OMF - Cris Collinsworth wants an apology from Trump; Are there any good teams in the NFL 9-25-17

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Monday, September 25th

HOUR 4 - The NFL product (football wise) has been pretty lousy so far this season. The guys are left wondering what the truly good teams in the league are this year. Odell Beckham Jr. acted like a dog in the endzone. This isn't metaphor. He acted like a four legged dog. And Cris Collinsworth used his platform to call for an apology from President Trump.


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On you read me. Beats Fort Wayne and moaning and foreign. Here. Combs. The clip. Expect there. With wind blew in Christian would you love to see one of these NFL owners who say get that son of a pitch off the field right now out. I got pissed off I'll be honest with you and I'm reading these comments and it it's it's appalling to me yeah I mean I I certainly disagree with the you know what he says it you know thought it was just. Divisive I know for a fact and I know some of the now on Sports Radio WEEI. Are disappointed Belichick. Yeah I am disappointed that I don't think that look I think that you know when mr. Kraft put a tweet out there that he was with the players. But it opened the door for this I think base all of this coming and instead of you know doing the thing that was tough and more difficult by having real conversations and taken the time. You know even in advance of this the really speak to it in understand how they're going to deal with it as an organization. That they open the door for this to happen and I. Think it's wrong. That's Matt Light who is disappointed in the patriots disappointed in and Belichick he talked a lot popped out. The old days and how they would do the old and patched. Think it's different worlds right now 2000 I just don't think it would and it's funny because I think six of about that a degree. I'm like man. It was crazy. As people on those teams back back then get pushing the same guys and took it and they're all it means business iced. I don't I don't affiliate react today sin does does now let's put him 2017. And you tell me they wouldn't be doing the same thing. I would like to think I would like to think OK that we would. Be more. On the same page. But in your blood sample of what's right well but I but I feel like yeah he's won there but I actually feel like the message that the unit at the definition of unity when it regards no regards for the patriots is is redefine now. For them it is you guys do what you want. You do what you want you to do union Jim wolf and I won't and we all respect everybody and then but we don't want this to be at issue is not a lot from. So when you get pissed off debt according what's going on call up and down a lot of yelling and screaming and as US behavior with it it's a little political gonna feel. It seems like there's more. Tinian in Dole's demand lights mikes and talk to Danny Amendola it was that he would never not stand in respect the flag. So and so got it feels that strongly about you know respecting the National Anthem. Still does looks turns around these guys kneeling in saying you know what but I respect you guys as a man as men do you have your own opinion you do what you gotta do. I don't agree with it but doesn't know the meaning of civic do what I got to do. Where's Matt Light seems to be a cat got its tubular bowl. It dress up and we'll be doing a note well not nailing yet not nailing this is how I feel this is how you should feel. I would have to give us the team is silly it is art market. Let's doesn't work so there is so so what happens if that's the case. If you're gonna sit there are trying to light. Convince me and yell at me say this is what you have to do that's not gonna work out now and now we're now we're in now our fighting right now I'm not listen to anything you're saying you're not listening to and there's a guy. Letting people wonder when he seeking that looked somewhat divided. That's okay is it is yours that your division is there. No conversation in the locker room. But we're sitting down no you're not yes we are that's a bunch of this you do what you gotta do I don't agree with that you know is it that confrontation. Or select a store I firmly believe we shelf should be standing. Well we think we'll get a meal and they both sides to look at angle you know what your man your man do what you gotta do I'll do what I got to do. Because it it doesn't seem like Matt Light what does that there's that do what you gotta do. It sounds like you're a citizen now. You know I nearly made it to the point to it and then you know had other people that it's out the opposite which is it. So of Logan Mankins and what did it seem anything Logan Mankins feels I mean Paula melody I think public debt corporate. Russell Steve wrote like all those guys I think all those guys feel when I got all the white castle another one out double to Lima got generation about a little agitated okay hi how about. I don't know tractor Keith tractor trailer about him. About how about Ted Washington don't know about a camera that I'm not take Bruce you about Mike Vrabel. Rodney Harrison I just don't have a demo line. How would they feel you can take them back in time and that's what what Matt did he conveniently and I gathered he is talking about we had a lot of leaders. In in our locker room. The put those same leaders in 2017. Different time. A real volatile time with the is a real split in this country yardage heard one of the examples you brought up was for brown being one of those leaders back in his day. We'll try to round ticket player position last night and not get him and I would say of British wrong one. Let's say you're seeing Troy in a different setting. It's all different and if anybody thinks it's gonna get and go away it's gonna get worse in the next few weeks because trump won't back down here is if you if you don't then they give. Back then to the point where he'll Matt Light probably not never sought the this side of a lot of guys when it comes to politics and beliefs maybe even race. You know it's always there in locker room suspension imagine NFL. Being ill because of this is the most adversity on a roster. But he probably never saw. The true beliefs politically from a Troy Brown or Reno or high law or Willie McGinest it was just all football I mean all. Football in women right and his co that's just loves agents. But now at this book you know politics been introduced to lock groups throughout professional sport and now it's lead might he might have seen a different side of Troy Brown. You know and elect elect thought I thought that it would have been the same page of this prepare announcing beside you than ever saw before. Yeah and a lot of guys it it forces there their true opinion to come out because you have to do have an opinion. You have to care one way or the other. That you just can't sit on the fence so when I hear like Alex Drew Brees. Was refreshing for me here Drew Brees talk the way he is pretty good about it. And great it was because yet here Roger I disagree. With what the senate and house. I certainly coming from the office of the president has states should talk like that too great future. Actually it's he's just for a lot of people. And as it pertains to the national. I will always feel vast. If you are Americans. That the National Anthem is the opportunities for us all to stand up together and unified. To show respect for our country. I couldn't agree with a more sensitive because that is what they are saying trailer says have put out there you know right. With the liver so we're getting it in other sports because it's media day around the NPA so stiff curry. Cool he and his team got disinvited. And now a largest pointed this out during the break John Wall is out there. Commenting and he's calling on Tom Brady Aaron Rodgers to take this thing. Tom Brady to escape. I believe there are registered John Wall. Most French guys are big time players and ended African Americans. Yet Chris all you're doing radio permanent you have the Barnes and that when you talk that it is. Until like the guys this is basically it's like I have to American guys come from I did great quarterbacks he gets in there what did you do. Ten deposition tomorrow because franchise guys are quarterbacks so you have got Tom Brady and watch logos got very town to go guys come out to speak. I don't think in a Fella gonna making adjustments. They did. Well what is he talking about so I don't understand what Jeff Bridges John Wall expected Tom Brady needs to do what he did. Or what he believes he would do and that's taken me. British artist came out said it was pretty much unbecoming of what the president did on Friday nights a week criticized the president even though we have the cap and locker one time. And then he also said that he was standing in solidarity with the other teammates that he locked arm and harmony put out the FaceBook thing yesterday so this is what I mean. What does John Wall expect Tom Brady. And Aaron Rodgers to duke they believe it's disrespectful. To the country. To take Indy when the national anthems being played with a flag is there in their presence obviously John Wall feels differently. Yes bull. I would say that big east is the same thing with Michael Jordan. And Michael Jordan's when it came to politics it was like republic bought into our series to console. I mean I I don't fault them for that because. He's a businessman he's running a business and Brady. Is a businessman. Almost becoming more business revenue is up all of our citizens need to do with that Tom preserves its. I don't I think Tom Brady was taking eight is still Narnia look there are so it's all ball obviously polity here on in two public wants them to be more in the front of it. Like carrying the flag. You know holding press conferences you challenging that he wants and daughter is usually either face not contact and it doesn't have enough swagger. I wrote about this on TV news but you've got Tom Brady and Iraqis to misquote excellent you know he's an argument there. But portal that don't guys have. The doesn't help him do that the club loosely. The Russian post I don't any US president and you know I don't know why they don't hit. Let's Ellis this former MVP this league all right Russell Wilson as a Super Bowl quarterback winning quarterback. They have enough club in this league you can talk about Aaron Rodgers could talk about Utah on rating. But you don't hear Russell Wilson Cam Newton then I'm announcing that it's really that loud and Adobe noted and other guys that allow. To get them but it would be ideally get to the Paris that it quarterback. All the little discussions on this as well I can't they feel about it personally did you look at did you happen this sorry. Cam Newton and his post game press conference not so there goes his eyes are looking at like eight DC comic light you know villain. The way he was addressed it on whenever started it is hard to believe I just I just trying to sharply too hard and everything it does it's hard to believe he was the end he slid two years yes cousins who started I took a phone calls Bob Jim Walton made up. Tell you guys sort you know the interesting thing here about all of this. I have a feeling that a lot of this stuff was. Get a little closer to going in the background I mean. You weren't here in quite as much about it. In the trump just slip that match and now we're gonna see more of this would have received. And we are also the only woman a seek re. My feelings about free speech therapist. You have the freedom to salute the flag. To stand up but I also believe that you of the freedom to not send out muscled flags and it'd general citizens said that needs to be respected. Obviously as an employee the employer can decide that you're not supposed to do that. But what is nothing to do it. When he went except. He hasn't spokesman for the government not the only spokesman but he is the most powerful the most recognized. Spokesman all of our government. So would you put the government in the position that he did I think he has the potential to limit the power of the employers to set a rule on this because someone good so we'll keep. Look at the government has is going to get free speech and it really complicates the issue about what prompted. And you said that he likes what he's doing the doing I think emotionally does internal fight though. That in terms of policy he's been having a hard time getting them out because of this we're going to be divided. Other also called a civil war race right away evident. And I think character it's probably getting way ahead of where we are right now with all of this but I agree he's creating a lot of this and I'd. Other than trying to appeal to his base where he gets out. He does these rallies and the next thing you know is going in an hour and I have deep. And he's just the looks of the smiles and the crowd and he says since his jump gonna go deeper into this thing. But it's not gonna he's. He's gonna double down guarantee you this week here's David movement May Day. Hello Dave. Yellow days. Nowadays everybody I can't hang around wills and the car Europe will. Well a lot of ways that you know were there that your country. My country and it's what you call cabinet just know that anything from out or wrote Ronald Spector MBS. It's for leadership. Yeah NBA side when he went wrote to this the same word at all which is that it respect gate checked everything they have that vote on this. From the get go to solve the problem we're. Getting out from going on his Tuesday not to mention that the stop the other National Anthem was written by Fred RQB. But one a lawyer for freedom of men. Back in the day. And freedom. Thanks for the history actually rejects I like we didn't and history will be able to get a lesson record but it was a bit. But what you hear a lot of people bringing that up when I hear a lot of media people bringing up up you know freedom of speech and first amendment rights or whatever you don't have them in the workplace. You know I how many times do you I don't even read globe reporters was criticized many times and and people on our Airways have criticized our own company. Okay would be critical of our own company. I never read anybody in the globe that does want. Just call this a policy upon the globes not gonna allow you don't necessarily. Have freedom of speech you do if you have a real consequence that's correct. A strike they would tell you walk right. But there's just stop your employer resting you know what freedom of speech could be set plutonium under fire. I exit and but that's what people are doing nick constantly coming up first amendment rights in the first amendment rights. Do you view the right to criticize your government but they don't necessarily. Allow you to go in and say what you want. About yet you gonna be going to your boss a column blatantly blatantly played actually try to manage appointed judge that was put all the time stories Vern I do it all the time I do our model going door bluntly our boss and I did well it and gonna go to many hands. Wait is about many a dirty words of militant OK I yet anyway so they'll be out. There's Gerri at New Hampshire Jerry. Yeah I don't. We vote with some of what it. Was mistake for. On the other side of this you know everybody's almost all of this talk about being one to the point my questions. You know talked about not watching them asylum last night watching the raiders game. I was just I was just to be tied and bent the law or my country saying everybody yelling. That really really angered many sort or the media and so I'm not gonna watch and more and which aren't coming on saying what he did it in everybody's got an opinion. About what's going our and so I mean that may have been his opinion maybe she should've done it as he should've made it more. Or rather formidable where I'm speaking and stumbled chalk not present the United States. Like they should be represented mr. Bartlett told army and worked worked worked hard. Portion of who should be and what are you wrote a declining by the owners. I could beat by the owners are all are being able to say yeah okay. Let's let's go with that so the NFL is decided that they're not gonna do that. Met affected going to and they came out with strong statements individual owners and the National Football League. Our players have the right to express their opinion so if you're fifty or if your boss allow you to do it. That you can. In a white marlin Matt. Everybody knows why. Because if I do what they all us. The market's gonna determine or party scene that there were was a drop in ratings with a whole Collins and a situation. But the president is getting involved. In in business in the free marketplace that's what you want you want president trump to speak as Donald Trump and president. No he sent. Yeah it is because Donald Trump about the president it's it's so cute and anyone he'll let you know they're it's one you no longer speaks is Donald Trump is speeches presidential and police there realize that fortunately this guy does that. He's right about that this guy is doing that he is not speaking. Resident life okay president and show presidential. Quite 6177797937. More before calls on this coming up next cease. Or we'd heard moaning and Fauria with a collars have a voice and use it until about a lot with your. You can always asking them questions and he starts answering Johnson's well most of them anyway Sports Radio. If you could talk to present what would you say the present about. I would say should apologize they're not if so please there's Smart thoughtful guys they really are they've seen things that were unimaginable. They want. Exactly what the president. And a better America. Their version. Of how did you. But I guarantee you. I can make a list of ten guys in the White House. And heard their stories and heard their thoughts and her. Fresh challenge to a photography from the police and law. And through. He turned Psycho apologized crews were busy ever apologized. He's never gonna have these sort of double down there's always guys that we've also seen things that are unimaginable. When he says that some these guys have seen things unimaginable blow. Thank you all know one if you were beaten and cultural a lot of partners Clark caught the old guys they really are they similar. I sit. Unimaginable. Some of them half a. And a subdural and ultimately only talk to really deep dark years stuff. But it unicorn. Since he thinks that is unless you are automatically a terror like the ravens this course think that all these guys that can live through slavery. Things unimaginable while senators their life hospitality there's some of them so I'm missing somebody from. You know it's a single parent homes you know abuse stuff like that yeah yeah livid I mean yeah there's a total stories out there. Are there is a time that had no idea what it's like that's why the outside it was instinct. The NFL locker room just how diverse it really is you could start at one end of the locker room. And walk all the way down to the end and you'll hear five different types of music. I mean literally and it's almost like a neighborhood. And you keep walking by and and that that music most of the time would be able to identify that person with us this class. Yeah you know and looks like in Major League Baseball we don't know the one got a first got a ticket neat. And measly game when your rookie by the way. As catcher Max were violently ice what what does it look like. When the playoffs start in Major League Baseball when that when the anthem actually is or the bigger deal. And it can be more interest. You know again I don't know trying to think the nudity. They lined up right that you introduced. There's a lot more attention to it now you're on that first base line you're on that third base line. Do you see it more I think you will give the other would also and I need to know where it's gonna be. In a week right because that's the next whatever next Tuesday Monday and Tuesday at belief. So if something it put this in the playoffs are starting this Tuesday it would happen over the weekend. I think you'd see it every ounce Thursday slowed down by the. That the dynamics of Major League Baseball locker room. As opposed to day and it locker room I mean just so many international players Latin that's that's what's so it's like soul. I mean. It's more Latin although Boston you that's what four. We have four guys think but around the league like you know Dominica overalls Whalen who sported a skins yes it's like it's much different it is just Milan yeah. In Georgia. Really it your call. Your call via the wanted to because I know we wanna do it in that you wanted to bring yeah and it's just Stewart have long been a hello Stuart. They had you know guys. Good pay a lot of taxes all right I want to start out by saying congratulations. Andrew wrongly I'm a combat veteran myself. Toward Afghanistan toward Barack and I can't imagine. Not meaning sort of flagged it actually. Kind of turned my stomach when I. Saw everything in there when I saw that little snippet about Andrew will have a way of it actually kind of lifted the back up a little bit. Com. IE shut off the game last night the raider team about halfway through and really didn't watch agreeing Beijing. The radar showed us the game to watch it right into the Steelers didn't say why generators game halfway through. Well. And I just I just couldn't listen to the commentary anymore and I just I couldn't I couldn't watch the beginning of you know what was happening at the beginning I just it's I believe I did a little bit and I I had a censor off this is I. Wanted to turn it off because the game was that overturned because it nationally at them manipulate initially I still walks out. I turned it off because the the National Anthem I watched about about a half minute but I couldn't I couldn't be in the commentary. There was not much commentary that was a little bit at the beginning NATO is a little bit negated there was a little bit more that at halftime I was gonna do this I was gonna do a little thoughtful minute for instance it's Monday with the NFL tells also are just so imagine eternity college football it is. It is. And and had UMass beaten Tennessee doubted where are we given little tremendous on and it almost as NBC if they had to lay it up until fourth quarter I don't there was always always always isn't it discovered that we are now that I barely put a usual thing we can we and we'll talk about and I'm sure tomorrow and Wednesday and during the course of the week. There are a lot of concerns right now with the patriots especially in the defensive side of the ball boy that there's some of the offensive side when you're in the fourth quarter and up until that two minute the drive. You get eighteen yards of offense that you can't convert not once but twice in the third three and a third and in one. Joke around the league health scares Helen. All I heard was so the first two weeks hall to watch out for the Baltimore Ravens defense defense to what that something special Jack laws mama is always show up when you go against something special you know holiday okay then I heard all of the Broncos they've got a great defense Trevor Cindy and he's the got a guy actually goes to buffalo on the fans are loud and he can't hear that signals. And he serves two interceptions and get you get beaten up. Yes that's Edward so. Steelers. Until we all know oil it's a Steelers to go to Chicago. To play the free and theirs. They lose in overtime they trailed the entire game were these great teams that everybody's film buffalo on let's go and let's was awful sovereignty and jets went twenty dissent public the dolphin budget outlook. Our cars to New Jersey and small thin in Dan. What do you toward the mountain we're resilient and by the way your predictions really you're Super Mario the patriots and the giants knew that good was that your start out the window on regular yeah now one dollar Vietnam's total. There's your boyfriend you brought your boy Brandon Marshall he's not he's not playing very well exactly what he spit on a band saw the raiders Jackson. Originally there were no I'll it's not like it's. There where a doctor or three now. Alter advantage doesn't it does mean that is it doesn't look like at eighteen they don't they came back three gone unanswered touchdowns and three touchdowns and an end up losing on a 61. Yards you goal. I'm really can't sell it opens it we have to that we have via the call. McDougall called mrs. Geisel doesn't 61 yards CC one yards to call is fantastic. And yeah. There. I've just Jazeera didn't the end of the habit can't bear it ought to be happy. Ending their sort of everything I don't know there ought puzzles listen to what you should not only to the judge slows the game that oatmeal but can junior is going to be it's they find a heavy amount of money. Because you celebrate now after after touching down you just can't leave your leg and what particular dog missing on prodigy he's he's a dollar to talk to a dog post game news asked about that. First raising his fist in at about dot com and a history. Just didn't happen to me community. It didn't ask you. Describe it I got here at your word of the month. But it won't do that with via the celebrations the purity you're. You can't demining team could dog why would you do that it was motivated. Brazilians. The boat. He's he is a steroid use such a great player that one catch he made were you able to pull a new would you want me and millions of this was from a so mature more you know he's just say you don't it's like no wouldn't wouldn't it could be a little while. Don't feel like you're bush you responded. Well I thought glory I don't rather have you say. One of the history. Just didn't happen to me community. It did not ask you to describe and I got here at your word about it that much. There must have been something to do available to anchor now all know. That's just not as you wanna you wanna show something to do something you want to pull an impact yet you don't wanna talk about it I'm gonna do it at all. And the guys did it justice does kind of that you suggested is to be cool be part of something that but it really had a mean behind. Bryant's is that there are definitely some people that had true meaning naked discuss it and it did for them according but there are others. That ethical decision yet. So if you're good to symbol now wish you well we don't down. They struck. But it's a straw so much. That's all about job. But it's about a couple of those traders less than what they have a total offense in a kid that was in Baylor Barack. Well I was made this all week is one of those weeks and weeks three of the NFL week to solicit the NC. Don't believe what you saw. With a lot of teams don't blitz which you don't believe what you saw. Because it's just it's early week Jimmy do you do you think that that's who Baltimore is that Jackson a list. If you want me and I think he is general Oakland is that we no longer worried about Oakland file for much are now played a patriot well known but I no longer a local war are critical Baltimore four months from now. When they play the patriots. Just watch one of those and how we get down to the old excuses them while Oakland and travel crushed. Obviously a lot of yeah. I'm zone that was old school excuses right hanging out hundreds of I don't eat out there about the Packers they ended up winning but that's because they won't play and the Bengals. That bagels have bad game. They have dame. And of course Marv Lewis in that integrates brake coach an adult plug in game and then in the end. LC we got Washington. You talk patriots so he needs more or waiver of moaning and 48 or Sports Radio WEEI. I don't agree with how to present does he does I wouldn't I wouldn't treat people the way he doesn't say things the way he says them. But let's not lose sight of what the real message boards we stand for the National Anthem it's that simple there isn't there's no further conversation needed. And I agree with that. Thirty interstate that was Matt Light Matt Light apparently has been on both the station's both of the sports stations in that tempo involve being treated the shot a few hours ago for all Boston media. Giving Matt Light a platform to say he's ashamed to be a patriot. Would be nice to give a forum to the other side to him is there anybody else that's actually out there ex player normal patriot. Who's who's basically saying he's ashamed to be a patriot and the only the only one. And everything else venue the site yeah. It just right I mean for the most are also people that speak out on the other side of Matt Light so exactly then we've actually given. One person the right direction of a different view of the season I give him the platform these yellow flier what do you. What he's a public it's always does the other side -- well I I think what it is this is what you did which you have with the media he is finished very sensitive. Because hot you read the rest of his two reasonable and I agree with them right got about ten I'm here talking about the ratings were terrific yesterday for football they were up. He. It's his opinion he's he doesn't like the opinion of Matt liked the different the other opinion including spent that are out away. I would pick careful about talking about the ratings up yesterday. Ratings might have been yesterday. Because it was a boy we show you nudity in if you intend those trapped people were tuning in because they wanted to see what was going to happen. I like this maybe improve ratings let's see how plays out for four weeks down the road and if that sea island and why aren't there crossovers brought to you by find mass money in downtown with the first hard hitting question. If you get through the coached. Don't know the defense you know or with the let's look at the I mean I think there's a lot to do what's that signature at the press conference used asked one question about it he said. He didn't just give it the the classic Katie. You know I'm not talk about he says that the long lines of you know I we'll talk about it later I'll deal with me he had -- other ethnic for a while I don't know the question there was a follower of the ones but that that shot out the same way it felt sorry you really it's just the sort of punishment. Yeah I said to Isaac nevermind I just have another. Nobody Soviets into the auspices that Robert Kraft and Tom Brady able discussed that little bit you know will he feel the need to get his opinion there expect you imagine. Just looking at the sideline yesterday not everybody being on the same page can't imagine he's the. Thrilled with all of them on each issue and so when you ask him the question he comes back and says. What is your college goalie Ryan who is because you don't buy an agent or if they want to look at usually go out show he says these insurance. Were on the Carolina. We are on it would you say than the. Confident that if I. Like literally Michael dimpled up. Until then I shouldn't go we have given for a five with the evidence that 230 get his thoughts on everything happened yesterday as well. I'm not unknown tomorrow. Oh well in a recap the game tomorrow it could gain a recap the game we just Marley just don't run around and nationals only all the late running an absolutely different jokes about it and I'll download that will do it. I gave. Beat air where valuable. I know it's just a pressing a little bit the head game in the locker room before hands with some about a third of the team taking in need during the National Anthem how does that affect. The unity of the team and devastated. I'm a football questions. Go anywhere. CNN Hollywood keeps her coming up next.