OMF - Dan Le Batard can't control himself over John Skipper's resignation; Willie McGinest joins the show 12-19-17

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Tuesday, December 19th

Hour 2: ESPN host Dan Le Batard can't help himself over the resignation of John Skipper from ESPN. Willie McGinest recaps the wild Patriots game in Pittsburgh.


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Beach or wade and bony and forty. I mean very it would WER. Until one or whoever fired and that little midget Jason Wolfe and everybody. Across all of our fire afternoons I would say take Michael always has and thank you very much for your service the elements show would go in the afternoons that in my showing a greater repellent Glenn Margaret I'm Jones. But they don't you're right I have however said that to me this race for a sensitive. To you can't make fun of him but I know this for a fact you are sensitive little bit with cool and Lou and Christian media the president of the espionage resign and and I'm sorry. I I just wanna know that she's okay. They get done yeah I know I look like and sound like a fool right now. That's straight talk for this we. That is straight is about to measure wireless. On Sports Radio WEEI. Persons plus plus went through. It's roughly four hours and offers thoughts and prayers do. I think we we need to be a little kinder I think we were. We don't get too worked to intensity that we jumped the gun yesterday and I think we really soaring while we were laughing at the whole story and laughing at the fact that. He professional broadcaster. Would go on the on on radio yesterday and on TV I watched the video last month is even more embarrassing to be really struggling with. And we were probably a little too insensitive and we didn't realize that this is his his life support to Bristol Connecticut native. With with skip around and didn't get like a sober guy and guys that you know has complete control every single day. And realize that Leavitt Titus is the complete full so I'm. I'm just learning this now Mary and this is a bomb and is he's this is the reason that I work here and until I don't know what's coming I don't know what if I don't know what this is but I'm. He's turned in his right resignation he sent it to everybody at ESPN and through all all the email accounts than. And he said I'd like to share a statement I'm issuing today as well as one from Bob Iger has been my absolute privilege to serve as president ESPN's. Clearly John Cooper. I take great pride in your accomplishment if complete confidence in your collective ability to continue ears in fast out. There. My job is over here we traditionalist. And describe it shows kids don't get critics say it's slow him when he talked about. Should we tell them what he's done so much here for for the cause and and for minorities or whatever so on Twitter last night and start reading some of these things. And it's all from does the the same crew on this person has created everything in the business here driven life and the process. And when he did because of how he cares about. Minorities and they do. Just like you know for me thinks she's like a minority. Alexander. And our parents I sat morning and a member here in the same thing as more minorities to get eleven talk all the time. And they get a call me is candidly off limits leverage our goes right to skipper in self. That is being meet the native written me and Leo words that those guys in the morning told layoff. It's it's such it's such a funny situation it's forehand and it's silly you know their offices Lagos John skipper of the world that you there for a while working yes you're that are on you when you gold when you go to see them. It's like everything houses just news in just plain and no no nothing no player whatsoever. The yeah find out Ian eagle of gold the top level right to go see Weber talked to could be. And it's like life should play Madison avenue you don't meet speaker Bristol anymore eleven. Everything's different food taste better at water's clear sort of. We what are we missed yesterday because we laughed and often does this morning laughed the whole thing up because I'm sorry. Professional broadcasting corny or you could say nice things about John skipper. You know here's a wonderful guy he was really good for our Alvarez who finds hell yeah I agree our allies but to bring really bullet to bring down. You know like you you can't handle being on the air is. Unprofessional. And ally eighty and yet I don't I don't that guy that you know was his life like. Yeah he was yelled videos. Or against him Bernie show in just looked at the numbers in just that would be doing and skip was always the guy that was a non. I liked him so vulnerable so the problem is that that's got to be yet I have learned in this business it's all about ratings it's all about business it's all about if you do a good job on the radio and the audience lectures show. And enough people listen or watch then you contributing contracts that's out of the business work. But I was shocked last night at how many people were supported. Of left. Hards behavior on TV and radio yesterday. Like all you should stop making fun of who he really emotional bond that he's a little child. I it just wanna know that he's okay arm. They get done it's teachers it's hard but don't ever do that to me it got people. Don't ever say that mythical Cutler Mikey to crime takes a war on your time bloody. They Christian take you can when you we finally get into that argument with a low. Q more sensitive. To Indian. So this is government last night tweeting out about the whole thing with Johnston it's all these liberal guys who I think. Feel that a big part of ESPN. And the attraction they have to ESPN. Is from an ideological. What have you ESPN's fit them perfectly. Yet. ESPN is him origin they're laying people off on a regular basis the economy is taking off the Dow was up almost 22225000. And what are they doing they're relaying everybody after the business models not working. But these guys are worried about the ideology. Is Keith Obermann last night tweeting out. This is devastating news about chancellor. I enjoyed working with him as much as anybody I've ever known in our friendship is contingent. He's been innovative and broad minded. And I'm literally shaking learning he was in such a place RI parade. He gets the help and healing he knew you (%expletive) kidding here right now Karl ravaged John skipper as a friend and today my friend needs now. Love and support and wish him all the strength and courage in the war to fight he is a addiction Jim Mel kill. Our John skipper is one of the finest people I've ever worked for an incredibly supportive throughout my career ESPN. This isn't company speak I seriously cannot express how much respect I have for you want and doesn't. That might have been the most appropriate tweet I've read all last night Javelle hill congratulations. That was more from a business standpoint. Director. That was a pretty good about those other guys you know whatever needed you know it'll run as more than anything less able wishing the best Britain in a work force that's fun. For crying but of this one from Pablo Torre are John skipper empowered a lot of people who don't look. And sound like people who have traditionally done these jobs they get done yeah. I remained deeply grateful for that what a hold of me could I don't look and sound like people who have traditionally done he showed you don't want. Public. I think he's talking about. If that people want to I don't want to know she'd let. Specially vetted eight patent it obviously I'm in Senegal or older to all. I'm old fat and I got a got a call is yeah Friday. Right he empowered a lot of people don't look at Charlotte and and he chose wrong he chose wrong he made the wrong decision to keep a terrible choices because he was so affected. And so just. I don't know. Lettuce to raid based on what he thought was best. In the wrong decision because it if he does it beat it doesn't allow himself to be influenced by. What everybody's telling him he makes a decision based on what's best for reasons. Not what's best for keeping people happy. Well that's it scares all of them. Yeah the front of the going to be kind of real get all of now that it could bring somebody and it says okay let's look at the bottom line which shows a successful. Which shows art. And hopefully they'll look at it which shows have Theo. After African Americans Latinos which ones have whites. Now just look at who will shows a better. Who is better at their job who was getting ratings. And I think that's why guys that Leavitt are Jabil hill probably scared within kitty they're not doing anything else thinking that it took readings to hold render its. Or notion. We want to everybody's paying everybody thinks this ain't nobody debates heat that's could you go back to the morning shows. And back to back to eat like putting you know what little he has he has seven licks it like it but yeah it's you know if he does that owns networks I mean. Does it work out. It's worked pretty good I would say it added. So what you want to do you switched our resident who usually get this Fella right to ask that you we think Kurt. Get them out and they got they all related but I think everybody. Isn't governor that's who we will decision and they me because I'm about to shake things about shake things a new programming idea of exactly where things that we know Willie mcginnis sitting up enough liberal moderate you're late you're you're saying really put it on and arguably until we get unwilling all of your battle after. Party outlawed knowing quite ready yet we're at your back pocket did. Don't want thing I'd be careful of fun with these ESPN people an idea they like it just right so there they're really nice to menacing always wonderful foot and obviously. He apparently has some type of addiction but this one is a little careful this month because they gave him a new long term contract. So you're telling me that a month ago. The people that by my group of people that employ. John skipper. Had no idea that there was any type of an addiction problem you know current edition bomb. Kurdish is the one but I wasn't allowed him an awful lot but I did it all blocked. I've been around other managers before. And people that I knew they had a problem. I really tell boys and beat the Redskins that you succeed at what it what should not. I don't I don't measure I don't have I think he's done yet and unity against drunk. And I thought it was open about eight very easy to get. Well that's why Alex I still think also and I still think there's there's this blown orders and is so I mean honestly I just. The president of ESPN the room he runs ESPN. That guys you get enough leeway to sit there and say you know what you got issues with rowdy for admitting it now go get gel that when you come back. You know your better man you're healthier and you run the organization. Take a leave of absence to resign. Mean we fight against them were among at. Fix a problem but some audio off a month easy out a month after he signs new long term deal and they appear to date that it's amazing because a month ago. The people above and the Bob bikers to the world as they go. We have confidence in John skipper even though the ratings are dropping subscribers are canceling it but he's pulled the plug on ESPN. Even though we're losing 34 million subscribers a year John skipper and and a month later. Obama and a month later when you've got all the sexual harassment stuff suddenly popping up and you know it's toxic to the point if there sexual harassment involved. You've got to get rid of the employee now. Is he is no suspension he won't voiced criticism he does he pulls up the golden parachute and awfully. Nobody says he screwed they say yes it issues that he's protect it that way. I think it benefits everybody involved they need new leadership he's not a guy he got into this problem they respect him too much compassion and run through the streets right so. This is an out because if it if you want to fix it. He was that I am lead to six month in my but it's coming back fixes. I. Yeah I don't know it's. Small cot with that. It's uncomfortable when you when you listen to or it's even worse when you watch it because they put the camera the other guys in the studio. And the other guys to got some the other the crew you don't know if they wanted to sit here and just Europeans laugh. Or if you're trying to you know feel. You know something for their guy. You can't tell too bad hopefully on them by the way you Ben Roethlisberger is actually speaking born. Good. Any kind of doubling down and think making his staff coaching staff will keep that ball. Even dirt war could dirt out of Pittsburgh we got that. We got Willie McGinest we're all willing to get us what is next on air. Line by FaceBook Twitter and it's moral or wade reloading and 48. Sports Radio WEEI. I'm back here and all I'm at this time for our weekly get together with the one and only willingly give. New England Patriots Paula fan boy we've got a lot to talk about today mr. Maginnis yeah. I am that I. You have to. Where oh where I don't have now. So. It's everywhere you if you disagree with any of this patriots get outplayed by the Pittsburgh Steelers the Steelers grew up down at the end. And everybody's bitching about a rule that is they roll but they don't understand the rule what am I missing yeah. You mark Preston who probably through numerous global climbed out to a wider. So I wouldn't say who are employee who are ever called pitcher's got to bear some good straight down scorer. Edgar and of course to dictated this missed tackle would juju in there and you have that trust that would mean it is sort of like. It is 200. They're Koran does not go. Your team orders to each and a lot of good marriage I would doubt stronger than bad boy. The other called that light your stature in the root out. That as it used in the rural blue. So users. Arm has always been sent to mr. crying and especially. Because there's the nature's. We'll yet and add that you hit on right there I didn't think it was news is as bad as it isn't exists or so delusional. With the facts because that rule is simple and if you look at it. Don't blame the Jesse James got hold on football Blaine Mike Tomlin or blame Ben Roethlisberger. I'm Lou I don't know give declare the market clearly. Are there can't keep an arm let. You know what I have to have sent the replay of the Jesse James the very shrewd carriers and they are also dashed out of character written requests Russia the large church. Also brought the bad. Are circular goal. And if you don't. They're called the logic that I give it. Christian and you won't as a receiver I didn't when he wrote Roger pleaded to rock stretching ray and it was a pretty quick out. I don't remember. You would run that early in Tikrit roots. What are the receivers didn't everybody's has pretty much between two people if two people who live to regret that provocatively. Let's do our own. And the receiver. That we don't have to if you could take back. I didn't do so why were you hadn't actually OJ did it because we're ready bloodiest. I almost couldn't you ever are better than bad situations where ball. It nearly nothing to after the game out of a seven lot of respect for banned these great quarterback in this league but. They're throwing it on the coaches. That any kind of doubled down again here today. He's just talking about the play now we want the clock in the three shoot them but the coaches wanted to do this at just the minute didn't seem right. You know Larry if you usual that from some problems that I can get back to this. The substandard and so does not work horse not so it. You don't have the source bald and they're likely due to land grab them though. I'm very clear to keep the program and all of Edwards says that all of which are essay you got a real. Are you everybody would play it was cracked. You literally would have to bear that is glad they're there haven't addressed it but literature soul. You can put it on the coaches you can swing that I can. You're noted that he urged that it would go past. Are you mad at Clinton because you have so I'm really glad that our window. And you know usually when you drug that can let WG yeah I'm sure they're. In Brooklyn new Jersey's acting out. How would you feel you're defensive player and you coordinator puts out Shawn Davis the safety and says. But the main coverage on this big gigantic 67 dude out there even though he's catching everything in sight. Was that a major screw up why wouldn't say why wouldn't they get help over the top somewhere. On on grant the way he was comfortable. They don't do that there are some sort of clever lyrics are where they watched Miami. You know it's ever watch from we did what everybody forgot his part in play against Miami. It actually isn't that special rock outlook mr. gore and muted as women we met Serbs. Without that largely to shutter their villages have a lot of what are. I've retard he list grew dark custom. It had direct energy they're included in search center would already be our luck to you got a couple brought. Charted Redmond minister declared that and that and that's why do you ever thought so you're completely stressed that we didn't have so. The lawsuit in every part of the game if it together just what has given that that dog. Because he's good many you get to disperse the worst and that's probably would expand on the way to stop. So should we believe in the Jacksonville Jaguars had the Jacksonville Jaguars get the opportunity and it's not an expert states that Jacksonville Jaguars and it's Egyptian game against the patriots. Are they built their roster good enough as it is it the right match ups. They're really rests the pages that feel like they're on to it I said they may be limited at the court is even though it well. You know what makes him so dangerous person is because. Nobody questions that. Everybody questioned and criticized the quarterback which is largely ignored the boot record amount earlier in the sea and it says it settles you know about satisfied replay in the normal appearance and Arnold digit gains and arm badly cents. There is to remember that decent program that total yards crap we're really give that would remember and it almost every category. And I had to keep their word and give the quarterback coach out there ever render a report that its head he served two most rural. And we look to that would turtles. I don't put us out of a lot and in the Chelsea Clinton asserted it's really good quarterbacks. At least two of them pressure on the ball. So you got all gluten just been directly over the last three weeks. He's spread of the seven pledged everywhere and recessions and then. Extremely accurate what they heard of the doubt he'll. So at least on this car that Putin's. Would listen about the time you were to be doing that wanted to show. You've got to respect who made it and you got to look at it was limited to existing in the house. Hulu are sick game and obviously last ten seconds was when it was but you know the patriots not be able to get down off the field on third down. It seem like in man coverage only one guy that could get open was crawled and and it Pittsburgh if they do come back do you worry about that team in Foxborough did you see things you concerned about with the patriots and again. Absolutely I. Mean you know also as a leader of the future of whatever. Our would be credited Bratton who coached. You know branch admitted at a grid in our certainly understood process and Betty that's good that's good which is deliberate. I've never good receivers and play as well because. I mean it's so hard played everywhere. Every single put our receiver position so oh mama look today are marketed as quiet as a mobile homes you were then you can judge who. Our Shuster Schmidt and we in the slot somewhere sale. Our big adjustment and deliberate proceed commitment that has really dangerous. Aren't there better expression afterwards. Similar Bill Clinton and I thought it was their tackling are it was a couple of fruit flavored I have got called a mid to exit bad communication. So what do they say that these are potentially weak debut with the terms are excellent and hard. They've just got to court boasting they got a place out of the ball would get better. Argue more struggle. You know you you shouldn't give your art. He did art one more against the run that defense against the run looks very. Very susceptible and you look at the opponent she was just talking about Jacksonville run the ball Pittsburgh run the ball look at any of those NFC teams that they face it in the Super Bowl or can run the football is that a concern. As commander of the it'd never sit there and it took off blocks that are it would it would almost every district because you got a bit. Patient at a holds or blocks over security expert said that those blocks downgrade in the are related explorer did all of what other action a little bit different so. That you struggle against its organized religion because the bears were next hour. They've got to do a better job well. Oh stop the road would the other team as successor to that terrible act off play action. Are willing have a Merry Christmas we'll talk to them on. You got it sealed letter that's Willie McGinest and we did get one of those. You know occurs and we did get I'm now as for the hours point two points of that poll. Proposals slow to know things will struggle to the findings is that at one time when the good things and we we miss all the ones that enables him to do it's it was all brought you by wind river environmental. And by tufts health plan if we don't mention you don't get pay and and you like to get it. Especially during the holidays all the money's going to go out of the clause in my so so solo bent grass was. Murder it is is talking the ease totally down again this is not going NFL network some reporter a DD. Keep a bottle all of excuse me who he capable mobile ala. It okay. He says the DV capable while. So don't play easier it's got a citizen go to those at the stadiums in the hectic what one of the Jewish umbrella but it is why take issues in depth at that badge of color DD all right. She secrets out interesting Ben Roethlisberger is that the Steelers. We're still deciding whether to call timeout and on a that a huge Eugene Smith Shuster game in the pats game. The ref Tony correctly assumed he was in just whistled at. White. So they can read it yet again Ben Roethlisberger said the Steelers were still deciding whether to call a timeout after the it's misused to gain at the end of pats game. But ref Tony correctly just assumed that he was. In whistle that. That makes no sense of all Roethlisberger said yes. Almost overheated in the heat in the that he held before the place that we knew I don't have time. All Pezzullo knowledge don't even have you got to battle your way back I'm just trying to figure out it's that's been thrown everybody and littlest. Cross if it goes to 69 yards we'll be please call time on her face dry so that he went on and he said that. Says the Steelers had just one play ready to go after the Jesse James TD was overturned quote. I wish we would have called to play and I wish we had two plays ready to go Cuomo. So they only had one play they did not even talk about what we talked about what are your point Golan as far as coached a bunch of idiots. That he says quote I'll take the blame for the interception into the game. Said in hindsight he should have listened to himself and not the coaches. And despite the ball as he wanted to and it's his teammates expect it. Now I've found instant is that tweet was actually quoted by one Brian Billick. At least weeded out he should have stopped talking after all they yeah that. But he continued and he said he should listen to himself and not the coaches and just spike the ball as he wanted as his teammates expected. All that's exceptional. That is great we've got to get the audio in this regard we analysts that by next week just as far as the Jesse James does he says a Fella he caught it Fella he brought into his body and then reached out. And yeah is addicted hit the ground watch out and he did but I felt like the reach with the football move. Are now Lauren Howard is now odds aren't that define a football moved out OK so Chris and you tell me and it obviously it would never happen here in yes originally although that's Adalius Thomas maybe but nobody else. But he is that the quarterback he's the most important player well he's one of the most important players on this team he's a hall of famers spend their for a long time it's been the face of the organization. Calling doctor coaching staff like that and we did we only had one play well you can't many 28 seconds ago. And during that replay review would have you article whatever it is. You guys can't get to place only what what do I told passer at the attendee gets tackled at the one what do you wanna do I don't know so worried about it now it's no word about what happens. So awkward corner Todd Haley. You know for Pittsburgh I mean. His relationship with Ben Ross Roethlisberger is well documented always tolerant yell at him you know it's but you almost feel like it's a amazed eventually it ended at you know at least have a respect one another Bob Todd Haley. Also Republicans. And because that's what he's dodi's flat out just he's not taking any accountability and they liked. Every quarterback has told the same thing. It beats it. It'd take blame for everything that goes wrong is this the most people will be able to tell whose fault it really is but you lease yet completed game it was my fault as soon as I should do better. I should know better I'd never gonna happen again. And when you get all the success that you why the reason why you went. You point the blame you what the success he did other guys' credit it meant he may agree catch a man he does so much for us. It's a slight. He's living he he got the wrong script. He was the only guy who plays the position and who is not doing the right thing it's like he did he can't handle the criticism of the wanna be blamed for so. He's point the finger at somebody else like you know coaches it was through that wasn't me I want you miss. We want what it looks as well just listen to my instinct because that's why am I will 200. I get what you plays we. All I wish we tube placed ago while we we also at this yesterday about what we said oddly not have a couple plays how do you not. I had this all figured he would three minutes. And forty seconds to be able to work it out figure you could get it done that in a minute. To get out what you needed to do here's what we don't. As if if it's a touchdown. And that's the way the review goes does nothing to be concerned about now all you have to do that three minutes and forty seconds is not look up there's an order we get it does not stop it. Let them make the call you spend three minutes and forty seconds figuring out what you do it it's. They touched at this is the plate this which I they had applied. Now a lot of big Shuster was the first option memory get flushed out of the pocket and it was probably that's the last option you know guys recovered what does she study out of bounds spot. I we have no timeouts. Ladies will move we we we get tackled at the tube what are we gonna do we should still have ten seconds or so twelve seconds it's on a run one quick played before we got a part. And then kneeled down the minutes twelve seconds to go all the running the aligned. Well aware it was a point two seconds well it's 41 seconds when you stack of you running to the line if you want to despite it is really no rush if you don't have another play. It is recent Russia and thread is inaugurated as the ones so instead the ball that nine seconds just take your time make your bones lined up make sure there's no penalty in there when it gets a six. Five major was lined up for having good good snap the ball home to watch the bears. 22 what does it seems to me this just this was mass confusion. And that is embarrassing when you have three minutes and forty seconds. During a route all of a plight. To go through entire strategy of what you don't and we go back and look at the video you see it you'll see Matt Patricia you'll see a Bill Belichick appear. They all figuring out what they're going to do. And I'm not I don't think it was adamant and offers coach O. Our. I'm an area that ad is unbelievable stuff I'm closer we get the audio for you but Ben Roethlisberger is not only doubling down. But he is now calling out coaching staff for not doing certain things like having to place. Unbelievable. And claiming that he didn't ask for the time out that it gave the timeout as I automatically just in the time this is incredible. And they did by the way hole. Two timeouts and I look back and watch that fourth quarter again last night one they did not need to take. Earlier that Ali just beef is the patriots were driving they no sense they took the timeout that they could have had one more remain. I'd six wants 7797937. Right that you focus that back to more important way Merom moaning and Torre. On Sports Radio WEEI. I'll look into the spotlight code like taking the time out what it was and no which is which is very typical. You know often don't respect it. You. Torture either coach Tomlin and everybody's so your what in the Arctic Arctic well. Oh the head official or call a timeout so fluid. I'm not sure quite what you are not. You are filled it. You'd talk about don't try to route despite what you know I guess only thought I call timeout that he might coach saw it with them so. A port or or or or whatever what hardware they that we are left out. To give Carter group could get them grow up. I would say unfortunately that's been Roethlisberger then you you were actually calling for the time out if that was believed that if you are trying to make a signal to to the sideline. That's Tomlin. Or. You know to anybody in the cyclone. You don't do what is demonstrative VG do that we just watched the the replay again. On video he's clearly jumping up and down. Calling for a timeout I don't know how an official could not look at what he was doing loop at that it I'm going to act and not to it's I'm not called time. Yeah I just retreated to Tommy come with a video of him jumping up and down the middle field asking for timeout it's clear in listening to that sound. It's something to guide Big Ben is. Trying to blame Tony correctly from burning their last time out blaming everybody but himself all say oh well good well. Like you'd look at the role Thursday's the time all we could you don't know if you liberals on the game would end of the Tony call the time Modi what did you most of. Our output in public and they are rotate well. And talking. At a crucial all of org about Lewis. You Karzai as a dad and I hear from Tony receive that's the thing. So now he's blaming toll authority on blowing the last time I don't go watch the ridiculous happening out. I don't know what to do Byrd thirty seconds to get the latest job you don't think immigrant he now is gonna have to sit there and respond somebody's gonna actors on that missiles. It's yet made it needs theory Nagano as you watch the news explanation here's what happened in real time. He its first runner is what I read. It's we've sort of sound like you know we were the book called a timeout and in it relies Tony article didn't which is I just thought it okay fine ever gonna call time out but when I listen to that. It sounds that he is blaming Tony asked for not having an additional timeout. Which is a reason why he would throw fake spike is in heaven of a timeout that it's correct these faults. Because they didn't want to call time out and who knows how the game would have ended if Tony correct he didn't blow our last time on the plane in this guy. That's unbelievable I think it's pretty. I guess only thought I would call timeout that you might keep it cooked solid and it took them so. A port or port air force what are what are gonna say that we are. Unfortunately. It's really fun. Most importantly circles he's talking it's our because he's lying yeah he's dying so you protect himself exactly. And the know it makes no sense but it goes to show you is greater organizations did virtually everyone else but himself so yeah. And all you have to do is look at me and a trying to force the ball in. 22 ER Rogers at the end that's all on him I'm sorry if it also this stuff can happen. If you don't force it and you are Rochus in traffic like that the opposite talking about this right now we're talking about something that happened in an overtime period. It's all on him let's get back to the to the focus will get some more this Roethlisberger stopped because it's pretty bizarre as Ryan it's saudis all right. I NATO and ethnic yellow and called evolved I mean you're going to be jumping up and down but he was looking around for a rep yes yes. You know idea its nightly look into the silently as look at full of rats and he's jumping up and down. To use to pass the puck guy at the blocking line. On its pathetic even even the whole the wonder what courses I'll take blame for the interception into the game. In hindsight shouldn't listen to himself and not the coaches did not pick and laying off. For the interception to gain because it wasn't what you wanted to do with what the coaches did and he wished you despite the bulls teammates expect. That's taken the blame for the interception that put the bucket you coaches. Always pass the buck and everybody I know this I I never thought of him as. That type of guy but I mean all my guard. Abate but they screwed this whole thing up to the end and they are looking back at this game is over there in the locker nickel almighty god we had this game. How the hell did we screw the schema and then you can look at four different things that happened down the stretch. In you know why they screwed up and you don't want the patriots don't screw these games. And you will also I'd be a little bit it's it's fun because you. You look at ban and ego while okay. It's been almost every single situation. That you can be excused played long enough these policies and knows all the answers right to question Easter Buick thank yeah he should have changed as well right. All of the wrong information may be noted is a big guy he's. He's gotten into the wrong answer if they don't get the wrong rule book crazy yep that complete to. You know two guys. In different franchise respectable franchise with a lot of history behind a lot of success good leadership good ownership. And you have complete different perspectives from QWERTY that's what pisses me off and pay as you screwed this up. It's all of them. You know you could say that they played outplayed the patriots might affect without Antonio bra losing Antonio brown and playing as well they play. And Al that there and say you know this this game. Back to bill and how you coach relievers other coaches to my home was okay. With his quarterbacks. This this game is still getting like it's still debate there's still need answers because he doesn't. And it in the bud and take accountability. Board's actions correct. Action so. And while OK there's more missed that somebody needs to lose their job. It's not me do but I households do these coaches over here that keeps grew yeah with the franchise and screwed them. They screwed it all up and that's what people should be don't hate to have coach a player like that prosper in knowing that your. Lightly. Ladies in the hands it's never a responsibility for any thing about what is less well really I smell really what is logical pitcher. I thought it was better than that. Yeah I thought it was better than this I thought it was one of those at the guys that you could depend on him with stuff like this and he's he's showing just the opposite. And I know last year he wanted to retire remember that you want to return it beyond and beyond we'll Carla right. All debate from his notes there is certainly everybody is only has dug us a lift in the oh yeah exactly that. Maybe something go home there are I don't know. Here's Kevin and Russell until began. We got I don't. Tonight liquid. Roethlisberger. You know I kind of disagree I think Tom curry which itself is cultural and I think he'd literally is taking. Our responsibility for interception. Which like its hallmark all of our hardball on market take responsibility. For my coach is telling me to do something so. It's kind of the culture they've created their sideline spat are all right when you begin to blame it on the headsets. Using hate that's on me. What it took the ball was in the army so that I mean people hate on ballot checked. And the fact he doesn't want to talk to the media but these are things that happened in. Explain a weight loss isn't coupled with excuses for why we. This is accurate that he and out at his -- they would with all things now that are currently in our lives you know video replay. Dell's take it away with anything you can apply oh can't lines also is so your Todd Haley right. And you hear this does that they hear all this stuff especially sucked in this specific when it deals such a big game bomb. Eight in ago. Or are you so just dealt with the east don't forget it's just banding and bag and you know bad he's never gonna take the blame for anything to cookie guys. Embarrassed I hear some more of Ben Roethlisberger making excuses for what happened to his Steelers at the end of the game. In that moment that something in my head looks like it or not I went with I are part of which almost like that out of your eyesight. I actually go. With some of that but and so you know the player or running a play and I just I tried. The make a play you I don't regret it I just wish made it better Earl I'll I'll take the blame for. A beer section yet big game because. You know bite my ball clock it that we could kick pupil the party or we get hurt that fourth down play to try to win. I don't understand the Porsche made it past or I don't regret it. If you go back and look at that you try to find for me the tiny little space that he would have fat. To be able to squeeze that you have one of these cities in denial as well. To say Pittsburgh fans if some guys say you dope that thought timeout is trying to get his team huddle up. If it signal a deck is at thirty seconds left open and no timeouts you want your team do. Huddle up the guys huddle up we applauded by me earth I get this 400 pound linemen in Iran's seventy yards guys huddle. Do you think it is hot. Imagine if if Brady says stuff like that now with the reaction wouldn't. He wouldn't say it here's a fun so what is your reaction when we get what you are actually going to be. Two zest to Ben Roethlisberger at least a bit about the whole all these problem they think they got me imagine what art which are dollar alt punters are saying. About the game in Pittsburgh. On earth. Art what for an Dudley say Pittsburgh. Boston. You know over. What do you think your some TV takes for these elements. These ridiculous he tugboats is no significant library no accountability whatsoever arms Ben Roethlisberger. You expected out of him. Expect Cam Newton but not been route does exactly. So just that one play there any thought to a second play in case you know there was kept in bounds or something. Well obviously that's the you know I wish that I would you know maybe that's tobacco that they. They're not all you know hindsight a lot of situation you know that old colts play at great eco. To hate America QB guy with some people are it's called it battle. We need to get out accurate clock. We got to go to U you know no penalty all they've ordered a Turkey that. And out of that kind of applicable audit panel it all got out. And so you know got lined up for the clock like we talked. I. Count on is unbelievable old it's just everybody looking bad. You know if they can about a second play and you're he continued to execute coaching staff the coaching staff are picking up a second place. Which Julian all the time but if I. What do you think you know off and I hate us want to blame ruled the NFL's steeler fans got. I'm the empathetic. Blaming crappy quarterback who lost his mind and you're coaching staff was on prepared to let you should be blaming. It's pathetic. It's. I wish I wish I wish I would. Oh my god it is it is frightened and yet. Let's think let's say how it plays out. All I heard last night was they can't screw rode a neck all the thinking get screwed. Michael will ball and in others go read the roll call look at all. What is caesar's what is a catcher on the 45 yard line. You would not call that catch in the 45 yard line you can't call the cats on the on the on the from the it should be electric Dr. Seuss book not yet. Up first and it would not be a birth exactly and eight. Not. Matter why do you think they think it's a running back it's like a running back he's intelligent people. Hole or making pot takes without reading boo rule book and looking at the video like Italian. But my god dean went you know held it out and I got him I I just got some bad news to know that it's you know. I got my first Super Bowl invite just now we knew what it means that were lower possible. Candidates like. We what do you about bigot I. In Minnesota. So I can take out one person viewers said why don't you wanted to. I feel like we're not lions are you like or stuff so you want them to lose this week again because I'll need a loss right now the biggest winners in law whom I imitate him problem he gonna take where the huge important special terminal party world's. We all know you all gonna do you know really at stake and it's not going to be any of us it's gonna be your wife. Know a lot out there you'll still nor is super important and I don't know you're likely to. Now would your wife movies applied belliard has ordered by the way it's gonna be like ten degrees a below zero C gonna have to get some new. So it's something in all of our biggest fears is happen. I don't know I would. I get to the phone calls and get reaction about this Ben Roethlisberger he's just bailing out. He is just making excuses after excuses of what happened at the end of the game. The national media allows him to get away with a because so far all we're hearing now is they got screwed on that apply that that the role it's terrible. Know they get screwed because Roethlisberger. And Todd Haley and Mike Tomlin school wrote it up.