OMF - Corporate Kirk schools us on podcasting; let's write off the sucky teams from the playoffs 9-7-16

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Thursday, September 7th

HOUR 4 - Kirk does a lot for the station. We here at OMF try to thank him for his presence and influence any chance we get. Grab your notepads and No.2 pencils because Kirk gave a seminar in podcasting down in Texas yesterday. With all the praise his producers were getting, Christian now wants more out of Paul. Christian wants Paul to drive the (figurative) bus. And as we continue on through our pre-pre-pre-pre-pregame show, let's write off the sucky teams who will never be in contention to make the playoffs!


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Shotgun snap. No he's out of touch. And I just kept on thinking hey this going to be held story. All right let's just play our best half I don't want anybody do anything that you can't do. All the more business good to you soon Bernard online has so mean and then talking tough enough. Police are saying that octave higher note it's what you know easier for some business. He's not worried about. Miss anything yeah. Okay. Okay. You really gets their lives on the line bread and expands into. Takes. He set a second. If Paul okay. It is it. The fans wanna play sports because one of sleep some guys like these wanna play a lot longer than that policy positions soldier alleged they could never let. I bet it. I've got the answers to the test. On September 7 if we hosting basketball game to happen over here. I think I don't but I that's going to be a difficult case that. On a more serious note on the radar that was user. The I'm back home certainly is. Trees get a new video. You guys soon. Pretty good. The emotion and make hairs in the bag your net single digit security gate to pump did you keep going here's popped up all over the planet you are all man we'll put that up. Up until 2000. Let's say why did you hear stand up and now I'm not good going on there at the eyes sniper shot a mocking mocking him feasible if there's a difference in Austin you're gonna happen is an elephant yeah but a bit more fun to mocked him for much. Sam Champion it and you can't do sports talk radio and also beefing I'm I don't fell about sixteen years ago on seventeen years now. And they're putting up a fifth. This year and you know watching these shows again do your job too and the other one America's team whatever. Still amazes me when you look analysts said this zillion times we look back at that Super Bowl game. I still on the hunt Helmand one. That's a whole. Other hello a lot of things I you don't read. Could we want you we watched that game and most people have. He would sit there and both are corset that in that there's no. It is tiger enough time. Right there's no way to stop them yet there's no way they can when it. Are great you can wash editing is no way and they each when he plays and I think that had to go see your way at all twenty of work oh yeah. Happen it's when it's via an apple that we hazardous what do they call it the eternal red zone where they have Tom radio. Tom Brady and all the civil victories playing at saint I'm just like a 1 o'clock start we have all the five games six united says the episode and every single suitable that they won is going to be on the reds on at same time so. A substitute third let's WEEI and then watch it seemed you don't need. Even when you look at it happened or should have to 2121. To three at halftime. And they play a lot of the sound now because the guys were my top. And Julian elements going to be great story and everybody's pumped up and he is saying to yourself when you watching them the video replay of it with everybody sound. Yeah they felt confident about it after what happens when he. It's it's it's a gaffe. No I don't and Orlando just so they start school guys. And Julio Jones makes that unbelievable. Actual schedule this on its technical. Show me both the AFC chimps should game where the colts on the rose oh. 06 with a growth at Seattle's vacuum after after after you get anyone in San Diego they go to media they weren't beating the heart they are losing right. Patriots were winning yet a patent through when it happens and there's like twenty said that initial Internet anger and then the patriots got interception for a touch of the beard for a series of the colts' medical analyst. That was an unbelievable comeback by the colts yes yeah their ability to comeback win because it used to it ain't gonna happen that aren't. Okay battle if you remember the defensive remember the secondary by the into the game that would mean Jim Sinegal what went now I remembered the report also. And I remember it's well it's just the fact that they were able to come back. After regrouping. Re setting everything and the patriots got it. Interception for a touchdown. And like arrivals voters are adding them to give you good moral of that story so it's it's halftime now. It's halftime in this company as you know their little slow when it comes to making reservations. For super bulls in because they don't want to give up the money up front you've got to give up the money for the airline tickets into the water act right or the hotels you gotta give a ammonium for a so they waiting till last cent. At halftime. We finally called program directives. You gotta do it now. Oh you so late and that they don't really yes so Jason we'll Kazaa gets all of our hotel rooms all of our our. Nonrefundable. Because what are his grandma. Eight under par Eric Miami game was in Miami we're not going to do when that when I get 800 politics we're gonna get those 360. Dollar tickets that are refundable whatever a nonrefundable gets what he wants the ball all and now. And your name and appoint you just go anyways. Is that the money. But some market itself as something you know market so they finally traded in years later the ticket and that god Kurt many and on Austin, Texas the job of but he definitely is successful podcasts so we'd love Kirk and currently it everything cricket we think curtain on yet not for off we had a great August we've gotten on an awful thing we want to get married we won this one of your battle in this town again August 2 Monty wish you'd think everybody Alice. Our kids on budget and only a bit daring and our. Guys talk at 145 assume anybody less than Alex. So yeah we we wanna think Kirk. But is now you know in with the the CEO when he's in with the product and actually I'm an artist represent our company as we love the guys that via via. A lot Kirk. Was that he had that it she was different you battle he would you know get suspended every other week. And now he should speak on you love about it. And now he's just become another one of those in corporate Mikey so he's basically because you yeah yeah yeah that's exactly right the oh wow because I was on the ball are actually and then actually jealous that you actually eulogized as in years past I mean Ord we have been invited down I have been cited as an Oregon it was to have cost like four of course I ordered every time I thought processes and if they don't for its fourth what's honest what's on the and he's sorry mark on you didn't win. And on and and great. He got a little edited and it bad podcast back in his day he'd be over very negating what of 100000 listeners or whatever it is. So Kirk Kirk is getting a lot of people listening to this podcast podcast is good with talked about the podcast before. It's really brought down here to talk to all of the other radio executives across the country. About how you put the the podcast together Howard works for the station and how you can incorporated. And suddenly instead of being this wild child Kirk many hand you know. Outside the box guy. Listen to this speech that he gave in front of the radio executives. Down there and Austin diesels are the joys of podcast Joyce Hawkins and OO thousand title and joys are. That's NASA and basically cake and oddly enough and a radio exhibit that sounds the Ellison started. So what is what visible. Yeah. And it depends what we might have all the possible. Actually. I haven't the her beauty and actors really is nothing. First. It is. Forty important all rip off. It doesn't matter how apple. And you cross promoted. And you will. Radio. Oh yeah years. He hates it. Think if I think sources or why. He. Sure what is acceptable means that it's not oh yeah. So he saw. Quirky of the I want to nobody wants the. So that's yeah field all the mob is I guess of what happened the F which likes her but I gotta finish out my dad though he thanked everybody in the company to use an ultrasound so so so it's accurate it's leaking of the name statement boss played a tournament this is this is a freedom and this is our let our foot that would that this is trying to name who's got suspended right for for loves every act not to managed. When. Long holes because you figure out when he called looked and you. And managing your earnings. Well I guess with removal or. Three ego so big in you know bombing his work cut out pork market. Still really Britain yes I hope he's the only. It was accurate. You know if you. Everybody. In her book Zachary. Or Obama or burgers that your management district goes you can actually coach to be the fusion. So far this work. So she thought apple. Start one and one. And whoever problems that come back and this war. Yeah I was was. It's yeah. That's their names of guys didn't even Dodi you know our luggage they totally believe me out like it isn't even the I guess I'll call you don't do it right came up with the name. Alerts aren't great survey. That Charles. Tot mom I'm. It's. So is this one I love because you you hear when you when he does Michelle and I guess it's all an act because he rips the crap. Poor Chris Curtis you know wonderful young man like you said yeah administrative problems. The cowboys. Beat the Redskins legend succeed at what motive footprint by a little bit so he just ripped off. One who yeah. I played again I had an advantage elderly and beat the Redskins that you succeed at what good footprint. It I put. So you. Some he ripped some on the air on a daily basis and we're finding out it's a complete act because he gets down to be an eight day before all of these radio executives across the country. And listen to what he tells the radio executives about their producers. And you also help. The countdown. Show did great he threatened also has. Yeah. And shouldn't 1000. You know my best for the producers. This is. Let them and what they do great job of all things act in bearden and you're out of my show didn't beat out. Things. Are. It's like you're here. Call me. It may look a whole set of our show. That number what we did that Curtis and pretty good job of giving all our homework the night before he showed haven't talked about it when you. The morning show that music and we're gonna YouTube doing remote you do it the morning you know yeah later and you don't know screening zoo he's up to date you can get the stuff that's already in the tank and it's thirty yen and eleven yeah I think. Stress can. And do this date. You we want you to do little dialog of the film like run. You want to just play that we're just got off loading the audio well you and I do want to. Support our focus on Matt propose a new study that. As we build you up to ticket of ours there op the console so all day and he's like a Wednesday right case guest on the show you knew you guys. Now yet in our. Editors don't remember the significance and you never never considered. Note for the use that you just sent an email here that we're talking about and will do it step by step but not limited no particular order. You got our good. While it's really flat say I brought you and success of that. Over the rave they're good he's a big portion where do I don't like virtual halt all right. We're doing you know we're doing the decent script out the show you say when did this and then us now is different. You would have had 42 topics by now has a engine every day. We talk about a 100 and so you know you don't want to I usually don't do that I don't think that we're not doing it already. Doing it only I don't that your coming up the topics of the show daily news and a at end of out at the end we think Paul would you guys that you have like four ignores the radar is an atmosphere. Of its go with a big hit right but what you drug busts. So I say so yourself as you don't you don't Christian you're sounding like like Kirk on the air. Ripping the crap out of his producer is basically saying they can't you know speak English OK you're a life. Now now now if I were corporate card not about Ali's radio executives is so it's out. Paul did a wonderful job on that montage that opened up the sound all Canadians and we all kidding aside and when you put together montage is like that. It really brings the emotion of the radio program out there to the audience. And and I consult simulate in in the studio I I just actually feel in his studio. Give any other corporate electrical problems. 'cause he just sucked up to those radio people they logged on and you know we couldn't rip the homeowners are there because there because Kirk might be trying to get another give owners some openings that in MOG and giant hasn't wanted to just off executives say and that I you know he rips apartment for little pee ons like producers are. So they played them in the court he's asked about what communities in this title follow your passion. So what are they if you have to have. Here who. I mean out of while it's safe houses for your personally. And something. He'll get now we can hear me it's good evening people really care. I guess. You know it was a lot of pretty funny or go off he's out at her actual fall and people white people like okay. It's. There's no water was that was a great news this person for a really long. They're right for four hours from reality he gets what like six. Yeah that was totally bogus but yeah. It's bad then a smaller unit patient. And you're passionate. That's dream. Something you really care about you care about child talked about it for four hours. Mean feeling. Yeah advertisers. Fall yet. I was I was feeling morally karate. Did I do the best. A round. Don't know it's yeah. Look at you. Call your passion on the president. Right big. Spirited play four I yeah. Definitely don't run. Yes we got me that's that's the imaginary dangers involved or innocence when he admitted this patronize them and find them. Very. It it's piloted the idea that there. And elegant and a lot of this yesterday recent loses like periscope yet it was at 530 liberal and I doubt washed about a half pharmaceutical out. Caught corporate Kirk is in action but he played the role injured and income guarantee our CEO does you know probably didn't evolve and love and they think he don't. At what he logs everywhere and suits in the works or next we admit it's almost. And joy and idealism and don't see them is that you don't use an element of suit is like ms. weren't measurements Purdue Tina you and you've -- in what would you just telling me corporate account all you do something special counsel law guys on same page that's okay Paul we are going to. By UAE. Bill shields and all we know we don't have money. But all have their local or look what can you do when you're the spokesperson for the company insert the neatest little. I didn't do a deal it was enough for the 700 dollar suit 300 and I must keep its 50% yeah that is what I don't get a better they'll be okay. Think he'll hit you will go get the promo code W yeah I'd also all walk you through it very simple situation. And then you'll be good you don't Austin I a couple of things this month. Partner you. There. You know second make anything look good and I think almost destroyed they've got the heck are praying that you Wear with everything form fit nicely tailored yes. Be here for weeks just don't get fat. Heart while. Staten tomorrow if that's the pot I got out I don't think I am. I standalone forfeited my closet gonna give when Aaron would be the fat then that would either fields Neeson and it would be beyond bill decently and do you definitely need of some suit tie and obviously somebody I'm going to you can and it appeared that. All right we got a contest coming up we you're gonna win an unbelievable prized and we're also gonna talk more football as we close out big and of your pre pre pre pre game show. For the opening night down inertial. They're more. Please call or Margaret do you. And I actually hit that note to bet me me mine mine Pletcher announced that its way. Mike how element of panic yet released any job. All football season long on Thursday. He's KM the official Franken sausage in the New England Patriots you that one that was. The good. Yes you know it could never hear you aren't that dumb preakness and that he's a cement always get some stuff that's news. I'd of the all time franks became and Walter Frank's gonna be running that touchdown contest. Where fans can get a school scored the first touchdown for the patriots each week. You can do it on their promotions. Page. At KMK a YEM. Dot com but it's K a YEM. Dot com it's on the promotion out page. And you guess right you're going to be ended when tickets to redeem. That football team. And autographed football can tell you is. Likely one of the best players. In the game. Certainly on the team. And so we can't. It legally at the it's it's in the plays and fought for it and it plays and box and I actually had a lot of other common navy so he's got to figure as many you don't block make it easier if you light up close and he's not exactly an easy for you. It's the team and you can go. Does that mean. Rights to death that this reminds us on this and on and on the Twitter Taylor Taylor power. From. Sports Illustrated his report talk about the game tonight right to it goes involvement. In an effort. To mitigate the negative reaction from fans in Foxborough. Fidel finisher supreme duties on the field early be off the field before the majority of patriots fan greens I don't think it. The patriots will not flash. Any shots of the commissioner during the game video shooting and inside this stadium. Goodell will not be sitting in patriots owner rubber crafts weekly news asked how NBC the game broadcaster pledged to cover to Dell's return to New England Thursday night in network spokesperson said quote. We will show the commissioner during the coverage of the game. And cover any related news appropriately and care. Let's say. Let's let's. So. If he if he's going to do when there's nobody at the stadium. And that's going to be. He's going to be on the mile nobody's in the stadium I mean he's got to the final three years that's three hours before a proposal are both gonna be in the stadium 9730. You know 8 o'clock. When some of the pregame. Is that going to be out there alternate what it is an idea of a popular all of their six and out and Tia. You know the good Boise so with you not gonna sit in the stands in the box and you'll be honest he. Let's see that doesn't listen Spock in America around the people want excellent running I I wondered is if graphs and obviously I'm thinking of Jonathan. Would very quickly put a shot of Russian detail on the screen during the commercial. You don't amino whatever have the fans actually look at the NC Roger this week and let the fans currently that you don't Roger that would kind of surprised me. Can I help but I just wonder and I'm back and hope you can dream and I. You can dare to dream yet you can. But clearly that's on the Lucille protective they arc is its huge mistake I think for to deal. If he allows this ultra protection when they give these rock stars who was last week it was at a wedding. And they sent up sheets of one of these dark sheets so that you couldn't see. Her coming out in getting into a limb I mean this is ridiculous. But this is what they're probably gonna do they're gonna this year him. He's now one of a long ovals big mass market welders math Crennel walks around you can see him. That's crazy. All right so who knows where the first touchdown so we'll start contest you for caring of people excited Christian who scored the first touchdown doing now on to win tornadoes now. Dwayne Allen the scores the first bring cuts of dignity top. Tom Brady on a 37 yard touchdown run on old days that's your goal with a pretty close bases loaded quarterback sneak them. I was quite nice to meet its bite it in hand and a big court next week at the one how about if you're for the way that your photo now known not a terrible. Think I need to coax a check out that KM touchdown contest by visiting the promotions page. KM dot com and enter your pick for the week's game against Kansas City. I don't want more segment I wanna ask you guys the sense that you're doing predictions but I would like to do is I think we can eliminate. A lot of teams from the post season and right away before the season begins so as to what collectively we'll do that coming up next. That immoral to jocks I like working with jobs as you can. You can play with a little bit and bingo on Sports Radio WEEI. The season began so it's just sit here and try to break down who's gonna play him in the playoffs with a little down to the Super Bowl stored reversed. Let's start with the AFC and let's take the teams that we know we can totally eliminate salute you saw the playoffs each guest. Here in Atlanta on Saturday. Adelman and seems an atheist and a good idea to let you guys Tennessee now we have you thought she'd want to musician I didn't one in for you get a sheet here all the way you play in the league for using those who wanted to know wanted to set the dial. You don't that don't have that chance of making the playoffs you know be the bills the dolphins and the jets very good choice I would say let's go to the AFC north we can eliminate the Cleveland Browns they are gonzo yes OK this is only the first round AFC south you want to teams Christian titans colts jet was. Something cold and jaguars colts jaguars was correct titans are in AFC less blunt none of them I agree Gilbert on Lindsay and Oakland general shortage playoff team let's go back to the list let's go in the AFC east it's already done right now over the AFC's. AFC north. I will eliminate the Cincinnati banged alleys I don't agree. And at that dinner in both you'll take Baltimore on Ayatollah crowd noise doable and do. Defense is terrific picture but they have lots of injuries and flak Andre knows if he's ready to talk so basically left in the season at the pats the Steelers and ravens Tennessee Houston in the entire its US that those if anybody and makes the playoffs under the most teams are we shocked OK so let's do this the patriots win the AFC east so they're in. The AFC north. I will eliminate the Baltimore Ravens to give the title to the Pittsburgh Steelers based and we were yours are stuck there are risks and thank you very much you know in the AFC south you know. I'm gonna go with the titans to win Edmonton. At all and Houston. TV. While Carney wild cats and I think the either way up the west for both to axles to figure out the west the AFC west raiders and chiefs come on the last OK so who wins it do you think Christ that's a problem. On -- to take commentators altered her readers of the raiders went down to jump on your chiefs of the wild card team and simulator for Denver. Good guy television channels there are no quarterback I'd let you start with the NFC west for a grounds US. Would. Giver of Eagles. You know low and in pressure on the west of would eliminate a look at what neither you know when it's least for some reason could quarterback I'm proud of the Syrian nationals can't beat them wouldn't get rid of the custody indices yet he's probably the toughest division and considered on the giants are going all the way I disagree with that. Big NFC south. Is the toughest NFC south is a killer Tampa okay you ready it's ready for this first round and feel confident about this. I'm a little eliminating the Atlanta Falcons are here and saying I can't just say now that I had somewhat you know effort Runyon announced. The rams and niners and the players that's about it yesterday the very little hope that you know damn bus pulled out of Tampa bears lions tickets can be pretty good yes they have been the division's tough so I can't Bear Bryant it's it's it's going to be. The Panthers. And the falcons that's OK so the Panthers are going to win the division. No Atlanta wanted to look at when you think it's gonna win that of Arctic Carolina cat and you think Carolina's gonna win the division. I think Carolina will Levy Goodyear this rule will be more. Likely would they would did two years ago the plan won't make the post season I'll tell you what. You know why is he can't win enough games within their own division as a bitch of a six game schedule with a decision they've got about New Orleans Tampa Bay. And Carolina. So we can eliminate the LA rams in the second round of someone you have to look at it and quarterback whatever ego Arizona Cardinals are going to be pretty good I'll go with Seattle winning the division and how about this. The cardinals will be one of the wild card team and now know. No on the vine no pick who's your wildcard team. The giants. Which you'll get them through the sincere guy has even at LSU and don't you could tell us what that suggests that in Dallas was a division fixed yeah I had cowboys giants will be a sixteen and they'll play the pats and it's of NFC north who wins it three. Green Bay Wednesday Minnesota as a shot again while parents do they get it and I know how you can't did you already given two wild card although there are so I think given to give the giants won in the atlas come from the south. Who is. The ability to use airlines don't a division I you do in a third one so Minnesota's off the Tatum and Islam so I'll take new England and grew Louisiana thing to do this. Quarterbacks in the nationals what people want that they didn't want that matchup for awhile now make it into the green the Green Bay and Seattle in the NFC championship Adobe new England and tennis ever I only ever any sale give Aaron Rodgers enough help defensively. That there was a giant that job either the giants on with it and the pats and miss and then Brady wins this one. And he walks off and we never hear from again analysts and in commercials and TV twelve calmer on the hood feel better about the janitor who didn't run. She says you guys that throw thirty touchdowns shame on you didn't see Ryan thirty touchdowns 32 of their defense is because I. Are finding how many games. It could be different giggles till a fourteen and one in the Posey got to be different data. How many against patriots when I sat and I'm sticking with it sixteen and now the liberty they win this year. Live theater on defuse the you know I'll let you talk and I don't you get a post this amount it seem realistically no punitive fourteen in Syria because of its. But excellent totally full could have been a homer team could it's also sixteen you know and instead with the did you guys don't have the balls this them. I'll stay with sixty. That they were all gonna be wrong I've Retief is down at the ship column or broadcast studio. Product jazz studio. Right across the street from the stadium all brought to you fly yup fine mess money dad got hers was going on down there he got. Happen yet so. A little bets we're theological clown face shirts towels there's noses that are passed around so that's sort of overshadow the entire game. That's Lauren talk about for a lot like costume parties not to run very good custom pool complex approach caused us a lot of football sense to him yes are you are. And the post game shows us where certain you don't pretty games I am so I'll keep the place warm for here so how long you don't you don't want you down if related hours on their toll thirty yeah it's a day but now. Hundred of these. The fifth. A I think coming up next to do and at all lines you just sit down their July I'll be on after graduating violent. They cover it would have a lot of them if they're your loved one home record straight down the yeah you wouldn't let him go down to trying to right now you're on and on TV in the fifth quarter read it and who did a young talent. Finally and sleep well I will settle in well given that my pillow and sleep well. We'll talk all about tonight's activities to gain Goodell would clowns. Everything tomorrow and AMP there. Right people.