OMF - Colt Verbeck, 5, lymphoblastic lymphoma, Exeter, NH with parents, Emily and Chad 8-21-18

Colt had a swollen gland on his neck, under his ear that would not go away. Colt’s parents took him to a doctor out of concern, and in February 2018, a biopsy was performed. It was determined that Colt had cancer.

Colt was in the hospital for a month for the induction phase where he received high doses of chemotherapy and steroids. He now receives weekly rounds of chemotherapy for two years, with 3 week cycles.

In July he developed Pancreatitis due to one of the chemotherapy medicines. He was in the ICU and hospital for 3 weeks. Due to that negative reaction, Colt can no longer receive that form of chemo. The doctors are working to find a suitable replacement moving forward

Colt currently has diabetes due to his pancreas suffering a major hit from the Pancreatitis. His family constantly manages his blood and glucose levels. Colt continues to be a trooper and amazes his parents every step of the way.

Colt comes from a family of 5 including 2 brothers, Nash (7) and Clark (3).

Colt enjoys riding his bike, watching movies, and playing with Legos and Nintendo Switch.

When he is done with his treatment, Colt would like to buy a 4-wheeler. When he grows up, he would like to become an archaeologist.

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And introduce you to a young young gentlemen five years old name's Cole for back with a co. Cult over here this big guy over here it looks like somebody. It was the lower accidental deaths is not Wally over here this man out of him. Niceness you Howard. Like in game parents Emily champ treats people to view maybe one of you can start with the historic Chad tells a counselor can let me. Hey yeah like ethnic. Okay yeah. Yeah. Like you cosmic. That's an undetermined and keep that thing to control. I don't know it is. Definitely not a phobia. I also back into oracle was diagnosed in the last month Obama. On the standard treatment pretty much right away in March. Oh we're in children's hospital for a two weeks at first and then down been treated at the clinic on cents. He's had a few hiccups along the way it's really. Trying month of July for sure use them. He had pancreatitis student when the team laments so I was just super hard month but he pulled through and made it remarkable recovery. And he's really excited to be here today. So so how difficult has it been said there's some treatment let us on some issues with the treatment. You know we ought to be your ticket to get right that's for sure I mean you know they give you a whole list of what medicine they're gonna give them throughout the process and he's got a two year treatment plan. So that's extended chemotherapy treatment and you know every every drug that they list has. Different side effects that are potentials and one that he was on had a potential for. Pancreatic. I mean pancreatitis and unfortunately he was one unlike the 10% of the people they care. He saw how does that work now instant can no longer use that kind of chemo but so is it yours okay knicks team most thought up that exactly you know. And that's our next man up what you want this is right there Heidi that it announced today that the fight. They know which one it is such causes as sort of side effect on me just eliminated from his from his team's schedule and he starts on. A new drug certainly down the road so we've not pattern really late couple of months as far as chemotherapy goes to see. I obviously went into the hospital is there for a month to treat pancreatitis. On the including a ten days and I see you choose you know really awful for both us. All of us and them. But he's doing great right now and he's feeling good because I think we've kind of lightened his load as far as the team logos and and the stars have been back up and hopefully he stays as strong as part of this is and it but it. Well I mean there is cold there is some there is some good news okay let's look at the brighter side can once you're done with treatment what is it that you want. We'll. Go low period. Get four wheels. Four Wheeler or. Hold on you're saving for forward hole you. They say it's in box yeah you can run we were really are funny just a mess it restarted most they've been burning that's OK and you wanna be an archaeologist. Right Susan won your favorite movies like Jurassic Park. He'd have a. I've totally seen that movie before. All in all I can son loves infinity war. He watches that all day long to list have an older Brothers even if you Nash. There you can play with the older brother. Enjoy doing that or you know let Roger forward who waited in the portal play with it Lagos would have let it would would you let him put your Lagos when you get a you and what. Nash uniforms you won't let those Legos don't you. Inept towards absolutely right Christian please them all under great during govern sure you have an unstoppable Corey said that the. Dead when you go over to the to the clinic and people felt so much about the family. Atmosphere because you're you're trying to manage this and yet you've got another child you've got a family. Tell us about what they do what they do to make your life easier. Well it's really incredible what they do and that we just fill in we have on Fridays where there were there for most advanced creditors' claims treatments. And there's just so many volunteers that are there and help. Nash is able to come with us once in awhile and they will stay with him while he goes and gets his treatment. Well he's being treated by the nurses but also just although amazing stuff to do particularly with the Red Sox I mean. The other the other night there there was three or four weeks ago right me just finish up or stay in the hospital. And one of the young social workers came and said we've heard you've missed your two weeks' vacation too late because you were in the hospital time. Have to like Tennessee the yankees' game tonight and and so I think you know the kids were too tired or not ready for the game so I got my buddies together. Yeah well maybe if it is. And you sucker. You it was you know we were at the game we are all there and therefore the families aren't fund and other kid. XX saint Agnes school it was a couple years and whose treatment. And couples are kids there and in fort dad's there dollar you know it's immediate camaraderie. And in the dedicated the game come to the Jimmy Fund and when all the officials and managers in the pictures that's very that you went out on the mound to talk net dedicated gamers and took off there that's not tell us. It's almost. As Corey it's just being urged them eat. Animates and lasting friends and families in them. There's really. Need to that soon it's a huge and there was a family day on when we heard. And we came down at Nash as cool was. You know pretty under the weather of that and that's it you know on the basis. Meanwhile leaned down for a tour of the park in really. Wall ascension as a giant hall that's a pretty special autograph what was it good penmanship yeah. Or creature. But declined to. Outlets and it was great meeting all of the endless thanks in larger terms you're you're in the right place. You really reckless tennis of what it it was so much applause and then they'll they'll do well. Just cult of great meeting you as any need at least. Well we get right on the floor real rights all of us get a ride and before we went together Rocco. Cole yeah I don't Red Sox game and a cool. It gave us guys thanks thanks for stuff pop and we really appreciate it good luck to all of you.