OMF - Dale blew the Michael Wilbon interview yesterday; Keefe's agenda exposed! 12-7-17

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Thursday, December 7th

Lou thinks Dale's opening question to Michael Wilbon yesterday set the wrong tone for the entire interview. Why did Wilbon think Keefe had an agenda? Holley sucked the life out of the inteview by getting in the way of the Keefe/Wilbon exchange.


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Fort Wayne. And bony and 48 shots behind the plate full speed contact football we're not doing that I'm gonna mess trying to get hurt trying to protect them up with the player because he's on and an overall. Damage you'll quarterbacks in the food and almost that was a headline there was a eminent fiddle running full go round with another beat writer as to how quick you were gonna try to downplay that. How can you literally putting your headline the doesn't anyone else. But you know agree to disagree because that's a REIT because drought sports round and you know you're not really I think a lot you can do with Ku and mu and Christian why did. It's single question yet let me ask. Walked out a bit okay good for those guys why did you point out that wrong elbow a black player what. What was the point that part of the dynamic of Mike Abbott going on one game. I don't might get but what I'm not gonna doesn't fit what your talking about that it doesn't have anything to do with the fact that they're black and run his white it's that they did the damn thing already now on Sports Radio WEEI. We got lots of media media. Very easy. It was yeah it was good we're good we're gonna get to that we're gonna get to the good last night Brad fell in and relegated we're gonna get a job. Little too much and I know it's rich keeps day here at the the radio guys just. But to build an altar in the light candles over there on the corner of room with a big large picture of keep that mold too much. And you know what good people around like his normal chair and organizational I was doesn't quite sit they'll be open. Yeah not only that I get him into what these things called. But the cup for the month of my exempt about the does that bring to my sockets is keeps. And all that praised them why they want one hit him once that gets done around here. He gets. Edited more key finance thing yeah is it just that one interaction then like a minute minute and a half but that was it. Yeah it will lead speak before they will lead speak after hours convention you know he's got ahead viewpoints should the new guy you've. He got to sit spot though don't donated erupt into and around. A lot of problems that it you do know that it's not the rich keep shell a lot of problems then you okay start DiMarco I'd what do you wanna start. Well I would say the late actually ever want him awarded more key sawed I got an old adage rags at Richmond should dole win again. I don't want holly diffuse it. Well on a thought embarrass himself by ambulance for. More so they won't. I'm more upset with dale went against first question. The food you can let me set this okayed because Clark driving callable bonds up and I'll mullets I'd be here this is not wanna hear what the hell he's got to say you know card nodding your head I wasn't I thought I had unfortunately for me also now this after some tangible Austin like the full call happens to start talking on the phone. And hosting the audience so I hang up the phone interview started at a party missed. The first minute of it. Kate the first minute of the interview. So as you abuse going on on like I don't understand. Why will bond is harping on this sensitivity about New England when I thought the entire discussion is why you bringing race into play. That didn't have racist should have had been involved at all I thought that was why we're gonna have month instead he's bringing up New England sensitivity. And I actually went back and listen to it together like last night and I heard the very first question from dale. Which is distraught man argument which never heard anyone say at all in the last three or four days and now I realize why won't what was harping on the knowing that sensitivity. Because the first question for dale was derailed the high or ridicule in my mind. Michael will want I can ask you guys why does the issue of race only come up when we're talking about the patriots what a sad that. Was that it was about. I grew a book on he's gonna take that approach. Why do you think it's always about you this could have been Detroit to lead the gators could have been anything but the fact is that a white guy a black guy to go one game. That's what that will blunt thing that pissed me off. I don't. We only think race comes up involves the way don't they. I think we're sensitive about it overly sensitive about it because of the history here the fact of people a herb talking in terms of 4050 years ago but two right. I but I think that almost got. Will bond off. The subject to the point where he got passed didn't like it got sensitive about the fact that no blunder was sitting there saying why do you keep on doing this to know him. It was that's all you you wanna be on because youth youth youth become. I I think the patriots are racist or Michael all cleared up but I'm just aren't that clear that I want to jump on that the first question that again at that or gold backed up. Boston is a racist city. And everything the patriots do lose races I'd Edwards I didn't. Now what I don't want any part of that argument. Yet I first question you didn't make sense of the day and I think. Dale did get will Barnicle off the tracks and hits him off which might have even set up. Were key point with the with the whole thing because it was obvious that will bond. Had respect for one guy and only one guy in a studio he was gonna team's gonna treat him with kid gloves. And the other two guys he he could give a rat's ass about Jordan right at that that was a field that was obvious I was glad committed a past relationship okay obviously right they no doubt. But I've had friends on you've had for insomnia. They don't necessarily do that and you don't necessarily hear those dynamics. Right they might be more friendly to you know but I thought it was clear that will once thought that Michael had nothing to do with that. Yet I heard some comments that Michael made on the shelled the day before. That based on the context of what will once said yesterday at a small all of you probably aren't as well from two days ago so but you're right the that the crux of the reason they got will Obama. Is that will on picked out specific. Race of a player as he was pointing out the different characters. Involved in that one. Yeah I understand. Races come up because it's involves two of your players recently. You know Tom Brady arguing with Mickey and we've what we've we've heard that Daniels from Latin and argued in a wide retreat. Why don't we treat Dez Bryant he all. An old Dell Beckham different than Tom Brady that argument is that she felt OK and I could be to say out loud it's actually funny to discuss but. Whatever site I get it in the gronkowski so you know another white guy so honest and race comes up put. Does anybody really think that race only comes up when it involves the New England Patriots and other 10 Dublin and junior did you sis I still believe that eye opener dale every minute as you've been. Zip is that something he's been hopper on some of the last three days this is hoping is that I because I've heard it's just it's we're talking about race because it's new England and Boston's a recent sitting there is hiding in the current connect. That too well I think were overly sensitive about Lou but I'm not short plays into this one at all. Because you considered about anybody but would you see Dublin continues video that he's related to a lot of that we'd as a pulpit he's ready to go Rico back and forth with him trying to brotherly embrace how they're all like I just didn't make. Your since you've been in the league things that he not included yup. Wearing lift opened his leg and he was he was beaten like a dog did include that the video codec. Brady did wind easier than us this week three was that I missed this year so I don't watch the games yet I must and even if that they compete on a ticket while but will on specifically. Pointed out. The color of the skin of those players. Victim surprised nobody's brought up the Brady when he was screaming on the sidelines. Was screaming and Brady as a white person right what can affect him he was screaming at me like coach. Was a black coach was wiped it adds to why do we do this and when one goes down that. Rome but a white player does something holy word you give them in the least. Pots are all sluggish I think Ford is riding their head of a black player into the. He's sold off easier and then writes it off. Two ritual politics. And then later on you got the feeling he was talking about global perception of people about Michael. Perception and reality don't play in the same league. OK I get it perception which job in York credible. Journalists have been promised he'd be big gig it's very successfully. For a long period of time now. Separate reality. Chip so what you do would you basically. Adding to perception and so while we just played Keefe will blow back and forth and it's just visited has a lot of things on their that it will most extreme force although it wasn't certain because Christians from records and for the provision. They didn't get the same apartment Christian okay. These Seattle. He Tumblr or move toward. So there's funny Christians on your. And I'm giving him a complete you know. Mulligan on today because a coach what one it's a thirst. You take off if he if he's going to take this as a to do something fun vacation you do on Monday and Friday. You don't go to Tuesday Wednesday and that our staff and I know that is what you want though few weeks back did you pretend you're sick in a Tuesday because it looks. Innocent looks at who never a question enough in the week you question me right now I was seriously election and it felt I know voice and there are. So I think he is a big east counseling Warren Moon it will get to that one little Brooklyn civil. Eric talking. OK let's listen to this one from yesterday Keefe and will be on going back and forth. So you're making it very clear that you don't think wrong was racially motivated and it didn't know I know I know he did and I'm curious why would you point out that well I don't know I don't know what in town but I'm curious why you could point out why Michael why don't out of active player. I don't want to point out that you layer of ice that aren't right. No I don't I've I think I've taking let her work on your want to ask you a question muscles. Why did. A single question yet let me ask you walk. Okay those guys I'm asking questions and you know why do you know what why did you point out that wrong. Elbow a black player what what was the point that. Part of the dynamic. That dynamic. How what do block was white. And white. Got out at me you going to let me answer the question that. Yeah that the right the league. I yes that would be great. Yes magnetic bit the dynamic and bit it and we talk about the politics. I operate you're talking black and white white white not black and black. The most part you could be an exception or situation. Reception. Is among people and not in a way to. It is quite player again you'll. Did about doing the right doesn't she doesn't make you are the sort of worry. You don't get. White player being suspended. You Jane and Bob and other peel back into previously. In 80% black league or seventy or whatever it is. And the white layer being brutalized left in this situation the politics of how do people speed. I do understand that I don't know I don't know what it is you want me to say. Isn't what prompted more similar to what Mike Evans did then what do you leave the Michael Crabtree did Mike Edwards got one game at a loss on it's hard every penalty. Area. Happened in a short period of time. Almost to that. Yeah we're involved in the field. Oddly that the leak out objectionable. Probably struggle with image and suspended don't actually. Mike Evans only got one again. Mike given what I'm not because it doesn't fit what you're talking about Mike and basically what prompted even worse than it. You. About it. Why. Exactly am I may. One who said that Rob Gronkowski the black player that we were interested to have you on the show you said that could even made it you know yeah. Right yeah argent it was my agenda. When what does that you. You're ugly is that you. Meet you at the black black that you objects. Population. The surgeon. That seem well on his visit is that that was in Paris. First off it's is part of the dynamic because you introduced. As part of a dynamic you brought it up there have hit a black player and then you're cherry pick and you sit there saying not now not not to compare it owed it to go to to lead and Crabtree but he's wrong even and its stock not already bears what is wrong and what is it took I don't want to compare to Mike happens. He says what just happened well Mike ever happened. Three weeks ago what happened 2007. Women have looked usual cherry picking he nobody's won what he talks about keep Talib and Michael Crabtree. They get the same penalty that prompted. They get two games brought down to one leading to the Simone plan they don't implement it and Wesley initially they got through the end up with one I don't. We have a senate committee that sits and looks additionally back and review it. Auto and Arnaz appeals and the crowd I don't want an immediate result doesn't want any result ending result was one okay. But they gave them two games. So but it was different. These are players that did the exact same damn thing last year Circuit Court dale but why did they go from two to one move because there's I. They've come a play in the war on game right now because they want they dropped it from too little. Tug McGraw had a two game suspension dropped down one wolf one with symptoms. That's okay because they get the same really penalty that that those other guys. You would use that the other way instead they took the total one because why maybe it's subtle I don't know I think the issue and appealed to one people viewed the same. There I mean one guy gets you won the appealed and won appealed grown close to your whatever but but he's right we want you brought this up the Evans thing is neat is a better that's the only person is his only comparison Rob Gronkowski is Mike Edmondson here's what he Crabtree. It is until leave. They got past. They didn't before. This one was uglier than the one before. It because it doesn't skis right it doesn't fit your agenda altogether when does he is a blunt about what is this is the enemy obviously out at Keefe. This out he could have just snapped. What is his agenda to have the black guy on. Really so what's what's what really keeps the keeps a race well might want to the black guy but my eye which you have Kornheiser on to ask him about something that will blunt said. A Tony Allen got want we want to have you want because we want reliable on brought up the fact that the blows a black player I feel like it'd be white black and you're the one who brought the subject. Right Tony you brought the subject what Tony says I don't know much yes Michael exactly. I had. And that's why I'm on the line by Hawley where he went into I know you when I don't know Tony I mean. Obviously that helps you get will Bono on because he has trust him Michael Holley he knows him personally. That shouldn't play into. The the debate your happened at the time you had him on because you specifically. As an African American journalist. Pointed out that color of the skin. Of the participants involved. And gave you the insinuation. That it was if there in how this thing play and that's why you get it. I mean first of all I don't like the the the tone back and forth a lot of it's erupting in an interview and you know me I'm totally against an infinitely does that help his goal of trying to speak I just I don't. But he keeps bringing up the politics of race. Woody says that. Is he talking about the perception among that exist out there because I understand and get. That amongst didn't get but he he mentioned at one point talking to some of the the players what I understand the perception. Need the out there because people looking at skin color. What is the reality and why isn't it that Michael will bark who know all the people involved he has ties to the NFL. Why isn't he calling out Derrick Brooks why isn't he calling out Runyan anthrax. Calling out the individual. With with will blogs and actually yesterday these people that that run to race. Should look in the mirror. Now I don't know Michael will. OK but they what I don't know Michael global one just like Michael while bond doesn't know rich keep. But will bond has got no problem at all on a radio show telling rich Keefe. And he sees his agenda through point. Your agenda rich people I don't know some kind of floor under a plan a line around the balls to call you racist but gate because I don't. But that's four with the okay basically that's where you don't yet you want to have an argument with a guy. If you disagree with the not I want to have an argument with a guy that said something that I disagree with I don't care if you're white or if you're black. But will bomb went right to. He doesn't know rich keep you walked in and tomorrow to set I don't know Michael walk on. What Phillip I got the right to say nobody should look at yourself. Should we should look at yourself and wonder if you racism in your heart because for some reason you just accused some guy white guy in Boston. Of being racist racked up well yeah black man on the radio show. Just at just the power. Outs would be and he brunt of the word disingenuous in and and he was as well yesterday in which he says it all race wasn't involved in the ground tonight. And yet he's the one that brought up the color of the skin of the victim in the situation solvent say this Lou if you would die they'd come on the air. And the incident had been reversed let's say a true did yes white. Was the one who attacked grown that way. And you want I would come on the air instead of referring to it as. True Davie this white attacking groan he Buffalo Bill player attracting a New England Patriots player instead said. The black guy. Was out here attacking. The white guy if we brought that up people would be up in arms and they would have a right to be open arms they should they should ask for a suspension. For pointing out specifically the color of the skin why. It doesn't play into this thing unless you tell me Michael. That race was involved in the situation Canada bolt you can't sit there it's at. I don't think race was involved in that situation but it was old guy who attacked the bush. Guy and a white guy only got one he's not ready for a ball will ball and accusing rich key. The his agenda. Was to. Corner of whatever to. Have not last yeah you hit what's my agenda this quiet but what is it you. You're you're debate meet you give it a black person that you objects. Make that observation. If you key for me you can vote so what do you say. Why can I just have a guy on T on radio interview somebody which we do all the time white all black we we interview people. We we moved to say stupid things that we don't agree with so what was don't look at white and black we just look at people we disagree with. How reasonable will want accusing rich Keefe. Of doing it about having him on only because he's black. Any disagrees of the I think that is so irritating. And I it it's a noisy absolute hell I don't. They'll well on with think that this is a white black issue that's why they had him on as opposed to just someone's said something I disagreed with. Yeah the whole time but that the whole idea that Kornheiser brought the topic it's in what he's basically saying is the white guy brought that topic up race. OK we get that. Everybody can talk about race Michael like people like people everybody can talk about it. He brought the topic of the reason they had you won the yesterday. Was not because Michael Holley knew you that helped to be able to. Process giving you one and you know you Europe you've got some knowledge of one of the colts for the program but the reason they catch you want is that you cited. That the color of somebody's skin. In throughout the edit in the wind and we're supposed to do what not react to it not so unique and about. Because I don't believe race played into the grunting at all and I really don't. Now in and apparently Michael what one does and there is that's what he said in the if you sold it doesn't. Play into it then why are you pointing out that's a white guy that's a black guy that. What does it do. What what are we doing are we going to now pointed at everybody okay that's like well that and select. That oil going. They've player into it. They wow they had I was shot they had a human being on the Rio they requested an interview with the person. Two debates openly disagreed with. And will bond run right through. It'd be yours you agenda. Our right to. Sent the tee it it it pisses me off and probably I'm sure this is what Obama if anybody out here. Brings race into another situation. Where it is reversed and it should be pissed off. It's idiotic in this case. You really believe that is it Derrick Brooks is it Runyan is it's always. In that emit NFL offers you know those people Michael you all those people who isn't. They certainly are going but white guy got to get my old black Bordeaux and don't throw the book who's going to look at one of like the if the show out there that there is a gay bar UST okay that one gets an advantage over the other. Because of the color of the skin because that's pretty much what he's laying out that's when he's talking about the politics of race if that's the case. Let's nail these bastards in the NFL office hello we given his. Idiotic commissioner who by the way happens to be white. Why are we giving him forty million dollars a year and don't want a million dollar deal because I got a problem would that I'll get to that later on the program. But it can't be a problem. Where somebody in the NFL office. Is dictating the link. Of a suspension the severity of this suspension. Based on the color of somebody's skin we have a major problem. That's clearcut racism I want that guy exposed I wanna pick out industry. And what point more than anybody based on what I heard yesterday should be all over that. He should be chasing that down we get to the phone calls coming up next 61777. 7937. No big load today that he's going to be got in a major reason sick. Got to go to your room maybe who knows you know maybe you just heard over the news or Warren Moon. Could be too may be different kind of council may be organized and that is I don't know what you have noticed is really gone over the last week that produced and it is only. And here is really gone on maybe he's working on that and now we get the of Oracle's commitment that. Lou is rocking Twitter before during and after they show after bloomer Loney moved back to moral or waiver of Loney at 48. Right now fox Sports Radio guy. I think has more to do with the fact that they've already done that same thing we want to. We're talking about the Apollo. Politics to bring Whitney in Europe sorry Adam publication I hope I get a dog. Why does digital phone calls text on 777979. 37. It and I'll get a dog. And the anyone's afraid nobody's afraid ambulance having it. Everyone's having extra figure out why. You would use it in this case correct he's the one that pointed out the race of one of the participants. Why did you have to bring out the race of one of the park the white guy in of black. Why do you bring it out of if you telling me in the next sentence. Did you do not believe that the ground situation was a racial incident. So what you do what is your floating it out there I'm not tolerated. She afloat and to make comments after Tony about it in a moment and and you wonder why people get sensitive to this likable you throw out there. And then what are we supposed to do with it. You sit there and saying once sentence note though the grunting was not a racial incident and then you're pointing out this is a white guy and this is. Guy in the what are we supposed to respond. What is that me so you floated about the U leaving the perception out there that it is race even though you're saying to the study folks out there. It's not race. And we're not supposed to react and we have an agenda open I took fonts Dotson polio Campbell Scott. Got hung up okay too bad though is nuts there also are heroes and itself got called back called extra charge. They applied to make an attempt to show how stupid robot position as our co are being hit his conversation and yesterday. So when I saw a were observed and that will hurt our Arab and African American sports commentator. Talking to another all American sports commentator with dignity and respect. As an African American public care. That's huge step in to white men to one sports commentators in told an antenna so Michael will want obviously. Using your argument they've regulations to get you to get Michael Holley mentally than he treated gale or rich keep. And the tone you read that right there is much state. Cutler the. Well again that's that that's the perception that that's because that is the reality is that reality is they have a relationship. And they are friends off it and say that Michael Michael treated Michael better. I'm just saying you could also treat stated Michael Holley treat Michael Bolton yes. So early and that they cheated but still have something I'm not look like just. And I'm in the really the efforts. We can admit or national chancellor William the big bad blood but the difference in total transaction between those two because they know each other they have history. We integrate a lucky you are right. But keep it won't opt position where racial politics play isn't everything that most of plated to have an interaction between them yet they take. V aggravate making Michael worldwide outrage. Okay interest in point let's go to what John Johnson Gardner hi John. April thanks particular Michael picked Anatolian might myself. I I taped actually what shall. But the politics of race which I took the meeting. In the aftermath in other words I took it to me he wasn't saying incident itself was driven by our pals keep being a racist community like that. He brought up a politics of race at least to me was talking about how can be talked about you after the fact in my opinion. Will bond was excited and I forget what the previous segment what he was already worked out I think he had it to do wolf that you would've said what he said the boats. Autumn that oh I don't think that's true. He had and what we have an opportunity yesterday to take all of them back to none of them back I think you're I think you're handing out an olive branch to him giving him an excuse. I'm sort of drug to me. It is I think he would've taken aback at the time with only but he was all worked up his life I think he said that because he's human and the black guy. And in the gap in the interview with a group of rich and those guys I think that kind of a little rich Whitman did you guys know when. Only human animal white guy if I went out there and pointed out. And if her work in reverse and I pointed out that a black man attacked a white man on the football field. And I brought up. Race as opposed to motive the fact that. He was pissed off charter one off because he was pissed off is used to being held at Don had nothing to do with race. Then shame on me. Shimon may. Through but one last thing if I make. How many times people might will blind has been thought out to get his you want some of the situation because. We talked about it I think no I think because he talks and edited the problem that I have is that you know to do you bring it because. For obvious reasons that. The discussion she's done like for example Kiko Alonso Joseph Flacco. Just discussed ahead. What you think should happen. There was a white guy and a white guy but just disgusting that brought. That they feel like ground should that two games. For that hit that's fine yeah alone. Lotta people their field. But the fact that we go to race because this was the one scenario where a white guy at a black. The fact that we can go to race. And I think will want to meet it annoys the hell out of me because this man is on ESPN. And he has his own show to give his own opinion. Don't hide behind people are saying. Don't hide behind this discussion of the people have. Don't hide behind it that you of these this will you don't think people are talking about it in your credit I don't care what people are saying. I don't care of people talking about a tune that show on CB you'd think. Tell me what you think of and to sit there say that discussions are happening enough plays around the league talking about a veto I don't care what players I'm sure they are. I curable we used to that's why listen. So be it. Say what you picked. And then made it and be accountable for don't open to all people are saying crap. What do you think well that's what I mean he's throwing the perception not to do this. They stormed the perception thing out there and yet he is the one that identified the participants. In the walk. Incidents. And bike race fort in writing that bit of a black player into tennis that he's ordinance that's on him. And any Spanish it's cherry picking his cherry pick and a penalty that that had nothing to do. Nothing you know you can have the connection. Of other than the fact of people gets suspended. Might get to Crabtree in Toledo at nothing to do. Mike Evans has everything to do it instead he says I'm not talking about them out of the probably should blogger or or every single incident. I don't want my debacle but not because it doesn't fit what your talking on Mike and basically what prompted seemingly worked on it. You thought. About it can't. Who cares then they'll get all this stuff they do a deal it's meant feel awkward. I don't think the problem I have with dale getting mad is still doesn't get drugs and and it. Dent into that that's a tough. Is that one of the words we have to bleep. We okay when they are chemical they would damning about HE double. Hockey stick that LaBella is like a decent I haven't had a lot of applause probably still doesn't get angry enough so that when he does is that the answering some ways this game really are Layton why did you do really well revelation and get abundantly getting greed has talent routines my weird uncomfortable motive is an. It possible that Crabtree into league got a two game suspension as opposed to one because it was the second time they'd done the same thing it's Qatar yeah yeah. Sure. That it doesn't have anything to do with the fact that their blackened rock is white it's that they did the damn thing already. They hit the theory is the slowest I've. I don't know I want yeah. Yeah angry because of mud and you. Best of luck. Q and here are excited that they did the damn thing already. You can put that they're cut where Michael tries to the two. Quiet down the situation which I think he should of let the thing build up even more. Where he jumps in to be able to actually see ya after key peak each tries to explain to will bar. Why they had him on and I went out to you. More than Tony I know you. I don't want to talk don't don't. Why. Not real it's real. No it batted ball and I now know am I applaud you back them up. None until about that. That's a bunch of crap that's still pretty innocent and does not. The reason why is Michael Holland wanted to know how would you say that you know I wanted to do because I know you don't know I'm that's the reason I want to talk to Michael we'll bond now. It helped. Oh you know what did you watch all of Michael Smith you know and Julia soul why did you call Michael well on key has it right up. That's the reason why you won the call will blanket you know omitted then and in global auto companies have not been with so hectic yeah she got some lists do. Why did you actually I'm even flat wrong and indicate to you can't you just don't like we'll be partly so bad debt. The car right now not my hit. At a hotel room both of him connect come. I got that right dearest is placating each other. The reason. You were able to facilitate. The interview because will bought it turned down. Kirk and Kelly in to do they wasn't going on when that obviously too volatile league you wanna go. Is he felt comfortable. Being on a show with Michael because they have a relationship that live my thoughts on anyone talked to Michael will blow you know you want to talk Italy's. Michael volume I don't know why are Italian Michael said a lot of stuff that I agreed with the date before you go back and listen to some of the comments. That Michael making made an awful lot of sense the day before. But he almost like. Hacked off because this is a buddy of his and at this point when you do that. I think what one now suddenly felt comfortable with Ali and uncomfortable. With dale and certainly really uncomfortable. With that with rich can. To call right now not quiet on mind since the army and it's just like to decline next little 10 and let's. They got about delegates. I doubt I don't mean deadbeat dad or our. Lack I checked. The picket robbery and spent it period yet well. White player and I'll Brady do you think you did anything to do it turns out. I don't think that it can do it right it's critical or what hurt. A little bit yet. I remembered some of the details not all of them by what I could make the argument that it's actually securely put to it. But that. What they thought Brady got. Dot posed. Would this ordered suspension. Yet and that got all that I know every New England band around here. And it in the back in my heart that if rock radio and let beat you award if it goes organic it would beat out Matt Bryant sure. And yet I hope. They're not light up ready black on radio that is why it is awkward about. It. He got the biggest the biggest brewer oh it. And so why we play of the car I mean he got it because there was an agenda by the commissioner. You. Show how powerfully wise. That article 46 gives him total ability to do what ever he wants had nothing to do. With color and I don't lead to easy keel early suspension had anything to do with Kyle and by the way I disagree with that want. Really don't like to the commission overstepped his bounds on. On to say when you when you discuss. Whether of the Tom Brady suspension. Was legit Ezekiel it's suspension was legit. Mike Evans. Crabtree to leave. Do you even consider whether those players involved are whiter lack will bundles. He's a wanna prodded up you know he's the one getting the bomb unit the league does as you mentioned of people that come down with Jon Runyan or like let's go get the youth they are part of their political do you think these players handout suspensions. During the conversations that you'll. Deal with a black. We do all the way player. So okay how's that play into our decision making. Is that the racial politics. As far as suspensions is that they believe that exists so you tell me there or not there's racial issues in this world that in that league there's no denying back of it we have discussions continually have discussions on a daily weekly monthly basis. I was afraid to have the discussions we do all the time. But do you really believe racial politics is involved with suspensions. Someone's sickness and as a black guy's got a light. Here's why it's really don't here's why it's idiotic OK and this is where will barn and others are missing the point to that's what you need to do if you really believe. This an injustice here. That the league is racist in the way they deal lease suspensions he find out who when that league offices involved and and they nailed to the wall. And people will jump on board. Here's the deal will you know what happens. You've been to these are Super Bowls you see how many. Both black and white people work in the NFL offices are you telling me that if this is going on with the going and and they are having a meeting and there are around this round table leg on look at what do you think this guy let's go to the suspension here be it we're gonna watch video what do you think and it's a recent ago. Well I'd like I'll write to him about the security and it is by any thing like that. Is going on. Are you telling me that somebody probably a percent. In of prominence in the NFL office is not leaking back out to Shaq or somebody else. We're here in all sorts of stories that are getting leaked out right now about prominent powerful people. Are you telling me that that's up he's not going to get out to the knee and Hitler idea. That you get. Get that a bottom of these things gulf go find no real battle out and and and ask the owner. Management. Head coach of the Buffalo Bills. And asked them. Dick you benched Tyrod Taylor because he's black Florie white. Asking. The discussions been out there is some people and where they wanna go with you write stories about. Get the bottom up. You really believe that. And and you know what if that's the case. If you find out that that's the case the new movie individuals. Or did it once and NBI. It shouldn't be. Sydney it's it's it's it's more disturbing. When you see will bond do that yesterday and I say that with all respect because I do have respect for will bore a he's a good journalist I think he's. Terrific on that show I think he does challenge I think he does go work some people won't go. Our and that makes it worse when you're playing the perception game Haifa the perception out to and then you work. I think it's of the perceptions you're building on the perception by pointing out to your audience out there. That a white guy is the one who attacked the black guy. And then you tell me what the next sentence but I don't think it had anything to do with race. You're making it far worst point. And you are unlike that climate Kirk and yelling and had on young bit miffed they got we didn't have bought. You are you're 888 credible. Prominent. Guys out we just. We just you know at shelters as we go to multiple people reporting it now the the browns have fired Sasha Bernard we think they have had of personnel. We always talk about in old. Adversity. Not enough personnel higher management. You think Sasha brown was fired because of color of his skin I think he's far because they're always watch. Soda I was say it is it is a problem because we need more player personnel African Americans diversity. City in the background it's helping him a lot tonight. So Sasha brown got an opportunity. To do that personnel instructor whatever GM basically the Cleveland Browns have gone one and 27. I think they spent a 180. Million dollars and Ross the shoe throwing money around where one towards him. Do you think he got fired because of the color of his skin. I don't put what what is it a problem in the NFL they just fired it blackened GM because now they just know there's there's less than a colored front offices. I think some people do I think the perception out there. Basically on what went will almost talking about yesterday the politics of race I think there are some people it probably looking at that. And say well what about the white guy that's the baseball guys he's still employed or is he gone you know. A person a human being was given an opportunity to be Giamatti football team yet if and failed at his job because that was fired that's how I look at. I don't know Arab males what I do I do the same and that's why get pissed off this whole perception thing with world on because he's right. There is a perception out there probably from people who believe they brought got a break because of the color of his skin but who promote it. Even though he's saying that race didn't play intuit. It's like look our. This point it out to a large television audience tell me one way or the other if you gonna do that Michael then tell me that race was involved. In the wade leak scandal rocked you can't have it both ways I but the perception of you right perception. He's gonna be much different reality that'll play insanely. Experienced. Lend 24/7. Follow him on Twitter right now. You or away now back to more Fort Wayne removing euphoria watch Sports Radio WEEI. It how do people for. Do you understand that. I don't know I don't know what it is you want me to say it isn't what prompted more similar to what Mike Evans did than what it keeps leaving Michael Crabtree did in my arm on him probably cello on the open. You know every penalty. Affect. Your argument. For yes it is only. Really added there's only one suspension. That you can compare it to where there Farrow and that is my attempts. That that it's that you can't compare this to. Anything else. I thought that was part of the problem is that will bond was pretty shallow in looking back at specifics that work. Other than stuff that works for his argument. Much again but you can't just dismiss the oldest one argued aides wanted to throw out it doesn't work within. A I thought that part of it was was real real weak I'd back to the phone calls we go here's Mike it. Oh they were going on gonzo. Great show. You know I think we're all for the most part played a game you know basketball football whatever it is and you know friends just people that are planned pullout at that time. And they get into an argument ahead each other because. They got mad at the other guy you know my knock them over whatever was. Grunt in the same way if you just look at the play itself Munich I was Iraq. Before and argued that like it and it with a bag and play football bat like Ari wanted to get out on the diet that's. Oh it'd been building it had been building. Dating back to the Mike I'll give us an excessive an excuse and I got an excuse Mike. And there's a reason why union buddies lose your head and get hot headed on the back of the basketball court but this the reason why you do career ended when he's too much of a hot head. The most these guys are in this league have to control their emotions. And if the play let that there is no excuse for some 51019. Quarterback grabbing at his shirt the Barry's head into the turf. None hundred and odd I'm not don't don't misunderstand me I'm not I'm not giving him a pass them out things like and that I've known are not believe him knock. But I'm saying that even even the best and most controlled players. Can lose their cool and we don't you ever got from Glock when those kind of things but I'm sure that at one time or another. Everybody optical about a how much of a controlled yeah. Can't when I'm talking about him or not talking about it now we're talking about him so yes and guess what they grow up wait a minute and grunt knew that before that game. On Sunday he knew that over the years people have lost their cool. Because I guarantee it was drilled into one by Bill Belichick don't ever lose your cool. Okay they're gonna try to bait either gonna try to do this is gonna try to get to. Don't fall for debate shame on him it's on him he's screwed up I'm not gonna let him off because of that. Do you think it was you know one office I don't think the dirty player but it is dirty hit but don't think he's dirty color. Right people to political. And when they do. Didn't pay the price and years to get suspended for games those 281000. And then he might lose an opportunity to hit a couple of those incentives and might cost the couple no longer rule I think you'll learn is don't you lose your cool. You pay the price to cash. Here's a car next appear on Nye EI bill. Good morning guys. I gotta tell you I'm very mr. I think. Real leadership team and you know I know onslaught the Euro which in these people resolutions up boycott Justina. And I'll say life until. Folks like Michael we will portrait will slowly emit. It Richardson admitted feature amongst all demographics amongst all walks of life until we do that racism aren't they keep on. There insulin and racism. By falsely reported that the so called narrative. You know there's one that you all these are races likes the discussion or dialogue. We're glad that the true wage rate. It might not wanna ever let the other side tests say their party as well I've been the victim operations and I'm old white guy. And I've been a victim as some want to unlock certain tests and picnics and bats well black. Yeah it is what I think it here's what I think you don't feel you're breaking it down into science and I'm excited about your individual case but you stand them man and you're breaking it down. Pope was entitled to his opinion I believe we should have open dialogue about this race that that's where I totally agree with what. What happened. Or why Obama falsely reporting he's not reported anything he's. He's a commentator. He's making an opinion he's pointing something. How good the false adding that he's talked about I agree because it it adds up in years later it adds to the narrative. You know like Colin was talking but afterwards about how you know what boarding brought up that BO the race issues in his own city Chicago he was born priced. And he's that race issues same same period you know here in Boston. Yet Boston is still. Kind of paying that price per history then Chicago doesn't pay the price anymore. Well it does in an hour and it goes through that the whole. Like I said adding up and for example let's say the patriots. You know the patriots are cheaters they look at the tuck rule that's at eight. Look at them filming you know the sidelines during the super bull that's added you know filming practice is it's all added. Spy gate is real the flake gates say what you want you think it's crap so what it happened I get it. But within the 45 stories when you hear about the patriots cheating you'd hear like headsets on the sidelines. Sold to a three and a right to a 3 am wrong but they all add up to one big mess so we've got that's why the sensitivity here in Boston. There are some real race issues that needed to be addressed. Then there's some other ones that they just add. And guys like bowl money Jones and people like lead guitar and all these other ones when you just added a a story that might not be real years from now nobody cares is it just puts it on the list. The column profit thing was real. We heard about it the next day it was an undercover cop the man lost his job. The Adam Jones once thrown on top of it we have zero evidence that it happened of the Lipton of inside believe it worth it so all these things get added into the Gordon Hayward then it's misconstrued wider celtics' chance to your form because he's white they want the black man Jake Trotter out of the city. So you add up some real incidents this and you throw in a field that it just made up your show now nobody hears young awards. He's he's thrown all in again. Here's the other ones are not talking about I don't know how many people watching this but it really is interest in the players Tribune. Is that Isiah Thomas is doing a series count these little short documentaries. Of the book of Isaiah he's done for them right now. And his love of Boston is sick now. Who you would think right now would have hurt crosses asked for this city for this organization. For certainly for this general manager and it to some of that. With would be any change. But you. Hear him talk about how much he loves this city how this is his second home. He goes on and on and on to the point where you need to take you know dry yourself down that towel when he's done talking about how much he loves Boston. So he's out here. New guy comes in also happens to be African American. This is taken account every Irving and how was carrier can take into the city. So Michael Obama wants to talk about what the city was like 304050 years ago all the jet. I was around. And I'm one of the people were around in those days it was bad nasty we were awful and deserve that reputation. Today. Then why aren't you do when exactly what the Regis I just think some of what these players is saying right now do you wanna. While the national narrative right now not keying in on some of them they go on the reaction. Of the crowd cheering Gordon Hayward because he was going to be a free agent at the end of the season. Legitimate reaction I don't get it anything to do with race. I don't think that Isiah Thomas or carry your bank and the love that Boston has for those two individuals or video for Boston has anything to do what price. But you don't hear them stuff. It's all over go look at book of Isaiah I believe it's the fourth one he loves Boston misses. Wants to be still park. Of the city of Austin why. I thought we were so racist here are a lot more ago and we're gonna get it to the commissioner as well to hold these owners thank. With guys that made all of this money want to hopes out there I would get to that and more of your phone calls yet.