irons so all of our time because you have if you had a if you had a if you really really. Do. Right that OK because you went Brady every day your enemies you can tell he's getting hurt and he's not recovering as fast as he would like. You know listen guys we. If it's a comfortable again and it was going to be me upset about it and yet ready we'll probably have to Goodyear's within the team until it was supposed to matter. Badgley it's gonna come to and flipped it ahead of it now what we do everybody what would it below lists the name Letterman what I would like. I bet you they're. Brady is somewhere else winning the Super Bowls people here would be boobs I'd glad people and now right ask them. How else but because their guy their guy or is that this dubious that throughout there a Peyton Manning unity. He went out Natalie actually should went to more Souter could one more. But one big play by Baltimore. And when the game was over in Denver 11 Manning what do you mean on the field called them the miss out on to some bulls back to back. So okay it would suck but eventually you would end up coming out of it as long as grapple plays it high. I think the only argument is could they have kept a grappled this season. Put the 25 million I think it might be closer to 25000020000025. Million down. On grapple with a franchise tech. And then dealt him off. That would be the only thing but still you don't get a drop below for 2018. Or nineteen and twenty and 2122 we. You still don't get what you would the future you don't. Hit the rock hall here as your next quarterback it. Would you say that the next guy let's just say. And they were put the cart before horse whatever but everything looks like he's going to be great quarterback race he's gonna have tons of opportunities he's the leader of that team he's going to be one of the main reasons why their their success more now. Wait that's around it. It's all subject to change you know that you know of course not they stay the same terms and Aaron Rodgers has that type of success we all know how hard it is. Two you know one be drafted and have to you know be the guy replaced in the guy you don't wanna be to replace a guy you wanna be the guy replaces the guy who replaced the guy. Just like in coaching situation you don't wanna be the guy replaces Bill Belichick. You'll get a guy replaces the other Japanese coast now the expectation is an on you and one was only on that First Act. If the turn out to have the career of an Erin Rogers you realize how unbelievably special he is. Holy cow. Yeah it'll be one of those that we're all will be tagged with Bill Belichick forever it will open you'll feel it now if it goes to three years yeah. Yes that's when you feel when this whole thing sauce on route runner it's got to get bad here. And good where garrote below is for its it is to get everybody's attention and it will. And it will be tag would Belichick and you'll get the phone calls here in the wind it's totally it's Australia's coach at his residence before I think you wrestlers are talking but there's so many more boxes for him to check. Right problem there's already more boxes to check we don't know if he is a healthy for sixteen. Or ill FISA over once he gets a post season craps himself in other words returns and Tony Romo right. Right you don't know if he turns into saint Matthew Stafford who's a good quarterback. I don't know he's never gonna win right so. There's just you DE a weekly placed in a big game busy crap himself so right now looks like at I think he's gonna be very good quarterback and asleep. But to be that guy we you're truly gonna miss and say I can't believe this happened. He's got to be oppression he's got to be your air Rogers you're Tom Brady you gotta he's got to be that type of guy but it Drew Brees. Right. What do fees Philip Rivers. On the Internet efforts that I mean again you'd regret. Well I mean to visually it depends what you find here you just take another shot at quarterback open you can vote first hole and quarterback ought to send it I mean I'd say an edge. He's yes yes when he's when all said and done. He's in the hall thing that's a point to point is that you don't know it's become an above average quarterback or agree it was a great quality to this that they're yes I agree with. But it he's above average one. There's soldiers there's you don't get injured a lot here's here's the wanting I would totally agree with Loewen if you look at these games then that corrupt most blatant and he's played really well. We gave me the number six touchdowns and five. Interceptions. Let's understand we played again. Played against the barriers he won by one point fifteen top ten defense is very immunity from Nokia art version Tekzilla's wasn't as first are now present in Africa right. At the Texans 4616. Left in okay. I touch them. Our desire is at an anti noted defense beat the titans 25 to 23. At home to get a market monitor okay I'd. And then the rim shoot through nobody Pannemon that was the kind of throwing game the right dating all of genetically Jacqueline again but Jackson and that was that was the one the that format and Jackson that was the eye opening game because you know you talk mobile is valuable he put 44 and a defense. Some damn good defense the defense we're talking about word of welcome here. But he put 44 on their pets that was the game. Best in the head of the group. That was the best Indian two touchdowns one interception when he wanted to rent for a thirty minute game and he ran for gotten up and come back it's to exhaust. And that was the one in which borderless threw three interceptions that's going to let that lets you look across the fields are drop us a call. All three of those scores were on the difference for him on the white cells 6177797937. On number. We're taking it pretty good candidate because we're the although. What was that show on Twitter back away man on WEEI. Before during and after the show O clock come. Let's get you back to morals or weight room loading and 48 right now plus Sports Radio. I would get a lot of stuff on the table would've gone for the my foot faulted for whatever moves you one. We got a lot of stuff from tables so let's get to the phone calls I'll throw it out there let's go to Brian Carr what's up Brian. They got later on. So all. I'm not buying and the conspiracy theory that there's a risk between bill and not all crack. I think if anything there's a rift between Jimmy and well. I think he. I'm into statement about bill's reaction to trading Tom Brady tells you everything you need to know when he asks me seems serious or not. And then the way Jimmy played this shoulder injury last season when you know they kept saying he could come back to. Can come back in an effort it I think Jimmy knew its value. And was looking to get out and probably would have held out had a franchise. Nobody said anything about it Belichick craft of rift I think of people laughed well that that's crazy I think what it is is that Kraft is that you're going. We're not gonna trade away Tom Brady. And if your bill bell check what are you gonna do you're gonna trade away Tom Brady if if you're always I know you're gonna get into a pissing war with the with the older over that it's crazy. I don't whether you brought up the bill in Jimmy go right path willow rift. Did you hit stuffed a Bill Belichick said after Jimmy drop blows out the door. No Ira and I know he doesn't know bill doesn't know bill does not do that. No I back and I respect it just won't go back and look at the issue goes on do you wouldn't say nice things about the Harrison last week when Harrison got here. You are quite media people the rub lotion on the back acted to make it doesn't feel comfortable. All other orient oh is that ever but I disagree Shiite. I don't think there was any rift between Belgium I think bill really wanted Jimmie to Rob Lowe to stay yeah. It's a known as it could have very any kind of rift between Billy and Jimmy Robert rift between bill and Robert bill and I'll. India but I'm bill Jimmy and you beat praised him I don't think bill wanted to believe. But I think he managed realistic about it the difference was that his timetable was different than what everybody else which is usually the case goes it is two different things depleted pretty else. This timetable was a key around. And them though it in the window closes at the trade deadline on trading him at the deadline. If Brady still healthy he's gone I'm not gonna franchise and a Kiki both these guys on the roster that kind of money on not trading Tom. And I don't think if I franchise and it is gonna wanna with a 24 whatever it is million dollar price tag. So his timeline was that the deadline and everybody else thought. It all on. And he wasn't thinking that. Yes I just I always felt that that they were is. That dead terrorists they took house mcsame that though the teams were not interest should they weren't buying into how good he could be like the browns rocketed a person for a fourth. They're ready get to draft picks up to the to the patriots for generic problem because they weren't convinced. I say no as they easily could convince the browser this is that the deal for them let me explain you why this is a good deal for you. Like the whole saucy brown experiment when they're trying to the whole money ball thing didn't work. They can convince them that this was the guy they just don't get they could save everybody. He's job you know I'm bill owes it to do I go back after an zero interest in trading him before the season starts. Only get to camp and I got to get through the first eight games in a weird trend of the deadline but not now why he did offer or try to get more of a deal. The aegis placed him in San friend to be was sick (%expletive) in a dual favorite. That's still as a mixer it's if you go to shop and get the most foreign that's a don't want them I think bill didn't do what's best for the organization and it was best for Jimmy grapple. But here's what makes no sense. Is C could've kept him for the rest of the season. I could have been a perfect backup in case anything happened to Tom Brady but at the end of the year you can put the franchise tag even if it's 45 million blacks. If you had intentions of trading off. To deal was built fearful. That he could not get anything in return for Jimmy grapple with 45 million dollars wreck. That must've been net he must've thought that was the last window yet this to get himself a high second round. Idea I yes I think that was exactly. I just think again it was well thought there was a window keep pushing it pushing it you know go ahead and whenever it finally make a move. And I think the bill that when he finally had to make a move was the deadline he looked edited Brady's healthy. We're winning I don't need this guy anymore you know so we're trading away now. Because he got that second round draft pick second draft card draft pick when he traded away council. With the tag. He's got a pretty generic or Apple's doing right now pass on his way over. Season's over a half got all this money I know it's I mean he's is what I would be there been any right now what island you know it's come well it's coming odds elect delegates to the dealers are there put the bills and a nice deck right now there. They're getting the truck ready no civilian. Don't tell anybody who wants to surprise me if unseemly teams he's on route somewhat remote island we I'd means. To see Norway 45 made by means yes it's just a supermodel Jimmy pick one pick on. Go out and just start up magazines and deployment and just you know you know. We see that that was the old days Google's way of doing things nightly program goodies to Graham age and gender. Need to know now tenders for that you know you know it's like you know you're roughing it when you go out and they're worried as you can go to the high and he's trying to figure out which Blake. Awards ceremony you can go Diego VIP parties yes is in me is an excellent field we have a symbol that's what it means is next thing you know because the next the next the white to become its abilities you and your established schedule Tara Reid for a yes or no war on terror read. Okay there's others in between right and you go to for the low and a movie star. You know you go graduate who's below and movies are now actresses and a lot of free time in his. You know recklessly using her sexuality to get ahead I don't know will that maybe I'm not sure if I terror. And another way to do things that I don't let it go to military for let's go to meant in in New York hello Matt. Wu creation. If you'd like to believe it make you believe it's you know once powerful tools. Well yeah and the grafts and say hey hey hey Max and thanks for the Cincinnati Bengals for believing to thank you Lisa thank them. I won't call or moderate breakdown. I'm not there thank you because Seattle sports talk radio critic said that although Mac automatic got a question for you what are your thoughts on trees flowers. Trick followers yeah we electric. Oh man what a player right right so what stuns me. Yeah your side would you like England you'd like them up in buffalo would you. Why restrict our go all the hello Phil loses courses built in these bills and he knows Bill Gates now because yeah. Goran APEC eager and its territory complete picture is a lot. Tickets won that it would that are built because Jackson continuity and if you can't tell me. Hey hey not panic on the new and congratulations. To the Buffalo Bills and congratulations for a great fans like you out there in buffalo. That really care about that team and it's been a long drive I get it online they had no shot at winning I got I don't listen I'll give you tickets it's a totally look at you trip tickets you can tell me what number tree flowers it's. You sold well giving motivate well yeah no right now. No clue you know that's a motivate aren't at some. They tried hatred LaSorda net embarrassing event a hell of a season even close season and a buffalo albeit a bill chance no idea who. Who the hell you don't know where you and we are. Yeah that is that in. Or person for these same people that give you the finger when you drive on the bus right. And yeah it veered. So he's not just here. And I use it to the government. Currently our land on the banks. Cannot be canceled who have. You do a couple of weeks. Later we recommend Foxborough yes so I'd so we I got a question for you and you tell me this is weird not if you reduce. Let's say were at the beach were hanging out it's hot it's on the and I'm like hey Trey you're my boy hey can you can't recent side of my back can you puts the lotion on me. Some sun and those that this break kinda the the the kind you use them. That's kind of odd that the Shia and hatred not lotion on my back. And are only. It's always center as well I think we got mad William good answer good friend I would do to you I would I would guess and not relent we found that argument. Or written out and that's where it's concerned are you indicated. They Barrios. I still talk about rubbing lotion and I knew what was your impression of James Harrison what he would leading brand. Oh yeah you know who knows apartment or. You know we didn't turn it into an in law so. You notice. In the news. This experience. And you know it is doesn't care. Bitten and let them start to run it and you know also didn't hear it after the passes all. And electrocuted most of parliament would only know so many years so in a 32 and the foreign assistance and so. You know. We know when he when he comes and as you are Magnuson OK let's go hit the gym does he like trying testing I publishing units some which you bulls head. I'm back. I've been effort to review you know. Not many people who don't know council. He outlook. I wouldn't leave Utah court when you're watching. A bit and all of a sudden he technically didn't you know. You know what you know he's very proud you can. Earning your quarterback war. And move could probably you know in our leaders he doesn't work there and so you know. You do that you could see you work. Could. Why a lot of people obviously on Pittsburgh you weren't happy with him joining your team of skiers at this time of year so late in the year guy like that veteran comes in you locker only. Obviously you guys natural thing going on but is it is is it weird seeing a guy like that around. Almost quicker to you know. You know it's just something. I was looking past the lose he notes. And you know Susan you you know. Artists you know make planes to both record and then he looked close looking. You know backer. In the film where you commute and so you know there's look at a sold around personal. You look at them how are you these as far as you know you'd go straight record so. He noted that world. You know he'll call me from my perspective. Cash you know who wrote the tune of you know Larry. You're noted historian Dave Reichert is now. You know he's been craters and little. So you know slower than right here. In law went through your readers or. The trees and importantly there is. And conclude as well. Did you have a James Harrison poster on the wall. Not outward and I'll. Record. Well. God is. You muck that was the reverse of the tongue without. Or you know they're currently and so you know see you lose system and so you know. You know actually it is Saturday. The Prague moved. Vote in the sentences divisions. Are certainly instances partners. You lose you're one of those you know kind of like. Didn't use them it's very slow it outward. I'll narrated by possible news yeah. I train happy new year congratulations number once you were talking and actually on. Have a good on our. Our regulator interview chancellor's front you buy a share view mill or your local interest in windows dealer came foods and by my pillow also by the horizon. That's network best on number one seed for the number oneself for us they kind of kind of works to our selling like hanging out with plate number one whether he would it's it's up for debate when there isn't one that matters and it's it's really because they really Steelers re illegal for the Steelers and Steelers could say hey meg Antonio Brown hurt right now I don't know that that's you don't see teams that want to catch senators don't want to you know play on words but you know. Not always up for debate everything is everything to do you know in your mind. You can do so low all as usual no one right no with a mutt you know I always say sentiments you see just took my sails well just kind of took it as an explicitly Kennedy better she used number does you better. He's going to win number eight Ehrlich some of the acknowledged shooting the month's weakness that you and number Warner close to a Null now it is kind we sucked. It here across that hey we're number six. Never it never are almost there they're trying to get better get that we are working on it's always tried to do was trying to get the sixth. Am I loving to get the sense. I'd say it's what 7777937. Is two OM every united after a couple weeks.