OMF - Curt Schilling joins the show to rip Fred Toucher & talk about that trailer in Tennessee, 12-22-17

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Friday, December 22nd

Former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling joins the show to address the recent reports of a broken trailer he left behind in Tennessee. He also gives his thoughts on the Red Sox and supports Alex Cora as the new manager.


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I was gonna think well I'm not going through them I want to be here for this to refereed the man's name and it's going to be back apparently he picks and shots that. You and others at the station turned podcast and gonna answer for tomorrow morning if I'm looking forward Greg at humor here right Adam's apple. Yes it's called wet. Yeah yeah yeah there but he's a CIOs think he wants to do the rest if you get them but that's okay you're in trouble now I'd like I think it yet. Fauria almost hit a couple they have this SpinRite did. It was close but for me it'll pass you just get a pistol whip just that one putts aren't. Is this is regular show. Was an eyelash that was that. One of them a lot of us that year and in studio with Kirk probably would do wish to show pack and then Paul yeah I've initial attack me I can't pack him until it. Hello never ever to help our let's atop the Al fourth and final hour here now this hour's brought you by Sheikh concrete we. We don't lot of things again old ways off for days off so I'm been blessed to have one John Dennis in year again in a boat and a half while from now plea. The best of the worst I'll I'll be considered John Dennis it's about a greatest hits greatest hits. Trust me if you do not want to miss this and as we urged mentioning. We also we don't want to miss is when Curt Schilling because. It's been an interesting I would say point 448 hours a C on things on Twitter at hearing of the people cross the the city morning radio shows that are written on this Manson show when asked you how can you just abandon a trailer doubted that I see you son of a bitch. Might chaotic in that you want to be a cynical media. Well let's stop it's good. At the bit weird voice. Still good to talk to you also tells everybody Merry Christmas to you and Sean in the kids. They're doing well thank you. To go so let me put it into quick story it's quick it's virtually an adult story. When did what started out as is ventured to tape the load trailer supplies and get it down to go to Florida turned into something much bigger and if you remember back to resist. Three consecutive Hercules in the one Texas won at Florida won that political. We we started a program called operation bullpen and basically. To get that healed to load up a truck while truck turned into about I think eleven vehicles at the end of the day. The caravan headed down that. We. I really. Kind gentleman a friend of mine taxi and who's done it then sick and I meant there was sudden having cancer. Donated a trailer to take steps down the big black church that I thought behind it all these that I equipment by the right. Bit April. In Tennessee. Overloaded if I'm not really at polling expert so. Known. I would probably kicked anyway broke down. And I put up I wouldn't want FaceBook to by the way I've I've been lied I broke down I put out a call that god what people. To come out of me and load and reload a new trailer that you all have brought out. We got our stuff down taxes upon arriving at Texas I found out that another of the trailers on the trip. One I think and trailers have broken down in on the Virginia Tennessee border. Which you know nothing you can do about it we we are sexism and material but. The problem was that the can't pull that it broke down when it left everything and and my response was OK first up we're down. Why he's in column or we're down here got. Took that to bring this stuff. And by the buildup of the doubt about that point so. You remember there hurricane hit Floyd meant until we we delivered everything everything that was what in the trailer. That that they left was all area was pet supplies non perishable so that wasn't a big concern. If you remember about the Florida hurricane hit right on the heels of the tax. Yeah it was hardly even Irma. Right well I actually didn't come home we are just left went from Houston anchovies. Louisiana port of Florida. India and Pakistan that it ordered Mr. Spock Ernie Boch junior. Donated a 100000 dollars so we we took what amounted should be. Well what we've also done it reached at three trips spoke a little over two million pounds of supplies. Operation open ended a deliberate. So what happened the one that was left were you aware that it was left and it seemed that the owner of that and it's quite a bit. When I was in taxes that they showed about trailer an outlet in on this pretty industry to be here have vehicle which cripples. But and then you know that was about. Almost two weeks I was in Texas. Persona particularly wanted something on the top of my radar. Speaking to what we are built and I went right from Texas to Florida. It's episode ended up being about exactly I think we're athletes who have all month there were almost in those two places like came home. For about a week and it was candidate that I reached out now. It's trade social right now other as historic as there is little access to their eyes and they're both in Tennessee so Purcell considerable Tennessee. One was thought I was going and one with a one the other gentleman's time. The phone call that take care of both situations or so I thought. And I was done with that well before that even in result I wouldn't I wouldn't order with the Puerto Rico. Spent about we had two weeks in Puerto Rico insane stuff. So I don't know about a month and a half time it and when we left for Florida and when I kind of got back and so home. So as a miscommunication thing more than anything you were aware that it was still down there. What happened was when I got home I found couple throws were still there which was ridiculous and so I wouldn't doubt he. And it's doing and I thought that I mean the proper arrangements for both these trailers to get back so I you know I want the latest on. What happened why it got done but I I. Somehow was an impressive one we had gotten back and I realize one was there. I think. Mark victims of the problems in my hand I mr. I was miscommunication I thought I was talking with one group about trailer and I actually saw talking to two separate groups. About a separate trips. He thought it was moves resolve. And then on the. Saw one slide and otherwise that which I try to tick ever so it was do a lot of mystery. When he found out that the other one wasn't resolve the day you straight net thing out right away. I think that Wall Street now I mean it was not one not a dime. Anybody that put money out is reimbursed for expenses all the players are paid for in Dubai operation bullpen all by me. So I mean no doubt anybody that it's frustrating disappointed that it certainly. But here's the thing. The the frustrating thing for me is the amount of effort put into by the media to define the root of the story. Outweighs the amount of effort they were trying to put into the original story of that. There's the effort in that the town of midfield in the state of matches split and to helping these people that's disappointing. I've come to expect that and anyway and the anti monopoly and anybody that ultimately it was in my operations of the speaks well. You know any boy important thing where one wrong all the meat but the fact of the matter is it was an accident. We'll show. You know the expression that applies to this and you'll really understand it once you hear Fred touch or from across the street that expression is no good deed goes unpunished so Curt Schilling is the idiotic piece of crap. And when he was took it upon themselves to go to the Houston. Will do is good ol' boy trailer network and done he was gonna hand out. The supplies to the people of Houston after the hurricane. I had the audacity to question the relevance have been doing so or maybe the fact that he was grandstanding. Or it certainly at least he was too stupid to realize that maybe would be better deployed charity aimed at his own hands he could throw a baseball good. But other than that he's made himself can be he's proven himself completely inept. That's a bullet. Before. Then not only was that sold really awkward spot in the lineup I had no idea who you isn't. I've never heard him on the radio for a second so. I don't know. Can you met other effective. That he sounds like he's pretty bitter which is fine in Europe showed that crappy piece or two that was my job so. I get a bit but it fact of the matter is. I heard about him bragging on the reached out the people in the kiss my actions and basically. I got people saying oh look what he's done which certainly never decent pick this topic temperature is in the sub that the legacy but all these so happens to be getting. Important yet so stop with that crap but the point being. I I I still enjoy the fact is that I was grandstanding when it again. I dealt with some of that over the last 45 points it's your ballot system. My job is to bring money. And I think that would name recognition. And and by getting the word out so I guess if that's for an inning and the guys that understand charities but also guys. I'm pretty sure that my. My my my. Grandmother my father's side is that what's that like event like those more votes plus the sports and then then birdied it doesn't really. Resonate in anyway but that's that you again at this point here. That it talked trash about. Something that people do capitalism was amazed I mean again over two million pounds of supplies. That the people of Massachusetts in the Tibetan operation bullpen move. It was a total part of it. Moments you know whatever you want to hear people say things that about them but that bird for someone like that the course in my character. It. That that that is one of those things I don't. I think he says that he did good things didn't and everything down there and try to help those people I think that's pretty much. That's the story in islands and things happened between him straighten it out. Think about it yeah yeah I conspired with someone to force a trail of this state and Tennessee I mean it's stupid I it was a mistake. It was taken care of it should have been taken care center. And I'm not blaming anybody guys again this was might might it would turn into something much bigger than expected to do well to stop them. And that was it was a challenge to handle. Let me ask you Eric because I hear you guys call the morning once in awhile you know and I know that you have a lot going on right now but sometimes I do miss Curt Schilling talking baseball. So. Outlaw I've missed talking baseball honestly I. It's something that I would like to do on a much more concerted spoke against one thing I feel like I know. Not just no particulate and a pitching better than anybody in the world whether you're not not appointed pointed it's something though. And I like pocket. Here's my question general before on a Red Sox and ups and you know the smoke come when when the Red Sox announced the Al score and they did announce a meeting cosa did not that's a pitching coach. I came on these Airways and said the instinct thing to me. Is that there's a man whose name is dale Vinci he could be the pitching coach all the hitting coach because I've seen it in action they eventually did name him as the pitching coach you know that man. What do you think about demo. I don't know moves by the way. I've been waiting for Alex to walk into that rolled I think he's he's one of the you know you played with guys that I played with guys that you looked on with our council at the manager. Or or that type of. I managed with the game as it goes every gain ever play. And there are any night and that's and the best ones are that your pets are our guys that work. Platoon players or or. You know. Tell us what do you have to be in the game every minute of every play because you might be on the field the next pitch and and I love. Those had to bet I'd aren't as much baseball from those guys making the case is. Well and I actually apple as well I'm excited to help forum because I think that that is. A great opportunity I think he's going to be phenomenal it. The challenge for them is going to be. The team. In New York looks to get there have been here poll that is. There's going to be some enormous issues. With the telly is part of the people and then they. If you were advising how to score. What is the most important thing he needs to do between now. I guess when pitchers and catchers report I understand he's gonna go around and talked everybody have a little panels that sit down with the almost everybody. When he gathers everybody has that first meeting in the first week and their tennis. In a guys who didn't play with him try to get a sense of what he's all about what is a best way for a new manager in a new club to win the hearts and mock things of that team. Well first things first that. Look at the things that you would worry about the president's state. The you have to develop trust and it's very hard to get that right up about ballots has that personality is one of the reasons like he's gonna be good. I would tell you and I believe this since he goes become one of the best men zumwalt line. It's not about it's sitting in and bullpen usage is absolutely unequivocally without a doubt about communication. That is that is the only thing that matters to have a bench coach you have a pitching coach to do all the things that those coaches do. Your job is to make those 45 guys. Want to win for you worse than they want went for themselves and that comes from and miss you and care about you and your opinion. And putting them in the right position to succeed. The thing about it is now they. And my nowadays that people that you that you can't fool players to keep you you can't do it for very long but I don't quite stick it told about spam it's phony. And players see right through it. Outscored there's genuine is that Tom. And I believe he had the personnel to hold people accountable I think he's perfect for this team from a personality perspective. I think this is the young team I think it. From. Presence perspective there's there's haven't been eagle leader we need somebody. That that will stand up and have a clubhouse meeting other than the manager. But you know. Trip COLT got a latency. So many people change when it moves into the managerial spot the manager's office. Sometimes it's also better. It's going to be fine let Alex but that if you don't pick. Be an agitated people Matt Williams is going to be a great manager and that just turned up and out work. Cilic sounds like buy your description there's a fine line between holding people accountable. Yet having their back in somehow making them trust you even when you criticize them or coach them. That fine line is different in Boston. Remember a way back in 2004. Opening day he can pick is at least this stadium. And after the game with that Terry Francona say. It's probably my fault because I didn't lay out those rules which everybody on the planet knew for a 100% fact. There was enough weight to carry it was not the blame for his bet you don't ever leave that that's. Live in the ballpark is never ever been something that's an option for players in the big leagues after they come out of it doesn't work that way. He fell on the sword and remembered Shaughnessy column out there and good luck blah blah blah but it was a way for him to say that the guys no matter how bad do you screw up. I will always fall on the sword. And it takes a while or some guys they're really proud that they've been impostor it's different you have. A media that what looks and it's true he played three games here the media before the game the game and the media after the game. And those two games before or after can can happen impact on the game in the middle. But when he falls on the sword for Pedro and that particular example she'll. Doesn't that send a message to the other guys to pay this guy has got a soft the act into I want not. It opposite diplomat was what was. If they bullets and display this guy's an honorable man and he's gonna take a penny for you don't do it. It also depends what happens behind the scenes. We can't back them again with his back that the players. The players took care of that to some degree it did happen again. And an important committee and with the you don't want to add that means that these problems throughout the players that you have themselves. And the other thing isn't is maturing. To. A group of players that will probably do that a bit when you have a media like this one here. They try and it's hard to be at the news as they do so right that is. You tend to have conflict of personalities and then you know you've got the whole talk radio thing that there are there Philadelphia New York. And and Boston are. Different market for that reason alone. You look at that the patriots. The patriots don't play at sixteen game season may play. A 160 to concede that the debate alternates as they could happen is that luck on Sunday that he talked about every day. And then you you mag they edit that put that in the baseball perspective every night they're gonna. And that all Sunday breakdown of the game. The others executed that gets older and about three days. Absolutely do because not impact out of that which you guys talk about on the radio is what the media comes in the club walked out that's about need it's not relevant. That that can be aware that the Wear you down to let him answer. Art Shell appreciate it meant we get you going a year ago of course. I got what I put in Brussels says they've put in all the wasn't up there is sent back. Our top back to you your damage he'll pocket Curt Schilling and not a drop this thing been theater there. Artists of all from dealers though we come back at this again you don't wanna miss that were about I'd say about fifteen minutes away a nice little. Going away five minute montage of the great hits one John Dennis yes again we are going to come back and talk about why in this day and age more than ever before whom. Timing is everything it's a cliche but it's a cliche for a reason I like.